Top 10 Best Online Marketing Degree Programs [2023 Rankings]

List, Comparison And Details of Top Online Marketing Degree Program Offered by Reputed Universities To Help You Select The Best Online Degree in Marketing:

Are you seeking a prosperous career in marketing or its many verticals? Well, then you are not alone. Every year in the US alone over 180,000 students try to pursue a marketing degree.

It is well known that the education industry is shifting towards the technical aisle. Even then, the huge demand to pursue a marketing degree is evident enough to suggest that as many services go automated, marketing is something that cannot be done without a human touch.


Universities That Provide Best Online Marketing Degree

Marketing is the act of communicating the value of a service or product to its prospective customers. For this act of communication to be effective it is required to be done by someone who possesses empathy and has great insight on how to manufacture the masses’ consent by their will. This makes marketing a more psychological endeavor than a technical one.

Fact Check: According to the Bureau of labor statistics, it is estimated that business and financial operations will expand by 7% from 2019-2028, thus adding 592000 jobs in the USA for aspirants to grab the opportunities. Earning a bachelor’s in marketing can help aspirants to secure jobs across the non-profit and for-profits business sectors. Other opportunities like research analysts and events marketing manager are also up for grabs.

Moreover, DATA USA claims that American Colleges and Universities granted 45000 marketing degrees in 2019, which represents at least a 6.22% growth from the previous year.

Pro-Tip: While choosing an online degree, make sure that your desired choice comes well within or under your budget. Try to find out the course syllabus that the university is offering. Focus on vertical marketing that you would like to pursue and factor it in. Sharpening up on your communication skills will do you great wonders if you are to carry on with the course and emerge as a successful individual with a job to boast about.

FAQs About Online Marketing Degree

Q #1) What can a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing do for you?

Answer: By getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing you can grab a career as communications director, wholesale/retail buyer or even as an advertising agent. Career options will vary depending on the specialization you choose to focus on during your education.

Q #2) Which Marketing degree is best for you?

Answer: A degree that covers your personal and professional interests is the best degree for you. A bachelor of science in marketing focuses mainly on the technical aspect of marketing like research data analysis. On the other hand, a bachelor of business administration degree solely focuses on the operational and commerce aspect of marketing.

Q #3) How long does it take to get a Marketing degree?

Answer: Normally you need at least 120 credits to graduate with a marketing degree, which can take up to 4 years to complete. You can hasten the process by enrolling in an accelerated course that truncates the number of classes every year.

Q #4) How much can you expect to earn?

Answer: The median and annual jobs for business and financial professionals are around $68350 every year. Market research analysts make over $63000 every year.

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List Of Best Online Marketing Degree Programs

  1. Bellevue University
  2. Minot State University
  3. Oregon State University
  4. Colorado State University
  5. Florida International University
  6. Kennesaw University
  7. Northwood University
  8. Texas State University
  9. University of Massachusetts – Amherst
  10. Fort Hays State University

Comparison Of Top Programs For Marketing Degree Online

Comparing the Best Online Programs for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with details of courses offered.

University NameStateDegree OfferedDurationBachelors Course Credit RequirementRatingsFees (Full Course)
Bellevue UniversityBellevue, NebraskaBachelor of Science in Marketing2 Years120Star_rating_4.5_of_5$425/credit
Oregon State UniversityCorvallis OregonBachelor of Business Administration in Marketing4 Years180Star_rating_4_of_5$330/credit
Minot State UniversityMinot, North DakotaBachelor of Science in Marketing4 Years120Star_rating_3.5_of_5$316/credit
Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, ColoradoBachelors degree in Marketing3-4 Years120Star_rating_5_of_5$350/credit
Florida International UniversityMiami, FloridaBachelor of Business Administration in Marketing4 Years120Star_rating_4_of_5$250-in state $346- out of state/credit

Review of Online Marketing Degree Programs

#1) Bellevue University


Bellevue University is home to more than 9000 students pursuing an online marketing degree. The institution offers an affordable program such as a bachelor of science in marketing. All candidates are required to work for one class at a time while affiliating with peers on projects and developing a portfolio for potential employers.

