How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash in 2023: A Complete Guide

A complete step-by-step guide on how to buy Bitcoin with Cash. Get to know the top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy bitcoins for cash:

The most common methods of buying cryptocurrency are credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and online payment methods. However, it is also possible to buy Bitcoin with cash on different cryptocurrency exchanges, including centralized and decentralized ones.

There are about 20+ methods of buying Bitcoin with cash. Buying Bitcoin with cash is mainly supported on peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to pay with local payment methods because, to pay with cash, the buyer must physically meet the seller locally.

The other way of paying with cash is by sending cash by mail, depositing to a bank, sending via Western Union, and other cash delivery methods.

Other methods include Amazon Cash, Cardless Cash, cash in person, EzRemit, Oxxo, Transfast, Xpress Money Service, Bancolombia Cash Deposit, cash by mail, cashier’s check, Hugo Cash, postal money order, Vodafone cash payment, Bitcoin ATM, check, MoneyGram, RIA Money Transfer, and Western Union.

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Buy Bitcoins With Cash

This tutorial discusses how to buy cryptocurrency with cash. You will also see different places or cryptocurrency exchanges on which you can do so as well as the steps to doing it.

Market Trends:

  • Bitcoin ATMs are the most common and dominant method of buying BTC with cash. There are about 38,677 ATMs, with the United States having the largest share of Bitcoin ATMs at 34,386 ATMs. There are over 20,000 extra kiosks and independent retailers to buy BTC with cash directly from in-person retailers and kiosks.
  • There are multiple ways of buying Bitcoin with cash – Bitcoin ATMs, cardless cash, deposit to the seller’s bank, and independent in-person. Other methods of buying Bitcoin with cash include convenience stores, mobile phone retailers, grocery stores, electronic stores, check cashers, and other independent retailers.
  • LocalBitcoins,, and Paxful are the most dominant cryptocurrency exchanges (peer-to-peer) for buying Bitcoins with cash.

Bitcoin ATMs in the United States:


[image source]

Expert Advice:

  • Bitcoin ATMs sell Bitcoins at a markup of 5-10%. It is advisable to check prices before you trade. It is also important to carry documents like ID in case the machine requires it.
  • Bitcoin ATMs, cardless cash, deposits to a seller’s bank, and independent in-person agents are the safest for buying Bitcoin with cash. Other methods, including cash in person, are best for buying from known or close people and friends whom you trust. Otherwise, it may be a bit unsafe because scammers use this method to steal from people when they meet. Other safer methods of buying Bitcoin with cash include convenience stores, mobile phone retailers, grocery stores, electronic stores, check cashers, and other independent retailers.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin with Cash

  • The buyer and seller will not incur fiat currency (USD, etc.) transaction fees as charged by banks, online payment methods, and credit cards. This maximizes their profits from trading crypto when the purchases are repeated and frequent.
  • The seller will not incur withdrawal fees to get the money paid for the crypto.
  • There is no limit as to how much the seller and buyer can transact. The minimum and maximum amount to transact is limited by their factors – for instance, transportation, etc.
  • The buyer and seller can organize their most convenient time at which to transact and the most secure/private place from where to transact. They can adjust the time as per their schedule and availability.
  • You can avoid being scammed online and can choose this method if you do not trust online or Internet methods.
  • It is a private method as you do not leave any digital footprints.

