Check Business Name Availability with Business Name Checkers

In this tutorial, we examine the top Business Name Checkers that can help create a legal business name, domain, or social media page:

A name checker facilitates checking the availability of the name. It may be a business name, social or other username, or domain from a public or private database. The purpose is usually to find out whether a preferred business name is available for use as a legal business name, social media business page name, or business domain name.

Usually, you won’t be allowed to register a business name, social media username, or domain name if it is registered by another person/business. In addition to verifying the availability of a business name, owners must also take into account the regulations for naming a business in their state.

This tutorial considers top business name checkers that can aid a business in coming up with a name for use as a legal business name, domain, or social media page, besides resources, such as what to consider when naming a business.

We also include business name checkers through which one can register an available name as a legal business name in multiple states in the United States.

Business Name Lookup – Useful Applications

Best Business Name Checker

Market Trends:

According to the US Business Formation Statistics (BFS), more than 5 million new businesses are established annually in the United States, as shown in the chart. Over 1.3 million businesses were formed in Q1 of 2023.

What is in a name? According to Crowdspring, 77% of people use brand names to refer to certain items. 72% of the best brand names are made up of words or acronyms.

The Global Banking & Finance Review reports that 80% of investors factor in name recognition when deciding to invest. Forbes reports that presenting a consistent brand across all platforms increases revenue by 23%, highlighting the importance of a uniform message about brand identity and core values on websites, blogs, and social media.

New businesses per year US

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Expert Advice:

  • Business name checkers can be chosen based on a few factors including area/location. Every U.S. state has an official department such as the business/commerce department, corporate commission, secretary of state, or others where residents in that state can legally register business names in addition to doing a business name search.
  • Consider what types of names a name checker can help check availability for including legal business names, domain names, social media usernames or handles, gaming usernames, etc.
  • You may have to pay an extra fee to private agencies/bureaus for registering the name on your behalf, in addition to the fee charged by the state business registrar for the registration.
  • Consider possible add-ons and types of assistance available. To check the availability of social media usernames and domains, you can use multiple domain registrars and networks.
  • Registering your business name through official state websites that provide links to their business and commerce departments can be beneficial since it allows you to complete licensing, taxation, insurance, and compliance filings all from the same platform where you register your business. You can use these websites for business registration or de-registration, taxation filings, license filings, and permit filings. They also have databases with almost every business registered in the state.
  • Visit guidelines on how to do business name searches in each of the states in the U.S. through the Secretary of State offices.

Verify the Uniqueness of My Business Name

Here is the process for determining if my business name is unique:

  • Names must not be similar. Online business name checkers are available to verify if a business name is taken.
  • Depending on the business being registered, certain terms like Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), etc, should be included in the names.
  • The name should not imply a connection with a state entity, state agency, or state body.
  • The name must not indicate the carrying out of a business operation that the person or company registering for it cannot provide legally. However, you can use a fictitious name, trade name, or assumed name according to the business naming rules of a given state. You can file a fictitious name according to the rules of your state.

A business name in a given state in the U.S. should not be similar or confusable with the name of another business in the same state in the United States. In the U.S., business names cannot be considered different based on the following;

  • Suffixes such as Limited, Corp., Co., Inc. Etc.
  • Definite articles like A, An, & The, etc.
  • The singular or plural form or possessive form of a word.
  • Abbreviations, punctuation, symbols, fonts, typefaces, etc.

Choose Your Domain Name: Useful Tips

  • Choose a professional domain name and one that agrees with or corresponds or alludes to or reminds your customers of your brand name or products and services. A .com, .org, or .net may make it look more professional (again depending on the type of business) than a .xyz extension.
  • Keep it short and simple, which makes it easier for visitors/customers to remember. However, make it catchy, memorable, and unique. Avoid being vague and generic.
  • Avoid numbers, hyphens, dashes, underscores, double letters, and unusual characters which make it harder for clients to remember.
  • Research keywords for your website and business and, if possible, include them in the domain name because it can help boost traffic.
  • If possible, research with domain name generators for suggestions of domain names based on your idea words. Using name checkers is how to check if a business name is taken or rather, its availability for legal registration.

