15 BEST Virtual Events Platform Software in 2023 [TOP LIST]

Explore the best Virtual Events Platform Software through our detailed review to choose the best virtual platforms for events:

Virtual event platforms contain several features to create and promote online events. Individuals and businesses can use the software to create a digital event.

Apps used for virtual events can help in creating different types of online events, including conferences, webinars, job fairs, and more.

Here, we will review some of the best virtual platforms for events that can create engaging in-person meetings.

Let us begin!

Virtual Events Platform Software – Review

BEST Virtual Events Platform Software

Market Trends: The virtual event software market size was expected to be about $9.6 billion in 2021. The market size is projected to jump to about $24 billion by 2028, increasing at a CAGR of 12.4 percent. The following graph shows the expected increase in the virtual event software market size between 2021 and 2028.

Virtual Event Platform Market Size [2021-2028]

Virtual Event Platform Market Size

Expert Advice: Look at the built-in webcasting features of a virtual event platform. You should select an app with features such as group chat, Q&A sessions, live polls, and others that meet your requirements.

What is a Virtual Event Platform

Businesses and individuals can use a virtual event platform to create online events. The platform allows attendees to interact with each other. The attendees of the virtual event can be employees, exhibitors, sponsors, and the general public.

Virtual Event Platform Vs. Video Conferencing Tool

Virtual event platforms are used for hosting an event with a large number of participants. In contrast, video conferencing tools are used for direct communication between the participants. Both tools have similar features, such as video chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, and more.

What Types of Virtual Events Can be Hosted

You can organize almost any type of virtual event using a virtual event platform. Here are the common types of events that can be organized using virtual event software:

#1) White Label Virtual Events

White Label virtual event software allows the broadest customization for event planners and agencies to manage different aspects of an event, from registration and sponsorship to customer engagement.

Eventcube and HeySummit are examples of virtual event platforms you can use to host white-label virtual events for festivals, educational fairs, conferences, and more.

#2) Hybrid Virtual Events

Hybrid virtual events offer a combination of live in-person events with virtual and recorded components. This can be in the form of a live panel discussion or lecture on a topic by experts that is streamed to online viewers.

Examples of virtual event software that support hybrid events include Hopin and BigMarker.

#3) Live Webcast

Live webcasts involve the streaming of a particular location to the audience. The location can be anywhere, such as a company conference room, sporting event, and others. This type of virtual event does not involve any interaction between the viewers.

Livestorm and Hoppier are examples of virtual event platforms that support live webcasting features.

#4) Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are also a type of virtual event that involves the participants watching a keynote speaker. It can also involve a group of experts discussing a topic. This type of event is similar to the hybrid event, with the difference that the event is held online with no in-person component.

SpatialChat and Zoom are good examples of virtual event platforms that can be used for conducting virtual conferences.

#5) Webinar

A webinar is a type of online seminar in which the host discussed a particular topic. The webinars involve relatively small groups. The event involves real-time video communication. However, the interaction is restricted to participants submitting questions or responding to polls at the end of the session.

GoTo Webinar is the best virtual event platform for hosting webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I create a virtual event online?

Answer: You must select a virtual events platform to create an event online. Next, specify a time and then inform everyone about the event. Each event should have a moderator who should guide participants by setting an agenda and moderating the discussion.

Q #2) How much does it cost to put on a virtual event?

Answer: Hosting a virtual event depends on the number of participants in the event and the per-user cost of the event planning software. As an example, the cost of hosting an event in Eventcube with up to 5 participants is $14.98. Hosting an event with up to 100 participants will cost about $297.

Q #3) What is the best platform for virtual meetings?

Answer: The best virtual event platforms with positive reviews include Hoppier, SpatialChat, Hopin, Big Marker, and Zoom. You should read our review to find out the features and pricing of the virtual event software.

Q #4) How do virtual events make money?

Answer: You can monetize virtual events by selling online ads. You can contact reputable brands about promoting their products to the participants. In addition, you can promote and sell online merchandise to the participants.

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Q #5) How much should I charge to host an event?

Answer: You should ideally charge between 15 and 20 percent of the cost of the virtual event. The cost of attending the virtual session also depends on the demand. If there is a lot of demand for your online event, you can charge a higher amount from the participants.

