14 BEST Binance Trading Bots in 2023 (TOP Free & Paid)

Read this review to compare and select the best Binance Trading Bots from the list. Also, learn how to configure them to start trading on Binance:

Binance has the largest number of trading bots of all crypto exchanges that support bot trading, although customers can still use smart and manual order types.

A trading bot takes in real-time marketing data and uses pre-set indicators and rules to come up with automated trading signals which are basically profitable asset selling, buying, or holding opportunities. Based on your pre-set risk profile, they apply your capital on these signals to send quantified trading orders to the exchange or broker platform and return a profit.

Bot performance or profitability depends on pre-set strategies and rules as much as does on market conditions. Binance bots can also be deployed on other exchanges, trade on margins, or even crypto futures and options. This tutorial discusses the best Binance trading bots and how to configure them to start trading on Binance.

Binance Trading Bots

Top Binance Trading Bots

Market Trends: 

  • Binance is the crypto exchange with the largest number of trading bots and 83.3% support the exchange. 66% of all support Coinbase.
  • 66% of all people who have used bots to trade cryptocurrency use them for margin trading. 4% use them for futures trading.
  • 38% of users have used crypto trading bots but 86% of traded money in the crypto market is moved with bots. Meaning they are mainly used by those with a huge amount of capital.

Percentage of users who have tried crypto trading bots:

crypto trading bot

Expert Advice:

  • The best Binance trading bots or bots usable on other crypto exchanges let you access as many and diverse trading strategies as possible, whether you are talking about ordinary grid trading bots, DCA trading bots, arbitrage bots, futures bots, long and short bots, rebalancing bots for automatic portfolio rebalancing, and bots based on industry-standard technical indicators.
  • Check for Binance trading bots that have bot marketplaces with pro traders from who you can easily copy trading signals at a small fee. These might provide more diversity in terms of trading strategies.
  • When choosing a trading bot platform, check whether it has pre-set bots you can start to trade with without drafting your strategies if you are a beginner. Advanced users are better with those that allow customizing of trading strategies and rules for their bots from scratch. Otherwise, marketplaces are great for both trader classes.
  • Performance of bots – whether devised from scratch, pre-loaded, or bought from pro-traders, a bot needs to be backtested for performance before being deployed for live trading.

Binance Bots FAQs

Q #1) Does Binance have trading bots?

Answer: Yes, this software that is customized to suit the user’s risk profile and market conditions helps the user to automate trades. They spend less time trading and it quickens trading decisions to catch up better with volatile crypto markets.

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Q #2) Are trading bots profitable?

Answer: Yes, they are profitable depending on the type of trading strategies employed and market conditions. Profitable bots are designed with the most effective strategies and rules that help best predict crypto price movements.

If a bot can make the best and most relevant price predictions as quickly as possible to capitalize on market movements, it will generate a profit regardless of market conditions. But they also make losses.

Q #3) Are Binance bots free?

Answer: Some Binance bots are free, but most are paid. Advanced traders can also craft their trading bots from scratch without cost. Some of them rent for free or at a small fee. Beginner traders can rely on drag-and-drop features on several bot platforms to draft trading bots with pre-set strategies for free.

Q #4) Are bots allowed for trading?

Answer: Yes, they are completely legal to use on Binance and other exchanges. However, they are better supplemented with manual trading or smart order trading. Make sure to check and test the performance of the bot and strategies before deploying it in live trading.

How to Create an API on Binance to Connect Any of the Bots From the List

  • Create an account on Binance and verify it asap. You may also create 2FA verification for the account to improve security. This includes either a phone, email, or an authorization app code.
  • Log in and create an API by visiting the Settings page and choosing API management. Click or tap on Create API.
  • Binance asks for a 2FA key to verify that it is you. Set up 2FA authorization if not yet. Enter the code from email, phone, or app to verify.
  • Set everything to Full Access except for Enable Withdrawals. Thus the bots can do anything on your Binance account except withdraw money.
  • Do not restrict any IP even to trusted IPs because Binance uses different IPs for trading bots.
  • Head over to the bot website reviewed here and each allows you to connect Binance to it. Visit the settings, select Exchange tabs or icons, and proceed to fill in the created API keys. The balance on the connected exchange will be reflected and you can now create a bot strategy or use pre-made ones, specify the amount to trade, and proceed to trade.
  • IP whitelisting is required by Binance within 30 days of creating the keys. Some exchanges will provide you with IPs that you need to whitelist on the Binance exchange settings using the IP Whitelisting feature.
  • To train on leverage, first, perform a manual trade of leveraged tokens on Binance by filling in a questionnaire about the risks involved. After this, you can trade leveraged tokens on bots like any other tokens.
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List of Top Binance Trading Bots