Company Search Name FAQs

Q #1) Why should you use a social media username or social media handle checker?

Answer: While business name checkers look up a business name from registrar’s sites, a social media username checker searches for the availability of a username (you suggest) on various social media sites.

Social media sites will always bar you from registering a username already used by another person. Thus, a pre-search on their database helps prevent that including the time wastage and inconvenience that it comes along with. Once the name is confirmed as available on a given social media website, you can then proceed to register with them.

Q #2) How do I find the best name for my business?

Answer: Here’s how to check if a business name is available for free.

  • Consider business goals, visions, and missions.
  • Research keywords to use in it if possible (that correspond to your business). Check its availability using name checkers or a name generator if you have ideal words but no final name.
  • Consider the memorability, clarity, and uniqueness of the name.

Q #3) How do I check if a company name is available with the IRS?

Answer: Business name checkers help to confirm the availability of a company name with registrars and, subsequently with the IRS. You can visit the official registrar website run by your state to search for business name availability or use private business name checkers online.

The search can also be done physically in the business or commerce department office at the state level (for instance, in the secretary of state’s office).

Q #4) Why do I need a unique business name?

Answer: The name must not legally be similar to that of another business (or rather it must not be registered), which helps to avoid confusion. A unique business name helps your branding to stay clear of confusion among clients. A unique business name is memorable for clients, sums up what your business is about, and acts as part of your marketing strategy.

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List of the Best Business Name Checkers

Check business name availability with these popular applications:

  1. Incfile
  2. Namecheckr
  3. Namech_k
  4. BrandSnag
  5. Arizona Corporation Commission
  6. Alabama Secretary of State Business Department
  7. California Business Programs Division
  8. Alaska Business Name Search
  9. Illinois Secretary of State
  10. New York Department of State
  11. Virginia Corporation Commission

Comparison Table of Some Top Business Name Lookups

Name of name checkerJurisdiction/area What type of name to check availability forPricing Registration through the service available?
Incfile50 states in the U.S.Business name. Free to search; $0 to $500 to register. Yes
Namecheckr GlobalDomain name, social media username $0No
Namech_k50 statesDomain name, social media handle, gaming sites usernames$0No
BrandSnag50 states. Business domain names, social media usernames, gaming sites usernames $0No
Arizona Corporation Commission  1 state (Arizona)Business name$0 and $210 mainly. Yes.

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Incfile

Best for business name search and assisted registration.


Incfile business search tool not only helps aspiring business owners search for and know if a desired business name of their choice is available for use, but also to get started on registering that name in case it is available. The latter basically involves registering the name in your chosen state. Incfile offers search and registration for all 50 US states.

Visit the website and enter a suggestion in the search box to check LLC name availability. Once you enter a proposed business name, the tool checks if there is a match of your business name with other business names that already exist in the state’s business registry records. It provides unlimited name searches at no cost.

Proceed to register the name if it is available for use. You can register the business yourself at the state’s website for free (only pay the registration fee at the state office), or choose to register with Incfile.

If you register the name with Incfile, the company will file all the documents required depending on the type of business and the state in which it is being registered. This includes preparing and filing Articles of Organization for LLC types of companies, doing unlimited name searches, and offering free registered agent services for a year.

They can also do business tax consultations for the company being registered, and prepare business banking accounts, IRS forms, business tax numbers, etc.

Contact Information: Phone: 844.830.8267. Fax: 877.919.2613.
Physical Address: 17350 State Highway 249, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77064.


