How To Mine Dogecoin: Dogecoin Mining Hardware & Software

Learn How to Mine Dogecoins. Also, review the top Dogecoin Cloud Mining Websites, Mining Hardware, Software, Mining Pools, etc:

Dogecoin is one of the high return coins to mine in 2021, having returned 59033% on investment as of the end of October 2021, beating Bitcoin and Ethereum. You get rewarded 10,000 Dogecoins from a single block mined in a minute, and each coin is worth $0.301 in October 2021 up from $0.0056 in January.

This tutorial tells how to mine Dogecoins, including how to run a node and mining software. We have listed the top mining software and methods you can use to mine the cryptocurrency.

Let us begin!!

Mine Dogecoins

How To Mine Dogecoins

Dogecoin Mining Equipment

Mining Dogecoin profitably requires using ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) to run the Scrypt algorithm. Some mining pools allow you to contribute SHA 256 hash rates and get paid in Dogecoins. However, it is advisable to stick to the Scrypt mining of Doge.

We will concentrate on how you can earn crypto mining with an ASIC, but if you want to earn with a GPU, consider a few profitable and connect to a mining pool. You can try RTX 3090 Ultra Gaming, RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2070, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and AMD Radeon RX 5700XT, but profitability could be very low. Any CPU Dogecoin mining is just a loss.

Fact Check:

Dogecoin is profitable to mine:

Dogecoin is profitable to mine


  • ASICs are the best and most profitable to mine Dogecoin cryptocurrency. CPUs are not and only some GPUs will generate small profits.
  • Connect to a mining pool with minimal fees and a good payout mode that favors you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is Dogecoin worth mining?

Answer: Dogecoin mining became profitable in 2021 given the huge profitability. Profitability calculators show it has been increasingly profitable to mine the coin since September 2021. It is advisable to use an ASIC.

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Q #2) How long can it take to mine Dogecoin?

Answer: It depends on the mining equipment and pool hash rate. However, a single block gives 10,000 DOGE, and it takes a minute to mine one. So it could take you much less than a minute to mine 1 Doge even on a mining pool.

Q #3) Can Dogecoin be mined?

Answer: Dogecoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency, meaning you would need a rig to mine. The best rig for mining Dogecoin is an ASIC. You can mine  this coin profitably, either via solo mining or pool mining on the cloud. Please refer to our list of suggested miners.

Q #4) Is mining Dogecoin profitable?

Answer: Yes, this coin is profitable to mine based on most mining calculators. You can use Whattomine and other mining calculators to determine how profitable it is to mine Dogecoin with different miners. The coin has been profitable to mine since September 2021.

Q #6) How long does it take to mine 1000 Dogecoins?

Answer: A single block of Dogecoin has a 10,000 DOGE reward and takes just a minute to mine. Therefore, 1000 Dogecoin will take less than a minute to mine. If you were mining with an ASIC, that would be the case. The amount of Doge to mine per specific time depends on the hash rate of your machine or hash rate rented on a cloud mining website.

How To Mine Dogecoin

Dogecoin miners

[image source]

Step 1: Research on and buy mining rigs and miners: Also determine whether to mine solo, on a pool, or on the cloud. With a cloud mining site, you do not need to buy a rig. You rent or buy hash rates and direct it to a mining pool or the company selling the hash rates uses its machines to mine, so you buy a contract and get payouts.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces also allow you to buy hash rates from other peers and then direct the compute to a Dogecoin mining pool. Here, you do not spend money buying a rig and it’s more cost-effective. No management of rigs and not a lot of issues with downtimes.

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Step 2: Research on and sign up on chosen mining pool: While some pools let you mine BTC and get paid in Dogecoin, you can mine Doge directly on Scrypt pools. Some pools let you mine multiple cryptocurrencies like merge mining of Litecoin and Doge.

Some rigs and software allow you to connect to multiple pools and even to switch to the most profitable.