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List of Top Virtual Platforms for Events

Popular and impressive online event platforms list:

  1. Livestorm
  2. Podia
  3. SocialGlow
  4. Hoppier
  5. SpatialChat
  6. Hopin
  7. BigMarker
  8. Zoom
  9. GoTo Webinar
  10. The Sketch Effect
  11. Google Meet
  12. Eventcube
  13. Splash
  14. Vimeo
  15. HeySummit
  16. Miro
  17. Hubilo

Comparison Table of Best Online Event Platforms

Tool NameBest ForPlatformPriceRatings
LivestormCreating engaging online events with integrated tools for customizing the online event experience.Windows and macOSBasic: Free
Pro: $88 per month
Business: Custom pricing
Enterprise:Custom pricing
Trial: No | Free live demo
PodiaCreating webinars and selling them onlineWeb-basedFree Forever,
Mover: $33/month,
Shaker: $75/month,
Earthquaker: $166/month
SocialGlowIntuitive Community Building ToolsWeb, Android, and iOSBasic: $49.95/month,
Plus: $99.95/month,
Premium: $299.95/month
Hoppier Team planners, event planners, field marketers, and conference organizersWindows and macOSStarts at $5 per attendee
Trial: Not available
SpatialChatCreating online workspaces for remote teams.Windows and macOSBasic: Free
Paid: $Starts at $5 per user per month
Trial: Not available
HopinCreating a scalable and flexible digital experience for online and hybrid events. Windows and macOSBasic: Free
Paid: $49.50 - $799 per month
Trial: Not available
BigMarker Creating customizable online virtual, hybrid, and webinar events. Windows, macOS, and Linux$99 to $499 per month
Trial: 7 days
Zoom Corporate video conferencing with screen sharing and other interactive elements.Windows, macOS, and LinuxBasic: Free
Paid: $149.99 - $199.99 per user per year
Trial: 30 days

Detailed reviews:

#1) Livestorm

Best for creating engaging online events with integrated tools for customizing the online event experience.

LiveStorm - Virtual Events Platform

Livestorm is a customizable online platform for creating engaging events. The app supports Q&A sessions and chats sessions. The app also provides an integrated dashboard for creating engaging online events.

You can analyze participant engagement through in-built analytics. The app’s analysis features to display the names and avatars of participants, attendance rates, and the progression of registrations and visits over time.


  • Polls and Q&A session
  • Interactive emojis
  • File sharing
  • Online chat


  • Automated notifications.
  • Integrated tools to customize events.
  • Customizable registration pages.
  • Built-in social sharing.
  • Online templates.


  • The paid version is expensive.

Verdict: Livestorm allows the creation of engaging online events. The free version of the app is limited to just 20 minutes in one session. Businesses should consider the paid version for longer sessions of online events.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $88 per month
  • Business: Custom pricing
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Trial: No | Free live demo

LiveStorm Pricing

#2) Podia

Best for Creating webinars and selling them online.


Podia is a platform we cannot recommend enough to build a website or create virtual events from scratch. You get all the tools you need to customize your digital products to your heart’s content. You can add logos, images, and background colors that complement your particular brand’s image.

The software integrates well with YouTube live and Zoom. You can create virtual events seamlessly via these platforms. The platform also takes care of payment management, SEO, etc. your customers have absolutely no problem in paying or registering for any event you host on Podia.


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Webinar and Workshop Hosting


  • Highly customizable
  • YouTube live and Zoom integration
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free Forever Plan Available


  • No priority support if you aren’t subscribed to Podia’s most expensive plan.

Verdict: With Podia, you get a platform that is not only phenomenal in helping you host virtual events but also helps you build a beautiful website from scratch. The best part is that you don’t have to know coding to build a digital product using Podia.


  • Free Forever
  • Mover: $33/month
  • Shaker: $75/month
  • Earthquaker: $166/month

#3) SocialGlow

Best for Intuitive Community Building Tools.


SocialGlow is a platform that lets you build a community and create virtual events to keep this communities engaged. The platform provides you with ready-made templates that make the process of creating events, groups, and content in just a couple of simple steps. You can also automate your event.

SocialGlow lets you plan and schedule your events on web and mobile. The platform grants you the ability to pre-schedule your content inside all your groups. What we like most about SocialGlow is the freedom it grants its users when it comes to hosting content. You’ll be able to host almost all types of events without unnecessary monitoring tactics and algorithms to stop you.


