10 BEST Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU [Most Profitable]

To select the most profitable coin to mine, review the top Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU enlisted here, along with the comparison:

A GPU is a preferable option even when crypto is mineable with a CPU since that multiplies the earnings. With GPU crypto mining, you can hook up to 9 GPUs while for CPU; you can use two unless it is virtual CPUs.

Graphics Processing Units are the most common method of mining cryptocurrencies than even the most powerful ASICs or the lower-end CPU miners. We can still mine hundreds of cryptocurrencies using proof of work algorithms with these devices, and today, they are the entry mining devices for most people. No wonder the cost of GPUs is still high.

GPUs range in the amount of hash rate each can give off and the price, from the most powerful currently – the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 to the lowest end in the range – the likes of AMD Radeon R9 380, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, AMD Radeon RX 470, and AMD Radeon RX 570.

Review Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU

Top Crypto To Mine With A GPU

This tutorial discusses the best cryptocurrency to mine or the most profitable coin to mine with GPUs as used in mining cryptocurrencies and the top cryptocurrencies you can start mining today using these devices.


  • Top-ranked GPUs can each generate up to $7.75 profit in mining cryptocurrency at an electricity cost of 0.1 $/kWh. Combining multiple GPUs in a rig multiplies the profits significantly.
  • A GPU comprises a large number of arithmetic logic units that do many mathematical computations per single unit of time to multiply the output. It also decodes different hashes repeatedly with one digit changing in each attempt. GPUs are rated in their hash rates, power consumption in wattage, heating, and electricity inputs. Use a mining calculator to estimate the most profitable coin to mine with a GPU.

The below image shows the top ranking of GPUs:

Top mining GPUs generally

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  • When looking to buy a GPU for crypto mining, research the possible profit you can generate by mining different cryptos with specific GPUs before mining. Choose to mine the most profitable crypto with it.
  • GPUs range in amount hash rates they can generate in mining crypto, as well as pricing. Therefore, first research on estimated profit before committing to anything. If possible, buy and combine multiple of them into a more powerful mining rig to multiply mining profits. Always consider connecting to a mining pool, whether using one GPU or a rig.
  • For cryptos like Bitcoin which cannot be mined profitably with a GPU or rig, consider using an existing GPU to mine other crypto and converting to Bitcoin or mining through pools that allow you to contribute the mining hash rate and get rewards in Bitcoin instead of that mined crypto.

FAQs About Best Crypto to Mine

Q #1) What is GPU mining?

Answer: Graphics processing units are processing units comprising of electronic circuits used in computers, and which are more efficient and powerful than their immediate counterparts, the CPUs.

Although they are made with the purpose of accelerating the processing of image creation in a computer by altering or speeding the computer memory, they are also utilized in the mining of cryptocurrencies as they also fasten the process.

Q #2) Is GPU mining profitable?

Answer: Yes, in many cases. The profitability of using GPUs for mining cryptocurrencies depends on the cryptocurrency in question. For cryptocurrencies like BTC, it is less profitable because of high competition in using ASICs or application-specific integrated circuits for mining.

However, they are profitable in mining Ethereum and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. For BTC mining with a GPU, try those mining pools like Nicehash, which allows you to contribute the harsh rate from the miner and mine other crypto but be rewarded in BTC.

Q #3) Is mining really bad for GPUs?

Answer: No, it does not harm your computer. In fact, if you are mining a profitable coin, it may be added profit to use the computer as you play games. Most crypto mining software allows you to mine cryptocurrencies with a GPU when it enters idle mood and is not being used. The software is very helpful. Other software lets you mine crypto with low energy and even connect to mining pools to multiply earnings.

Q #4) How long does it take to mine 1 BTC?

Answer: The blockchain takes 10 minutes to process one Bitcoin as a reward to each block mined, but that is not what it takes for any individual to mine his one BTC. It depends on your mining machine since different machines generate different amounts of hash rates.

With any CPU and GPU and specifically mining BTC, it will take forever, but with an ASIC, you would need a 149.2 PH/s hash rate to mine 1 BTC per day. An Antminer S19 Pro, one of the best ASICs, would take 1,133.5 days to get 1 Bitcoin on solo mode, which is why pool mining works.

Q #5) How much do GPU miners make?

Answer: With Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti or 3080, you can earn as much as $7 per day or more mining cryptocurrencies and with ASICs like the Whatsminer M20S, you get around $8 within the same duration.

Of course, you can build rigs from GPUs and earn as much as you want depending on the number of GPUs and ASICs you use. The limit depends on you. Many mining farms make hundreds of thousands of dollars mining crypto via mining pools.

Q #6) How many GPUs do I need for mining?

