16 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies in 2023

This tutorial delves into how to develop a crypto wallet and enlists top Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies or services you can rely upon to deliver a custom solution at a cheaper price.

Cryptocurrency wallet development was not popular in the public domain until about 2020 and 2021. In 2022, there is a shortage of blockchain development experts, including in crypto wallet development companies.

Crypto wallet development can take years and be very costly unless you have a good grasp of blockchain and crypto. The alternative is to put in place good consultancy and development services.

Let us begin!

Crypto Wallet/Exchange Development – Market Trends

Top Cryptocurrency Development Companies (1)

Market Trends: 

Active blockchain developers:

Active blockchain developers

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Expert Advice:

  • The more skilled and experienced, the better.
  • The security of a cryptocurrency wallet is by far the most important feature in technology.

How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet

You can rely on cryptocurrency development services to build a custom wallet for you, or start with a white label solution. These Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies usually hire expert developers to develop products based on blockchain.

With the below procedure, we assume you already have a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

#1) Decide on the features: Consider what customers want, look at what competitors are offering, or even innovate. You must then organize your resources and expertise to get ready for the next steps.

#2) Use open-source libraries already developed: These include BitcoinJ SDK or Coinbase SDK. You might also want to look at cloning tools. You can also:

  • Use APIs: Distributed ledger APIs include Coinbase, Bitcore & Factom, they allow you to connect the crypto wallet with the blockchain ecosystem easily.
  • Use cloud development services: PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is best for developing web applications, and BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) from companies like Amazon, Azure, and Microsoft involve integrating cloud services into your app.

#3) Select technology stack: For the iOS crypto wallet app, select Swift or Objective-C. For the Android app, select Java or Kotlin. For web apps, go for Node.js or Angular.js, along with HTML5 and CSS3.

#4) Include top-notch security: Cryptocurrency exchange development services understand how much security means for their hosted wallets, as do decentralized wallet developers. The layers to consider when implementing security in the app include 2FA – fingerprint, face ID, and hardware authentication. Then invest in code review, detailed testing, and audit.

#5) Begin development: The coding and prototyping start with designing the app features. Then kickstart the actual development process. The next stage is to prototype, followed by testing the app in real-world scenarios. The actual product is then developed and tested before launching to market. Improvement and redesign should again be a continuous process.

Crypto Exchange Development Services FAQs

Q #1) What is cryptocurrency wallet development? 

Answer: This is the coding of an e-wallet based on blockchain, which supports cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency wallet development can involve building such an application from scratch or extending features of an existing e-wallet.

Some features considered by Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies are — buy, sell, send, receive, hold, swap, and invest in crypto.

Q #2) How do I create a crypto wallet? 

Answer: Cryptocurrency wallets are developed from scratch via coding, cloning an existing app, or forking from or developing a new from an existing one.

It requires a good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, although today, you can rely on label solutions platforms to quickly come up with a crypto wallet. But a custom solution would require more experience and expertise.

Usually, crypto wallet development companies have the expertise and experience to implement security features such that they cannot be hacked. Other features would include preventing double-spending and integration of trading.

To open a wallet account on a platform, follow these steps:

  1. Download an app like the Coinbase app or visit their website.
  2. Create an account by registering and verifying the account. This might not be needed for some decentralized apps.
  3. Create a wallet and copy your private key or recovery seed phrases and securely keep the keys or phrases offline.
  4. From there, you can send, receive and transact crypto.

Q #3) How long does it take to build a crypto wallet? 

Answer: It depends on the labour, experience, and skills involved and whether the team and funds are already acquired. However, it will take 6 to 6 months for full-time developers. This should be adequate for dedicated experienced cryptocurrency wallet app development companies to deliver a custom solution.

It might take more than a year for a cryptocurrency exchange development company to build a hosted wallet because then the wallet is only part of many other features. Nevertheless, these companies start with a timeline.

