10 BEST Business Management Software in 2020 (Top Selective Tools)

List and Comparison of the Top 10 Commercial and Free Business Management Software to Manage Your Business Efficiently: Top Business Management Tools for Small to Large-Sized Businesses.

Business Management Software includes a wide range of solutions. It is an application that will help you in managing your business.

We can categorize them under different sections like Accounting, Task & Project Management, Communication, Customer Service, File Management or File Sharing, Lead Management, and e-commerce or content management solutions.

Top Business Management Software

What Is Business Management Software?

A Business Management Software Suite is a combined solution of various applications and products that will help you manage the different areas of business like people, finance, operations, sales, etc. Different types of Business Management Tools include Invoicing, Asset Management, CRM, Database software, Word processing programs, etc.

Small and medium enterprises have adopted the Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

Fact Check: Use of Business Management tools offer several benefits like ease of use, flexibility, improved productivity, and reduced cost of the solution. These benefits will make the Business Process Management market to reach $23.04 billion by 2024 according to the research performed by Global Market Research Insights.

The graph below shows the growth of the market size for different categories.


[image source]

Global Market Research Insights has researched the growth of the business process management market.

The growth of the market is shown in the below graph.


[image source]

Benefits of Business Management Software

Business Management Software reduces the cost of operations and simplifies the processes. It is a flexible solution as per the changing requirements of your business. It will allow you to review the critical business information in real-time.

Difference between ERP and Business Management Software

Business Management Software is a robust solution compared to ERP. It streamlines the processes and improves collaboration for organizations. BMS is a scalable solution. BMS solution is easy to implement than ERP. ERP is an expensive solution but BMS reduces the cost of implementation and maintenance.

Pro Tip: Selection of a Business Management Tool truly depends on your requirement of automating the tasks and processes. The business size and price of the software also play an important role in the selection process.

The features and functions that every Business Management Tool usually provides include Tasks management, Time tracking, File storage & sharing, budget management, invoicing, and resource management.

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List of Best Business Management Software

Enlisted below are the most popular Business Management Tools that are available in the market.

Comparison of Top Business Management Software

Business Management SoftwareBest ForCategoryPlatformDeploymentPrice

Small to Large businesses.All-in-one solution.Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad.Cloud-based & Open API.Price starts at $17/month.

Small to Large businesses.ERP Business Management.Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based.Cloud-hosted,
On-premise, &
Open API.
Get a quote.

Small to Large businesses.CRMWindows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPadCloud-hosted,
& Open API.
Free, CRM+: $69/month, Standard: $99/month, Professional: $199/month

Small to Large businesses.All-in-one Solution.Windows, Mac, Android, & iPhone/iPad.Cloud-hosted.Free,
PartnerBoost: $ 35/month, & EmployeeBoost: $65/month.

Medium & Large businesses.All-in-one Solution.Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, & Web-based.Cloud-hosted &
Get a quote.

Small & Medium businesses.All-in-one Solution.Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, & Web-based.Cloud Hosted.Essential: Starts at $26/user, WorkHub: Starts at $37/user,
Sales Hub: Starts at$37/user, Business Hub: Starts at $61/user.

Let's Explore!!

#1) monday.com

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: monday.com has four pricing plans i.e. Basic ($17 per month), Standard ($26 per month), Pro ($39 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All the mentioned prices are for 2 users and for billing annually. You can add the number of users as per your requirement and the pricing will change accordingly. A free trial is available for the product.

Monday Business Management Software

monday.com’s Business Management Software will help you to manage all the business day-to-day activities easily. It provides the features and functionalities for automating the workflow, centralizing processes, and gaining insights into the projects.


  • monday.com will give you insights into the budget spend.
  • You will get a clear overview of the status of the project.
  • It can provide the file storage from 5 GB to unlimited.
  • It provides features like advanced search, forms customization, and time tracking.

Verdict: This Business Management Software has functionalities for project planning, team tasks, and project timeline. It will help you to automate the repetitive tasks. It provides security through two-factor authentication, Google authentication, audit log, session management, etc.

#2) Sage

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: You can request a demo. As per the reviews, the price of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management starts at $2600 per user.

Sage dashboard

Sage is a cloud-based business management software and suite that will give you an oversight in multiple areas like finance and HR. It will provide real-time information about HR, Finance, and other daily operations of businesses which will help you in making informed decisions.