Disadvantages of Buying Bitcoin with Cash

  • Cash can be bulky to carry, handle, and transport if transacting huge sums of money.
  • It is convenient for buyers and sellers who live nearby. Otherwise, significant costs might be incurred hence reducing profits significantly, especially for repeated purchases.
  • It is more insecure to deal with cash than with digital transaction methods.
  • The buyer and seller may spend more time traveling to meet to transact. Some costs may also be involved.
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List of Exchanges from Where to Buy Crypto With Cash

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges list to buy bitcoins for cash:

  1. LocalCryptos
  2. Paxful
  3. LocalBitcoins
  4. LibertyX
  5. BitQuick

Comparison Table Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ExchangeWays to pay with cash Fees
LocalCryptosBank deposit, personal meetups, ATM, cardless cash, mail, and sending via other methods. Escrow fees: 0.25% for maker and 0.75% taker. User may pay deposit fees based on payment method. BTC mining fees also apply.
Paxful Bank deposit, personal meetups, ATM, cardless cash, mail, and sending via other methods. 0.5% to 3% depending on fiat payment method. Sending and other fees also apply separately.
LocalBitcoins Bank deposit, personal meetups, ATM, cardless cash, mail, and sending via other methods. Free for buyers and sellers. 1% for sellers who advertise.
LibertyXATM$4.95 flat retailer service fee per transaction; 3% - 8% consumer fee when buying via Independent Retailers, 8% - 9.50% consumer fee on ATMs; and 8% - 12% consumer fee on cash kiosks.
BitQuickBank deposit, Western Union, and other methods. 2%.

Buying Bitcoin With Cash in Person on Peer-to-Peer and Other Exchanges

Buying BTC with cash

[image source]

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges allow buyers and sellers to initiate a transaction on their online platform or interface and after choosing to transact with cash, they can then arrange to meet and transact.

Below are some of the peer-to-peer exchanges that allow buying Bitcoin with cash in the United States:

#1) LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos, another peer-to-peer exchange, also allows users to purchase Bitcoin and four other cryptocurrencies using cash in person and with cardless cash methods. The method of buying is comparable to that on

A trader willing to buy can either place a buy order and wait for people to initiate a trade with him/her or browse through sell ads posted by Bitcoin sellers. The sell ads can be sorted based on several criteria.

Step #1: Visit the website or download and open the app, sign up or connect to a wallet, and log in: Being a non-custodial wallet, there are no verification requirements. You should note down the recovery passphrase and keep the paper safe when creating the account. Finally, activate the 2FA authentication.

The LocalCryptos website and mobile app also allow you to connect web3 wallets (all major Ethereum wallets like MetaMask and Ledger are supported) without having to create an account.

Step #2: Posting your buy ad: This is the best option through which to buy Bitcoin on the platform. It allows you to set your buy rates and terms freely. You can finally place an ad for sellers to see and they will contact you.

Visit the website homepage, select Offers from the menu, and Create an offer button. Click/tap Buy Bitcoin, scroll down and on the entry fields below type in the city name, choose a city, select currency, and tap/click Continue to Step 2.

Choose the payment method as Cash (in person), select your rate, and tap/click Continue to configure the rate, choose a percentage margin either below or above the market price. Choose a cryptocurrency market or exchange that will serve as a basis for deriving the market price. Proceed to Step #3.

Type the headline to stand out and enter terms (if possible specify here your suggestion on time and place to meet or other terms of trade you need).

Enter the maximum and minimum trade limits, the select time you will be available to trade, and say who you allow opening a trade with (you can select anybody or only those who have verified phone numbers, or those with whom you privately share the link). Click/tap Post offer.

You can now view and edit your offers from the Offers page in the menu. Sellers will see it later and initiate a trade.

Finding a sold ad: While logged in, you can find out who is selling Bitcoin. From the default page, the Buy option is active. Choose Crypto to buy as Bitcoin, your location, currency, amount to buy, and Cash in person as the payment method.

It will list multiple offers if there are any. These are people who are selling Bitcoin and from whom you can buy with the chosen method, namely Cash in person. You can sort them based on Top-rated, Online, Best price, and Popularity although that ranking appears debatable upon checking.

You will see tens or hundreds of traders who have completed several trades, as well as the minimum and maximum purchase amounts they allow.

However, you may need to take responsibility to avoid scams and other crimes and verify the details of your peer trader. This is helpful when trading huge sums of money and you can request for an ID image or other things.