Step 3: Decide on mining software: Some software will detect miners once you connect it to power and install the software. We have reviewed the best software that you can use to easily set up a pool, select the coin, clock your equipment, merge mine cryptocurrencies, automatically switch to profitable coins, and easily monitor profits.

Some allow you to mine only when a machine is idle or to reduce power consumption. Some software are best for solo mining while others let you manage rigs easily.

Step 3: Connect your rigs: The set-up depends on the machine or rig and with software, most ASICs are fast to connect to a pool. The software either lets you a GUI interface or command-line interface to set up. The easiest for newbies is the GUI interfaced tools. Some rigs do not need software. All you have to do is use the web interface to log in and connect to the mining pool.

Step 4: Start mining, optimize rigs and update software: After this, you can start mining, monitor profits, stop mining, etc. With rigs, you will need to monitor efficiency, update drivers, and change hardware when it is no longer profitable. With cloud mining, those tasks are eliminated.

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For Dogecoin fans, the fee to trade it is 1 % and the spread is sourced from etoroX, although a fiat withdrawal fee of $5 also applies when withdrawing it via bank or your custom methods. Buying and selling crypto via bank, credit card, etc also attracts a fee.


  • Trade Dogecoin leveraging strategies copied from other users, including popular investors. It has over 20 million users.
  • Earn money by inviting other users.
  • 100k virtual portfolio when you sign up.
  • Limited time offer: Deposit $100 and get a $10 bonus

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Dogecoin Cloud Mining Website

Recommended Cloud Mining Platform

#1) Genesis Mining

The online cloud mining company allows you to mine Dogecoin without maintenance fees. You can also mine Bitcoin or other profitable crypto and get paid in Dogecoin. The earnings can be converted with the auto trader.


  • Daily payouts.
  • The minimal contract price is $28 for 2mh/s to $2400 for 200 mh/s and a custom plan for Litecoin mining that can be used to mine Doge.

Website: Genesis Mining

#2) ViaBTC

ViaBTC also allows direct mining of Dogecoin via the Litecoin pool.


  • Lifetime contracts.
  • Minimum payment of 1 Doge without commission.
  • Contracts starting from $5.90 – 1 MH/s.

Website: ViaBTC

#3) NiceHash

NiceHash also allows you to mine other coins on the cloud and get paid in Dogecoin.


  • Allows you to rent hash rate and direct it to Dogecoin mining pools like the ones discussed below.
  • Buy Scrypt hash rate from as low as 0.2391 BTC/TH/day.
  • Allows trading of hash rates on the marketplace.

Website: NiceHash

#4) Bitdeer

Bitdeer offers cloud hash rates for mining different coins and a hash rate marketplace where you can buy and sell hash rates.


  • Antminer L5 plans for Doge and LTC mining from $3996 per 1 Gh/s to $15984 per 4 GH/s per 360 days.

Website: Bitdeer

#5) Miningrigrentals

This is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy or rent mining rigs like the L3 and use them for mining Dogecoins. You can then direct the hash rate rented to mining pools to mine Dogecoin.


  • Price varies from user to user.

#6) Hashlists

Best for energy conservation mining.


Hashlists is licensed to operate in England and lets you mine different cryptocurrencies and stablecoin with very little hustle and skill. All you have to do is complete a simple sign-up and deposit money to start investing. You do not need a computer or a dedicated GPU or ASIC to mine crypto. The investment works by letting users mine on cloud because the company has hosted mining machines that they maintain for this purpose.

The mining service is used by nearly 240,000 people per day. The return varies per crypto and cloud mining plan: LTC mining plan costs $100 and takes three days to return $5.4. To mine Ethereum, you buy a single ETH mining plan for $520, which takes 10 days to give a profit of $97.03. BTC mining plan costs $1,800 for 20 days and gives a fixed return of $700.02. Mining Dogecoin costs $6,500 for 60 days at a return of $8,200.


