Top 10 Visual Resume Tools and Templates To Create the Best Visual Resume

List of the Best free Infographic Visual Resume Tools and templates to create outstanding Visual Resume online:

The definite purpose of a resume is to grasp someone’s attention that matters. That’s the major reason for which many job hunters are building visual resumes.

Visual resume covers graphic representations of your skills to make a better impression with the recruiters. It can be modified without difficulty through your mobile phones or Tablets.

Visual representation makes your resume outstanding by defining your individuality in it. It boons your character rather than just defining your professionalism.

Best Visual Resume Tools and templates

How is Visual Resume different from Text Resume?

Visual resume:

Visual Resume makes the personality of a candidate out of the box. It defines the individuality, through pictographic representations that showcase the key fact of your resume.

In visual resume, you can easily modify the font style by highlighting the key points in bold or underline. It also helps you to change the font color of the text. Visual resume can be modified by Phones or Tablets. It is user-friendly and much attractive too.

Text Resume:

Text Resume, on the other hand, is simple but not eye-catching.

There is only one font size and style to generate Text Resume. It is not user-friendly as you can’t add weight to your skills in the Text Resume. It takes more time for evaluators to go through each idea.

Text resume can’t be modified on Phones or Tablets easily.

Why Create a Visual Resume?

Visual Resume creates an imprint on the interviewers and highlights your key skills.

Visual Resume can be created for the following reasons:

  • It cuts the time extent and is visually attractive.
  • It expresses how to stand out from another hunk of Resumes.
  • It signifies your personality rather than your work.
  • It efficiently brings out the thought through pictorial representation.

How to Create a Visual Resume?

A picture-perfect and precise Resume will ease your job hunting.

In order to create a visual Resume, one should follow the below-stated points:

  • Choose eye-catching Templates.
  • Provide your appropriate name and other major information in the first slide.
  • Showcase the key ideas which you want to visibly specify in your Resume.
  • Write it and make it more eye-catching to increase the probabilities for sight.
  • Use diagrams, charts, graphics, etc to make it catchy.
  • Organize the Resume with a proper presentation in a slide by slide manner for picturing.

Here are some Visual Resume Templates or Samples that would give you a picture of how a Visual resume expresses.

Visual Resume Example

[image source]

Example 2 of Visual Resume

[image source]

Example 3 of Visual Resume

These above-shown Templates or samples of Visual Resume will make your resume unique and different from the other candidates.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top online visual resume creator tools that would help you to be unique. These top online tools that are mentioned here are best from our research and are available in the market for a free trial.

Resume Example

[image source]

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Best Visual Resume Tools and Templates (Review)

Enlisted below are the Top Online Infographic custom Visual Resume Builder Tools that are available in the market.

Comparison of the Best Visual Resume Builder Tools

Tool NameRatingProsCons
Canva4.5/5.0• Drag and Drop Interface, several free icons, font styles.
• Highly Customized.
No option to upload your resume or link with the LinkedIn profile.
Visualize.me4.0/5.0• Can connect to your LinkedIn profile and have a choice of fonts, colors, backgrounds and themes.
• Can share with the URL or insert it in your own website to track who is observing your resume.
#1) Appearances and graphics are old.
#2) If want to download image file, then you must sign up for premium subscription which starts from $19/month.
#3) Limited version to create Resumes.
CVmaker4.2/5.0• Can share and download resume for free.
• Can download in PDF, Text file or HTML.
#3) One-time upgradation feature is available instead of monthly payment.
#1) Manually write your information which is time consuming.
#2) Modification in styles, format, texts can’t be done in the free templates that are available.
Visual CV4.5/5.0• Share resume online for free.
• It lets you know the no. of times your was resume viewed or downloaded and from where the visitors came from.
#1) Mapping of data is not proper.
#2) Requires editing from your side to fix.
#3) Unable to remove watermark in the free template after downloading the resume.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Canva


Canva has a design that is suitable for your requirements. It offers an extensive collection of ready-made templates that would be suitable for any career or position. There are Drag and Drop choices that will help you upload your own picture.

It has the feature of cropping photos if required. It makes your resume more photographic by adding charts and images to highlight your skills. It can be downloaded in a JPEG, print-ready PDF, or PNG format.

Free Templates exist to determine and create your Resume.

#2) builds Visual resume presentation that would be attractive, appropriate and exciting. Their idea is to benefit the individuals to turn their qualifications, skills, and knowledge into openings.

It offers almost six themes and all of them are just great. It also links to your LinkedIn profile and picturizes your resume in less than a minute. It provides an option to change data from LinkedIn and modify it.

You can also share your profile on most of the social networking sites through Visualize. It has various options to select from a variety of styles, templates, and colors.


#3) VisualCV

visual CV

VisualCV helps to make a job-ready resume in just a minute.

It offers to create a free and secured account and helps you to select the best templates for building a Resume. It gives a choice to either retrieve information from LinkedIn or script manually at Visual CV.

The option of Importing resume from Word or PDF is also available. Their aim is to help job-seekers, experienced and professionals to build a pleasing profession. VisualCV is a new tactic to build an online resume and a professional portfolio.

URL: VisualCV

#4) Visme


Visme helps the users to create their content in a convincing and attractive manner by introducing presentations and infographics. This tool is also available offline and helps users from various fields like marketing, education, etc.

