Bitcoin IRA Review: A Complete Guide [Includes Comparison]

This in-depth Bitcoin IRA review explains all about Bitcoin IRA like how does it work, features, pros, cons, & comparison with other Crypto IRAs:

Bitcoin individual retirement accounts work like traditional individual retirement accounts in that they are self-directed and involve investing in an account with crypto to gain tax advantages, such as not paying taxes on the capital gains or dividends.

A good Bitcoin IRA lets you roll over existing retirement accounts into a self-directed crypto IRA. It also allows trading or buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies through a crypto exchange.

Some crypto IRAs allow investing in various cryptocurrencies and metals like gold and other commodities.

Bitcoin IRA Review

Bitcoin IRA

This tutorial explores a crypto or Bitcoin IRA, then reviews the BitcoinIRA investment platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can you withdraw from Bitcoin IRA?

Answer: It is possible to withdraw and remove all investments from a Bitcoin IRA to close it only that it will attract a higher tax penalty given that the holdings are meant for a retirement account from which should be withdrawn at 59 and a half. You are free to sell the funds and invest in a different IRA.

Q #2) What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin IRA?

Answer: A Bitcoin IRA refers to an individual retirement account in which Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are invested or traded for purposes of a retirement account. It is similar to a traditional individual retirement account, only that it is a directed retirement account managed by the owner and not a funds manager or custodian.

Bitcoin does not have to be held in an IRA account.

Q #3) Can I transfer from Coinbase to Bitcoin IRA?

Answer: Coinbase now offers cryptocurrency IRA accounts into which you can save and invest cryptocurrencies into a retirement account. You can opt to have a Coinbase IRA account or transfer to a different Bitcoin IRA willfully at any time.

Q #4) What coins does Bitcoin IRA have or support? 

Answer: Different cryptocurrency IRAs support different numbers and types of assets and BitcoinIRA supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, stellar lumens, Zcash, bitcoin cash, Ethereum classic, and digital gold. You can also invest in one or blend multiple coins.

Q #5) How safe is Bitcoin IRA? 

Answer: Bitcoin IRAs are very safe and secure to work with. BitcoinIRA not only keeps clients’ digital assets in secure cold storage far from hacking threats but also applies insurance of up to $100 million to cover eventualities.

Q #6) Does Bitcoin IRA have an app?

Answer: Yes, it has an iOS and Android app and these are the most secure cryptocurrency IRA apps. Users can not only manage their accounts but also trade and save digital assets with the apps on a 24/7 basis.

Experts advice:

  • Invest also separately in a traditional IRA because most Bitcoin or crypto IRAs do not allow for investing in traditional assets stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Possibly choose a Crypto Roth IRA. Beware of fraudulent schemes and adhere to IRA requirements to retain tax advantages.
  • Conduct due diligence on the cryptocurrency IRA you want to invest in – know minimum investment, fees, rollout benefits and possibilities, diversity in assets to invest in, the potential for interest on assets, if it is regulated, security, insurance, etc.

Market Trends:

  • A crypto Roth IRA can help you save up to 20% in capital gain taxes. This means you might keep more of your wealth by investing in a crypto Roth IRA. It also saves your time to report for taxation.
  • Normal short term (for crypto held for less than one year) capital gain tax rates can go up to 37% while long term capital gain rates can go up to 20%. Incomes of lesser than $80,800 are not taxable.
  • A Bitcoin IRA helps you diversify in terms of assets you invest in – you can invest in over 1000 crypto assets. Some allow for investing in stocks, metals, and traditional assets.


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Guide to Bitcoin IRA

#1) Holds Bitcoin or another crypto as a portfolio

A crypto IRA involves you buying cryptocurrency and keeping it safe with a custodian who ensures the account adheres to IRS and other regulations. The custodian keeps them in secure digital storage. Instead of cash, bond, or other securities as would happen in a traditional IRA, Bitcoin IRA holds Bitcoin or other digital assets as a portfolio.

It can either be a traditional account where contributions are tax-deductible and funds taxed on withdrawal or a Roth account where there is no break on contributions but the distributions are free. On a Roth, you won’t owe anything to IRS on the generated gains, even if the value of the currency goes up and you are later on in a higher tax bracket.

Crypto IRAs are legal under IRC Section 408 and 4975.

#2) Annual contribution limits

The contribution limits are set by the IRS or other tax jurisdictions in different countries for IRA. In the United States, that amount is $7,000 a year if you are aged 50 or above. Incomes or gains from the investment are tax-free.