Answer: There is no minimum or limit to the number of GPUs you can use when mining, and can even start with 1. However, if you are into a serious mining business, a rig of 6 GPUs is recommended.

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Recommended Cloud Mining Platform

#1) Minedollars


Minedollars – Cloud mining software lets you invest the least you can in crypto mining operations without having to buy many mining hardware or GPU. How it works is that the company invests in its own GPUs and ASICs and then lets customers invest in mining operations via contracts.

On the Minedollars website, you can purchase mining contracts for different cryptocurrencies and wait for the earnings. Customers can choose contracts based on the amount they want to invest, the crypto they want to mine, the profits to be earned, and the duration of the contract.

How to mine Bitcoin on Minedollars

  • Signup for an account.
  • Deposit crypto
  • Go to the website or app and choose the BTC hash rate. Click on buy to buy the contract. The cost is $3000 per contract lasting for 30 days. It earns a fixed return of $1,980. Returns are calculated and earned on a daily basis.
  • Wait for mining earnings to be deposited in your account.
  • Withdraw when earnings reach at least $100.

List of the Top Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU

Enlisted are some popular GPU mineable cryptocurrencies:

  1. Vertcoin
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Monero
  4. Ravencoin
  5. Haven Protocol (XHV)
  6. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  7. Bitcoin Gold
  8. Dogecoin
  9. Grin
  10. ZCash

Comparison of the Most Profitable Coins to Mine

Cryptocurrency Rewards per blockEstimated daily profitabilityOur rating
Vertcoin12.5 Vertcoins$4.90 with 2.50 mh/s hash rate5/5
Bitcoin2.5 BTC$6 to $11 per with Nicehash. 4.7/5
Monero4.99 XMR10 mHz hash rate.4.6/5
Ravencoin5,000 RVNs$4.40 per day with
70 MH/s of hash rate.
Haven Protocol5.0906 XHVs. $1.9 with 100 H/s hash rate. 4.55/5

Detailed review:

#1) Vertcoin


Verticoin is ASIC-resistant. At a mining hash rate of 2.50 mh/s and power consumption of 450 watts, the profit is about $4.90 per day at an electricity rate of $0.10 kWh. The crypto algorithm Verthash is made to generate a block every 2 minutes and 24 seconds. The block reward is 12.5 Vertcoins.

How to mine Vertcoin with a GPU:

  • Buy a GPU: There are hundreds of GPUs to use here which can be used alone or in a mining rig. They include NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 LHR or anything above it.
  • Download and install the VTC wallet: This can be downloaded from the Vertcoin website. Come up with a wallet address after this.
  • Pick a mining pool based on reward and potential to generate profit: There are multiple mining pools you can use here, including easy mine.online, supernova.cc, and miningpoolhub.com.
  • Set up your mining rig as per the manufacturer and download relevant GPU mining software to tweak the settings. You can, for instance, use CCMiner and SG Miner for the coin.

On the software, connect to your select mining pool using the settings (pool URL, worker, username, and password) provided by the specific pool from their website.

Website: Vertcoin

#2) Bitcoin


Bitcoin is still the most profitable coin to mine with an ASIC, but not GPU. Bitcoin GPU mining is not profitable currently even with a mining pool. But you can mine with pools that allow you to contribute the hash rate to mine other crypto and get rewarded in Bitcoin. An example is Nicehash.

Nicehash estimates that you can use NVIDIA RTX 3080, NVIDIA CMP 90HX, NVIDIA RTX A5000, NVIDIA RTX 3090, and NVIDIA Tesla A100 to earn between 0.000125 BTC and 0.00022200 BTC in daily income mining Bitcoin with this hardware.

This is between $6 to $11 in daily income at an electricity cost of $0.1. You can either build a rig for solo mining or connect the rig or single GPU to a pool.

How to mine Bitcoin with a GPU:

  • Purchase a mining rig or GPU and do the setup: Install relevant software.
  • Download a BTC wallet: This is the wallet where your mining earnings will be sent.
  • Join and set up a mining pool: Set up your username, workers, and copy pool URLs and other details.
  • Connect GPU to a mining pool: Different mining pools have different settings for connecting a GPU, so be sure to confirm from the website.
  • Start mining. 

Website: Bitcoin

#3) Monero


Monero is one of the easiest cryptos to mine with GPU and also one of those you can try mining on a VCPU, for instance, for experimentation projects. The following GPUs can be used for mining Monero — ASRock Radeon RX 5700, XT Phantom Gaming D, ASUS DUAL Radeon RX 480 8GB OC, and MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ventus XS OC.

