5 Powerful Resources and Tips for Java Learners in 2023

Java Learners! This tutorial will help you learn Java programming language quickly. These are simple yet very powerful resources you should refer to learn Java online.

There is no one way to learn Java and, as we have experienced, there comes a time when you feel blocked and need to change your learning methods to get back on track.

The problem might be in a certain concept that you don’t seem to get quite right, or maybe you’re just bored because you’ve been doing the same thing in your learning process for too long.

Whether you’re just starting your Java learning journey or you already have some experience with the language, we have gathered some of the best ways to help you learn Java & improve your skills in this tutorial. In these options, you will find the one that suits and stimulates your mind the best.

Let us begin!!

Resources And Tips For Java Learners

5 Best Resources and Tips to Learn Java Online

Let us get started and understand the multiple resources and tips that will prove beneficial for Java Learners.

They are enlisted below:

#1) Online Courses Are Interesting & Engaging

After a detailed conversation with fellow developers, we concluded that the best way for learning Java programming is practice. However, how would a newbie practice coding when they are still getting to know only coding fundamentals?

Well, Java online courses are now offering a great learning experience by enabling you to write code and practice your problem-solving skills, even if you have very little or no experience in Java.

Different Java courses are now available online with different teaching approaches. For example, you can learn by playing games or solving puzzles. All you need to do is determine your favorite way of learning Java and choose the platform that offers it.

CodeGym: Gamified Java Online Course


CodeGym offers Java learners two top-notch things, which are learning within a gamified environment to add fun to the learning process and the help of a virtual mentor along the way to verify your tasks and move on to higher levels.

Cyber-Dojo: Practice Coding Online


The special point about Cyber-Dojo is that, besides practicing coding online, you can join by yourself or as a part of a group. The practice itself is enjoyable, and it aims at refining the students’ skills rather than focusing on finishing the tasks fast.

CodeChef: Learn & Win


CodeChef’s online IDE allows you to run your Java code directly. Additionally, the website is an inclusive platform where Java experts can compete with each other in monthly contests held by CodeChef.

#2) Find Programming Tutorials On YouTube

Learning websites don’t always work for everyone, as every person has their own way of perceiving information. So, for those who are seeking new ways of learning to program, video tutorials can be the perfect solution to learn Java programming online.

YouTube is rich with different programming tutorials including, of course, Java. These videos are cost-efficient, as they will cost you literally no money to watch. Videos are also a great way to learn, as they are the closest way to have an instructor walk you through the concepts and syntax of programming.

To save you time it will take you to find a decent programming channel on YouTube.

The list of the top 10 channels are:

  1. Mayuko
  2. Joma Tech
  3. JetBrains TV
  4. Engineered Truth
  5. freeCodeCamp
  6. Sebastian Daschner
  7. Code Bullet
  8. Corey Schafer
  9. Edureka!
  10. Brackeys

#3) Stuck With An Error? Google It!

We can’t stress enough that no Java developer memorizes the syntax. You learn the basics and research the rest. However, errors are everyone’s pain. They can be as simple as having a comma (,) in the place of a dot (.) or as complicated as a logical or algorithm error.

Syntax errors are usually easy to catch and will be highlighted by your compiler. Logical errors in code, on the other hand, are the worst. Thankfully, there are entire communities online with hundreds of Java developers ready to help you.

If you’re stuck with a broken code and can’t figure out the error, Google it and, chances are, you will find someone who already faced it and the solution will be explained to you.

If you can’t find your error already posted online, leave a question on one of these platforms to get help:

#4) Other People Wrote Code, Use It!

If you know all the basics but still feel a little lost as to where to begin and how to direct your problem-solving skills, it’s time to take a look at code shared online.

Unpacking other programmers’ code will help you learn how to approach your code and start solving your programming-related problems up to the point where writing code becomes second nature to you.

GitHub is the perfect place for this exercise. The platform enables you to check out other people’s code and edit it. Once you post your own version of the code, you will get remarks and feedback from other developers and learners on the website so it will help you improve your code game.

#5) Start Working On Your App!

You should not start big in order not to get discouraged later on. So start with a small app idea. This way, you can achieve two goals: staying motivated and getting a sense of achievement once the app is done.

Make yourself a to-do list to make sure you’re on track and don’t get distracted.

It could be something like this:

  • Find the idea for your app, preferably something people use in everyday life.
  • Start small and use your existing knowledge and experience.
  • Once the core idea is done, start adding new functionalities and features.
  • Make sure that the new features are not too complicated.


Learning Java and programming can go so many ways for different learners. If you haven’t found your optimum way of learning Java, keep looking. Programming can be really fun and rewarding, and it is definitely worth searching until you find the best approach.

Whether you prefer practicing with others, watching videos, creating games, or reading books, go for it. The world is waiting for your Java apps!