Top 12 Video Conferencing Software [2023 RANKINGS]

Review and comparison of free and commercial Video Conferencing Software for the best online Video Conference call experience:

One can argue that nothing has made lives easier than the luxury provided by powerful Video Conferencing software.

As technology worked towards erasing the communication gap between individuals, companies, and nations, nothing could have prepared us for the advent that it would make with regards to holding a video conference from anywhere as per our convenience.

Video Conferencing Software

This luxury became a necessity in recent years when the world was hit by one of the worst outbreaks of a viral infection in recent memory. Soon after, individuals and businesses that were still using traditional methods to hold their meetings gladly switched to the more convenient option of making video conference calls.

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To meet this sudden surge in demand for video conferencing, many old and new software came forward to offer their services.

Video Conferencing Software

The video conferencing software list has never been as exhaustive as it is today. With a plethora of intuitive and easy-to-use tools at your disposal, choosing the one that best suits your requirements can be an insurmountable challenge to overcome.

So in this tutorial, we will acquaint you with some of the best video conferencing software. In the process, we will take a deep dive into each of these tools, learn about their features & price and leave you with the ultimate decision of choosing the software that best suits you.

Pro – Tip: First and foremost, the video conferencing software should come with a great-looking user interface, that is easy to navigate and operate. The tool should also possess a robust list of features, and allow tons of integrations with other software that can enhance the user experience. Also, the tool should have a great mobile-friendly app for extra convenience. Finally, the software should not surpass your budget.

Fact Check: As per the figures published by TrustRadius, Zoom experienced the most percentage of traffic among video conferencing tools between the period 4/18/20 to 4/25/20, which amounts to nearly 40%. Cisco WebEx follows it with traffic amounting to 12% only.

Stats on Web Conferencing Tools

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Stats on reasons for using Video Conferencing tool

When it comes to preference, over 45% of companies prefer a video conferencing tool solely based on how easy it is to use according to the above-published statistics by Owl Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the Difference between Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing?

Answer: Web conferencing refers to a single speaker broadcasting his speech to a large audience. Video conferencing refers to a broadcast wherein different parties can simultaneously interact with each other via an online video conference platform.

Q #2) How many people can be added to a Video Conferencing session in general?

Answer: Most video conferencing tools can allow 100 attendees in general. Up to 1000 attendees or more can be added with an installed plug-in that enables this feature.

Q #3) Name some of the key features that one must always look for in a Video Conferencing tool.

Answer: Some crucial features like Screen Sharing, Chat, Clean interface, Meeting recorder, and Multi-device support, etc., act as signs of a competitive video conferencing software.

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List of Video Conferencing Software

Here is the list of popular Video Conference Call software:

  1. Zoho Meeting
  2. Zoom
  4. BigBlueButton
  6. Jitsi
  7. Lifesize
  8. Cisco WebEx
  9. Google Meet
  10. Skype
  11. GoToMeeting
  12. Microsoft Teams
  13. Whereby

Best Video Conference Software Comparison

NameBest ForTypeRatingsFees
Zoho MeetingReal-time collaboration by sharing video, audio, and screen. Web-basedStar_rating_5_of_5Free, Price starts at $3/host/month.
ZoomVideo Conferencing Solution for Computer and Mobile Devices.Desktop and mobile based.Star_rating_5_of_5Free, $149.90/year for small businesses, $199/year for medium businesses.
FreeConference.comWeb Based free video conferencing software. Web basedStar_rating_4_of_5Free plan
BigBlueButtonOpen Source Video Conferencing Software. Web basedStar_rating_4.5_of_5Free
FreeConferenceCall.comGlobal Conference and Collaboration Tool.Web basedStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
JitsiOpen Source Video Conferencing.Web BasedStar_rating_4_of_5Free

Let us review each software in detail:

#1) Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting – Best for real-time collaboration by sharing video, audio, and screen. Zoho offers a cost-effective solution & smooth video conference connectivity and hence can be used by small businesses.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting offers a video conferencing platform that can be used for all the video conferencing needs such as webinars, virtual video meetings, audio conferencing, mobile video meetings, etc.

It is a secure platform for video conferencing. It encrypts audio and video through DTLS-SRTP encryption. It enables the webcam and transmits your video only if you permit it.


