Top 15 Smart Contract Development Companies [2023 Selective]

Read this review to compare the top Smart Contract Development Companies, including their services. Understand how the smart contracts work: 

Smart contracts are self-executing computer code and programs that can do certain tasks based on mathematical algorithms and instruction set on code.

Smart contracts were introduced as an idea by American cryptographer Nick Sabo in 1996. They play the role of rule as code-free with the benefits of automating platforms and lessening human control of platforms. They make work easier and cheaper for humans and organizations.

However, in blockchain technology, a major benefit is facilitating decentralized digital transactions among participants to a decentralized or distributed network. The participants can have things accomplished based on a consensus about certain things that govern the network. The transactions are peer-to-peer without a single party controlling or directing.

This tutorial discusses smart contracts and the top companies in developing smart contracts and helps you identify the best contract development company as per your requirement.

Smart Contract Development Companies

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How Smart Contracts Work

How smart contracts work

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Computer code is written specifying what will be accomplished or not if the conditions agreed upon by the parties to a contract are met or not. They play the role of digitizing manually written and administered contracts, as we know them.

For that reason, they allow the automated exchange of value like digital assets, money, goods like real estate, securities, computer file storage in a distributed network, and other things.

In a blockchain network, smart contracts are overly complex, defining and enforcing the rules under which multiple people can approve a transaction.

For instance, they enable multiple signature protocols that operate in these decentralized networks. Decentralized applications or dApps are based on a set of smart contracts that play together to enforce smart rules that enable the performing of complex transactions.

Market Trends:

  • The global smart contract market size is currently around US$315.1 million and is projected to reach $1.46 billion by 2028.
  • Most blockchain-based smart contracts are built on Ethereum, where over 3000 decentralized applications are hosted currently. However, many other blockchains support them–Cardano, NEO, Stellar, Waves, Hyperledger Fabric, NEM, Polkadot, Solana, Algorand, Ergo, Tezos, Hedera, Tron, etc.

Smart contracts current and projected market size:

Quick smart contract facts

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FAQs on Smart Contract Development

Q #1) What are examples of smart contracts? 

Answer: Examples include cryptocurrency trading, voting, lending, borrowing, investing, distributed data storage, etc. For instance, in voting, blockchain smart contracts can validate voters’ identities to prevent multiple casting of votes and hacking to steal elections.

example of smart contract

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Q #2) Which crypto has smart contracts? 

Answer: Ethereum is the first crypto to use smart contracts. However, cryptocurrencies on Cardano, NEO, Stellar, Waves, Hyperledger Fabric, NEM, Polkadot, Solana, Algorand, Ergo, Tezos, Hedera, Tron, and many other platforms also have smart contracts.

Q #3) Why smart contracts are important? 

Answer: They enable anonymous transactions, speedy execution, and completion of multi-party transactions. They also facilitate secure automation, prevent overindulgence or humans on contracts, and enable cost-effective transactions. They also facilitate the authenticity and credibility of platforms and transactions.

Q #4) What are smart contract platforms? 

Answer: Smart contract platforms are technology systems either blockchains, dApps, or a set of them built by smart contract development companies or developers. They host or facilitate the execution of smart contracts.

These platforms – mostly blockchain – employ smart contracts to facilitate automated trading. They also facilitate other interactions, such as communication and data storage, and other transactions. The platform can itself be a pile of smart contract code or combine smart contracts with other techs.

Q #5) Who writes smart contracts? 

Answer: Smart contract development companies and developers are usually consulted to help conceptualize and write smart contracts. These companies can be experts on a given blockchain or multiple of them. Please check a list of top smart contract development companies on our list.

Q #6) What are smart contracts used for today? 

Answer: They have a vast range of applications, including facilitating the transfer of assets, like in crypto trading between parties. They can be used for inventory management, automation of payments, data storage, initial coin offerings where tokens are distributed after a user pays, betting, escrow in trading, and digital identity.