Some impressive Binance bots lists:

  1. 3Commas
  2. Coinrule
  3. Pionex
  4. Cryptohopper
  5. ArbitrageScanner.io
  6. Bitsgap
  7. Shrimpy
  8. TradeSanta
  9. CryptoHero
  10. Mudrex
  11. HaasOnline
  12. Kryll
  13. Gunbot
  14. Stoic
  15. Cryptorobotics
  16. Trality

Comparison Table of Some Best Binance Bots

Bot nameExchanges Futures trading? Margined trading? Pricing Types of bots
3Commas15+ major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Advanced, OKX, and KrakenFutures trading available on select exchanges, including Binance FuturesFree plan, Starter plan is $22 per month, Advanced plan is $37 per month, Pro plan is $74 per month.DCA Long, DCA Short, Futures, Grid Bot stable market, Grid Bot rising market, Grid Bot Futures
CoinruleOKx, Liquid, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitpanda, among the top 10+ exchanges supportedMargin and Futures trading supportedStarter is free,
Hobbyist costs $29.99 per month or $359 per year,
Trader costs $59.99 per month or $719 per year,
Pro plan costs $499.99 per month or $5,399 per year.
Lifetime free plans are also available.
RSI Binance BTC bots, Grid trading, MACD, Moving averages, Rebalancer, Scalping, Short selling, Trend Following, Swing trading, and over 50 other types of Binance auto trading bots.
PionexNone Margin (up to 4 times multiple) trading, no futures trading. Bot usage is free. 0.05% maker and taker trading fees.Grid trading bot, Martingale DCA holding bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot etc.
Cryptohopper Crypto.com, KuCoin, Kraken, Bittrex, and over 10 others. Margined (up to 10 times) trading and futures trading supported. Pioneer is free, Explorer starter package-- $16.58 or $19 per month; Adventurer -- $41.58 or $49 per month, Hero -- $83.25 or $99 per month paid annually or monthly. Arbitrage, market making, futures bots, general smart trading.
ArbitrageScanner.ioOver 75 exchanges supported--Starts at $69/30 daysArbitrage, Cloud-Based, Personalized, Manual Bot
Bitsgap 25+ crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex.Futures and margin trading supported. Starts at $24 or $29 per month paid in 6 or one month; $57 per month on the Advanced package; $123 per month on PRO package.Arbitrage bots, DCA bots, rebalancing bots, TWAP, grid bots, futures bots, flat bot, buy the dip bots, scalper bots, combo bot, bots based on normal technical indicators, custom strategy bots.
Shrimpy BitFinex, BitMart, Bitstamp, and Bittrex, Coinbase, Cex.io, FTX, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, and Gate.io.No futures and margin trading. The starter plan is only $15 or $19 per month paid annually or monthly. The professional plan is $79 per month; the Enterprise plan is $299 per month. Types of bots include portfolio auto rebalancing bots, index bots, dollar cost averaging, maker rebalancing, spread and slippage, and general automation bots.

Detailed reviews:

#1) 3Commas

Best for futures bot trading, beginner and expert bots.


3Commas is an auto portfolio optimization and management platform that allows you to connect to 18+ exchanges, including Binance, and use bots to increase profit margins.

As a Binance trading bot or robot, you can connect to the Binance exchange and use a dollar-cost averaging bot to borrow and sell them at current rates and buy them at lower prices in the future.

Bot trading supports crypto, options, and futures and offers the potential to customize trading strategies. You can even copy signals or strategies from expert traders. Simply select a suitable bot and start trading.

Some of the types of bots that 3Commas offers include:

  • Grid bots: They are amazing in bear markets when a lot of coins experience sideways price movements.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging bots: They are great for earning profits in volatile markets irrespective of the market direction (whether up or down).

You can deploy these bots on 18 crypto exchanges, including the top exchanges based on trading volumes.

How to Trade on Binance With 3Commas:

  • Sign up on both 3Commas and Binance. Log in to Binance and create API keys and secrets as previously discussed. Visit 3Commas, click “Connect a new exchange,” select Binance, and proceed to add API keys and secrets.
  • By connecting your Binance account, you can trade crypto on the spot market (only on Binance.US), futures, and even leverage margin trading to multiply profits from trades. You can trade up to 1234 pairs (up to 117 for Binance.US), and the trading volume is up to $75.48 billion per day.


