Top 20 Most Common Help Desk Interview Questions & Answers [2023]

List of the Top Help Desk Interview Questions with Answers. This List Covers Various Sections Like Personal, Teamwork, Technical Interview Questions, etc.:

It is always good to have an idea of what to expect in an interview. This article will help you practice your responses to the commonly asked Help Desk interview questions. This, in turn, will make you feel confident and poised during your actual interview.

During an interview, the employers mainly evaluate the candidates based on their abilities to solve problems, Communication skills, Technical know-how, etc. The help desk specialists also get a variety of questions via Chats, Emails, and Calls.

Help Desk Interview Questions

Thus, employers look for people who are prepared and flexible to deal with a wide range of issues. A strong help desk specialist should be good and comfortable in answering the questions through any mode.

Also, the questions and requests that come to the help desk often carry a wide range of tones right from Calm & Polite to Rude and Anxious. Hence, employers prefer to hire those who are unflappable and can handle stressful situations with calm and ease.

The types of questions asked in an interview may vary from the common questions to behavioral and situational questions. Some questions even determine your skills along with your strengths and weaknesses. Here are some questions that will help to identify the necessary traits in the candidates.

Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Interview Questions

Enlisted below are the most popular Help Desk interview questions along with their answers.

Let’s Explore!!

Personal Questions

Personal questions help the interviewers to determine your values and beliefs. Here are some personal questions you might be asked in a help desk interview.

Q #1) What do you understand by Good Customer service? What are the elements of Good Customer service?

Answer: Good customer service is to make sure the customer is happy and satisfied with the services and products along with delivery, installation, sales and all the other components of the buying process. In short, good customer service makes customers happy.

There are four Elements to Good Customer service i.e. Product Awareness, Attitude, Efficiency, and Problem-solving. To provide strong customer support, the help desk employee must have a sound knowledge of all the products and services offered by the company.

Hence, before you go for the interview, study about the company, its reputation among customers along with its products and services.

Attitude includes greeting people with a smile and in a friendly manner. A good help desk professional must be patient. Hence, you must show all these qualities during the interview. Customers always appreciate prompt response.

If you have done something efficiently that is worth sharing, then share that. The help desk is known for fixing problems and answering questions. So, tell them about some issues that you have fixed and the method you have used to fix it.

Q #2) Tell us about your Strength and Weakness.

Answer: The answer to this question varies for almost every job. When you are answering this question, keep the job description in mind.

The employers seek to find out your skill sets, your attitude, and the experience that is necessary to get the job done. Take it as an opportunity to demonstrate self-awareness. Emphasize the qualities that the hiring manager is looking for. Let them know that you are the person they are looking for and you are a problem solver.

Here are some tips for giving the best answer to this question:

  • Stress on the strengths that are required for the job.
  • Give your weaknesses a positive spin and find a way to emphasize the upside.
  • Always be sincere and honest in answering the questions.
  • Never give the answers that are universally disqualifying like telling them you are chronically tardy.
  • Don’t mention the weaknesses that will make you seem unfit for the position.

Q #3) How will you rate your Problem-Solving skills?

Answer: This question determines how confident you are and how good you are at solving problems. However, make sure you don’t rate yourself too high because the interviewer might ask you questions that could be too difficult for you to answer.

But rating yourself too low can cut yourself short. Hence, think well before you answer this question.

Q #4) Can you describe a solution to someone who doesn’t understand technical terms?

Answer: This is a challenge in the help desk job. The IT staff often struggles when it comes to communicating with the audience who is not aware of technical terms.

It takes patience and art of translating the tech terms to the terms that are easily understandable to the customers. I take an effort in describing the solution to the customers who don’t understand technical terms in simple words.

Help Desk Technical Interview Questions

The level of technical know-how required for the job varies through the tier of positions. These IT Help Desk interview questions are often asked to understand the level of technical understanding of the candidate.

Q #5) Do you visit Tech Sites regularly?

Answer: Answer this question honestly. It always helps if you keep yourself updated with the technical knowledge. This question will determine your level of engagement with the technological world.

Hence, answer honestly. If you don’t visit any tech site, then don’t take the name of any site. It might get you in trouble and become the reason for your rejection.

Q #6) Are you aware of our Products and Services?

Answer: This question will determine if you have done your homework or not. It will let the interviewer know if you are interested in the company and the job. Hence, make sure you study their products and services in detail before the interview.

It will also help you to prepare the answers to other questions as well and will give you an idea of what qualities they are looking for from a candidate.

Q #7) How will you explain the Troubleshooting process to a Customer for their slow Computer?

Answer: The answer to this question will help them know that you follow a system in your work and you must not start giving them random suggestions.

