10 Best Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators [2023 UPDATED]

Here you will review and compare different Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators. Understand how to use them when venturing into the business of mining cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin mining profitability calculators allow you to estimate, based on data, the future profit and revenue you can expect in a defined period from a cryptocurrency mining device of specified computing power, efficiency, power cost, and power consumption.

The calculators are part of the important research tools you need before getting into the crypto mining business to ensure it generates any significant passive income.

Cryptocurrency mining calculators take in different inputs that influence crypto profitability when mining devices are being employed.

These include inputs like the machine’s computing power in hash rates, power cost, power consumption, and efficiency as well as the current price of the cryptocurrency in question, the algorithm being utilized, and the network’s total difficulty which depends on the number of people or nodes mining at that time, and other factors.

Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators

Best Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators

This tutorial on Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators looks at different types of crypto and Bitcoin profitability calculators, how they work, how to use them, and the top best crypto mining calculators you can rely upon if and when venturing into the business of mining cryptocurrencies.

Market Trends: 

  • 1994 nodes in total are mining Bitcoins as per the below chart. The average yearly salary for a crypto miner according to reports by ZipRecruiter is $84,866 in the United States as of August 25, 2022. This means they make $40.80 an hour, $1,632/week, and $7,072/month on average.
  • There are hundreds of crypto profitability calculators and their accuracy varies depending on the factors they utilize in the calculations. Bitcoins mining calculators manage up to 95% accuracy in predicting crypto mining revenues, profitability, and costs.
  • All Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators utilize the mining equipment’s crypto mining hashrate, crypto price, network mining difficulty, power consumption, and power costs, among other factors, in calculating/estimating future mining performance.
  • Cryptocurrency mining calculators help mining farms, individuals, and other people to determine the best mining machine model they are to buy, the best algorithm per machine model to buy, the best mining software, at what best power costs, and at what best power consumptions that can be used to mine particular cryptocurrencies. They are also used to determine which cryptos are best to mine, with which particular mining hardware (GPU cards, rigs, and ASICs).


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Expert Advice:

  • ASICs remain the most profitable hardware to mine the most proof-of-work algorithm-based cryptocurrencies, but many use GPU rigs (multiple cards combined to boost hash rates) to mine cryptos. You need to find these crypto or hash power mining calculators to help you determine how much pool fees are and which mining pools you should connect to make the most of a given mining hardware model. Some can also assist you in finding which hashrate marketplace you can mine profitably, which crypto, and with what device.
  • The best crypto or hash power mining calculator allows you to estimate hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly profitability, revenues, and costs for a given mining device (single or as a rig), algorithm, and crypto.
  • Research to find out what factors the crypto or hash power mining calculator considers in doing these calculations. Some will consider current data and others daily incremental hashrates. These factors could include hardware costs as well.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Calculator and How to Select One

Research different calculators

Your research for the best Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators could be based on features, the number of cryptocurrencies supported, support for estimating the performance of each and as many Bitcoin mining algorithms per each mining device, and the ability to estimate profitability for a wide range of mining devices (both GPUs and ASICs), ability to estimate mining revenue and costs, ability to give daily/weekly/monthly/yearly estimates for revenue, costs, and profitability, etc.

Check for factors used to calculate cryptocurrency mining profitability/performance

These factors include Bitcoin or crypto price, pool fees, hash rates, block rewards, current network mining difficulties, and its adjustment, power consumption, and electricity costs. It should allow for these inputs.

Types of Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators

Mining calculators can be subdivided according to the operating system, platform, and type of device. Therefore, there are mobile apps (iOS and Android), desktop-based mining calculators, web-based mining calculators accessible via the web, and those based on the browser extension.

We also have API-based ones that can be integrated or accessed on third-party platforms using APIs.

FAQs on BTC Mining Calculator

Q #1) How long will it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

Answer: It takes 10 minutes to mine 6.25 Bitcoins as block rewards and you need about 149.5PH/s hashrate to mine one Bitcoin in one day.

Foundry USA is the largest BTC mining pool at 31.21% or a total of 69.86 EH/s hashrate and mined 44 blocks in the past 24 hours. This means 1.8 blocks per hour, which is equivalent to 11.45 Bitcoins. That means 1 Bitcoin takes roughly 5.2 minutes to mine at a hashrate of 69.86 EH/s.

