Where to Buy XRP: Top 9 Platforms to Buy Ripple XRP [2023 UPDATED]

Read the review of the top platforms with steps on how to buy Ripple XRP. Compare and select the best platform from where to buy XRP:

XRP is a cryptocurrency based on the XRP Ledger, a distributed consensus ledger, in a network of servers, including banks rather than blockchain.

It is operated by a company called Ripple and facilitates digital asset transactions for banks and financial institutions across the world, on and off blockchains.

This tutorial discusses top platforms where to buy XRP and how to buy XRP in the US on different crypto exchanges.

Let us begin!

Where to Buy XRP

Where to buy XRP

Market Trends:

  • Ripple is used by a network of hundreds of financial banking institutions, including American Express, Bank of America, SBI, Santander, and many others. The network transacted $168.41 billion worth of XRP globally in Q4.

The image below shows RippleNet customers:

RippleNet customers

  • XRP is pre-mined and does not work on a blockchain proof of work or stake models. It uses a distributed ledger comprising a network of bank-owned servers and facilitates peer-to-peer cross-border transactions among banking institutions.

Ripple sale volumes:

Ripple sale volumes 2021

Expert Advice:

  • For those searching for where to buy XRP stock in the USA, the crypto isn’t available for buying in the United States except on Binance, Kraken, Bitstamp, eToro, Coinmama, Uphold, and exchanges listed below. Those asking how to buy XRP on Coinbase, it has been delisted from Coinbase and Gemini as a result of court wars with the Security Exchange Commission.
  • XRP is one of the best penny stocks to buy, but the price has remained under $2 since it began trading.

FAQs About Where to Buy Ripple

Q #1) Is it better to buy Bitcoin or XRP? 

Answer: Bitcoin has recorded huge gains in the past compared to XRP in its history. That’s besides BTC being more widely implemented and used more than XRP.

However, XRP has cheaper transaction costs and faster settlement. XRP, being implemented by top banks, remains a potential crypto to purchase for many buyers. The best places to buy XRP are on crypto exchanges.

Q #2) Can XRP be trusted? 

Answer: XRP uses cryptography and is safe to buy, hold, and trade in approved marketplaces, such as those listed below, for buying XRP. It also uses a network of “trusted” operators. However, check that the platforms which you send or store XRP are not scams if searching for where to buy XRP.

Q #3) How much is XRP today? 

Answer: The price of XRP is $0.8 as of February 8, 2022. The real-time prices may differ slightly based on where to buy XRP stock. Its all-time-high price was $1.8 as of April 2021 and its lowest price was $0.003 in August 2013. Its average gain is somewhere around 200% to 500% since starting.

Q #4) Why are XRP prices so low? 

Answer: XRP is a bit different from other cryptocurrencies with a total circulation of 100 billion tokens with 45 billion tokens already in circulation in 2021. It is not devised to be as scarce as Bitcoin or other cryptos with much lesser or limited supply. That explains its pricing model.

XRP - the best digital asset

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List of the Top Platforms Where to Buy XRP

Well-known applications list to buy Ripple XRP:

  1. Uphold
  2. Binance
  3. Kraken
  4. Huobi
  5. Atomic Wallet
  6. Freewallet
  7. Bitfinex
  8. eToro
  9. Pancakeswap

Comparison Table of Best Ripple XRP Buying Apps

Exchange or platform XRP products Fee Minimum order Our rating
Binance• Spot trading
• Derivatives
• Margin trading
• Custody
0.015% to 0.10% excluding card and bank fees. $105/5
Kraken• Spot trading
• Derivatives
• Margin trading
• Custody
0% to 0.26% excluding card and bank fees. $104.8/5
Huobi • Spot trading
• Derivatives
• Margin Trading
• Custody
0.0065% to 0.0200% spot and futures trading. 100 USD4.7/5
Atomic Wallet• Spot tradingFlat fee of 2%. $104.5/5
Free Wallet• Spot tradingWith Simplex 8% and with Moonpay 6.5%. 100 USD4.5/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) Uphold


Uphold lists more than 210 cryptocurrencies – including XRP – for trading, sending/receiving, and investing. It is well known for a feature that lets you trade/exchange assets seamlessly, whether you want to start or end up with metals, crypto, equities, or fiat on your wallet and account. This makes it easier to trade, invest, and transact XRP.

Buying XRP on Uphold requires that you deposit fiat in form of USD or other currencies or other cryptocurrencies. With XRP on your wallet, you can choose to trade it actively, send it to other wallets, or simply hold it. Uphold supports automated trading. The platform does keep crypto keys for customers, which means it is custodial. It guarantees that 90% of all customer funds are kept in cold storage.

