Pionex Dual Investment VS. Binance VS. Matrixport [COMPARED]

Understand the comparison between Pionex Dual Investment VS. Binance VS. Matrixport through this tutorial to find the key differences:

Pionex, which was founded in 2019, is headquartered in Singapore. It handles a $5 billion monthly trading volume, has over 100,000 monthly active users, and hires between 11-50 people. It allows users to trade a total of 457 crypto pairs.

Matrixport, which was founded in 2011, is headquartered in Singapore. It handles $5B in monthly trading volume, has $10 billion of assets under management and custody, $700 million in outstanding loans, and has 290+ employees. It serves customers in over 40 countries.

Binance is based in Malta though has no specific official headquarters but serves clients in almost every country in the world.

The company was founded in 2017 and is available for use in 180+ countries. Its daily trading volume is around $50 billion+. It lets users trade over 600 cryptocurrencies (60 for US residents). The company employs 4425 people across 40 locations. It has 90 million registered users.

Pionex Dual Investment VS. Binance VS. Matrixport

Pionex Dual Investment VS. Binance VS. Matrixport

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a Dual investment in Pionex?

Answer: Dual Investment in Pionex allows you to buy low and/or sell high at a future settlement price and settlement date once the market price reaches and/or passes the trader’s chosen target price.

This happens all while the invested amount earns the trader a specified interest rate on settlement, in addition to either the invested amount back (if the crypto buys order flops or crypto sell is successful) or the bought crypto if (crypto buy order is successful or crypto sell order flops).

Q #2) Is dual investment Binance good?

Answer: Yes. Dual investment in Binance is great because through it the user earns a specified interest (in crypto or stablecoin) while selling high or buying crypto low at a future settlement price and date.

Like futures, it allows traders to trade sideways, whether the market is depreciating or appreciating in prices. Besides, it allows users to add more optional orders on top of other trading options.

Q #3) Can you lose money in dual investment?

Answer: It is possible but very hard to lose money in a dual investment if and when trading with an expertise platform. That’s because Pionex, Matrixport, and Binance do vet coins added to the dual investment trading option. So it is hard to expect a listed coin in these products to move to zero immediately.

Plus, these platforms give a specified APY interest in trade orders regardless of whether they sell an option or buy option is successful or flops.

Trades make losses in dual investment. This is mostly caused by the decrease in price or value of the underlying asset being traded even as the trade continues. If you are trading with USDT and/or other stablecoins, this is less likely.

Q #4) What is dual investment?

Answer: It is a crypto investment or trading opportunity that affords a crypto trader to buy cryptos low and/or sell the same/others high at a future date and future settlement price, depending on the market price movement.

The trader deposits the crypto to sell or stablecoins to use to buy the crypto at a lower price, and then sets a target price which when surpassed by the market or settlement price, the buy or sell order will be accomplished and the trader receives the other of the trading pair, plus the profit and specified APY interest.

Otherwise, the trade flops and the trader get their investment returned in the form of the same invested token.

However, the invested crypto or stablecoin also earns you an APY or APR specified at the time of placing the order regardless of whether the sell or buy is successful. The dual investment allows traders to trade sideways regardless of whether the market price for a specific crypto is increasing or decreasing.

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Q #5) Why is dual investment high risk?

Answer: One of the few dual investment risks arises because the price of the crypto can go down leading to a loss of value if the invested amount is in crypto. This risk does not arise when you invest USDT or other pegged stable coins in these trades (in buy options) but is amplified by newer cryptocurrencies.

The second risk is that you cannot redeem or cancel the subscription until the settlement date, some of which can last for weeks or months as per your choice.

The third risk is that the cryptocurrency can be converted to another currency if the counterparty chooses to exercise its option.

The fourth risk is that the crypto in which you hold a trading position may be delisted from the trading platform or may be suspended from trading before the settlement date.