  • It offers different types of bots such as dollar-cost averaging, short and long futures bots, leverage bots, grid trading bots, and others.
  • The bots can be used on Gemini, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, FTX, OKx, Bybit, Gate.io, Kucoin, and more than 6 other exchanges.
  • Ability to copy trades from pro traders.
  • Effective portfolio tracking and management.
  • It offers paper trading, TradeView, marketplace signals, and futures trading.
  • Binance trading bots on Github have an indefinite free trial period.
  • You can rebalance any trade by an auto-portfolio.
  • Available on mobile and web apps
  • 3Commas bots can be used for margin trading.


  • Starter: $14.5/mo
  • Advanced: $24.5/mo
  • Pro: $49.5/mo

All the plans have free trials. They also have annual subscriptions.

#2) Coinrule

Best for template-based strategy customization.


The Coinrule platform lets users, without trading experience or skills, automate trading with Binance trading bots or bots deployed on other supported exchanges. It lets users create automated trading rules from scratch or use 150+ templates to draft new ones, and test those strategies before deploying them to live trading.

Users can create bots from popular indicators like Bollinger Bands, etc.

How to trade on Binance with Coinrule:

  • Sign up on Binance and CoinRule. Create API keys and Secrets on Binance exchange.
  • Visit Coinrule and from Dashboard click or tap on Exchanges, then select Binance from the drop-down menu, add in API keys and Secret, and click Connect. Copy the IPs to the whitelist on Binance’s IP Whitelists settings after 30 days of creating Binance API.
  • Enable Spot and Margin Trading on Binance.
  • Click Rules on Coinrule to create new or use existing ones to launch trading.


  • Types of bots include RSI Binance BTC bots, Grid trading, MACD, Moving averages, Rebalancer, Scalping, Short selling, Trend Following, Swing trading, and over 50 other types of Binance auto trading bots.
  • Other exchanges supported include OKx, Liquid, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitpanda, among the top 10+ exchanges supported.
  • Monitor all your trading rules or strategies from the dashboard, including their performance.
  • Demo exchange. Trading academy as well as tutorials.
  • Invest in Coinrule via crowdfunding. Get 3 months Hobbyist plan for free.
  • Over 60 cryptos are supported for trading.
  • Just a web app. No mobile app.
  • Access to the trading community.
  • Free Binance trading bots.

Pricing/charges: Starter is free with only up to two rules. Hobbyist costs $29.99 per month or $359 per year for up to 7 rules; Trader costs $59.99 per month or $719 per year for up to 15 trading rules; Pro plan costs $499.99 per month or $5,399 per year for up to 50 trading rules. Lifetime free plans are also available.

#3) Pionex

Best for spot and futures margined and free bot trading.


Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that features in-built trading bots and manual trading that users can still automate with advanced order types.

It features 16 free crypto trading bots. These include Grid Trading Bot, Martingale DCA Holding Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot that lets you trade futures, and a rebalancing bot that lets you create your index based on preferred cryptocurrencies.

The Reverse Grid bot also lets you sell high and then buy low, while the Infinity Grid bot lets you earn profit from price fluctuations while still holding. The Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot, according to the website, has helped users earn over $1 million in Arbitrage profit.

Rebalancing bots are for those aspiring to hold multiple coins and need to rebalance their portfolios automatically. Customers using any of these bots can leverage or trade on margins to amplify their profits. The leveraged tokens include BTC3L, BTC3S, ETH3L, and ETH3S.

How to trade on Binance with Pionex:

  • Currently, there is no way to trade with Pionex bots on Binance by way of connecting with Binance API. However, you can send funds from Binance to Pionex or vice versa.
  • Binance trade bots can also not be connected to Pionex.


  • Can opt for bots or smart trading where the manual trading is automated using multiple order types – Trailing, DCA Binance BTC bots, TWAP for whales, stop limits, and take profit, in addition to market orders.
  • No exchanges supported.
  • Trial funds.
  • Customize and test bot trading strategies.
  • Mobile apps in addition to the web platform.
  • Academy to learn how to trade and use bots.
  • Supported exchanges include Binance, Huobi,

Pricing/charges: Bot usage is free. 0.05% maker and taker trading fees.

#4) Cryptohopper

Best for spot and futures traders alike.


Cryptohopper lets you trade over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin using trading bots. As a Binance trading bot, it also lets you connect this and the other 15 exchanges.

How to trade with Cryptohopper on Binance:

  • Sign up on both Binance and Cryptohopper. Create an API on Binance.
  • Return to Cryptohopper and from the settings page click or tap on the Exchange tab. Add in the keys created from Binance and wait to load.
  • If there is a problem with fund syncing from Binance on Cryptohopper, you may need to disable ‘autofill’ in your browser, use incognito mode on your browser, or use a browser you don’t use often, or disable password manager on the browser. Also, enable “convert dust to BNB for positions that are too small.”


