Where To Buy Dogecoin: Top 8 Exchanges And Apps

Read this review of top Exchanges and Apps with simple steps on how to buy Dogecoin. Compare and select the best platform to identify where to buy Dogecoin:

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is native to the Dogecoin blockchain, which employs a proof of work mining protocol. The open-source platform facilitates instant peer-to-peer transactions between users, no matter where they are located in the world.

The distributed network of nodes from around the world is censor-proof and the nodes are responsible for confirming transactions. Dogecoin has a projected future, a reason why it is worth your money.

Where to Buy Dogecoin – Apps Review

Where to buy Dogecoi

Dogecoin was created in 2013 by Bill Marcus and Jackson Palmer as a light-hearted joke among crypto enthusiasts. The blockchain is called Scrypt, was forked out of Litecoin, and mining on it is lesser energy-intensive than Bitcoin.

This tutorial considers the top places from where to buy Dogecoin, how to get Dogecoin, and facts on why you should hold the cryptocurrency.

Market Trends: 

  • The all-time-high price is $0.68 for Dogecoin, with most of the gains attained in 2020. It is very hard for Doge crypto to attain and sustain a high price like BTC because of its economic model – being with an unlimited supply.
  • Miners earn 10,000 DOGE per block, confirmation time is 1 minute – ten times faster than Bitcoin, and the network has 1,451 nodes with the majority in the U.S. It has no supply limit.
  • About five billion Dogecoins enter circulation each year.
  • The dog on the Dogecoins logo is Shiba Inu.
  • By daily, monthly, and yearly volumes, Dogecoin is mostly traded on Coinbase against USD, Binance against USDT, Bithumb against Korean KRW, Huobi against USDT, and Binance against the BUSD.

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Dogecoin price chart since 2013
Dogecoin price chart since 2013

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Where to buy Dogecoin
Where to buy Dogecoin

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Expert Advice:

  • Trading Dogecoin actively is as highly advised as holding it for a long time given the substantial gains recorded and potential.
  • Dogecoin is available for trading on the spot, on perpetual and future markets. The largest spot markets are shown in the chart above. These allow you to buy instantly with local payment methods. You can buy Dogecoins on perpetual markets is Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Gate.io, and Bybit. In that case, you do not need to buy the actual crypto buy only contracts predicting future prices. We do not have Dogecoin futures yet.
  • If you want to trade it in a peer-to-peer marketplace that has local fiat payment methods, check CryptoLocally. Otherwise, there is a non-custodial decentralized exchange called DogeDEX for peer-to-peer trading. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and desktop.

Reasons for Buying Dogecoin:

  • Dogecoin gained over 4,000% in 2021 alone.
  • It has a very huge following, with over 2.2 million subscribing to the Dogecoin sub-Reddit. It is also a penny token, which makes it attractive to beginners in crypto.

Buy Dogecoin – FAQs

Q #1) Where can I buy Dogecoin? 

Answer: Dogecoin is available for buying in multiple marketplaces and crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood, Kraken, Ledger, eToro, Gemini, and SoFi.

Read this tutorial to find out where to buy Dogecoin for low fees, how much each one charges, and also how to buy Dogecoin crypto on each of these markets.

Q #2) Can I buy Dogecoin directly? 

Answer: Yes, for those searching on how to buy Dogecoin crypto on a peer-to-peer exchange, it is available on DogeDex but not against fiat currencies. Liquidity may also be a problem here.

Also, you will need a wallet where you can send the coins. You can buy Dogecoin directly on the crypto exchanges listed below so long as you are using their over-the-counter trading or peer-to-peer platforms. Today, most have those features despite being centralized.  

Q #3) Is it good to buy Dogecoin now? 

Answer: Yes, Dogecoin may not attain $10 soon given it is unlimited in supply, but it is projected to reach $1 this year. Its all-time-high prediction in 2030 is around $25.38. It could go as high as $5.48 and $6.09 in 2025. Besides, it is one of the penny tokens with huge potential right now.

Q #4) How do I buy Dogecoin instantly? 

Answer: Coinbase, DogeDex, Binance, Robinhood, Kraken, Ledger, eToro, Gemini, and SoFi are some places to go if looking for how to buy Dogecoin stock instantly. Most of these are centralized exchanges but have OTC or peer-to-peer buying or selling features.

