Top Blockchain Certification And Training Courses For 2021

Explore our list of top Blockchain Certification Programs to help you earn a free or paid certification and become a Certified Blockchain Professional:

In the previous Blockchain Developer tutorial of the Blockchain tutorial series, we have learned about the top 4 Blockchain Developer courses with their pricing.

The World Economic Forum estimates that 18% of the world’s Growth Domestic Product or GDP will run on blockchain by 2025.

It will impact almost every economic sector globally. For instance, it will impact health, education, manufacturing, retail and marketing, entertainment, finance, supply chain, governance, public and private sector.

Blockchain certification Tutorial

Blockchain Certification Courses

The demand for blockchain professionals is the result of the expansion of the blockchain economy.

Blockchain certification enables a person to first acquire the required set of skills needed to be a competitive blockchain expert. Second, the person also acquires the ability, credibility, and competence to work in the blockchain expert fields. You could become a blockchain engineer, developer, and blockchain designer as well.

This tutorial will look at the basics of certification, including what it means, benefits, and how to acquire certification. We will also consider the top versatile certification courses in the world today that you could join to earn a free or paid certification.

Fact Check:

  • Blockchain market size will grow from 1.2 billion in 2018 to reach $23.3 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 80%.
  • First among the top 20 fastest-growing job skills are blockchain distributed ledgers. In 2018, posting for such jobs grew over 200%. Top of the future job positions in the blockchain is Blockchain Developer and other experts in the blockchain, as first on the list. The report mentioned above includes programming skills in Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, and Solidity as some of the top growing skills in terms of demand.

Blockchain adoption:

Blockchain Adoption

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  • Certificate, degree, and master’s level blockchain certifications are available and can best be acquired from certified trainers and universities. Degree and master-level certifications offer the best options for a long-term career and leadership as a blockchain professional.
  • Both free and paid courses are available. Some are overpriced, so be sure to weigh in affordability and compare it with value.
  • Before signing up for certification, first, identify what kind of certification you want; then select the desired certification bodies and then choose your certification program and gain in-depth knowledge of the issues in question.

What Is Blockchain Certification

The best blockchain certification enables one to acquire the skills they need to pursue a career in blockchain. As a certified expert, you can utilize the certification to pursue a career as a blockchain developer, blockchain engineer, project manager, legal consultant, and blockchain web designer. Some are specific.

For instance, an IBM blockchain certification for developers enables you to develop on the IBM platform using the Hyperledger Fabric.

In pursuit of the best blockchain certification, you learn specific blockchain and crypto courses in organized and timed educational courses. Some of these have specified curriculums while others do not have, and some have physical-only, others with online attendance.

Some courses are diverse while other courses are platform-agnostic like those towards an IBM blockchain certification.

All certifications are exam-based (internal, external, and internationally recognized exams) with a required pass mark but also incorporate practical experiences. It provides in-depth theoretical knowledge in blockchain as well as practical experience of working in blockchain fields.

Top Blockchain Careers

Enlisted below are the 5 top Blockchain careers to pursue as a Certified Blockchain Expert:

#1) Blockchain Developer: With tech skills like MSQL, AJAX, .NET, Regression, SOAP, JavaScript, C++, a blockchain developer can develop a blockchain, dApps for blockchains, and other software.

Learn to use developer tools, or at least the most common ones such as Truffle, MetaMask, Geth, and Ganache. You also learn critical technologies in blockchain development and programming languages including Node.js, WebGL, JavaScript, etc.

While most of the courses train developers to develop on all blockchains, some like those two towards an IBM blockchain certification, are specific on the blockchain for which you will develop after certification.

#2) Blockchain Engineer: They possess skills like Java, Oracle, Hyperledger, Python, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain development skills. The certified professional is tasked with things like creating and planning blockchain infrastructure, creating dApps or decentralized apps, training employees, among others.

#3) Blockchain Project Manager: The certified blockchain professionals come up with project objectives, scope, deliverables, and purpose. They organize and supervise the project matters.

#4) Blockchain Legal Consultants: These professionals have a legal background. They develop legal partnerships and smart contracts, advise on ICO projects, offer advice on crypto deals, offer advice on investments, and do other things pertaining to the legal execution of business matters.

#5) Blockchain Web Designer: These professionals are responsible for developing a user interface design using Figma, Sketch, PS.

