10 BEST Payment Gateway Providers In 2023

Review and compare the top Payment Gateway providers and select the best payment gateway for hassle-free payments for your business:

A few questions that come to mind when we talk about payment gateways are: What is a payment gateway? How does a payment gateway work? How to build a payment gateway?

If you have bought any product through any e-commerce site, you must have paid the money online. Plus, the site must have provided you with multiple options to pay through, for example, GPay, MasterCard, etc.

A payment gateway is an online payments services provider, which lets you pay or accept payments online, from global buyers or sellers, in several currencies.

Review Of Payment Gateway Providers

Top Payment Gateways

The one you opt for gives you access to popular payment methods that get integrated into your eCommerce site, thus giving your buyers a smooth check-out experience.

For getting a payment gateway for your online business or your retail store, you should first look around and check which service provider offers the most suitable features for you and at what prices. Then contact the one you think is suitable for you, talk about their plans, features, subscription charges, learning curve, etc.

payment gateway working

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In this article, we will talk about the top best payment gateway providers. Go through their top features to check which one offers the features that are best suitable for your business needs.

Pro-Tip: The most beneficial payment gateway will ultimately be the one that gives your customers multiple options to pay, plus makes the checkout process short and easy for customers.
Fact Check: According to Verified Market Research, the Global Payment Gateways market was worth $18.21 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach up to be worth $86.46 billion by the year 2028, by growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.7% during this period, i.e., 2020 to 2028.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a payment gateway? Explain with example. 

Answer: It is an online service that allows you to accept payments from all over the world.

For example, if you book a hotel online, through a website named, say, XYZ, then the XYZ website will give you some options to pay for the booking. The website XYZ has bought a payment gateway service that allows you to pay through the options offered to you.

Q #2) How does payment gateway work technically?

Answer: It acts as a ‘Cashier’ and collects money from your customers on your behalf and then deposits it directly to your bank account. Your eCommerce site has to be integrated with a payment gateway system through APIs so that you can start getting your payments online.

Q #3) How do I choose a payment gateway?

Answer: Keep the following points in your mind:

  • It should offer multiple payment methods.
  • The checkout process should not be too long.
  • Fraud detection tools should be provided.
  • Accepts payments in multiple currencies.
  • Understand per transaction charges.

Q #4) How do I secure my payment gateway?

Answer: Many payment gateway providers offer features for the security of the sensitive information collected about the card details of your customers. This information is saved as codes and is usually encrypted and can not be accessed by any third party.

You should always look for a payment gateway that provides the best features in data security.

Q #5) What is a stripe payment gateway?

Answer: Stripe is a popular payment gateway provider, which was founded in 2011. Stripe offers you integration with over 450 platforms, lets you accept payments in 135 currencies, and guarantees you 99.9% uptime.

Q #6) Which is the best online payment gateway?

Answer: Fondy, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Adyen are the top 5 best online payment gateway providers.

They offer numerous beneficial features that can help in increasing sales by easing up the checkout process and offering your customers several payment options, in various currencies.

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List of Top Payment Gateways

Here is the list of popular payment gateway providers:

  1. Fondy
  2. PayPal
  4. Tap2Pay
  5. EasyPayDirect
  6. Jotform
  7. Authorize.Net
  8. Stripe
  9. 2Checkout
  10. Adyen
  11. Payline
  12. Braintree
  13. WePay
  14. AmazonPay
  15. Skrill

Comparing the Best Payment Gateway Providers

Tool NameBest forPriceNo of Currencies supported
FondyCross-border payments of all types.From 0.5% + £0.20p.150+
PayPalA trustable and easy payment solution. Starts at 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction25
ECOMMPAYGlobal and local
online businesses
wishing to cover all
of their payment
needs via a single
Get a quote150+
Tap2PayEasy IntegrationPay as you go model - 2% per transaction. Premium plan: $49/month.135
EasyPayDirectSafe and Fast Payment GatewayOne time set-up fee: $99. Swiped Card Rate: 1.59% and Online Card Rate : 2.44%--
JotformIntegration with multiple payment gatewaysStarts at $39 per month-
Authorize.NetProtection from frauds.Monthly Gateway: $25
Per transaction: 2.9% + 30¢
StripeAdvanced features for receiving payments. Starts at 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge135
2CheckoutEases up the checkout processStarts at 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale103
AdyenHelps in building customer relationships, along with accepting instant payments. Starts at 3% (payment method fee) + $0.12 processing fee37

Let us review the above-listed providers:

#1) Fondy

Best for UK & EU-based businesses.

