Where to Buy Cardano: Top 11 Platforms For Buying Cardano

Read this review to understand how to buy Cardano. Compare the top platforms to decide from where to Buy Cardano Crypto:

Cardano is a blockchain whose crypto we know as ADA and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. This is because it is based on scientific research and adheres to scientific principles.

Besides, it partners with academics and universities for subsequent strategies and updates. Cardano gained close to 1000% per year in return on investment as of 2021 and 4,689% since inception.

This tutorial discusses how to buy Cardano as well as the largest marketplaces where to buy the cryptocurrency.

Let us begin!!

Where to Buy Cardano

Where to buy Cardano

Market Trends:

  • The current average yearly ROI for Cardano crypto is 632.58x USD in 2022 and, having attained an all-time-high price of $10 so far, it is poised to grow further in 2022.
  • The crypto has also witnessed an expansive growth in social media channels in the recent past–up to 468% in 2021. Cardano, which uses a proof of stake protocol and hence no doubt about its energy sustainability, is traded in over 460 crypto exchanges, platforms, and markets.

The below image shows Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are dominant social channels for Cardano:

Social channels

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Expert Advice:

  • The best way to trade Cardano is on a peer-to-peer platform known as SundaeSwap, which is native to the Cardano blockchain. Due to liquidity and fiat conversion issues, however, centralized exchanges are necessary. Make sure the exchange charges a reasonable fee and is not a scam.
  • Before buying Cardano, check the macro environments that affect the price in the short term. For instance, this can be done by first relying on sentiments based on technical analyses and social metrics as well. Educated analyses are crucial for this.

SundaeSwap Platform:


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FAQs on Buying Cardano

Q #1) What is Cardano worth in 2022? 

Answer: Cardano is trading at $1 but is projected to grow above a $10 all-time-high price in 2022. The average base value is, however, expected to be $2 in 2022. The circulating supply stood at $33 billion as of January 2022.

Q #2) What is Cardano used for? 

Answer: Cardano is a smart contracts platform on which developers can build different products, including marketplaces, trading exchanges, etc. It serves as a platform on which users can exchange value without a middleman, unlike happens in banks and traditional financial institutions that do not employ blockchain or distributed ledger.

Q #3) What is Cardano worth in 2025? 

Answer: It will likely reach $10 in value by 2025, although again, it is very hard to correctly forecast the exact value of the crypto. Those looking for how to buy Cardano crypto can consider long-term investment opportunities or active trading. The price could pick to as much as $38.5 by 2030 based on some educated guesses.

Q #4) Can Cardano reach $5? 

Answer: Yes, Cardano already attained a price of $10 in 2021. This is so far the all-time-high price. Cardano is very likely to reach a higher price mark again this year given the recently launched smart contracts and increased adoption.

Q #5) How much will ADA be in 5 years? 

Answer: On average, the price could be between $6 and $10 or more in five years. ADA was projected to attain $6.89 in 2025 and $8.51 in 2027. The increase in Cardano value is being pushed by demand and usability.

For instance, those searching for how to buy Cardano may be interested because of recent crypto price upticks or smart contracts and other launches in Cardano.

How to Buy Cardano

Cardano is exchangeable with dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as well. This can be done over p2p or peer-to-peer marketplaces, centralized exchanges, and mobile trading apps.

We know the best places to go for those asking where to buy Cardano crypto are not the peer-to-peer exchanges because they hardly support Cardano currently. Plus, centralized exchanges are a great answer for those asking where can I buy Cardano because of liquidity issues.

#1) Create a Cardano wallet

A separate wallet whose private key you control is best in case you are dealing with a less trusted trading agency, person, or exchange. You can recover your ADA tokens in case they unexpectedly close. You can buy from an exchange and send the tokens there.

It is also advisable to hold ADA for a long time. Otherwise, most exchanges and trading platforms offer a hosted wallet and provide one once you sign up, but centralized platforms control the private keys.

You might also want to buy Cardano over the browser using a web platform. This means you do not have to install a mobile or computer app to access your ADA tokens.

To do this, check out Guarda, AdaLite, and Yoroi web-based ADA crypto wallets. For desktop app wallets, check Daedalus. You can also check the recently launched SundaeSwap, a decentralized exchange based on the Cardano blockchain.

#2) Sign up for a crypto exchange account

We have listed trusted exchanges from which you can buy ADA. By signing up for an account with them, you immediately get a hosted wallet with an address where you can send ADA crypto.