#3) Managing the account

You can actively manage the account by trading the digital assets invested in by adding, buying, or selling cryptos, and this is done via a cryptocurrency exchange. You can also withdraw at any time and individually manage the account instead of leaving it to a financial advisor or money manager.

It is also possible to roll over your IRA and 401ks cash assets to a crypto IRA. Most of the credible IRAs also have insured custody.


#1) Taxation benefits

With a crypto IRA, you defer tax payments until you withdraw the funds at retirement and can actually get immediate tax benefits on contributions. For Roth and traditional IRAs, contributions are not tax-deductible. With crypto tax-loss harvesting, either with crypto tax software or not, you can reduce taxes further by selling the assets at a loss.

With a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency IRA, transferring value from crypto to dollars creates a non-taxable transaction and you won’t have to report capital gains on these transactions by the end of the tax year. You also do not track all transactions for reporting purposes.

The money also accumulates for years tax-free even though the tax percentage rate will be higher for a Bitcoin IRA when withdrawing the funds. With a Roth IRA, you pay no income tax.

2) Flexibility and portfolio diversification

For those IRA accounts that allow you to invest in more than just Bitcoin crypto, you get more diversification pertaining assets to diversify to. You are also more flexible to sell to transfer value from one asset to another as liked.

3) Decentralization

This means a minimal central point control on operations than happens in a traditional financial market as well as minimal or no third-party interference. The technology allows a market for investors and players without manipulation.

4) Security

Blockchain lets two or more parties transfer value in a secure environment.

5) High returns over time

Today, cryptos have greater gains compared with any other asset in the long term. As such, Bitcoin IRA is most suitable for the money you do not wish to use or touch until after retirement.


  1. Crypto price volatility: Sudden price fluctuations that lessen value can discourage people from an IRA.
  2. Most have associated high fees, including trading, setup, maintenance, and custody fees.
  3. Are only available from the firms dealing in crypto. These aren’t as mainstream as other IRAs. Information about a company may be hard to come by.
  4. Dealing with and managing crypto can be tedious for some people.  
  5. Other issues relating to Bitcoin IRAs: These issues include high investment minimums imposed on some Bitcoin IRA platforms. Some Bitcoin IRA companies are also lax, as regulatory authorities do not oversee them. Some may put their interest first.
  6. Higher tax rate as higher as 39.6% compared with just 15–20% or less on capital gains for average income earners. 

Comparison with Crypto IRAs

Crypto IRA nameTop featuresFeesMin investmentOur rating
Bitcoin IRACrypto investing in addition to stocks, bonds, and cash.
•One-time fee of 10% to 15% of the initial investment.
•Annual custodian fee of $240.
•Asset conversion fee of $75.
•5% fee to buy, and 1% fee to sell.
Coin IRASaver IRA lets you earn on your crypto deposits and holdings.•$195 annual maintenance fee.
• $50 setup fee.
•0.05% per month for storage.
Alto IRAUnlike others provides SEP IRA accounts.•$2/month for starter or $25/month for Pro accounts.
•1.5% per transaction.
•$10-50 fee per partner investment
•$75 for each private investment.
•$25 wire transfers.
•$50 account closures.
•1.5% trade fees.
BitIRADigital Currency Specialists and Dedicated IRA Specialists to assist investors in addition to customer support staff.•$50 account setup.
•$195 annual maintenance.
•0.05%/month offline storage.
ITrustCapitalCheapest for trading and investing.
Precious metals supported.
•$29.95 per month.
•1% per transaction for crypto.
•$50 over spot for gold.
•$2.50 over spot for silver.
$2,500 plus
$1,000 in a
subsequent deposit.

How to Choose a Crypto or Bitcoin IRA

#1) One with reporting tools: These tools help you analyze your portfolio to make the best next steps regarding what to buy, sell, and hold.

#2) One with investment specialists: For starters, investment specialists in such a platform would help to answer questions and explain the investing. Some have specialists you can hire and others offer this as a free additional service.

#3) Detailed crypto tradingBest Bitcoin IRA service offers advanced crypto trading on its trading platform, for instance, with diverse order types, etc.

#4) Secure crypto storage: Most Bitcoin IRA companies nowadays understand the importance of storing crypto from clients on a cold storage device. This prevents them from getting hacked. Insurance on crypto-assets can also help in case of an eventuality because people are reimbursed for any loss.

#5) Manageable fees and costs

Crypto IRAs are known for hefty fees. They charge management fees, storage fees, setup fees, and non-IRA transaction costs. These vary from one crypto IRA to the other.