#6) Blockchain Architect: These professionals are responsible for providing blockchain structural and architectural services.

Benefits Of Blockchain Training And Certification

  1. Huge demand for certified blockchain professionals today and in the future.
  2. Huge pay for those with blockchain technology certification. It offers income diversification opportunities and improves your income as a person.
  3. You can help when your employer wants to implement blockchain technology.
  4. The courses are a lot cheaper than degrees, given they are shorter. Blockchain certification free and paid courses are more subject-centric than degrees.
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List Of Top Blockchain Certification Programs

Here is the list of popular Blockchain Training Courses:

  1. Masters in Digital Currency
  2. Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business
  3. Master of Blockchain-Enabled Business
  4. Developing Blockchain Applications: hands-on
  5. Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program
  6. Blockchain Applications MasterTrack Certificate
  7. Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application
  8. Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program
  9. Ethereum and smart contract development
  10. Blockchain Specialization
  11. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology
  12. The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE
  13. Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)
  14. CBDH: Certified Blockchain Developer: Hyperledger
  15. CBDE: Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer
  16. Blockchain Essentials
  17. Applied Cryptography
  18. Blockchain Certification for Enterprise Specialization
  19. Blockchain Developers Decal
  20. Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)

Comparison Of Free And Paid Blockchain Courses

Certification Training DurationCost Mode of training Level Our rating (out of 5) Institution
Masters in Digital Currency3 years$16,544Online and offline. Masters5University of Nicosia, USA.
Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business9 – 12 months$10,900Online training. Graduate5RMIT University, USA
Master of Blockchain Enabled Business1.5 years part-time or 3 years full-time $23,386Online. Masters level.5RMIT University, USA
Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program4-5 monthsNot disclosed Online Nano degree4.7Udacity, Online
Developing Blockchain Applications – hands-on course 8 weeks$993Online and offline. Certificate. 4.5RMIT University, USA
Blockchain Applications MasterTrack Certificate6-9 months$750Online and offline. Certificate. 4.5Duke University.
Coursera, USA
Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application6 weeks$3,500Online. Certificate4.5MIT, USA
Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program6 weeks$3000Online training and examCertificate 4.5Oxford Business School and Esme Learning, USA
Ethereum and smart contract development4 monthsUndisclosedOnline. Certificate4Duke University, USA.
Blockchain Specialization 3$1200Online Certificate 4State University of New York, USA
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology23 hoursFree OnlineCertificate 4Princeton University, USA
The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE6$129Online training and offline exam Certificate3.5Blockchain Council, Online
Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)6$129Online training and offline examCertificate3.5Blockchain Council, Online
CBDH: Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger.2 days$2195OnlineCertificate3.5Blockchain Training Alliance, Online
CBDE: Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer2 days$2195OnlineCertificate 3.5Blockchain Training Alliance, Online
Blockchain Essentials 2 monthsNot disclosedOnlineCertificate3.5Cornell University, USA
Applied Cryptography16 weeksNot disclosed OnlineCertificate 3.5University of Illinois, USA
Blockchain Certification for EnterprisesNote disclosed Not disclosed OnlineCertificate3.5Insead, Online
Blockchain Developers Decal FreeNot disclosedOnlineCertificate3.5University of California at Berkeley, Online
Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)2 years$495OnlineCertificate 3.5Blockchain Institute of Technology, Online

Let us overview all the above-listed certification programs below:

#1) Masters In Digital Currency

Masters in Digital Currency

University: University of Nicosia

This three-year master’s degree course teaches students digital technologies and their potential in the modern economy. It is a great alternative for an IBM blockchain certification. Over 600 students have joined the blockchain training course, which has also offered over £330,000 in scholarships.

Cost: The tuition fee is $2068 per each of the 8 courses, and the total cost being $16,544.

Duration: 3 years

Website: UNIC

#2) Graduate Certificate In Blockchain Enabled Business

Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business

University: RMIT University

The Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business is an online-based 9 months accelerated program or 12 months normal duration short course. You will learn how to formulate a blockchain strategy and communicate its value to stakeholders and employees. You will also learn to apply blockchain essentials and concepts, and address ethical and regulatory obligations.

Cost: $2724 per course or a total of $10,900 for all courses.

Duration: 9 months.