Step #3: Click/tap Buy against the seller of your choice: You will see, after this, additional details about the seller. This includes their contact, availability, feedback, last seen, number of trades completed, how long it takes on average to reply to chats, and other details.

Enter the amount of money spent to buy Bitcoin or simply enter the number of Bitcoins to buy. Type in any message to the trader and click Open Trade. The chat platform allows you to talk to the seller and since they accept cash in person, you can arrange for a time and meet-up location if they haven’t specified any.

Make sure it is a secure, open, and public place and that you take precautions in case anything happens. Some scammers take advantage to steal from people once they meet them, so be careful if the person is not known to you.

Step #4: Pay for Bitcoins: Make a payment as per the amount indicated on the trading interface. Insist that the seller generates and gives you a payment receipt. This receipt is needed as evidence of payment in case the seller disputes the payment and does not release the Bitcoins.

Click on Paid on the interface immediately after you have paid. This transfers the bought amount of Bitcoin to an escrow wallet. The seller or buyer cannot access them unless the seller releases them upon confirming receipt of payment or by the admins through a dispute resolution in case something goes wrong with the trade.

You can raise a dispute in case it takes too long for them to release, but if they do, the balance will show on your wallet.

Fees: Escrow fees: 0.25% for the maker and 0.75% for a taker. Users may pay deposit fees based on their payment method. BTC mining fees also apply.

Website: LocalCryptos

#2) Paxful


Paxful supports hundreds of payment methods for crypto buyers, among them paying with cash by mail, cash deposit, and cash in person.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash in person at Paxful:

Step #1: Research on faithful/trusted sellers: It is suggested to not deal with new sellers if buying Bitcoin with cash in person unless you know the person very well. It may be insecure or turn out to be a scam.

buying with cash on Paxful

19 methods of buying with cash on Paxful —Amazon Cash, Cardless Cash, cash in person, EzRemit, Oxxo, Transfast, Xpress Money Service, Bancolombia Cash Deposit, cash by mail, cashier’s check, Hugo Cash, postal money order, Vodafone cash payment, Bitcoin ATM, check, MoneyGram, RIA Money Transfer, and Western Union.

Check if there is an option to use a Bitcoin ATM instead of cash in person because the ATM may be more reliable, secure, and safe.

Otherwise, be sure to ask for verification of the seller using their ID and address if the amount is higher than 50 USD. Be ready to also file a police case if something goes wrong because it may be very difficult for Paxful to assist if transactions are outside the platform.

Step #2: Also ensure to follow the procedure: Even if the buyer finds a way to contact you off of the platform, ensure to go through Paxful as it may be insecure or turn out to be scammy.

Step #3: Initiate the trade: Sign up, verify your account, and sign in. Set up the 2FA. Click/tap Buy from the main menu, select Buy Bitcoin, input the amount, set preferred currency, choose seller and buyer locations, and choose cash in person from the payment method in the sidebar widget.

It filters the sellers’ list in your country based on the above metrics. You can also filter users by user types – ambassador, associate, etc. some types might be more trusted to buy Bitcoin with cash because they have undergone an extra layer of security check by Paxful.

Find and select a vendor from the list. He or she has to accept cash in person as a payment method. Read the requirements of the vendor. Their terms may include verifying your details, e.g., through ID and selfies.

The other thing for a Cash in Person payment is that the seller will include meeting preferences, so be sure to consider them and see if you can fulfill those needs.

Step #4: Start the trade: Set the amount you want to buy in the widget if the requirements are OK. Click Buy now. It opens up a live chat where you can chat to agree on where and when to meet. The chat is recorded and can protect you in case something happens, so Paxful advises you to keep the communication inside the platform only if it is about the transaction.

The buyer should see that the seller is committed to giving a teller receipt. Send a message through the Paxful trade chat in case you feel confused during the transaction.

Step 5: Make payment and receive Bitcoin: Click/tap Paid after giving cash to the seller. Bitcoins are locked to escrow at this point and the seller cannot withdraw. They aren’t accessible to you either until the seller releases them to your wallet.