With OTC or peer-to-peer trading, you select a peer to trade with, enter the amount, and then pay them using any method they prescribed. It is essential to use other cryptos when buying Dogecoin instantly or instant electronic payment methods like PayPal, SWIFT, or Skrill.

Some methods, like bank transfers, eChecks, and credit cards, might take time to complete a payment whether depositing directly on the exchange or paying a peer.

Q #5) Is Dogecoin safe? 

Answer: Yes, it is very safe in terms of transacting because it is based on blockchain – a decentralized tamper-proof technology secured with cryptography. It is harder to hack or compromise than a bank or some centralized payment platform.

Buying and selling Dogecoin presents some risks when you trade or invest an amount you cannot afford to lose. Check your risk averseness when trading Dogecoin.

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List of the Top Apps to Buy Dogecoin

Popular and best exchanges and apps list:

  1. Uphold
  2. Swapzone
  3. Kraken
  4. Coinbase
  5. Binance
  6. Robinhood
  7. Ledger
  8. eToro
  9. Gemini
  10. SoFi

Comparison Table for Best Exchanges to get Dogecoins

Platform/exchange Fees Payment methods Other assets traded Rating
Uphold0.8% to 1.2% for Bitcoin and Ethereum and up to 1.95% for other cryptocurrenciesBank Transfer, Credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google PayStablecoins, cryptocurrencies, Metals, etc.4.5/5
SwapzoneSpreads which vary from crypto to crypto. Mining fees also apply.Crypto, 20+ national currencies (SEPA, VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, SWIFT and bank)Cryptos only4.5/5
Kraken0% to 0.26% per tradeCredit card, bank account, Etana Custody, Silvergate Exchange Network, and cryptos. Only cryptos. 4.6/5
Coinbase1.49% to 3.99%Credit card, bank transfer, Swift, PayPal, Apple Pay, cryptos, and Google Pay etc. Only cryptos. 5/5
Binance0.1000% maker and 0.1000% taker to 0.0200% maker and 0.0400% taker. You get 25% off paying with BNB. Credit card, debit card, PayPal, Western Union, Yandex Money, cryptos, Payeer, etc. Only cryptos. 4.7/5
RobinhoodCommission-free    Bank account, credit card. Stocks, ETFs, etc. 4.7/5
Ledger1.7% to 4.5%. Credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal etc. Only cryptos. 4.5/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) Uphold


Uphold lets you buy and sell Dogecoin and 210+ other cryptos with multiple payment methods. Uphold supports trading of stocks, precious metals, and forex. Although stock trading is available in select states in the United States, Uphold allows users to cross-exchange these assets with little hassle.

It is a great exchange for those users that want to maintain a multiple-asset portfolio on the same account. This provides a greater chance for better portfolio tracking and trading.

For Dogecoin users, you can buy it instantly via credit and debit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay.

The platform charges no trading fees but only spreads. However, since Dogecoin is a low-liquidity coin, you expect slightly higher spreads than that of Bitcoin and Ethereum (between 0.8% and 1.2%).

The platform is also advantageous for easy spending of Dogecoin with a cashback card – Uphold MasterCard Card gives 1% to 2% cashback for those spending crypto to purchase goods and services. You can also use the card to auto-convert crypto and withdraw fiat on ATMs.

How to buy Dogecoin on Uphold:

Step 1: Create and verify your account on Uphold web or mobile app.

Step 2: Go to the dashboard. Tap or click the Transact tab. From the ‘From’ the drop-down menu, choose bank, credit, or debit card. Tap + and enter the bank or card details and add the card or bank account. Enter the amount you want to spend to purchase crypto. You can also purchase using Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Choose Dogecoin from the ‘To’ drop-down menu and choose Dogecoin. Proceed to purchase crypto. Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit cards, and debit cards are instant.

Fees: 0.8% to 1.2% for Bitcoin and Ethereum and up to 1.95% for other cryptocurrencies. Between 2.45% to 3.99% may be charged for fiat payment methods (debit and credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay).