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List of Top Smart Contract Development Companies

Here is a list of the best smart contract platforms:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Innowise
  3. Vention
  4. AVA Labs
  5. Evercode Lab
  6. Cygnet Infotech
  7. 4soft
  8. Second State
  9. Eleks
  10. Apriorit
  11. Dotsquares
  12. Quant
  13. Arateg
  14. Solulab Inc
  15. Fueled
  16. Sumatosoft
  17. Ethereum
  18. EvaCodes

Comparison of Some Smart Contract Developers

NameHeadquartersFoundedRevenueNo of EmployeesOur rating
ScienceSoftMcKinney, Texas.1995$30M700+Star_rating_5_of_5
InnowiseWarsaw, Poland2007$70M1400+Star_rating_5_of_5
VentionNew York, USA2002$45 M3000+Star_rating_5_of_5
Ava LabsNew York. 2018$1M109Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Evercode LabLarnaca, Cyprus.2013$3 M10-49Star_rating_4_of_5
Cygnet InfotechAhmedabad, India. 2000$50M+500+Star_rating_4_of_5
4soft Tanvald, Liberecky, Czech Republic. 2013$5M+500+Star_rating_4_of_5

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is an acclaimed smart contract development provider with 33 years of experience in IT and 750+ professionals on board.

The company builds state-of-the-art smart contract solutions that ensure:

  • Reduced gas fees due to low-consumption smart contract design.
  • Robust security due to multi-round smart contract code reviews and post-deployment contract testing.
  • Smart contact updateability thanks to proxy contract development.
  • Interoperability due to the blockchain oracle implementation.

ScienceSoft’s clients report a 3–25x increase in business process speed and a 15%+ decrease in operational costs with smart contract-based automation. ScienceSoft’s expert consultancy helped companies speed up smart contract launch and reduce the development costs by up to 12x.

Apart from smart contract design and development, ScienceSoft offers:

  • Smart contract consulting for risk-free smart contract implementation.
  • PoC development.
  • Oracle integration with the blockchain and off-chain systems.
  • Smart contract quality assurance to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.
  • Support and evolution of smart contract solutions.

ScienceSoft guarantees the project start in 1–2 weeks. The company typically handles a small-scale smart contract development project within 2–4 months.

ScienceSoft’s ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications ensure high service quality and complete security of the data entrusted to the company.

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas. Representative offices in the UAE and Europe.
Number of Employees: 750+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $32 M

#2) Innowise


Innowise Group is one of the leading smart contract development companies in the world. They have fifteen years of experience, and 1400 developers with experience in blockchain and smart contracts across a variety of fields.

The company’s key products and services include smart contract development, blockchain development, and security consulting. Innowise Group was established in 2007 and has since developed a strong presence in the smart contract market. The company has a team of seasoned developers who have a wide range of skills and experience when it comes to blockchain and smart contracts.

Their solutions are well-recognized by both the market and the clients they work with. A trusted smart contract developer, Innowise offers its clients an efficient approach to ensuring safe and high-quality transactions.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Founded: 2007
Revenue: 70 Million
Number of Employees: 1400+
Our rating: 5/5

#3) Vention

Vention - SMC

Vention is an industry-leading custom software development company equipping fast-growing businesses and startups with dedicated engineering teams and cutting-edge technology services.

As a leading blockchain development company, Vention works with clients to design and implement robust, real-world applications to increase revenue and future-proof companies.

With access to 3,000+ specialized engineers, clients can stay focused on the big picture while Vention’s specialists implement blockchain solutions such as smart contract algorithms to increase the speed and protection of workflows.

Vention works diligently to ensure each adoption of blockchain is custom-sourced for clients, providing them with maximum control over their products.

Main Services: Crypto exchange and wallet development, custom blockchain and smart contracts development, decentralized apps, ICO/IEO and NFT development
Headquarters: New York, USA
Number of Employees: 3,000+
Revenue: $45M+
Pricing: Contact for details.
List of Prominent Clients: IBM, PayPal, Brex, StoneX, Curve

#4) AVA Labs


Ava Labs was founded in 2018 and comprises a team of computer science, economics, law, and finance experts based in New York and Miami.

Ava Labs is the team behind Avalanche smart contract development platform and Ryval, a marketplace for selling and buying tokens. The latter provides the public with a multi-billion dollar investment class that wasn’t available to them without blockchain.

Why choose Ava Labs:

Ava Labs has been chosen for Mastercard Start Path Crypto to help build crypto products for business and social industries Mastercard. The team has collective experience from big and top tech companies like Microsoft.

Services: With Avalance, organizations can develop and launch smart contracts applications based on Solidity development language. They also develop on private and public blockchains thanks to the Avalanche Virtual Machine.