  • State-based pricing when registering a business with them. Pay a price based on your state’s registration requirements or activities to be done/documents to be submitted.
  • Registered LLC, S-corporation, C-corporation, and non-profit types of businesses.
  • Order tracking
  • Online dashboard

How to use Incfile to check business name availability:

Step #1: Visit the website to check LLC name availability or the availability of a name for other business types.
Step #2: Enter your desired business name in the Business Name Search Tool and indicate the type of entity and the state where you want to register it. Fill in your name and email address and tap the Check Name Availability button.
Step #3: The tool will generate results and send them to your email if the name is available for your use. You can either register the name through the company, other services, or by yourself.


  • Several add-ons for businesses, although they cost money. This includes business compliance, bookkeeping and accounting, registered agents for service, phone and email support, etc. We can also store documents online.
  • 4.7/5 from 12,901 total reviews on Trustpilot. 85% of reviewers give it a 5-star review.
  • Affordable services compared to most similar bureau services.


  • Frequent complaints from customers show poor customer satisfaction.
  • It also revoked Better Business Bureau accreditation in September 2020.

Our review: Incfile lets you easily check the availability of a business name and own the name (if available) by registering the name according to the state requirements. You also get an online dashboard, tracking of the registration application, and multiple add-ons, including compliance.

The company’s pricing is considered low when compared to other services.


  • Free to search. Charges include state business registration fees. This depends on the business category, pricing package selected, and the state in which you are registering the business name.
  • The Silver package starts at $0 plus state fees. The cost of Platinum and Gold packages typically falls between $50 to around $500. Platinum is the most affordable package.

Website: Incfile

#2) Namecheckr

Best for checking the availability of domains and comparing pricing across multiple providers.


Namecheckr is a tool for business people and anyone to check the availability of their preferred domains/website names, social media page/account/user names, and more, across multiple networks.

Businesses can check the availability of usernames on financial apps such as, Venmo, etc, all on a single platform and page. Use other services in this list to look up company names because Namecheckr won’t.

The tool also helps a business or person to quickly compare domain name registration pricing across multiple domain registration providers in real-time. You can compare pricing for domain names across 30+ extensions such as .com, org, and country-specific extensions such as .us. You can also compare domain renewal pricing across multiple providers.

Contact information:


  • Search limited to alphanumerics with dashes and underscores.
  • Businesses can request for their names to be scrapped or included from the search list.

How to use Namecheckr to check business name pages and domain names:

Step #1: Visit the website. Enter a preferred name on the search entry form and click the search icon.
Step #2: You will get results (in the form of green ticks, red ticks, or exclamation marks against a provider’s name) to confirm if the name is available for use on that platform or not.


  • Simple and quick to do a business name lookup.
  • Pricing comparison for domain name registration and renewals across multiple providers.
  • Check name availability across social networks, financial apps, domain registrars, blogs, WordPress, and more.


  • No option to register a business name or domain name through them.
  • Caching issues may mean some names show as available even if already registered. There also are limits to characters you can enter to search.

What we like: Namecheckr offers an extremely simple and rapid way to verify the availability of usernames and domain names on various sites and networks. It lacks additional features like registering domain names or business names (it is not a registrar or bureau).

Pricing: $0

Website: Namecheckr

#3) Namech_k

Best for those who want to start a business in any state in the entire US.


One of the most valuable tools provided by Namech_k for anyone who wants to start a business in the U.S. is guides on how to start a business in each state for all 50 US states. This includes the official guide to business search databases for each state and the official name availability search link for each state.

The website also avails information on how to decide on the type of business and links to recommended business name registration agents or bureaus for that state. You also get guides and links through which you can get licenses and permits (with local, state, and federal authorities). There are also guides on business financing.

Namech_k allows you to check the availability of a suggested name for use as a domain name or social media username across 100+ services. Generate a domain name suggestion with the business name and username generators.

Simply type a suggestion and it will form 100+ different name suggestions and provide a link through which you can buy using their recommended domain registration service.

