TOP 15 Best Crypto Wallet UK [2023 Updated List]

Here you will find a list of the top Crypto Wallet UK with comparisons. Also, learn how to use a cryptocurrency wallet on each platform:

Modern cryptocurrency wallets let you earn crypto from within them by staking, mining, or investing crypto in other ways.

The best crypto wallets let you configure easily available and functional payment methods with which to buy crypto. This is besides letting you trade it at a low fee. Most cryptocurrency wallets in the UK also let you securely receive and send crypto to external wallets and control your private keys.

This tutorial discusses the best crypto wallet UK for you to select as per your requirement. All the below-listed best Bitcoin wallets are free to use.

Let us begin!

Best Crypto Wallet UK

Best crypto wallet U.K (2)

Market Trends: Over 81 million users now own blockchain wallets worldwide as per the chart. More than half were opened between 2019 and 2021. There are over 300 million crypto users worldwide. 18,000+ businesses accept crypto as payment for goods and services.

The image below shows Blockchain wallet users globally:

Blockchain wallet users globally

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Expert Advice:

  • Most preferred wallets will have in-wallet exchanges and swapping. Prefer also those with investment features like lending, staking, and mining.
  • Best Crypto Wallet UK will also probably support multi-device or platform usage, multi-crypto storage, sending, receiving, and portfolio. This prevents the possible hustle of owning as many multiple wallets as possible.

FAQs About Bitcoin Wallet UK

Q #1) What is the best cryptocurrency wallet?

Answer: They include Exodus most favorite for starters and Electrum most preferred for advanced Bitcoin users. Mycelium is most advisable for mobile users, while Ledger Nano X is for those preferring hardware wallets and extra storage of huge amounts of crypto.

Q #2) What is the safest crypto wallet?

Answer: Hardware wallets like Ledger Nano and Trezor are the most secure and safest. They store crypto in cold or offline mode. Modern software crypto wallets also have extra security features, like 2FA verification.

Q #3) What does a crypto wallet do?

Answer: Crypto wallets store digital assets, cryptocurrencies, or tokens securely. They generate addresses to which digital assets are sent or from which they are received. They support sending and receiving too.

Some have extra features, like exchanging crypto from within the wallet, investing through mining (or node verification of transactions on the blockchain), staking, and lending. Crypto wallets also support portfolio management, charting, price tracking for crypto, and other features.

Q #4) Do I need a crypto wallet?

Answer: Yes, a crypto wallet is essential for anyone dealing with digital assets. You can use it for holding or storing them, trading, sending, and receiving. Most crypto trading platforms have hosted wallets, but there are also standalone wallets for which you can manage private keys.

Q #5) Is Coinbase safe as a wallet?

Answer: The centralized exchange wallet has extra security features like 2fa verification, but an external decentralized wallet is most preferable for non-custodian uses. Coinbase offers a hot multi-crypto wallet for users but says most crypto owned by users is stored offline in hardware storage.

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List of the Top Crypto Wallet UK

Popular and best bitcoin wallet UK list:

  1. Uphold
  2. Kraken
  3. OKX
  4. eToro
  5. Mycelium
  6. Exodus
  7. Electrum
  8. CoinCorner
  9. Coinjar
  10. Luno
  11. BitLox
  12. Coinbase
  13. Trezor Wallet
  14. Ledger Nano
  15. Binance
  16. Huobi
  17. Blockchain

Comparison Table of the Best Bitcoin Wallet UK

Wallet How many crypto supported? Top featuresOur rating
Uphold210+Custodial wallet, Multi-asset portfolio management, Automated trading.4.5/5
Kraken100+Margin trading, Indices, Futures and spot trading, Over-the-counter peer-to-peer trading.4.5/5
OKX3000+Multi-chain transfers, crypto trading across multiple blockchains, dApps access across multiple chains.4.6/5
eToroOver 20Copy trading and 40+ financial products to invest. 5/5
Mycelium Over 100Mycelium credit card,
BitID authentication, and Mycelium Local Trader.
ExodusOver 150Earn interest on crypto. 4.5/5
Electrum1 – Bitcoin only. Easy to use and integrates with hardware wallets. 4.2/5
CoinCorner1 – Bitcoin only.Pay and get paid for goods and services. 4/5

Detailed review of TOP Crypto Wallet UK:

#1) Uphold


Uphold rates as one of the best crypto wallets since it lets a user keep, manage, track, and trade multiple assets, all in a single account. It supports cryptos, precious metals, fiat, and equities and also allows cross-trading between these assets. It also allows direct withdrawal of crypto to a bank account in the form of fiat.