Uphold also features the Uphold Card which allows you to spend crypto – including XRP – easily on ATMs and merchant stores.

How to buy XRP stock on Uphold:

Step 1: Sign up: Uphold is supported across 150 countries and users need to verify their information to use it.

Step 2: Deposit other cryptos with which to buy XRP or deposit fiat currency in form of USD or other. Simply visit the dashboard, click or tap From to select a source or deposit method such as bank or credit card and currency, enter the amount and proceed. Tap or click To and choose XRP. It will reflect on the wallet once the transaction is complete.

While Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit/debit card, crypto, and some other payment methods are instant to buy XRP with, bank method can take up to seven business days to complete. There is a $/€/£ 500/day maximum deposit limit for Google Pay and Apple Pay, and $/€/£ 2,500/day for bank card users. Crypto and bank transactions are limitless.

Alternatively, you can use the buy/trading feature to purchase/exchange XRP with other cryptos (or other assets) already in your account. This is done from your dashboard. For instance, if you have any stocks or precious metals in your account, you can immediately convert them to XRP by clicking/taping From button and selecting the stocks. Tap/click the To button to specify that you want the stocks converted to XRP in your wallet.

Minimum deposit: $10

Fees: 0% trading commission. 0.20% spread when buying XRP with other cryptos. Most crypto is free to deposit when using it to buy XRP. Bank deposits are free while Google and Apple Pay cost 2.49% to deposit and debit and credit cards may consume between 2.49% and 3.99% per deposit.

#2) Binance


Binance lets anyone purchase XRP and other cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards, stable tokens, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as Binance Pay, and bank transfers. It also supports third-party payment systems like Simplex, SEPA, etc.

The exchange also has a peer-to-peer platform on which you can buy crypto from other people or via their over-the-counter trading desks.

Binance, which processes 2 billion average volumes per day and is one of the largest crypto exchanges by crypto trading volume, allows people to trade on the spot and futures markets. You can also trade XRP on margin or hold it in a hosted wallet. It also has loan products that support XRP tokens, institutional products like VIP and OTC trading accounts, and gift cards.

You can also trade XRP on Binance using APIs through trading software – whether manual or automated. It is a choice for those looking for where to buy Ripple crypto and trade with bots.

How to buy XRP in the US on Binance:

a) Open an account: This is straightforward by signing on to the website and submitting relevant information to verify. Click Verify Now to verify the account. This can also be done on their mobile app.

b) Deposit: You can choose to first deposit and pay for XRP using the deposited balance or head over to the buy section, then add a payment method. To deposit, log into your account, click on Wallet, then Fiat and Spot tabs. Select the Fiat option.

The image below shows the Binance Ripple market:

Binance ripple exchange

[image source]

c) Buy XRP: Head over to either the spot market where you select the XRP pair with the deposited fiat balance, on a futures exchange, over the counter or on a P2P market. How to proceed depends on where you are. With spot, you can use charting tools and leverage expert analyses to trade XRP profitably using different order types.

Binance is available in the USA and is currently the best choice for those looking for how to buy XRP on Robinhood. Robinhood does not offer that option.

Minimum deposit: $10

Fees: 0.015% to 0.10% purchase and trading fees; 3.5% or $10 whichever is higher for debit card purchases. $15 per wire transfer in the U.S.

Website: Binance

#3) Kraken


Kraken, which is based in San Francisco, California, allows you to trade XRP instantly or in the future at a set price using limit orders. It is one of the common conclusions for where to buy Ripple crypto. You can trade on the exchange’s spot market or with futures trading where you short or long the crypto-based on the future market price.

The exchange also allows you to trade over-the-counter especially if you are a company, and even to connect your account to external trading software for advanced XRP trading and charting.

If searching for where to buy Ripple crypto on margins, Kraken also lets you trade XRP on leverage or margin up to 5 times your initial capital. XRP/USD perpetual, monthly, and quarterly futures are available on the exchange with a contract size of 1 USD.

With margined futures, you can take up to 50 times leverage. It also supports institutional products, including trading and custody on an FDIC-insured Kraken Bank.

How to buy XRP in the USA on Kraken:

a) Sign up for an account: This is pretty straightforward although you must verify by submitting personal details for verification if you want to buy with USD or EUR. Otherwise, you can trade anonymously if using crypto deposits, just like in most centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Signing and deposits can also be done on the app.

b) Deposit cash or crypto: Depositing Bitcoin or other cryptos to buy XRP is simple and instant. From your account, locate the wallet of the crypto you want to deposit and click on deposit to get the wallet address to where you should send the coins.