  • Online video conferencing through a desktop or external camera.
  • Zoho Meeting allows 300 participants in one meeting.
  • It displays 25 active video feeds at a time on the screen.
  • It will let you share the screen during the presentation.

Verdict: Zoho Meeting is a fully-featured video conferencing solution. It has a user-friendly interface and interactive controls. It supports mobile video conferencing. Zoho offers a lot of features at an affordable price.

Price: You can try the Zoho Meeting for free for 14 days. It can be used for free for two participants and 10 webinar attendees. There are two pricing plans, Meeting ($3 per host per month) and Webinar ($16 per organizer per month). All these prices are for annual billing.

#2) Zoom

Best for Video Conferencing Solution for Computer and Mobile Devices.


We start our list with a platform that has taken the video conferencing world by storm. This video conferencing software is remarkably easy to set up and comes with a plethora of pragmatic features that are essential for making video conference calls.

The solution is popular for providing users with a tool that supports HD video & audio and can accommodate up to 1000 attendees as well as set up 49 videos on one screen. You can easily save your meetings locally on the cloud with searchable text that makes it easier to find whenever you need it in the future.

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Apart from the above merits, you also get built-in collaboration mechanics, that allows participants to share screens and provide important notes to each other, automatic scheduling, a robust chat feature, and much more.


  • Built-in collaboration mechanic.
  • Accommodate over 1000 attendees.
  • 256 TLS encryption for formidable security.
  • Searchable history and meeting recorder.

Verdict: Zoom, with its free tier that accommodates over 100 attendees is one of the best free video conferencing software for you to use. It is easy to set up, comes with a clean interface, and can take care of all your conferencing needs.

Price: Free, $149.90/year for small businesses, $199/year for medium businesses.

Website: Zoom


Best for Web-Based free video conferencing software.

FreeConference is like a breath of fresh air amidst conferencing tools that need you to download their app onto a device before you can indulge in the pleasures of making video conference calls.

You simply signup and partake in the benefits of conducting an online virtual meeting with your colleagues on a smartphone or computer device.

Making calls via this application is absolutely free; you get 15 free dial-in numbers from the get-go to engage in an online video conference. The tool also allows you to share documents and presentations with other users for free, share your conference URL to initiate a web conference, and record your conference calls for future references.


  • Free to use
  • Screen Sharing
  • Record and share meetings
  • Clean UI
  • International Dial-in

Verdict: scratches the itch left behind by a lack of good open-source video conferencing tools to choose from. Its free recording, screen sharing, and web conference abilities undoubtedly make it one of the best free video conferencing software in existence today.

Price: Free


#4) BigBlueButton

Best for Open Source Video Conferencing Software to set up online learning sessions.


BigBlueButton is the perfect application for users seeking software to set up competent online webinars that serve a variety of purposes. The tool allows you to share documents, presentations, audio and video clips during the session.

Teachers can use this tool to collaborate with their students with the help of polls, whiteboards, and chat. Moreover, the tool allows teachers to set up multi-user whiteboards that encourage students to work together in breakout rooms.


  • Virtual Classroom
  • Open Source and free
  • Create Multi-user whiteboards
  • Breakout rooms

Verdict: It wouldn’t be a stretch to call BigBlueButton a great open source video conferencing software, and is one of the very few in wide use today. It is extremely powerful and possesses all the features you would normally find in a premium video conferencing tool. However, it is difficult to set up.

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Price: Free

Website: BigBlueButton


Best for Global Conference and Collaboration.

No other tool on this list emphasizes how globalized our world has become quite like This is a tool that allows you to simply sign-up, invite attendees from across the globe and start communicating with them via a secure conference call.

As of now, GlobalConferenceCall allows conference calls and collaboration in more than 72 countries. The tool is absolutely free to use as well. You sign up for free, invite people from across the world to join your meeting, and initiate your conferences.

It is the ideal Video conferencing software for small businesses that have international clients but operate on limited funding to harness the services of premium video conferencing software. The tool is extremely secure to use, comes with a mobile app alternative and 24/7 email & chat support to quickly resolve grievances.


  • Global Video and Audio Conferencing.
  • 24/7 email support.
  • International dial-in numbers for 81 countries.
  • Access through iOS and Android devices.

Verdict: FreeConferenceCall is the best business video conferencing software for enterprises that cannot afford expensive conferencing platforms. It is secure, powerful, and simplifies your global commercial endeavors by a significant amount.

