14 BEST Event Management Software – Free & Paid Online Tools [2023 LIST]

List of the Top Event Management Software with Features, Pricing, and Comparison. Select the Best Event Planning Tool Based on Your Budget and Requirements:

The success of any event depends on how smartly all its aspects are duly managed and organized.

It need not only be right, but perfect as well. It can be a birthday party with a few attendees or a multi-day conference with millions, irrespective of the size and the cause, an event planner is required to have the utmost organization skills for perfection.

Beginning right from the event planning to schedule, budgeting, venue selection, procurement, content management, on-site operation, audience response management, perfect execution to the post-event records, an event consists of endless tasks to be done with perfection and on time too.

Event Management Software

Here comes the Event Management Software that addresses all the key demands for outstanding performance. The inclusion of this technology not only saves time by keeping things organized but also enhances attendee satisfaction and event ROI.

Features of Event Management Tools

Event Management Software offers the following features:

  • Event Registration: Customized website creation, Booking, Online ticketing, etc.
  • Payment Processing: Online payment collections, Payouts, Salaries, Wages, etc.
  • Budget Management: Fund and expenses tracking, Warnings, Deadlines, and Customized Reports & Event Insights.
  • On-site Operations Management: Front desk management, Exhibition management, Floorplanning, Booking & Billing, Attendee management, etc.
  • Work Flow Management: Procurement, Sourcing, RFPs and other workflows.
  • Content Management: Content development, Management, and Publishing with event Promotion Management i.e. Networking, Publicity, Promotion channels, etc.
Pro Tip: The need for automation and management depends on the type of task to handle. To select the best Event Planning Tool, one has to start with prioritizing his demands, followed by comparing the available event management software.

Points to consider while selecting an Event Management Software:

  • Does Event Management Tool address your key demands? Do you need any additional features?
  • Identify the key features of the Event Management software. Check their applicability. Do they offer solutions for multiple tasks or only for any particular type of event?
  • Check the mobile-friendliness and integration.
  • Browse for customer reviews and complaints on the app stores and user communities.
  • Is a live demo or free-trial period available or not?
  • Are they cost-effective?
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List of Top Event Planning Tools

Here is a list of some of the best Event Management software in the market that is widely used and recommended because of their Features, Customer reviews, Affordability, and Competitive performance.

  1. monday.com
  2. EventEngage
  3. Cvent
  4. Eventbrite
  5. Planning Pod
  6. Bizzabo
  7. Aventri
  8. Whova
  9. Tripleseat
  10. Social Tables
  11. Regpack
  12. Everwall
  13. Boomset
  14. Gather
  15. Attendify

Comparison of Best Event Management Software

ToolsOur Ratings
(number out of 5)
DeploymentBest for Free TrialPricing
Starting from
monday.com5Cloud-based & Open APIFamily get-together as well as a larger corporate conference.Yes$8/user/month for annual billing.
EventEngage5Web-BasedManage and Market in-person, virtual or hybrid events. Free demo availableStarts at $599/month.
Operating System: Unspecified
Educational Institutes, NGO, Government (Large Events).NoQuote Based.
Eventbrite5AI modelLarge EventsYes1% + $0.99/paid ticket.
Planning Pod4Execution of plan or idea.Small Events14 Days $99 per month.
Bizzabo4FunctionalityLarge EventsNoCustom
Social Tables4Cloud HostedMedium EnterpriseAvailableCustom
Everwall4Real time systemLarge EnterpriseNo$39 per event day.
Attendify4API and developer program.Medium EnterpriseNo$999 per event.
Aventri3OnlineLarge EventsNo$3000/year.
Whova3Cloud basedSmall EventsFreely available on google play app store.Custom
Regpack3Cloud basedLarge EnterprisesAvailable (No Credit cards require).$49 to $249 per month.
Boomset3SaasLarge EnterpriseNo$350 per year.
Gather4Metadata and procure hardware.Medium EnterpriseNoCustom
Triple seat4OnlineSmall EventsNoCustom based quotes.

