Safemoon Crypto Price Prediction 2023-2030 [EXPERT ADVICE]

This is a detailed tutorial explaining the history, criticism, and how to buy SafeMoon. Get a complete analysis of SafeMoon SFM Crypto Price Prediction:

SafeMoon (SFM) is a decentralized financial token or cryptocurrency initially based on the Binance Smart Chain but now has its blockchain. It started in March 2021 and therefore is very young in the market. It started as SafeMoon but upgraded to SafeMoon V2 on its blockchain.

The cryptocurrency seeks to solve the volatility question as well as pumping and dumping, which are common in cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens while encouraging holding and buying exercises.

It seeks to do this by charging a 10% fee (currently 2% for SafeMoon V2) to traders to distribute half to other holders. The crypto also implements other two components – token burn after each trade, and a fee on transactions which is given to various liquidity pools on Pancake Swap and other platforms.

SafeMoon SFM Crypto

SafeMoon SFM Price Prediction

This tutorial teaches on SafeMoon SFM crypto fundamentals–what it is, what determines its pricing now and future, and its price potential until at least 2030.

Market Trends: 

  • SafeMoon SFM ranks at 1121st on the CoinMarketCap website based on its daily trading volume, which was in the range of $25,000 in August 2022. So it is very low. The circulating supply is in the range of 562 billion tokens with 56% of them in circulation. The market capitulation is only $3 million.
  • SafeMoon maximum supply is 777 billion for V2 (although V1 started with 1,000 trillion), which explains its extremely low price at almost zero $. SafeMoon’s low daily trading volume is understandable given it is listed only on 9 spot cryptocurrency exchanges. The largest of these are BitMart, Mexc, and Bitrue. No perpetual futures and no listing on the most famous exchanges.
  • SafeMoon has very low price traction. It is not even expected to trade anywhere near $1 in 2030.

SafeMoon Top Markets:

SafeMoon Markets

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Expert Advice:

  • SafeMoon SFM trading volume is very low to make for substantial price speculation cryptocurrency right now. It is barely listed on the most popular global crypto markets and trading platforms (like Coinbase and Binance) hence its low popularity. This may, however, mean that listings on these platforms could boost prices in the future.
  • SafeMoon also appears to be very young, having started in 2021, making it a not-so-good crypto for holding. This poor outlook is also cemented by its excessive maximum supply of 777 billion tokens with 56% already in circulation. It also has a shady burning mechanism without a clear stipulation of how the developers make these decisions. It has a centralization aspect.
  • SafeMoon SFM is best for long-term holding because all holders are rewarded with a share of 50% per trade from the 2% charged on each sale transaction. This is to encourage holding and discourage pumping and dumping. Of course, it’s not the best crypto to hold out here given its very low price traction.
  • SafeMoon is not a favorite for price speculators, including scalpers, day traders, swing traders, high-frequency traders, or long-term traders because these would incur heftily on many trades.

How SafeMoon (SFM) Cryptocurrency Works

SafeMoon blockchain exploration: There are close to 3 million wallets holding SafeMoon crypto, but only about 11 million transfers, as shown in the image below.

SafeMoon blockchain exploreration

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SafeMoon or SFM started as a token issued on a third-party blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) on which it is not native. Binance Smart Chain is more of a centralized blockchain, with validators being chosen and verified by a single company, Binance.

It is now based on its blockchain. The platform supports smart contract creation and execution and allows users to build decentralized applications.

We already talked about three aspects of SafeMoon – token burn per trade (with a shady method that does not specify the percentage burned), a 2% fee charge on sellers to distribute half of it to holders, and the third aspect is part (50%) of the 2% fee going to liquidity pools on Binance Smart Chain and converted to Binance Coin.

The amount sent to liquidity pools ensures the liquidity of SafeMoon and Binance Coin for trading volumes.

The team does the burns, and it appears like they are not in-built on the blockchain. The burns will seek to reward the community of holders, according to the team, and the amount burned is shown on the website, although the burning mechanism is unclear. It is not clear how the team makes these decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Will Coinbase accept SafeMoon?

Answer: Coinbase follows strict listing procedures and hasn’t commented publicly on whether the exchange will list SafeMoon SFM. Listing on Coinbase is still a possibility, but for now, it is very low-priced and its trading volume may not qualify it to list on Coinbase.

Q #2) How much will SafeMoon be worth?

