10 Best Free Flowchart Software For Windows and Mac

An exclusive list of the top free Flowchart Software for Windows and Mac to Create Stunning Flowcharts Quickly:

Flowchart maker software is an application which provides the functionalities for creating charts and graphs.

These applications provide the editor for making graphs and charts where you can drag-and-drop the shapes. These flowchart software tools allow the teams to collaborate on the drawings.

Flowcharts will give you visual clarity, instant communication, effective coordination, effective analysis, and improved efficiency.

Best Flowchart Maker Software

Pro Tip: While selecting the best flowchart software, you should consider its library of shapes, templates provided by the tool, ease of use, exporting options available, cost and some advanced features like tracking of changes.

Drawing the flowcharts manually will be time and effort-consuming.

Flowcharts have some limitations like complex logic, alterations, and reproduction. These limitations can be overcome using the right software.

The below image will show you the general features of the flowchart software.

Features of Flowchart Maker

[image source]

Flowchart maker will make the whole process of diagramming easier with the features like resizing of shapes according to text, the auto connection of shapes, intuitive editor, drag-and-drop functionality, predefined templates, collaboration features, and compatibility with other tools.

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Some tools provide advanced features like tracking the changes, restoring them, collaborating, messaging, and access permissions like view and edit.

Given below is an Example of a flowchart for purchase order created using one of these Flowchart Maker Tools:

Introduction2_FlowchartMaker (1)

Quick VIDEO: What is a Flowchart and How to Create Simple Flowcharts

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Best Free Flowchart Software For Windows and Mac Users

Enlisted below are the best Flowchart Makers that are most commonly used worldwide.

Comparison Table of Top Flowchart Makers

Flowchart makerUsageBest forPlatformFeaturesPrice

Canva Logo
Flowchart, Pie-chart, Bar graph.Teams, freelancers, small businesses, students.Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web-based.Create custom donut charts, Venn diagrams, pre-built templates.Free plan available, Pro-$119.99 per year.

Can draw any diagram from flowcharts to wireframes. Companies, teams, individuals, and students.Web-basedCollaboration revision history, In-app video & chat, present & screen share, etc. It starts at $5/user/month for annual billing. Free for 2 months.

Edraw Logo
Flowchart, Data Flow diagram, BPMN, and Workflow diagram.Newbie as well as expert.Windows, Mac, Linux.Built-in libraries with all flowchart symbols.
Customization of symbols.
Symbols as per industry standard.
Edraw Max: Starts at $99,
Mindmaster: Starts at $29,
Edraw project: Starts at $99,
Orgcharting: Starts at $145.

Flowcharts, Process Diagrams, Org Charts, UML, ER & Network diagrams.Developers, Designers, Process Analysts, & Network Admins.Online, Desktop, mobiles, & compatible with all browsers.Drag & drop.
Lots of templates.
Import & Export in different formats.
Free and open source
Lucid Chart

Online Diagram & Visual SolutionIT & Engineering, freelancers, businesses, PM & design tasks. Any device.Drag-and-Drop functionality.
Group chats & comments in real time, Works on any device and on any browser.
Basic: $4.95/month Pro: $9.95/month Team: Starts at $27/month
Enterprise: Get a quote.

Infographics & PresentationsEducational purposes, Small & large companies. Any device.Interactivity in content. 500+ templates & color schemes.
Easy download and publish 50+ charts, widgets, and maps.
Individual: Free plan, $14/month, & $25/month.
Business: $25/month & $75/month. Education: $30/semester and $60/semester.
Smart Draw

Create Flowcharts, Floorplans, & Other diagramsAnyone.Web browser or any device (PC, Mac, or Mobile).Intelligent formatting. Development platform. Collaboration from anywhere.Single user: $9.95/month Multiple users: $5.95/month
Visual Paradigm

Ideal Modeling and Diagraming tool for agile team collaborationSoftware developersWeb-based, Windows, Mac.Team Collaboration Helps in Agile software development.
Features for Enterprise architecture and project management.
Enterprise: $89 per month,
Professional: $35 per month,
Standard: $19 per month, &
Modeler: $6 per month

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Canva

Best for individuals, teams, beginners, and experts.

Price: Canva’s simple drag-and-drop editor is free forever. Canva for Work will cost you $12.95 per team member per month. Get a quote for Canva Enterprise.


Canva is an online tool for graphic designing. It can be used for layout designing & sharing, presentations, and the printing of business cards, and logos. It is available on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPad. It can be used by enterprises, non-profit organizations, and for educational purposes.


  • It has more than 50000 templates.
  • You can create different types of graphs and charts.
  • It has features for photo editing.
  • You can create your own custom designs or can select existing templates for printing business cards, invitations, Posters, etc.

#2) Cacoo

Best for companies, teams, individuals, and students.

Price: Cacoo offers a free trial. It offers a simple pricing plan of $6 per user per month.


