How To Create A Business Email Address [4 Easy Options]

This is a complete guide on how to create a free or paid Business Email Address to establish business communication. Learn various ways to set up a Free Professional Email account:

Professional communication is the most important factor for every organization, as it helps in getting new clients and makes the business more trustworthy. A company forms various types of communications which may involve communication with other industries and communication with clients.

A professional email address is required to form business communication.

In this article, we will learn about business email and how is it useful. Besides this, we will also discuss how to create a work email.

What Is A Business Email

A business email differs from the normal emails by the domain name, which is provided at the end of the email. It does not contain generic names like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., but contains the company’s domain name. The professional email plays a vital role in establishing trust and faith for the company in the client’s mind.


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Why Do You Need A Professional Email Address

Setting up a work email provides the company with many features. First, it generates a sense of trust and credibility for the company in the user’s mind. Also, it makes the product look much more legitimate and authentic. Business emails are often referred to as work emails and they are essential for a business to generate trust among the users.

The various advantages of work email are:

  • Symbol of Professionalism: Using work email develops an understanding that the person is serious about the business, and the company focuses on building a professional name and further serve its clients with the best outputs and services.
  • Promotes your Brand: Using work email promotes your brand. It is when a client or the businessperson tries to communicate with the company; they come across the professional email address.
  • Gets direct Attention: When a company communicates to clients using a work email, it becomes a lot easier to gain clients’ direct attention in the inbox.
  • Creates trust and establishes Legitimacy for the Brand: The work email makes it easier for the company to make a name for the brand and also it makes it easier to verify the credibility of the company.

Tips And Tricks To Choose Work Email Address

When a user decides to set up a business email address, then he/she needs to make sure that the email is optimized in the best possible way, and also it should be easier to manage.

Here are a few tips which can prove to be useful while setting up a professional email address:

  1. Prefer having a work email address that is an alias or condensed term for your firm.
  2. Form the business email address on the basis of differences in the departments and different fields in which they are used like,
  3. Assign the email addresses to users on the basis of any unique username like employee number etc. as it makes recognition easier.
  4. Remember to add security options, and other services to your web hosting while purchasing the plan.

Features User Needs In Business Email Provider

When a user looks at the list of the various web-hosting providers, then he/she might get confused regarding how to choose the best one for the business. In such cases, it’s best to make up a checklist of all the features user desires in the web hosting firm.

The list of the features are as follows:-

  1. Easy Usage: The first and foremost factor that affects the efficiency of business email providers is easy usage. The services should be easily understood and used by the user. If the user wants to make some changes and he/she is able to do it easily by following some simple steps and looking over the headings, then this will definitely get a positive remark on your checklist.
  2. Security: Nowadays most of the business is managed and accessed online, so in such cases, security is the most serious concern. The email provider can provide its clients the privacy and end-to-end security, and this will get the second positive sign on the checklist.
  3. Cloud Storage: The mails and all the attachments are saved on the cloud storage, therefore, it is extremely necessary that the service provider provides its clients with enough cloud storage to store all the emails and records. This will get the third positive sign on the checklist.
  4. Admin access: The Admin should have control over all the services. Also, he/she should be able to handle all the services in the easiest way and also troubleshoot errors in any possible cases. The service provider should provide users with complete access to the various services.
  5. Customization: This is also a very important feature used by the user. The provider should provide its client with the feature to customize its services and make changes accordingly in the services and usage of emails.

Various Ways To Set Up Business Email

When it comes to choosing the ways to set up a work email address, there are numerous hosting websites that provide clients with different ways to set up work emails. In this section, we would discuss some of the most famous hosting websites.

Here is a short comparison of various business email service providers:

NamePrice (per month)Number of websitesDisk space
G-Suite$6130 GB
Bluehost$3.95150 GB
Office-365$511 TB

Using G-suite

Official website: Workspace

G- Suite is a Google-developed workspace which makes it easier for companies to develop and manage business emails and other website-related services.

#1) Choose Plan

The foremost thing to be done is to visit Google workspace or click on this link.

The below screen will be visible. The user can choose a different plan according to the services needed.

1.Choose Plan

#2) Choose Domain Name

Mention the name of your business and the number of people in the organization as shown in the image below.

2.Choose Domain Name

#3) Sign Up

Enter your contact info and also input the main email in the details required section. Fill all the details in the columns as shown in the image below.

3. Sign Up

Now a screen will appear which will ask the user if the company has a domain name or needs to find one. The user can make the choice accordingly.


The user can choose any domain name as shown in the image below.

choose any domain name

The user can choose the plan accordingly for the domain name as shown in the image below and click on the “NEXT” button.


Then the user needs to enter the business details like address and pin code as shown in the image below and click on “Next”.

details like address

#4) Set up Business Email

The client username with the business email will be registered as shown in the image below.

Set up Business Email

[image source]

When your G-suite account is created, then you will be redirected to the G-suite admin window as shown in the image below.

G-suite admin window

[image source]

Now go to your domain provider website and Sign in.

Sign in

Now, reach to your MX records as shown in the image below and enter host, value, and priority, which are provided on the admin page.

MX records

[image source]

Then further add more MX records specified. Toggle back to the admin page and look for a verification code and add this verification code in a new MX record.

verification code1

[image source]

Then click on activate email button provided.