This protects both of you in case the seller is not paid or has some claims or you are scammed and the seller fails to release them after getting paid. The seller or buyer can raise a claim and Paxful can look at the details of the transaction to decide who to release the Bitcoin to. In this case acting as the arbitrator.

Creating your offer: It is also possible to create your offer to buy Bitcoin with cash. Set a margin, write clear offer terms and instructions, and state which proof of payment you need and the time you need to confirm the payment.

State where you propose to meet the seller if accepting Cash in Person. Prefer places for Cash in Person trades. Wait for the buyer to make an offer to trade with you after publishing the purchase offer. Discuss with them the details through chat.

Fees: 0.5% to 3% depending on the fiat payment method. Sending and other fees also apply separately.

Website: Paxful

#3) LocalBitcoins removes cash in person as a payment method and retains many other methods that allow you to pay for Bitcoin with cash, including cash deposit, cash at ATMs, and Cash App.

A quick check reveals that it is still possible to date to buy Bitcoin using the cash-in-person method. It just places a safety burden and responsibility on the buyer and seller who are committing to transact with cash but it is a very active method of buying.

You need to make sure that you are dealing with a person that you can trust or know and then ensure the meeting place is safe/secure and that it is public. The fact that only supports cash at ATMs and cash deposits and not cash in person means it may not take any measures where the cash transaction may go wrong.

However, ensure you can get a teller receipt for the transaction just in case. There is always help when and if there is genuine proof of payment.

Buying Bitcoin with cash at also depends on the availability of a peer who accepts or is willing to pay cash. Sometimes it is hard to get anyone willing to commit to using this method. Otherwise, it follows the same purchase procedure on

Fees: Free for buyers and sellers. 1% for sellers who advertise.

Website: LocalBitcoins

Physically From Independent Merchants and Retailers in Person

#1) LibertyX


LibertyX runs 20,000 retail stores and cash kiosks (including 12,000 ATMs) across the United States from where you can buy Bitcoins with cash. It allows buying up to $1000 worth of Bitcoins daily and charges a fee of 1%.

However, the stores can add their fee, bringing the total fee to around 1.5%. Merchant stores are available and accessible on the website. Simply click/tap Menu and then find locations, enter an address, or click/tap on Map to find a store/ATM.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on LibertyX:

Step #1: Download the Android and iOS app, sign up and verify the account: Signing up with Facebook allows you to buy up to $1,000 worth of BTC free of charge.

Step #2: Find a store: Click Menu, choose to Find locations, Enter address/click Map and select a store. Choose cashier vs ATM.

Step #3: Create an order or tap Start Purchase on the app: Enter your Bitcoin wallet address where the cryptocurrency will be sent after purchase.

Select a purchase location or one from over 20,000 CVS and Rite Aid locations in the US to generate an order number from LibertyX. Visit the store and you will give the order number to the cashier together with the cash. He or she will give you a receipt in return. The Bitcoin is sent to the wallet address.

Independent retailers and locations

The order number can be used on a cash kiosk or ATM. Simply search for the kiosk from the map as specified before, enter the order number, insert cash, and tap the Complete Purchase button. It will send the Bitcoins.

You can buy up to $500 worth of Bitcoins per day in cash from LibertyX chain retailers like CVS and Rite Aid. You need level 3 verification on the account to trade with these.

However, independent retailers like cash stores allow you to buy Bitcoins worth up to $2,999.99 in cash per day. Independent stores include convenience stores, mobile phone retailers, grocery stores, electronic stores, and check cashers.

Fees: $4.95 flat retailer service fee per transaction; 3% – 8% consumer fee when buying via Independent Retailers, 8% – 9.50% consumer fee on ATMs; and 8% – 12% consumer fee on cash kiosks.

