Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review 2023: VDRPro for M&A

Intralinks’ VDRPro is a feature-rich M&A Due Diligence platform used by both buyers and sellers from deal marketing to the due diligence process. This is a detailed review of Intralinks Virtual Data Room provider with its features, pricing, and alternatives. See how Intralinks VDR can help you with your dealmaking process.:

Virtual Data Rooms, aka VDR, can be characterized as an online repository meant for the storage and distribution of information. In most instances, VDR is known to be imperative in handling the due diligence process integral to an imminent transaction pertaining to private equity, venture capital, and loan syndication, among many other things.

Traditionally, enterprises have almost always leveraged a physical data room for the storing and sharing of documents. For reasons related to cost-efficiency, and especially security, we are now witnessing more and more businesses abandon physical data rooms in favor of relatively more secure and efficient virtual alternatives.

According to a 2021 data breach report published by the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 1862 cases of data breaches reported last year alone. This number is significantly higher than in 2020, representing a jump of approximately 68% in data breach cases.

Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Suffice it to say, organizations are vehemently looking for methods to protect the integrity of their data and VDR is leading the charge. For the sake of this article, we would like to focus on one particular VDR service provider that has been around for quite some time now and has garnered some notable industry goodwill for its name.

So without much further ado, allow me to share my thoughts on the hands-on experience with Intralinks VDRPro.

We will dive deep into its interface and core features and discuss its merits and shortcomings in this Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review so you can ultimately decide whether Intralinks offers a VDR that best caters to the requirements of your business.

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Intralinks Virtual Data Room Overview


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Intralinks offers a virtual data room that is ideal for the storage and sharing of corporate documents. The VDR on offer here is arguably one of the most advanced versions.

With pre-configured workflows, real-time insights, and an automated setup to boast, Intralinks VDR can be leveraged by businesses to accelerate deals, especially those that pertain to financing, mergers, and acquisitions.

VDRPro is rich in features. It also helps that the platform is also supported by real people with expertise in handling the due diligence process. The interface is immaculate and makes the platform easy to navigate and operate with no technical skills required.

As of this very moment, Intralinks VDR enjoys a massive user base of 4.1 million registered users. VDR is also known to execute over 10000 deals each year. Suffice to say, Intralinks is extremely popular, and not hard to understand.

Overall Interface and Insights Dashboard


Right off the bat, it thoroughly impressed us with how accessible and comprehensive Intralinks makes its virtual data room for users with a clutter-free interface. It is clean and very easy to navigate, with information stored in this data room readily presentable to users when needed.

Nowhere is the charm of Intralink’s visual appeal more apparent than on its main insights dashboard.

The dashboard presents actionable activity metrics, like buyer activity, in the form of visually appealing graphics. As such, you have everything you need on the screen to effectively measure, analyze, and interpret a plethora of data.

This dashboard also appears equally stunning and effective in the mobile app, making the data accessible to you anywhere and anytime you need it. The dashboard can easily track and monitor engagement activity at both an individual and group level.


In hindsight, the following capabilities make Intralink’s VDR dashboard stand out:

  • Ability to benchmark individual users according to their overall activity in the data room.
  • Leverage evolutionary arrows to track and highlight trends in group-level activity.
  • Rank buyers and find the most engaged buyers by assessing buyer activity according to their logins and document access activity.
  • Access information in the data room on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Archive to share findings easily by exporting data to Excel.

Overall, the dashboard features enable easy tracking and interpretation of usage data.

Core Features

#1) Advanced Deal Preparation

Intralinks VDR’s ability to automatically organize data in time for the eventual due diligence process is precisely what makes the platform so great for spearheading high-stakes deals such as mergers and acquisitions.

The platform consolidates and structures all documents stored in the data room while keeping it readily accessible to the concerned parties with access to the information in a single, unified workstation. This effectively expedites the due diligence process.

#2) Staging the Deal Information

Another thing is the fact that you get to maintain the staging area even after you’ve launched the data room, thus making sure each member of your team working on a deal is on the same page. All sensitive documents crucial to the deal are organized automatically even before the data room is live and accessible to all authorized parties.

#3) Drag and Drop File Manager

drag and drop

Further simplifying the process of storing and managing documents in this virtual data room is Intralink’s drag-and-drop mechanism. You get the privilege of simply dragging files (single or in bulk) from your computer system and dropping them into the data room for hassle-free storage.

Renaming the files and shifting them to different folders throughout the data room is also considerably simple and can be done with just a few clicks.

#4) User-Management

User-Management - Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

The process of adding or removing users is also simplified considerably here. You can easily add a user or remove them by selecting the ‘USERS and GROUPS’ section available right at the top of the VDR’s interface.

You can also manage permissions and determine who gets access to what files and documents in the data room in the ‘PERMISSIONS’ tab, also available at the top of your screen when using the virtual data room. For extra security, you can also preview how your data room appears to other users of the VDR.

#5) AI Redaction

redaction - Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

Intralink’s AI-powered capability to scan, review, and redact aspects of a document solves the less efficient and error-prone manual redaction process. The AI Redaction feature offered by Intralinks effectively redacts personally identifiable information and other sensitive data like phone numbers, addresses, contact names, bank details, etc.

You can easily add documents in bulk to the redaction area in the VDR. Intralink’s VDRPro also scans each and every document as it is being uploaded to the platform, thus making redaction fast and simple. There are over 70 preset PII parameters to choose from to efficiently customize the document redaction process.