Companies can either build dApps for Decentralized Finance, digital collectibles, wallets, tokens, and other blockchain use cases using Avalance. They can also rely on the Ava Labs team to build for them from scratch or as development partners.

Headquarters: New York
Number of Employees: 109
Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M

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#5) Evercode Lab


Evercode Lab helps organizations develop and manage custom software solutions right from discovery, development, management, launching, and maintenance.

Why choose Evercode:

As far as blockchain smart contracts are concerned, the team has experience in developing crypto wallets, mobile crypto apps, and dApps. These can be used for a variety of use cases like marketplaces and analytics, and other products.

Evercode was founded in 2013, has offices in Russia and Cyprus, and has a team comprising experienced and trained software experts.

Services: Their line of software products includes Evercode online telemedicine solution, Evermarket e-commerce marketplace, and EverCourse e-learning platform. Others are Everchain tool for building cryptocurrency wallets, and Everchain software development kit used in integrating non-custodial wallets.

They also develop smart contracts and applications in banking, e-commerce, medicine, education, monitoring, and CRMs for small, medium, and big companies. In addition to blockchain and mobile applications, they do web development.

Headquarters: Larnaca, Cyprus
Number of Employees: 10-49
Estimated Annual Revenue: $3M

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#6) Cygnet Infotech


Cygnet Infotech has been recognized as one company providing blockchain-based solutions by the TopDevelopers company directory. The team has experience in developing smart contract-based marketplaces, digital signature solutions, trading solutions, insurance software, and solid waste management solutions.

Why choose Cygnet:

Cygnet Infotech was launched in 2000 and now comprises over 500 employees. These include engineers, smart contract programmers, and software experts. Small, medium and big companies use its vast range of products. Cygnet has offices in United Arab Emirates, Australia, India, the United States, and South Africa. They develop solutions for all platforms, including mobile.

Services: As a smart contract development service, it provides blockchain integration solutions, dApp development, cryptocurrencies development, and initial coin offering or ICO solutions. They also develop a proof of concept solutions and digital identity solutions.

These solutions span across banking, Fintech, marketing, travel and hospitality, retail, content management, publishing, education, and other industries.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Number of Employees: 500+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $50M+

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#7) 4soft


4soft is involved in both blockchain smart contract development and consulting. They develop smart contracts on Ethereum, and these include those based on ERC-20 and other protocols. The smart contracts include crypto types like security tokens and utility tokens, among others.

Why choose 4soft:

4soft was founded in 2013, has offices in Poland and Dubai. Its team of employees has expertise across different fields, including web development, UX/UI design, and custom software development services. Some of the company’s clients include Elliptic, Cigaset, Artgeist, and ITSEC Asia. The company is also highly rated on Clutch.

Services: The solutions they have developed or are developing for companies include blockchain healthcare software, supply chain smart contracts, and finance applications.

Other solutions include telecommunications solutions, artificial intelligence solutions, crypto news sites, etc. Other areas they help small and big tech in include smart contract auditing. They also serve companies across multiple industry sectors.

Headquarters: Tanvald, Liberecky, Czech Republic
Number of Employees: 500+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5million+

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#8) Second State

Second State

Second State is experienced in building enterprise middleware based on blockchain smart contracts. It helps companies to automate business decisions and processes.

Why choose Second State:

The company’s virtual machine employs an in-house smart contract development language called Lity, which is an extension to the Solidity. The SSVM powers decentralized smart contracts for different blockchains, including Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot / Web3, Oasis, and CyberMiles.

Second State was started in 2019 and currently has offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, and Australia.

Services: The company builds open-source infrastructure, including blockchains, virtual machines, rules engines, and search engines. They also provide data analytics services, development tools.

Their smart contract development services will help companies build formal business rules in smart contracts. This is in addition to automating their operations and core business using these contracts. The companies will update those rules and these can be verified by users as needful.

The company’s blockchain virtual machine is called the Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM). SSVM is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine and also they can help build additional features based on customer preference.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States
Number of Employees: 50
Estimated Annual Revenue: Not disclosed

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#9) Eleks


Eleks provide advisory, engineering, and optimization solutions. As part of their custom application development, the company can help with the conceptualization of designs. They also offer R&D services to innovate a product for you and build web applications, custom mobile apps, and data warehouse and BI solutions.

They can also help with cloud migration, software audits, quality assurance, support, PoC development, and re-engineering applications. For advisory services, they offer data science, product design, cyber security, and technical feasibility studies.