  • For business management, Sage provides a range of products which include Enterprise Management, Fixed Assets, 100cloud, CRM, Reporting, Construction & Real Estate, Inventory Advisor, etc.
  • It has features for Customer Relationship, Payment Processing, Services Management, Sales & E-commerce, Human Resources, Finance, Manufacturing, Document Management, Business Intelligence, etc.

Verdict: Sage business cloud enterprise management is a complete suite of integrated applications for finance, sales, customer service, etc.

Website: Sage

#3) Bitrix 24

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: For cloud solution, Bitrix has four pricing plans i.e. Free, CRM+ ($69 per month), Standard ($99 per month), and Professional ($199 per month). For an on-premise solution, it has three pricing plans i.e. Bitrix24.CRM ($1490), Business ($2990), and Enterprise ($24990). A free trial is available for all the on-premises plans.


Bitrix24 can be used for Communications, Tasks & Projects, CRM, Contact Center, and Sites & Landing Pages. It has features for Lead Management, Sales Report, Email Marketing, CRM Pipeline Management, Customer Contact Center, Invoicing, and Task Management.


  • For tasks & projects, it has features of Kanban, Planner, Projects, Notifications, Checklists, Reminders, etc.
  • As a contact center solution, it has features of social networks & mobile messenger, conversation transfer between channels as well as employees, open channel access rights, Website chat, etc.
  • For CRM, it provides features like Mobile CRM, data import/export in CSV, sales target, history, etc.

Verdict: Bitrix 24 provides on-premises as well as on cloud deployment. It is a rich in features platform. It has functionality for limiting task planning to the workday or work hours. It will allow you to restore deleted tasks. It has features for sites and landing pages.

Website: Bitrix 24

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#4) StudioCloud

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: StudioCloud has three pricing plans i.e. Free, PartnerBoost ($35 per month), and EmployeeBoost ($65 per month).


StudioCloud provides an all in one solution that will help you with business management. It has features for managing clients, leads, organizations, partners, and vendors. It will assist you with scheduling and invoicing. It will help you with managing employees and lead generation.


  • For managing the projects, it has features for creating pipelines, deadlines, tasks for projects, etc.
  • It provides a facility to Import and Export data.
  • It will allow you to customize the interface of software, invoices, and contracts.
  • It provides functionality for time tracking of employees.
  • It has features for accepting credit cards and eSignatures.

Verdict: StudioCloud has features for Bookkeeping, Project Management, Marketing Campaigns, and Online Booking. It can be integrated with various third-party products. It can be integrated with Quickbooks, MailChimp, and Google Calendars.

Website: StudioCloud

#5) Qualsys

Best for Medium and large businesses.

Price: Qualsys follows a quote-based pricing model. The price for Qualsys software will be calculated in three steps i.e. System Administrator licenses, price of the support package, and price of the implementation package. There are four support packages i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


For an implementation package, you can select ERP or API integrations, custom development, additional training, custom templates, or validation support.

Qualsys provides ten software modules for your integrated business management software. The company will allow you to use any combination of modules. It will be one unified solution for all your data and activity.


  • Qualsys has Document Control Software, Equipment Maintenance Software, Accident and Incident Management Software, Risk Management Software, Supplier Management Software, Bespoke Modules, Training Records Management Software, Complaints Management Software, Audit Management Software, and CAPA software.
  • It provides an integrated business management system. It offers various modules and management systems.
  • As a business management solution, Qualsys has features for Document, Policy and SOP control, Complete Supplier Visibility, Business Intelligence Reporting, Competency management, etc.

Verdict: Qualsys is a complete business management software suite that provides a solution for risks, documents, audits, policies, etc.

Website: Qualsys

#6) Scoro

Best for small and medium businesses.

Price: Scoro has four pricing plans i.e. Essential (Starts at $26 per user), WorkHub (Starts at $37 per user), Sales Hub (Starts at $37 per user), Business Hub (Starts at $61 per user).


Scoro is a solution for Project Management, work scheduling and tracking, financial management, CRM & Quoting, and Reporting & Dashboard. It has functionalities for managing everything about the project.


  • It will allow you to schedule work, meetings, and assign tasks.
  • The tool can keep track of your purchases and costs.
  • It will help you to compare several budget scenarios and the setting of multi-currency custom rates.
  • It has features of allocating billable and non-billable work, creating budgets, and managing project portfolio through configurable statuses.

Verdict: This system will also help you in managing customers and tracking sales. It can provide a detailed financial report. The real-time status of the project and a detailed overview of billable and non-billable work will be provided by Scoro.