  • Types of bots include arbitrage, market making, futures bots, and general smart trading bots.
  • Other exchanges supported include Crypto.com, KuCoin, Kraken, Bittrex, and over 10 others.
  • For portfolio management by asset managers, auto conversion of funds by miners, regular and beginner traders, and advanced traders.
  • Social trading allows you to sell, buy, or subscribe to Binance bot trading signals of professional traders.
  • AI-based Binance trading bots.
  • Customizing, devising, and backtesting strategies.
  • No leveraged or margined Binance bot trading

Pricing/charges: Pioneer is free. Explorer starter package— $16.58 or $19 per month; Adventurer — $41.58 or $49 per month, Hero — $83.25 or $99 per month paid annually or monthly.

#5) ArbitrageScanner.io

Best for Manual Bot with No API Request.

Arbitage Scanner

With ArbitrageScanner.io, you get a fully manual bot that works without requesting API. This makes the bot completely safe and secure for trading. It is also very easy to use and helps you conveniently set up notifications with ready-made templates. You can easily customize the format and add the exchange or coin you wish to track. You will receive notifications in Telegram chat.

What distinguishes ArbitrageScanner.io from other bots in the market is its unique ability to track the difference between DEX exchanges.

How to Trade on Binance with ArbitrageScanner.io

  • Register and open your personal account
  • Connect Binance to your bot for tracking
  • Set up notification templates to receive alerts via Telegram chat.


  • Connect with any CEX and Token for seamless tracking
  • Work with almost all DEX and 20 major BlockchainsGet access to a personal manager for guidance on currency and exchange selection
  • Completely manual bot without automatic trading
  • Customizable templates to set-up notifications hassle-free.

Price: ArbitrageScanner.io adheres to a flexible pricing structure. The plans offered are as follows:

  • Test: $69/30 days
  • Pro: $199/30 days
  • Expert: $399/30 days
  • Guru: $1199/30 days

#6) Bitsgap

Best for starters and advanced users alike.


Bitsgap lets you start trading 1,000+ cryptocurrencies with little hustle as it comes with preloaded strategies with which you are ready to trade and make profits from the word go.

It lets you automate trading with bots that can be deployed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges are connected through the platform’s API. Established in 2018, the platform is based in Estonia.

To trade futures on Binance with the bot, you must activate this feature. Click Derivatives, then USDS-M Futures, click or tap Open Now, then Buy/Long or Sell/Short, then Start Quiz. Fill in the answers to the questions provided (Bitsgap also provides the correct answers on its site) then submit. Then transfer USDT to your Futures account. You can now launch a bot to trade futures.

How to trade with Bitsgap on Binance:

  • Sign up on both Bitsgap and Binance. Create API keys on Binance by following the steps mentioned.
  • Visit My Exchanges on Bitsgap, enter API keys and Secret keys, and click connect.
  • Select your bots and strategies and start trading.

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  • Types of bots included are arbitrage bots, DCA bots, rebalancing bots, TWAP, grid bots, futures bots, flat bots, buy dip bots, scalper bots, combo bots, bots based on normal technical indicators, and custom strategy bots.
  • 30 exchanges supported, including Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex.
  • Demo account.
  • Different order types for smart trading. It includes stop-loss, trailing, OCO, take-profit, shadow order, stop limit, and market orders.
  • Signal alerts about market price changes.
  • Backtesting of bots and trading strategies.
  • TradingView indicators, over 100 technical indicators, custom chart types, etc.
  • Monitor trading performance, open positions, trading history, balances, etc.

Pricing/charges: Starts at $24 or $29 per month paid in 6 or one months; $57 per month on the Advanced package; $123 per month on the PRO package.

#7) Shrimpy

Best for portfolio rebalancing, custom crypto index, and expertise bots.


Shrimpy is a portfolio tracking and management web and mobile app that lets you connect or integrate your Binance accounts and those on other 19 exchanges. You can connect accounts on more than 13 wallet apps, including Coinomi, Guada, and MetaMask.

However, it also packs in a trading feature with the capability to copy trades and trade strategies from fellow users or traders. With Shrimpy, you can also earn money by leading a community of traders and be paid for every follower.

This is the most favorite tool for expert trades and groups who can create winning trading strategies for others to follow, buy, and trade with. Leaders can automate trades, publish to the community they lead, charge commissions on trades by charging subscriptions, and other things.