Q #4) How much does it cost to develop a crypto wallet app? 

Answer: Crypto wallet app development companies charge between $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the duration of development, features or functionality to be included, and technologies to be used. Detailed features are needed to obtain a good quote.

The cost might also depend on the location. Crypto exchange development services will also charge more if the wallet is to be part of an exchange, for instance.

Q #5) What is the best crypto wallet?

Answer: In terms of usage, the best crypto wallets include hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor, which are hard to hack over the Internet. This will mostly integrate with other software wallets like Exodus, Mycelium, and Electrum.

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List of Top Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies

Remarkable Crypto Wallet Development Company List:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Vention
  3. Innowise
  4. SimpleSwap
  5. Antier Solutions
  6. Fortunesoft IT innovations
  7. Matellio
  8. Developcoins
  9. HashCash Consultants
  10. Evercode Lab
  11. Idealogic
  12. CMS Website Services
  13. Blockchain App Factory
  14. LeewayHertz
  15. SoluLab
  16. MENA Software
  17. Chetu
  18. Bitdeal
  19. AppClues
  20. EvaCodes

Comparison Table of Cryptocurrency Development Services

Company Headquarters Main blockchain services Our rating
ScienceSoftTexas, United States. Crypto and blockchain, smart contracts, Web and mobile app development. 5/5
VentionNew York, USACrypto exchange and wallet development, custom blockchain and smart contracts development, decentralized apps, ICO/IEO and NFT development5/5
InnowiseWarsaw, PolandCryptocurrency wallet development, cryptocurrency wallet support, strategy development and consulting.5/5
SimpleSwapMarshall IslandsSwap one cryptocurrency for another without relying on multiple exchanges.4.5/5
Antier SolutionsCalifornia, USA.Crypto and blockchain, smart contracts, Web and mobile app development.4.8/5
Fortunesoft IT Innovations Karnataka, India. Blockchain, wallets, AI, analytics, cloud, mobile and web and PC software development4.5/5
MatellioCalifornia, United StatesBlockchain, smart contracts, IoT, development services, integrations. 4.5/5
DevlopcoinsThiru Nagar, India.Blockchain and cryptocurrency development. 4.5/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft is a go-to cryptocurrency wallet development provider with 33 years of experience in IT and 750+ professionals on board. The company delivers web and mobile crypto wallets, coin-specific and multi-currency wallets, single-sig and multi-sig wallets, custodial and non-custodial wallets.

ScienceSoft ensures excellent quality and high ROI of crypto wallets due to:

  • 18 years of expertise in fintech app development.
  • Proficiency in leading blockchain frameworks: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Graphene, Substrate, and more.
  • Practical knowledge of 30+ industries, including financial services and ecommerce.
  • Implementation of value-adding features like in-app crypto asset trading, recurring crypto payments, QR code support, multi-access capabilities.
  • Advanced security mechanisms: AI-based fraud detection, biometric authentication, automated KYC/AML verification, and more.

ScienceSoft guarantees a project start in just 1–2 weeks. The company typically provides an MVP of a crypto wallet within 1–4 months. ScienceSoft’s ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications ensure high service quality and complete security of the data entrusted to the company.

Examples of crypto wallet solutions developed: A Bitcoin mobile wallet, a multi-chain crypto asset wallet, an SDK for cold wallet integration with the NEAR network.

Main crypto services: Crypto wallet design and development, implementation consulting services, crypto wallet integration with the required systems, testing and QA, crypto wallet security, support and evolution of crypto wallet solutions.

The company specializes in crypto wallets, private blockchain networks, decentralized apps (dApps), smart contracts, asset tokenization platforms, and blockchain-based marketplaces.

Headquarters: Texas, USA
Founded: 1989
Employees: 750+
Contact: +1 214 306 68 37
Revenue: $32 Million

Core Services: Software development, IT consulting, testing, QA, cybersecurity, data analytics, UX/UI design, IT support. The company builds solutions powered with blockchain, AI, big data, IoT, AR and VR, and computer vision.