To deposit fiat, go to your account, select the Funding tab, click the Deposit button, select the currency, and enter an amount. Select the payment method. Kraken supports international wire transfers, credit card deposits, SEPA, Fedwire, Swift, Etana Custody, SEN, etc.

Kraken XRP buying

c) Buy XRP: When logged in, you can access the spot market and create a maker order against the deposited currency pair, and the order is filled when the limit price set by you is reached. You can also click on the pair, select Buy, enter the amount and buy instantly at the market price.

Minimum deposit: $10.

Fees: 0% to 0.26% per trade on spot market, 3.75% + €0.25 for credit card purchases, and 1.7% + $0.10 for online banking processing.  

Website: Kraken

#4) Huobi


Also based in the United States, Huobi has aggressive sign-up, deposit, and trading cash offers and contests. Thus, it is one of the best-suited exchanges for beginners who want to try on digital currencies.

Not only does it allow you to trade XRP and other digital assets on-the-spot market, but also on futures contracts, the peer-to-peer platform, and over the counter for institutional and big traders. The OTC service also includes OTC loans, locking, and mining.

The exchange also provides APIs for connecting expertise bots and external trading software, margined trading for both spot and futures markets, trading bot, brokerage services, staking pools, mining pools, crypto loans, and an in-built wallet. All these products support XRP tokens.

How to buy XRP in the US on Huobi:

a) Register an account: Rather straightforward to register and verify an account on the platform. Simply submit the documents required. Crypto to crypto trading does not need verification.

b) Deposit fiat: Huobi allows you to deposit up to USD 1000 and trade without verification, although that supports BRL, RUB, UAH, and KZT currencies. From your account, select “Balance” – “Exchange Account” – “Deposit-Exchange”. Select currency to deposit, which prompts for ID verification, choose a payment method, and confirm the transaction. Wait for the processing.

Huobi supports these deposit methods – credit cards, international Swift, SEN, and third-party methods like AdvCash, SEPA, WeChat, Western Union, UPI, IMPS, Paytm, Faster Payments (FPS), PayNow, Banesco, BBVA, and Apple Pay, among others.

Huobi XRP

c) Buy XRP: You can either use spot or peer-to-peer markets. On the spot, head over to the exchange interface when logged in. On the spot market, select XRP crypto pair against the deposited currency, click Buy, enter an amount, and place an instant market order.

You can also set a different amount to initiate a limit order, which is completed when the market price reaches the limit order price you just set. Check if it is reflected on the balance.

The P2P allows you to place and advertise an order specifying the amount of XRP you want to buy against the terms desired, including the payment method. Then wait for a peer to complete the order.

Alternatively, search for XRP orders from other persons on the p2p market and buy by clicking on the selected order, entering the amount, and sending the payment using the seller’s desired payment method. The seller releases the crypto from escrow after confirming the payment.

You can then transfer XRP to an external wallet, hold it, send it to the mining wallet on the exchange, or simply hold it in the hosted wallet.

Minimum deposit: $100.

Fees: – 0.0065% maker, 0.0193% taker for spot trading. -0.0300% maker, and 0.0370% taker for perpetual futures trading. -0.0150% maker and 0.0200% taker for futures trading, which also carries a delivery fee rate of 0.0150%.

Website: Huobi

#5) Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet app that lets you store and trade over 500 cryptocurrencies, including their private key, so in case anything bad happens with the app, you know the coins are still not lost. This is made possible because you can save and store your wallet with a 12-word recovery phrase.

The exchange on the app is decentralized. It exists as a Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS app despite their support being termed mediocre.

The app lets you buy XRP and any crypto with fiat bank cards. You can also use other cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethereum to buy XRP. The wallet is secured with AES symmetric encryption and data encryption transferred via BitTorrent.

Atomic wallet even has an inbuilt token AWC, the first one issued by a decentralized crypto wallet. It will feature a trading desk, bounty rewards, and other features.

How to buy XRP stock on Atomic Wallet:

a) Download, install, open the app and create a wallet: The app is available from the website or on the Play store for iOS and Android. You will also need to submit a copy of your ID to verify your identity when creating a wallet.

XRP Atomic Wallet

[image source]

b) Make payment and buy XRP: Tap Buy on the bottom taskbar, input the amount to send on the “You get” tab, and select XRP. Tap continue. You will be directed to Simplex’s checkout page. Enter the card details and tick or untick the “Save card for my future purchases” and confirm reading the terms and conditions. Verify via email and buy.

Atomic Wallet also accepts credit cards and debit cards. Check if XRP is deposited in the wallet. 

Minimum deposit: $10
Fees: Flat fee of 2%, with a minimum of $10 per operation. This excludes banking and card transactions.