Cacoo is an easy-to-use flowchart maker. With the flowchart tool, you can quickly create each point by simply clicking the connector button. There is a library of shapes available to use as your flowchart symbols.


  • Multiple people can edit the diagrams at the same time.
  • You can chat, comment or video chat inside the tool.
  • It has hundreds of templates to get you started.
  • Easily share or export your diagrams.

#3) Edraw

Best for newbie as well as expert.

Price: Edraw has four pricing plans, Edraw max (Starts at $99), Mindmaster (Starts at $29), Edraw project (Starts at $99), and Orgcharting (Starts at $145). A free trial is available for the product. Edraw offers all the products with 30-days money-back guarantee.

Edraw Dashboard

Edraw Flowchart Maker software has a drag-and-drop interface. You will get a large variety of built-in symbols. It can be used for the Data Flow diagram, BPMN, and workflow diagram. This smart, simple, and straightforward tool will make it easy to create a flowchart.  It provides pre-made shapes and automatic floating buttons.

Edraw has various tools Edraw Max is the all-in-one diagramming tool. Its Mindmaster is a professional & versatile mind mapping tool. The Edraw Project is an intuitive and effective tool for the Gantt Chart. Orgcharting tool is useful for creating professional and data-interactive org charts.


  • Edraw’s built-in libraries will contain all flowchart symbols.
  • Symbols are according to the industry standard.
  • The tool will allow you to customize the symbols.
  • It will let you change color, adjust line styles, and customize everything.

#4) Draw.io

Best for developers, designers, and process analysts.

Price: Draw.io is a free tool. It is free even for commercial use. It has pricing plans for various integrations. Integration with Confluence Server, the price starts at $10 for 10 users. Integrations with Confluence Data Center, price starts at $2000. For Confluence Cloud, the price starts at $5.

For the Jira server, the price starts at $10 and for Jira Cloud, the price starts at $1.

Draw io

Draw.io is an online tool for drawing process diagrams, flowcharts, ER diagrams, etc. It is free and open source. The tool provides an extensive library for shapes. It can be used on desktops as well as on mobiles. It is compatible with all browsers


  • It has an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • It allows you to track and restore changes.
  • It supports various formats for import and export.
  • The tool works both in online and offline modes.

Website: Draw.io

#5) Lucid Chart

Best for IT or engineering, businesses, freelancers, and project management & design tasks.

Price: Lucid Chart offers four pricing plans i.e. Basic, Pro, Team, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is for a single user and will cost you $4.95 per month. The Pro plan is also for a single user which will cost you $9.95 per month. The Team plan starts at $27 per month. Get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart is an online Diagram Software for Mac. It can be used for simple flowcharts as well as for complex diagrams. It can be used on any device and on any browser. It offers good collaboration features through group chats and comments.


  • As it works on any device, you will be able to collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere.
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with G Suite, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, and many other popular apps.
  • It allows group chats and comments in real-time.

Website: Lucid Chart

#6) Visme

Best for Educational purposes, Small & large companies.

Price: Visme offers different plans for Individuals, Businesses, and Educational purposes. The Individual category has three plans i.e. Basic (Free for 5 projects), Standard ($14 per month), and Complete ($25 per month).

The Business category has three plans i.e. Complete ($25 per month), Team ($75 per month for 3 users), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

For the Education category, Visme offers three plans i.e. Student ($30 per semester), Educator ($60 per semester), and School (Get a quote for schools and universities).


Visme is a tool for infographics and presentations. It works both in online and offline mode. You can use it on any device. Visme provides the full privacy control for your content. It allows your content to be public, private, or password protected.


  • Visme provides more than 500 templates and color schemes.
  • It has more than 50 charts, data widgets, and maps.
  • Your creations can be easily downloaded and published.
  • It allows you to make your content interactive by animating the object, adding links, transitions, and pop-ups.

Website: Visme

#7) Smart Draw

Best for everyone who wants to create diagrams.

Price: Smart Draw online edition will cost you $9.95 per month for a single user. For more than 5 users, it will cost you $5.95 per month.

Smart Draw

Smart Draw is a smart and intelligent platform for drawing different types of charts and diagrams. It has intelligent formatting and is ready for Enterprise. It provides features for Enterprise Administration, collaboration from anywhere, and Development Platform.


  • It has intelligent formatting.
  • It provides a development platform which can create the diagram from data.
  • Smart Draw can be integrated with MS Office, Google Apps, Jira, and many other applications.

Website: Smart Draw

#8) Visual Paradigm

Best for software developers.

Price: Visual Paradigm Online has three pricing plans i.e. Starter ($4 per user per month), Advanced ($9 per user per month), and Express (Free for personal use).

Visual Paradigm offers four pricing plans i.e. Enterprise ($89 per month), Professional ($35 per month), Standard ($19 per month), and Modeler ($6 per month).