How to trade on Binance with Shrimpy:

  • API access is given on professional and Enterprise account plans only.
  • Sign up both on Binance and Shrimpy. Log in to Binance and create Binance exchange API and copy the keys and Secret. This is done by visiting Settings and selecting API Management on Binance. Enable Spot & Margin Trading on Binance settings. Ensure Enable Withdrawals are deselected.
  • Return to Shrimpy and from the Settings, select Exchange or tab. Select Link Exchange. The drop-down menu provides the exchanges supported on Shrimpy. Select Binance. Enter the API keys and Secret and proceed to connect. The data will populate on the dashboard.
  • After 30 days of API creation on Binance, visit the General tab on Shrimpy and select Security and Generate IPs to whitelist via the IP Whitelisting feature on Binance.
  • Trade manually or automate trades with dollar-cost average, smart order routing, smart portfolio rebalancing, indexes, etc.


  • Types of bots include portfolio auto rebalancing bots, index bots, dollar-cost averaging, maker rebalancing, spread and slippage, and general automation bots.
  • Other exchanges supported include BitFinex, BitMart, Bitstamp, and Bittrex, Coinbase, Cex.io, FTX, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, and Gate.io.
  • Customize and test strategies.
  • Up to 25 exchanges for Enterprise accounts and 10 portfolios per exchange account. Professional allows connecting up to 10 exchanges.
  • Trading resources.
  • Smart or automatic periodic portfolio rebalancing – simply define allocations for each crypto and tweak the rebalancing feature.
  • Add cold storage accounts.
  • Dollar-cost averaging strategy.
  • Portfolio stop loss for the entire portfolio held on Shrimpy.
  • Spot trading, strategy automation, maker rebalancing to optimize fees, spread and slippage safeties, and index builders.

Pricing/charges: The starter plan is only $15 or $19 per month, paid annually or monthly. The professional plan is $79 per month; the Enterprise plan is $299 per month.

#8) TradeSanta

Best for long and short strategies as well as extra order placement for unpredictable markets.

TradeSanta - Binance Trading Bots

TradeSanta acts as a platform for using crypto trading bots and manual trading orders across multiple exchanges. With the platform, you can either create your trading strategies from scratch or copy them from top traders the way you want.

Among the many bots launched on the platform include spot and futures Binance BTC bots (work for other exchanges and cryptos too). Those who want to create a bot can take advantage of pre-set templates, and technical indicators like MACD and Bollinger Signal, and RSI, to build custom strategies.

How to trade on Binance with TradeSanta:

  • Set up an account on TradeSanta and Binance. Verify accounts when needed. Set up API keys and Secret keys on Binance as per the above procedures.
  • On the TradeSanta settings, find “Access Points,” click “All Access,” and then “Add Access.” Add in API keys and Secret keys.
  • Go back to create a bot and start trading.


  • Types of bots include futures long and short bots, Grid, DCA, and Extra-order bots which place extra orders in case the market fluctuation is going against your bet, long and short positions bots, risk management bots with stop signals and trailing stop-loss orders, and simple or trailing take profit orders.
  • Other exchanges supported include Huobi, Kraken, FTX, OKx, Bybit, Coinbase, and HitBTC.
  • Copy-trading strategies from top-ranked users. Performers are ranked every week.
  • Trade with as little as $10.
  • Create and/or customize your strategy and test it in backtesting or demo trading.
  • Choose to trade any of hundreds of crypto coins.
  • Android, iOS, and web apps.
  • Telegram notifications.
  • Custom TradingView signals.
  • Credit cards, debit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, American Express, and other deposit methods.

Pricing/charges: Basic is $15 per month billed annually or $25 per month billed monthly with up to 49 bots capability. Advanced is $27 per month billed annually or $45 per month billed monthly with up to 99 bots capability. The maximum with unlimited bots is $35 per month billed yearly or $70 per month billed monthly.

#9) CryptoHero

Best for long and short bots, as well as beginner and expert traders.


CryptoHero is a bot marketplace, and an automated bot trading platform that lets users create and customize their trading strategies as much as possible with little effort and without coding skills.

From the bot marketplace, users can access bots or trading strategies devised by expert traders. The platform’s bots can help you take advantage of an increasing and depreciating market.

The bots include dollar cost averaging bots, long and short bots, etc. Those who list their trading bots for sale pay 20% commission on earned profit and 2% – 68% APY and at least a 50 W/R ratio.

How to trade on Binance with CryptoHero:

  • Set up an account on Binance and CryptoHero.
  • Create API keys and Secret on Binance > Visit Settings on the Dashboard, then API Management.
  • Visit the Settings app on CryptoHero, select API management pages and add in the keys and secrets from Binance.
  • Funds will be reflected. Head over to the trading page or bot creation page to create a trading order.