Website: Atomic Wallet

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#6) Freewallet


Freewallet is also a standalone crypto wallet that works on Android, iOS, and as a web wallet, but there is no PC wallet. It allows you to generate crypto wallets for close to 22 cryptos, including XRP. From there, you can either send crypto to store it on your wallet or purchase it in-house.

The app lets you buy crypto with credit cards and gift cards and also features an exchange on which you can trade crypto however you like.

This wallet is one of the best because it lets you control private keys to your wallet so you do not have to ask for password resetting and you do not lose crypto in case the app is hacked or something goes wrong with the company. Such wallets are also great for those using holding benefits to accumulate crypto.

How to buy XRP stock on Freewallet:

a) Download, install, open the wallet: The web wallet is the easiest because you do not need to download and install any software on your device, save it in a hot wallet.

Freewallet XRP

b) Buy with a card: From the website, you can see the Buy with a card button, and on clicking, search for XRP, enter the amount to purchase or the desired USD to spend. Enter your cryptocurrency address and fill in your card details. The crypto will be deposited in the provided wallet address.

Credit card purchases are facilitated by a third party, Simplex, by default when using the web platform, but with mobile apps, you can toggle between Simplex and MoonPay. The duration of purchase depends on the card used – from instant, 1 day, to 3 days for EUR – SEPA.

c) Verify: During the transaction, you will be required to sign up for Simplex and MoonPay and to verify the account via phone numbers, emails, passport, IDs, selfie photos, or driver’s licenses. MoonPay has trading amount levels that vary with verification levels. Most verification takes between two and thirty minutes.

Minimum deposit: $100
Fees: With Simplex 8% and with MoonPay 6.5%.

Website: Freewallet

#7) Bitfinex


Bitfinex is based in Hong Kong and offers diverse products and services, including spot trading, margin trading, lending, and margined trading, and advanced trading capability with APIs. It provides staking, Bitfinext Terminal, which is a p2p network that provides exchange market data. It also provides over-the-counter crypto buying options, paper trading, and derivatives trading.

For transactions, Bitfinex uses Mercuryo, OWNR wallet, HappyCoins, and Simplex payment processors. It allows you to buy XRP using credit cards and wire transfers. However, you are required to verify an account after registration to deposit any fiat on Bitfinex.

How to buy Ripple XRP on Bitfinex:

a) Create an account: Simply submit basic information and verification documents when and after signing up. Verifying an account for an individual is a bit different from corporate verification with the latter requiring other documents like directors’ and shareholders’ names. Upon verifying, you can select Individual or Corporate verifications asap.

b) Deposit fiat or crypto: For crypto deposit and trading, you do not need to verify the account beyond basic email verification. Click on Deposit, select the desired currency, and a payment option from the menu, input the amount, and complete the transaction. Bank wires can take up to five days.

Bitfinex XRP

c) Buy XRP: From the spot market interface when logged in, click XRP/USD or XRP pair against the deposited currency, enter an amount to buy, and click to buy a market order at the market price. Otherwise, set a future price to buy a limit order leveraging analyses.

You can actively trade XRP on the market using margins or not, hold XRP on the hosted wallet, or transfer to an external wallet.

Minimum deposit: $10,000.

Fees: 0.100% maker fee and 0.200% taker fee for crypto to crypto transactions; crypto to stable coins, and crypto to fiat transactions; and 0.0200% maker and 0.0650% taker for derivatives. It also drops as the 30-day trading volume increases.  

Website: Bitfinex

#8) eToro

eToro is a common choice for those looking for where to buy Ripple stock, especially for overly diversified users. The platform also deals with trading stocks, forex, contracts for differences, exchange-traded funds, and close to 40 other financial products and over 3,000 tradeable symbols.

But eToro is also known for social trading capabilities including copy trading, which suits beginners asking where to buy Ripple XRP. You can trade XRP and other cryptos physically or as CFDs where you make profits or losses based on future price predictions.

Each copy trader user is ranked and rated by others so you can find the most experienced on particular assets. Experienced traders also earn perks for sharing their trading strategies. eToro also allows users to trade on leverage or margins.

It is also regulated and has been in business since 2007. It also offers indemnity insurance of up to EUR 1 million per client in the EU, the U.K., and Australia.

