10 Best Crypto Debit And Credit Cards [2022 Updated Review]

Here is the review and comparison of popular Crypto Debit and Credit Cards with features to help you decide which card is the best for you:

Cryptocurrency debit and credit cards are currently countable because of the many banking restrictions on crypto transactions. Many cards are suitable for regular shoppers since they work as purchase rewards cards that allow you to earn money back on purchases.

Few cards allow you to earn interest on crypto held in the account. However, almost all allow you to instantly convert crypto to fiat and withdraw crypto in form of fiat at ATMs and pay for goods and services at merchant stores where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Money is earned in crypto. Most do not deposit the cashback rewards immediately after the purchase, but you can redeem it later. They do not support all cryptos.

Crypto Debit And Credit Cards

Best Crypto Debit and Credit Cards

This tutorial is a guide to the top Crypto debit and credit cards. We also presented some FAQs to explain how crypto credit and debit cards work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is there a crypto credit card?

Answer: Yes, there are at least two crypto credit cards that allow people to connect their bank accounts with their crypto accounts. The BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card is a great way for those who want to earn cash backs on their purchases because it provides 1.5% cashback per transaction, paid in Bitcoin. New users get 3.5% rewards for the first 90 days.

The Gemini crypto credit card is to be launched in the summer of 2021 and will offer up to 2% cashback on purchases, paid in Bitcoin immediately after the purchase is done. Anyone can apply for this credit card regardless of the state they are in.

The others on this list are debit cards and include Crypto.com debit cards, Coinbase Card, Nexo, Crypterium, SoFi, Wirex, TenX, and Swipe Visa debit cards.

Q #2) Should I get a crypto card?

Answer: Crypto debit or credit cards are recommended for regular users of crypto because they allow you to instantly convert Bitcoin and other cryptos to fiat at merchant points and ATMs where Visa and MasterCard are supported.

Therefore, you can pay for goods and services with crypto, where the outlet or merchant does not support receiving crypto directly as payment. They also allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs. One of the greatest advantages is that these cards allow you to earn rewards per purchase completed with the card. They also allow you to take crypto loans.

Q #3) Can a Bitcoin Crash?

Answer: Currently, it is harder for Bitcoin to crash to zero, although it is very volatile in price, depending on market factors. The price shifts per demand and supply and hype online. The crypto has registered an 80% drop in price in history therefore can be very volatile.

Q #4) Is there a debit crypto card?

Answer: There are many crypto debit cards including Crypto.com debit cards, Coinbase Card, Nexo, Crypterium, SoFi, Wirex, TenX, and Swipe Visa debit cards.

These allow you to convert crypto instantly and withdraw on an ATM that supports MasterCard or Visa. You can also pay for goods and services in crypto, where these networks are supported even if the merchants do not accept direct crypto payments. Some like Nexo allow you to get crypto loans.

Q #5) How does a crypto credit card or debit card work?

Answer: Companies that allow you to have a crypto credit card or debit card require you to open an account, verify identity, and either deposit a required amount of platform token or crypto or apply for the debit or credit card free of charge.

Most work alongside a software crypto wallet and app through which you can load crypto or fiat on the card. You can also manage the card through the app. After loading, you can then use it like an ordinary debit or credit card at merchant stores, outlets, or ATMs.

Q #6) Is the Crypto.com visa card a credit card?

Answer: No, it is a debit card. It is known as a Visa rewards card as it offers cashback rewards for every purchase made with crypto through the Visa card. It can also pay for goods and services, staking to get staking rewards, and withdraw money via Visa and MasterCard ATMs.