Uphold is a place where you can keep, manage, and trade up to 210+ cryptocurrencies. It does not charge any trading fees except spreads (up to 1.2% for Ethereum and Bitcoin and more for other low-liquid cryptos).

Uphold lets you spend crypto using the Uphold MasterCard at supported merchant stores and ATMs. You can also earn cashback from crypto purchases using the card.


  • Stake crypto and earn staking rewards – up to 25%.
  • Fund account from a bank, credit card, debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.
  • Custodial wallet – can store crypto and help you manage your portfolio.
  • Multi-asset portfolio management – stocks, precious metals, fiat, and crypto.
  • Limited order placement for active traders.
  • Automated trading.
  • APIs
  • Earn cashback on crypto purchases using the Uphold MasterCard.

How to use Uphold crypto wallet:

  • Open the website or download and install the iOS/Android app on your mobile device. Launch the app.
  • Buying crypto: The Transact feature on the dashboard allows you to do exactly this. On the drop-down menu, choose the funding source. It could be a bank, credit card, debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Insert the details of the payment method and add it. On the To drop-down menu, choose Crypto to purchase. Proceed to purchase.
  • Sending and receiving crypto: The Crypto Wallet feature on the dashboard lets you check the wallet address or QR code to use for a specified crypto that you want to send (or have someone send it to you) into the wallet. To send crypto to other wallets or users, go to Transact tab, select source on the From drop-down menu, amount, and destination on the To menu.
  • Withdrawing to bank or other 14 crypto networks: Visit the Transact panel, and select the asset and amount you want to withdraw on the From drop-down menu. Click To and select the bank account.
  • Exchanging crypto to other assets: On the Transact panel, choose the crypto or network on the “From” menu. Enter amount. Choose the asset to which you want to convert the crypto on the ‘To’ drop-down menu.

#2) Kraken

kraken - Crypto Wallet UK

Kraken has low trading fees compared to many other crypto trading platforms. Its hosted wallets enable people to buy, sell, and hold crypto. It supports over 100 crypto pairs. It is pretty easy to use and navigate.


  • Margin trading.
  • Indices
  • Futures and spot trading. Access Futures via Crypto Facilities Ltd and  CF Benchmarks Ltd.
  • Over-the-counter peer-to-peer trading.
  • Account and portfolio tracking.
  • Liquidity APIs.
  • Staking and trading by margins.

How to use a Kraken wallet:

  • Sign up: You need to verify your account when using centralized spot and futures exchange.
  • To deposit, withdraw, send, and hold: Click Funding, then Transfer tab, and select Deposit, Withdraw, or Transfer.
  • To stake or invest: Click on the Earn tab.
  • To trade, click the Trade tab. 
  • To get history and follow prices: Click on History and Prices, respectively.

#3) OKX

The OKX Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that allows users access to more than 3000 tokens and thousands of dApps, NFTs, and web3 products. With the OKX Wallet – which is a decentralized non-custodial wallet built on the OKChain blockchain – users keep and manage their private keys and hence crypto assets, making it more secure.

OKX Wallet already supports EVM chains as well as non-EVM chains (including OKC, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC) and more chains will be supported along the way. It is available as a Chrome extension, and mobile app (iOS and Android).

The OKX crypto exchange app provides a hosted wallet that can store 3,000+ cryptos and tokens. This is in addition to allowing users to trade these cryptos for 50+ fiat or national currencies (fiat-crypto trading) and each other (crypto-to-crypto trading).  This is available as a web and mobile app alongside the crypto exchange. It allows sending of crypto from one account to another as well as exchanging of crypto with fiat.