Why choose Eleks:

They serve clients spanning different industries, including logistics, Fintech, healthcare, insurance, IT, government, media, agriculture, commodity trading, and professional services. Its portfolio of over 20 customers includes Aramex, AVG antivirus, and IXM.

The company was founded in 2010 and comprises over 2000 software experts. The experts are spread across three contents in 15 offices including in Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, London, Berlin, Las Vegas, Ajman, and Lviv in Ukraine.

Services: Their custom blockchain smart contract development services help firms to boost efficiency, security, and service. Their blockchain services can be helpful when you want applications that cut out the middleman, reduce costs, and boost efficiency. You can also contact them to develop secure smart contracts and those that enhance transparency.

Headquarters: Las Vegas
Number of Employees: 2000
Estimated Annual Revenue: $75 M

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#10) Apriorit


Apriorit software development outsourcing company comprises a team of smart contract programmers, researchers, and reversers. These together build custom applications for your company regardless of the area of specialization. They handle engineering and cybersecurity projects to prevent company data and monitoring systems that improve client systems’ security.

The company also provides open-source and commercial virtual and cloud computing solutions.

Why choose Apriorit:

The company was founded in 2002 and is now serving Fortune 500 and smaller businesses as well. They are found in over 10 countries, have 15 development teams, and 6 quality teams. Their main areas of service and products include research, development, and quality assurance.

It is also involved in the kernel and driver development and the team comprises business analysts, database experts, web developers, DevOps, and QA specialists. They tailor, improve, and optimize solutions as needed. They also take on projects involving reverse engineering.

Services: With regards to blockchain, the company provides consulting, advisory, and general, as well as smart contract development services. They develop smart contracts for Fintech, healthcare, real estate, logistics, and other industries.

They build blockchain APIs; private blockchains based on Hyperledger, Graphene, Ripple, Deviant, and other products. Regarding blockchains, they develop cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, payment gateways for crypto, integrate KYC and other third-party services.

Headquarters: Delaware, USA
Number of Employees: 350+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $35.5M

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#11) Dotsquares


Dotsquares offers blockchain, mobile app, cross-platform, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT, and hosting applications. They provide onshore and offshore services that are tailored as per clients’ needs. Based on their website, they have 3 development centers currently and have served over 12,000 clients.

Why choose Dotsquares:

Dotsquares was founded in 2002 and has completed over 20,000+ projects for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium companies as well as startups.

The ISO 9001 certified company has offices in the USA, UAE, Europe, UK, Australia, Dubai, and three development centers in India. It has also partnered with Google Partners and Microsoft reg. partner, NASSCOM Member, Salesforce Partner, and IAOP.

Services: Their expertise includes design and development, such as for blockchain, websites and applications, app development, and game development. They also provide strategic marketing, including PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. The company also offers support services including hosting, server support, development support, team augmentation.

Headquarters: Brighton, UK
Number of Employees: 8000+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $10.7M

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#12) Quant


Quant is an ecosystem of developers who help companies, groups, and individuals to build game-changing multi-digital and distributed ledger applications including those that can be used across blockchain platforms.

Why choose Quant:

The company’s Overledger technology allows deploying of smart contracts to different blockchain networks. The company was started in late 2017 and has many patents including those waiting for granting. Quant has offices in London and Dammstrasse, Switzerland.

Services: The developers and their platforms can help you build tokenization solutions to unlock asset value through digital trading opportunities. Tokens, dApps, smart contracts, and other blockchain solutions built will be accessible and can be integrated across all public and private blockchains.

Companies, groups, and individuals can build multiple DLT dApps (also called mdApps) using this technology, and without needing to be specialists in blockchain or DLT. This includes multi-DLT smart contracts and dApps that can be used on enterprises.

The Overledger for enterprises serves as an API gateway for distributed ledgers, in that it allows a system and dApp to connect to any distributed ledger technology.

Headquarters: Greater London
Number of Employees: 35
Estimated Annual Revenue: $6.7M

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#13) Arateg


Arateg specializes in helping customers to build B2B, B2C, C2C, and multi-user platforms and e-marketplaces. Their services include mobile, web, and software engineering and development. The company’s expertise spans multiple industries apart from blockchain – healthcare, e-commerce, finance, insurance, education, marketing, and advertising.

Other areas include logistics, artificial intelligence, big data, business intelligence, gaming, gambling, and startups.