#3) Verify an account

Most crypto exchanges and trading platforms require you to verify the account by submitting details like phone number, ID copy, passport, etc. This will depend on the platform in question, the account level, location, and trading amounts.

#4) Open fiat accounts and deposit cash

For exchanges and trading platforms that support fiat transactions, you have methods for paying for ADA tokens. These include bank, cash, VISA, PayPal, Western Union, etc. You can open accounts with banks and these platforms first. Then configure or connect the fiat accounts with the crypto exchanges using specified procedures.

Some platforms allow you to deposit money into them and even set recurrent purchases after connecting the two accounts. Others allow you to directly pay for ADA crypto without connecting the account or saving the payment method.

#5) Buy, trade, send, and receive ADA

After depositing, go to the buy feature and select ADA as a token to buy. Enter the amount to buy or fiat to spend and proceed to pay. It depends on the platform. Some allow you to buy from a spot market with order books, others from peer traders, and others operate on brokerage selling terms.

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List of the Top Platforms to Buy Cardano

Popular best platforms list for buying Cardano:

  1. Uphold
  2. Kraken
  3. Coinbase
  4. Binance
  5. Bitfinex
  6. SoFi
  7. eToro
  8. WeBull
  9. Paybis
  10. BTCBIT
  11. CEX.io

Comparison of the Best Platforms for Buying Cardano

Exchange Payment/deposit methodFeesInstant? Our rating
UpholdBank Transfer, Credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay1.4% – 1.95%. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Credit/debit cards incur a cost of between 2.49% and 3.99% to deposit or fund the account.YesStar_rating_4.5_of_5
Kraken Bank account, wire transfer, cash, crypto, and other methods0% to 0.26% per trade, 3.75% + €0.25 for credit card purchases, and 1.7% + $0.10 for online banking processing.Yes Star_rating_5_of_5
Coinbase Bank, wire, credit cards, and many web methods. 1.49% to 3.99%YesStar_rating_5_of_5
Binance Debit card, credit card, Western Union, Revolut, bank transfer. 0.1000% maker and 0.1000% taker to 0.0200% maker and 0.0400% taker. YesStar_rating_4.5_of_5
BitfinexMercuryo, bank, wire, credit cards, OWNR, Simplex, or happyCOINS. 0.100% maker and 0.200% taker to 0.000% maker and 0.055% taker per transaction. YesStar_rating_4_of_5
Sofi Bank wire, credit cards, bank transfers. 1.25%.Yes Star_rating_4_of_5

Detailed review:

#1) Uphold


Uphold is one of the favorite crypto exchanges because it allows users to seamlessly cross or inter-convert crypto with other assets without having to use another platform. This reduces transaction costs and time spent on these conversions.

Uphold is also popular if you are using third-party networks – including banks to withdraw crypto in the form of fiat.

Furthermore, the platform allows one to buy Cardano instantly using a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The application also one to place automatic trades and limit orders to actively trade crypto. It also lets you stake Cardano and earn staking rewards of around 5%.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Uphold:

  • Create and verify an account on either Uphold’s website or their mobile application.
  • Fund the account – Uphold accepts funding through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These methods can be pre-configured earlier before accessing the buying features.
  • You can also deposit other cryptos and spend them to buy Cardano.
  • Buy the crypto – Head over to the dashboard. On the Transact tab, select the funding source on the From drop-down menu. Proceed to enter the amount and other details such as bank and credit card details. On the To menu, choose Cardano. Proceed to buy.

Fees: 1.4% – 1.95%. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Credit/debit cards incur a cost of between 2.49% and 3.99% to deposit or fund the account. Bank transfers and crypto deposits are free, and US bank wire costs from $0 to $20.

#2) Kraken


Kraken also is a highly liquid marketplace for Cardano buying and it’s sold on a pot market with centralized order books that have tighter than average spreads. Kraken allows you to trade ADA on-the-spot market only against over a hundred pairs.

You can also trade Cardano with margins on this exchange, meaning you can lend capital up to 5x your initial trade position to multiply your trading positions.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Kraken:

  • Register for and verify your Kraken account: You only need to submit your email, phone number, other personal details, additional supporting documents, and create a password.
  • Fund your account: The Kraken account is funded using a bank account, credit card, wire transfer, and other methods. Simply click deposit, select currency to deposit, enter the amount and deposit method in the next screens, and complete the transaction.
  • Purchase ADA: Go to the spot exchange platform, select ADA crypto pair, enter the amount, decide if to trade on margin, and go on to purchase. Check the wallet balance. You can then transfer to an external wallet.