Hence, say that you start by asking questions to identify the problem like if they have installed any new program recently or uninstalled any before the issue started. Once the problem is identified, offer a series of troubleshooting processes to resolve the issue.

Q #8) What will you do if your PC doesn’t turn on?

Answer: This issue doesn’t require a tech background. All you need is a little critical thinking. Use the step by step method to recognize the problem. Check the power supply and make sure that the cables are properly plugged in.

Check for the damage to the cables. If you can’t find any fault with the system, then shift to another desk. If there’s no other desk, then call for the in-house IT expert to look into the issue.

Questions Related To Customer Service

The help desk is all about customer service. Customers expect courteous and prompt service. Every company needs happy customers to grow and flourish.

Hence, these questions are as important as any other questions and you must respond accordingly.

Q #9) How will you deal with an Irate Customer?

Answer: All the customer service employees face irate and angry customers every now and then. Customers at the help desk are usually angry because of the issue they face. You must let them pent out their anger, and you will need patience for that.

No matter how rude they are, never raise your voice on them or reply rudely or with insults. When they are calm, listen to their issue and patiently provide them with the solutions they need.

Q #10) Have you ever gone the extra mile in your previous Job?

Answer: This will tell the interviewer how willing you are and how important you think your job is.

You must understand that the job of a help desk analyst is to go above and beyond to make sure that the issue of the customer is resolved and that the ticket will not have to be re-opened.

Q #11) Tell me about your experience with Good Customer Service.

Answer: Everyone’s idea of good customer service is different. For some, efficiency is important while others praise empathy and friendliness. Your answer to this question will tell the interviewer if your approach will be aligned to the value of the organization and the expectations of their clients.

Teamwork Questions

Q #12) Have you ever found it difficult to work with a colleague?

Answer: The answer to this question will tell a lot about you i.e. the traits you consider difficult. It will tell them about how well you will blend with your team. Also, it will give them an idea about the type of conflicts you can handle or will get into.

Q #13) How well can you handle Criticism?

Answer: Help desk analysts work in a high-pressure environment. You will constantly receive feedback from the customers, your employers, IT experts, and your co-workers.

The company will always prefer those who can learn something from constructive criticism and never take it personally. It is often important to move forward positively to work in an environment where you will often face irate customers.

Q #14) Are you flexible in your Schedule?

Answer: Many help desk jobs demand to work through weekends and sometimes at nights as well. So, to top their list of preferable candidates, you should be able to commit yourself to the hours you might not prefer working.

It will tell them about your dedication to your job and your willingness to go the extra mile for performing better.

Q #15) What do you do if you don’t understand an issue or if you don’t know anything about it?

Answer: This will tell them how open you are to take help. In the answer to this question, tell them that in that case, you will work with the customer to understand the issue.

If you are still unable to get a grasp on it, you will take the help of someone capable of understanding and dealing with the problem, like your senior, or a more experienced colleague.

Behavioral Question

Q #16) What do you do if you don’t agree with the decision or opinion of your Supervisor or Senior?

Answer: If you don’t agree with your senior or supervisor, tell them, that you will try to talk to them about it. If there is something that you don’t understand, then you will listen to their point of view and try to make them understand yours.

If you think they are wrong and they are not ready to see it like that, talk to someone who will and ask them to make them understand that they are wrong. This question will give them an idea about how well you can handle conflicts at work, especially with your seniors.

Q #17) Will your education contribute to your job as a Help Desk Analyst?

Answer: In the answer to this question, tell them how your subjects have taught you to deal with a problem.

For example, Mathematics has taught you to approach an issue systematically, or Physics taught you that with patience, you can find the solution to every problem, etc. Find a way to relate your education to the qualities required for the job.

Q #18) Why did you leave your previous job?

Answer: Tell them that you were looking for a change or you think that you have learned all that was there and you are looking for scope of development. Say anything but never badmouth a colleague, your previous boss or company. Not even if that was the case as it will give a bad impression of you to the interviewer.

Q #19) How do you keep your Skills and Knowledge updated?

Answer: This question is to know how willing you are to learn new things and implement the recently gained knowledge. It will also tell them if you keep your eyes and ears open to anything new.

Gaining new knowledge and polishing your skills will make you an asset to the company and enable you to perform better at the job.

Q #20) What is your area of Expertise and how can you use it in your job?

Answer: To answer this question, demonstrate that you are familiar with the systems, environment and specific products as well. Tell them about your skillset, highlight your best ones and connect them to the way in which they will benefit you in this position.


These are some of the questions that are generally asked in the Help Desk Interview. The questions might sound easy but the answers to them are tricky and it can change your impression from right to wrong in seconds.

These help desk interview questions will help you ace any interview!!