Website: LibertyX

Buying BTC Via ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are the best way of buying Bitcoin with cash all around the world. The Bitcoin ATM map shared previously lists 38,677 ATMs distributed around the world. The United States has the largest share of Bitcoin ATMs at 34,386 ATMs.

Most of these Bitcoin ATMs are found in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Newark, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Boston, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with each having over 300 ATMs. Los Angeles leads with a total of 1990 ATMs, while Chicago has 1,209.

#1) Physical ATM

Physical ATM

How to buy Bitcoin with a physical ATM:

Step #1: Research or search for a crypto or Bitcoin ATM near you. The Bitcoin ATM map is a valuable tool here in case you have never used a Bitcoin ATM. Search for availability by country or city.

If you narrow down to ATMs available per city by clicking on the city on the map, you will see all of them on a map and can see the specific location address for each. That means you can visit a specific location in proximity and see the machine.

You can even see specific directions on a map by clicking/tapping on the Get directions icon on the ATM map. Of course, some may be out of order.

You can see from the map the supported currencies and whether you can buy, sell, or do both on the same machine. So you need to eye those that support buying Bitcoin in this case, and most will, if not all.

Step #2: Visit the selected ATM: Scan the QR code of the Bitcoin wallet address. This is the Bitcoin wallet address where you will get your Bitcoins. It could be the same wallet address as your Bitcoin wallet because it can be scanned with a QR code. The ATM can also generate a paper wallet.

Step #3: Scan other details: The ATM may require you to scan other details like your fingerprint or other verifications. This depends on the verification requirements of the said ATM configuration from the manufacturer.

Step #4: Enter the number of Bitcoins you want to buy: The alternative is to enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend.

Step #5: At last, insert the cash required and wait until the Bitcoins are delivered to your Bitcoin wallet. Make sure to open the wallet and see if the Bitcoin has been delivered. Take the purchase receipt and paper wallet generated (if any) with you.

Fees: $4.95 flat retailer service fee per transaction; 3% – 8% consumer fee when buying via Independent Retailers, 8% – 9.50% consumer fee on ATMs; and 8% – 12% consumer fee on cash kiosks.

#2) Through Peer-to-Peer and Other Exchanges

LocalBitcoins cash at ATMs:

LocalBitcoins cash at ATMs

[image source]

Buying Bitcoins with ATMs on LocalBitcoins:, which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, allows people to purchase Bitcoin from their peers. It thus allows people to trade with local national currencies like USD and pay with easily available and local payment methods custom to the traders. This includes cash payments.

The payment methods available can be accessed easily from the website. Click/tap Quick Buy at the top of the webpage and in the All Payment Method drop-down menu, you will see Cash at ATMs, among many other options.

The cash-at-ATM payment option on LocalBitcoins allows a customer to purchase Bitcoins through a Bitcoin ATM and we discuss that later. You do not need to buy through a specific LocalBitcoins Bitcoin ATM, but any other can work.

The ATMs were launched first in the year 2014, but the project seems to have died. Therefore, you will need to use any ATMs available near you.

Purchasing Bitcoins via Cash at an ATM method starts just like any other trade, as below:

Step #1: Initiate a trade at Initiating a trade at happens as follows:

  • Sign up and verify your account as required on the LocalBitcoins website and mobile app. You can get a free online or web-based wallet after completing registering and verifying the account.
  • Search for advertisements. Enter the amount you want to buy, choose a payment method such as Cash at ATM and the base currency, choose a country, and click Search. All ads on which sellers are accepting Cash at ATMs as a payment method in the country of choice will appear on the list down. You can scroll down to find sellers who have higher ratings, trust scores, high amounts of trades, or maybe those offering cheaper prices, but the platform will rank them based on the price the best buy price appears up. You can also see the minimum and maximum each trader accepts on each ad. You can tick the option to show the best offers which limits the search to the best offers available per payment method per advertiser.
  • Click/tap Buy against an ad of your choice. You will see more details from the selected trader. This includes the payment window, payment terms, and even location.
  • Enter the amount to buy in the base currency and you will see the amount of BTC to receive. Click/tap Buy and you can now chat with the trader to arrange other things.