Website: RMIT

#3) Master Of Blockchain Enabled Business

Master of Blockchain Enabled Business

University: RMIT University

This is one of the best alternatives for an IBM blockchain certification, and this coming February 2021, the course will be accepting those who complete the Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business. You will learn how to practically manage blockchain in public and private enterprises. You have the option to study on a part-time or full-time basis.

Cost: $23,386

Duration: 1.5 years on a full-time basis, 3 years part-time.

Website: Master of Blockchain Enabled Business

Other courses at this University:

Developing Blockchain Strategy teaches the concepts of blockchain technology, a framework for applying blockchain in business.

Duration: 8 weeks.

Cost: $1136

#4) Developing Blockchain Applications: Hands-on

Developing Blockchain Applications hands-on

University/Institution: RMIT University

This is an 8-week hands-on programming course to train people to develop blockchain applications. You will learn to use Ethereum, Solidity, web3.js, and Embark to develop dApps and smart contracts. Need to have C++, Java, Python, Go, and JavaScript programming experience to enroll.

Duration: 8 weeks.

Cost: $993

Website: Developing Blockchain Applications – hands-on

#5) Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program

Udacity Nanodegree


The course prepares one to be a blockchain developer and is heavy on practical implementation. The training course is one of the most exhaustive blockchain courses out there. It takes place in 5 modules and includes content on blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, dApps creation, blockchain architecture, and a capstone project.

It is required to have knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming for this certification.

Duration: 4-5 months or 10 weeks of work.

Cost: Not disclosed.

Website: Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program

#6) Blockchain Applications MasterTrack Certificate

Blockchain Applications MasterTrack Certificate

University: Duke University

Those who get the certification offered through Coursera are eligible to get a 10% reduction of fees for the Master of Engineering in Fintech. You learn the workings of a blockchain, the value of cryptos including in business, applications of blockchain, and the limitations of blockchains and crypto.

This 6-9 months course is 100% offered online at the cost of $750. It is offered online via Coursera. You learn through written and video materials as well as hands-on project building such as developing a token, creating a wallet, creating smart contracts.

Cost: $750.

Duration: 6-9 months.

Website: Blockchain Applications MasterTrack Certificate

#7) Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

Blockchain Technologies Business Innovation and Application

University: MIT

This self-paced online program teaches how blockchain works, applications, and beyond the fundamentals. The course is led by Professor Christian Catalini, who is an MIT faculty and cryptoeconomics expert.

Cost: $3,500.

Duration: 6 weeks.

Website: Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

#8) Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program

University: Oxford Business School

This school offers programs to target business leaders and innovators, to learn how such technologies are impacting businesses, companies, governments, and the masses.

The course is offered through the Said Business School of Oxford Business School partnership with Esme Learning. It is delivered online.

Cost: $3000

Duration: 6 weeks.

Website: Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program

#9) Ethereum and Smart Contract Development

Ethereum and smart contract development

University: Duke University, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

This course teaches learners how to develop applications on Ethereum using Solidity language, and tools such as Truffle and Web3.js.

Cost: Undisclosed.

Duration: 4 months.

Website:  Ethereum and smart contract development

#10) Blockchain Specialization

Blockchain Specialization

[image source]     

University: State University of New York

It has attracted around 15,000 enrolments and features self-paced tuition sessions of video lectures and practices quizzes. Fit for programmers, it takes around three months, costs $1200 with a 7-day trial period and a refund policy, and is ideal for intermediate-level programmers.

  • 100% online course.
  • Hands-on project in a specialization in order to earn the certificate.
  • Get a sharable certificate on completion.
  • Skills include Ethereum dApps, smart contracts, and solidarity.

Course components and certifications are as follows:

  • Blockchain basics: Learn blockchain essentials and fundamentals.
  • Smart Contracts: Learn how to design, code, deploy, and execute a smart contract.
  • Decentralized applications or dApps: Learn how to design and develop dApps using web clients, Truffle, and IDE.
  • Blockchain Platforms: Learn diverse public and private permissioned blockchains and options in development and utilization in organizational settings.

Cost: $1200.

Duration: 3 months.

Website: Blockchain Specialization

#11) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology

University: Princeton University

One of the oldest universities in the US is also offering blockchain and crypto courses through Coursera. This is a 100% online free course.

Cost: Free.

Duration: 23 hours.