Q #2) What is the best mining calculator?

Answer: WhatToMine is probably the best and most feature-rich crypto and Bitcoin mining calculator. It lets you estimate profitability per coin, hashrates, algorithm, mining device, GPUs, and ASICs in detail. Other best crypto mining calculators include NiceHash, Minerstat, Coinwarz, 2CryptoCalc, SimpleMining , and Hashrates among others.

Q #3) How much BTC can I mine per day?

Answer: Based on Foundry USA data, which is the largest BTC mining pool at 31.21% or a total of 69.86 EH/s hashrate, one can mine 11.45 Bitcoins per day with that kind of hashrate.

Each of the crypto mining pools comprises hundreds of thousands of pieces of mining equipment pooling together their hashrates to boost the chances of mining as many blocks per day as possible. The owners of these pieces of mining equipment divide the spoils.

Q #4) How is Bitcoin mining profit calculated?

Answer: Bitcoin mining profits are better estimated by mining profit calculators. The mining machine hashrate is divided by the total network hashrate or mining difficulty to determine the miner’s share of the total hashrate.

The result is then multiplied by the number of blocks per day (144 because a particular number is set to be mined per set time). The result is then multiplied by the block reward (currently 6.25 Bitcoins per mined block in ten minutes – this is set to halve down after every four years).

Q #5) How much profit does a Bitcoin miner make?

Answer: Bitcoin miners make between $4,041 and $13,333 per month for the lowest and top earners. On average, they make $7,072 per month. That means the annual salary is $48,500 for the 25th percentile, $84,866 on average, $100,000 for 75th percentile earners, and $160,000 for top earners.

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List of Top Bitcoin Mining Calculators

Popular list of bitcoin mining profitability calculators:

  1. WhatToMine
  2. NiceHash
  3. Minerstat
  4. CoinWarz
  5. 2CryptoCalc
  6. SimpleMining
  7. CryptoCompare
  8. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide
  9. 99Bitcoin Mining Calculator
  10. Hashrates

Comparison Table of Best Bitcoin Profitability Calculator

Bitcoin calculator Devices What to calculate
WhatToMineGPUs and ASICs; no CPUsHourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue, cost, and profitability.
NiceHash GPUs and ASICsDaily, weekly, and monthly revenue and profitability.
MinerstatGPUs, ASICs3h, 6h, 12h, 1d, or 3d rewards.
CoinWarz GPUs, ASICsHourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually forecasts for rewards, power cost, profit, and revenue.
2CryptoCalcGPUsHourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly profit estimates

Detailed reviews:

#1) WhatToMine


WhatToMine is one of the most advanced Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators available publicly. It allows you to calculate estimated mining revenues and profitability for a single mining GPU or a mining rig comprising multiple of the same or different types of GPU cards, and those for ASIC cards.

It helps you determine the most profitable algorithm to mine altcoins with for a given/chosen ASIC and GPU by comparing estimated profitability and revenues among many GPUs and ASIC algorithms. These values are what you can get in comparison to using the same hardware to mine Bitcoin.

You can calculate hourly, daily, 3-day, and 7-day mining profitability and revenues for each algorithm on a GPU and ASICs (for altcoin mining compared to Bitcoin mining).

The website allows you to calculate these based on the selected cryptocurrencies, mining machine hashrates, mining machines, mining algorithms, GPU, and ASICs. You can also calculate GPU and ASIC profitability and revenues for each of these based on crypto prices derived from different crypto exchanges. You can alter power costs by $/kWh.

The tool will show cryptos you can mine with a given card or rig without having you struggle.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website. The default page gives profitability estimates for various algorithms supported by Vega480 mining cards. Change this to your preferred mining GPU card and the number of cards beside it. You can include more of the same or different cards in the estimation by simply typing a value besides a given algorithm. This applies to GPUs.

The GPU tab, which is the default page, allows you to choose a mining GPU card, include one or more algorithms supported by the card in the estimate report, and edit things like power cost, exchanges, and other things.

Click/tap the ASIC tab to estimate ASIC profitability per algorithm.

Step #2: Click the Coins tab to estimate mining profitability per coin. Choose Bitcoin, enter your hashrates, or click devices to mine it on the right-hand side of the website and see expected profitability.

Click on ETH+ from the menu to estimate profitability for multi-algo mining options.