Price: Free


#6) Jitsi

Best for Open Source Video Conferencing.


Continuing the tradition of hassle-free and open source video conferencing – Jitsi is a desktop-based, powerful yet absolutely free-to-use web and video conferencing tool. Despite being free, you get most of the features that make premium conferencing tools worth purchasing.

The tool accommodates robust multi-meeting rooms by arranging video and audio calls in what is arguably one of the smoothest user-friendly processes we’ve ever experienced.

You also get to share video, audio, and document files while engaged in your sessions, record your meetings and blur your background to obscure everyone else’s view in the conference. The tool is also incredibly secure, by employing various stringent protocols like DTLS-SRTP encryption and SSL certificates to provide you with strong protection.


  • Open Source and Free
  • Screen Sharing
  • Record and Share meetings
  • Blur background

Verdict: Jitsi provides a slew of exciting features and a secure conferencing experience at no cost to the user. Its open-source and wide community-based functionality makes it a worthy addition to this list.

Price: Free

Website: Jitsi

#7) Lifesize

Best for Conducting Remote Meetings and Web-based collaboration.


With Lifesize, the users are graced with a tool that provides HD conferencing and a powerful cloud-based collaboration system unlike any other. Although flexibly priced, it is the free web-based version of Lifesize that earns itself special brownie points from our side.

The free browser version allows the users to host an unlimited number of conference calls with a maximum of 8 participants. This is pretty great for families and friends who try to connect with each other or small meetings spearheaded by a small team of business execs.

In fact, we would argue that Lifesize is indeed designed to cater to small teams better, with features like SSO support, lone chat, and personal meeting support testifying to this very reason. Lifesize Plus, on the other hand, makes for a great video conferencing software for small businesses and some mid-sized enterprises.


  • High definition conferencing.
  • Unlimited calls on the free browser version of the tool.
  • SSO support
  • Lone chat

Verdict: Lifesize with its features designed specifically to cater to small teams, is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. We highly recommend you try its free browser-based version first before opting for one of the paid plans.

Price: Free plan, $12.50 for small teams, $14.95 for small and medium-sized businesses.

Website: Lifesize

#8) Cisco Webex

Best for Secure Online Webinar Creation.

cisco webex

Cisco Webex should be under every sharp business executive and marketer’s radar. It is the perfect tool to host webinars on a secure network in order to boost sales. Working for mobile and computer devices, the tool emphasizes efficiency by offering an unprecedented collaborative experience on its platform.

It has a very convenient in-built phone system that helps you create conference calls easily. Plus, the fact that it is also powered by a very smart AI, exalts it above many other tools of its nature. You can easily switch from 1:1 telephone calls to full video calls at the drop of a hat.

The tool also allows the users to customize their interface with emojis, visual effects, background colors, and much more like a transformative feature that we wish more conferencing tools offered.


  • Smart AI
  • Highly Customizable
  • Sleek UI
  • Call on secure networks

Verdict: Webex is worth purchasing for its smart AI, but it is also a very great tool to create webinars on the go, and instantly switch from telephone calls to video calls in a heartbeat. It is definitely worth trying out.

Price: Free plan, $13.50 per month for the starter plan, $26.95 for the business plan.

Website: Webex

#9) Google Meet

Best for Free and Easy Browser-based Video Conferencing.

Google meet

The former Google Hangouts Meet comes packaged with the Google Workspace Productivity Platform. It was designed with one and the only thing in mind i.e. top-notch video conferencing. Fortunately, it delivers on this promise with spectacular efficiency.

Although you can use Google Meet for a plethora of reasons, it is especially ideal for business undertakings. It can very easily accommodate a large number of users concurrently and is powerful enough to reduce wait times due to its agile interface.

You don’t have to indulge in the unnecessary choir of downloading software, you can use the app from the browser itself. Moreover, the tool also provides users with a dial-in number that helps in improving line quality and significantly reducing call drop-outs.


  • Available to both Android and Apple users.
  • Dedicated dial-in number.
  • Fast interface
  • Integrates well with other Google suite applications.

Verdict: Google Meet significantly improves the concept of Google Hangout by providing a quality conferencing tool for businesses, that is fast and easy to use. It can be very easily used by businesses of all sizes without any cost at all.