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm provides you the platform for UML, SysML, and BPMN Modeling. It allows you to easily edit and share web-based diagrams. It is useful for Agile & Scrum, Business Improvement, Code & DB Engineering, Project management, and Enterprise Architecture.


  • Visual Paradigm has features for team collaboration.
  • It will help you with agile software development.
  • It has features for enterprise architecture and project management.

Website: Visual Paradigm

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#9) Gliffy

Best for small, medium, and large companies. It has good collaboration features and is easy to learn.

Price: Gliffy offers a free trial. It has three products i.e. Gliffy Diagram, Gliffy Diagram for JIRA, and Gliffy Diagram for Confluence. Gliffy Diagram has three pricing plans i.e. Personal ($7.99 per month for a single user), Team ($4.99 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

Pricing for Gliffy Diagram for JIRA is based on the number of users. Up to 10 users, it will cost you $10 per month. For 11 to 100 users, it will cost you $3.80 per user per month. Gliffy Diagram for Confluence has the same prices as that of JIRA.


Gliffy provides an online diagramming tool which will help you in improving visual communication and team collaboration. Gliffy allows you to draw UML diagrams, wireframes, flowcharts, and much more.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality and HTML5 editor for diagramming.
  • Ready to use templates.
  • You can easily share your creations on social media or through links.
  • Gliffy can be integrated with Atlassian.

Website: Gliffy

#10) Creately

Best for Software engineers, teachers, students, system administrators, network engineers, web designers, and UI engineers, etc.

Price: Creately is free for individual use for up to 5 public diagrams. Creately offers a Personal plan for individuals which will cost you $5 per month. Team plans are based on the team size (5 users: $25/month, 10 Users: $45/month, and 25 Users: $75/month).


Creately is an online diagram maker for desktop as well as mobiles. Mobile Apps are available for Android and iOS. Diagrams created with Creately can be exported to editable SVG files. It works Online and Offline. Creately allows you to import the Visio file directly to the Creately.


  • It is easy to create.
  • It has a huge library of shapes. It also allows you to choose the shape from the Icon Finder or Google.
  • It can automatically pick the right connector.
  • It can create complex shapes from the written text.
  • Collaboration with anyone through email.
  • Shared links can be secured using the view only or edit modes.

Website: Creately

#11) Textografo

Best for Developers, UX Designers, Business Analysts, and Product Managers.

Price: Textografo offers two pricing plans i.e. Essentials ($8 per month) and Premium ($14 per month).


Textografo is an online diagram tool and flowchart maker. Diagramming will be fast with Textografo because of its text to the diagram generator. It facilitates quick sharing of ideas.

It will allow you to embed your creation on the website or platform of your choice. It provides features like nesting of diagrams and Zoom in or Zoom out.


  • It provides text to diagram generator.
  • Team-based role highlighting.
  • It supports nesting of diagrams.
  • You can create an animation of your complete diagram.
  • It will allow you to change the colors by choosing the themes in just one click.

Website: Textografo

#12) Google Drawings

Best for creating drawings for free.

Price: Free

Google Drawings

Google Drawings is an online tool by Google for creating diagrams and charts. It can be used for organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, and for many other types of diagrams.


  • You will be able to collaborate and work together with your team in real-time.
  • Using the Chrome app, you will be able to work offline.
  • Default storage of files will be Google Drive.
  • For downloading the drawings, the tool supports JPEG, SVG, PNG, and PDF formats.

Website: Google Drawings

#13) Microsoft Visio

Best for creating professional diagrams like floor plan, engineering designs, flowcharts, and org charts.

Price: Microsoft Visio has two pricing plans i.e. Online Plan 1 ($5 per user per month) and Online Plan2 ($14.96 per user per month). Visio Professional is available for $768. Visio Standard is available for $410.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is the best flowchart software for Windows creating process flow diagrams. It is used for the creation of professional diagrams. It has three products i.e. Visio Online, Visio Standard, and Visio Professional. Visio Online will help you to work from anywhere.


  • It provides modern shapes and templates.
  • The tool will allow you to collaborate with the team.
  • Visio online will help you to work from anywhere.

Website: Microsoft Visio


We have reviewed and compared the top flowchart software in this article. Draw.io is best for working on all platforms. Lucid Chart is the best online flowchart creator because of its collaboration features and its compatibility with Microsoft Visio.

It works best for drawing simple and complex diagrams. Visme is an infographic and presentation tool that can be used by small and large organizations.

Smart Draw is useful for everyone who wants to draw a diagram. Visual Paradigm is best for Software developers. Gliffy has good collaboration features and is best for beginners. Canva is an online graphic designing tool. Creately is an online diagram maker for software engineers, network engineers, and web designers.

Textografo is a web-based flowchart maker that provides the features of team-based role highlighting and turning outlines to diagrams. Google Drawings is a free online tool for creating drawings. Cacoo is best for creating custom charts and graphs. Microsoft Visio is best for office power users.

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Hope you will find this article helpful for choosing the right flowchart maker.

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