  • Buy, and sell crypto.
  • Account history.
  • Android, iOS, and Chrome extension.
  • Access to NFTs, DeFi, dApps.  Trade NFTs across 11+ networks, and access dApps from many blockchains.
  • Invest to earn crypto as passive income. Earn via staking, pool mining, farming, saving, etc.
  • Multi-chain access and transfers – over 50+ crypto networks.
  • Use DEX and Bridge aggregator to swap crypto across 10+ networks, 100+ DEXs, and 3 cross-chain bridges.

How to use OKX: 

Step 1: Sign up for an account and verify it. OKX allows depositing a minimum of $5 (fiat deposits) or less (crypto deposits).

Step 2: To buy or sell crypto, click or tap the Buy/Sell crypto button from the menu. Proceed to choose crypto (or user to trade once you select the peer-to-peer method) and choose a suitable payment/deposit method from a host of them.

To trade crypto actively on the spot and futures markets using swap or advanced speculative methods, click Trade, proceed to select the Convert, Basic trading, Derivatives & margin trading, Trading bots, Copy trading, or Liquid marketplace depending on the trading options you need.

To invest in saving, staking, pool mining, and NFTs, click or tap on the relevant options under Grow button (Saving, Earn, Staking, OKX Pool, or Jumpstart mining buttons) and proceed to add investment as per those interests. You can also buy, hold, and sell your NFT on the app (click or tap Wallet>NFT Marketplace and proceed to explore or create NFTs).

OKX also allows you to browse and use dApps with relevant interests such as yield farming, lending, staking, etc. Choose the DeFi button from the menu to see these options.

#4) eToro


eToro – BEST Crypto Wallet UK.

eToro lets trade leverage copy trading feature to trade over 120 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Each of these assets has a hosted custodian wallet for which the user controls the private keys. But the crypto wallet also supports receiving and sending to external wallets. You can also hold the digital assets in the wallet because it is proven to be secure.


  • eToro allows automated and recurrent investing and reinvestment in each of the crypto assets for ardent crypto users.
  • You can trade and invest in over 40 other financial products in the traditional financial sector. So it is great for overly diversified investors.
  • Has copy trading thus suitable for ardent and beginners who do not have any skills to trade stock, ETF, crypto, or other assets.
  • Buy crypto with fiat.
  • Android, iOS, and web wallet.

How to use cryptocurrency wallets on eToro:

  • Requires opening an account: Visit the website or the Android or iOS app. Click Login then choose Sign Up. Fiat deposits via bank, credit card, and electronic payments to buy and sell cryptos require a verified eToro account. You need to verify the account.
  • Select the crypto tab on the eToro Money mobile app or website: Select the crypto for which you want a wallet. The Send, Receive, Invest, Withdraw, and Trade features are then accessible.
  • Send, receive, and trade crypto: For each crypto listed, you can find a wallet to send coins to by tapping or clicking on the crypto. Receive address can be obtained from the Receive feature.

Website: eToro

#5) Mycelium


Mycelium is an Android Bitcoin mobile wallet that won Best Mobile App in 2014. However, it also supports sending, receiving, trading, and holding Ethereum, USDt, USDC, Huobi Token, BUSD, and ZRX. Wallet supports Hierarchical Deterministic (HD), Single Address Accounts, and Watch Only Accounts. You can also open Bit ID accounts and hook to hardware wallets.

With HD wallets, you get a single recovery seed when opening a wallet and this seed is used to recover the wallet in case a device is lost or software is damaged. Single Accounts lets you delete the private key from your mobile device to lock up funds and make them inaccessible.


  • Use to send SEPA within EU, use to buy crypto with a bank account in Canada and U.S.
  • Transaction history.
  • Mycelium credit card. Integration with BlocPal which also integrates with VISA, MasterCard, EFT payments, and Swift.
  • Support for Nano, Nano-S, Unplugged, HW.1, Trustlet hardware wallets.
  • Web wallet supported.
  • Mycelium Local Trader, a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange that also supports in-place cash payments.

How to use Mycelium crypto wallet:

  • Download and install the iOS or Android app.
  • Open the website or the app and choose New Wallet or recover an existing one. A new wallet will let you copy the recovery seed word before proceeding to set up a new wallet. Recovery lets you use that seed word to recover a previously created wallet.
  • Accounts feature lets you add or import multiple accounts, e.g., from other wallets. You can add multiple accounts for each of the supported cryptos.