You can also generate usernames on social media sites with this Namech_k social media username and social media handle checker, product names, etc. using the respective name generators. This tool does not aid a business name lookup.



  • Business name generator, brand name generator, domain name generator, product name generator, podcast name generator, username generator, social media username generator, and username generators on gaming websites Minecraft, Roblox, and Gamertag.
  • Free guides on web hosting, domain names, and website building.
  • Provides a list of domain name registrars, web hosting service providers, and website builders and links to visit them.
  • Provides detailed reviews of select domain name registrars, hosting services, and website builders.
  • Get discount codes for select domain name registrars, hosting service providers, and web builders.

How to use Namech_k to check the business name:

Step #1: Visit the website to use the Namech_k domain name checker & availability search.
Step #2:

  • Enter a search query that can be a business name idea. Click/tap search.
  • It will search the availability of your entry as a domain name and username across dozens of registrars and social channels. The channel turns green if available or dim if unavailable.
  • You can also go to the menu and click/tap the business name generator and use the generator to first get multiple suggestions of a domain/user name from which you can choose one to use.

Step #3: You can register your name or domain name if available or search for another.


  • Free checks and guides without commitments.
  • See reviews and consider service providers where you can register the website name, host it, and tools or providers you can use to build the website. Also, get discount codes for different service providers.
  • Find resources for starting a business such as name generators, guides on how to start a business per each U.S. state, guides on things like what a registered agent means, etc. It is a handy tool for those inquiring about how to register a business name for free.


  • No assistance is given to register the business.

Why we choose this: Namech_k is preferred for its ability to search for business names as domain names and social media usernames as well as to generate a business name as a domain name or username.

However, one of the best add-ons provided is information and guides on how to start, register, license, and finance a business in each of the 50 U.S. states; links to recommended domain registrar sites, links to web hosting services, links to web building services, etc.

Pricing: $0

Website: Namech_k

#4) BrandSnag

Best for domains and social media user name generators.

BrandSnag Application

BrandSnag allows people to search for the availability of personal/business domain names, social media handles/usernames, and gaming usernames across multiple sites. You also get links to register an available domain name through their recommended domain registrar.

The AI-powered business name generator allows you to enter a two-name idea and get multiple suggestions for a brand/personal domain name from the idea. It will combine thousands of related words and phrases to help you come up with a business name in seconds.

Once the suggestions are out, you can tap the + button to get a report on whether the .com, .net, .org, .vu, .ca, or .eth domains or social media usernames that you can use with the selected name are available.

You can also generate a name to use on your gaming platform with the BrandSnag gaming username & Twitch username availability checker.



  • Blog name generator for two names, email name generator from two names, podcast name generator, Gamertag generator. Also available ENS domain checker.
  • Guides on how to name your blogs, how to name podcasts, how to choose a name for your websites, etc.
  • Social media name checker to check the availability of usernames across multiple social media sites. Domain name checker checks the availability of your domain name suggestion.
  • Business name generator to generate a name.
  • 100 business name ideas listed for different business categories, e.g. photography, clothing, beauty, etc.


  • Guides on how to name a site are included.
  • Free-ready domain name suggestions are available for those who do not want to think of a domain name or use the domain name generator.


  • You can check the availability of usernames for use on about 10 social media sites, which is a limitation. It also checks the availability of domain names for only 6 extensions (.com, .net, .org, .ca, .eth, and .vu).

Our Review: BrandSnag, in addition to providing domain and username availability search tools, also gives guides on how to name your domains, blogs, emails, etc.

Pricing: $0

Website: BrandSnag

#5) Arizona Corporation Commission

Best for business registration and filings in Arizona

Arizona Corporate Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission is the official business search and registration commission for business owners in the state. In addition to registering a business name, companies can file annual reports, modify their business identity, and more.

The website assists existing businesses to file compliance documents and get other official information about running a business in the state.