Fondy Logo

Fondy is a one-stop payment solution for businesses of all sizes. Choose from flexible payment options, including payouts, splits, and subscription payments. Benefit from a multi-currency IBAN account to store and move funds from one place.


  • Supports over 300 payment methods inc. local payment schemes
  • Reach of 200 countries and territories
  • Processes payments in 150 currencies
  • One-click payment methods
  • Enables crypto payments

Verdict: Every business owner needs Fondy on their toolbelt. Their global reach and flexibility with currencies and payment methods make Fondy a must for businesses large and small.

Price: Simply pay a low set fee for each transaction. Even better, the more you process, the lower the cost.

#2) PayPal

Best for being a trustable and easy payment solution.


PayPal is an online payment gateway provider, which offers you a feature for easily paying or receiving money in exchange for the goods or services you buy or sell.

Top Features:

  • You can pay to millions of online stores.
  • Pay using cryptocurrency.
  • Send money to your dear ones and make it more expressive with the help of animation tools.
  • Pay by scanning the QR code of the seller.
  • ‘Pay in 4’ feature lets your customers buy anything they want and then pay for it later, in 4 installments.
  • Beneficial for the sellers, as it eases up the selling process.

Verdict: PayPal is a popular and extremely easy-to-use payment gateway. It offers you a tool for receiving payments in hundreds of currencies. You can even have your transactions done in cryptocurrencies with PayPal.

Price: You do not have to pay any fees when paying through PayPal (if you are a buyer) unless some kind of currency conversion is involved.

Standard rates for receiving domestic transactions (when you are a merchant) are as follows:

paypal price

You need to pay an additional percentage-based fee for international commercial transactions.

Website: PayPal


Best for global and local online businesses wishing to cover all of their payment needs via a single platform.


ECOMMPAY is an entire fintech ecosystem allowing you to make online payments and payouts globally. The platform includes access to direct acquiring, top local payment methods and currencies, a B2B bank, and much more, plus consulting services for businesses entering new markets. Enjoy all the benefits of an in-house, bespoke payment infrastructure tailored to your specific needs.

Top Features:

  • Conversion growth strategies, based on historical and real-time data, accompanied by research on end-consumer payment behavior.
  • Built-in risk control system. One of the unique aspects of ECOMMPAY is that it has a bespoke risk control management system with a 97% fraud detection and prevention rate.
  • Let your business work without interruptions – ECOMMPAY’s payment infrastructure uptime is 99.99%.
  • Intelligent payment routing and cascading for higher acceptance rates and lower fees.
  • Business intelligence solutions. The platform offers analytics and reporting features to help merchants learn more about their business operations, customer payments, and cash flow.
  • All-in-one payment solutions are tailored to exact business verticals, including, but not limited to eCommerce, travel and hospitality, e-learning, transportation & mobility.
  • Payment and expansion consultations to support your business growth.

Verdict: ECOMMPAY is one of the leading payment providers, with an in-house infrastructure that allows their service to be easily tailored to a client’s needs while offering exceptional expert and technical support. The company constantly develops new products and payment solutions, helping businesses keep up with end-consumer expectations and needs.

Price: Free Version available

#4) Tap2Pay

Best for Easy Integration.


With Tap2Pay, you get a payment gateway that easily integrates with websites, social networks, and messenger apps so you can start selling subscriptions and products without any code. Payments through Tap2Pay can be activated using selling links, express checkout widget, and plugins.

Plus, you also get a live chat feature with the help of which you can directly respond to your customers from the app itself.


  • Digital Wallet
  • Customer Management
  • Recurring Payments
  • One-click shipping notification alert

Verdict: Tap2Pay allows you to sell subscription and products without using any code on platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. It accepts payments on almost all digital channels, and as such, earns a place on this list.

Price: There’s the pay as you go model wherein you are charged 2% per transaction. Alternatively, you can go with the premium plan that’ll cost you $49/month.