  • Get $8 free to invest in the lowest cloud mining plan and earn a daily profit on it.
  • Average profit rate is 150%.
  • No deposit or maintenance fees.
  • 3% referral bonus.
  • Daily payouts and withdrawals from the account as long as the amount is over $100.

Minimum Investment: $8
Pricing: LTC $100; ETH $520 BTC $1,800; and Dogecoin cloud mining plan costs $6,500.

Top Dogecoin ASIC Miner Hardware

#1) Bitmain Antminer L7

Bitmain Antminer L7

With a hash rate of 9,500 MH/s, this is the best machine there is to mine Dogecoin profitably although it can mine a total of 34 coins running on the Scrypt algorithm (including Emerald, Florincoin, Litecoin, and Verge).

The miner costs around $17,000, can be bought only from AsicMarketPlace, AKMiner, BT-Miners, and Print Crypto vendors, and draws up to 3,425W of energy. It can be hooked to AntPool, Easy2Mine, LitecoinPool mining pools for crypto mining.


  • You can also opt to join cloud mining services that use it to mine, then rent the hashing rate or the machine.
  • The efficiency of 0.374j/Mh, 75 decibels noise level.
  • Generates up to $146 of daily income in profits. $97.87 according to the Whattomine website.
  • Come with a six-month warranty.
  • Dogecoin is most profitable to mine with it.
  • Shipment is November 2021.

Cost: $17,000

Website: Bitmain Antminer L7

#2) Bitmain Antminer L7 9160 Mh

Antiminer L7

This miner provides 9.16 Gh/s in hash rate and its power consumption is 3225W. According to the Whattomine website, you generate $94.56 of daily profits at an electricity cost of $0.01 per kWh.


  • It can mine other Scrypt coins like Litecoin, DGB, and EMC2, Florin, Verge, etc.
  • To be released in November 2021.

Cost: $18,000

Website: Bitmain Antminer L7 9160 Mh

#3) Scrypt BW L21 Scrypt Miner

Scrypt BW L21 Scrypt Miner

The miner delivers a hash rate of 550 Mh/s, draws up to around 950W of power, and costs $2,500. You have not restricted to mining only Dogecoin with it as it can mine all Scrypt algorithm coins. It can also connect to Litecoinpool and other pools where you can mine Doge. The daily profitability with this ASIC Dogecoin miner is $5.53 at an efficiency of 1.727j/Mh.


  • The best coin to mine with it is Litecoin, although can mine Dogecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Emerald, Florincoin, and Verge.
  • Simplicity makes it best for starters.
  • Sold by manufacturer and other online stores.
  • One-year warranty covering original buyer.

Cost: $2,500

Website: Scrypt BW L21 Scrypt Miner

#4) Bitmain Antminer L3+

Bitmain Antminer L3+

It is also rated as one of the best for mining Dogecoin at daily profitability of around $4.64 at an electricity cost of $0.1 per kWh. It was released in 2017, delivers 504 MH/s, draws 800 watts of power, and can mine over 30 other coins. But it supports just the Scrypt algorithm mining.

Cost: $1,700.00 on Amazon.

Website: Bitmain Antminer L3+

#5) Goldshell Mini Dode DogeCoin LTC Miner Scrypt

Goldshell Mini Dode DogeCoin LTC Miner Scrypt

The miner delivers 185Mh/s of hash rate, consumes 233W of energy, and can generate up to $2.11 per day at an efficiency of 1.259j/Mh, going by the data given online although cannot generate higher than the Antiminer L7. The noise level is 35db.

Cost: $1,399

Website: Goldshell Mini Dode DogeCoin LTC Miner Scrypt

Others include:

Top Dogecoin Mining Software

While you can use EasyMiner and others as a newbie for CPU and GPU mining, these are not most recommended as they may not be profitable. It is recommended to go for the below ASIC mining software that allows you to mine the Srypt algorithm on which Doge is based.