Currently, with a 10 MHz hash rate, you generate about $11 per month mining Monero with a GPU. Monero mining reward is around 4.99 XMR and validators also share a transaction fee of 0.06573 XMR per block. It takes two minutes to verify a block.

There are multiple pools you can connect to including those you can merge mine or do profit-switching when mining Monero. Solo mining requires investing heftily in GPU mining hardware.

How to mine Monero with a GPU:

  • Buy a GPU, connect to motherboard and accessories, and install relevant software.
  • Set up a Monero wallet. You can start with a web wallet like MyMonero, Monerujo mobile wallet, and many others. It is also supported on Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T.
  • Sign up and connect to a mining pool: Examples include MineXMR.com, SupportXMR, https://xmr.nanopool.org/, and monero.crypto-pool.fr. Connecting to a mining pool is done on your mining software or via other tools and requires entry of pool details like pool mining URL, your mining wallet address, password, and worker name, or other details. Just confirm with the pool website or software website in question.

Website: Monero

#4) Ravencoin


Ravencoin is also among the most profitable coin to mine. It is used in platforms to represent virtual goods, gold, shares, and other types of assets. Ravencoin is best mined with NVIDIA GPUs, particularly starting with the RTX series. You can opt for GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and RX 570. In fact, you can mine this cryptocurrency with a CPU.

In terms of profitability, at 70 MH/s, you generate a profit of around $4.40 per day mining this crypto with a GPU. The reward per block mined is 5,000 RVNs.

How to mine Ravencoin with a GPU:

  • Set up a wallet: An example of software you can use is Raven Core.
  • Buy and set up GPUs, install them on the motherboard and affix other accessories, then install the GPU mining software. You can install Kawpowminer, Gminer, T-Rex Miner, TeamRedMiner, NBMiner, and Nanominer.
  • Choose and sign up for a mining pool: On the mining software, configure the mining pool details provided from your mining pool account. These include the mining pool URL, wallet address, worker name, etc. This depends on the mining software being used. With some software, you can configure the mining pool through the bat file installed with the software. An example is the NBMiner_Win > start_rvn.bat file from the NBMiner software.  

Website: Ravencoin

#5) Haven Protocol (XHV)

Haven Protocol

Haven Protocol blockchain lets anyone create private tokens representing commodities, fiat currencies, and others whether they are stable or volatile assets. The RandomX protocol on which Monero is based is resistant to ASIC mining. It is based on Monero, which is a private token. With just 100 H/s, you get $1.9 in mining profit per month.

Some of the GPUs for which you can mine Haven Protocol is the RX 4XX, RX 5XX, VEGA series.

How to mine Haven Protocol with a GPU:

  • If you have bought the GPUs, connect them to the motherboard to make a rig. Install the mining software. You can try SRBMiner, JCE Miner, and Cast XMR among other GPUs.
  • Create a Haven Protocol wallet address and join a mining pool: Some of the mining pools include Hero Miners, Miner Rocks, Fracking Miner, Hashvault, Hashpool, Fairpool, and Do OK.
  • Connect pool to the miner using guidelines provided on the pool website: Some software like the SRBMiner requires editing the config.txt and pools.txt files. With other software, you need to check configuration details via their GUI – which includes setting the wallet address, worker name, and pool URL.

Website: Haven Protocol

#6) Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic makes use of the EtcHash or Thanos upgrade, which is a tweak of the Ethash algorithm. The F2pool mining pool rates the Jasminer X4 as the best mining machine for Ethereum Classic. With a hash rate of 2,500 mH/z, this machine will generate a daily profit of $76.01. Other machines to be used include the JASMINER X4 BRICK.

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How to mine Ethereum Classic with a GPU:

  • Buy and configure the GPU. Install Ethereum Classic mining software or other GPU mining software that supports Ethereum Classic mining. Claymore Dual Ethereum, Ethminer, MinerGate, GMiner, and NBMiner.
  • Research and join a mining pool: There are multiple mining pools for Ethereum Classic including xnpool, Ethermine, 2Miners, F2Pool, Nanopool, and MiningPoolHub.
  • Configure wallet with mining pool: This configuration is done with the mining software and depends on the software in question. Some of the wallets with which you can generate a wallet address are Atomic Wallet, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, and many hardware wallets.

Website: Ethereum Classic

#7) Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a spin of Bitcoin and utilizes the Equihash(144,5) or Zhash algorithm, which works fine on multiple GPUs. For those looking for the best GPUs to mine Bitcoin Gold, you can try the GTX 1080 Ti which ranks as one of the best GPUs for this task.

