How to Write Thank You Email After Interview: Sample With Examples

Go through the sample examples explained here to find out when and how to Write Thank You Email After Interview:

Do you think you have cracked an interview and have made a good impression? Do you think the chances of you being hired are good?

However, you are not done yet. You can further improve your odds of being hired by sending a thank you email after the interview, preferably within an hour after.

In this article, we will take you through why you should write an after-interview thank you email along with how and when to send the thank you email.

We will also give you an idea about what to include in it, and some sample thank you emails after the interview.

Let us understand.

How To Write Thank You Email After Interview

Why Should You Write a Thank You Email After Interview


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A survey by Topresume says that according to 68% of hiring managers and employers, writing a thank you note makes a considerable difference.

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According to the same research, 16% of interviewers ruled out a candidate because they didn’t send a thank-you note or email post-interview. That’s how important it is to send a thank you email after interview. In fact, you should also write a thank you email after zoom interview.

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A post-interview thank you note shows good manners and it can affect the decision of your potential employer by reiterating their interest in your profile.

So when to send a thank you email after interview? Under 24 hours. Don’t wait for more than that to send a thank you email. It might be too late and ineffective after that period.

After Interview Thank You Email – Content

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Your thank you letter should be effective and perfect. So, here’s a guide for you about how to send a thank-you email after an interview and the things you should include in your thank-you note or email.

#1) Subject Line

In any email, the subject line should be clear enough to easily convey why you have written this email. You can just say thank you for your time, great to meet you today, or if anything unique, but with clarity comes to your mind.

#2) Personalized Salutation

You should always start your emails with a proper greeting. Write Hi or Hello and the name of the interviewer. Use the name your interviewer provided you when you met. It could be their first name, last name, or entire name.

#3) Express Your Gratitude

Start by saying thank you and expressing your appreciation. Thank them for taking their time to meet you and mention the job title for which you had the interview. For example, say thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to consider me for the XYZ position in your acclaimed organization.

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#4) Explain Your Qualifications Briefly

Then offer a short recap of your background, experience, and qualifications. Since your interviewer should already be aware of them, make sure you keep it brief, just for the sake of their reference and reminder. Also, explain why you are a strong choice for the job by connecting your traits with the unique need of the position.

#5) Prompt Them

In the closing line, encourage them to consider your abilities and the requirements of the position. Also, prompt them to take the next step in the hiring process. Say something like I am eager to go through the next rounds in your hiring process and perform to your expectations. Or, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a follow-up interview.

#6) Offer Your Contact Information

Although your interviewer should already have your contact information, provide it in your thank you email again. Mentioning it in your thank you email again will make it easier for them to contact you to further the hiring process.

So, mention your phone number and email address at the bottom of your after interview thank you email, below where you have said your regards and have put your name.

Sample Thank You Email After Interview

Here are some of the templates to help you write the right kind of post-interview thank you email:

Short & Precise

Short & Precise

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Start your after interview thank you email with the proper subject line and proper greeting like Hi with first or last name as your interviewer introduced themselves.

Express your gratitude and say that you will appreciate learning more about working there.

In the next paragraph, explain in a line why you are interested in the position. On the other lines, highlight the traits that make you best suited for the job. Close the email by prompting them to take further steps in the hiring process and welcome them to contact you if they need.

Say thank you. Below that, mention your name, followed by your email address and phone number.



A detailed thank you note will show your interviewer that you were attentive during the interview. In a detailed thank you email, you can add more information about yourself and reference the details of things discussed.

Start with the subject line and then begin your email with the proper salutation.

Begin the body by saying thank you and mentioning that you enjoyed your discussion about the position. Express that you think it is exactly the kind of profile you have been looking for.

In the next paragraph, explain why you are so enticed by the job role and what makes you a perfect fit for the position. In this line, pinpoint one or two of your strong suits that make you a perfect fit for the job.

Close the email by saying that you are looking forward to discussing the opportunity more with them. Ask them to feel free to call you to get in touch with you for a follow-up.

Say Thank you, below that mention your name, followed by your email address and phone number.

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Informal Sample

Thank You email

For industries or companies that prefer casual communication instead of formal, you can use the informal tone in your thank you email. You can also do that if you have been interviewed for an internal position with someone you already know.

In the subject line, instead of thanking them for their time, just say it was great meeting them.

For greetings, you can just say Hi with their first name if you are on a first-name basis.

Start the body by saying you are grateful for them to take out the time to meet you earlier and that you were elevated to learn about the role.

In the next paragraph, mention that you think the prospect is exciting and that you will be a good fit for the profile and mention why in short.

Offer them to contact you freely if they want to carry on further discussions. Say thanks once again. Include your name and contact information. That’s how to send a thank you email after an interview informally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How long should I wait to send a thank you email after an interview?

Answer: The right time to send a thank you email after an interview is within 24 hours. It will make you appear interested in the job and will keep your name and qualifications fresh in the mind of the interviewers.

Q #2) What do you say in a follow-up email after an interview?

Answer: In the follow-up email, thank your interviewer for making time to interview you and express your intrigue. Also, add a few lines about why you think you are the best fit for the job. Also, prompt them to get in touch with you for further procedures if they feel right.

Q #3) Should you write a thank you note after an interview?

Answer: Yes, you should. It can improve your chances of getting hired by keeping your name fresh in their memory. It also expresses your interest in the job.

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Q #4) How do you write a killer thank-you note after an interview?

Answer: Keep your notes short and use precise words. Make sure your notes are on-point and subtle.

Q #5) Should you email after the interview?

Answer: Research says email after interview, especially for thanking them for taking their time to meet with you improves your chances of being hired. So, yes, you should email them after the interview.


It doesn’t take much time to write a perfect thank you email and they enhance your chances of being hired. Consider the working culture of the company before picking the format and make sure you keep it short and precise.

You can send them a thank you email at any time during the hiring process, but make sure you don’t wait too long.