You can discuss cash-in-person trading if and when you feel or think the trader is trusted by you for cash in person, that you are safe and secure enough to do it, have taken precautions to prevent scamming or other dangers, and are ready.

Since this is a peer-to-peer trading platform, no one will penalize or prevent you from doing this or even changing the payment method. Make sure to get payment receipts if it is cash in person.

Buying on Bitcoin ATMs also works on

Buying on Bitcoin ATMs also works on Paxful

Fees: The same fee applies to and

Cardless Cash Collection

Cardless cash is supported on LocalCryptos:

Cardless cash is supported on LocalCryptos to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Buying Bitcoin with Cardless Cash Collection:

Banks like CBA, Westpac, St. George, BOM, and Bank of S.A. allow you to buy Bitcoin with cash without having to create an account. The account holder creates unique codes through the mobile banking app and redeems them at supported ATMs for cash. They do not need to use a bank card in this case.

Most banks offer a code value limit of $500 per account per day. It may be possible to get more with multiple accounts with one bank.

How to buy Bitcoin with cardless cash collection:

Cardless cash on Paxful and support this as a payment method. The seller needs to collect the cash at their convenient ATMs once you share the codes the unique codes generated with them.

Step #1: Download the bank app and create unique codes: The apps do support Cardless Cash as a payment method. Hence, choose this option on the app in question.

Step #2: Choose the amount you need to buy the specified amount of Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, and other platforms: This leads to creating an 8-digit Cash Code and Cash Pin. The two numbers must be used within 30 minutes or another specified duration before expiry. You need to generate new ones when they expire.

Hence, you must send the codes immediately to the seller on LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, and Paxful to allow them to withdraw the cash from the ATM of their choice.

Step #3: Click/tap Paid after sending the codes: Open or LocalCryptos and, from the existing trade window, tap Paid. This takes the Bitcoins to an escrow wallet and makes them unavailable to the seller or buyer just in case the payment is disputed.

Bear in mind that LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, and Paxful act as arbitrators for the transaction in case there are payments or other disputes. Therefore, send a dispute request if you have paid and the seller does not release the BTC from escrow. The seller should be able to release the BTC after confirming the payment. Check the wallet balance.

Fees: The same fee applies to and

Buying BTC With Cash by Mail

Cash by mail on Paxful:

Cash by mail on Paxful to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

How to buy BTC with cash by mail:

You can follow the above procedure, but when it is time for payment, send the cash using FedEx, UPS, or regular post. FedEx allows sending through cheques. UPS allows sending any amount of cash via mail although it is not the best alternative (explore money orders, cashier’s checks, and other options).

However, ensure to send via certified email to minimize the risks in case someone opens the mail. Putting tracks on the envelope by way of a sticker can also improve security. Again, this payment method requires some patience from the seller and buyer.

Ensure you have proof of receiving the payment, whether by payment by mail or in person. Finally, the seller should be able to release the Bitcoin you are buying. Remember to leave feedback to the seller after the trade.

Fees: The same fee applies to and

Buying Bitcoin With Cash Deposit

Cash deposit on LocalCryptos to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

The cash deposit option lets traders deposit cash directly into the specified seller’s bank account, money-sending methods like Western Union, mobile money agents, and other cash conversion methods. It also follows the same procedure under buying Bitcoin with the cash deposit section we will discuss later.

You can use almost all banks to deposit cash for a seller in the United States. The seller will let you know the specific bank with which they have an account alongside the account number (mostly done on the chat instead of exposing it publicly alongside the trade) and where you should deposit the money.

You will receive a cash deposit receipt that you can present to the platform if there is a dispute on the payment.

Fees: The same fee applies to and

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Trading Apps

Most centralized and peer-to-peer exchanges/trading apps allow for buying and selling Bitcoins via deposit methods – whether it is a bank, mobile, Western Union, MoneyGram, and other cash deposits.