#2) Swapzone

Swapzone enables traders to compare crypto trading and exchange offers across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers. It supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies in addition to Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

With just a few steps, you can buy Dogecoin using 20+ fiat money including USD, EUR, CAD, etc although there currently is a problem in finding a matching offer when buying some coins and altcoins with fiat money when I checked.

The problem is understandable because most of the exchanges that support fiat-to-crypto (or the so-called fiat on-ramps) transactions to enable buying crypto with fiat, mainly support mainstream cryptos such as Eth and Btc. If you insist on buying Dogecoin with fiat through Swapzone, you may need to first buy BTC (or some other mainstream currency like ETH which has direct fiat-to-crypto supported on Swapzone) and then exchange it for Doge.

Nevertheless, you will get multiple offers when buying Dogecoin with any other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and 1000+ others. Once you key in your order (crypto needed, crypto to be spent, and amount of purchase), you will get multiple offers from exchanges such as Changelly, Swift, EasyBit, Exolix, Alfacash, and ChangeHero. Most of these are crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

How to buy Dogecoin on Swapzone: 

a) Visit the home page swapzone.io. If you want to buy Doge with BTC or other cryptos, click or tap the Exchange crypto button, select the crypto to spend in buying Doge from the left drop-down menu on the first entry under “Send” then select Doge in the drop-down menu on the second entry under “Get Up to”. It simply means you will send the first crypto and they will send you Doge.

It will present you with different offers from different exchanges. Choose your most suitable offer from the list of available ones. You can choose offers based on the expected speed of transaction, price, and customer ratings. Click or tap the Exchange button against an offer to proceed.

b) In the next steps, you will be required to enter details about the wallet address where the Doge will be sent and a different one to which your crypto (the one you are sending to spend to buy Doge) will be sent if the transaction bounces. Providing the email is optional. Tick agreeing to terms (and receiving emails if need be) and proceed.

c) In the next steps, you will be required to send crypto to the exchange using an address presented on that page (or a QR code that you can scan to send the crypto). The wallet address belongs to the crypto exchange where the order is being sourced, and you can send it all without registering, and you will receive the Dogecoins once the transaction is confirmed.

Fees: No trading/exchange fee. Only the mining fee is charged by the blockchain in question.

#3) Kraken


Kraken supports over 110 cryptocurrencies for buying and selling. It is one of the best places to buy Dogecoin, given it is one of the oldest exchanges around. Second, it has low trading fees compared to many even famous exchanges like Binance. Third, it has a high liquid of 656 out of 1000 according to a ranking by CoinMarketCap. It trades $2 million worth of Cardano volume per day.

Kraken supports many internet payment methods, and also allows credit cards and cash-in-person deposits via Canada Post partnership. They also support bank transfers from an added bank account, as well as debit and credit cards for depositing other fiats.

You can also use Etana Custody, Silvergate Exchange Network. Kraken also offers other products and services that cover Dogecoin, including over-the-counter purchases, margin trading up to 5 times, liquidity API access, etc.

How to buy Dogecoin in Kraken:

a) Sign up for and verify an account: Traders must verify accounts at Kraken before depositing fiat. It is also needed before you can sell cryptos. Verification also takes five days or fewer.

b) Deposit fiat or crypto: You can either exchange Doge with other cryptocurrencies or fiat which you must deposit. Depositing crypto is as easy as finding a wallet and wallet address for the stable coin or crypto you want to deposit.

Depositing fiat requires you to be logged in. Click on the Funding tab, then the Deposit tab. Find the currency you wish to deposit, enter the amount, then from the drop-down menu, select the payment method.

Kraken Buy Dogecoin

[image source]

c) Buy Dogecoin: While logged in on the mobile app or web platform, click Buy Crypto, enter the amount to buy when the tile pops up, then review the order and submit. You can proceed to use the deposited balance or to pay with your payment method of choice.

The exchange also has a centralized order book on-the-spot market, which you can access by clicking Trade on the homepage. Select Advanced or simple mode; click Buy, then select Dogecoin against the currency or crypto you just deposited.

Advanced feature lets you access leveraged trade order types, stop losses, and order scheduling, as well as simple order types like limits and market orders. Proceed to buy.

Fees: 0% to 0.26% per trade, 3.75% + €0.25 for credit card purchases, and 1.7% + $0.10 for online banking processing. 