Why choose Arateg:

Arateg has experts to help you build blockchain products, including self-executing smart contracts, dApps, cryptocurrency exchanges, and custom blockchains. The company also provides blockchain consulting services. In starting to build your blockchain solution, you can consult the company free about it.

Arateg was founded in 2014 and has since then completed over 50 projects, earned over 25 awards. It has offices in Minsk in Belarus, Bern in Switzerland, Fernwald in Germany, and Kington in the UK.

Services: The blockchain solutions include logistics platforms that include supply management, digital payment systems, and proof of provenance and delivery. They also develop smart contracts, payment, and settlement features.

You can also contact them to build e-commerce platforms that use peer-to-peer transactions, token-based purchasing, and direct B2B and B2C deals. They also build finance and insurance platforms that incorporate KYC solutions, global transactions and payments, digital signatures and IDs, and tokenization of insurance risk.

Headquarters: Minsk, Belarus
Number of Employees: 25
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5M

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#14) Solulab Inc


Solulab Inc provides blockchain development in addition to mobile development, web development, and trending services like machine learning. They also provide services in IoT development, data science, DevOps, SaaS development, and maintenance.

Regarding blockchain development, the company can build a cryptocurrency wallet, ICO tokens, and platform. They also build standalone blockchains, hyper ledgers, exchanges, security tokens or STOs, and other products.

Why choose Solulab:

Solulab Inc was established in and currently has 150+ staff spread across 4 offices including in California, India, and UAE. It has completed over 1500 projects for over 500 clients, as per its website. It has 12 industrial awards and recognitions. The company serves users in a variety of industries and some of its clients include Aladin, Padget Law group, Acreage, Clicktool, and DLCC.

Services: The smart contract developer team can be helpful if you want to launch a tokenization platform. In that case, they can help build tokens that are immutable, accessible anytime and anywhere in the world. The tokens will also be divisible, cost-effective, and even implement compliance with them.

You can rely on them to create initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings, and security token platforms. They also write white papers and organize token listings on behalf of their clients.

Headquarters: Woodland Hills, California
Number of Employees: 114
Estimated Annual Revenue: $1.9M

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#15) Fueled


Fueled deals in blockchain development, user interface and interaction development, mobile and web app development, reactive native development, as well as flutter development. This is in addition to developing CRM, POS, CMS, ERP, and CDPs.

Why choose Fueled:

Fueled was founded in 2007 and now has offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The company has worked on multiple and diverse projects with organizations and companies like Verizon, Apple, Wall Street Journal, and United Nations.

Services: In addition to helping companies build blockchains, smart contracts, and dApps, the company also specializes in augmented and virtual reality development. They are also involved in creating chatbots, building connected hardware, SEO and ASO, paid media and implementation, campaign ROI monitoring and reporting, marketing automation, lifecycle campaigns, analytics, and insights.

Other services include central data management, attribution tracking and optimizations, and A/B testing and workflow optimizations.

Headquarters: New York
Number of Employees: 249
Estimated Annual Revenue: $20M

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#16) Sumatosoft


SumatoSoft helps digitize client businesses through business-oriented software solutions.

Why choose Sumatosoft:

Sumatosoft was begun in and has over 150+ developed custom solutions, over 100 clients, and is represented in more than 25 countries. It has over 50 employees, of whom 70% are senior engineers. Its offices are located in Boston and Belarus.

The company has also earned several recognitions and awards – from Clutch, Amazon,, TopDigital.Agency,, and Hign Tech Park Resident.

Services: In addition to developing and building blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and products for clients, it specializes in IoT developments, enterprise software development, MVP for startups, and SaaS solutions. It also deals in developing artificial intelligence products, big data and data science solutions, machine learning, and ruby on rails.

It also provides services in business analysis, UI/UX design, front and backend development, quality analysis and testing, and IT staff augmentation. Its client portfolio includes companies like Toyota, Umergence, Ushopper, Sellbig, LPSolutions, and Ushopper.

The company is well-versed with agile app development cycle, engagement models, and the entire app development life cycle.

Headquarters: Boston, United States
Number of Employees: 42
Estimated Annual Revenue: $2.2M

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#17) Ethereum


Ethereum is an ecosystem comprising blockchain, developers, and an in-house token called Eth/Ether. It hosts thousands of decentralized applications and a network of nodes running Ethereum blockchain copies. It partners with many tech companies and is involved in many development projects.