Website: Mycelium

#6) Exodus

Exodus - Crypto Wallet UK

Exodus is a desktop, mobile Android, and iOS wallet that lets you send, receive and trade over 150 cryptocurrencies. It also tracks crypto prices, and price changes across different timelines, and earns rewards on crypto staked in the wallet. This software wallet also integrates with Trezor hardware wallets.

Exodus hosts other crypto apps, including sports betting apps, to let you bet on popular sports. With Compound Finance, you can earn annual interest in crypto by simply depositing the crypto.


  • It’s user-friendly and has a good design. Multiple themes to use with the app.
  • Guides on the website on how to use the wallet.
  • Integration with ShapeShift makes swapping cryptos quick and easy.
  • Private key control for wallets. Back up your wallet via an email backup link or through the standard 12-word passphrase.
  • No 2-factor authentication.

How to use an Exodus wallet:

  • Download and install the software from the official website. 
  • Open the app and click on the Wallet tab. Select crypto for which deposit addresses you want to reveal. Click Receive to unravel the receiving address or its QR code. The Send button lets you send crypto to external wallets. Enter or scan the receiver’s address to do so.
  • The exchange tab lets you trade crypto. There is no support for fiat depositing or withdrawing. However, you can link your FTX account to the FTX Exchange app here. That means you can send, receive, and exchange FTX funds on the app and FTX supports fiat-crypto transactions.

Website: Exodus

#7) Electrum


Electrum was established in 2011 and lets you safely store Bitcoin and a few other select cryptos. The desktop app supports Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Apart from being a desktop app, it integrates with KeepKey, TREZOR Model T, and Ledger Nano S hardware wallets.


  • Private keys are heavily encrypted and stored on your local device. No sharing of the key over servers of Electrum. Export private keys to offline storage. The secret recovery phrase enhances backup.
  • Lightweight and there is no need to download the entire blockchain.
  • Decentralized wallet servers reduce downtime and make it fast.
  • Multisig wallets can split permission to spend coins on these wallets.
  • It is just a desktop solution. No support for mobile or web platforms.

 How to use Electrum crypto wallet:

  • Download the desktop wallet and install it as per your platform. Let it auto-connect to the server or connect manually.
  • Launch the installation wizard. Enter your wallet name. Enter the type of wallet (either deterministic, multisig or 2-factor authentication secured wallets). You can opt to import an existing wallet using private keys. Write down the seed phrase. You can use a master key or connect it to a hardware wallet. Encrypt the .dat file called default_wallet stored in the wallets folder, inside the datadir.
  • Use these 3 tabs to send, receive and store BTC. 
  • Back up and import the backup. 

Website: Electrum 

#8) CoinCorner

coincorner - Crypto Wallet UK

CoinCorner is used by over 200,000 users and lets them buy crypto through SEPA, bank account, credit card, debit card, and Neteller. It also lets users set up regular auto-buy from these options. It also has an Earn Bitcoin feature that lets users earn cashback up to 40% worth of purchases back in Bitcoin. For this reason, it partners with 1000+ brands.

CoinCorner works via an extension for popular browsers – for instance, Firefox and Yandex.


  • 1% fee for crypto checkout merchants.
  • No chargeback and you can use it irrespective of your location.
  • Mobile app in addition to access via extensions.
  • Instant Bitcoin buying in over 45 countries. Buy up to €1000 without verification.
  • Supports only Bitcoin.
  • Regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

How to use CoinCorner wallet:

  • Register by signing up on the website or downloading and installing the Android/iOS app. Verify the email. The extensions work the same way.
  • Set up two-factor authentication and verify the account when needed.
  • From the Account tab, click Deposit GBP or Euro. It will let you authenticate the deposit method, enter the amount, and complete the process. The account will display balances.
  • Click Buy/Sell to trade and Send and Receive button to send or receive crypto. The latter facilitates sending and receiving of crypto payments.