Dual Investment in Pionex, Matrixport, and Binance

Comparison Table

Name of exchangeAPY Cryptos supportedSettlement periodsMinimum investment
Pionex 2% to 500%+ for BTC and Eth and 600+ in some cases. 38 stablecoins and crypto products – including USDT investments to buy these tokens. Cryptos supported include ETH, BTC, XRP, etc. These together give 100+ product variations or investment options. From 1 day to 1 year or more. 40 – 1,000,000 USDT.
0.001 - 25 BTC.
0.01 ETH to 250 ETH.
20 – 500,000 XRP.
0.2 SOL – 1000 SOL
Binance 4% to 130%+ for BTC, ETH and BNB, to 200%+ for other cryptos/tokens. 13 – BTC, Eth, BNB, SOL, MATIC, ADA, DOT, BCH, AVAX, FTM, ALGO, ATOM, and Near. Over 100 product variations or investment options. 7, 14, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months.0.00001- 400 BTC.
0.001 - 10 Eth.
0.001 - 16 million BNB
$0.1 - 16 million USDT.
Matrixport Highly variable -- Between 55% for BTC to 251% for Sol.
Can be higher or lower.
8 dual currency pairs for BTC, ETH, BCH, and Sol.1, 2, to 7 days. $80 for stablecoins.
0.001 BTC for BTC.
0.01 ETH.

Pionex Dual Investment

100+ options available on Pionex Dual Investment

Pionex Dual Investment

Over 100 Dual Investment options are available on Pionex.

Pionex Dual Investment is a clear winner in the market in terms of returns and diversity of investment options. It lets a user earn interest in investing in stablecoin or crypto while placing a buy or sell order. This non-guaranteed investment opportunity provides a high annualized rate of return.

If the customer chooses to buy crypto at a future date and target price using stablecoins, the crypto market price may be lower, higher, or the same as the target price.

If the settlement price or the market price, in this case, is greater than or equal to the target buying price, the customer gets back the invested amount in stablecoin plus APY interest in stablecoin on the settlement date. If the settlement price is lower than the target price, the system buys the crypto for the customer and still pays an APY interest in the crypto. The user gets more crypto.

In other words, if the target price is reached, you receive USDT (or other stablecoins), and if not, you receive the target crypto. In both cases, you receive APY interest.

Pionex dual investment thus provides an opportunity for a customer to buy the dip because he/she wants to earn more coins. Placing a limit or smart or bot order to buy the dip with the funds does not earn that APY interest. Hence, dual investment is better than a smart or limited buy order.

Furthermore, Pionex provides 1,288 USD dual investment trial funds. You also get $12,888 trial funds per each invite if you are interested in referrals.

How to invest in Pionex Dual Investment

  • Sign up and log in: Verification is needed to get a 1,288 USD trial investment fund or invest in a dual investment.

Click or tap Details to access details about that particular product and to buy it

Click or tap Details to access details about that particular product and purchase it.

  • Click or tap Earn then Structured on the mobile or website app: Go to Manual Orders if you want a plan that does not automatically reinvest your money. Auto-invest is used when you want an order chosen to be reinvested automatically after the expiry or settlement date. Deposit crypto or USDT to invest before proceeding. The exchange allows you to deposit national/international currencies and crypto.
  • From Manual Orders, click or tap +Invest if using the Pionex mobile app (if using the web app, scroll through the products and click on Details against any product): Then click or tap Dual Investment to create an investment of your choice. Choose BTC/USDT, ETH, XRP/SOL/ADA, and other crypto investments.

Each provides options concerning settlement dates (1 day, 7 days, etc). Select a settlement date. Each investment option also provides an option concerning target prices and APYs. Click or tap Detail on an investment option to see the delivery date, chart, and invest in the option. Click or tap on Purchase or Buy to invest.

Pionex Dual Investment currently contains 38 crypto and stablecoin investment products. Each of these 38 products also contains different investment options, sortable in terms of settlement dates, APYs, and target prices. In total, you get hundreds of options to invest in the Dual Investment plan.

Cryptocurrencies supported: 38 stablecoins and crypto products — BTC/USDT, ETH, XRP/SOL/ADA, and other crypto investments,

Settlement period: From 1 day to over 1 year.

APY paid: From 2% to 500%+ for BTC and Eth and 600+ in some cases.

Minimum investment: 40 to 1 million USDT for stablecoin-based investments. 0.001 BTC minimum and 25 BTC for BTC-based investments. 0.01 ETH to 250 ETH for ETH-based investments. 20 – 500,000 XRP for XRP-based investments. 0.2 SOL – 1000 SOL for SOL-based investments.