  • Store, share and manage videos
  • Reach members via push notification, SMS, and email
  • Embed videos from YouTube, Wistia, etc
  • Ready-made templates to create events


  • Zapier integration
  • Accommodates unlimited number of groups
  • Create unlimited number of Courses
  • Apple and Android App available


  • Some users may find the platform pricey

Verdict: SocialGlow is a platform I would recommend anyone who wishes to boost the engagement of their virtual events. The platform lets you lead your communities and events anyway you want with little to no restrictions.


  • Basic: $49.95/month
  • Plus: $99.95/month
  • Premium: $299.95/month

#4) Hoppier

Best for team planners, event planners, field marketers, and conference organizers.


Hoppier creates virtual lunch programs. The app allows you to send happy hour drinks, personal gifts, learning allowances, and much more. The app is supported in 60+ countries, which makes it perfect for multinational firms.

The app helps create a virtual world with lunches and drinks. It allows sending gift cards and lunch to the participants. You can also set vendor and time restrictions for the gift cards. The virtual event platform supports thousands of vendors all over the world.


  • Add participants with CSV uploads.
  • Set limitations for gifts and lunch cards.
  • Refund unused cards and vouchers.
  • Supports 1000+ vendors such as Starbucks, Dunkin, Panera Bread, Nespresso, and more.


  • Easy to set up.
  • High individual and group engagement.
  • Streamlined processing of bills.


  • Company branding cannot be saved.
  • Employee list cannot be saved.

When to use Hoppier for a Virtual Event:

  • You may want to host a virtual event with lunch for the participants.
  • You want to give gift cards to the event attendees.
  • You need a tool to easily upload participants using a CSV file.
  • You want to encourage individuals to actively participate in a virtual event.

Verdict: Hoppier is a great online event platform that is packed with useful features. We can use the app to create almost any type of virtual event with lunch and gifts for the attendees.


  • Starts at $5 per attendee
  • Trial: Not available

Website: Hoppier

#5) SpatialChat

Best for creating online workspaces for remote teams.

Spatial Chat

SpatialChat is an interactive app for creating live virtual events. The app allows you to create a customized experience with custom backgrounds. You can create virtualized sessions where users can interact with each other and share information.

You can create an immersive virtual event using the software. It supports spatial audio features with YouTube videos as background. The free version permits up to 5 users who can interact with each other without any time limit.


  • Virtual avatars
  • Add elements
  • Live presentations
  • Screen sharing
  • Custom backgrounds


  • Host a branded virtual event with customization options.
  • Create a custom user experience with iFrame.
  • Engaging user interface with unique UI/UX.
  • Interactive elements such as screen sharing, megaphone, and more.


  • Confusing login experience.
  • The tutorial is not detailed enough.

When to use SpatialChat for a Virtual Event:

  • You want virtual event software with interactive features such as a megaphone and screen sharing.
  • You need a virtual event platform with an attractive UI.
  • You want a virtual event app with a customizable background.
  • You want to promote your brand or product during the event.

Verdict: SpatialChat is an excellent virtual event platform. The app allows you to create interactive virtual sessions. We can also customize the virtual space to create a unique branded user interface.


  • Basic: Free
  • Regular Plan: $6 per seat per month
  • Custom pricing

Spatial Chat Pricing

Website: SpatialChat

#6) Hopin

Best for creating a scalable and flexible digital experience for online and hybrid events.


Hopin is a great online event platform to connect with the team for real-time video conferencing. The app has a user intuitive interface that includes side-by-side video and chat features. There is also the main video window for keynotes and a separate room for post-session activities such as Q&A, polls, and virtual exhibitions.

The software also provides training resources that allow attendees to easily get acquainted with using the virtual events platform. You can also connect with customer service staff during virtual sessions to get help in case of any issues.


  • Pre-recorded and live presentations.
  • Back-end studio broadcast with branding features.
  • Create separate virtual rooms for different activities.
  • Integration with Adobe Marketo Engage, Pardot, Zapier, and more.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Flexible hosting of events from multi-day sessions to 1-hour meetings
  • Roundtable discussions and collaborative sessions.
  • Networking options include booth chat, stage chat, and event chat.


  • Lack of live customer support.
  • Ticket sales don’t include the customer invoicing feature.

When to use Hopin for a Virtual Event:

  • You want an easy-to-use virtual event platform.
  • You want virtual event software to host long or short meetings online.
  • You need software with flexible hosting options to customize the event.
  • You want a virtual event app with collaborative and engagement features.