Service Cost/Packages: Not disclosed – contact the company.

#2) Vention


Vention is an industry-leading software development company equipping fast-growing companies and disruptive startups worldwide with dedicated engineering teams. Working on cutting-edge technology and emerging markets, Vention helps companies scale from Series A to unicorn status – contributing to $13B+ in acquisitions and 20+ IPOs.

A developer powerhouse with access to 3,000+ engineers, Vention provides clients various dynamic solutions within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, such as crypto exchange and wallet development, smart contract developments, decentralized apps, and more.

Vention’s usage of smart contracts and crypto payments aid in its mission to ensure reliable workflows between financial institutions, clients, and partners while delivering quality results. Vention’s bench of specialized engineers is adept at platforms including Multichain, SkyLedger, Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, and more to ideate and design uniquely future-proofed solutions for clients’ success.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Cryptocurrency wallets, exchange apps, decentralized apps.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Crypto exchange and wallet development, custom blockchain and smart contracts development, decentralized apps, ICO/IEO, and NFT development.

Headquarters: New York, USA
Founded: 2002
Employees: 3000+
Revenue: $45M+
Notable Clients: PayPal, Curve, StoneX, Brex, IBM, Unlimint

Core Services: Frontend and backend web development; iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile development; QA and testing; cloud development across Salesforce, SaaS, DevOps, SharePoint/Office 365; and UI/UX design across emerging technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, Big Data, blockchain, business intelligence, cybersecurity, IoT, and serverless applications.

Pricing: Contact for details

#3) Innowise


Innowise Group is one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet development companies. With over 15 years of experience in the software development industry, Innowise has developed a diverse portfolio of products that make it easy for people to store and use cryptocurrency.

Their products are known for their high quality and reliable security, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a wallet that can protect their cryptocurrencies.

The company has a team of experts who can help with everything from designing and coding wallets to helping with security and quality assurance. Whether you’re looking for a new way to store your cryptocurrencies or just need someone to help you get started, Innowise Group is a perfect choice.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Main Blockchain Services: Cryptocurrency wallet development, cryptocurrency wallet support, strategy development and consulting

#4) SimpleSwap


SimpleSwap is essentially a cryptocurrency exchange platform whose sole purpose is to allow its users to swap one cryptocurrency for another. Its USP is the fact that it facilitates such a transaction without the need to rely on traditional exchanges. One of its standout features is the extensive list of cryptocurrencies it supports.

You are offered a broad range of cryptocurrencies, which include Ripple, Bitcoin, Etherieum along with various altcoins. This extensive collection grants users the flexibility to trade a wide array of digital assets without multiple exchange accounts. SimpleSwap does not demand user-registration. The transaction processing on SimpleSwap is also very fast.

Core Service: Anonymously swap digital assets, Swap one cryptocurrency for another without relying on multiple exchanges.
Headquarters: Marshall Islands
Founded: 2018
Employees: 11-50
Pricing: Fees included in the exchange rate.

#5) Antier Solutions


Antier Solutions is a native blockchain and wallet development company. It helps companies to develop decentralized finance applications right from brainstorming, designing, building, testing, to market launching stages. The company helps develop both custodian and non-custodian wallets, web and mobile wallets, and even PC crypto wallets.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Ancrypto Wallet, Gofast Smart Contract, etc.

List of blockchain services the company provides: P2P exchange development, P2P lending platform development, STO exchange development, smart contract development, KYC blockchain solution coin/token development, stable coin development, and white paper development.

Headquarters: Nottingham, East Midlands, USA.
Founded In: 2011
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $13 M
Prominent Clients: Ancrypto Wallet, Gofast Smart Contract, etc.