You can also get guides and official information on how to and requirements for starting a business in Arizona. You can also submit filing documents, get information on statutory agents, get information on entity names and how to come up with names, information on the types of companies you can start, and a guide on what forms you should file.

The commission also provides, on the website, a schedule of cost/fees for filing, information on acceptable fee payment methods, information on how long it takes to process documents, and information and links to tax document applications and tax payments.

Contact: Phone: 602-542-3026,
Physical Address: 1200 W. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007.


  • Filing fees are based on whether you want 2 hours, same-day, or next-day service.
  • Pay the business tax. IRS EIN registration links. Payment links are provided as per the category of business. Link to AZTaxes registration.
  • Obtain a Trade Name and TradeMark for your business.
  • Book an appointment for a physical office visit.
  • Provides links to other resources outside the business.


  • Official and specific information and resources are given to those who want to start a legal business in Arizona. Guides and information on taxes, compliance, etc.
  • No bureau or agent fees are charged.
  • Additional guides on how to start a business and things you need.


  • No assistance on document preparation as would help a filing agent.
  • Materials are mainly limited to Arizona state.

What we like: Besides registering business names and trademarks, Arizona Corporation offers additional services such as filing annual reports and taxes. You also get official information on things you must do and need to start a business in Arizona.


  • For filing fees, different filing services cost between $0 and $175 each for corporation-type documents. Expediting processing costs between $35 to $210 per filing, depending on the document.
  • For a Limited Liability company type of filing, the cost is between $0 and $1000 per document filed, depending on the document being filed. Expediting processing costs between $35 and $185 per filed document, depending on the document being filed.
  • On top of the filing fees, you can order a 2-hour filing service for $400, same-day filing for $200, or next-day service for $100. Entity name check is free.

Website: Arizona Corporation Commission

#6) Alabama Secretary of State Business Department

Best for name search, registration, compliance, and filing in Alabama

Alabama Business Search

The Alabama Secretary of State’s business division website facilitates searching for the availability of business names before aspiring owners can register them as legal entities in the state. The Secretary of State provides access to official records and public information maintained by the office.

The website is mainly for existing businesses that want to file compliance documents (licenses, permits, and other documents) and get official information about the business.

In the Entity search option, you can search for the availability of a business name, reserve the name, and register the name through the Business Services Department of the Secretary of State to operate a legal business entity within the state. Entity name check is free.

Contact: Phone: (334) 242-7200. Phone: 334-242-5324 (business division). Fax: (334) 242-4993.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5616 Montgomery, AL 36103-5616.
Physical Address: BUSINESS SERVICES DIVISION, RSA Plaza – Suite 580770 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104.


  • Information on the type of businesses in the Business Services link.
  • Obtain business document copies, amend filings, apply and get a certificate of existence online, dissolve a company online, get a duplicate name reservation certificate, and get a certificate of withdrawal. You can also renew an expiring business name reservation, transfer a name reservation, etc.
  • Business downloads. Name reservation request form (domestic and foreign entities), fee schedules, certificate of existence, registered agent list, prepared account set-up slip, etc.
  • Register trademarks online.
  • Access other Alabama Secretary of State beyond business registration (links available on the same site).


  • Official registration and documents.
  • No agent fees were paid.
  • Services are cheaper than registering or filing through an agent/bureau.
  • Additional information on starting a business in the state.


  • Business searches and registrations are limited to within the state.

Our Review: Being an official website on which you can search for a name and apply for business registration, the Alabama Secretary of State website is recommended. You avoid paying a registration agency or bureau fee to register for a business and get extra services not available through the bureaus.


The cost of filing or transferring a name reservation is $25. Non-subscribers are charged $28 while yearly subscribers are charged $27 as the total fee through the Alabama government.

Name withdrawal is free, but the Alabama government charges $4 for it. The total fee through the Alabama government is $208, which includes a $100 county fee and a $100 secretary of state fee, as well as a fee for domestic filing. The foreign filing will cost $150 and the Alabama government charges $150 as well.