Website: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology

#12) The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE

The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE

University/Institution: Blockchain Council

The certification blockchain expert course provides knowledge for blockchain basics, smart contracts, and use cases of blockchains, consensus algorithms, and blockchain attacks. After learning in a 6 hours course and learning how to build blockchain-based applications, you can apply for the exam to be certified after passing the exam.

Blockchain certification by Blockchain Council includes a self-paced, exam-based theory and practice with lab-based practical experiences and blockchain certifications.

After the blockchain certifications, you can work as a blockchain developer, architect, and blockchain marketing professional, law professional, HR professional, and security professional. Blockchain Council is a private organization that offers instructor-led and self-paced courses.

Cost: $129.

Duration: 6 hours. The exam duration is one hour.

Website: The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE

#13) Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)

Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)

University/Institution: Blockchain Council

This is one of the best blockchain certification courses that provide learners with the internal knowledge base in an enterprise to enable development and maintenance of client-end distributed computing applications on the blockchain. It is online-based, including the exam.

Cost: $199

Duration: 6 hours self-paced.

Website: Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)

#14) CBDH: Certified Blockchain Developer: Hyperledger

CBDH Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger

University/Institution: Blockchain Training Alliance

The blockchain technology certification course, like all the others from this institution, is delivered through Vue’s 7,000 testing centers globally.

Cost: $300 for the exam and $1895 for training.

Duration: 2 days.

Website: CBDH: Certified Blockchain Developer: Hyperledger

#15) CBDE: Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer

CBDE Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer2

University/Institution: Blockchain Training Alliance

Like other blockchain courses at the institute, it is provided through Vue’s 7,000 testing centers globally.

Duration: 2 days.

Cost: $300 for exam, $1895 for training.

Website: CBDE: Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer

#16) Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain Essentials

University: Cornell University

The university uses Cornell Blockchain, which is supported by the university’s Initiatives for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts or IC3 for education, certification, and application.

This certificate course educates on cryptocurrencies and ledgers, cryptography essentials, blockchain fundamentals, and the application of blockchain technology. You learn how to apply blockchain within business settings.

Cost: Not disclosed.

Duration: 2 months

Website: Coursera , eCornell

#17) Applied Cryptography

Applied Cryptography

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The university runs the University of Illinois Decentralized Systems Lab. The lab leads in innovation, projects, and training in blockchain and crypto.

Cost: Not disclosed.

Duration: 16 weeks.

Website: Applied Cryptography

#18) Blockchain Certification For Enterprise Specialization

Enterprise Specialization

University/Institution: INSEAD

The course starts with fundamentals of blockchain, then proceeds to crypto-asset types, transactions of crypto-assets on a blockchain, and application of blockchain on business models. Learners must produce a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis where they evaluate the possibility of implementing blockchain in their industry.

Delivery Mode: Online.

Difficulty Level: Beginner.

Ideal For: Business analysts, Evangelists.

Cost: 7-day trial for free; actual fee not disclosed.

Website: Blockchain Certification for Enterprise Specialization

#19) Blockchain Developers Decal

Blockchain Developers Decal

University: University of California at Berkeley

This course teaches how to code on blockchain and is provided through edX online training platform. Through the Blockchain at Berkeley student-led organization, the university offers education, research, and consultancy in the blockchain. It also organizes meet-ups, seminars, lectures, and workshops across the East Bay.

Cost: One of the best blockchain certifications for free courses.

Duration: Not disclosed.

Website: Blockchain Developers Decal

#20) Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)

Blockchain Institute of Technology

University/Institution: Blockchain Institute of Technology

This exam-based program takes 2 years to complete, although it features additional courses. It enables you to work in any role in blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto roles.

Cost: $495

Duration: Self-paced

Website: Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)


The best blockchain certification helps to attain the credibility to work in blockchain and crypto careers, including in business, development, engineering, marketing, security, and other fields.

Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Technologies, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies courses offered by the University of California at Berkeley and on Coursera and other online training platforms are best for beginner developers and blockchain professionals.

Blockchain technology certification courses such as Developing Blockchain Applications – hands-on course from RMIT University are best for mid-level and advanced blockchain developers. Advanced courses such as the Masters in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia are best for leaders in blockchain companies.

A degree certification in the blockchain would be highly beneficial for those looking for long-term careers in blockchain and cryptocurrencies or digital currencies.

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