Verdict: Hopin is a good virtual event app with excellent networking features. The app supports organized chat, interactive virtual sessions, and engaging virtual experiences.


  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $49.50 per month
  • Growth $799 per month
  • Advanced Plans: Custom pricing
  • Trial: No

Hopin Pricing

Website: Hopin

#7) BigMarker

Best for creating customizable online virtual, hybrid, and webinar events and live social media streams.


BigMarker is a great online tool for creating professional online events. The online tool allows you to create different virtual events, such as live webinars, automated sessions, and live streaming.

A unique feature of the virtual event platform is the cloning of webinars. You can copy the webinar with the same data and settings which will save time. Another great feature is the 24-7 webinar that allows you to create online sessions that participants can join at any time.


  • Lead generation and sales features.
  • Customized templates.
  • Live studio features–Chroma keying, PDF presentation, and video playback.
  • Live stream to YouTube and Facebook.


  • High-quality video streaming.
  • Create webinar-style training.
  • Ticketing for online events.
  • Host automated webinars.
  • Intuitive user interface.


  • Confusing user interface due to lots of functionalities.
  • Third-party integration is buggy.

Verdict: BigMarker is a great app for hosting professional meetings. But the virtual events platform can seem to be confusing for first-time users.


  • Starter: $99 per month
  • Elite: $199 per month
  • Premier: $499 per month
  • White Label: Custom pricing
  • Trial: Yes | 7 days

BigMarker Pricing

Website: BigMarker

#8) Zoom

Best for corporate video conferencing with screen sharing and other interactive elements.


Zoom is an online video conferencing app that is particularly suited for businesses. The app allows remote video meetings and webinars for business employees. It supports video chat, team collaboration, and webinars.

You can use the Zoom app to create professional virtual events. The free subscription supports up to 40 minutes of the meeting. If you want longer in-person meetings, consider opting for a paid version. The platform also supports integration with Facebook for live streaming on the social media platform.


  • Meetings with up to 1000 attendees.
  • Whiteboard
  • Group messaging and file sharing.
  • Full-featured PBX (Enterprise version only).
  • Online storage of up to 5 GB.


  • Supports a large number of attendees.
  • Stream meetings on Facebook.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar.
  • Scalable for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Number of attendees limited to 1000.
  • The free version supports up to 40 minutes.

Verdict: Zoom is mainly intended for businesses. The online virtual event platform allows the hosting professionals online conferences. The app is great for small and medium-sized companies.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $149.99 per user per year
  • Business: $199.99 per user per year
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Trial: 30 days

Zoom Pricing

Website: Zoom

#9) GoTo Webinar

Best for creating online meetings and webinars for small businesses.

GoTo Webinar - Virtual Events Platform

GoTo Webinar is a great tool for online businesses to create online meetings and webinars. The app allows for creating engaging online events with polls and Q&A sessions. In addition, the app allows analysis of audience attendance and engagement.

The virtual event platform features full-service registration and automated emails. By subscribing to the virtual event platform, you can easily create and monitor online events from anywhere for up to 3000 attendees. You can also customize the registration with custom branding.


  • Detailed reporting
  • Analytics
  • Full-service registration
  • Automated emails
  • Cloud storage


  • Accept online payments with the premium version.
  • Automated email notifications save time.
  • Create engaging events with polls, Q&A sessions, and handouts.
  • VoIP and phone audio support.


  • The basic version is a bit pricier when compared to competing platforms.

Verdict: GoTo Webinar is a simple online event platform. You can create basic events with interactive online sessions.


  • Lite: $49 per event per month
  • Standard: $99 per event per month
  • Pro: $199 per event per month
  • Enterprise: $399 per event per month
  • Trial: Yes | 7 days

GoTo Pricing

Website: Goto Webinar

#10) The Sketch Effect

Best for educational institutes and marketing firms to communicate their messages in a highly visual manner for improved learning and retention.

The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect is a unique online event management app that helps in creating highly engaging online events. You can book an artist who can draw your ideas in a highly visual manner.

Using the virtual meeting app will help in making your ideas highly understandable and actionable through creative visual communication. Live sketching and animation allow for increased efficiency and retention.


  • Creative animations
  • Live animations
  • Illustrated videos
  • Graphic notes
  • Whiteboard sketches


  • Flexible services customized to individual events.
  • Engage with audiences in an interactive manner.
  • Artistic effects create a positive experience.
  • Strong visual elements result in increased comprehension and retention.