The course includes fiscal management, consumer behavior, relationship management, and critical business function. Throughout their course, students get educated on research skills, developing an effective campaign and improving decision making.

Students are required to possess an associate degree, or at least 60 transferable credits to get enrolled in these bachelor’s programs.

Program Offered: Bachelors of Science in Marketing
Tuition Fees: $425/credit
Credit Requirements: 127 Credits
Duration: 2 Years
State: Nebraska

Website: Bellevue University

#2) Oregon State University


Oregon State University delivers a whopping 70 academic programs, one of those programs include an online bachelor of business administration in marketing degree. The degree provides a well-rounded entrepreneurial process insight in association with proven organizational and management strategies.

Students here have the option of taking a full remote degree plan or can opt for a hybrid system which includes physical classes at the Corvallis campus. The coursework includes leadership development, international business, and financial accounting. Students are also given advanced classes on integrated communication and consumer behavior.

To enroll students, a full-scale evaluation of student’s test scores, academic performance, and their previous high school is performed.

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition: $330/credit
Credit Required: 180 Credits
Duration: 4 Years
State: Oregon

Website: Oregon State University

#3) Minot State University


Minot State provides 90 academic programs to over 3000 students every year. The marketing program they offer is called the Bachelor of Science in Marketing, which covers modern digital marketing trends like social media advertising and online public relations strategy. Candidates have the option to undertake a full remote online program or can also opt for a hybrid version which includes taking physical classes on campus.

The topics covered in the program include management information systems, integrated marketing communication, and corporate finance. MSU’s bachelor’s in marketing program has received accreditation from the international accreditation council for business administration.

Program: Bachelors of Science in Marketing
Tuition: $316/credit
Credit req: 120 Credits
Duration: 4 years
State: North Dakota

Website: Minot State University

#4) Florida International University

Florida International University

The Florida International University serves over 46000 online learners each year, from its abode in Miami. The programs offered by them include the bachelor of business administration in marketing that offers careers for students in the field of advertising, sales, public relations, etc.

The program covers topics such as personal selling, operation management, and applied business statistics. Students can also learn how to create marketing campaigns for both international and local firms. The entry dates for FIU remain during fall, spring, and summer.

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition Fees: $220 – in-state/credit, $346 – out of state/credit
Credit Requirements: 120 Credits
Duration: 4 years
State: Florida

Website: Florida International University

#5) Colorado State University

Colorado State University

Colorado State University serves over 18000 students and offers over 40 academic programs to its candidates. Their main marketing programs include a bachelor’s degree in marketing. As the university allows monthly start dates, and accelerated classes, online learners can earn their credits quite conveniently.

The coursework includes consumer behavior, international and multicultural marketing and applying leadership principles. In addition to this, the coursework also offers nine different specializations to align with student’s personal and professional interests.

The minimum credit required is 120. Those who cannot acquire this can hope to get enrolled here by writing a 500-word statement of purpose along with a detailed resume.

Program: Bachelors in Marketing
Tuition Fees: $350/credit
Credit Requirements: 120 Credits
Duration: 3- 4 Years
State: Colorado

Website: Colorado State University

#6) Texas State University

Texas State University

Texas State University covers over 200 programs across its ten colleges. The programs offered include a bachelor of business administration in marketing. The program has received full accreditation from the association of the Advance Collegiate School of Business. The course allows students to take up careers in the field of communications, accounting, and digital marketing.

The online bachelor’s program isn’t fully remote; it undertakes a hybrid program that requires students to take some mandatory classes at the San Marcos campus. The coursework covers organizational management, marketing research, and consumer behavior.