Click on the Miners tab to estimate profitability per known miner by name. The same applies to the GPUs tab. You can see the top coins to mine each and check for those you can use to mine Bitcoin and their projected incomes.


  • Compare mining revenues and profitability per mining algorithm for different GPU cards (or custom rigs with multiple similar or different cards) and ASICs.
  • Compare revenue and profitability to expect when using known GPU cards and miners. See the top three profitable cryptocurrencies to mine per each of these GPU cards and miners.
  • Determine and see the most profitable mining equipment to use for a given cryptocurrency you wish to mine.
  • Interactive hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly historical rewards charts.
  • Rewards, revenues, and profitability are based on different crypto prices on multiple exchanges per selected crypto to mine. You can compare these exchanges.
  • Determine the most profitable algorithm for mine with per GPU card and ASIC selected. The same applies to ASICs when determining ASIC profitability. Estimate the amount of profit to be expected when using 1 or more mining GPU cards of the same type or different types.
  • Exclude or include any crypto exchange as you wish when computing mining profitability based on different crypto prices across different crypto exchanges.
  • Dual or multi-crypto mining revenue, profit, and cost calculations.
  • Manual entry for GPU and ASIC hash rates, power costs, etc when calculating mining profitability.


  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Great and detailed comparisons with support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Support for many algorithms, miners, cryptos, GPUs, and ASICs.
  • Compare mining performance for different algorithms and miners based on different crypto prices across different exchanges.
  • Calculate hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue, cost, and profit when dual (multi) mining (mining more than two cryptos) at the same time.
  • Web widgets.


  • No support for CPU mining unless manual entry of hashrates from the Coins tab.
  • It’s not as straightforward to use, especially for people who do not understand what mining is.

Verdict: WhatToMine is the most feature-rich and detailed mining calculator we have come across so far, allowing calculation of profitability and revenue for one GPU mining card or a rig or ASICs. It lets you compare profitability/revenue across algorithms, cryptos, GPUs, and ASICs based on different crypto prices across different exchanges.

Price: Free.

Website: WhatToMine

#2) NiceHash


NiceHash is one of the most dominant cloud mining websites and platforms, with millions of clients subscribed and pieces of mining equipment connected from around the world. Therefore, it is obviously reasonable for the service to have a mining calculator to make it easier for existing clients and new customers to decide which mining equipment they want to hire or buy.

The calculator allows you to compare output revenue and profitability between two or multiple crypto-mining devices or simply determine outputs for one device. It also features auto-refilling or auto-detection of input data for hashrate, power consumption, and other data for each selected equipment on the website.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Head over to the website. Click the calculator to determine output revenue and profits for any miner, choose base currency, input electricity consumption in USD/kWh, and select the mining equipment. Altering the number of devices from 1 takes the calculator to comparison mode.

Step 2: Click/tap Calculate to determine output revenue, profit, and other details.

Step 3: To compare revenue and profits between two or among multiple mining devices, click/tap comparison. Enter base currency, power costs, first and second, etc devices whose profit/revenue you wish to compare. Click Calculate.


  • Intuitive side-by-side income comparison for all devices selected. Graphical profitability comparison for all devices selected. Daily, weekly, and monthly revenue and profitability side-by-side comparison.
  • Support over 300 mining devices. You can determine profitability and revenue for each of them or compare amongst them.
  • AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Bitmain, MicroBT, StrongU, and iBeLink devices are supported.


  • Detailed charts for profitability comparison. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly comparisons.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Display revenue and profitability in 100+ local currencies.
  • No need to log in or sign up to use it.
  • Guide (including video guide) on how figures are arrived at.
  • Extra details on mining equipment used e.g. hashrate.


  • No annual forecasts for revenue and profitability.
  • Must manually enter electricity costs as per your locality even when comparing machines.

Verdict: The calculator is very powerful for comparing expected revenue and profitability between two or multiple mining equipment.

Price: Free.

Website: NiceHash

#3) Minerstat


Minerstat lets you easily choose mining hardware, enter hashrates, and power costs and estimate the daily profits, revenue, and costs you expect when mining using different hashing algorithms for that machine. It also provides a list of mining pools (single or multi-pool) and hashrate marketplaces, their estimated mining rewards, profits, and costs.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website, tap/click Add hardware to select mining card based on name (from a list), select type of hardware from the list, select model from the list, and choose a description for the hardware. Enter how many of them are for which you want to estimate profitability.