Now, let’s get into the details of these event management software tools for the product overview and unbiased comparison.

#1) monday.com

Our Review: *****(5/5)


monday.com offers event management software that can handle all the logistics, venue booking, budget planning, event ticketing, and attendance tracking.

It is a simple and visual platform to plan your work, organize it, and execute it from one place. It has easy-to-use templates. It can be used for planning a family get-together as well as a larger corporate conference.


  • The tool will help you with tracking all the details, dates, event spaces, registrations, speakers, etc.
  • It provides functionality to map the milestones and due dates.
  • It will show you the details of who is working on what and when.
  • It will let you plan a comprehensive outline for event promotion.


Monday.com Pricing

monday.com offers four pricing plans. It offers a free trial for the product. The price starts at $8 per user per month for annual billing. You can choose the number of users and plan as per your requirement.

Verdict: monday.com is the simplest event management software. You will be able to plan visually with a single glance.

#2) EventEngage

Our Review: *****(5/5)


EventEngage is a feature-rich event management platform that allows you to create and manage end-to-end virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. The tool comes jam-packed with features that allow you to market, customize, and create a formidable brand image for your event. For instance, the tool allows you to create landing pages for your event that are fully SEO optimized.

The tool also enables you to host an event on your brand’s domain with custom artwork added. EventEngage also has you covered with regard to member registration. You get to use logic-based registration forms, add discount coupons and integrate payments to make registration as seamless as possible. You get to do all this while staying compliant with ADA and WCAG regulations.


  • Add Conversion Tracking Pixel for Successful Event Marketing
  • Drag and Drop Email Builder
  • Multiple languages and ticket types supported
  • Create events accessible in multiple screen sizes
  • Bypass geo-restrictions to reach audiences.


Event Pricing

The launch plan starts at $599/month, The Advanced plan will cost you $1199/month. You will be billed annually for both of these plans. A custom enterprise plan is also available.

Verdict: With EventEngage, you get a highly customizable, feature-rich event management platform that supports strong integrations. You benefit from all the features you could ever ask to put a spotlight on your virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. Suffice to say, EventEngage has our highest recommendation.

#3) Cvent

Our Review: *****(5/5)


Cvent offers specific solutions for all event roles viz. Marketer or Planner, Event size and the Organizing industry.

It is a Cloud-based Event Management solution for Event management, Venue planning & Sourcing, Mobile customizable event application, Attendees’ engagement, Budget management, Online ticketing and Measuring the impact of the event. It enhances the event’s impact by making Planning and Promotion much easier.


  • It enables the planner to easily navigate all the aspects of the event more efficiently.
  • Attendee attendance, Engagement, and Feedback can be Tracked, Recorded and Optimized.
  • Users can create multi-faceted marketing campaigns to enhance the impact of the event.
  • Powerful event insights, Performance reports, and 24/7 customer services are some of the unique features.
  • It is mobile-friendly, and event applications work on all major platforms including Android, iOS, and windows.


Cvent Graph

The pricing information is available only on the customer’s request after submitting the credentials (quote based pricing). They don’t provide free trials or free version. Entry-level setup and training are provided.

Verdict: This platform is more useful for Businesses and Non-profit organizations. It is the best corporate event management software suitable for large corporations, educational institutes, survey agencies, third-party planners and government institutions. It is best for large events.

When compared to others, it has the most effective costing for its best features, therefore, it has allured many event organizers. It has the best data and field managing ideas and implementation.

Website: Cvent

#4) Eventbrite

Our Review: *****(5/5)


Eventbrite can be categorized as a global ticketing platform, provides its users with an easy option to Create, Plan, Promote and track every kind of event.

It can be easily customized per the user’s requirement using the Event Management tools that include Email invitation creation, Online ticket selling, and Attendee tracking, Planning and Managing all the other aspects of the event.


  • The customization option with several in-built tools simplifies the Event creation, Management, and Promotion.
  • It’s a mobile-friendly platform that provides easy integration to Social media and WebPages. Barcodes can be scanned from a mobile camera.
  • Offers open APIs.
  • Users can receive online and offline payments. Financial accounting can be done.