Fees: 0% to 0.26% per trade, 3.75% + €0.25 for credit card purchases, and 1.7% + $0.10 for online banking processing.

#3) Coinbase


Coinbase is a popular market for Cardano and other cryptocurrencies in the United States. The market is one of the largest trading places for Cardano at a current daily volume of $848 million. With Coinbase, you not only enjoy multiple ways of paying but also good security.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Coinbase:

  • Create a Coinbase account and wallet: Download the app, signup, and verify the account by submitting the required data and information. It takes a few minutes to verify the account. This can be done on both the web platform and mobile app. The wallet for each crypto available on Coinbase is then created automatically on signing up.
  • Add payment method: Coinbase allows adding a bank account, debit card, or loading via wire transfer. This will transfer dollars or other currency into your Coinbase account.
  • Buy Cardano crypto: The “Buy” option available by clicking on the two arrows from the app or on the web application lets you choose Cardano as the crypto to purchase. Enter the amount of fiat you want to spend on buying and proceed with the transaction. The amount is credited to your Cardano wallet and can be seen as part of the balance. You can either re-trade it or send it to an external wallet.

Fees for buying Cardano: It starts from 1.49% to 3.99% depending on the purchase method.

Website: Coinbase

#4) Binance


Binance is probably the largest trading market for Cardano, responsible for and allows you to purchase Cardano using Credit Card and bank transfers. The platform also lets you hold and chart trade the cryptocurrency with price speculation.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Binance:

  • Create and verify an account: You verify your identity by submitting your phone number and other details. Much of it happens instantly.
  • Fund the account: Binance allows you to deposit cash, via debit card, credit card, Western Union, Revolut, bank transfer, etc. The first and obvious one is buying using the balance on the account.

Buy via Bank Transfer

This process requires you to wire money into your Binance account, and then buy stable coins for the exchange. After this, you can exchange the stable coins with Cardano on the spots market.

Buy with other cryptos

You can also deposit other cryptocurrencies in Binance and trade them against Cardano on the spots market. A common example is Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To buy, simply head over to the Buy Now page on the app or website. Choose the fiat you need to buy Cardano with. After this, input the amount you want to spend, input the wallet address, input card information, or select a purchase method, and then continue to buy. You will need to verify the payment, then the crypto is credited to your spot account instantly.

Buy with the p2p method

With supported p2p methods, users can post ads of the crypto they want to trade on Binance. To buy Cardano this way, you follow the same procedure, and on reaching the payment, select the p2p method.

The platform matches your buy order to a seller’s ad on the market. Then you will see the seller’s ad including payment methods they prefer, and you can pay the seller and complete the order. The seller releases crypto after receiving the payment.

Fees: Fees on Binance depend on your trading volumes. It ranges from 0.1000% maker and 0.1000% taker for < 1,000,000 BUSD 20-day trading volume to 0.0200% maker and 0.0400% taker for ? 5,000,000,000 BUSD 30-day trading volume. If paying with BNB, you get 25% off.

Website: Binance

#5) Bitfinex


Bitfinex listed Cardano in 2020, meaning you can now sell, buy, and hold the crypto on the exchange. You can actually buy Cardano on the platform or elsewhere, then deposit it in their staking program and earn money on your tokens.

That’s besides buying or depositing it for a chart or speculative trading. Bitfinex also allows users to loan out capital to increase their trading position up to 3.3x your initial capital.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Bitfinex:

  • Register and verify an account: Verified accounts can deposit using Mercuryo, OWNR, Simplex, or happyCOINS for instant payment in Euro. Basic and Basic Plus level accounts have access to only Mercuryo and Simplex as payment methods.
  • Deposit money into the account: Visit the deposit page, then payment options, and choose to deposit using the above methods.
  • Buy crypto: Select the cryptocurrency ADA from the drop-down list still on the payment options tab. Then in the next window, select the destination Bitfinex wallet where the crypto should be deposited. Agree to terms and complete paying.

Fees: Maker and taker fee depends on 30-day transaction volume and range from 0.100% and 0.200% to 0.000% and 0.055% per transaction. The fee also depends on the payment method when buying. Maker fee for card payments is about 3.5%.

Website: Bitfinex

#6) SoFi


Sofi is a crypto online banking platform that offers a number of financial products, including loans while allowing users to invest in the loans via crypto. It also lets users buy cryptos, including Cardano.