Core Services: Consulting in and developing all types and nature of wallets, smart contracts, and DeFis. Others include developing APIs, NFTs, exchanges, in-chat transactions, crypto markets, privacy solutions, and cross-platform apps. Also included are QR code scanners, metaverse development, OTC trading platforms, and KYC solutions.

Service Cost/Packages: Not disclosed – contact the company.

Website: Antier Solutions

#6) Fortunesoft IT Innovations

FortuneSoft - Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies

Fortunesoft provides blockchain software solutions as part of its general software development services, including mobile, web, analytics, cloud, and AWS solutions.

In terms of crypto wallet development, the company helps clients develop secure and reliable applications that host peer-to-peer transactions and other features. The company also helps firms develop wallets with features like earning, monitoring, and transferring crypto assets.

The company also builds wallets that can manage higher throughput of transactions per second, ones that are easy and convenient to use, scalable, and 100% customizable.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: None exhibited.

List of blockchain services the company provides: ICO development, Ethereum apps and platforms, dApps, crypto wallets, blockchain trading platforms, security tokens, development of Hyperledger Fabric, and smart contracts.

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka.
Founded In: 2009
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $13 M
Prominent Clients: Yokogawa, National University of Singapore, Christ Culture, Options Away, Collegewear, Seduce, and Commercio.

Core services: General software engineering and development, blockchain, AI, analytics, cloud, mobile and web, and PC software development. Others are CRM, p2p lending, eCommerce, enterprise portal, MEAN/MERN stack application development.

They also deal in developing APIs, minimal viable products, enterprise software, CRMs, SaaS, Robotic processes, and automation.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Fortunesoft IT Innovations

#7) Matellio


Matellio is a software engineering and development firm founded in 2012. It has partnered with several industry leaders including Siemens MindSphere, Arizona Technology Council, GE Digital Alliance, Google Cloud, and HPE. This has helped it to provide software development services even on the most challenging and complex tasks.

Their skills and expertise have also been recognized by Clutch.co, App Futura, DesignRush, and Scrum Alliance.

With a deep knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger applications, the company can help others develop wallets based on public and private chains. You can consult them to develop smart contracts, Ethereum dApps, and crypto-wallets in all manner.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Not disclosed.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing standalone blockchains, smart contracts, crypto wallets, Ethereum dApps, Hyperlegder Fabric platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges; consultancy, designs, support, maintenance, migration, and updating.

Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States.
Founded In: 2014
Employees: 201-500
Revenue: $23.5M

Prominent Clients: iPracticeBuilder, Ostrij, Thought Horizon, Picsiwant, etc.

Core Services: Artificial intelligence solutions, blockchain development services, cloud integration solutions, embedded solutions, enterprises solutions, and location-based services. Other IoT solutions, machine learning solutions, mobile solutions, staff augmentation, web solutions, and sales force development.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Matellio

#8) Developcoins

Developcoins - Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies

Developcoins create decentralized wallets for all devices, including mobile and the web. It also develops customized crypto exchange solutions based on any public or private blockchain. The company develops full node wallets, custodial and non-custodial wallets, coin-specific wallets, multi-crypto or universal wallets, and network-specific wallets.

Wallets and exchanges can have diverse features, including two-factor authentication, multi-crypto storage, support for paper wallets, and support for currency conversions. The company can implement push notifications, security, auto denial of duplicate transactions, and session timeouts. It all depends on the client’s needs.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Not disclosed.

List of blockchain services the company provides: NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrencies and tokens, ICO/STO/IDO, tokenization, MLM, and blockchain.

Headquarters: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Founded In: 2018
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $4.3 M
Prominent Clients: Not disclosed
Core Services: Blockchain and cryptocurrency development.
Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Developcoins

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#9) HashCash Consultants


HashCash provides blockchain development services in addition to AI, IoT, big data, and IT development. In addition to being one of the cryptocurrency wallet development companies, it helps with ICO whitepaper writing, ICO development, ICO marketing, and token listing.