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List of Top Crypto Credit and Debit Cards

Here is the list of crypto credit and debit cards:

  1. Crypto.com
  2. Coinbase Visa Card
  3. BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card
  4. Wirex Visa Card
  5. Nexo
  6. Crypterium Visa Crypto Card
  7. SoFi Credit Card
  8. TenX Visa Card
  9. Swipe Visa card
  10. Gemini Crypto Credit Card

Comparison Table of Crypto Credit/Debit Cards

NameTop Features Cashback RateCostOur Rating
Crypto.comSupports most cryptocurrencies.
Supports taking for interest.
Transaction-tracking via app.
Non-instant rewards
Up to 8% for staking higher amount of platform token. No cost. Star_rating_5_of_5
Coinbase Visa CardTransaction tracking via app.
Multiple cryptos supported.
Non-instant rewards.
4% back in crypto rewards£4.95/€4,95 issuance or replacement cost, 2.49% of transaction to convert crypto to fiatStar_rating_5_of_5
BlockFi Credit CardAccount to earn interest on stablecoins.

Non-instant rewards.
1.5% cashback in Bitcoin purchases.

Additional 3.5% on purchases for 6 months after application.
No application fee. Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Wirex Visa Card36 cryptos supported.
SG$1400 daily ATM withdrawals.
Additional merchant services.
2% cashbacks on purchases with the cardNo application fee. Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Nexo Crypto Debit Card20 cryptocurrencies currently.
Crypto loans.
Virtual cards available in addition to physical cards.
2% cashbacks on purchases with the cardNo fee.Star_rating_4_of_5

Recommended Crypto Exchange


Bitstamp – Best for beginner and advanced regular trading with low fees; crypto/bitcoin cashout to bank.


Bitstamp provides crypto trading services, over-the-counter trading, staking, and institutional-focused services like API connectivity and deep order books. The customer must be verified to start trading on the platform. Although you can deposit money from a debit or credit card, the platform does not have a native debit/credit card.

With this platform, beginners and pro-traders can place different types of orders and trade crypto futures as well. They can leverage trading tools, data, and information to decipher market trends. Bitstamp Earn lets users generate passive income by simply staking and holding Ethereum and Algorand cryptocurrencies.

Institutional products cover brokers and NEO banks that want to cut costs and barriers to entering crypto markets, fintech desiring crypto integration, hedge funds, family offices, aggregators, and prop traders.


  • iOS and Android apps in addition to the website app.
  • Multiple payment methods through which you can buy and sell crypto – banks, SEPA, wire, etc. Instant SEPA payments for clients in 10 countries.
  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies to trade and hundreds of crypto trading pairs.
  • Market insights and news on the company blog.
  • 95% of crypto stored offline.
  • The company provides insurance and theft cover for stored and in-transit crypto.
  • Hosted wallets
  • No leverage or margin trading as happens on other trading exchanges.

Fees: 0.50% for <$10,000 trading volume to 0.0% for > $20 million trading volume. Staking fees – 15%. Deposits are free of charge for SEPA, ACH, Faster Payments, and crypto. International wire deposit – 0.05%, and 5% with card purchases. Withdrawal is 3 Euro for SEPA, free for ACH, 2 GBP for Faster Payment, 0.1% for International wire. Crypto withdrawal fee varies.

Let’s review the above-listed cards:

#1) Crypto.com

Crypto.com – Best for merchants and regular shoppers.

Crypto com

Crypto.com now supports buying and spending of over 100 cryptocurrencies and has a global reach of about 10 million users as of July 2021. With the metal prepaid Visa card, users can get up to 8% back of purchases when they spend crypto through this Visa-supported card.

The card can also be topped up with fiat besides crypto. The company accepts over 20 fiat currencies. It can spend crypto in 40 million worldwide Points of Sale, retail shops, and ATMs with Visa logos. It is supported at over 1,000 lounges at over 400 airports. In other words, it allows you to top up with crypto and spend them in the form of USD like any other form of payment.

The card tier given depends on the amount of CRO tokens bought and deposited on the crypto wallet. Users must complete KYC verifications.