Website: CoinCorner

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#9) Coinjar


CoinJar is Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency firm and lets anyone send, receive, store, and trade cryptocurrencies. On the platform, global and Australian local users can trade crypto for fiat and vice versa or just crypto-to-crypto.

A user can place trade orders either as a taker or maker, with the latter attracting a fee of 0%. Takers’ fees range from 0.10%-0.50%.


  • Supports about 68 cryptocurrencies and crypto pairs for trading against fiat. These can be sent, received, stored, and traded on the app.
  • Crypto price alerts, portfolio monitors, purchase crypto via CoinJar, and accept payments via the app.
  • Servers in geographically redundant secure locations.
  • Multiplatform – iOS, Android, and web applications.

How to use CoinJar crypto wallet:

  • Download and install the app. 
  • Create an account. Verify account with ID to deposit fiat. No need to verify to use it for crypto transactions.
  • Send fiat funds via PayIDBPAY, Instant Buy, and Blueshyft integrations, or just deposit crypto. To deposit a fiat, click or tap Deposit, then select the method of payment. Each method has its requirements.
  • Buying and selling crypto – On the Buy / Sell tab, select currency and decide on whether to Buy or Sell. Enter the amount or select the percentage and proceed.

Website: Coinjar

#10) Luno


Luno cryptocurrency exchange is available in 40 countries and allows trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, XRP, and Altcoins with USD. This is in addition to providing hosted wallets that can receive, send, and hold crypto. The exchange is functional and accessible in over 40 countries. Luno works as an Android and iOS app as well as over web platforms.

It lets you buy crypto with fiat either once or using automated purchases. In terms of crypto wallet features, you can send and receive crypto with no fees.


  • User guides for both beginners and experienced crypto traders and investors.
  • Price alerts on major market movements.
  • Spot exchange for 25 pairs.
  • APIs to leverage platform data and manage your account on third-party platforms.
  • Earn returns with your crypto through lending with the Savings Wallet.
  • Brokerage services connect buyers and sellers for trading.

How to use Luno crypto wallets:

  • Sign up for the exchange. 
  • Deposit money: Click or tap Deposit and use an electronic bank transfer, credit card, or bank account to send a deposit. A bank account must be added via the required process.
  • Withdraw feature lets you withdraw fiat to a local bank account or crypto to external wallets.

Website: Luno 

#11) BitLox

BitLox - Crypto Wallet UK

BitLox is a hardware wallet for storing Bitcoin, but not any other cryptocurrencies. Thus, in comparison to the popular crypto hardware wallets, it falls short. It has a titanium case, a full keyboard, and utilizes a Tor network, hence a bit private compared to most or all other hardware wallets.

It is also regarded as the most secure hardware wallet on the market. At 4mm of thickness, this is also probably the smallest in its class. This security is enhanced by hidden wallets, PIN, mnemonic recovery passphrase, alphanumeric keypad, and cold storage.


  • Bluetooth.
  • Extended battery life.
  • E-paper display that also displays wallet address QR codes when the device is turned off.
  • Indestructible shockproof weatherproof metal case.
  • Wallet recovery via mnemonics.

How to use BitLox wallets:

  • Set up wallet: Connect to PC via USB cable. Set the PIN and mode, then PIN to the first wallet. Create the first mnemonic recovery phase.
  • Download and install the Chrome extension wallet from the Chrome web store. Then connect the device via USB. You can opt to download iOS and Android and connect to the device via Bluetooth.

Website: BitLox

#12) Coinbase


When you think of Crypto Wallet UK, Coinbase strikes your mind immediately. Coinbase is a well-renowned cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading, sending, receiving, and investing in over 4000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is a favorite crypto exchange for many traders and investors in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

However, for corporations and institutional investors, Coinbase has a lot to offer. This includes custodian offline wallet storage, over-the-counter trading desks, and of course APIs and deep liquidity for brokers.

With Coinbase wallets, institutional and retail investors can set up recurring automated investments in cryptocurrencies. The wallet also now supports storing NFTs.


  • Mobile Android, iOS, and web applications. It also works as a browser extension.
  • Can connect to hardware wallets for those wanting to store crypto in cold storage.
  • Coinbase Earn lets you earn as you learn more about crypto. Staking and mining also allow for passive income.
  • Coinbase Pro reduces trading fees.
  • Buy and sell crypto using banks, credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, PayPal, and others.
  • Borrow cash using crypto as collateral.