Some of their blockchain payment solutions are used the world over by banks, exchanges, and other institutions. Regarding cryptocurrency wallet development, the company builds wallets for exchanges and trading platforms, as well as standalone cryptocurrency wallets.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: HC Remit, HC Net, HC Corporate payment, BillBitcoins, and HC Commerce in addition to PayBito.

List of blockchain services the company provides: NFTs, ICOs and ICO platforms, Central Bank Digital Currencies, cryptocurrency exchanges – custom and white label, crypto payment processors, utility coin offering, coin listing, STO, standalone blockchains, and blockchain integrations.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, USA.
Founded In: 2015
Employees: 201-500
Revenue: $9 M
Prominent Clients: Deutsche Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak, DBS, Paytm, IBM, Microsoft, SBI, and many others.
Core services: Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, IoT, big data, and IT development.
Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: HashCash Consultants

#10) Evercode Lab

Evacode Lab

Evercode Lab develops blockchain solutions, including light, multicurrency, exchange, mobile, web, and desktop crypto wallets. They also develop market analytics tools based on the blockchain. The solutions can employ Electron.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, Websockets, and Web-RTC technologies, among other stack technologies.

The company is behind the development of the famous Atomic Wallet, a multi-crypto wallet used anonymously world-over. The wallet also comprises an inbuilt exchange based on ShapeShift and Changelly platforms. The wallet works by identifying the best possible crypto exchange rate when a user is exchanging cryptocurrencies. It also supports p2p transactions.

Another product of them is the White Label Wallet platform used by others to launch a branded non-custodial crypto wallet in a short time.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Atomic Wallet, Guarda Chrome extension for wallet bridging, Swapzone crypto exchange, Evercode Online Medic, Marketplace Evermarket, Everchain SDK, and EverCourse platform. etc.

List of blockchain services the company provides: White label crypto wallets, crypto and blockchain marketplaces, blockchain SDKs, etc.

Headquarters: Larnaka, Cyprus.
Founded In: 2015
Employees: 11-50
Revenue: $5 M
Prominent Clients: CADFEM, ESCAR, Yandex.Eats, etc.

Core services: Blockchain and cryptocurrency development, SDKs, and non-blockchain platforms. They also develop CRM solutions, monitoring systems, online education platforms, and e-commerce platforms.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Evercode Lab

#11) Idealogic

Ideologic - Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies

Ideologic is the company behind the development of BitHolder mobile and desktop wallets, a platform used for buying crypto-assets with a credit card. The wallet is used to store Bitcoin and other cryptos.

In addition to blockchain and crypto wallet development, the team is involved in creating web and mobile applications of all kinds.

The company has been awarded Top Blockchain Development Companies by GoodFirms, Top Blockchain Developers 2020, and Top Big Data Companies 2020 by TopDevelopers. Other awards include Top Private Ethereum Blockchain, Top Web Design Companies, and a Bark Professional award.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: BitHolder.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Smart contracts, blockchains, dApps, ICO/STO/IDO, crowd sale landing pages, feasibility studies, auditing contracts, consulting, etc.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Shevchenkivskyi District, Ukraine.
Founded In: 2014
Employees: 11-50
Revenue: $8 M
Prominent Clients: Pikkup, Swissy, BitHolder, Scrabs, U-Beat, Nextparq CRM, and Healthy Life.

Core services: Blockchain and crypto development, product design, machine learning, UI/UX design, web development, and mobile development.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Idealogic

#12) CMS Website Services

cms website services

CMS Website Services (now known as Zrix) develops platforms and solutions based on all blockchain and products that can be applied across multiple industries.

With regard to blockchain development, the 2006-established company can help you build a custom web, desktop, or mobile cryptocurrency wallet development.

The company builds projects on a variety of blockchains, including Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph, Ethereum, Corda, EOS, Tron, Stellar, and Hyperledger. The developers are also specialists in Drupal, Android, iOS, PHP, PhoneGap, and DevOps.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Not disclosed.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Blockchain wallets, blockchain AI, blockchain IoT, p2p lending platforms, crypto, and token development, crypto exchange development, and solidity development.