  • Types of bots include dollar cost averaging bots, long and short bots, grid bots, and bots based on well-known indicators and triggers.
  • Other exchanges supported include Crypto.com, Bittrex, Coinbase, FTX, and many more.
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) as well as web app versions.
  • Backtest your own or purchased Binance BTC bots from the marketplace.
  • Lease your bot to other traders and earn income.
  • Technical indicators for creating Binance auto trading bots or bots for other exchanges.
  • Technical support.
  • Academy and tutorials about Binance trading bots Github.
  • Margin trading.

Pricing/charges: Basic is free but with limited bots, Premium is $13 per month or $139 per year with up to 15 bots; Professional is $29 or $299.99 yearly for up to 30 bots.

Website: CryptoHero

#10) Mudrex

Best for predictable investing on crypto indices or baskets.

Mudrex 2

Mudrex is a different kind of platform compared to those listed herein in that it lets users invest instantly in crypto baskets, curated portfolios, and other products. Users can also automate these investments.

The platform creates a trading bot with drag and drop features using over 200 technical indicators and signals combined with different logic. However, you can also follow the expert trading strategies of pro traders on the platform.

Besides, it lets investors earn 14% interest on all their crypto holdings. The interest payouts are paid daily. Customers only need to deposit their local currency or crypto into the Mudrex wallet and earnings begin. The company allocates funds to Defi protocols. Interest is earned on BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT, USDC, etc. The tokens and fiat can be withdrawn at any time.

How to trade on Binance with Mudrex:

  • Sign up on both Binance and Mudrex. Create Exchange API on Binance by visiting Settings.
  • Back to Mudrex, click API Keys, and on the drop-down menu visit the API Keys page.
  • Select exchange Binance then add API keys and Secret and proceed. Click “Copy IP Addresses” to copy IPs and paste them to the “IP access restrictions” on Binance.
  • Proceed to add it.
  • Go to select bot and trade or use Binance trading bot Github.


  • Type of bot: Portfolio auto investment bots.
  • Other exchanges supported include OKx, Coinbase, Bitmex, Bybit, Deribit, and FTX.
  • Mobile (Android and iOS) apps as well as web apps.
  • Deposit with a credit card, bank, crypto, and debit card.
  • Paper trading and back-testing your crypto trading strategies.
  • Monitor investments from the app.
  • Discord community of investors – 2500+.
  • Publish your strategies and earn.
  • Free Binance trading bots.

Pricing/charges: Free for up to 500 USD in live trading, and a $49 premium plan for up to 2500 USD in live trading.

Website: Mudrex

#11) HaasOnline

Best for developers, beginners, and advanced users looking for diverse strategies.

HaasOnline2 - Binance Trading Bots

HaasOnline combines an enterprise trade server for online enterprises combined with a TradeServer Cloud. HaasScript platform supports advanced automation, leverage trading, and supports bot trading. It supports custom order types, portfolio management, market scanners, and many more.

HaasOnline also comes with another aspect of enabling users to manage their portfolio risks. This is incorporated in bot trading.

The bot trading platform can be utilized by users with minimal coding skills. It has a text-based editor and a drag-and-drop visual designer. To customize a bot or trading strategy, customers can use 600+ commands for calculating, chart plotting, signal handling, and position management.

The company provides bots built for specific trading strategies, but TradeBot is customizable by configuring indicators, chart settings, safeties, and insurance.

Pre-build bots with pre-loaded strategies include Accumulation bot, Advanced Crypto Index, C# Script, Crypto Index, Email Alerts bot, and Flash Crash bot to protect your positions against a crypto crash.

You also get Trend Line, Zone Recovery, Standard Trade Bot, Scalper Bot, Pin Pong, Order, and Market Maker. Others are Intelli Alice, Inter-Exchange Arbitrage, and Mad Hatter.

How to trade on Binance with HaasOnline:

  • Setup accounts on both Binance and HaasOnline. We already described how to create API keys and Secret keys on Binance.
  • Log in to your HTS server on HaasOnline. Click on Price Drivers & Accounts. Enable Binance Price Driver by toggling the button green. Click Add New Account. Add account name, and select the account type as Spot Trading. Select Binance from the Platform option. Enter the API key and Secret Key from Binance. Click Save.
  • Return to choose bot and start trading.


  • Types of bots include Standard Trade Bot, Inter-Exchange HaasBot Arbitrage, and the HaasBot Order Bot.
  • Other exchanges supported include Supports Poloniex, BitMex, and OKx crypto exchanges.
  • Advanced arbitrage trading.
  • Advanced backtesting and live simulation.
  • Spot, margin, and leverage.
  • Managed and unmanaged trade functionality.
  • Custom charting functionality.

Pricing/charges: Beginner 0.009 BTC for up to 10 bots, Simple plan 0.016 BTC for up to 20 active bots, Advanced plan 0.026 BTC for up to unrestricted trading bots.