Answer: SafeMoon will reach a maximum of $0.00000037 in 2025. More aggressive SafeMoon predictions show the crypto could hit $0.002 in 2025, but these also projected that it would reach $0.00061181 in 2022, which is very far from the truth.

SafeMoon price projections of $0.69 look like a bad dream and far from the truth. A more reasonable prediction for crypto would be $0.00000258 in 2030. A much more optimistic SafeMoon crypto price prediction puts the price at $0.00023 in 2030.

Q #3) What is SafeMoon crypto?

Answer: SafeMoon SFM is a cryptocurrency or digital currency form initially based on an immutable ledger on the blockchain called Blockchain Smart Chain but now on its blockchain. It is available for trading (buying and selling) or speculation on cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.

The cryptocurrency can be used to send money cross-border regardless of the user’s location. This is accomplished instantly and at a very low fee compared to when sending and receiving USD, Euro, and other fiat money. People also hold the coin in their wallet to earn more of the crypto because it charges a 2% fee on sellers and distributes 50% of it to holders.

Q #4) Will SafeMoon go up?

Answer: Experts project that SafeMoon will go up but at a very slow pace, reaching just $0.69 by 2030. However, this will be a substantial increase given the 2022 SafeMoon coin price of $0.000398. SafeMoon has a very high maximum supply of 1,000 trillion which will flood its market.

Q #5) Does SafeMoon have a future?

Answer: SafeMoon SFM seems to have a dim future both in pricing and survival as a crypto project. It not only has an excessive possible supply (max) but also the use case is shoddy.

People are incentivized only to hold the token and their use case can only be regarded as attempting to serve as a holding token or store of value crypto. But that use case is thrown into doubt for volatile cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon – stablecoins play that role much better.

Q #6) Can SafeMoon reach $1?

Answer: SafeMoon does not have the potential to reach $1 in the near short-term or medium-term based on most expert predictions. The price projections state it could reach just $0.3 in 2030, and even that is one of the most optimistic predictions so far. We do not see any chances of reaching $1 until after 2050 going by the current crypto market climate.

Price forecasts by Telegon show that crypto could hit a price of $1.83 in the minimum and a price of $4.15 in the maximum by the end of 2040. The price could hit the highest of $25.46 in 2050.

Q #7) Is the SafeMoon coin a good investment?

Answer: We do not think SafeMoon is a good investment yet. Not only is it a new token started in 2021 and hence subject to massive volatility, but also very low trading volumes and poor social prospects for now. Its structure discourages trading by rewarding holders and yet the price doesn’t encourage any holding trends.

Q #8) What is the SafeMoon token?

Answer: SafeMoon cryptocurrency is a digital currency form based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and used for instant and very low-fee payments/settlements and peer-to-peer payments across the world. It can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges for price speculation purposes.

The cryptocurrency is structured in such a way that it encourages people to hold monetary value in it rather than trade it. This is done by charging a 2% fee on all transactions and rewarding holders with 50% of the fee charged. The blockchain also has in-built NFT, wallet, and crypto exchange features planned.

SafeMoon V1 and V2

SafeMoon Version 1 or V1 started on Binance Smart Chain as described earlier. It had three core elements of charging 2% fees on sellers to distribute to holders; 50% of it would also go to the liquidity pool. The other aspect was that the burn per trade was decided by the coin creators/developers.

Holders were then required to update to version 2 after its launch in December 2021. The new token consolidated the original version at a ratio of 1:1000 to the first version and lowered transaction costs.

Holders of the earlier version of their wallets will need to manually migrate to the V2 blockchain platform. The exchanges handled the migration process on behalf of the users. The new V2 charges a fee of 2% compared to 10% on V1. 50% still goes to holders and 50% to SafeMoon liquidity pool and managers of the ecosystem.

SafeMoon V1 has since stopped and its price is currently nearly zero.

How to Buy SafeMoon (SFM)

  • SafeMoon cryptocurrency is listed and traded across or on 18 spot crypto markets, meaning cryptocurrency trading pairs. These pairs are traded on 10 spot cryptocurrency exchanges. There are no perpetual or future markets for the cryptocurrency.
  • The largest markets for SafeMoon SFM are against Bitcoin on DigiFinex exchange ($354,826), against USDT on DigiFinex ($116,325), against USDT on MEXC ($43,487), against wrapped Binance Coin on PancakeSwap ($31,475), and against USDT on ($19,685).
  • Trading on these markets or exchanges mostly requires you to sign up with the exchange, deposit USDT or USD or other cryptocurrency or fiat currencies supported for deposit by the exchange in question, and then choose the trading pairs from the exchange.
  • For instance, let’s look at Simply sign up for the exchange, submit any information required and wait for verification. Deposit USDT using the deposit address received from the account Deposit button on the dashboard, then visit the Markets tab and choose USDT or other markets. Search for SafeMoon SFM/USDT and click buy.