Eventbrite Pricing

Eventbrite offers the following prices to its users:

Essential1% + $0.99/paid ticket.
Professional2.5% + $1.99/paid ticket.
PremiumCustom (on customer request).

Free trials are available.

Verdict: This platform can be used for small as well as large events like musical shows, celebrity performances, seminars, etc. It is more recommended for public events. Free plans come with very limited features. When compared to others, it has more vulnerable and skilled features that include friendly vibes with open APIs.

Website: Eventbrite

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#5) Bizzabo

Our review: ****(4/5)


Bizzabo is a highly advanced Event Management system that enables its users to organize a successful event with a more personalized attendee’s experience.

With its powerful user-friendly tools, it simplifies the ticketing process, enhances the campaigning network, increases the sponsorship opportunities, connects & organizes the contact database and produces meaningful event insights.


  • It offers a 360-degree event overview that makes the tasks easier and organized. Users can monitor and control the entire event more effectively and efficiently.
  • To manage various tasks of an event in one place and this platform has a unified command center that saves time and provides effective event control.
  • It can be easily accessed and operated through.
  • Bizzaro offers easy social media integration including LinkedIn as well. Payments can be received through credit cards and Paypal too.
  • It provides in-depth performance analysis along with Attendee management. Performance and efficiency of the different aspects of the event including Ticketing performance, Staff performance, Marketing performance, etc. can be tracked, collected and analyzed using in-built tools.


Bizzabo Pricing

It is available on a subscription basis with three plans as categorized below:

Plan TypeFeaturesPricing
PlannerFor Medium sized events.On quote
ProFor Business with established event portfolio.On quote
EliteFor Enterprise organization.On quote

Free trials are not available.

Verdict: This platform is widely trusted and reliable for organizing larger events that require Multi-tasking, Multiple payment options, and more centralized control. It is globally known for registration and ticketing. It is a bit expensive, but considering the features, it provides more value.

It is recommended for the best interest of large organizations. When compared to others, it deals with all the issues in a quite effective way and is considered to have the best tracking software.

Website: Bizzabo

#6) Aventri

Our Review: ***(3/5)


Designed for Event and Meeting Management, Aventri is user-friendly & scalable and enables an organization to create memorable and pleasant meeting experiences for the attendees, invitees, and the host.


  • It enables the user to create a mobile responsive attractive registration site for easy and flawless event registration.
  • Aventri Smart Tag – a digital business card can be generated. This smart tag enables its holder for automatic check-in and out. Attendees can share their contact information with ease.
  • The smart tag also enables the user to collect User information, Attendee attendance, Monitoring, and Tracking.
  • Payments can be made in multiple currencies using this platform. Almost 40 currencies are acceptable.
  • It is an effective tool for Floorplanning, Seat plans, Event insights, and Logistic management.


Aventri price

It is available on a subscription basis under the standard plan of $3000/year. Free trials are not available.

Verdict: Aventri offers real-time data and analytics. For focused event sourcing registration, Promotion, Logistic management, Attendees’ engagement, Mobile, and Data Analytics, this platform is highly recommended for large business enterprises and organizations.

When compared to others, it has the best security features with mobile and data analysis at any point of time.

Website: Aventri

#7) Whova

Our review: ***(3/5)


Whova offers the attendee to Participate, Engage and Build more connections with events and among each other. It enables the planner to directly connect with the attendee.


  • Users can create customizable email campaigns to attract more attendees.
  • Business and Visiting cards can be scanned anywhere.
  • Attendees’ engagement can be increased by sending instant announcements during the events and email newsletters after the event.
  • An event can be made more visible by its integration to social media including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


whova price

Users can download the Whova app from the Play Store or Google Play for free. Organizers have to pay for the app. Pricing for the organizers is available only on request.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, Whova is recommended for organizing conferences and seminars for its attendee centered features and therefore, it is best for small enterprises.