#4) Coinbase


Coinbase is one of the top five choices for people buying cryptocurrencies in the United States.

It offers more than 50 cryptocurrencies that you can buy not only with a credit card, bank account balance, and bank wire but also on Internet-based payment methods. This includes PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. That means it is a great option for starters looking for where to buy Dogecoins.

Coinbase also allows users to exchange crypto for another, thus you can buy Dogecoin by depositing Bitcoin and other cryptos. Coinbase provides many other products that support Dogecoin. They include Coinbase Pro, which in addition to helping lower fees, lets you leverage advanced charting tools and trading APIs.

Coinbase provides a hosted wallet for Dogecoin and other cryptos. Other products include custody for institutional traders and holders, Coinbase Commerce for those wanting to accept crypto for goods and services, etc.

How to buy Dogecoin stock on Coinbase:

a) Open an account: In addition to mere registration with a name and email details, you must verify an account to transact, including to deposit. Head over to the verification page after registering.

b) Link a payment method: Once logged in, click on Settings, select Payment Methods, select Add a payment method, then link the desired account type.

  • To add a bank account, select Bank Account from the list of payment methods and click Continue. Type the bank name and login credentials. Alternatively, on the Add a payment method option, scroll down to Don’t see your bank? Search instead.
  • Two small test bank deposits are charged on your account and you will need to enter the details of the transactions to verify. It takes about 2-3 business days to verify the account this way. After that, you can pay using the account.

==> Here is a video on Buying Dogecoin on Coinbase

c) Buy Dogecoin: Click Trade, select Dogecoin, enter the amount, and proceed to buy.

Fees: 1.49% to 3.99% depending on the purchase method.

Website: Coinbase

#5) Binance


Binance, though being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by market capitalization, is not the largest market for Dogecoin trading just yet, with only $19M in daily volume.

With over 50 peer-to-peer Internet payment options supported, it beats most crypto exchanges on the list for trading Doge. You can buy Dogecoin with PayPal, Western Union, Yandex Money, Payeer, in addition to mainstream credit cards and bank wire.

Besides, you can trade Doge for margined perpetual futures contracts. The exchange also offers wallets, NFTs, portfolio management, watchlists, explorers, site widgets, and crypto APIs, all of which support Doge.

How to buy Doge on Binance:

The process resembles buying other cryptos on the exchange, starting with registration.

a) Create and register an account: Binance also needs you to verify an account to deposit crypto or fiat, trade, or make withdrawals. You must submit photos, images, and other details.

Buy Doge on Binance

==> Here is a video on Buying Dogecoin on Coinbase

b) Make a deposit and buy: Click on the Buy Now page, choose the currency to deposit, amount, method of payment, and then continue to buy.

P2P is also allowed on the Binance exchange.

c) Check that the crypto amount is reflected in the wallet balance. 

Fees: 0.1000% maker and 0.1000% taker for < 1,000,000 BUSD 30-day trading volume to 0.0200% maker and 0.0400% taker for more1 5,000,000,000 BUSD 30-day trading volume. If paying with BNB, you get 25% off.

Website: Binance

#6) Robinhood


Robinhood started in 2013 and is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. With the app, users can trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, fractional shares, and cryptocurrencies through a mobile app for free, and against fiat.

Besides, you can set automatically reinvest earned dividends from stocks and ETFs for positions that support fractional share trading. The products and services can also be traded on the web platform. It attracts especially young users given that it’s more than 13 million users average at 31 years.

Other products include automatic and recurring investments in cryptos like Dogecoin and savings to earn a 30% per year interest. It suits people who want to diversify their investments in all these assets with 6900+ symbols to consider as fractional shares. You can also trade 8 cryptos in addition to Dogecoin.

How to buy Dogecoin stock Robinhood:

a) Create an account: Robinhood is only useful to people in the United States. You will need a Social Security Number (SSN) and physical residence, as well as other details, to run an account. Fill in your name, email, employment information, trading experience, etc. File documentation and proceed to confirm the application.

The application takes five to seven more days to either be confirmed or rejected.

b) Fund your account: On the bottom left of the interface is the wallet tab. Hit the Deposit Funds button, tap Continue on the popup, input the bank account user ID and password, and verify. Proceed to link the bank account.