Advantages of Buying SafeMoon Token

  • SafeMoon V2 has announced new functionality, including a native crypto exchange, lesser fees charge on sale transactions, own blockchain, a hardware wallet, and IoT integration. This will likely improve its use cases or utility in the long term.
  • Holders, especially long-term holders, get a share (50%) of the 2% fee charged on every sale transaction.

Disadvantages of Buying SafeMoon (SFM) Token

  • It is a risky investment not just due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, but also because it is a much more new token.
  • Selling comes with a 10% loss in terms of transaction fees. The fee charged per single sale trade makes it not-so-worthwhile for frequent trading and would be necessary for speculative trading. This will have a significant impact on trading volumes.
  • Its less liquid nature makes it more difficult to convert into cash. You would likely desire to convert it into BNB before that.
  • It is not listed on major exchanges and this tells of its weak structure and composition – that few crypto exchanges are excited to list the cryptocurrency. Crypto exchanges do their due diligence and lurk to list if they find discrepancies.

SafeMoon Price Analyses: Should You Buy Cryptocurrency?

SafeMoon USD all-time to date chart:

Safemoon USD chart all years

[image source]

The cryptocurrency project released the SafeMoon V2 in December 2021. The update enhances the accessibility, security, and quality of the cryptocurrency. The update also reduced the circulation of the token by a thousand without affecting user balances.

SafeMoon won’t likely be a good investment for those hoping to use it as a price speculation token. Price speculators are too high to be engaged in high-frequency trading, which SafeMoon’s 10% charge per trade discourages. You won’t find the cryptocurrency as attractive for short-term holding either.

Rather, it encourages long-term holders because they get paid or rewarded for holding.

SafeMoon Price History

SafeMoon metrics

SafeMoon or SFM increased by 23,225% in price value in April 2021 after receiving endorsements from Lil Yachty and Nick Carter, as well as YouTuber Logan Paul and significant social media hype. The pump was also prompted by listings on more crypto exchanges and retail investor adoption.

CertiK firm edited the V1 token and found the owners had control over tokens funded by SafeMoon’s seller fee.

The project then made a presentation to Gambia to provide technology for innovation and the learning process in May 2021. It then started beta testing on a SafeMoon wallet in June 2021 and released it on Google Play in September 2021 and on the App store in October of the same year.

The token price ranged between $0.001017 and $0.003290 for about two months. The price then started a significant price correction to $0.00099 and again to $0.0007. However, an improvement in prices pushed SafeMoon to an all-time high of $0.007232 in November 2021. It then entered a general downward trend.

The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.001658 in December 2021. Some accumulation due to the expected release of V2 happened and pushed the price to $0.002993 on December 31, 2021. The price then went down significantly afterward.

SafeMoon then announced the launch of its blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange, a hardware wallet, and macro Internet of Things infrastructure on the blockchain. This would boost its usability and utility.

SafeMoon crypto

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SafeMoon Criticisms

SafeMoon has been met with several criticisms due to shoddy structures like lack of clarity on the token burnt per trade. It has been described as a meme token with its value mainly driven by market frenzy.

Developers faced criticism that they do not have proof of success and some financial experts say that the token is furthest from being safe and has no intricate value. Different financial magazine columnists referred to it as a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme after it garnered 12x during a single week in April 2021.

They, for instance, argued that the amount sent to the liquidity pool was sent to wallets controlled by the coin’s authors. Jasper Lawler, head of research at London Capital, said that the Manual Burn of the project, paired with the controlling companies’ large stake in the coins, made the project prone to manipulation.

SafeMoon Future Price Predictions

For 2022

The cryptocurrency market is all down for every cryptocurrency. That means it looks hard for SafeMoon as well. Overall crypto market sentiments will continue to influence the prices of individual cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.00329 in January 2022. It was trading at $0.0004636 on 19 July 2022.