It has a wide choice of pictures, fonts, representations, patterns, and background for creating a Resume. It uses Simulations, Data Visualization, Visuals and Graphs to create an eye-catchy resume. It is free up to 5 Projects and after that, the pricing plan starts from $14/month.

URL: Visme

#5) ResumUP


ResumUP offers an attractive and clear pictorial outline of your character and knowledge. It can also import your info from social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook and build your visual resume.

It helps you to represent your education to the recruiters in a unique way. It creates a path to your vision profession by focusing on your skills and qualifications. This is one of the great infographics tools that helps to download resume in a high-class PDF or Word format.

It converts your Resume into a visual format. It is available for free with various attractive templates.

URL: ResumUP

#6) CVmaker

cv maker

CVmaker makes free proficient resumes and portfolio online in just minutes. It is very user-friendly and customizable. It proposes wonderful templates and attractive sights. It helps to easily script your resume in your language with a modest interface.

You can also create and download the Resume, even if you are not logged in but to save for later editing you must sign up. It helps you to generate beautiful and attractive PDF and HTML Resumes. It helps to share your Resume on social sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

URL: CVmaker

#7) Creddle


Creddle helps to create online resumes on the web and for the paper. It can be connected, exported to Docx, or as a print-ready PDF. It is easy to modify and it automatically corrects the font sizes.

It offers you more imaginative templates to craft an eye-catching resume. It is highly customizable and is free with wonderful templates and a beautiful user interface. Creddle helps you to alter each segment of your Resume.

URL: Creddle


Easely is a modest design tool that allows you to represent your knowledge. It is perfect for instructors, scholars, and managers who want to share their ideas in an easy visual form. It is protected over HTTPS security and the information is encoded via all the modern technologies.

It has free access to attractive & beautiful images and infographic templates. Creators support you for your all the requirements for creating an attractive resume. It motivates and allows the users to highlight their thoughts in a visual representation.


#9) Kinzaa


Kinzaa is an internet-based site for creating infographic resumes and it helps the companies to search for innovative talent. It is a great tool for job hunters to find their dream job. Their advanced approach and software applications convey a modern style to the HR and career hunt fields.

Their goal is to help the users to build their resume and highlight the talents, skills, qualifications etc. in just a minute.

It helps the individuals to find the job they need in a state where they can succeed. It helps the users to unlock their skills. It has free access for building a visual resume and stands out of the box from the opponents.

URL: Kinzaa

#10) Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs offers your Resume with beautiful editing and designing tools that help you to format text and sections. It provides hundreds of styles, fonts, pictures, and sketches for selection and builds an attractive visual resume.

It allows you to access, form, and modify your information from anywhere like Phones or Tablets, even without internet connectivity. Changes made by the users are saved automatically. It also offers you to view the old documents with respect to the date and the person who made the modification.

URL: Google Docs

Additional Tools

#11) Biteable

Biteable is mostly used for creating online videos to represent your personality in front of the reviewers.

It can be used by all the professions like Teachers, students, business owners etc. to share their ideas. It is available with beautiful templates to create resumes or portfolios for free.

It allows you to share your documents everywhere like in LinkedIn or Facebook etc. You can also upload your own pictures and clips for creating animation.

URL: Biteable

#12) Kukook

Kukook designs inventive resume templates for the contemporary world.

It benefits you to stand out of the frame from the other aspirants in a professional manner. It offers hundreds of beautiful templates to create an attractive visual resume. Most of their resumes are editable with Word for Mac.

It modifies your resume with the use of Microsoft Word and can print in PDF or paper. It is not available for free and the starting price is $2.99.

URL: Kukook

#13) CakeResume

CakeResume helps you to modify your own design and present automatically in an attractive mode. It has a simple drag and drop option which makes it easy to build a visual resume. Visual resume can be downloaded at any time from anywhere and can be printed in a PDF or a paper format.

It makes you stand out from the other job hunters with an attractive professional template. Users can Sign Up for free and access hundreds of eye-catching templates.

URL: CakeResume

#14) KickResume

KickResume helps you to build the most attractive and influential professional documents. It helps the users to build a picture-perfect resume, portfolio, cover letter or own website in just a minute.

Its aim is to benefit the individuals to create an attractive and skilled resume and get into their dream career. It is proposed with several other features such as the cover letter creator, grammar checker etc. with attractive templates.

Their new feature lets the individuals create their own website straight from their resume with a single click.

URL: KickResume

#15) Hashtag CV

Hashtag CV brings you with one important goal – “To help everyone have access to a stand out Resume”. It offers almost 10,000 Resume Phrases and Individual profiles that are scripted by business professionals.

It has nine Resume Design Templates that are created by their designers to build attractive Visual Resume. It helps the users to write their Resume without any experience in just a minute with a wonderful CV Builder.

Sign Up for free and create your Resume by selecting the templates. It is available for £4.99, for testing the top features for building visualization.

URL: Hashtag CV


In this article, we have discussed the Top free Online Visual Resume Tools that are available in the market.

These infographic custom visual resume tools are most popular, with attractive and eye-catching Visual Resume Templates that help the job-seekers to reach their dream job.

These tools are free, secure, easily accessible, and attractive too. You can choose tools as per your requirements.

From our research, the top and most used Visual Resume Builder include VisualCV, Canva and CVmaker.

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