Robinhood Buy Dogecoin

==> Here is a video on Buying Dogecoin on Coinbase

c) Buy Crypto: On Android, go to Dogecoin’s page, tap Trade, Buy, Order Types, choose your preferred order type, and then confirm the order. Submit. On the website, search for Dogecoin Crypto, enter the amount to buy in the order window, click Review, and then confirm the order.

Fees: Commission-free.         

Website: Robinhood

#7) Ledger


Ledger is a hardware USB wallet, which carries extra security features in the form of physical methods of confirming the transaction like a screen and physical buttons. It also uses extra secure technology – tamper-resistant Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ certified Secure Element (SE) chips. Its wallets include Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X wallets.

They are the best wallet for institutional Dogecoin holders and traders, more so because they support multi-signature features. The latter allows you to set that to more than one person and approve crypto spending transactions.

These wallets are used to store a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin. However, they also comprise an inbuilt crypto exchange and can sync with third-party apps for those wanting to buy Dogecoin. In particular, Ledger Live lets you swap Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies quickly and easily on your hardware wallet.

How to buy Dogecoin on Ledger Live:

This allows you to buy Dogecoin or other cryptos with fiat and through payment methods like PayPal. You can also deposit other crypto and use them to buy Doge. The platform links buyers with MoonPay, Wyre, and Coinify platforms to buy with fiat.

a) Buy a hardware wallet and install a mobile or desktop app: Both are needed in the buying process.

b) Set up an account on the Ledger Live app, confirm, and link Ledger hardware wallet. On the mobile app, the Ledger hardware wallet can be connected with an OTG to sync with the Ledger Live on the mobile device. Click Manager on the Ledger Live, connect the device to unlock, then find and install the Dogecoin app on the Ledger device. Update the firmware.

To add a Dogecoin account on Ledger Live, click Accounts then Portfolio or Add account option. Select Dogecoin from the drop-down menu, click Continue, connect the device with OTG to unlock, click Add a new account, and proceed.

Proceed to set up Coinfy or a third-party account on Ledger Live and confirm it by submitting relevant documents. This is done by clicking on Create Account.  

Ledger Live Buying crypto

[image source]

c) Buy Dogecoin on the app: While on Ledger Live, click Buy Crypto, login to added Coinfy or other third-party accounts, select Dogecoin, enter the amount, and complete payment with a card or other appropriate methods. Crypto is sent to your Dogecoin hardware wallet.

Fees: 4.5% for payment card users and 1.7% for bank transfers.

Website: Ledger

#8) eToro

eToro new

eToro is the world’s most popular social trading platform, with over 40 financial instruments to trade in addition to crypto. Due to the copy trading feature, it is most suitable for newbies buying and selling Dogecoin because you don’t have to know the ins and outs of crypto trading.

If you are actively willing to trade Dogecoin, then the platform lets you copy trades from professional traders. You can utilize this knowledge to earn profit from trading Dogecoin.

eToro lets you trade crypto in their raw form and as contracts for difference. For those looking for where to buy Dogecoin with PayPal, the platform allows that. This is in addition to using Neteller, Skrill, iDeal, Klarna/Sofort Banking, online banking, Poli, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.

The platform allows you to set automated recurring deposits and investments to Dogecoin or other cryptos. For those looking for how to buy Dogecoin stock, you can use eToro to invest in shares, stocks, ETFs, contracts for differences, and many other financial instruments.

How to buy Dogecoin on eToro:

a) Create an account: Trading Dogecoin or other crypto requires account verification. It is also required for depositing fiat.

b) Deposit fiat or crypt: Click “Deposit Funds”, enter the amount, select cryptocurrency, and enter the preferred method. Proceed to pay. Some methods are instant purchases, others are not.

eToro BuyDogecoin

[image source]

c) Buy Dogecoin: Go to the cryptocurrency page and click Buy or search Dogecoin on the search bar. Select Trade or Order. Trade lets you buy a specified amount of Doge at market price while Order lets you set a certain (e.g.) future price at which to buy.

Enter the amount and set the price or buy it at market price. Proceed to pay with the preferred method or with the deposited crypto or currency.  

Fees: 2.9 %. Crypto CFDs are charged at 0.75%.