For admissions, TSU recommends its students also to submit a personal essay along with their test scores and academic transcripts. Perhaps, the best part about this university is the fact that it awards over $373 million in financial aid each year.

Program: Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition Fees: $11,240 annual in-state, $22900 annual out of state
Credit Requirements: 120 Credits
Duration: 4 Years
State: Texas

Website: Texas State University

#7) The University Of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts

The UM Amherst offers a fully online bachelors of business administration in Marketing with the aid of its renowned School of Isenberg. Their program has a very unique way of teaching students the ins and outs of marketing. They use creative storytelling techniques in affiliation with practical data to teach students how to sell products or services to their clients.

Many of their former students have gone on to secure leadership positions in advertising, sales, and marketing research.

Their coursework includes business information systems and corporate finance. Apart from the above Topics the University of Massachusetts also offers its student career guidance and connects them with local and international internship programs.

Candidates must possess at least 27 transferable credits to enroll in the course. They must also submit a resume and a two to the three-page personal essay.

Program: Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition Fees: $ 525/credit
Credit Requirements: 120 Credits
Duration: 2-3 Years
State: Massachusetts

Website: The University of Massachusetts

#8) Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw uses its Distance2learn platform to offer 500 courses and over 70 degrees and certificates. Their major marketing programs include a bachelor of business administration in marketing. The program highlights marketing aspects such as pricing, consumer and market research by both non-profit and for-profit institutions.

The course facilitates such topics as retail management and contemporary global business practices. Students are also thought to create marketing campaigns for the hospitality and sporting industry.

KSU aspirants can pursue internships opportunities with the aid of the Department of Career Planning and Development. They can also hope to be engaged in study abroad trips to locations like the United Kingdom, China, and Italy.

Program: Bachelors of Business Administration
Tuition Fees: $206/credit
Credit Required: 120 Credits
Duration: 4 years
State: Georgia

Website: Kennesaw State University

#9) Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

FHSU has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to distance learning. It is often cited as the leaders in distance education. The university offers over 200 programs to its candidates to choose from. The main marketing degree offered by them includes a bachelor of business administration in marketing.

Students are given the option to choose from full remote education or hybrid course structure. The curriculum focuses on teaching students the various intricacies of marketing and equipping them with skills that guide them on selling products or services to potential customers.

The course work includes subjects such as business law, finance, and management principles. The tuition fees for FHSU are quite affordable and thus can persuade many aspirants from taking up the course, who would have normally ignored the program because of the cost.

Program: Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition: $219/credit
Credit requirement: 120 Credits
Duration: 4 years
State: Kansas

Website: Fort Hays State University

#10) Northwood University

Northwood University

Northwood University offers over 14 flexible programs for working professionals. The main marketing program they offer includes an online bachelor of business administration in marketing. The degree helps prepare students for careers as business developers and process engineers. NU has a good reputation to boast of. Over 86% of their students have gained employment within six months of graduation.

The coursework includes such topics as sales management and strategic planning. Students can also opt for specialized topics such as e-commerce and lean distribution. They are also fortunate enough to get 400 extra credits by doing internships for local companies.

The NU evaluates the candidate holistically before enrolling them. This includes vetting the candidate’s academic and professional experience.

Program: Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing
Tuition: $455/credit
Credit requirement: 123 Credits
Duration: 4 years
State: Michigan

Website: Northwood University


An online bachelor’s degree in marketing teaches you the art of persuasion. It teaches you how to persuade customers to listen to you and buy what you are trying to sell. The employment opportunities in this field are vast and it will only expand as the years pass by.

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The universities mentioned above were selected based on their success in placing students on jobs, cost and the marketing verticals they have covered. If you are someone who seeks to study marketing but is hard strung on cash, then you should opt for a course at Florida International University.

On a pure teaching criterion, we would recommend the University of Massachusetts – Amherst for their unique way of using creative storytelling and practical data to make the subject matter more comprehensive and engaging.

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