Graphic Design Resume Guide: Example And Templates For 2023

This Graphic Design Resume Guide With Examples Will Help You Prepare a Great Graphic Designer Resume and Grab That Dream Job:

Graphic Designers create inspiring ideas. They communicate their ideas through visual concepts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designer employment is growing at a rate of 4% for the period of 2016 to 2026.

Graphic Designers have to face a strong competition because of a comparatively slower growth rate in the industry. To face this strong competition and grab a good opportunity, the first thing that you will need is a good resume.

Graphic Design Resume

Graphic Design Resume: Overview

This article will help you create a good Graphic Designer Resume. There is not a specific format for a Graphic Designer Resume. It is a creative task. It can be considered as your work sample. It will showcase your typography, spacing, and color choice.

Drafting a Graphic Design Resume is quite a demanding task. Whether you want a resume as a graphic designer student or for applying to a higher job position, you need the precision for developing a resume.

This is an innovative field and needs exceptional designing skills. Hence to help you with creating a good resume here are some tips and samples.

Graphic Design Resume Guidelines

The resume should be simple but not dull. It should have a personal touch. The most important thing is don’t copy the resume. Copied resumes can be identified as everyone has access to the internet. So your creativity should get reflected in your resume. Also, prefer printouts rather than photocopies.

  • For contact details, you should include your full name, email address, mobile number, address, and a link to your portfolio.
  • The resume should have a good career summary.
  • Professional experience should be mentioned in reverse chronological order.
  • Educational qualifications should also be mentioned in reverse chronological order.
  • You can also mention hobbies and interests as personal information that will depict who you really are.
Pro Tip: While writing a Graphic Designer Resume, you must include your Contact Information, Work Experience, Education, Design skills section, and some extra information like Background and Specializations. As a graphic designer, your resume will stand out if you become your own personal brand.

Given below is an example of a Graphic Design Resume Template.

Graphic Design Resume Example

[image source]

Content Of The Resume

Your resume should reflect your image. It should have information about Professional Skills, Career Achievements, Contact Information, etc. A resume needs to be trimmed according to the job position.

Make sure that you have included keywords that are a part of the job description. This will help you if the resumes are scanned by the software.

Length Of The Graphic Designer Resume

Employers receive a massive proportion of applications, hence it is essential that your resume should stand out.

One or two pages resume will be enough, but it should contain all the relevant information required for a particular position.

Colors For The Resume

Employers have to go through a lot of resumes or applications. Colors will play an important role to make your application noticeable. There should be a balance of creativity and professionalism.

Effective use of colors will make a positive impression. While choosing the colors make sure that you are not compromising the readability and clarity. You can refer to the resume templates to know the industry-specific standards.

Format Of Graphic Design Resume

The format of the graphic design should be based on your current job position, your achievements and the position you are applying for.

Reverse chronological orders will work for individuals who have a good experience.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

You can attach a cover letter to explain your role in the company. It should be an answer to the question ‘Why should recruiters hire you?’ According to Resume Chief, 70% of recruiters reject the applications due to the absence of a cover letter.

Management Of Employment Gaps In The Resume

Employment gaps hinder the probability of securing the job. If this gap is less than a year then it can be unnoticed. But if it is more than that, then you should be prepared with a good explanation for it.

Example #1: Freelance Graphic Design Resume

Freelance Graphic Design Resume

[image source]

This resume is kept simple yet includes all the necessary information. Name and Contact information is easily visible on the resume.

Some Observations From The Above Sample:

  • There can be a short summary of the career after your name.
  • Education, Skills, and Work Experience should be highlighted and easily visible.
  • There can be a simple structure with an attractive look and accommodate all the information.
  • Instead of using ready-made templates or copying formats, you can bring innovation to your resume.

Example #2: Graphic Design Resume For Beginners

If you are a beginner, who is just graduated from college and looking for a job, then it’s obvious that you won’t be having any job experience in your resume. So you should highlight the zeal and skills that you have developed throughout your educational journey.

Graphic Design Resume For Beginners

[image source]

Few Tips For Beginners:

  • Beginners should highlight their skills and educational journey.
  • Non-professional achievement can also be mentioned in the resume.
  • By drafting a passionate briefing, you will display your well-focused approach to secure a career.
  • You can enlist all the skills, qualifications, interests, hobby areas, and past assignments that helped you to develop certain skills. Explain how you are competent enough for this position.

Example #3: Experienced Graphic Designer Resume

Experienced Graphic Designer Resume

[image source]

In this example, the skills, work history, projects, clients, experience, etc. are mentioned in an effective way. All the data can be noticed easily.

Editing Graphic Design Resume

The data which is relevant for one job position may hold no significance for the others. So if you are willing to apply for a different job position in the same field then you should always make certain changes to maintain the element of relevance in your resume.

This can be done by restructuring data in the resume and bringing up the most persistent experience to the highest position.

While making alterations, a job description that you are aiming for must be carefully read. This will help you to pick up certain keywords and use them in your resume. It will automatically hike up your chances to come in limelight.

Formats Of Best Graphic Design Resume

Formats of Graphic Design resumes can be bifurcated into two main approaches as shown below.

#1) Traditional Resume Approach

A traditional resume is a universally accepted resume writing matrix. There was no need for fancy fonts. You can simply pick up a well-established sample of resume which caters to the requirement of the graphic designing field.

  • Single Page Resume: A single-page resume is ideal for entry-level graphic designers with less or no professional experience.
  • Simple Resume: A simple resume is a basic approach to highlight yourself in the eyes of the employer. A simple resume format uses Sans-serif fonts and has a stable white space. It throws light on your skills and work experience.
  • Executive Resume: The executive Resume format is ideal for people applying for senior job positions. This format highlights more about work experience and skills with detailed formatting. The use of the usual resume format will deliver the seriousness of your position and esteem for the traditions of the company.

#2) Contemporary Resume Approach

It is mandatory to look after the social media accounts, machine comprehensiveness and other contemporary methods of displaying data while following the contemporary resume approach.

  • Skills-based resume: It majorly emphasizes your skills and achievements rather than your previous job positions and responsibilities. This is ideal for people who desire to switch sectors in the same field.
  • Double page resume: If you are backed up with appreciative work history then a double-page resume is an ideal option for you. Rather than messing up with small fonts sizes and ticklish formatting to fit in one page, ensure that your resume is well-spaced and easy to read. This is ideal for senior-level graphic design positions.
  • Colored Resume: Use of hues is eye-pleasing and when used in the right manner it delivers you the designing skills. It will prompt the recruiter that you are well versed with your skills. However, do not opt for various colors as it reduces the readability, so restrict yourself to two colors.


While creating a resume, consider your experience, designation, and the post that you are applying for. Design the resume accordingly. Your application will stand out in a crowd if the personal touch has been added to that.

No copy-paste, innovation, simplicity, attractiveness, and all the mandatory data are the key points for a good Graphic Designer Resume.

Hope this article will help you with developing a Good Graphic Design Resume!!