Through the platform, you can use crypto like Cardano to invest in IPOs, ETFs, and shares. This can be done through active or automated retirement. You can also open and invest in retirement accounts using crypto on Sofi.

On opening an account, you get an online wallet and can even trade cryptocurrencies for fiat on this platform. Sofi also offers to stake.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Sofi:

  • Register for an account: To open an active investing account, which is what you need to buy crypto, log in to the app and click the “Invest” icon, then click “Start Active Investing”. Decide on and select the account type.
  • Deposit fiat: Sofi accepts deposits using credit cards and bank wire. You can add a bank account from the investing account by clicking on the option to fund the account. Search the bank and proceed with the process to add it. Once added, you can then click the “Add Money” button to deposit. To buy Cardano on Sofi, you require funding your SoFi Invest Active Investing account through your app or Sofi.com.
  • Buy Cardano: Once logged into the account, locate the crypto to purchase, click on it, then click buy. Enter the amount of money to spend or coins to buy and proceed with the purchase.

Fees: 1.25%. Deposit charges are an additional cost and are different from this Cardano buying fee.

Website: Sofi

#7) eToro


eToro is a global social trading and investing platform on which you can invest and trade crypto, CFDs, stock, forex, and close to 40 other financial instruments.

As the world’s leading social platform, it lets you trade easily and with little strain by way of copying other people’s trading moves and decisions. This is really cool for beginner traders. Expert traders can also sell those signals as well.

eToro lets you trade crypto commodities like ETFs, indices, and others. You can either set for regular investment or actively trade on the platform. It also allows for staking cryptocurrencies like Cardano to earn up to 90% in monthly staking yields.

Here is how to buy Cardano on eToro:

  • Sign up for an account: Signing up for an account on eToro is pretty simple. Click on the “Join Now” or “Trade Now” button on the website or mobile app and fill in the details or sign up through social media platforms. You can choose to start with a demo account. Verification is needed by submitting residency information and other documents like a passport or ID to verify identity.
  • Deposit funds: Once logged in, click on the “Deposit Funds,” enter the desired amount, currency, and then the deposit method. Etoro allows you to deposit with PayPal, Rapid Transfer, which connects to over 170 banks, credit cards, bank wire, Skrill, etc. You can also set for automatic recurrent deposits.
  • Buy Cardano: Click the “crypto” button from the website or app, then “Trading Platform,” “Exchange” or “Wallet” and then find Cardano ADA from the list of crypto offered for trading. Click buy, enter the amount, and proceed to pay.

Fees: 2.90 %.

Website: eToro

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#8) WeBull


WeBull lets you buy Cardano with USD and the minimum to buy is also very low — $1. Apart from buying and holding Cardano, you can actually stake it to earn passive income. WeBull also allows you to trade crypto on margin and short sell assets. The platform is also regulated in the US and also allows stock transfer and trading, options, and investment retirement accounts.

One problem is it does not offer a hosted wallet and you cannot transfer crypto out or onto the platform. You only buy and sell within the platform.

Here is how to buy Cardano on WeBull:

  • Account opening: Head over to the web application and click login, then sign up, and fill in the details as required. Margin account for trading crypto is applied later, after adherence to some rules on the platform.
  • Fund the account: You first require linking a bank account to WeBull for ACH transfers. On the app, tap “Transfers”, then “Deposit”, then “ACH” and “Real-time Verification” or “Micro-Deposit Verification.” Using the website, head over to “My Account”, then “Deposit”, and choose the account to deposit to. Make sure to select the Cash account.
  • Buy Cardano: Click “Trade” to access the trading platform. Click on the three dots on the left side of the site and select “markets” then click “cryptos”. From the list of cryptos, select Cardano/USD pair and proceed to enter your buying positions.

Fees: Free to trade. Only 1% markup fee.

Website: WeBull

#9) Paybis


Paybis lets anyone buy a variety of cryptos, including ADA Cardano, using credit and debit cards. You can also use Skrill, bank transfer, Neteller, and other cryptocurrencies as well. The platform was founded in 2014 and in addition to letting people trade digital currencies; it provides liquidity for banks and other platforms.

To buy Cardano, you remit fiat and get it immediately in your provided wallet address because Cardano does not provide a hosted wallet. The first transaction on the platform is free.