Website: Scoro

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#7) Freshbooks

Best for Small businesses.

Price: Freshbooks offers three pricing plans i.e. Lite ($15 per month), Plus ($25 per month), and Premium ($50 per month).


Freshbooks will help you with managing invoices and keeping a track of expenses. It can handle payroll, project finance management, company finances, and payment of all taxes. It also facilitates project management features.


  • Automatic detection of late fee and sending of invoices.
  • Accepting credit card payments.
  • It will allow you to customize invoices for each customer.
  • You can generate the bill in more than one currency.
  • Invoice generation in more than one language.
  • Functionality for tax calculation and payment.

Verdict: Freshbooks is an Invoicing and Accounting software that has functionalities for expense tracking, time tracking, invoicing, cost estimates, accounting reports, dashboards, customized team permissions, and team chat.

Website: Freshbooks

#8) NetSuite

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: You can get a quote for their pricing details. As per the online reviews, NetSuite license will cost you $999 per month and the access cost will be $99 per user. NetSuite provides a free product tour as well.


NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution provided by Oracle for ERP/Financials, CRM, and e-commerce. It provides a Cloud CRM solution that will give you the benefits of Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Service Management.

For Global Business Management it has functionalities for Global ERP, Global Ecommerce, and Global services Resource Planning.


  • For Global business management, it has international capabilities for indirect tax compliance, financial & accounting regulations, configurable tax engine, comprehensive currency management, audit & Compliance reporting, Payment processing, and comprehensive language management.
  • It provides a cloud ERP solution with features of Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Order Management, Financial Management & Planning, and features for managing end-to-end inventory & inbound/outbound logistics in real-time.
  • NetSuite will provide you Global business intelligence by allowing access to worldwide financial, business, and customer data.

Verdict: NetSuite is a cloud-based solution for CRM, e-commerce, and ERP/Financial. It will provide multiple levels of reporting and enterprise-wide KPIs that will be displayed on the dashboard in real-time.

Website: NetSuite

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#9) Zoho One

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Zoho One License for all employees will cost you $35 per employee. Flexible user pricing will cost you $90 per user. It has an all-in-one licensing model.

Zoho one

Zoho One is a complete suite of applications that will help you to manage your business. These applications are available as native as well as mobile versions. It will give you centralized administrative control and enterprise-level controls.


  • For Business Process, it provides Creator apps for the Windows platform.
  • For Productivity and Collaboration, it has Notebook and Writer applications for Mac OS.
  • It has online Invoicing capabilities.
  • It provides security through multi-factor authentication, IP restrictions, and password policy.

Verdict: All the provided/integrated applications by Zoho One have enterprise features. It has Windows as well as Mac application to track the time. Zoho One provides a free invoice creator for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Website: Zoho One

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#10) ProofHub

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: ProofHub provides a free trial for the product. It has two pricing plans i.e. Ultimate Control ($89 per month) and Essential ($45 per month). These pricing details are for annual billing.


ProofHub is an online project management solution. It will help you with project planning. It will allow you to set the custom rules and define different access levels for the team. ProofHub supports multiple languages and hence the interface can be viewed in more than a half dozen languages.


  • Reports on project progress, resource utilization, etc.
  • It has features for time tracking and task management.
  • It provides Gantt Charts.
  • It can keep track of the changes made to files and documents.
  • It will allow you to set up a branded sign-in page.

Verdict: ProofHub is a Project Management tool with all the required features and functionalities. To provide security and avoid unauthorized logins, it provides the facility of IP restriction. ProofHub also has features like advanced search, in-app notifications, Me-View, Quickies, etc.

Website: ProofHub

Additional Business Management Tools

Best Team Communication Software: Slack is the best collaboration tool for teams. It will help them in project discussions, documents, etc.

Best Cloud StorageDropbox: Dropbox provides cloud storage services for teams and individuals. It will help you in organizing files and collaborate on presentations, designs, etc.

Best Email Service – Gmail: Google offers free email service i.e. Gmail. It can be used for multiple purposes and provides enough storage for free.


We have reviewed the top business management software in this article. Scoro can be the best small business management tool. Bitrix 24, StudioCloud, Qualsys, and Scoro act as an all-in-one solution for business management.

Bitrix 24 is good for CRM functionalities but has high pricing rates. Sage is a complete suite of integrated applications for enterprise management. monday.com offers a cost-effective solution.

We hope this article helped you in selecting the right Business Management Software!!

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