If you intend to dissolve, you will have to pay the Secretary of State and the Alabama Government $100 and $104, respectively. Renew an expiring business name reservation at a cost of between $25 and $28.

Domestic Filing Charges:

  • Certificate of formation: $200
  • Foreign Entity Registration charges: $150
  • For each filing instrument like amendments, mergers, conversions, general partnership filings, termination, and others, the charge is $100.

Copies of Documents:

  • Print pages cost $2 each and online pages cost $3.50 each.
  • Certification of documents: $10 per document.
  • Certificate of existence $25, online $28.
  • Withdrawal of name reservation: $0, online: $4.
  • Agent changes $100.
  • Agent resignation: no fee.

Website: Alabama

#7) California Business Programs Division

Best for business name registration, compliance, and business filings in California.

California secretary of state

The Business Programs Division of California Secretary of State keeps a database with the names of entities and businesses that have been incorporated into the state and anyone can search for it using an entity’s name or number. Members of the public can search for the information through the website given below.

You can use it to check business name availability or search for information about a given entity whose name you have. For the latter case, you can download the information in PDF.

It does not provide information on partnerships, associations, limited liability partnerships, and other types of entities that are not corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. For this kind of information, you will need to submit a formal request. This means we cannot use it as the final authority for a business name availability search.

Contact: Phone: (916) 657–5448.
Mailing Address: California Secretary of State, Business Entities, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.
Physical Address: 1500 11th Street Sacramento, California 95814 Office: (916) 653-6814.


  • In addition to name searches, name reservations, and business registration, SOS offers services such as filing a corporate statement of information in the state, providing copies of corporations, accepting all types of filing forms in person or by mail, and more. Obtain free non-certified pdf copies of some business documents such as a company’s statements of information of record (which lists the type of company, directors, and officers).
  • Learn about business naming and operation rules, and taxation, among other things.
  • Filter searches as per business type by either keyword, exact match, or “begins with”.
  • Register six types of companies. Entity name check is free.
  • Know the status of the company as active/good standing, suspended, dissolved, or canceled. An official certificate of standing is obtained from the Secretary of State through a different link (
  • Obtain a certified list of all business entity’s documents on record.
  • SOS also provides rules for naming businesses.


  • Low registration cost.
  • Other services are available including registration.
  • Get detailed information about an existing business.


  • Cannot file on your behalf as would a filing agency.

What I like: The SOS of California offers more than just IRS business name search, name reservation, and registration at a cost lower than would a broker agency. It also offers different types of filing documents you can file online and physically. You can also get information on business compliance and taxation, among other things.

Pricing: Most documents are free, such as the certificate of amendment, Restated Articles of Incorporation, and other documents that cost between $5 and $150.

Website: California Business Program

#8) Alaska Business Name Search

Best for business name search in Alaska, business filing, licensing, and all compliance.

Alaska Business Name Search

The Alaska Business Name Search enables you to search for an existing business name and corporation by entity number and entity name. You can also filter the search by “Starts with” and “contains” certain keywords. The results will show different types of businesses.

It is also possible to search by first or last name using the Search by Official tab on the Search and Database/Download Information page at Since it contains the names of existing businesses, you can use it to check name availability.

There are many other things you can do on the Alaska Department of Commerce, beyond mere business search and registration. The page comprises, among other things, a link to help users search for registered agents, a link to search for business license endorsements, and a link to search for professional licenses. You can also download lists of Officials, agents, and trademarks. Business endorsements and trademarks

Contact: Juneau Phone: (907) 465-2550 Anchorage Phone: (907) 269-8160. Emails:,,
Mailing Address: 550 W 7th AVE, STE 1535 Anchorage, AK 99501-3587.
Physical Address: 550 W 7th AVE, STE 1535 Anchorage, AK 99501-3587.