#5) EasyPayDirect

Best for Safe and Fast Payment Gateway.


EasyPayDirect allows you to process payment, electronic checks, credit cards, and ACH transactions without a hassle. It also lets you leverage online payment forms, email invoicing, recurring billing, and batch uploading to easily collect payments. It also integrates seamlessly with tons of other applications like Bigcommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc.


  • Seamless Integrations
  • Chargeback Management
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • Integrated Payments API

Verdict: EasyPayDirect essentially optimizes the way one collects payments. It can integrate seamlessly with more than 250 shopping carts and benefits from an intuitive interface. It is definitely one of the finest payment gateway solutions you can check out today.

Price: One time set-up fee is $99. Swiped Card Rate will have a transaction fee of 1.59% and Online Card Rate will have a transaction fee of 2.44%

#6) Jotform

Best for: Integration with multiple payment gateways


Jotform allows you to gather credit and debit card payments, make ACH and e-check payments with seamless payment processor integrations. You first choose the payment gateway of your preference, add it to the form of your choosing, and embed that form in your website. Plus, you aren’t charged additional transaction fees from the platform.


  • Accept Donations via Stripe
  • Collect electronic payments online
  • Accept global payments
  • Collect payments through online forms

Verdict: With Jotform, you get a software that facilitate numerous payment process integrations. With the help of this integrations, you’ll be able to collect payments both locally and globally without a hassle via the forms on your website.


  • Forever Free Plan available
  • Bronze: $39/month
  • Silver: $49/month
  • Gold: $129/month

#7) Authorize.Net

Best for protection from frauds.


Authorize.Net is a Visa solution, which aims at simplifying the payments process, by allowing you to accept online payments through credit or debit cards, e-checks, and more.

Top Features:

  • Accept payments online, at your retail store, or on your online store.
  • Accept payments using a card reader.
  • Send transaction receipts to your customers through emails.
  • An Advanced Fraud Detection Suite that identifies, manages, and prevents suspicious fraudulent transactions.
  • Automatically pay or accept recurring payments

Verdict: Authorize.Net is a highly recommendable online payment gateway. It offers a wide range of features. The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite is a great plus point.

Price: Prices are as follows:

  • Monthly Gateway: $25
  • Per transaction: 2.9% + 30¢

Website: Authorize.Net

#8) Stripe

Best for advanced features for receiving payments.


Stripe is a popular and trusted payment solution. It offers you powerful APIs, 99.9% uptime, and much more, for businesses of every size.

Top Features:

  • Get advanced fraud detection tools.
  • Create and send invoices.
  • Supports 135+ currencies and several local payment methods.
  • Keeps the data secure and encrypted.
  • Financial reporting tools.
  • Integrates with 450+ platforms and gives you access to 24/7 customer support.

Verdict: Stripe is one of the best payment gateway providers. The features offered by Stripe help you in increasing your global sales by letting you accept payments in over 135 global currencies.

Price: Prices are as follows:

  • Integrated: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge.
  • Customized: Contact the sales team directly.

Website: Stripe

#9) 2Checkout

Best for easing up the checkout process.


2Checkout is a monetization platform, founded in 2006, which serves in over 180 countries all over the world. It helps you to increase your sales by making the checkout process easy for your buyers.

Top Features:

  • Make or accept global payments instantly.
  • Recurring billing.
  • Gives you access to 45+ payment methods.
  • Global tax and regulatory compliance.

Verdict: 2Checkout allows you to accept payments for your products from more than 180 countries instantly while giving you access to 45+ payment methods. This can be a highly beneficial method of increasing your sales.

Price: Price plans are as follows:

  • 2SELL: 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale
  • 2SUBSCRIBE: 4.5% + $0.45 per successful sale
  • 2MONETIZE: 6.0% + $0.60 per successful sale
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Website: 2Checkout

#10) Adyen

Best for building customer relationships, along with accepting instant payments.


Adyen is a payments platform that lets you accept payments for the goods or services you sell to your global customers. Founded in 2006, this popular payment gateway has its offices at 24 locations around the globe.

Top Features:

  • Get any payment method added at the checkout.
  • The tokenization feature lets you recognize a customer with his card number, which is saved as a token.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based fraud protection tools
  • You can build good relationships with your customers by giving rewards and discounts to loyal customers.
  • Recurring payment solutions.