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Founded In: 2005
Employees: 11-50
Revenue: $5 M

Prominent Clients: University of California, Everdata.com, Bernie Portal, Cup It Up, Lulea Begravningsbyra, and Area Cooperative Educational Services. Others are Ocean County Library, RPMC, Fescuefungi, My Cophy Golife, and Cassava Virus Evolution.

Core services: Blockchain, web, mobile, browser, PHP, Drupal, Magento, AI, Twill, React JS, e-Commerce, business software, IoT, cloud, and Python development. Others include WordPress, Craft CMS, ROR, Laravel web application, and .NET development.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: CMS Website Services

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#13) Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory

As the name suggests, Blockchain App Factory is a native blockchain and crypto development firm. It indulges itself with in-built crypto wallet development for DeFi, gaming, non-fungible tokens, and other platforms.

The company’s developers can also help develop custom wallets for mobile, web, and PC platforms. They develop both software and hardware wallets for single or multi-crypto sending, receiving, and storage. It is one of the top Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies.

The company also builds centralized wallets for legitimate transactions, which means non-blockchain-based e-wallets. It even has a white-label crypto wallet development solution for startups and organizations. The latter can be customized to have over-the-counter trading, KYC, trading, NFC, API, and portfolio management.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Security Tokens and Equity Tokens.

List of blockchain services the company provides: NFTs, NFT games, development on Binance Smart Chain, ICO/STO/IDO development, tokenization, crypto development, exchange development, standalone blockchain development, etc.

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Founded In: 2010
Employees: 201-500
Revenue: $5 M
Prominent Clients: McDonald’s, Li Fung, and over 25 clients in ICOs.

Core services: Development of cryptocurrencies, wallets, blockchains, NFT, NFT games, tokens, DeFi platforms, APIs, tokenization platforms, and exchanges.

Product cost/packages: From $16,000 to $31,000.

Website: Blockchain App Factory

#14) LeewayHertz


LeewayHertz is based out of the United States and specializes in blockchain development. Going by their website, they have over 100+ digital products developed for startups and big enterprises alike.

With regard to blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet development services, the developers build products on different public and private blockchains. TraceRX, a global pharma supply chain solution for aid distribution, is also their work.

This is one of the top Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies that is also involved in blockchain consulting from ideation, assessment, technical component definition, proof of concept, prototyping, integration, and development. LeewayHertz is also involved in organizing training workshops.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: TraceRx blockchain-based global pharma supply chain, EthereumPlus, StellarPlus, SolanaPlus, NFT storage solutions.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing DeFi, NFTs games and marketplaces, crypto wallets, development on Solana and other blockchains, Web3, and Metaverses.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA.
Founded In: 2007
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $10 M
Prominent Clients: TraceRx, ESPN, Hawaii Revealed, iCruise Finder, RIVA WAND, TraceRx, and World Poker Tour.

Core services: Blockchain, metaverse, general software, IoT, AI, and NFT development. Others are consulting, proof of concept development, design, training workshop organizing, etc.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: LeewayHertz

#15) SoluLab


SoluLab also deals in blockchain development in addition to AI, IoT, and web development.

Regarding blockchain, the company provides end-to-end cryptocurrency wallet development services. These wallets can be in-built into crypto trading or other platforms or be standalone. You can rely on developers to build cryptocurrency wallets for use over the web, mobile, and desktop operating systems.

This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet development companies that build blockchain-based marketplaces with unique and diverse payment options and multiple other features. Blockchain-based marketplaces can include security layers, peer-to-peer transaction capabilities, and many other protocols.