How to use Coinbase wallet:

  • Sign up for an account. It also requires verification. Submit an ID copy for verification.
  • Find Wallets: The crypto wallets are automatically configured once you open the account. Click All Assets and choose the desired crypto to locate its wallet address and/or QR address. Send and receive coins.
  • Trade crypto: Click Buy Crypto to buy using preferred methods. You can also use spot centralized order books to trade any crypto against any other or deposited fiat.   

Website: Coinbase 

#13) Trezor Wallet


Trezor has more than one hardware wallet version, including Trezor One and Model T. These hardware wallets let users store over 1000 cryptocurrencies and coins. All the while controlling private keys to these wallets. Hardware wallets also give you good access to market data, including access to your portfolio value, past crypto prices, charting, and more.

You can recover wallets from device loss using mnemonics. They feature U2F authentication, encryption via GPG, FIDO2 authentication, and GPG encryption.


  • Use Invity to buy Bitcoin inside the wallet. Pay with a credit card or bank through third-party platforms. Trade crypto from within the app.
  • Password manager and U2F. It generates a 6-digit code to authenticate accounts.
  • Compatibility with Electrum, Mycelium, BlockStream Green, etc.
  • Multisig support.

How to use Trezor hardware wallet:

  • Setting up the wallet: You can either do this on the official website or by using the SSH command line. Just connect the device to a PC computer via USB and open the website Install Chrome or Mozilla extension, or the Trezor Bridge software and install the latest firmware. Reconnect the device. Click Create a new wallet, backup device, create a PIN, create a device name, and create a password.
  • Backup recovery seeds by writing them down on paper or engraving them on metal and fireproof stainless steel wallets like Billfodl. 
  • Create wallets for each crypto. Can also be used with Mycelium and other wallets it integrates with. Simply create a new account, add a new account, and import the Trezor HD account. To receive or send, click Crypto in the top left corner of the screen.

Website: Trezor wallet

#14) Ledger Nano

Ledger Nano - Crypto Wallet UK

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is an affordable wallet that lets you send, receive, trade, and store over 1800 cryptocurrencies. This is considered secure because you can view recovery phrases and confirm transactions offline.

The device also does not require a connection to a computer to be set up.—just a power source. In addition, it has a PIN, and times out after a period of inactivity.

You can also use the device only to sign transactions with your crypto node. This requires an Electrum Personal Server. The wallet also lets you sync your portfolio from Coinify, Changelly, and DeFi protocols.


  • Supports mobile – Android and iOS as well as desktop and web platforms.
  • Staking and lending supported.

How to use Ledger Nano S wallet:

  • Connect the device to the computer via USB: Create a passcode, write down the passphrase, and check if it is genuine during connection after saving the recovery phrase.
  • Install the Ledger Live app. 
  • Install wallet apps and set up accounts: From the “Manager” section, find and install wallet apps for cryptocurrencies. Click on each to set up new accounts or import existing ones with recovery seed phrases.
  • Click on the Send, Receive, Buy Crypto, or Portfolio account overview tab. On the Send, select the account you want to debit and input the send address. Confirmation is done on the connected device manually by verifying the address and pressing the confirmation button.

Website: Ledger Nano

#15) Binance


Binance’s advantages as a crypto trading wallet include lower fees than Coinbase and a global preference. It supports over 1000 trading pairs. One of the problems in the recent past perhaps is regulatory struggles, and another is transparency. You can trade crypto on spot and futures markets while leveraging detailed charting tools. It also supports leveraged trading.

In addition to the hosted wallets, Binance has transformed itself into a decentralized platform. Today, users can trade peer-to-peer via the Binance Chain, in addition to the over-the-counter products. Its wallets also support buying crypto with fiat methods, including electronic methods like PayPal.