When compared to others, it has better templates and ideas to involve. It has a highly organized notification management department.

Website: Whova

#8) Tripleseat

Our Review: **(2/5)


Tripleseat is a simple web-based platform that is designed to address the need of the hospitality sector. It is a sales and event management platform that enables the users to Plan, Execute and Optimize various aspects of task management with other stakeholders. 


  • Smart Leads, Smart Docs and Smart Chats are the key features of this platform.
  • Smart Leads enables the user to capture all potential leads from various channels including Facebook, Website, Phone inquiries and other resources. It also enhances lead conversion.
  • Users can generate branded documents and keep document records with smart DOCs as well.
  • By Smart Chat, the manager can have flawless communication with clients.
  • All the transaction records can be managed easily on one platform.

Price: They offer prices based on the quotation. No free plans are available.

Tripleseat Pricing

Verdict: This event management tool is meaningful for the Professions of the hospitality sector to collect more Potential leads and Increase goal achievement. Many of the hospitality brands recommend Tripleseat for its reliability, user-friendliness, etc.

It is best for small events. When compared to others, it has beautiful and organized plans for the most unique ceremony with the best of social media influence.

Website: Tripleseat

#9) Social Table

Our Review: ****(4/5)

Social table

Social Table is a cloud-based platform that connects the planner & the properties and provides them an effective way to work together online for Planning and executing at all fronts.


  • It connects the Planner, Caterer, Venue providers, and other related stakeholders at a common cloud platform where they can collaborate effectively for a perfect floor plan.
  • Due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, training is not required for any new user.
  • The useful functionality of this platform includes Seat diagram, Visual seating, Text alerts, and Integrated check-in app.

Price: Information related to pricing and plans of Social Table is available only upon request. A free trial is available.

Social table pricing

Verdict: For the event planners who need solutions for floor and other front end plans, Social Table is of greater use. Many globally known hospitality brands like Hyatt, Sheraton, and Chick-Fil-A recommend Social Table. It is best for Medium organizations as this platform creates effective outputs.

When compared to others, it makes the organizing part quite handy and easy with the best plans. It provides the best of Seat arrangement and Check-in app by keeping security in mind.

Website: Social Table

#10) Regpack

Our Review: ***(3/5)


Regpack is an online platform that enables the user to create the entire workflow of the registration process. By integrating Regpack into the website, the user can receive the payments, send the invoices, etc.


  • It is a user-friendly platform to create customized forms and registration workflows.
  • With it’s automated communication tool, Regpack creates a personalized pleasant experience for the applicants.
  • Regpack provides options for sending unlimited emails to the applicant without exiting the system.


Regpack Pricing

Regpack is available under the following pricing plans:


A free trial is available and therefore, it is best for Medium enterprises with Creative attributes.

Verdict: It saves time and creates a hassle-free registration experience that helps both the organization and the applicants. This platform is of greater use for Business organizations, Corporates, and Educational institutes. It is best for large enterprises with the coolest of plans.

When compared to others, it has the most effective automatic communication tool with systematic registration procedures.

Website: Regpack

#11) Planning Pod

Our Review: ****(4/5)

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is an excellent platform that manages the events and helps in amazing communication. It is considered as one of the best event managing software which saves the works of event professionals.


  • It is a simple and easy-to-use hub for everyone.
  • It assists in centralizing event details and management.
  • It helps in getting the perfect locations for the upcoming event.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for important events.
  • It has time-saving event management tools.


Planning Pod Pricing 

It is free for 14 days and after that, the user can choose any of the paid plans that include all the important features. Its packages start from $99 per month.

It is best for small scale organizations and setting up seminars in colleges as it is quality software with problem-solving attributes that make it quite easy to handle and learn.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, the tool is good for providing good services for caterers and decorating departments with the best interest of the people involved.  When compared to others, it provides the best proposal and task management with seating charts.

Website: Planning Pod

#12) Everwall

Our Review: ****(4/5)


Everwall is one of the best software that provides complete versatility in Event management. It offers a beautiful display of social media wall at the organized event. It is fully customized.