Mostly, smart contract developers are involved in developing in-house systems.

Why choose Ethereum:

Ethereum is not essentially a company but was conceived in 2013. It has offices in Zug, Switzerland, and Germany, and the ecosystem has more than 750 million+ members. Developers are distributed around the world. The platform hosts and runs over 3,000 dApps owned by other companies and individuals.

Services: Ideally, you would want to seek help from its developers when developing Ethereum products, including dApps, smart contracts, and blockchains.

This is because that is what they are mostly experts at. They can help build smart contracts that deploy on the blockchain, including cryptocurrency wallets, tokens, stablecoins, and dApps. You can reach out for their assistance in case you want to launch an initial coin offering, security token offering, initial exchange offering, and non-fungible tokens.

Ethereum in-house smart contract developers are also well-versed with other blockchains, including Hyperledger, Bitcoin, etc. They can help build mobile and other clients based on Ethereum or other blockchains, web3 applications, oracles, and scaling solutions. You can contact them via the Ethereum platform, but there are also multiple freelances or consulting Ethereum developers.

Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland
Number of Employees: Not applicable
Estimated Annual Revenue: Not applicable

=> Visit Ethereum Website

#18) EvaCodes


EvaCodes develops smart contracts based on different blockchains – Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Dfinity/Motoko, and Binance Chain. These smart contracts can be embedded in other blockchain-based products such as NFT marketplaces, NFTs, crypto wallets, and cryptocurrencies or tokens.

The company also deals in mobile, web, and software development. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, the company also has other locations like the USA, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and Armenia.

Why Choose Evacodes:

  • Experience in developing software – EvaCodes started development in 2019.
  • Experience in working on blockchain projects and clients – EvaCodes has designed NFT marketplaces like the
  • Alium NFT marketplace and other products based on smart contracts. Its other clients include Yecall, Nebeus, and Alium.
  • They are affordable – charges range from $35 to $60 hourly rate. They can take different project sizes starting from $25,000+ in the minimum.
  • International

Services: Blockchain products based on Solana, Ethereum, Algorand, Dfinity/Motoko, and Binance Chain. They develop metaverses, smart contracts, NFTs DeFi, GameFi, etc. The company also deals in smart contracts, web and software development, Android development, HTML5, iOS, mobile web, and augmented reality development.

Headquarters: USA
Number of employees: 100+
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5M+

How Smart Contracts are Designed

The below image shows sample smart contract development life cycle:

sample smart contracts development cycle

Smart contract companies or smart contract development companies hire expert developers who help to design smart contracts from scratch or to customize existing smart contracts.

Usually, smart contract companies follow other development procedures and life cycles used in designing technological applications (see above image). They also entail redevelopment and redesigning as a continuous process. A list of smart contract platforms that follow stringent development life cycles and procedures is available on this list.

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Today, oracles are used to connect non-blockchain platforms to smart contracts on the blockchain. Smart contracts bring the advantages of speedy execution and completion of operations.

  • Independence from third-party interference.
  • Reliability in execution without hacking and tampering.
  • Removal of human errors.
  • Cost-effectiveness by cutting out middlemen.
  • In blockchains, they facilitate micro-transactions between parties. This can happen both locally and across borders and with little interference from any law. They can be used for currency conversion on exchanges, transfer of assets, initial coin offerings, and insurance.


Here are a few disadvantages:

  • Most of these contracts lack regulatory identity.
  • Some are difficult to implement and are overly complex.

Sometimes difficult to change when governed by multiple-party involved in transactions.


Smart contracts based on blockchain help companies to save on cost, reduce manual tasks, and speed operations. They facilitate decentralized ecosystems by reducing interferences on contracts by enabling trustless transactions and interactions.

This tutorial discussed how they work, projected market size, and a list of top smart contract platforms and smart contract development services.

We suggest hiring developers specialized in your specific platform, e.g. Ethereum developers. In addition to the 32 years of experience in smart contracts and other types of development, ScienceSoft has more than 450 developers who develop products across multiple platforms.

Quant and Apriorit are best for cross-platform smart contracts but all the companies on the list are involved in blockchain smart contract development and integration.

Our Review Process:

  • Total companies shortlisted: 20
  • Companies reviewed: 15
  • Time spent on the review: 20 hours
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