Website: HaasOnline

#12) Kryll

Best for Bot strategy renting and selling, bot subscription at a manageable cost.

Kryll - Binance Trading Bots

Kryll lets users create strategies from scratch easier and quicker with its drag-and-drop features and without needing coding skills or experience. The Drag and Drop tool can be used to add in different price triggers, candlestick colors, and patterns, as well as technical indicators like MACD, ICHIMOKU, BOLLINGER, and many more.

You can also try strategies copied or bought from experts for different pairs. Users’ strategies are ranked per profit generated. Simply visit Marketplace, pick a strategy, enter the amount and pair to trade, test it or use it in live trading, and pay the fees.

How to trade on Binance with Kryll:

  • Sign up and log into both Binance and Kryll. Verify the account at Binance and complete onboarding at Kryll. Create API keys on Binance from the dashboard’s settings.
  • From Kryll dashboard select Binance exchange from the list of exchanges to connect. Enter API keys and select the key.
  • Visit the bot marketplace or create your strategy and start automating trades.


  • All types of bots including arbitrage, grid, dollar-cost averaging, and general automation or smart trading bots.
  • Other exchanges supported include Coinbase, Kucoin, Bybit, Crypto.com, FTX, Liquid, and other 6 exchanges are supported for integration via APIs.
  • Backtesting of strategies.
  • TradeView integration.
  • Pay for what you use. No subscription.
  • Mobile app in addition to the web platform.
  • In-built wallet and token KRL that can be held sent, and received.
  • Live charts.
  • The trading terminal supports long and short positions and multiple order types in addition to bot trade automation.
  • Crypto portfolio management across exchanges.
  • Add and use more than one strategy.
  • Check user reviews of a given trader’s strategy before copying it.
  • The platform is cloud-based so you do not need to install anything.

Pricing/charges: 1%. Bots or strategies on sale have different per-day costs.

Website: Kryll

#13) Gunbot

Best for a lifetime bot subscription at a manageable cost. Preset strategies.

Gunbot - Binance Trading Bots

Gunbot has 20+ pre-set profitable strategies and is hence suitable for beginner traders although experienced users can still use its tools like 150+ parameters and industry-standard indicators to customize their strategies from scratch. It features a lifetime license for only $99. Instead of being a cloud service, it is hosted on the user’s machine.

It also supports futures trading.

How to trade on Binance with Gunbot Binance bot:

  • Install Gunbot on the computer (Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi) or VPS.
  • Create API keys and secret keys on Binance. Needs you to sign up and verify your account.
  • Visit Gunbot, sign up, log in, and add the keys.
  • Add pairs to trade, use pre-set strategies, create one from scratch, or copy a strategy from a pro trader.


  • Types of bots include grid trading bots, futures long and short bots, dollar cost averaging bots, and general indicator automation bots.
  • Other exchanges include BitMex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, CEX.io, Bitfinex, Kucoin, and Huobi.
  • TradingView integration for just 0.003 BTC. You can execute trades from incoming email alerts from TradingView.com. Supports visual trading targets.
  • Manual trading is supported.
  • Buy bots and strategies from fellow traders on the platform.
  • Live demo.

Pricing/charges: Lifetime cost of $99.

Website: Gunbot

#14) Stoic.ai

Best for automated investment and portfolio rebalancing.

Stoic.ai - Binance Trading Bots

Stoic automated investment app is a portfolio rebalancing bot. It automatically selects top traded coins that have at least $10 million in trading volume and assigns a weight based on capitalization.

The algorithm will analyze returns, price volatility, correlation with other assets, and other factors to identify assets that are likely to go up in price. It will then buy more of these. It will also sell coins that are likely to go down.

The bot uses artificial and machine learning intelligence. The trading signals are generated by the AI and the platform’s 100,000+ crypto analysts.

How to trade with Stoic on Binance:

  • Register and login.
  • Connect the Binance account via the Binance API. Simply create the API key and Secret key on Binance and tweak Enable Trading.
  • From the Stoic app settings, scan the API QR code generated on Binance.
  • It will start trading.


  • Exchanges supported include Binance, Kraken, eToro, Coinbase, Bittrex, etc.
  • Types of bots supported — portfolio auto rebalancing bot.
  • Android and iOS apps.
  • Check trading history.
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other top cryptos.

Pricing/charges: Starter — $9/month or $108 yearly (Portfolio size $1,000-$3,500). Plus plan $25/month or $300/yearly (portfolio size $3,500-$10,000). Pro plan is 5% in crypto for a $10,000+ portfolio.