Verdict: Adyen is a recommended payment solution, which has almost all the explanations that you would look for in a payments platform. The system makes transaction processes extremely easy and thus leads to an increase in sales.


adyen price

*Visit the website for transaction fees of other payment methods.

Website: Adyen

#11) Payline

Best for affordable pricing.


Payline provides you with payment processing solutions based on your individual needs. They offer you a feature for easing up the checkout process.

Top Features:

  • Tools for easy checkout, refunds, sending transaction receipts, and more.
  • Send invoices.
  • Easy integration with online payment tools.
  • A mobile credit card reader for Android and iOS phones.
  • Mobile application for taking payments, instantly calculating taxes, and more.

Verdict: Payline aims at providing an online payment gateway at a low price. The features offered are nice. The platform is recommendable.

Price: There is a free trial for one month. Price plans are as follows:

Payline price

Website: Payline

#12) Braintree

Best for giving access to plenty of popular payment methods.


Braintree is a company of PayPal, which lets you accept global payments instantly, through various popular payment methods. This 20+ years old company aims at increasing your sales by delivering modernized payment experiences to your customers.

Top Features:

  • Gives you access to popular payment methods.
  • Makes the checkout process easy and quick, involving fewer clicks.
  • Protection against fraudulent transactions.
  • Get your data encrypted via Braintree Vault.

Verdict: Braintree offers you to get payments through popular methods like PayPal, GPay, etc. They also offer advanced fraud protection tools. The customer care services, though, are reported to be not up to the mark.


  • Cards and digital wallets: $2.59% + $0.49 per transaction
  • Venmo: 3.50% + $0.49 per transaction
  • ACH Direct Debit: 0.75% per transaction

Website: Braintree

#13) WePay

Best for powerful APIs.


WePay is a company of Chase Bank. It offers one platform which is capable of payment processing, payouts, and cash management, all in a single place.

Top Features:

  • If you have an account with Chase Bank, you can receive same-day deposits at no additional cost.
  • Offers multiple methods of receiving payments.
  • Card Tokenization feature lets you save the sensitive data of card numbers as tokens.
  • Earnings & performance reporting features.

Verdict: The main plus point of WePay is that it is an all-in-platform. It is easy to use and offers easy integration with other platforms. The customer service is reported to be not good.

Price: Contact directly for pricing.

Website: WePay

#14) AmazonPay

Best for easy check out.


With AmazonPay, you open the doors for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop with you. The smooth shopping experience rendered by AmazonPay will surely be beneficial in increasing your sales.

Top Features:

  • Your customers can pay without having to create a new account or without giving their card details.
  • Faster checkout process.
  • Check out with Alexa.
  • Easy integration with many e-commerce platforms.

Verdict: AmazonPay can be a good option for the sellers, because the large number of users of Amazon, who already use AmazonPay, will be able to easily shop with you.

Price: 2.9% + $0.30 (For domestic U.S. transactions.)

Website: AmazonPay

#15) Skrill

Best for free global money transfer.


Skrill is one of the best payment gateway providers, which is available for free. It lets you transfer money to your friends, see currency conversion rates, trade-in cryptocurrencies, and earn by referring a friend to Skrill.

Top Features:

  • Transfer money to a bank account, with no fees.
  • Refer a friend to Skrill and both of you will get $10 off on your next payment.
  • Monitor the exchange rate so that you can transfer money abroad when the exchange rate is profitable.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Get live updates of the prices of Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Verdict: Skrill offers you a free global payments transfer method. You can even trade in cryptocurrencies for free and observe the live prices of your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Price: Free

Website: Skrill


If you have an online store, or if you take payments digitally at your physical store, you must give your customers multiple options to pay through. This way, you can minimize the chances of cart abandonment and maximize sales.

There are several online payment gateway providers out there, which offer you features for accepting global payments while supporting several currencies from all over the world.

If you want a payment gateway for your receiving online payments, then Fondy, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Adyen are the best options, go through their features and prices to choose the best one for your business.

Apart from these, Braintree, WePay, Skrill, AmazonPay, and Payline are also highly recommended payment gateway providers.

Skrill is available for free. We can use it for transferring money globally and trading in cryptocurrencies.

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