  • The general website contains links to information on doing business in Alaska. You will know the things needed (including licensing and filing) and filing fees, get and renew business licenses, get credit card payment authorization forms, etc.
  • Business name reservations are available on the main site.
  • Other services include filing a complaint regarding licensing, changing address or name, requesting SSN exemption, seeing disciplinary action on licenses, requesting licensing and other business public records, etc.


  • Add-on services beyond name search and registration.
  • Low cost for registering a business in Alaska compared to a bureau application.
  • Access official information directly on how to do business in the state. Includes direct official licensing and compliance information, documents, and applications.
  • Access to state statutes and regulations on doing business in Alaska.


  • No filing support, as would a third-party agency.

Our Review: The Alaska Business Name Search website provides official database access to IRS business name searches, and you can access any kind of information and make licensing and compliance filings with ease and at low fees.

Pricing: Search is free, $25 for name reservation, $25 for name registration, business license $50 and yearly $50 renewal, business license endorsement $100 per each endorsement.

Website: Alaska

#9) Illinois Secretary of State Business Department

Best for business name search, business information search, business registration, and compliance in Illinois.

Illinois Secretary

The website contains a database of existing businesses including each company’s data and information. The CyberDrive System lets one search for businesses and partnerships by their name and file number, and filter them further as LLC, LP, LLP, and LLLP type of businesses/companies.

You can also search for a name before registering it in the state. However, you will require a business agent to register a business in the state since there is no state-level general business registration (though you might require industry-specific licensing permits from at the state level and city/county level on top of the agency registration).

The agent will have to be registered as residents of the state and company, although a foreign entity can still play that role.

Contacts: Phones: 2177827434. and
Mailing Address: Freedom of Information Act Officer, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, 500 E. Monroe, Springfield, IL. 62701 and Stephanie Cook, Leland Bldg., 527 E. Capitol Ave. Springfield, IL 62701.
Physical Address: 207 State House Springfield, IL 62706, and 555 W. Monroe St., 16th FloorChicago, IL 60661.

Features we like:

  • Reserve a name via an application for reservation of name to Illinois Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Commercial Services. Register for all types of businesses. Get registration certificates for businesses, etc.
  • Register to pay business tax, etc. Get information and apply for licensing and compliance. For instance, obtain ETIN, file returns, etc. Apply for permits, as well as personal and individual (such as career-based) licensing. Provides access to other services such as the Taxation Department, Illinois Revenue Department, etc.
  • Also, find data and information about your local community, locate commercial and industrial sites and building locations, locate meeting/convention venues, etc. Also get information on starting, fees, requirements, running a business, expanding a business, relocating it, or closing a business within the state.


  • Get official information and documents for registration and compliance.
  • Direct filing of reports, license tax permit, state business license, professional licensing, etc


  • Since you require an agent to register a business, costs can increase beyond the official charges.

Verdict: The SOS provides a vast resource for those who want to start businesses on top of name searches, although registrations incur more fees compared to other states.

Pricing: LLC registration is $150 (+100 for same-day processing if asked for), +$75 yearly to file annual reports, LLC Series filing is $400, state tax permit fee is $0, registered agent fee is around $125 but it varies.

Fees for professional licensing vary from around $50 to +$100 for instance, where the cost of the required examination is to be incurred. County-level license fee varies.

Optional LLC fees such as name reservation ($25), Doing Business as Name (between $30 and $150 depending on which year you file). Copies of the business documents cost $25. Certificate of good standing $25 and $45 when processing is expedited. The cost of doing business varies depending on risk level.

Website: Illinois

#10) New York State Department of Corporations

Best for business name registration, checking business information, compliance, and business filing in New York.

New York State Department of Corporations -Business Name Checkers

The Corporation and Business Entity Database of New York can be used for searching the availability of entity names, although the State Department warns that it cannot be and they do not guarantee accuracy since the information is received from other sources. This is mainly for licensing, tax filings, permit applications, and other compliance matters for existing businesses.

