Top 10 Free Online Resume Builder With Stunning Templates

Top 10 Resume Builders to Create a Professional Resume With In Minutes:

A good resume plays an important role in the career of every individual and it is the one that immediately catches the eyes of the employers.

According to an article published in Time Magazine, the average time spent by a recruiter for looking at and reviewing a resume is approximately six seconds. That is all is needed to decide an applicant’s fate.

Top Resume Builders

Another study by TheLadders – an online service that matches recruiters with job-seekers,  also finds that 80% of this brief review is spent on looking at six key elements of your resume. This includes your name, your job status, the company you currently work for, your employment history, the duration of your previous employment, the duration of your current job, and your educational qualifications.

Why Do You Need A Resume Builder?

Looking at these statistics, you have only a few seconds to make an impression on a prospective employer with your resume. With this in mind, TheLadders, in a separate study, recommends applicants to focus on increasing the readability of their resumes, which can be achieved with just simple layouts and fonts.

Regardless of the industry, a well-crafted resume can improve the chances of a job applicant to get hired.

In addition to being easy to read, a well-crafted resume is customized according to the open position. Such a resume gets attention from 60% of the HR managers. This is the finding of an online survey conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder. The survey also finds that 75% of HR managers have caught a lie on a resume. This is alarming, to say the least.

survey on Resume

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The best way to overcome this problem is, of course, being honest in your resume. We won’t recommend any other way. However, we do have some recommendations for increasing the readability of your resume.

From the study by TheLadders that tracked the recruiter’s behavior and decision making, we find that professionally written resumes receive a 60% higher rating from the recruiters than self-written resumes.

Resumes with a clear ‘information hierarchy’

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Fact Check: Professionally Written Resumes with a clear ‘information hierarchy’ (above left) were rated higher on the Likert Scale of 1 to 7 (rating of 6.2) by recruiters than self-written resumes (above right) that received a rating of 3.9.

From the above, it is clear that your chances of getting noticed by a recruiter or a hiring manager are higher with a professionally written resume than a resume that you create on your own.

In the past, a professionally written resume would mean a resume written by a professional resume writing service that would charge a hefty fee for their service. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

Today, you can create a professionally written resume, one that is easy to read and catches the eye of the recruiter, using a professional online resume builder. Many of them free to download and use. However, there are few others as well that come with a subscription fee.

In this article, we will answer the frequently asked questions about these tools and then go onto review the best resume builder online tools/services that you can use to create a perfect resume, which would get you hired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the Best Resume Builder?

Answer: This is a difficult one to answer. However, while searching for the best resume maker online, the first thing you should look for is whether it provides you with resume templates to follow or not?

Additionally, it should provide you with the core functionality of building a resume. The online resume making services must come with all these capabilities.

Q #2) Are Resume Builders Good?

Answer:  We would like to think yes. This is because these tools allow you to easily and competently create a resume from scratch. More important than that is the fact that an online resume maker allows you to create a resume that is customized to the open position that you’re applying to. This can greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

Q #3) What is the Cost of Online Resume Builders?

Answer:  This can vary depending on the resume builders that you are using. While some online builders are free to download and use, the others can cost up to $40 per month. Therefore, the cost of the resume maker will depend on the resume building functionalities you desire, and the specific service providers.

Q #3) Is it Worth Spending on and Using Online Resume Builders?

Answer:  Yes, we think it is worth it. This is because using online resume making tools to create a perfect resume is an investment in your career and future.

Using a resume making service, you can highlight your skills, experience, education, and greatest achievements to get noticed by the recruiters. This will ultimately get you hired.

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List Of The Best Online Resume Builder

Comparison Of The Top 7 Resume Builder Tools

Tool/Service NameVersionsFeaturesOur Ratings

PaidResume review, keyword optimized writing, Multiple revisions, professional formatting.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Free Editing Tools, Sharing Tools, Interview, and resource tools, Star_rating_4.5_of_5
FreeWell-built standard templates, Editing tools, ‘Import-LinkedIn’ option, Star_rating_3.5_of_5
Free, PremiumEditing tools, sharing tools, interview and resource toolsStar_rating_4.5_of_5
FreeStandard templates, editing tools, sharing tools, Star_rating_3.5_of_5
Got ResumeBuilder
Free, PremiumStandard templates, intuitive builder, resume coach suggestions, Star_rating_4.5_of_5
PremiumTemplates, range of customization options, option to link to your social channels,Star_rating_5_of_5

Free, PremiumRange of templates and designs, unlimited downloads, unlimited customization, one-to-one consultation, sharing tools, resume performance tracking tools, Star_rating_4_of_5

Listed below are the Best Online Tools/Services that are available in the market.