The developers also build ICO platforms and standalone blockchains.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: NFTY, Alacrity, Versafit, plotos, Liquid Craft, -Motive, BattleWave 2323 by AnRKeyX, Tangible Gold, Source Independent Entertainment, DocTrace, Snackhack, DLCC, Acreage, Chichin, Pet Farm, and Blockchain EMR.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing dApps, blockchain lending, and marketplace platforms, metaverses, enterprise blockchains, crypto wallets, NFTs, tokens, etc.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California.
Founded In: 2014
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $10 M
Prominent Clients: ZeCash, Blockchain for Pharma, Liquid Craft, -Motive, BattleWave 2323 by AnRKeyX, Tangible Gold, Source Independent Entertainment, DocTrace, Snackhack, DLCC, Acreage, Chichin, Pet Farm, and Blockchain EMR.

Core services: Blockchain and crypto development, wearables, mobile app development, web, IoT, data science, DevOps, SaaS, software maintenance.

Service Cost/Packages: Minimum project starts at $10,000.

Website: SoluLab

#16) MENA Software

Mena software

MENA software deals in blockchain, decentralized application, server programming in all languages, web, and mobile app development. For all these areas, they provide end-to-end development, technology consulting, quality assurance and testing, IT support, UI/UX and visual design, and proof of concept.

The company has completed 45 projects in total for 21 clients. They also develop other applications based on C, C++, GO, Erlang languages.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Krypton Trading, CryptoAPIs, CryptoVest, BlockExplorer.one, and Etana Custody.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing Proof of Concepts products, APIs, blockchain games, private and public blockchains, enterprise platforms, smart contracts, dApps for mobile and operating systems, crypto wallets, etc.

Headquarters:  Sofia, Sofia City, Bulgaria
Founded In: 2011
Employees: 11-50
Revenue: $5 M
Prominent Clients: Krypton Trading, CryptoAPIs, CryptoVest, BlockExplorer.one, Etana Custody, Big Mage, Art Shard, and LottoTech.

Core services: Blockchain and cryptocurrency; server programming; web development (PHP, Python, ASP.NET, JS, RUBY, NODE.JS, Angular, React); and iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: MENA Software

#17) Chetu


Chetu is an e-wallet software development company for both centralized and decentralized applications. The company has 21 years of experience building mobile and non-mobile wallet solutions and has so far built 16,000 apps as per their website data. They also have served 3,000 customers and amassed 150 awards.

Their cryptocurrency wallet development services also include building apps that support multi-crypto features. They will also include features like sending, storing, receiving, investing, swapping, or exchanging digital assets.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Connoisseur ERC token on Ethereum and Blockchain HER platform with an in-built wallet.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing dApps, public and private blockchains, blockchain security solutions, crypto wallets, mining software, e-commerce platforms eg in supply chains and banking solutions, NFs, games, ICOs, and integrations.

Headquarters: Sunrise, Florida.
Founded In: 2000
Employees: 1,001-5,000
Revenue: $67 M
Prominent Clients: LyriText, Modernist Pantry, ActBec, Napoli ShkoInik PLLC, Advanced Claims Technologies, PlanIt AV, and many others.

Core services: Blockchain and crypto development, non-blockchain and crypto development, APIs, DevOps, backup and disaster recovery, migration and upgrades, and product lifecycle management. Other services also include quality assurance, SLA support, software security, minimum viable product services, integrations, web hosting, and infrastructural support.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Chetu

#18) Bitdeal


Bitdeal is one of the dedicated Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies with expertise in developing p2p-based exchange apps like LocalBitcoins, Remitano, or Paxful. They also develop centralized exchanges like Coinbase.

Each of these types will have different features in addition to hosted cryptocurrency wallets. The developers can clone and develop products similar to Binance, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Remitano, Coinbase, and Wazirx trading exchanges.