#6) Minimum investment

Some of the cheapest to start with are Alto IRA and Bitcoin IRA which charge 1,500 and $3000 minimum investment respectively. Review

BitcoinIRA Account is a crypto Roth IRA investment platform that lets people invest in Bitcoin in a retirement account. It also lets you invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, and other cryptocurrencies as well as gold.

It is the first and largest cryptocurrency IRA of the few that exist and has over 100,000 users. It has a strong user rating of 5 stars from over 2,500 users across platforms like Google, Shopper Approved, and Birdeye.

With the platform, you can trade the three cryptocurrencies on a 24/7 basis. This can also be done on the platform’s iOS and Android apps. Most people choose Bitcoin IRA because traditional retirement plans do not allow investing in cryptocurrencies. Self-directed means you are in charge, and there is no financial manager or advisor.

Bitcoin IRA Features

Features of BitcoinIRA

  • Earn interest on cash or crypto in the account: The amount in the retirement account will accrue interest at 6% (compared to 0.05% in traditional banks) and the starting minimum is $10,000. There is no lockup period and payment is done monthly for interest accrued. This goes to lend other users, and you can lend Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and dollars.
  • Transfer 401k to buy crypto or gold. Invest in and trade US-certified gold bars on the platform all without higher broker fees and in a fast and easy way of benefiting from prices of physical gold.
  • You can also transfer from a bank in a recurrent or one-time manner. 
  • Digital asset trading to earn more on crypto.
  • View transaction history from the dashboard for all transactions and transfers. 
  • Saver IRA allows you to automatically contribute $100 per month into the retirement account. 
  • Track your portfolio, see live crypto prices, live charts, and get expert support from within the app. 
  • Digital assets are secured by BitGo Trust through cold storage and other security protocols. The wallet you open uses BitGo tech. Also, the digital assets are insured with $100 million dollar custody insurance.
  • Digital assets are handled by US-based custodians and exchanges that adhere to stringent US security protocols.
  • Learning resources – Articles, videos, etc.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android. 

How Does Bitcoin IRA Platform Work

How BitcoinIRA works

#1) Create an account

A user creates an account on the website or mobile app. This takes less than 1 minute.

#2) Rollover 401k or transfer funds

From the dashboard, you can load or fund the account by requesting to rollover your 401k into Bitcoin. You can also choose to transfer funds from 401K to Bitcoin instead of rolling over the 401k.

It is possible to roll over only a percentage of the 401k into Bitcoin and thus hold or own both the traditional and Bitcoin IRA retirement accounts. By converting your retirement plan into a self-directed Bitcoin IRA plan, you get the freedom to make better financial choices with the power of cryptocurrencies.

Some rules will also apply when rolling a 401k plan to the Bitcoin IRA, among them having established the 401k as a full-time employee. Rolling over into a Roth IRA means you still owe taxes for the year you roll over.

#3) Complete Bitcoin allocation order

A Bitcoin allocation order completed or filled by the account holder confirms that they have included Bitcoin in the retirement plan.

#4) Follow IRA rules

After opening a Bitcoin IRA account, the traditional IRA rules apply for a Bitcoin IRA. For instance, you won’t be able to withdraw the amount until after 60 years. Hefty penalties may accrue for earlier withdrawal. Taxation also applies at withdrawal.

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Pros and Cons


  • Save 20% or more on your capital gains for assets using a Roth account where no capital gains taxes are paid.
  • Minimum account opening for $3,000 lower than many cryptocurrency IRAs.
  • Taxation is deferred till withdrawal time.
  • Can invest in gold at a low cost.
  • The account bears interest – 6% on crypto and cash.
  • Allows for rolling over of existing IRA.
  • Regulated by U.S. authorities.


  • The fee is high — a one-time fee of 10% to 15% of the initial investment. $240 annual custodial account fee, a $75 asset conversion fee, a 5% buy fee, and a 1% sell platform fee.
  • Trading digital assets start after 3-5 days of opening the account.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies make sense for one’s portfolio in an individual retirement account, given the massive advantages of taxation, investment diversification, and expansive features on these platforms. This tutorial discussed the benefits and challenges of joining a Bitcoin IRA.

We suggest joining BitcoinIRA, which is the first, and now largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency IRA. It is not only safe but also helpful with additional features such as Saver IRA and interest in one’s assets inside the portfolio.

Time take to review this tutorial: 10 hours.

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