Peer-to-peer exchanges that support cash deposits include, Paxful,, and many others. All of them follow a similar procedure that is generally described below to cover everything.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Cash Via Deposit on Crypto Exchanges and Trading Platforms:

Step #1: Sign up and verify the account on the exchange’s website or app: Some peer-to-peer exchanges like LocalCryptos and Paxful do not require the user to verify the account unless when trading above some limits.

Step #2: Choose payment method: The bank account method on all crypto exchanges allows you to access the bank account details of the seller where you can deposit the cash directly from your local bank.

Peer-to-peer and decentralized exchanges are the best for this because you will buy from an individual trader. On LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, and Paxful, you can see the payment methods either when sieving through the sell ads or when creating your Bitcoin buy ads on each one of them.

Choose Cash Deposit as the payment method from LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, and Paxful homepages. We have already explained how the rest of the process works out in section 1 of buying Bitcoin with cash in person on each of these platforms. The process will be the same once you select Cash Deposit as the payment method.

You only need to either create a purchase order or choose a buyer from the list of ads and get the specific bank account, or other local methods that allow you to deposit the cash to their accounts, as well as the procedure to do so.

Make sure to use the chat to get these and other details or clarity on how to deposit. Some sellers do post bank or cash deposit methods they prefer and which you should inquire about or use.

Other exchanges that allow you to buy Bitcoin by depositing cash directly to the seller’s account: (choose the Cash Deposit as a payment method and then proceed to deposit USD and buy Bitcoin from the exchange); exchange (Choose Cash Deposit as payment method); and others.

Other Methods: Person to Person From Friends and Peers

The good thing about crypto is that it is peer-to-peer. You can create a trading group to trade Bitcoin within yourself, and you can join existing trading groups that allow for buying and selling Bitcoins among members.

Bitcoin meetups are also places for trading crypto with cash and other methods amongst attendees. You can also buy Bitcoin with cash from friends directly wallet-to-wallet.

#1) BitQuick

BitQuick Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Based in the United States, Bisquick lets you buy Bitcoin with cash at a rate of 2% in fees. You can deposit cash to a bank whose details you are given when buying with cash.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on BitQuick:

Step #1: Sign up for the exchange on the website. It does not have any mobile apps. Verifying the account – email and phone.

Step #2: Click/tap Launch Quick Buy from the Buy page, enter the amount of BTC, choose cash as the payment method (either money transfer or cash deposit), choose the bank or system through which to send the cash, and click Next.

Verify your email and phone number and click Buy Bitcoin. Use the deposit code on the received receipt to deposit the money at the bank. Once done, upload the required document to BitQuick and wait for your Bitcoins.

Option 2 is that you can also tap/click the Buy option and choose to buy from other people instead of Quick Buy. Here, you will see offers from other buyers.

To do so, choose a location to view listings for that location, select an offer, enter the amount, and provide the BTC wallet address where to receive the crypto. View the seller’s payment information and proceed to pay and upload a photo of the payment receipt to get the escrowed Bitcoin from the seller.

Sellers can accept ban deposits or credit union deposits (Western Union and other methods supported).

Fees: 2%.

Website: BitQuick

#2) Kraken

Kraken - Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Kraken allows the buying of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies like USD through a bank account and debit/credit cards. Currently, there is no way to buy with cash without depositing into the exchange.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash on Kraken:

Step #1: Open and verify an account on the website or mobile app.

Step #2: Navigate to the Funding option, select the Deposit option, select USD or other currency to deposit, enter the amount, and choose the method of depositing. Some are instant others are not. You can also fund with a bank deposit and the instructions for sending are revealed to you at this stage.

Step #3: Tap/click Buy Crypto and proceed to enter the amount.