Price: Free

Website: Google Meet

#10) Skype

Best for Free Video Conferencing and Chat.


Skype is perhaps one of the most well-known videos calling tools on this list. This in many ways is Microsoft’s finest offering, which allows users to freely communicate via video on mobile and computer devices. With so much competition, it is good to know that Skype’s still a prime player in the game.

Skype allows you to create video conference calls with all the features you need in a conferencing application. It grants its users with the ability to screen share, automatically blur backgrounds, mute audio, record chats, and add live subtitles to conversations.

It supports group video calling for more than 50 attendees. Skype can also be used on a browser without the need to download its software. This allows users to chat with people who don’t have an app installed on their devices.


  • Lone chat
  • Accommodate up to 50 attendees
  • Screen sharing
  • Blur backgrounds

Verdict: Skype is a household name and is surprisingly still relevant across the globe. You cannot do a video conferencing software review without mentioning Skype in it.

It is free, easy to use, and comes in handy for a number of different reasons other than video conferencing. As such, we believe that everyone should own a Skype ID and have this tool on their phones and computers.

Price: Free

Website: Skype

#11) GoToMeeting

Best for Audio and video conferencing with screen sharing.


GoToMeeting earns a special mention from us, solely for its mobile-friendly app. It is remarkably easy to use and is great to look at. You can easily set up your conference calls on a smartphone with GoToMeeting’s mobile application alone.

The tool allows you to harness features like one-tap invites that let you invite participants in the most possible convenient way, then there is the high definition video and image quality that is a major plus point in our books.

To add to the tool’s charm, it is also highly customizable, comes with breakout rooms, phone number call-in options, and more. If you are willing to pay extra for the pro-plan, then you also get to experience features like video editing and transcript creation.


  • Clean UI
  • Mobile-Friendly App
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Editing

Verdict: GoToMeeting comes with one of the best Mobile-friendly applications when it comes to video conferencing tools. If you are someone who likes to indulge in conference calls on the smartphone rather than their computer devices, then this is the tool for you.

Price: 7 days free trial, $49/month for 100 attendees, $99/month for 250 attendees.

Website: GoToMeeting

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#12) Microsoft Teams

Best for Full Microsoft 365 Integration.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an ideal video conferencing tool for big enterprises as it can allow you to schedule audio and video conferences with over 1000 attendees all at once. The fact that it also comes with full 365 integration works phenomenally in its favor.

You can schedule calls and invites very easily, while also allowing external users to join a meeting without having to download the application. Apart from this, you also get robust features like screen sharing, live recording chat, and background blurring for a full-service video conferencing experience.


  • Accommodate Up to 1000 attendees.
  • Full Microsoft 365 integration
  • Record video chat
  • Screen sharing

Verdict: Microsoft Teams is a great option for users who want to create huge online meetings and webinars that host up to 1000 participants at the same time. Thanks to its integration with Microsoft 365, it is also very easy to schedule calls and invites through this platform.

Price: Free

Website: Microsoft Teams

#13) Whereby

Best for Web-based video conferencing.


Whereby is a web-based conferencing tool for those who don’t want to download software in their system. It is a great tool that is easy to look at and even more easy to use. Among its many features, the ability to screen share, hosting up to 50 people at once, and recording meetings are its highlights.

It is also highly customizable, with dozens of color and effect options that transform your chat interface. The customization options lay a strong priority on the branding of your business, and this is what makes it one of the best tools to hold sales events online.


  • Unlimited Users
  • Highly Customizable
  • Screen recording

Verdict: Whereby is a tool that privileges simplicity over an exhaustive list of features. It allows you to host a number of users in small breakout rooms all at once. We recommend it to those who don’t want a downloadable tool.

Price: $14.99 per month

Website: Whereby


Video Conferencing has never been as accessible or affordable as it has become today. As such, many groups of people can indulge in this luxury for a variety of good reasons. Video conferencing became a salvation of sorts for many individuals during one of the most challenging times for humanity in recent memory.

Face-to-face meetings from the comfort of one’s abode have helped many individuals save time. It has also unwittingly managed to prove environmentally friendly as it forces people to let their vehicles remain shut in the garage.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a full-service video conferencing tool then go for Zoom or If you want to create webinars or teaching sessions for your students, then BigBlueButton is the ideal choice for you.

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