Advantages of Pionex Dual Investment over Binance and Matrixport

Pionex gives high payouts on BTC and Eth

Pionex gives high APY returns on BTC and Eth, and less risky coins, sometimes over 500%+

  • High APYs on BTC: Pionex pays as much as 200% on different Dual Investment options, including BTC-USDT Dual Investment, especially for long-duration settlement dates. Binance pays up to 143% on BTC options, although APYs could go as high as 200% or more for newer and riskier tokens. APYs are as high as 485% for Eth-based investments.
  • Referral trial funds $12,888 per invite on top of the beginner $1,288 Dual Investment fund: Binance does not offer any referral or beginner dual investment funds and Matrixports gives only $1,288 beginner dual investment funds.
  • Diverse range of investment products: Pionex offers 38 products, each comprising different investment options that users can subscribe to. Together, this adds up to over 200 investment options. You can subscribe to as many as you can.

In comparison, Binance provides 13 dual investment crypto products, each with a sell and buy option totaling 26. Each of these 26 also comprises different options, sortable by target price, APY, and settlement date. It has 100+ options in total. Customers can run as many as they can.

Matrix also pays the highest for newer and thus riskier cryptos than BTC and ETH. For instance, SOL-based investment pays 465% and 698% for the USDC-SOL pair. The highest APY for BTC products is 164% for BTC –USDT pair where you invest BTC and 287% for USDT – BTC where you invest USDT. For Ethereum-based investment, you get 105%.

  • Automated orders on Pionex: Pionex allows you to automate orders by re-investing the amount. You can choose to have the investment automated or use manual orders. Matrixport and Binance do not have that option.

Matrixport Dual Currency Investment

Watch a video for your reference:

Matrixport’s dual investment product (known as Dual Currency Investment) also lets users invest either crypto or stablecoin in a given trading pair to earn a given fixed interest in crypto/interest while they are being traded. Customers get up to 80% APY depending on the crypto they are investing in.

If the settlement price or crypto market price is greater than or equal to the target price (herein called Linked price) the customer earns the return settlement (his principal amount plus fixed APY interest earned) in stablecoin. If the Linked price is less than the settlement or crypto market price at the settlement date, the customer gets returns in the crypto.

Matrixport provides different Linked Prices and target prices for dual investment plans to cater to varying customer risk appetites. Products with a higher target or linked prices have lower risks but also carry lesser annualized yields. Converse is true for products with lower target prices.

With Matrixport’s dual investment plan, customers cannot redeem the investment until the settlement date. Still, there are some investment risks relating to the settlement price because crypto prices are volatile.

How to invest in Matrixport’s Dual Currency Investment

Dual Currency in Matrixport

[image source]

  • From the app or website, click or tap Invest. Select and tap or click Dual Currency. You can see the list of Dual Currency products. Scroll down to see what crypto you can invest in, the linked price, duration of settlement, and annualized yield. Select a product that suits your needs.
  • Deposit crypto or buy from the market using supported methods. Go back to the steps above.
  • Each product provides further options sortable by settlement dates, APYs, and target prices. Click or tap the one that suits your needs. You can estimate your earnings with a calculator before proceeding. Click or tap Invest Now to invest in the option selected. Input the amount and tap Buy.

Cryptocurrencies supported: 8 dual currency pairs for BTC, ETH, BCH, and Sol. Based on the available quotas, each of the pairs has different investment options based on different target prices (Linked Price) per investment option.

APY paid: Between 55% for BTC to 251% for Sol.

Settlement periods: 1, 2, to 7 days.

Minimum investment: Varies — $80 for stablecoin-based investment, 0.001 BTC for BTC-based investment, 0.01 ETH for Eth-based investments, and 0.1 Sol for SOL-based products.

Binance Dual Currency Investment

Binance Dual Investment enables users to monetize their market view.

Binance Dual Investment enables users to monetize their market view

[image source]

Binance Dual Investment allows users to earn a fixed APY percentage on their assets when they invest money after deciding to buy low or sell at a higher target price for each crypto supported.

A user selects a cryptocurrency (from a list of 13 supported) they want to buy or sell. Each of these offers different APYs. They then decide on whether they want to buy or sell by selecting that option.

The user then decides the future buy or sell price (called the target price) by choosing from a list of available options. Binance avails these options, each having different target prices and settlement dates for the selected crypto and thus different APY.