Alternatively, go to the Market tab after depositing, click/tap the relevant tab depending on what you have just deposited, select the pair e.g. BTC/EUR or BTC/USDC, tap/click Trade against the pair, and from the New Order page proceed to choose the type of order. Enter the amount and submit the order.

Fees: 1.5% with the Buy Crypto option; 0.9% when buying stablecoins; buying from the spot exchange costs between 0.0200%/0.0500% maker/taker and 0.0000%/0.0100% maker/taker depending on the trading volume.

Website: Kraken

#3) Bisq

Bisq to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Bisq offers more than 20 payment methods through which you can buy Bitcoins – these include PayPal, Venmo, cash deposit, AliPay, face-to-face payment, and Cash App.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash on Bisq:

Step #1: Download and install the desktop app (works on the desktop app only) and set up an account. Provide details like country, currency, city, and other information.

Open the app and wait for it to connect to the Tor Network. Let it sync with Bisq peer-to-peer trading network. You must select only one national currency.

Step #2: Make a buy order or take an existing sell order. Click Buy BTC and you will see the offers. Scroll through to the offer of your choice, click the Take offer to buy BTC button against that offer, and configure the payment method to have the buttons activated.

Click on the Account tab, select the payment method, fill in all other details and then save the new payment account. Go back to the Buy BTC tab and proceed as outlined before. You need to send enough BTC to the wallet to cover a security deposit and trading and mining fees.

Select an offer, send BTC deposit security, and review and confirm the trade. Send the payment using the seller’s payment method. Click Payment started on the Trade information page and mark the payment as sent on the order page. Complete the trade.

To create an offer, click Create a new offer to buy BTC using the USD button, enter details, and post the ad.

Fees: Bitcoin trading fee rate — 0.12% by maker and 0.88% by taker. BSQ trading fee rate is targeted at 0.5% (0.06% by maker and 0.44% by taker).

Website: Bisq

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I buy Bitcoin with a cash deposit?

Answer: The best method is to initiate a peer-to-peer trade on,, and Simply create an account, verify if required, and sign back in. Copy the passphrase and keep the paper just in case you forget the password and need to recover your wallet at

From the homepage, you can modify the payment method to Cash Deposit and enter the rest of the details. Proceed to enter the amount and initiate a trade with the seller. The seller will provide the bank (or mobile and other platforms) and bank account where to deposit the money.

Click/tap Paid to have the crypto sent to escrow. The seller should release the BTC after confirming receipt of payment. Otherwise, initiate a dispute.

Q #2) Is it better to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash?

Answer: Bitcoin is the better investment given its high price traction over the years, huge utility, massive community backing it, its currently high adoption rates, and good price prospects. This presents the best opportunity for those looking for crypto that can appreciate with time.

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Q #3) Can I invest $100 in Bitcoin?

Answer: The answer is yes. Investing a small amount provides a great opportunity to see how things work with time. It reduces or lowers the risk of investment in a very highly volatile crypto market. You can increase the investment amount if things work.

Q #4) How do I buy Bitcoins without a bank account?

Answer: Cash in person, Cardless cash, cash deposit to a bank or mobile, buying on a physical ATM, and buying physically from an independent retailer/merchant, are some of the best methods to buy BTC with cash. ATMs, cardless cash, cash deposits, and independent retailers/merchants are the most secure.

Even so, buying in person from friends/family, close people, and meetups are also very active methods.


This tutorial discussed methods of buying Bitcoin with cash. These include buying from physical Bitcoin ATMs which is the most dominant method of buying with cash. Others include Cash in person as transacted on and facilitated by local peer-to-peer exchanges, main ones being,, and Paxful.

We also have options for sending cash via mail, deliveries, and methods like Western Union, depositing into seller’s bank accounts and buying physically from independent retailers and merchants. Many people also buy Bitcoin with cash through local Bitcoin meetups, friends and family networks.

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  • Exchanges short-listed for review: 10.
  • Exchanges reviewed: 7.
  • Time spent researching and writing the tutorial: 23 hours.
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