In addition to information about businesses, non-profits, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships, and other businesses, since it contains names of existing businesses, the database can be used for searching for name availability, but only partially. Businesses can be searched by entity name, type, search functions, entity lists, etc.

On the Business category under the main page of the department, you can find services listed in the features section below.

Contact: Phone: (518) 473-2492, and (518) 474-4429. Fax: (518) 473-6648.
Contact form:
Physical Address: Department of State, Albany Location: One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Ave Albany, NY 12231-0001. and Department of State, New York City Location:123 William Street, New York, NY 10038-3804.


  • Business license applications, insurance applications, tax filings, report filings, business name deregistration, etc. You can apply for and renew business certificates, get a tax ID, and professional license, see requirements for starting a company or business, information on how to apply for a business and license, get application documents/forms, and know the fee required.
  • Register the business as an owner or as another person.
  • Get small business recovery grants.
  • Find lost money.


  • Official information, documents, and guides on business. Besides the company search name, the website provides additional tools such as market research tools, information on business loan options, etc.
  • Low-cost direct registration in addition to company search names.
  • There is also technical assistance and counseling available for those who want to start businesses.


  • Information and applications are limited to that state only.

Our Review: The New York State Department of Corporations provides extra resources in addition to search and registration of business names. These include licensing, fund support to businesses, etc.

Pricing: $200 for Articles of Organization, $50 for Certificate of Publication. Optional fees include $5 for name availability, $20 for name reservation, and $25 to $150 for expedited handling of services.

Website: New York State Department of Corporations

#11) Virginia Corporation Commission: Department of State Division of Corporations

Best for business name search, checking business information, business registration, compliance, and filing in Virginia.

Virginia gov - Business Name Checkers

The Virginia Corporation Commission supports the registration of new businesses in the state, acquiring permits, filing UCC financing statements online, and maintaining an existing business.

The Department of Business also grants licenses, and permits and receives other business filings from established businesses. It has nearly all registered business names, so it can check the availability of business names and provide details on existing businesses, not-for-profits, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships, and other businesses.

Also see Business One Stop link for information on how to start and do a business in Virginia and all the things needed, including documents to file, licenses, permits, and insurance.

Contact: Phone: 1-800-552-7945;
Mailing Address: State Corporation Commission P.O. Box 1197 Richmond, VA 23218.
Physical Address: 1300 East Main Street Richmond, VA 23219.


  • Provides licensing and insurance. Also for deregistering businesses and other issues.
  • Issues certified copies of articles of organization or incorporation.
  • Allows filing of business taxes, annual reports, and other services.
  • Handling complaints.
  • Issues charters and amendments to approve business mergers, consolidations, and reinstatement for domestic corporations.
  • Choose between two online submission methods when forming a business. Express options for real-time and Complex for delayed processing.
  • Register as a registered agent.


  • Get other support for business apart from registration and name search, including getting certified documents, insurance, licensing, etc.


  • Search limited to Virginia state only.

Verdict: The Virginia Department of State Division of Corporations supports the registration of businesses as well as extra add-ons, such as where businesses can get financing, complaints handling, and file annual reports.

Pricing: Free to do a search. For registration and other filing and compliance fees, please contact the department.

Website: Virginia


This tutorial enlisted and reviewed tools that you can use for IRS business name search or availability search in the U.S.A., although all domain name checkers are used for search availability of global domain names. Incfile is one of the best business name checkers on the list as it helps check business name availability U.S.A and is not limited to a specific state.

Otherwise, if you want to limit your registered business name search to a specific state, then you can consider the Virginia Corporation Commission, Illinois Secretary of State Business Search, Alaska Business Name Search, California State/commerce business department, Alabama Business Name Search, and Arizona Corporation Commission.

The absence of third-party registration fees reduces the cost, but no support is provided for registering the business.

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