#1) MultiMiner

Multiminer configurations:


[image source]

  • Most ASIC Dogecoin miners use MultiMiner, a graphical interface application that works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It allows easy switching between GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs, and between mining cryptos like Bitcoin, LTC, and Doge. The miner uses bfgminer engine downloaded by the software automatically to detect your mining devices, then presents a user interface to allow choosing the coin to mine.
  • Select Dogecoin from the Configure Coins tab, then set up the pool you want or add new pools in the Host field, password, worker name, and other details. You can then monitor profits and other details. You can apply these settings to all your rigs on the network.
  • You can connect to pools.

Cost: Free

Website: MultiMiner

#2) Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner

Another ASIC miner that lets you configure any mining pool for Doge ASIC mining. You simply need to connect the rigs or ASIC to power, choose the pool, find the ASIC Ip address, log in to ASIC’s web interface, and enter the mining pool information. It works with Windows, Linux, etc.

  • We can use it with up to 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners.
  • It allows for-profit switching when mining multiple coins. Switch to the most profitable pool automatically.
  • Click-set up mining pools. Within a minute, you can start mining Doge with it.
  • Built-in web interface accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can set multiple accounts for different users.
  • You can remotely manage mining devices from any device and location.
  • The free version has most of the functionality.

Pricing: Free and paid version for $2 per miner per month.

Website: Awesome Miner

#3) CGMiner


[image source]

CGMiner works as a multi-threaded multipool FPGA, CPU, GPU, and ASIC miner for Doge, Litecoin, BTC, and other coins. The latest version (3.10+) supports only ASIC mining and the latest for Dogecoin miners is 3.7.2. It uses a command-line interface and lets you configure different pools to mine Dogecoin. It also works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • Being a purely command-line tool, it may be hard to install for starters who would rather go with a graphical interface on MultiMiner or a web interface on Awesome Miner.
  • Sign up in a pool.
  • Download CGMiner, extract, open Notepad, and type in the mining pool, worker name, and password. Save in the .bat extension which allows executing the command in the notepad. Copy the file into the CGminer folder. Double click on the created .bat file and it starts a CMD windows interface, which means mining is started.

Cost: Free

Website: CGMiner

#4) CudaMiner


It is said to work best with Nvidia products. It allows automated mining with minimal configuration and intervention. The desktop application comes with a web console that lets you do remote management and optimization of your ASICs. It works on Windows, Linux, or CudoOS.

  • Sign up on the website, download, install, and set up within a minute.
  • Change to most profitable coins automatically.
  • Select payment coin.
  • Auto trading.
  • Can be used to manage mining farms.
  • For PC, GPU, and ASIC mining Dogecoin.

Website: CudaMiner

Top Dogecoin Mining Pools

Dogecoin pools

There are many mining pools you can use to mine Dogecoin, but before joining a pool, think about its costs, returns, its total hashing power, payout frequency, minimum payouts, and reliability. Besides, the profitability of a mining pool depends on the amount of hash rate you contribute to a pool and the efficiency of your hardware and software.

#1) Aikapool


This is the top mining pool because it controls 7% of the Dogecoin mining hash rate market share. It charges 1% fees and utilizes a Proportional (Prop) reward system. Prop reward system – the simplest of all, rewards users an amount of reward proportional to their hash rate share per block found.

It is transparent and shows the amount of shares, hash rates, workers, and earnings contributed by ranked users. From the data, it looks like you can profit from mining Dogecoin in a solo mode. It also operates over 70 other pools to mine other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, and multiple other cryptocurrencies.

How to mine Doge on Aikapool:

  • Create an account on the website and log in.
  • Download miner. You can use either Intel/ATI/AMD CGMine, NVIDIA Cudaminer, or Minerd CPU Miner which works on Mac, Linux, or Windows.
  • Configure miner by typing a shortcode into a console per instructions on the website. It allows setting the pool worker’s name and password.
  • Create Doge address after downloading client and blockchain.
  • Start mining and, if possible, learn advanced setups.