How to buy XRP Ripple on eToro:

a) Register on eToro: Submit the information on the registration page to create an account and verify it. Information required includes a phone number, government-issued ID, and proof of address.

b) Deposit fiat or crypto: For fiat, click on Deposit Funds when logged in to the account, enter the amount, select currency, and then choose the preferred deposit method. eToro allows deposits via credit cards, bank wire, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, iDeal, Klarna/Sofort Banking, Poli, and Online Banking Trustly.

c) Buy crypto: From the web or app, click or tap on Markets, select Crypto, and select XRP. Select Trade, then Buy, select the leverage level or leave it at x1, enter units of cryptocurrency to buy, use the take profit parameter if desired, and select Open Trade. You can transfer XRP to external wallets or trade it within the app.

Minimum deposit: $200 and after the first deposit, $50 ($10 in the UK and USA).
Fees: 2.45 % per transaction for XRP. Crypto CFD trading costs from 0.75% per trade.

Website: eToro

#9) Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is a spot decentralized exchange that currently trades over $5 million of daily volume worth of XRP against wrapped BNB. If searching for where to buy Ripple XRP on p2p exchange, Pancakeswap is a popular option for this and other cryptos, including Bitcoin. It is based on Binance Chain.

How to buy XRP Ripple on Pancakeswap:

a) Connect or set up your wallet: This can be done either by unlocking Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet or connecting your compatible wallet. Visit the exchange page and click Unlock Wallet.

b) Deposit other cryptos to buy XRP: Like most decentralized exchanges, Pancakeswap is crypto-to-crypto only. No fiat is allowed.

c) Choose XRP: The default token set to trade is BNB, but you can select XRP from the dropdown menu upon arriving at the exchange page. Type the amount and click on the Swap button to confirm swapping.

Fees: 0.20% per transaction for both maker and taker. 

Website: Pancakeswap

#10) Bitstamp


Bitstamp is one of the largest spot marketplaces for XRP and other cryptocurrencies by trading volumes ($444 million as of January 2022). XRP is the third commonly traded cryptocurrency on Bitstamp, managing $56 million of daily volume as of the same date.

Besides, Bitstamp is one of the first, most experienced, and tried and tested crypto exchanges, having been established in 2011.

Bitstamp serves as a crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange with institutional products – with brokerage access APIs to serve banks, Fintech, neo-banks, hedge funds, pro traders, family offices, aggregators, and brokers alike. It also provides custody for crypto.

XRP is covered in these two products. It works as a mobile app or web platform. The exchange also provides a hosted wallet for all supported cryptos.

How to buy Ripple on Bitstamp:

a) Open a free account: Click “Get Started” on the web or mobile app, then submit data and info needed to continue. All users are required to verify accounts to trade XRP.

A copy of ID, passport, or driver’s license is needed. You also need proof of residency with a document like a tax return or bank statement. You can secure the account with a password and 2-FA authentication app and codes.

b) Deposit: Bitstamp lets you buy crypto with a credit card, Faster Payment, international bank transfers, and for XRP, you can deposit or spend other cryptos to buy it. They allow a minimum of $50. Tap Trade when logged in to the app, select Bank Transfer or other payment methods, and input the deposit amount desired.

Click Confirm and continue, which transfers the value from the bank to the account.


c) Buy XRP: A market or limit order is the best way to buy on the Bitstamp spot market. You can place a market order straight at the spot market by finding the XRP pair against the deposited currency, then entering the amount, and clicking Buy. It executes instantly, and the amount is reflected on the balance.

Otherwise, you can place a limit order, stop order, or advanced market orders by selecting appropriate buttons.

Minimum deposit: $7.5

Fees: 0.50% for < $10,000 trading volume in the last 30 days to 0.0% for > $20,000,000,000 of trading volume in 30 days.


This tutorial discussed how to buy Ripple stock, and where to buy Ripple XRP crypto. We discussed XRP cryptocurrency exchanges that offer diverse trading options, including instant purchases with credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other methods.

Most of the XRP cryptocurrency exchanges in this list also allow you to trade cryptocurrency derivatives such as perpetual futures, futures, and CFDs.

All the listed crypto and XRP exchanges let you buy XRP with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. In addition to the standalone crypto wallets Freewallet and Bitfinex, the rest have deep liquidity and are suitable for institutions as well as pro-traders.

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Binance is the largest crypto trading exchange by trading volume and goes without saying it has the largest XRP crypto trading market valued at $837 million in daily trading volume for the XRP/USD pair and $91 million for the XRP/BUSD pair. For those looking for how to buy XRP on Robinhood, the latter does not offer that.

Kraken, Huobi, Bitfinex, Kucoin, and Bithumb are the best XRP centralized exchanges for low-fee XRP buying. Unfortunately, centralized exchanges and standalone crypto wallets listed do not allow you to diversify beyond crypto, and

eToro is best suggested for overly diversified users. If searching for how to buy XRP on Coinbase, it is not available on the market hence these are great alternatives for US residents.

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