Speaking of overall crypto market sentiments, interest rates were raised more than once in July 2022. This could be the latest increase in the rate. A further interest rate hike could cause people to pull their money out of riskier assets like cryptocurrencies. This is because people tend to earn higher returns on savings and safer investments.

The cryptocurrency market could tumble as a result. It is also expected that Bitcoin and Ethereum will lead as other benefits trickle down to other cryptocurrencies.

The utility of individual coins could matter by a lesser margin this year, according to analyses. Because it encourages holding, trading volumes will likely remain very low, discouraging demand.

YearPredictionMaximum PriceMinimum Price
2023$0.00305 $0.0039 $0.0022
2024$0.0096 $0.0055 $0.0041
2025$0.00875 $0.08 $0.0072
2026$0.00875 $0.0093$0.0082
2027$0.012 $0.015$0.009
2028$0.019 $0.025 $0.013
2029$0.03 $0.0348$0.0243

For 2023

The utility will be a major driver for individual crypto prices in 2023, although the general crypto economy cannot stop influencing prices. SafeMoon prices may thus gain value as the holding mentality continues to gain momentum. Integrating NFTs and metaverse may also generate more value for SafeMoon.

Similarly, the dApp or blockchain will also have an in-built crypto exchange that will generate significant value for the project. As a result of this development, more optimistic predictions put SafeMoon crypto price at $0.25 in 2023.

The year 2023 is likely to start with SafeMoon trading for $0.0022 and then up to around $0.0039. The price is likely to be $0.0027 within six months, while the year’s closing price could be around $0.0037.

For 2024

SafeMoon V2 could trade between $0.002 and $0.03 in 2024 going by the predictions given by analysts.

Based on the price predictions for SafeMoon, the starting price in the year could be around $0.0041, then way up to $0.0055 by the third quarter, a moderate market climate would lead the crypto to end the year at $0.0059.

For 2025

SafeMoon Price forecasts fall between a high of $0.08 in 2025 and a low of $0.0072. The price, according to price forecasts, could be propelled by the token listing on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

The cryptocurrency may soar to $0.0072 by the initial half of 2025. It is likely to then lose this momentum and tumble to $0.0067 by the third quarter. The cryptocurrency is expected to close the year at $0.0079 in 2025.

For 2026

The price prediction for SafeMoon in 2026 is that the crypto will trade between $0.0082 to $0.0093 in 2026.

The year may start with the crypto trading at $0.0082 and would spike to $0.0093 within the first quarter. It would return $0.0084 in the second quarter and improve later to $0.0089.

For 2027

The cryptocurrency will trade between $0.009 and $0.015 in 2027. Predictions state that the price could be at $0.0090 at the start of the year. The price may pump to $0.013 in the first quarter of the year. It may sink to $0.0093 by the first half.

SafeMoon could wind up the year at $0.015.

For 2028

The cryptocurrency will trade between $0.013 and $0.025 in 2028. The year may begin with crypto trading at $0.0020. The mid-year price is expected to be $0.0013 and the end-year could be $0.0025.

For 2029

SafeMoon is predicted to trade at between $0.0243 and $0.0348 in 2029, going by expertise predictions. The crypto may start the year at $0.0243 and drop to $0.028 by the third quarter. It could close the year at $0.0348 according to the SafeMoon cryptocurrency price prediction.

For 2030

SafeMoon is suggested to reach a price of $0.69 in 2030. Experts opine that this could be a result of a host of additional innovations, partnerships, and endorsements by celebrities. This price could also materialize if the token becomes a dominant force in peer-to-peer payments by those dates.


This tutorial discusses SafeMoon cryptocurrency, its fundamentals, and future SafeMoon SFM Crypto price prediction or projections, and speculates on its price until 2030. SafeMoon cryptocurrency is best for long-term holding because this type of holding is highly rewarded by the crypto mechanism. Holders get 50% or half of the 2% charged per sale trade.

The cryptocurrency is bad for price speculation traders, including swing traders, scalpers, and day traders. It is worst for high frequency or bot traders who would lose significantly by making numerous trades within a short while.

SafeMoon V2 has very low traction in its price gain. This is given its hefty supply cap of 777 billion after it burned 223 billion out of 1000 billion. V1 started at a maximum supply of 1000 trillion. It is expected to $0.08 in 2025, $0.0093 in 2026, $0.015 in 2027, $0.025 in 2028, $0.0348 in 2029, and $0.69 in 2030 on the maximum end.

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