The APYs, settlement dates and target prices are decided by Binance but the user gets to choose from multiple options. Each product option has a specified APY visible before the customer invests in it. APYs are not fixed and they change as per the target price.

When an option is exercised – meaning crypto is sold or bought at the target price and date, the customer receives the subscription amount and specified APY interest in the other currency. If the option is not exercised at the target price, the customer still receives their subscription amount plus the specified APY interest, but in the same currency in which they invested.

The settlement price is calculated from the average of the current price in the last 30 minutes before 16.00 UTC + 8 on the settlement date.

Customers choosing to buy the target crypto at a future date can either choose to invest USDT or BUSD – Binance’s stablecoin. The amount invested cannot be redeemed before the settlement date.

In other words, when planning to buy crypto using stablecoin, you will receive the stablecoin invested plus APY interest in stablecoin if the order is not accomplished and the market price is far below your target price. If the order is completed because the target price was reached, you will receive the amount invested in the form of the crypto you want to buy plus APY in the said crypto.

The risk is that if the market price is way below the target price, you will be buying crypto at a higher price. If the market price is higher than the target price, the order is not completed. When selling, the risk is that if the market price is higher than the target price set, you will be selling at a lower price.

How to invest in Dual Investment in Binance

How to use dual investment on Binance

  • Sign up and verify.
  • From the mobile or web app, click or tap Earn, then Dual Investment. Scroll down to see the products sortable by cryptocurrency to invest in. From here you can see the APY range payable to each crypto invested. Select Crypto of choice.
  • Deposit crypto to invest or buy/swap into the marketplace.
  • Click or tap on Dual Investments again and select the crypto to invest in. Choose either the Buy or Sell option depending on whether you want to buy or sell crypto at a future date. If buying, select whether to pay using USDT or BUSD by tapping the dropdown menu against the Buy option.

Choose sell or buy option

  • Click the Edit icon to choose the investment option per settlement date, APY, or target price. There are many options here for each crypto you want to invest in.
  • Proceed to input the amount to invest. Click or tap Next and you will see the winning scenarios and expected returns. To view the details of each scenario, click or tap View. Click or tap OK to check the boxes. Click or tap Next.


Click or tap Subscribe to buy.

Currencies supported: 13 – BTC, Eth, BNB, SOL, MATIC, ADA, DOT, BCH, AVAX, FTM, ALGO, ATOM, and Near.

Settlement periods: 7, 14, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months.

APY paid: Differ depending on the settlement date, target price, and crypto – from one-digit percentage to three-digit percentage.

Minimum investment – Depends on the crypto involved and whether you are selling or buying. 0.00001 BTC for BTC-based investments when buying. The maximum is 400 BTC. 0.001 Eth for Eth-based investments. The maximum is 10 Eth, 0.001 BNB for BNB-based investments. When buying, the minimum USDT or BUSD investment is $0.1. The maximum is 16 million USDT or BUSD.

Features Overview for Pionex, Matrixport, and Binance


Pionex bots

Pionex Dual Investment lets you invest in stablecoin and/or other cryptocurrencies and earn interest on the invested amount while still trading on that balance.

It is compared to and much better than placing a limited order, especially for a long-term trade that will take time to be fulfilled because the latter will earn the trader no interest, whether it is filled or not at the settlement date.

Like Binance and Matrixport, Pionex enables customers to earn regular income on their investments in an easy way. Customers can deposit crypto/fiat, but crypto, and lock up (non-mandatory period) their cryptocurrencies to their wallets on these apps/websites and earn passive income. Save that the APY percentage returns differ greatly for all the products.

Other Investment Products at Pionex

  • Bot trading: Pionex supports up to 16 free customizable and ready-to-run bots. These are the best bot options for beginners.
  • Arbitrage trading: Set arbitrage bots easily, invest USDT, USDC, or BUSD, and earn between 5% – 50% in APR. These can be run for 7, 30, or 180 days. The minimum investment is 100 USDT for moderate and 300 USDT for aggressive mode.
  • Lending: Earn between 0.1% to 20% lending cryptos and stable tokens.
  • Covered gain: This falls under Structured investments and enables customers to earn APY interest by investing crypto. The investment attempts to find a covered gain or take-profit for a given crypto pair at a fixed price. If a take-profit is found, the customer receives a settlement in target crypto plus a set APY. Otherwise, they will receive their USDT investment and the APY.