How to mine Bitcoin Gold with a GPU:

  • Create a Bitcoin Gold wallet, for instance, on Guarda or Atomic Wallet. 
  • Buy and install your GPUs. Install mining software like Unmineable Miner Software. Others include the EWBF Miner, Optiminer, and Claymore’s Zcash/BTG Miner.
  • Join a mining pool: Including miningpoolhub.com, 2miners.com, bsmith.io, zergpool.com, suprnova.cc, and k1pool.com.
  • Connect pool to the hardware through the mining software. Each software has different configuration setting requirements for the pools, so be sure to check from either the pools or mining software website.

Website: Bitcoin Gold

#8) Dogecoin


Dogecoin blockchain reward is 10,000 DOGE per block mined and its spectacular rise over the years especially in 2021 makes it a great target for crypto GPU miners. The meme coin is based on the Scrypt algorithm, which even supports merged mining of cryptocurrencies.

For instance, you can merge mine it alongside Litecoin on your GPU without affecting the machine performance. Thus it is one of the best coins to mine with GPU.

The RTX 3090 Ultra Gaming is probably the leading GPU for mining Dogecoin, but you can also try out RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2070, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, RX 580 GTS, and the AMD Radeon RX 5700XT. Regarding profitability, you can generate around $49.99 per day at a mining hash rate of 9,500 MH/s.

How to mine Dogecoin with a GPU:

  • Buy and set up the GPU. Install GPU mining software such as CudaMiner, CGMiner, and EasyMiner.
  • Create a Doge wallet: For instance, at Dogecoin.com, Trust Wallet, Dogechain, etc.
  • Join a mining pool and configure hardware with it: Dogecoin mining pools include the Aikapool, Litecoinpool, 1coinPool, Multipool, and Prohashing.  
  • Start mining. 

Website: Dogecoin

#9) Grin


Grin cryptocurrency is mined at the rate of one block per minute and a block miner gets a 60 Grin reward. If you want to start mining Grin, you should consider GPUs like the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, Radeon Rx 570, 580 and 590, 7x Asus GTX 1060, and many other GPUs.

You can also choose to buy the RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti GPUs. In terms of profitability, you can use an online profitability calculator, but it is possible to generate around $1.44 on a single GPU per day at less than just a 10 H/s hash rate.

How to mine Grin with a GPU:

  • Set up a Grin wallet, for instance, with the Grin++ wallet. You can also consider others like the Samourai, BreadWallet, and GreenAdress wallets.
  • Research and join one or multiple GRIN mining pools: You can try solo pools like the Aeternity SOLO, MimbleWimbleCoin SOLO, Cortex SOLO, and GRIN SOLO.
  • Set up GPUs and install mining software such as Gminer, IolMiner, and GrinGoldMiner.
  • Configure the mining software for instance by setting the .bat files and running the miner. 

Website: Grin

#10) ZCash


Zcash – also one of the best coins to mine today, employs the equihash algorithm, which is a slightly tweaked version of the PoW algorithm suited more for GPU mining than ASIC mining.

The best GPUs you can utilize to mine Zcash include the NVIDIA’s GTX 1080, Nvidia GTX 1070, GTX 1070Ti, GTX 1070, and AMD Vega 56/64. The profitability of each of these GPUs varies. At a hash rate of 135,000 H/s, you can generate $6.87 per day in profit.

How to mine Zcash with a GPU:

  • Buy, install and configure your GPUs on the computer. Install all drivers, then the GPU mining software like the Nvidia EWBF Miner,   
  • Set up a wallet address. They include the Nighthawk wallet for mobile, Zecwallet Lite, etc.
  • Download and install the Zcash mining program. You will not need to download a full Zcash blockchain or use complicated command line miners.  
  • Sign up and configure with a mining pool. Some of the mining pools to consider for this cryptocurrency include ZHash.pro, zpool Equihash, Bitfly, 2miners, Luckpool, and Minergate.
  • Start mining. 

Website: Zcash


This tutorial discussed the best cryptocurrency to mine with a GPU. Most of the cryptocurrencies that are ASIC-resistant are definitely more profitable to mine with a GPU than a CPU.

Most of them have a fairly similar setup when mining, which includes buying and configuring a GPU, installing GPU mining software, setting up a wallet, and connecting a mining pool to the GPU via the software or other tools.

We suggest the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 as the best mining GPU, and which can be applied to mine hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Merge mining is also suggested for those who want auto profit switching mining, and the top cryptocurrencies to consider for that reason include Dogecoin and Litecoin, which are among the best cryptocurrency to mine. Also, check for mining software with profit-switching models.

Research Process:

  • Tools initially shortlisted: 12
  • Tools included in the review: 10
  • Time Taken for this review: 20 hours.
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