#1) ResumeSolution

Our Rating: 4.5/5


ResumeSolution isn’t a software. However, it is a pretty reliable service that you can use to have seasoned writers create entry, executive, and senior level resumes at your behest. All you have to do is choose your package and submit your info or current resume. ResumeSolution will match your with writer who you can communicate with throughout the process.

The writer will create multiple drafts for you until you are satisfied and give your approval. The best part about their service is the fact that they keyword optimize the resumes they create. This way they makes sure your resume is capable of attracting the attention of an applicant tracking system online.

Price: The basic package costs $99 and is suitable for people with salaries that range from 0-$60000+. The standard package that costs $149 is ideal for people who earn more than $60000. The premium package that costs $219 is best suited for C-level professionals. Resume review is free.

Features: Resume review, keyword optimized writing, Multiple revisions, professional formatting.

#2) KickResume

Our Ratings: 4/5


KickResume is an online resume maker, that is available in both free and paid versions, comes with a range of resume templates and creative designs.

Additionally, it comes with a customization option and a cover letter builder. What I appreciate the most about this tool is that it allows you to add categories and sections to the resume based on your choice. This is great for customizing your resume with different types of information for different employers.

Price: Pricing for Premium Version is $6.85 for 1 month and $20.95 for a one-year subscription.

Features: Resume templates, cover letter builder, personal website builder

Free Version: Single template, PDF-only download, no customization options.
Premium Version: Over 30 templates and creative designs, cover letter builder, fully customizable, one-to-one assistance via chat and email, multiple languages, unlimited entry, and category.

Official Website: KickResume

#3) myPerfectresume

Our Ratings: 4/5


With the myPerfectresume, you can highlight your keys skills and the keywords that get you noticed by employers. Gaining the attention of employers with your resume is one of the most important steps in getting hired.

In addition to letting you highlight your skills and the keywords that will get you noticed, myPerfectresume allows you to search for skills by job title and then add them to your resume with a single click.

The resume maker also lets you add optional sections such as your accomplishments, certifications, and affiliations. I would recommend myPerfectresume to anyone who’s looking to switch careers or fill in a creative role.

Price: myPerfectresume is free to download and use.

Features: Unlimited resumes, 9 templates, resume examples, several fonts, cover letters, spell-checker, online submission, email sharing, web publication, word and PDF format, interview tips, job search, etc.

Official Website: myPerfectresume


Our Ratings: 3.5/5 is probably the best online free resume maker to build an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ resume. This is mainly due to the templates and customization options that come with it. An easy to use online resume builder, allows users to edit all sections of the resume in a single window.

If you’re looking for a free online tool, then I would recommend you to use without giving a second thought to it. This is because it comes with well-built standard templates and makes it easy to share, print, or download resumes in multiple formats.

Price: is free to download and use.

Features: Well-built standard templates, editing tools, ‘Import-LinkedIn’ option, supporting multiple formats including PDF, Word Document, RTF, and TXTfile.

Official Website:

#5) LiveCareer

Our Ratings: 4.5/5


One of the best online resume makers available today, LiveCareer offers a variety of tools to create a perfect resume. You have hundreds of templates and designs to choose from and create a highly customized resume.

Additionally, you can follow an easy step-by-step process to build your resume and use pre-written phrases to highlight your most marketable skills on the resume. However, the best is yet to come. The LiveCareer comes with over 90 written strategies, downloadable worksheets, and expert video tips.

Price: There is a free trial version as well as a 14-day full access version for $1.95. The premium version of the LiveCareer resume maker is available for $7.95 per month.

Features: Unlimited resumes, 20 templates, resume examples, cover letters, spell checker, multiple formats, formatting & interview tips, job search, etc.

Official Website: LiveCareer

#6) Indeed

Our Ratings: 3.5/5


Indeed not only lets you create an awesome resume but also allows you to share it with the prospective employers on the site. The more visible your resume is on the site, the greater are the chances of getting hired.