Website: Stoic.ai

#15) Cryptorobotics

Best for affordable pro algorithmic trading.


Cryptorobotics connects to about 15 crypto exchanges, including Binance, to which they can connect using APIs, and launch different types of trading bots and strategies (in addition to manual trading) on their accounts to trade crypto. It supports trading both crypto spot and futures on Binance, which gives users over 1,000 pairs to trade.

Cryptorobotics is the official broker of Binance exchange and thus allows users to create Binance sub-accounts with it at request.

How to trade on Binance with Cryptorobotics: 

Step 1: Create API keys on Binance US or Binance — You need an account in Binance (can also use a subaccount on Cryptorobotics), which requires some verification. Visit the Accounts menu item>API management to create keys.

Step 2: Open an account with Cryptorobotics. You can also choose a paid package or use the free option. Add the API key created in Step 1 to Cryptorobotics. To do so visit Account item from the menu > Exchange account Add new exchange > select the exchange from the list and add the keys.

Step 3: Open Algotrading tab, press Trading robots tab > All robots tab > then choose any robot that you would like to subscribe to (you can review the available list and choose them based on your goals). Choose the robot and press the Subscribe button against it. The Manage button lets you manage a given subscribed robot.

You can adjust the parameters and choose whether to trial or run it for live trading. Cryptorobotics also provides guidelines on how you can get signals from other traders or other sources for your use.


  • 14-days demo for crypto bots.
  • Over 15 types of bots including DCA, margin trading futures bots, AI bots, futures bots, RSI bots grid bots, trend, and swing bots.
  • Trading and platform user guides — how to trade and how to best use the platform.
  • Copytrading — make money providing signals and/or rent/buy them for use with your bots.
  • Both crypto futures and spot trading.

Pricing/charges: Free for up to 2 smart orders at ago; Basic $19 for 20 smart orders at ago; $49 Profit Pro package for up to 100 smart orders; $30 Expert Pro package for an unlimited number of smart orders.

#16) Trality

Best for renting or creating Binance trading bots for all market conditions.


Trality’s Marketplace enables investors to rent profitable bots tailored to individual risk tolerances (low, medium, and high) and investment goals, while bot creators can now monetize their Binance bots and earn passive income from investors around the world.

For even more convenience and flexibility, Trality has partnered with Binance to offer the Trality Wallet, allowing users to directly deposit funds (credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, or Google Pay) and immediately start trading 350+ cryptos immediately.

How to trade on Binance with Trality:

  • Rent Binance trading bots in a few clicks on Trality’s Marketplace.
  • Create Binance trading bots with Trality’s Code Editor or Rule Builder.
  • Trade quickly and easily with the Binance-backed Trality Wallet.


  • Arbitrage, margin, grid, intraday, & index-tracking bots
  • Automated trend-following and reversion strategies
  • Powerful backtester and proprietary Optimizer
  • World’s first in-browser Python Code Editor
  • Copy trading with Binance trading bots

Pricing/charges: Free plan for up to 5,000 Euros trading volume and 2 created bots. Knight plan is 9.99 Euros for up to 25,000 Euros trading volume. The Rook plan is 39.99 Euros for trading volume of up to 250,000 Euros. Queen plan is 59.99 Euros for an unlimited trading volume and 10 created bots for ready trading.


Almost all the trading bots discussed allow you to connect to Binance as well as other exchanges, so they are being referred to as Binance trade bots.

To connect a Binance trading bot, first, create an API and secret keys on Binance. The bots in the list allow you to the device or customize strategies from scratch, which is useful for even advanced traders. Those with bot marketplaces are the most diverse in terms of trading strategies available, but with Coinrule, you start with over 150 templates.

We suggest that a beginner trader checks Binance trading bots with pre-set strategies that are ready to trade and profitable. You can get those on many bots discussed, including Trality, Pionex, Gunbot.

The alternative would be to look at bots like Shrimpy, Cryptohopper, TradeSanta, and Kryll just to mention a few of those that support social trading and copying strategies from expert traders either free or at a small cost.

On these, you can sell or rent your strategies as well. Mudrex, Kryll, and HaasOnline allow you to use drag and drop features to quickly draft a profitable bot from pre-set strategies and rules.

Some of these bots (Pionex and TradeSanta) support margin trading and futures trading allowing you to short assets.

You also need to check out Binance trade bots that offer additional investment opportunities like investing in crypto baskets with very predictable returns like on Mudrex. Kryll has inbuilt crypto tokens you can hold and wait for them to increase in value.

Research process:

  • Trading bots initially shortlisted for review: 21.
  • Trading bots reviewed: 12
  • Time is taken to research the bots: 21 hours.
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