  • Has the ability to spend with the crypto card on Netflix, Spotify, Expedia, Lounge, Expedia, Airbnb, and Prime.
  • Allow free ATM withdrawals up to $1,000 depending on the card.
  • Ability to earn from 1% to 8% cashback for spending with the card, and earn on staking CRO – crypto.com’s platform token with the card.
  • Allows up to 5 different card designs with variable CRO staking rewards, maximum withdrawals. Each of these card tiers has staking requirements from $0 to $400,000.
  • Free to CRO holders, no monthly or annual fees.
  • Mobile app is also available.

Fees: Normal transaction fees.

#2) Coinbase Visa Card

Best for institutional-minded crypto investors.

Coinbase Visa Card

Coinbase Card is a plastic debit card yet to be launched globally but it will allow users to spend any crypto assets in their portfolio and earn rewards for every purchase. The card will allow people to spend crypto anywhere. Visa debit card is accepted and earns users up to 4% in cashback on purchases made with the card.


  • No annual, sign-up, or monthly fee.
  • Auto converts all crypto to USD and allows purchasing on merchants and does cash withdrawals on ATMs with Visa logo.
  • Instant card freezing, world-class security through 2-step verification, and PIN protection or contactless withdrawals to secure crypto.
  • Mobile app is available.
  • Transaction receipts, spending summaries, and instant transaction notifications via the app.
  • 4% back in crypto rewards for spending with the card.

Fee: £4.95/€4,95 issuance or replacement cost, 2.49% of a transaction to convert crypto to fiat.

Website: Coinbase Visa Card

#3) BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Best for Bitcoin holders.

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

BlockFi credit card will be available starting Q2 of 2021 when the card ships to US residents in qualified states. This is a credit card that functions like a cashback card to earn rewards on spending your crypto and reinvesting the earned rewards.

With the credit card, you can earn up to 2% APY if you keep stable coin assets on your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) account. It does not allow you to convert the earned Bitcoin rewards to other crypto forms and the rewards are not instant so you cannot do time earnings when the Bitcoin price skyrockets.


  • On all purchases, you get 1.5% cashback in Bitcoin.
  • They offer US$250 in Bitcoin as a signup bonus for spending US$3,000 within the first three months.
  • Get additional rewards of up to 3.5% in 4 to 6 months of owning the card. When approved for the card, for the first 90 days, you can get the 3.5% Bitcoin rewards rate. Further, when you spent over $50,000 annually, then for every dollar you can get 2% back in Bitcoin. Get rewards to BlockFi account monthly.
  • Can get additional interests in referring friends. Earn $30 in bitcoin for every client referral.
  • Allows to pay bills, purchase, and withdraw any crypto in form of fiat at any VISA merchant, outlet, or ATM.
  • No credit score checks for qualification purposes.

Fees: There is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no fees to use the card.

Website: BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

#4) Wirex Visa Card

Best for regular shoppers and altcoiners.

Wirex Visa Card

The Wirex Visa Card lets users operate both fiat and crypto accounts as well as exchange crypto to fiat with no intermediaries. Users can earn rewards in cashbacks when they spend or buy anything with the card.

This card allows you to operate even multisig accounts.


  • Get 2% cashback on purchases with the card. Cashbacks paid in WXT are the platform native token that can be converted to any crypto.
  • Allow up to SG$1400 daily ATM withdrawals and $2500 debit/credit card top-up.
  • Gives in-app alerts. The app allows for transactional history tracking.
  • Currently supports 36 cryptocurrencies, over 150 national currencies.
  • By converting crypto to local currency immediately at merchant stores and ATMs, you save up to 3% on overseas transactions.
  • Friend referral commissions, 10 USD in WXT.

Fees: It costs nothing. There are no exchange fees when converting crypto to fiat. Requires no maintenance charges. Card delivery is SGD 5-25, 1% top up with a crypto account, free to top up with an external credit or debit card.

Withdrawing at ATM is free up to 400 SGD per month, charged 2% thereafter. Crypto transfer out, USD 10k per transaction and up to $50,0000 per day.

Website: Wirex Visa Card

#5) Nexo

Best for those interested in crypto loans.