One of the fastest online resume makers today, the indeed resume builder allows you to upload a current resume and then have it reformatted automatically.

While the resume-building process is incredibly fast with indeed, you don’t have the creative options that you get with the other online options.

Price: Indeed is free to download and use.
Features: Standard templates, editing tools, sharing tools, fast resume-building process, etc.

Official Website: Indeed

#7) GotResumebuilder

Our Ratings: 4.5/5


GotResumebuilder online resume builder is an extremely intuitive tool that is considered a favorite by many people. For Example, it provides suggestions for each section of the resume and you can search for keywords to find how each section should appear.

Using the resume builder is free and you can download the resume in multiple formats including PDF, doc, .docx, and ODT. You can also share the resume via email.

Price: The GotResumebuilder is free to download and use.
Features: Standard templates, intuitive builder, resume coach suggestions, multiple formats, email sharing.

Official Website: GotResumebuilder

#8) Zety

Our Ratings: 5/5


Zety gets a five-star rating just because it offers customization options that are not available with any other online resume builder. With the Zety, you can customize several aspects of your resume including the font size, date formatting, line spacing, and color.

Additionally, the resume maker allows you to link the resume to your social channels. Lastly, the Zety provides examples and tips to complete the summary section of your resume.

Price: Zety is available for download and use at a monthly subscription fee of $14.99.
Features: Templates, range of customization options, an option to link to your social channels, etc.

#9) ResumeGenius

Our Ratings: 4/5


An easy-to-use online resume builder, ResumeGenius only requires you to fill information such as roles, dates, and other basic information to build your resume. This allows you to create a resume from scratch in just 15 minutes.

Another great thing about this tool is the “Add Pre-Written Bullet Points” that allows you to create customized job responsibilities.

Price: Pricing for Premium Version is $1.95 for a 14-day trial, $39.95 for 1-month full access, and $95.40 for an entire year’s subscription.


Free Version: 5-6 templates, only one free download, section-wise preview, etc.
Premium Version: A range of templates and designs, unlimited downloads, unlimited customization, one-to-one consultation, sharing tools, resume performance tracking tools, etc.

Official Website: ResumeGenius

#10) Resume Build

Our Ratings: 3.5/5

Resume Build

Resume Build claims to offer the ‘most advanced’ resume building technology today. However, that is doubtful. What is not doubtful is that you get access to over 20 customizable resume templates with Resume Build. Additionally, the online resume maker offers thousands of resume samples and pre-written examples.

Price: The Resume Build is free to download and use.

Features: 20+ customizable professional resume templates, thousands of resume samples and pre-written examples, easy to review and download resume.

Official Website: Resume Build

#11) TopResume

Our Ratings: 3/5


TopResume is an online resume building service that allows you to upload your resume to get it reviewed for free by an expert.

Additionally, the website offers a great deal of information to job seekers. Services offered by TopResume include a comprehensive resume review, objective feedback on skills and expertise, personalized recommendations for your resume, and an executive priority resume. However, the pricing may be an issue for a few.

Price: $149 for the Professional growth package, $210 for the Career evolution package, and $349 for the Executive priority package.


Professional Growth Package: Resume writing
Career Evolution Package: Resume writing and cover letter
Executive Priority Package: Resume writing, cover letter, LinkedIn profile

Official Website: TopResume


All the resume maker tools/services that we have listed above come with their share of pros and cons. While some of them are feature-heavy, others have an edge in pricing. For this reason, it can be difficult to choose one from the 10 Resume Builder Online Tools/Services listed above.

However, we would recommend you to choose an online resume maker that comes with resume templates, and sample/example resumes. Resume builders that fit this bill include myPerfectresume,, LiveCareer, ResumeGenius, and Resume Build.

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Another important feature to consider is the customization options. The tools that offer this feature are KickResume, ResumeGenius, and Zety.

After the customization options, pricing is the next most important factor to consider. You don’t want to be paying for a resume builder that you can barely afford. Affordable tools/services include myPerfectresume,, indeed, GotResumebuilder, and Resume Build.

Finally, if you need a resume created with expert input, then you can go for TopResume. However, make sure that you can afford its pricing.

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