The platform also allows you to confirm whether to keep a redaction or edit it before storing. Documents redacted can also be easily reverted to their original state as per your wish.

#6) M&A Workflow

m&a workflow - Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

This is what truly sets Intralinks VDRPro apart from its contemporaries. The platform arms you with tools that allow you to seamlessly manage and expedite the deal-making process associated with mergers and acquisitions.

The platform grants users the ability to automate third-party approvals with the ability to easily approve, reject or add comments to a document, design custom document approval workflows, and auto-publish documents.

You get a real-time view of all task requests to help track tasks with the help of the insights dashboard. Permission for each document can be easily edited as well. You can also provide an audit trail of all related activities by creating an archive consisting of all approved documents.

#7) Zoom Integration

zoom - Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

With the coronavirus pandemic barely behind us, many organizations are still relying on remote-based environments to propel their deals forward. With Zoom integration, Intralinks VDRPro greatly enhances the due diligence process.

This allows users to upload, import, and organize videos pertaining to presentations, reviews, video conferences, etc. to your directory from Zoom without having to log out of the virtual data room. Simply click on ‘Upload from Zoom’ in the VDR itself to select and upload files directly from your Zoom account into your directory.


No VDR can call itself even remotely decent without robust security features. In fact, security is the very first thing businesses should seek when opting for a VDR platform. Fortunately, Intralinks VDRPro shines in this department as well. Not a single case of the data breach has been reported in nearly 20 years that Intralinks has offered its services.

Intralinks users benefit from the highest-grade encryption for documents in transmission (128-bit SSL) and at rest (256-bit AES). It is quite impressive that the platform leverages single-user ID and password protocols, two-factor authentication, and adaptive multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to documents stored.

Intralinks also uses dynamic watermarking, Information Rights Management document locking, and protection to keep information secure, irrespective of how or where the documents are shared. The effort to secure documents doesn’t end there, though.

You also have the privilege of setting and managing permissions to view, print, and edit documents at both the individual user and group levels. You basically get full control over your stored documents with plug-in-free security, dynamic policy management, and embed security within the document itself.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another area where Intralinks VDR excels as well. You get 24/7 year-round support. You have the option to reach out to the concerned representative via email, direct phone contact, or live chat, or have them reach out to you by submitting a query form.

The response time is fast and the representatives are always polite and appear genuinely considerate when handling your questions and queries.


As is the case with virtual data room platforms like this, the price varies depending on the requirements of your organization and how many users you want to accommodate. Contact the representative directly to get a custom quote.

They will, however, set up a free demo to showcase how the set virtual data room accelerates storing, securing, and sharing critical documents belonging to your organization.

Unfortunately, there is no free version or trial of the platform offered to help you get a more intimate perspective of Intralinks VDRPro.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Clean and Intuitive InterfaceNo free trial
Detailed insightful reportingMore suitable for large enterprises.
Robust security
Quick Setup and Deployment
Hassle-free file management
Secure access via mobile app
Simple to manage user permissions
24/7/365 customer support
Video support, thanks to Zoom integration
Deal-focused VDR workspace

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a Data Room?

Answer: A data room is a digital space that can store, organize, and exchange data between parties involved in a crucial business transaction. They differ greatly from physical data rooms, where hard copies of documents are stored until a deal has been finalized.

Q #2) Why use Intralinks VDR during an M&A Transaction?

Answer: A virtual data room is said to automate several manual processes that slow the mergers and acquisition process down. Intralinks VDR makes the process as simple as possible by facilitating the exchange of information online without requiring any parties to physically travel to share documents.

Q #3) Is Intralinks Virtual Data Room?

Answer: Intralinks VDR understands the very confidential and sensitive nature of the documents being shared during the M&A process. As such, Intralinks possesses one of the strongest data privacy frameworks we’ve seen being administered by any VDR today.

This means you can rest assured that your data will be safe and you can carry on with your deal-making process from within the robust security provided by Intralinks.

Q #4) How is Intralinks any different from any other virtual data room service providers?

Answer: Some of the best VDR providers focus on convenience, security, and efficiency. Intralinks checks mark all of these boxes to deliver a virtual data room you can rely on to close important business deals. Its interface is fast and easy to use.

It adheres to stringent security protocols to keep sensitive information secure and makes the entire deal-making process efficient by arming users with features that expedite it.

Q #5) Can I use a file-sharing service instead of a VDR to store and exchange documents?

Answer: You might be tempted to use rather cost-effective file-sharing platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox to store and exchange documents. However, it is very easy for the integrity of your documents to be compromised on these platforms. VDR services provided by the likes of Intralinks are considerably better bets.


With Intralinks VDRPro, you basically get a multi-featured virtual data room that is ideal for pushing deals pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, financing, corporate restructuring, etc. The platform considerably simplifies the file management process and boasts of what we consider to be some of the best AI-integrated capabilities we’ve experienced in a VDR platform.

From protecting files without security plug-ins to simplifying the management of user permissions, there is simply so much to adore here. The platform promotes streamlined collaboration and accelerates the due diligence process, thus helping you attain greater control over each and every phase of your deal-making process.

In addition to bank-grade security, 24/7 customer support, and a mobile app that makes VDR accessible anywhere, and Intralinks VDRPro undoubtedly offers one of the best virtual data room solutions for businesses today.

You can explore and learn more about Intralinks VDRPro here