Other Products/Services at Pionex

  • Buy crypto with a credit card, Simplex, Visa, Apple Pay, Banxa, SEPA, and Faster Payments.
  • Copy-trading signals after subscribing to trading strategies by other users, including those using bots. Copy trading is free. Social copy trading allows you to see other users’ strategies and their periodic (up to 1 year) profits before copying. You can also see the bots they are using. Traders offering strategies can limit who should subscribe to them and/or what balance they should have.
  • Craft your trading strategies on bots, smart orders, or manual trade.
  • Deposit and withdraw crypto.
  • Portfolio and market tracking.


Binance, like Pionex, is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade 590+ pairs depending on your location. Some of the best features that are comparable to Pionex on Binance include in-built customized bot trading, centralized order books, and dual investment plans.

Both also contain ordinary sending, receiving, and holdings of crypto in in-built wallets. Binance – like Pionex – allows users to invest in diverse investment plans. They both have lending, staking, and holding-crypto-to-earn, advanced order types and smart trading, and buying and selling crypto against national/international currencies like fiat.

Other Investment Products in Binance

#1) Staking: Binance lets you lock up to a total of 109 stake-able cryptos in your wallet for a given period to earn up to 80% in APY but redeemed daily. Higher rates are paid on newer riskier tokens. You can withdraw tokens at any time.

#2) Savings: Save up to 9 cryptos for a given duration (ranging from days) and earn interest on it. Between 2,4% to 25% APY. Auto-investment is possible. You can choose locked or flexible investments.

DeFi staking and Flexible savings on Binance Earnings: See the best-earning possibilities for all coins, whether you are interested in protected, high-yield, or auto-invest options.

#3) BNB Vault which offers rewards in APY for holding BNB tokens: The BNB is invested in other products including Savings, Launchpool, and staking.

#4) Binance Liquidity Farming lets customers earn passive incomes by providing liquidity through liquidity pools.

#5) Binance Pool lets customers invest in a cloud mining pool to earn passive incomes.

Other Products/Services/Features on Binance

#1) Auto-invest plan: Auto-invest using your auto-investment plan over time to accumulate crypto.

#2) NFTs: Create, buy, sell, and hold NFTs.

#3) Crypto loans that are collateralized by your crypto.

#4) Binance Visa Card, Binance Gift Card (prepaid crypto voucher useful for transferring crypto and exchanging it outside of Binance, for instance, through APIs – applicable in-game rewards, loyalties, e-commerce purchases, and Gift Card reselling), Binance Pay to pay and receive crypto payments for your goods and services.

#5) Spot and futures exchange: Leveraged and non-leveraged. In-built charting tools and API bots are possible. Track portfolios and prices for mobile and web apps. You can also buy crypto with your bank, PayPal, credit card, Neteller, and multiple other payment methods. You can also sell crypto to fiat or withdrawal to a bank account.

You can swap crypto for no fees or do chart trading. Other opportunities include selling and buying trading strategies and copying trades from other users for free or at a cost. Bot trading and bot strategies are supported. Binance Fan Tokens feature lets users collect and trade fan tokens from popular teams, artists, players, etc.

Trading contests are also held for spots and futures trading.

#6) Academy, broker liquidity provision program, Charity, Learn & Earn crypto, Institutional & VIP client products (OTC, asset management and custody, brokerage, Binance Cloud for businesses that want to build business products, and liquidity provision program).

#7) Other products include DEX and peer-to-peer trading, and Launchpad for those who want to launch their token projects or buy tokens from these products. Binance Research provides institutional-grade analyses, in-depth insights, and unbiased information. Trust Wallet is also the company’s iOS and Android wallet to buy, store, collect NFTs, and exchange and earn crypto.

#8) Mobile and web apps.


Matrixport, on the other hand, is a financial service that enables individuals to earn an interest of up to 30% fixed income on their assets through the Fixed Income plan. This can be achieved by depositing in the Savings account or by investing in a DeFi product.

Currently, the product pays 30% APY for those investing stablecoins USDC/USDT in their wallets as savings. Those investing BTC/ETH earn just 3%, and altcoins earn 7%.