Pool hash rate: 76.353 GH/s
Active workers: 140
Estimated time per round: 33 seconds
Fees: 1%

Website: Aikapool


Litecoinpool org

The site allows merged mining of Dogecoin, which means you can mine it alongside Litecoin although it is natively meant for mining Litecoin. It utilizes the pay-per-share or PPS payment method and the servers are distributed across 8 continents. With a PPS, you get paid for as long as your miners are running, even if the pool has not mined blocks.

It also provides stats on who is mining, their total shares, hash rate contributed, and earned coins per day. According to their statistics, miners earn 290% more than with a 0-fee PPS system. Although you mine both Doge and LTC, you get paid in LTC only.

How to mine Doge on Litecoinpool:

  • Read the beginner’s guide on their website to know things like to never use GPU, CPU, or mobile since they are unprofitable for mining with the pool.
  • Create a pool account on the website.
  • Buy, install, and connect miners to the servers near you using mining software. For instance, if using ASICs, you can use Minerstat and from the dashboard, set up mining. Open the address editor, add a new tag (POOL: LTC) with the right stratum address, and configure workers, which is loaded automatically when you select ASIC as the default mining client.
  • No specific configuration for merged mining to allow Dogecoin mining as it will happen automatically after setting for mining LTC.
  • Download Litecoin client and create an address. Click receive tab and copy the receive address there.

Pool hash rate: 76.353 GH/s
Active workers: 87,711
Estimated time per block: 9 min
Fees: 0%


#3) Zpool


Zpool controls 2% of the global Dogecoin mining hash rate share, uses Prop payment system, and charges 0.5% in fees. You direct your hash power to an algorithm and the pool will choose which coins are most profitable to mine. You cannot select a coin to mine in a given supported algorithm.

Otherwise, you can input the specific coin to mine in the password using the zap= option in your password, for instance, c=BTC,zap=RVN to be paid in BTC, and mine RVN coin.

What Zpool does is it lets you choose to be paid in Doge although you actually mine proof of work coins. BTC payouts are processed daily for balances above 0.0015 BTC. Otherwise, payouts for other currencies are done daily for balances of over 0.0125 BTC and every four hours for those exceeding 0.05 BTC.

How to mine Doge on Zpool:

  • Visit their website and click on Stratum generator. Select region, algorithm to mine, input payout address, and select payout currency. Sometimes Doge is not on the list.
  • User an ASIC software like Awesome Miner or Minerstat to set up the server, username, and password that are revealed in the stratum generator after the above setup.
  • In the password input, use c=Doge,zap=BTC to mine BTC, and get paid in Doge. Or c=BTC,zap=Doge to mine Doge and be paid in BTC. If payments are not possible in Doge they will still pay in a coin of their choosing.

Pool hash rate: 1500 tera hash
Active workers: Not available
Estimated time per block: Not available
Fees: 0.5%

Website: Zpool

Other pools through which you can mine Dogecoin are Mining-Dutch, NLPool, CoinMinerz, Dpool, EMCD, Zsolo, Multipool, 1coinpool, and Prohashing. Others include Block Masters Scrypt, A Hash Pool Scrypt, Zergpool Scrypt, NLPOOL Scrypt, BSOD, and Prohashing Scrypt.

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This tutorial tells you how to mine Dogecoins. We proposed three methods for this. These include buying a rig and mining solo or connecting to a pool, buying or renting hash rates either on a cloud mining website or peer-to-peer market and directing it to a pool, or using pools run by the -company and getting regular payouts.

It is suggested to use an ASIC and to connect it to a pool to either mine Dogecoin primarily or Bitcoin and get paid in Dogecoins. Mining dogecoin is not profitable with CPUs and with GPUs you will have to live with very low profits. ASICs and cloud mining sites are very profitable.

We suggest Dogecoin mining software that is GUI-based and allows you to monitor and adjust your hash rates automatically.

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Research Process:

Total time spent on the tutorial: 15 hours.

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