The Nexo MasterCard physical crypto credit card allows users to take crypto loans of up to US$2 million on their crypto holdings.

You secure or insure the loan with the crypto you are currently holding in the wallet that means you can only take a loan whose value is lesser than the value of crypto holdings. You should avoid selling the crypto and exiting your position. It supports about 20 cryptocurrencies currently.


  • Earn 2% cashback rewards on purchases or spending with the card.
  • Has an iOS and Android mobile app which allows you to control the card, for example, freezing and setting notification for all transactions. Change pin and ATM if needed.
  • Application for a loan requires creating an account, passing KYC, and depositing crypto to the wallet. You qualify for it in advance.
  • Can pay loan interest in crypto or fiat.
  • Accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted, that means on 40 million merchants stores and ATMs across the globe.
  • Create virtual cards for safer online usage of the card.

Fees: There are no monthly/annual fees, no application fees.

Website: Nexo

#6) Crypterium Visa Crypto Card

Best for regular shoppers.

Crypterium Visa Crypto Card

Crypterium provides both virtual and plastic prepaid debit cards that can be topped with crypto from the Crypterium wallet. You can use them to convert crypto to fiat and spend it to purchase goods and services wherever VISA is accepted, i.e. at thousands of global merchant stores, outlets, and even you can withdraw fiat at ATMs around the world.

You can get the virtual card in minutes not days. It’s an enormous network with over 30 000+ cards issued and processes over 1 million transactions monthly.


  • Can withdraw up to $2,976 per month with the VISA card. You can withdraw cash in over 200 countries globally, and shop online & offline in over 42 million retailers. Daily load is up to €5000.
  • Also connects to ApplePay.
  • 3D Secure, SMS code, and secret phrase verification, 2 Factor authentication, Touch ID, instant lock/unlock the card from the Crypterium wallet.
  • 3 types of cards – virtual, plastic, and full pack.

Fees: It has $3.56 monthly maintenance fee that can be waivered if you load the card with $356 each month. Delivery for the physical plastic card is €14.99.

Website: Crypterium Visa Crypto Card

#7) SoFi Credit Card

Best for investors and holders.

SoFi Credit Card

SoFi Credit card allows users to earn back rewards on purchases. It currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum only.


  • Earn 2 points per $1 spent; redeem each point per penny by depositing them into a SoFi account. That is by depositing them in Sofi Money, SoFi Invest, or by paying SoFi Student Loan Refinances or Personal Loans.
  • Earn $100 for opening SoFi Money or Invest account and get approved for a SoFi credit card.
  • Earn 2% cashback on purchases with the card.
  • Lower APR by 1% when you make 12 monthly on-time payments of the minimum due.
  • The annual percentage rate or APR on purchases is 12.99% to 24.99%, based on your creditworthiness. 12.99% to 24.99% APR for balance transfers. 26.99% APR for cash advances.

Fees: It has no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees. Charge $10 or 5% of each balance transfer and $10 or 5% of each cash advance. Late payment penalties and returned payment fee – Up to $39. 

Website: SoFi Credit Card

#8) TenX Visa Card

Best for regular crypto-fiat spenders.


This debit card also lets you spend Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin instantly at merchant stores, ATMs, and outlets that support Visa. That means you get to either withdraw crypto in fiat or pay for goods and services wherever Visa is accepted.

Users place the card orders through the app and upon application, the card takes 7 to 9 days for EU/EEA addresses and up to 5 weeks for APAC addresses to ship. To spend, users will simply need to load their card with crypto using the iOS and Android app.

The card started operating in 2017 and the issuing bank is Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. The company was part of a PayPal incubation program. TenX has PAY and TENX platform tokens, the first being used as utility tokens while TENX is regulated.