  • No software to install and is very easy to operate.
  • It provides significant visibility to the instantaneity of social media drive event engagement.
  • It is a truly reliable and secure platform
  • It has added the capability to filter unwanted content.


Everwall Pricing

It offers no free trials and is considered as the smartest social hub to flourish with the best of future scope.

  • Self Service: $39 per event day.
  • Full Service: $299 per event day.

It is best for large businesses with custom plans as best attributes are provided to the users at affordable rates.

Verdict: The customer reviews show that it is incredible as it gives the benefit of long term usage and best of customizing options. When compared to others, it has magnificent properties i.e. easy to use operation and custom template building options.

Website: Everwall

#13) Boomset

Our Review: ***(3/5)


Boomset is a designed solution for all in one improvement event software functionality. It has an advanced, easy to use interface that makes sense for reliable automation for successful events.


  • It provides self-service check-ins.
  • It assists in walk-in registrations for an event.
  • It has access control management.
  • It incorporates selfie capturing service with Email confirmation and Email confirmation attributes.


Boomset pricing

It is a user-friendly application. It is still surviving in the market with a good competitive spirit and is loved by all its trusted users.

It paid plans includes:

  • Lite: $350 per year.
  • Introduction: $1200 per year.
  • Professional: $3000 per year.
  • Enterprise: $6000 per year.

Therefore, it is best for large organizations as its pricing is quite expensive.

Verdict: Best software to handle the event management efficiently with convenient processes. It helps in building a brand name without any security issues. As per the customer reviews, the tool is good for session registrations and custom alert system.

When compared to others, it has high-quality features with the best control ineffective management and automation.

Website: Boomset

#14) Gather

Our Review: ***(3/5)


Gatherings is a leading system in management as it is resilient and provides seamless planning. The core of the proposed platform is the increased exposure with the best of skills with affordable structure.


  • It replies instantly with better outcomes.
  • Performance analysis is its amazing property.
  • It features event tracking with PCI.
  • It is supported by both iOS as well as Android systems.


Gather Pricing

It offers no free trials and it is specifically known for an enterprise pricing structure that is only available and provided when requested. The user must contact the sales department for all the relevant pricing details for future use.

It is best for medium businesses with custom plans as the best features are provided to the users.

Verdict: It is feasible and effective in its work as it is a well-organized systematic management platform and as per the customer reviews, the tool is good at various skills like Unlimited storage and SSO integration. When `compared to others, it has gathering features of marketplace listings.

Website: Gather

#15) Attendify

Our Review: ****(4/5)


Attendify monitors millions of event work from a single instance. It is supported and promoted by a large community of trusted users with the best of creative & seamless experience.


  • It centralizes data on a single platform.
  • It creatively filers and helps in segmenting the audience.
  • It has contributed to the data integration scheme.
  • It contributes to a secure environment.


Attendify pricing

The pricing structure of the platform includes 3 categories as shown below:

  • Registration: 2.5% + $1 per ticket sold.
  • Event App: $999 per event.
  • Branded App: $1999 per event.

It is best for medium organizations as the events can be easily managed at a nominal price with all the necessary attributes.

Verdict: Attendify is a brilliant application where the person can go live in a minute and it can also be integrated with other mobile apps. As per the customer reviews, the tool is good for the mobile experience. When compared to others, it is much better as it ensures the best of onsite experience with quality features.

Website: Attendify


The present era is privileged to use the Event Management software as people are intended towards amazing and dramatic outcomes. These tools promote skilled management techniques and the best venue arrangement.

The future scope of this software is bright. The best price for large organizations is given by DoubleDutch and Planning pod with easy setup. The best features are incorporated by Boomset and Bizzabo which make the work of the organizers quite coherent.

Cvent, Regpack, and Everwall are the most popular software with a large number of trusted users while Attendify software with 4 out of five stars has pleased all the large enterprises.

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  • Total Tools Researched: 20
  • Top Tools Shortlisted: 14
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