Their white-label crypto exchange solution Script helps to build an exchange with centralized order books, and support for 200+ coins. Exchanges will also have liquidity at launch, decentralized trading, margin trading, and swapping. Derivative trading, staking feature, gift card payments, and multiple payment methods can also be included as part of the exchange platform.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Binance, Kraken, CoinDX, Uniswap, Bakery, Polkaswap, Dinoswap Cloning Scripts; LocalBitcoins Clone Script, Wazirx Clone Script, Paxful Clone Script, Coinbase Clone Script, and Remitano Clone Script.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing NFTs, metaverses, cryptos, smart contracts, games, tokens, proof of concepts, enterprise platforms for all industries, crypto wallets, exchanges, trading bots, crypto exchange cloning scripts, escrow scripts, p2p exchanges, etc.

Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India.
Founded In: 2016
Employees: 101-150
Revenue: $5 M
Prominent Clients: Un-disclosed over 200 happy clients.
Core services: Cryptocurrency, blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, and DeFis development.
Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: Bitdeal

#19) AppClues

AppClues - Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies

AppClues is certified in developing iOS, Android, desktop, and web apps. The developers also build enterprise platforms, m-commerce systems, wallets, and apps that can be used across multiple operating systems. They have served clients in ride-sharing, streaming, healthcare, social networking, logistics, retail, real estate, travel, food, and education industry.

The company provides the entire life-cycle development process including ideation, layout, design, development, testing, and handover. It also uses various tools in developing products for clients – Swift iOS, Ionic app, Phone Gapp, Objective C, Java Android, and many others.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Authentic Heros blockchain clothing provenance solution.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Developing mobile dApps, cross-platform blockchain, crypto wallets, enterprise blockchain platforms, and general e-wallets.

Headquarters: Stony Brook, New York, USA.
Founded In: 2014.
Employees: 51-200.
Revenue: $15 M.
Prominent Clients: SyLoov, Dubai Calendar, Voscreen, LaundroKart, Reach Expansion, Indian Railways.

Core services: Mobile and web applications.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact the company.

Website: AppClues

#20) EvaCodes


EvaCodes is a full-stack blockchain development company that builds web3 as well as blockchain products based on a variety of blockchain stacks. It also provides web development, software development, UI/UX design, mobile app development, AWS, and serverless consulting.

The company also develops or deals in developing products based on various databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. Their technology stack includes PHP, Java, Python, React.js, Angular.js, React-native, Flutter, Java, Android SDK, Swift, and Objective C.

It also has development centers across the USA, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and Armenia.

Examples of wallets and blockchain products developed: Alium NFT marketplace, Backed.Insure, Duality, and Synesis One.

List of blockchain services the company provides: Blockchain products based on Solana, Ethereum, Algorand, Dfinity/Motoko, and Binance Chain. They develop metaverses, smart contracts, NFTs DeFi, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, GameFi, etc.

Headquarters: USA
Founded: 2019
Employees: 100+
Revenue: $5M+

Prominent Clients: Yecall, Nebeus, Alium, etc.
Core Services: Blockchain development, smart contracts, web and software development, Android development, HTML5, iOS, mobile web, and augmented reality development.

Service Cost/Packages: $35-60 per hour.


This tutorial discussed how to develop a cryptocurrency wallet along with the companies involved in it. We compared the various Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies along with their services.

We saw the market is ready for blockchain, but there is a shortage of blockchain developers and development companies going by the demand. Unless you are specifically a web3 or blockchain and crypto developer, you want wallet development companies to succeed in developing a custom wallet for your customers.

We suggest looking at ScienceSoft, which has been in IT development for 32 years and has experienced experts in blockchain and smart contract development. They are the best when it comes to integrating real-world applications to blockchain or vice versa. It is one of the best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies.

Evercode, HashCash, Bitdeal, SoluLab, MENA Software, and LeewayHertz are hard to beat with their line of already developed blockchain solutions.

If you want native blockchain development companies, consider Antier Solutions and Developcoins. They exclusively deal in blockchain and crypto development. Fortunesoft is also at the top of the list, having partnered with Siemens, Google Cloud, and other influential internet companies.

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