  • Fraud prevention by Visa’s 3-D Secure.
  • Real-time in-app notification, locking and unlocking the card, and 2-factor authentication to secure the card against fraudsters.
  • Supports just four cryptos, not available in the U.S., available only in 3 countries, no reward program for the card, and the company has faced solvency issues in 2020.
  • Can be funded only with crypto.
  • Can track your expenses in real-time on the mobile app. Generate monthly reports, and plan expenditures.

Cost and fees: One-time fee costs, EUR 15 for users in the EU/EEA and USD 15 for users in APAC. Charge $3.25 or 3 EUR per withdrawal, depending on location.

Website: TenX Visa Card

#9) Swipe Visa card

Best for regular spenders.


The Swipe Visa debit card is a dual interface NFC/EMV physical card and three of the four can do ATM cash withdrawals. That means users can choose from among four optional card tiers with different percentages of rewards – Saffron, Sky, Steel, and Slate.

Users can get cashback by shopping on Netflix, Apple Music, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Get extra cashback rewards for Travala, Uber, Starbucks, and Airbnb.

The entry-level card costs $25 and there is no requirement to stake the tokens. You get 1% cashback paid in Bitcoins. Sky offers 2% cash backs and is a must to stake 300 SXP. With the Steel option, you get 4% cash backs and must stake 30,000 SXP to get the card.

Users can earn more rewards by spending SXP tokens, which can be used on Ethereum and Binance Chain. Users can stake the token to earn staking rewards.


  • Integration with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay to allow users to pay for goods and services with the card.
  • Get 1-5% Cashback. 10-100% on specific purchases.
  • No option to load with fiat.
  • Supports seven cryptocurrencies that can be loaded for spending with the card.
  • When you stake tokens to get the cards, the lock-up period is 6 months.

Fees: Steel and Slate users do not pay foreign transaction fees, others do. $25-$50 to get cards in addition to staking costs. You must stake the platform tokens to get some card tiers. 2% foreign transaction exchange fees apply. 

Website: Swipe Visa card

#10) Gemini Crypto Credit Card

Best for instant rewards.

Gemini Crypto Credit Card

The crypto credit card is yet to launch but might launch this summer. It will be available to all users worldwide and connected to MasterCard. Unlike other crypto cards that prevent you from accessing real-time rewards for purchases, Gemini promises real-time rewards on purchases for Bitcoin or other cryptos on Gemini.

You get up to 3% cashback on dining purchases, 2% on groceries, and 1% on other purchases. It will be possible to load with 30 cryptocurrencies available on Gemini. The card issuer is WebBank, a digital lending bank.


  • Instant up to 3% cash backs deposited into the user’s Gemini account.
  • Has an iOS and Android app to accompany and manage the card. Can freeze the card instantly from the app, track expenses, etc.
  • In-app access of your credit card number and Apple Pay or Google Pay after approval. Residents in all 50 U.S. states can now apply to join the waitlist. You do not need to be a Gemini user to apply but will need a Gemini crypto exchange account where the rewards will be deposited.
  • Black, silver, and rose gold metal cards.
  • Provides 24/7 live agent support. Near-instant access to the card after application.

Fees: There is no fees to exchange and no cost for acquiring the card. No annual fee.

Website: Gemini Crypto Credit Card


This tutorial has listed only two crypto credit cards are Gemini Card, which is yet to be released, and the BlockFi crypto rewards credit card. Others are debit cards. Nevertheless, almost all allow you to earn crypto rewards when you purchase with their goods and services or even crypto.

If you want to get a debit or credit card to chase crypto rewards for every purchase made, then we suggest Crypto.com which provides up to 8% cash backs on purchases. Coinbase provides 4% but it has application and maintenance costs.

If you are a merchant, Crypto.com also stands out as it has most crypto options through which you can get paid for goods and services. If you want loans and related cash backs on card purchases, only Nexo Card will serve those needs.

Upcoming Gemini credit card will provide instant cashback rewards on purchases, unlike all other cards in the market right now.

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Review Process:

Time taken to research and write this article: 8 Hours
Total tools initially shortlisted for review: 10
Total tools researched online: 10

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