  • Binance Chain and Binance Coin. Reduce fees with the latter.
  • The fee varies by trading volume.
  • Regularly invest in crypto via dollar-cost averaging. Has auto investing.
  • Buy crypto with fiat – via ACH, credit card, debit card, wire, Western Union, Yandex Money, Sberbank, Payeer, and nearly 50 other payment methods.
  • Mining, staking, and saving products.
  • NFT support.
  • Crypto loans.
  • Binance Visa card.
  • iOS, Android, and web apps.
  • Android has a dApp browser that can help you access other wallet apps to use on the Binance chain.

How to use Binance wallet:

  • Register and verify the account: Must verify the account to use the wallet to deposit and trade crypto.
  • Click Create a wallet: On the website or app, click Wallet to find the deposit address for the crypto you want to receive or deposit. To receive crypto for payment, choose Binance Pay and create a wallet.
  • To create a wallet on Binance Chain, install the extension, click Binance Chain Wallet, select tKey login credentials and login with Gmail, create a password, copy the passphrase, add accounts for different cryptos and use them to send and receive crypto. You can trade with crypto on your wallet by clicking on Exchange. The wallet lets you track your portfolio too.

Website: Binance

#16) Huobi


Huobi has many features beyond a crypto wallet and ordinary send, receive, hold, and trade features. One of its recent advancements is a multi-chain light wallet. It supports over 400 cryptocurrencies and users can buy crypto with fiat.


  • Spot and futures trading. Trade on both margins of up to 200 times, depending on crypto.
  • Multi-sig wallets are supported.
  • Staking from within the wallet.
  • Supports lending and getting crypto loans.
  • VIP account tiers are based on your accumulated Huobi Experience points.
  • Huobi Tokens and Huobi Chain employ blockchain.
  • Mobile and web apps. Deep liquidity APIs.
  • Buy crypto with credit cards and over 26 other methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and GoPay. Leverage trading charts to trade crypto.

How to use Huobi wallets:

  • Create an account: Deposit, trade, and withdraw up to $1,000 with no verifications. Otherwise, verify the account for higher limits. The BTC withdrawal limit for unverified users is 0.06 BTC.
  • Create and access wallet features by clicking on Wallet on the app: Click or tap the upper right button to switch wallets. Slide the icon to the left of Wallet Management. Find Heco and click Add Wallet. Create Cloud Wallet. This opens an account on Heco Chain.
  • To deposit, withdraw, hold, or trade: To deposit or withdraw, click Balance and select Crypto to deposit or withdraw. Click on Exchange to trade. 

Website: Huobi

#17) Blockchain

Blockchain - Crypto Wallet UK

Blockchain is now used by over 71 million people and has transacted over $620 billion in transactions across nearly 200 countries. However, it supports just about 18 cryptocurrencies for sending, receiving, and trading.


  • Airdrops
  • Earn interest in your crypto holdings.
  • Limited technical support.
  • No loans
  • Staking
  • Deposit fiat through bank and card deposits.
  • Blockchain explorer tool.
  • Balance portfolio and price tracking.
  • APIs
  • Mobile and web apps.
  • OTC and Lending desk for institutions.

How to use Blockchain wallet:

  • Sign up to create an account – Click the Get Started page on the website or download the mobile app. Verify identity. Click Exchange, Swap, or Buy/Sell to trade. If buying crypto with fiat, add a payment method from the Payment methods tab.
  • The Send and Receive feature makes it possible to send and receive crypto. The Earn Interest tab lets you stake in crypto for earnings.

Website: Blockchain


This tutorial lists the best Crypto Wallet UK. While these are termed cryptocurrency wallets in the UK, all of them have global access. We suggest eToro for anyone who wants to copy trade without trading skills. You can also invest and hold crypto while heftily diversifying into traditional financial assets.

For those looking for a crypto wallet UK with support for peer-to-peer trading, we have Mycelium through its Mycelium Local Trader feature. Otherwise, Binance, Kraken, Huobi, CoinJar, and Luno have this feature.

Huobi is the best for unverified trading and margin trading. This is in addition to the over-the-counter trading feature. Most of these also allow you to pay for as well as sell goods and services in crypto. This includes CoinCorner.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research and Write This Article on Crypto Wallet UK: 15 hours
  • Total Crypto Wallet UK Researched Online: 20
  • Best Crypto Wallet UK Shortlisted For Review: 15
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