Flexi Savings is an hourly compounded investment that enables customers to earn up to 6% APY on their invested USDC/USDT. They can also earn 2.5% APY on their BTC/ETH savings, and 1.50% on altcoins. This type of investment can be withdrawn at any time, unlike the Fixed Income plan that requires locking up crypto/stablecoins for a given period.

To benefit from the interest, a customer is required to sign up with the app/website

Other Matrixport Products/Features

Matrixport invests the customer’s money on self-run Collateralized Loans products, Spot Leveraged products, and Credit Funding. Investors still bear the risk in case of market price fluctuations or changes in other market factors.

Fixed Investment Plans on Pionex, Matrixport, and Binance

Matrixport’s Fixed Income Plan

Matrixport allows users to lock up BTC, AXS, BCH, DOGE, LTC, and other 7 cryptos as well as USDT and USDC stablecoins at a defined period (from 8 to 90 days) and earn up to 30% APY at the expiry period.

The minimum investment depends on crypto or USDT being invested (300 USDT or USDC for stablecoins, 0.015 BTC for BTC, and 0.3 ETH for ETH.).

Locking up for 8 days earns the highest APY of 30%, 14 days earns 11%, and 90 days earn 9.5%. Users cannot withdraw these earnings until the expiry of the investment period.

Other Matrixport Earnings Products:

  • Smart Trend lets users earn up to 40% of their investment if they get the market trend right. Customers can express their views regarding the market. If crypto price settles at or above their predicted price, they earn a higher return. If not, a lower base yield will be paid.
  • SharkFin: Enables users to earn a guaranteed yield – the highest – if the crypto market price stays within a predicted range, and a lower yield if it has ever been within that range by the settlement date. The fund is also called a knock-out option, and pays an APR of between 29.5% and 3% APR guaranteed refunds. Profit is not fixed and depends on whether the settlement price is within the pegged price or not, corresponding to different yields.
  • Best-Buy Fund: A customer subscribes and invests their crypto assets into the company’s arbitrage trading fund. The fund has a given net value update every month. At the expiration of the lock-up period, the customer redeems their investment with the latest net value to obtain an investment yield. The product is available to investment professionals and has a minimum investment requirement.
  • Range Sniper: BTC-U Range Snipper helps users earn returns when the BTC price is sideways or rising within a specified range, and when the settlement price is lesser or equal to the lower linked price, the principal and returns are paid in BTC.
  • Stake Ethereum 2.0 and earn between 3% and 10% APY. A service fee applies for early redemption.

Other Matrixport Products:

  • Buy crypto with a bank wire or instantly with a credit card.
  • Deposit stablecoins and crypto.
  • Trade 8 cryptocurrencies on the spot market at zero commission with up to 5x leverage. The
  • Take loans collateralized with your cryptocurrency holdings instead of selling them.
  • Institutional products – It provides crypto loans, hedging solutions, structured products, etc to large miners, hedge funds, token funds, proprietary trading firms, asset managers, family offices, and HNWIs from both crypto and traditional currencies.

Other institutional products include OTC services that process up to $50 million in trades per day for clients. The company also provides margin loans, institutional crypto asset custody, zero-cost loans (crypto and stablecoins), and fixed-income investments in crypto and stablecoins.

Other institutional products include derivatives trading through bit.com and customized structured solutions.

Matrixport’s funds are secured by Cactus Custody. They also utilize a multi-signature mechanism among data centers which are distributed across three continents. The data center is bank vault-level and secure. Other key security measures include two-factor authentication, etc.


Pionex does not have as many investment products as Binance has but it is a clear winner when you compare the earnings, features, and options in the Dual Investment product.

Not only does Pionex pay more in APY for less risky tokens like BTC and Eth than does Matrixport and Binance, but it also enables users to auto-invest in these plans in addition to setting manual orders.

Binance maximum investments in these products are higher than Pionex’s for both crypto and stablecoin-based Dual investment options. The APYs for newer and riskier coins are highest on Matrixport. Pionex and Binance also provide very high returns for Dual Investments on newer tokens.

All three are similar when it comes to offering competitive options in terms of settlement prices and settlement durations.

Pionex, however, complements the Dual Investment product with 16 free trading bots and free trading signals that can help individuals and organizations looking to earn more from their crypto holdings and trading. While you can use bots on Binance, the process of customizing an automated trading strategy is rather more complicated.