Website: eToro

#9) Gemini


Gemini lets users buy, sell, hold, and invest in cryptocurrencies or digital assets on their mobiles, tablets, and PCs via web platform. It is highly reviewed with 4.8/5 stars on the App Store and 4.5/5 on the Google Play Store.

It has a history of never having been hacked in its history and having insured assets against hacks and eventualities. Thus, it is one of the most secure crypto exchanges.

The exchange allows a trading minimum of 0.00001 BTC and 0.001 Eth. Besides, you can make up to 10 withdrawals per crypto supported per month, for free. The exchange lets you deposit fiat in a number of ways – bank transfer and wire, credit and debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies.  

How to buy Dogecoin on Gemini:

a) Link the bank account: You can link the bank account through Plaid with a username and password. You can also add an account manually by filling in the required details like routing numbers from the Payment Methods tab.

To wire money in, tab or click Transfer and then Deposit into Gemini located on the top right corner of the Gemini account. Choose the fiat to deposit, select wire or bank transfer on the deposit method menu, and then proceed.

You get details, including via email, on where and how to deposit. The bank name should match that on the Gemini account.

Buying crypto on Gemini

[image source]

c) Buy Dogecoin: Click Buy from the main menu bar and then select Dogecoin from the list of cryptos. Choose whether you want to buy with deposited USD, Eth, BTC, or others. Enter an amount to buy and you are shown the amount of USD, BTC, Eth, or other to spend on the buying. Click Buy to finish.

Fees: Up to 1.49% depending on trading platform; 3.49% for debit card purchases. Other fees may apply.

Website: Gemini

#10) SoFi

SoFi 1

SoFi is a trading application for experienced and beginners alike, but mostly those who want to trade other traditional assets in their investment diversification journey. Users can trade stocks, index funds, ETFs, crypto, and fractional shares.

For that reason, it is a great choice for those looking for how to invest in Dogecoin. Users can use cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and fiat currencies like USD to invest in initial public offerings. Besides, you can automate investing.

SoFi also provides students loans, personal loans, auto refinancing, wealth management, and insurance services. You can also use the app to save fiat and crypto. For those who want to actively trade crypto, the challenge with the app is it does not offer stop-loss orders or tax-loss harvesting.

Unfortunately, it is also available for use only in the United States. The app is available on mobile devices and the web.

How to buy Dogecoin stock on the SoFi app:

a) Register an account: You can also choose to open a broker account and trade Dogecoin and other cryptos. Verification is needed to operate a SoFi account.

b) Deposit cash or crypto: You need money or other cryptos in your Active Investing account to buy Dogecoin. The minimum order size is $5 and the daily maximum is $50,000. SoFi accepts a variety of fiat depositing, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

To deposit, click Invest and then Add cash. Enter the amount, where the money will come from (e.g. internally from the Money account), and choose whether it is a one-time or recurring purchase. Then select the destination account for deposited funds (make sure it is on the Invest account to be able to buy crypto). Review and proceed to add cash.

SoFi supports only USD currency. Plus, some deposits take days to complete.

SoFi Buy Dogecoins

[image source]

c) Buy Dogecoin: Click Invest tab and, on the search tab, search Dogecoin. Select Dogecoin and review price, price patterns, etc. Click Buy or Add to recurring purchases. It shows the amount you have in the Invest account. Enter the dollar or Dogecoin amount you want to buy and proceed to buy. Proceed to buy.

Fees: 0% for active trading and automated investing (1.25% for cryptocurrencies).

Website: Sofi


This tutorial dwelt on buying Dogecoin. We discussed where to buy Dogecoins, how to get Dogecoins on different markets or crypto exchanges, including the cost on each market.

Coinbase and Gemini are favorites for those looking for where to buy Dogecoins in the US, but all markets in the list are available in the country. Robinhood is a huge favorite for young people looking for where to buy Dogecoins in the US because it charges 0% commission on purchases.

We also suggest SoFi and eToro for those looking for how to buy Dogecoin stocks. eToro is also a great choice for newbies looking how to invest in Dogecoin without any crypto trading skills. It provides copy trading and crypto education.

Research Process:

  • Total Tools Shortlisted for Review: 15
  • Total Tools Reviewed: 8.
  • Time Taken to Complete this Review: 15 hours
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