Using HostGator

Official website: HostGator

HostGator is a hosting provider that provides its clients with various other services which cover the section of security and functioning of the website.

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The steps to set up work email using HostGator are as follows:

#1) Choose Plan

Visit HostGator official website. A window will appear qs shown below.

Hostgator official website

Choose your plan from the list of plans provided as shown in the image below.

Choose your plan

#2) Choose Domain name

A dialog box will appear asking for your domain name as shown below.

Choose Domain name

Choose the domain name.

Choose the domain name

Enter credentials to create a HostGator account and choose a plan as shown in the image below.

choose a plan

Enter billing info and other details required as shown in the image below.

Enter billing info

Choose additional services from the list provided.

Choose additional services

A window will be visible, which will show all the details of the charges applied and services provided.

Charges applied and services provided

#3) Set Up Business Email

  • Log into the C panel and click on ‘’Email>Email accounts’’.
  • Then, choose Email and Domain name and fill in the necessary details as shown in the image below.
  • Now click on “Create Account”. Your business email will be created.

Set Up Business Email

Using Bluehost

Official Website: Bluehost

Bluehost is a well-known hosting provider which has provided many clients with esteemed services and continues to do the same.

The steps to set up free business email using Bluehost are:

#1) Choose Plan

  • Visit Bluehost’s official website.
  • A window will be visible as shown in the image below.

CLuehost dashboard

Choose the package as shown in the image below and click on the “Get Started” button shown in the image above.

Choose the package

#2) Choose Domain Name

A window will open as shown below, enter the domain name if your business already has one or look for a new one.

Choose Domain Name

#3) Sign up

The system will look over if the domain name is available and then ask the user to sign up.

Sign up

#4) Set up Business Email

Login to the Bluehost dashboard and click on Email and choose Add Email account as shown in the image below. Fill in respective details and click on “Create Account”.

Set up Business Email

#5) Access Business Email

The user can easily manage the business email by clicking on Email accounts, and there are various options provided to manage services.

Access Business Email

Using Microsoft 365 Hosting

Official Website: Microsoft

Visit Microsoft Office 365 or click on the link given. The specified link will lead you to the Microsoft home page, where you would look for various web hosting plans.

#1) Choose Plan

A screen will be visible as shown below. Choose the package based on services needed.

Choose Plan

The below screen will open.

Thank you screen

#2) Choose Domain Name

Create your user Id and log in for further steps. A window will open asking the user to input business details as shown in the image below.

Choose Domain Name

After completing all the steps, a window will appear asking the user to log in as shown in the image below.

.login to Microsoft

Now, from the admin panel select ‘’ Setup>view’’.

Admin panel

Then look for the Domains option and fill necessary details to link your DNS records as shown in the image below.

Link your DNS records

[image source]

#3) Adding Office 365 Settings To Outlook

After setting up these hosting plans, the user has a choice to merge them to Outlook. By using the steps mentioned below user will be able to sync the business email to outlook.

Open Outlook on your system as shown in the image below.

Open Outlook

Click on the file option as shown below.

file option

A window will open. Click on Account Settings.

Account Settings

A window will open as shown in the image below.

Account email settings

Double click on your profile as shown in the image below.

Double click on your profile

Change the Incoming mail server to and Outgoing mail server to as shown in the image below.

Mail server

Click on more settings as shown in the image below.

more settings

Click on Advanced as shown in the image below and select the SSL option from the drop-down.

Select the drop down to SSL

Make all the respective changes and the final settings should look like as below.

Final settings

Press OK and click on the Next button. A dialog box will appear.

A dialog box will come

Click on Finish and the process is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always some questions and queries left, so we have provided some FAQs which can answer some of your questions.

Q #1) Are business emails free?

Answer: Not all hosting providers provide the benefits of free business emails. But there are few hosting providers which provide a free email address if the user buys the domain name and hosting from them.

Q #2) How can I create my own business domain for free?

Answer: There are few hosting providers like Bluehost which provide their users with free domain along with the website hosting package.

Q #3) Can I have a business email without adding a website?

Answer: Yes, a user can have an email without having a website or without purchasing the website hosting, but the user must have a domain name for the business email.

Q #4) How do I set up my own email domain?

Answer: The user can set up his/her own email with the following simple steps:

  • Purchase website hosting and look for a domain for your website.
  • Check for the e-mail domain, then look for the availability of the email domain.
  • If the email domain is available, then register the email domain.

Q #5) How do I create my own domain?

Answer: Creating your own domain is a very easy process. User has to log in to any hosting provider website like Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc. and buy the domain for their business.

Q #6) How to make a business email?

Answer: For making a work email, it is important that the user has a domain name for his/her business. After the user has a domain name, he/she can then login to the hosting website using the credentials and follow the below steps:

  • Look for the email section in the admin panel.
  • Click on the Add email button and create password.
  • Choose mailbox quota and click on Create account.


In this article, we talked about various methods to set up a business email address. We also discussed the importance of a professional email address. These emails are very important as they act as the credibility and legitimacy tokens of the website. They are also secure and are stored on the cloud servers so that they can be accessible from anywhere using verified credentials.