Step #2: Click Edit to enter the hashrates per algorithm supported by the selected hardware and for which you want to estimate the profitability. Here you can enter different hashrates for more than one algorithm for the particular hardware chosen above. You can also leave it blank if you want to compare profitability across multiple algorithms possible with the hardware.

This feature lets you edit the amount of hashrate for your device and power consumption. Click Save changes when done.

Step #3: On the Filter & Settings, filter the information you want to display in the report. Here you can filter in/out if you want pools (PPS and PPLNS), hashrate marketplaces, coins, and alerts to reflect in the mining performance report.

You can add in power offsets, change base currency, filter out options like pools and hashrate marketplaces; and choose the (3h, 6h, 12h, 1d, or 3d) average or median reward calculation. Click Save settings.

The results will automatically reflect once you are done with settings.


  • Support multiple algorithms, coins, pools, and hashrate marketplaces.
  • Click or tap on the algorithm to see which different miners (and their versions) of the algorithm are supported and the profitability of each of these miners. This includes the efficiency, cost, daily profits, and power consumption of each miner, as well as the operating system on which each of the miners can be run.


  • Easy and quick to use to estimate daily mining profitability and costs per algorithm.
  • Includes support for hashrate marketplaces and pools to which you should hook the miner to gain the profitability suggested.
  • It’s easy to compare algorithms and determine the most profitable algorithm to use to mine which crypto on which device.
  • Straightforward.


  • Requires login to use some aspects of the calculator.

Verdict: The mining calculator is powerful when it comes to estimating profitability per mining algorithm supported by a specified device, but also in determining which other devices that support the same algorithm and what profitability they each generate when used in mining.

Price: Free.

Website: Minerstat

#4) CoinWarz


CoinWarz’s Bitcoin mining calculator works like any other with the capability to project daily mining profitability for any given custom hashrate, power consumption, and electricity costs all inputted together.

However, it auto-fills details (hashrate, power consumption) for any mining equipment you select from the ones listed on the website, and this makes it very easy to calculate your expected daily profitability.

It auto-loads recent data on mining difficulty, crypto price, block rewards, wattage, and costs, as well as when calculating profitability and revenue from each mining equipment.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Head over to the website.

Step #2: Click on the given mining equipment and the calculator will be auto-filled with the miner’s details such as hashrate etc and compute the daily expected income.


  • Calculating hashrates in GH/s, TH/s, and PH/s.
  • Provides detailed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual forecasts for rewards, power costs, profit, revenue, and other details per each mining equipment piece for which you calculate mining profits.
  • Provides extra information utilized in calculating revenue and profits per miner including current difficulty, rewards, and price.


  • Auto-refill data for the miners being sold.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual forecasts for profit, revenue, and other things.


  • Not as detailed with just four inputs or variants with 0.05 $/kWh adopted for auto-filling for all miners. Users must manually fill in the pool maintenance fee based on which pools they connect their mining equipment to.
  • Supports only Bitcoin.

Verdict: CoinWarz looks simple and easy to use for beginners because it auto-loads most data per miner after the user selects it from the site. It provides detailed forecasts for revenue and profits per mining equipment selected.

Price: Free.

Website: CoinWarz

#5) 2CryptoCalc


2CryptoCalc is a more advanced form of crypto mining calculator that allows you to estimate 3h and daily profitability per algorithm per mining device model. You can select and estimate profitability for each of the mining algorithms supported by each of the many listed Nvidia and AMD devices.

It lets you see the different cryptocurrencies you can mine with the chosen algorithm per device and the 24hr mining profitability per each of these cryptocurrencies. The calculator even reveals the current difficulty and price and the percentage changes in both.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website link. Select the Nvidia model, enter the quantity and click on it. You will see a list of all cryptocurrencies mineable with selected devices and their profitability down below the page that opens up.

However, you can see all the algorithms supported by the model and their hash rates each. Clicking and selecting a given algorithm from the list supported by the model and you will see the 24-hr profitability (in $ and in specific crypto) for each of the cryptos mineable with that algorithm on that model.

This is shown alongside other data like 3h difficulty, Nethash, and miner share.