Here is how to buy Cardano on Paybis:

  • Head over to the website and select Cardano from the list of crypto to buy: The default web platform provides an interface that also lets you input what you want to spend in buying Cardano and the method of buying. Then enter how many Cardano tokens you will receive after purchase.
  • Click the buy Cardano button after the above selection: After this, it directs you to log in or sign up.
  • Register and verify account: This is needed if it is the first time buying Bitcoin. Submit your photo ID using a webcam. This process is necessary if you hadn’t registered for an account on the platform.
  • Enter wallet address: After login, enter a wallet address and proceed to buy with a credit card. Input the credit card information. The same applies to other methods. Once the amount is paid, you receive the cryptocurrencies in your wallet address automatically.

Fees: 2.49% per transaction. The first transaction is free. That is, besides fees charged by the credit card and other payment methods.

Website: Paybis 



This is a new cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland and with offices in Latvia and Estonia. It lets you pay for cryptocurrencies with a bank transfer, SEPA, and credit card. Once you are on the platform, an interface to choose the crypto to buy, payment method, and amount to spend is displayed. Then head over to the exchange to do the transaction.

Here is how to buy Cardano on BTCBIT:

  • Register an account: You need to create and verify your account before buying Cardano. The limits to trade vary from one verification level to the other, with the lowest rank or basic account being able to transact only $60. This does not require any kind of verification. To trade an unlimited amount, you need an ID document copy, residential address, and a selfie.
  • Fund the account: The platform allows you to fund your account using Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Payee, SEPA, Swift, AdvCash, and Neteller.
  • Buy on the exchange: After logging in, an interface is presented to you to allow defining the payment method. You then specify the amount to spend on buying, and it will show you how much crypto to be sent in your wallet. If not registered yet, enter the email, phone number, and wallet address where to receive the crypto. Confirm the terms and conditions, and proceed to buy. You still will be directed to the payment screen from where you can pay and receive the crypto afterward.

Fees: 4.50% per trade as a flat fee.

Website: BTCBIT 

#11) CEX.io


CEX.io is a crypto exchange on which you can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies. The exchange is registered and regulated in the United States.

Here is how to buy Cardano on CEX.io:

  • Register an account: From the above process, you are directed to create and verify an account by submitting the relevant information. You can set 2FA to further secure the account.
  • Go to the buy/sell page: on the website or the mobile app and select Cardano from the drop-down list. Choose the amount of crypto to buy, and the fiat currency you intend to use in the purchase.
  • Select payment method: You can use a debit/credit card or CEX.IO balance. Submit the transaction. Once logged in, you need to link a card by entering the card information. You need to enter the state, zip code, and SSN if in the US and last name, date of birth, address, and postcode if buying from the US.

Fees: Maker fee is 0.16% to 0% and taker is 0.25% to 0.1% depending on your trade volume.

Website: CEX.io

#12) Bitstamp


Bitstamp is the world’s longest-standing crypto exchange and there is no way Cardano wouldn’t be available for purchase on the platform. Bitstamp is a spot market based on a centralized order book on which customers place maker and taker orders based on different order types. It is a pattern trading platform. ADA can be traded against BTC, EUR, and USD on Bitstamp.

How to buy Cardano on Bitstamp:

  • Register an account: The account is free to open and operate, like on any other crypto trading platform. Register by submitting ordinary details like email, name, and password. You cannot trade with an unverified account on the platform. In that case, submit your international passport, national identity card, driver’s license, and home address, as would be needful. You can also set 2FA verification.
  • Load account with fiat: From the account, identify the Deposit tab and choose International Bank. Copy the company information and note the Reference Code. This is the information you use for a wire transfer at your bank. Note that you can first check the amount needed to buy crypto before sending the deposit. It will take a few days to reflect – 2 to 5 days.
  • Buy Cardano: Select Buy/Sell, enter the amount, and then click Buy Cardano. Then you can trade it or transfer it externally to other wallet addresses.

Fees: 0.50% for a 30-day volume of above $10,000 to 0.14% for a 30-day volume of above $1 million. The fee depends on the 30-day trading volume on the exchange. 


The tutorial discussed how to buy Cardano and even where to buy Cardano crypto.

We suggest Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken for those looking for high liquidity markets but then Kraken, Bitfinex, and Sofi are the crypto exchanges to consider for low-fee purchases. To trade with peer to peer method, we suggest the SundaeSwap decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain.

Research Process:

  • Tools previously shortlisted for review: 20.
  • Tools finally reviewed: 11.
  • Time taken for this review: 10 hours.
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