  • Support for AMD and NiceHash devices and multiple algorithms per each.
  • It shows supported mining software that can be used to mine the selected algorithm per device model.


  • Detailed per model and per algorithm mining estimates.
  • Easy to use. Quick to use. Simple to use.
  • No logins or subscriptions are required to use it.
  • Supports mining profitability for more crypto than just Bitcoin.


  • Do not allow projecting mining profitability per crypto and working backward to determine all the algorithms and devices you can use to mine given crypto.
  • No hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly estimates.

Verdict: A fairly detailed cryptocurrency mining calculator with the ability to estimate profitability for AMD and Nividia devices and the algorithms they support, but one that falls short in terms of estimating weekly, hourly, monthly, and yearly profitability.

Price: Free.

Website: 2CryptoCalc

#6) SimpleMining

SimpleMining - Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

SimpleMining is a GPU mining calculator that derives its data and information from the WhatToMine platform. It provides daily and monthly revenue and profitability estimates for 72 Nvidia and AMD GPUs at a user-defined power cost.

It reveals each GPU hashrates and power consumption alongside profitability data. A user can enter the number of GPUs per model for which they want to estimate profitability. Unfortunately, a user cannot enter their own hashrate and power consumption data specific to their machines.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website, enter the power cost, and you will see the daily and monthly revenue and profitability projections per GPU. You can adjust the number of devices per GPU and see how much profit and revenue to expect in $.


  • Revenue and profitability estimate.
  • The list allows comparison among GPUs when choosing, which is the best to mine Ethereum.


  • Easy to use. It’s simple.


  • Users can’t estimate profitability per algorithm supported by a GPU model, coin mineable on a GPU model, or their custom hashrate and power consumptions. We know power consumption varies even for similar machines for a given model.
  • No support for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • No hourly or yearly profitability estimates.

Verdict: This mining calculator is more suitable for Ethereum GPU miners who want to know how much profit to expect per day and month per GPU or compare profitability across different Ethereum mining GPUs.

Price: Free.

Website: SimpleMining

#7) CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare 1

CryptoCompare is a crypto data and information research platform. It features, in addition to crypto data, a calculator that allows users to estimate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly mining profitability per cryptocurrency chosen and hashrates.

It uses a fixed electricity price of $0.12 per kWh but users can customize this figure alongside hashrate, miner power consumption, and pool fees data.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website. Click/tap the Markets tab from the menu, choose Top Lists from the drop-down menu, then Mining Calculator.

Step #2: Select the cryptocurrency, and it will display estimates. Adjust the hashrates as per your mining device, power consumption, cost per kWh, and pool fees.


  • Support for 7 cryptocurrencies – Eth, Dash, BTC, XMR, Ltc, Zec, Etc.
  • Displays profits per day, week, month, and year per entered data.
  • Displays the amount of crypto mined per day, week, month, and year as per the entered data.


  • Simple and quick to use.
  • No need for logins.


  • Overly simplistic supports just seven cryptos.
  • Manual entries for data.
  • No support for profitability estimation per hashing algorithms, miners, GPUs, CPUs, or ASICs.

Verdict: This is an overly simplistic crypto profitability calculator that does not support many features compared to others in this list. It may not be suitable for advanced or beginner users looking to query mining device operations or do performance comparisons.

Website: CryptoCompare

#8) Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide 1

This overly simple calculator addresses Bitcoin mining and assumes, according to the website, an increased hashrate growth by 0.4527678% per day (the 6-monthly daily average hashrate increase) which means the total hashrate share for a miner decreases every day from the day they start mining. They claim this makes the calculator more accurate.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Enter the hashrates, price, power consumption, and cost per kWh to estimate the profitability. It can also help estimate and answer how long it takes to mine 1 Bitcoin.


  • Bitcoin price entry. Users can enter the supposed yearly average price as advised on the website.


  • Easy to use. Quickly calculate profitability estimates.
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly costs, BTC mined (and value in $), and profits.


  • Only supports BTC.
  • Overly simplistic with hash rate, Bitcoin price, power consumption, and $ cost per kW/h.
  • Not possible to do mining profitability estimates per algorithm, miner, or other things.

Verdict: This is an overly simplistic mining calculator that is more applicable to Bitcoin miners but they cannot even fully take advantage of mining resources to select the most suitable mining devices for Bitcoin mining.

Price: Free.

Website: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

#9) 99Bitcoins Profitability Calculator

99Bitcoins - Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Bitcoins mining calculator on 99bitcoins.com lets you determine or estimate mining profitability quickly and easily.

This is achieved by inputting up-to-date network mining difficulty, your machine’s hashrate (H/s, KH/s, MH/s, GH/s, TH/s, and PH/s), BTC price, block reward, pool fees, hardware cost, power consumption of the machine, and power cost (in USD/kWh).

How to use the calculator:

  • Visit the calculator link. Enter each of the details required (some can be left blank). It will show daily, weekly, monthly, half-year, and yearly estimated profits.


  • You can see estimates of earned BTC (daily, weekly, monthly, half-year, and yearly) and the USD value as per the present BTC price.
  • Only BTC is supported. No other crypto.


  • The inclusion of hardware cost entry is a plus, as it also affects profitability. You can easily estimate how long it takes to mine 1 Bitcoin.


  • No other cryptocurrencies are supported for mining.
  • Manual.

Verdict: This would serve as a basic Bitcoin profitability calculator for beginner miners and they would not get the most from mining hardware using this calculator. For instance, it does not provide estimates per algorithm.

Price: Free.

Website: 99Bitcoins Profitability Calculator

#10) Hashrates

Hashrates - Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Hashrates crypto mining calculator lets you compute revenue and profitability estimates for GPUs and CPUs. You can calculate monthly revenue and profitability based on per coin or per algorithm. It allows you to determine which CPU and GPU hardware and algorithm you can use to mine which coins.

It allows you to determine which top coins you can mine based on expected monthly revenue, the algorithms to use, and the hashrates to mine them. You can also check all the possible algorithms you can use to mine given crypto and the expected monthly revenue.

It ranks over 100 CPUs and over 60 GPU mining devices you can use to mine cryptos based on profitability from each. It shows the expected revenue per month from each of the devices ranked from top to bottom.

Thus, you can decide which CPU or GPU to use to mine based on the expected monthly revenue. The website shows the algorithms to be used with the device to generate the target revenue per device.

It ranks mining algorithms based on the monthly revenues from each so you can decide which to use. It also shows the crypto you should mine with that algorithm to generate that target revenue.

For every algorithm, you can access details like which devices support it, the device hashrate, and expected monthly revenue. With each hashrate option, you can estimate how long it takes to mine 1 Bitcoin.

How to use the calculator:

Step #1: Visit the website, and click/tap on GPUs to see which top GPUs you can mine ranked as per monthly revenues generated. Tap/click CPUs to see the top CPUs used to mine based on monthly revenue.

Click Coins to see which top coins to mine rank as per monthly revenue. Click on the algorithm to see which top algorithms to use to mine which crypto to generate the expected revenue ranking from top to bottom.

Step #2: Click each of the entries in the above categories to see the details. For instance, on the CPU tab, clicking on each device reveals what OS, mining software, and algorithm to use, as well as which coins you can use to mine with it to manage a given hashrate and generate a specified revenue. The same applies to the GPU tab.


  • Calculate monthly revenue per crypto.
  • Web-based.
  • Helps determine which devices to use to mine crypto to generate top mining revenues.


  • Easy and quick to use to determine which crypto to mine on a device to generate the highest returns, or which device to use to generate the highest mining revenues.
  • Support for CPUs is a plus.


  • No support for ASICs.
  • It won’t show hourly, weekly, or yearly returns.

Verdict: Hashrates is a simple BTC mining calculator for GPU and CPU miners with a huge number of these devices supported, but does not say which ASICs to mine to generate maximum returns on mining investments.

Website: Hashrates


This tutorial included the most popular Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators. Most BTC mining calculators rely on equipment hashrates, equipment’s power consumption, current total network hashrates or difficulty, current crypto price, and other details like hardware cost when calculating profitability and revenue.

We categorized the WhatToMine BTC mining calculator as one of the best by features. Its feature-rich nature lets you determine which best GPU and ASIC and their algorithms to use to mine which cryptos generate maximum profit. Other feature-rich options include NiceHash, Minerstat, Coinwarz, 2CryptoCalc, SimpleMining, and Hashrates.

Research process:

  • Total Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators Shortlisted: 32
  • Total Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators Reviewed: 10
  • Time Taken to Research and Write this Tutorial: 21 hours
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