  • Lack of traditional virtual event features.

Verdict: The Sketch Effect allows you to create virtual graphic recordings for in-person and hybrid events. The app allows communication of messages from online events in highly engaging ways using animated videos, whiteboards, and more.


  • Custom pricing

Website: The Sketch Effect

#11) Google Meet

Best for creating custom and secure video meetings for businesses.

Google Meet - Virtual Events Platform

Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts) is part of the Google Workspace package. The event platform allows the creation of video meetings with attendance tracking. The online app supports security and management controls.

You can use this online app to create custom and secure online events. The Premium version supports advanced features such as in-domain live streaming, attendance tracking, and noise cancellation for high-quality events.


  • 30 GB to 5TB+ storage per user.
  • Up to 500 participants.
  • Security and management controls.
  • Custom business emails.


  • Secure online meetings,
  • Accessible on all devices,
  • Safeguard the privacy of attendees with S/MIME encryption,
  • Live stream up to 100,000 viewers,


  • Independent virtual event app not available,

Verdict: Google Meet is targeted at businesses that want to create a secure virtual event. The app supports strong encryption that will ensure complete confidentiality of shared data.


  • Business Starter: $6 per user per month
  • Business Standard: $12 per user per month
  • Business Plan: $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales
  • Trial: Yes | 14 days

Google Meet Pricing

Website: Google Meet

#12) Eventcube

Best for individuals and corporations for creating interactive online and ticketed events.

EventCube - Virtual Events Platform

Eventcube is a White Label event management app that can be used to create online and ticketing events. The app contains features that allow you to customize online events. The online app is great for hosting business, learning, and entertainment events.

You can fully customize the event to create a unique digital experience for the attendees. The virtual event platform is great for creating events of different types, including online webinars, workshops, cultural festivals, and more.


  • Ticketing and online registration.
  • Membership organization.
  • Create online and hybrid events.
  • Self-service events.
  • Live chat and polls.


  • Flexible pricing options for virtual events.
  • Monetize virtual events by selling real tickets.
  • Advanced controls for subscription management.


  • Booking charges are expensive.
  • Promotional features need improvement.

Verdict: Eventcube is a great app with lots of features. This app allows you to create custom virtual events with large attendees. Plans and packages are cost-effective for most businesses.


  • 1-250: $2.97 per attendee
  • 251-1,000: $2.48 per attendee
  • 1,001-5,000: $2.36 per attendee
  • 5,000: $1.51 per attendee

Website: Eventcube

#13) Splash

Best for individuals and small businesses that want one platform for creating in-person virtual and hybrid events.


Splash is an advanced feature-rich event management app. The basic version supports branded registration forms for registering attendees for an online event. In addition, the free version also supports mobile check-in.

You can also set up virtual events with an onsite custom badge and synchronized guest list with CRM by subscribing to the Pro or Enterprise version.


  • Access Control Features.
  • Branded registration forms.
  • Mobile check-in.
  • Manage contacts, including import and export.
  • Built-in templates.

Verdict: Splash is a great app for creating virtual online events. But the cost of the basic and advanced versions is much higher compared to most other virtual event platforms.


  • Free
  • Basic: $1167 per month
  • Pro: $1916 per year
  • Enterprise: Custom price
  • Trial: No | Free limited version available

Splash Pricing

Website: Splash

#14) Vimeo

Best for creating online events with live streaming and privacy controls.

Vimeo - Virtual Events Platform

Vimeo is a video streaming platform that can also be used for hosting virtual events. The online app allows you to create online events with unlimited screens and webcam recordings. The app also supports private team projects and customizable showcase sites. Businesses can opt for the premium version to create large events with up to 100 attendees.


  • Privacy controls
  • Unlimited webcam and screen recording
  • Player customization
  • Video creation
  • Q&A sessions, polls, and online chat

Verdict: Vimeo is both a video streaming site and an online event platform that can be used to create engaging online events. The premium version of the app supports unlimited streaming.


  • Plus: $7 per month
  • Pro: $20 per month
  • Business: $50 per month
  • Premium: $75 per month
  • Trial: Yes | 30 days

Vimeo Pricing

Website: Vimeo

#15) HeySummit

Best for small businesses and enterprises for creating online events with monetization opportunities.

HeySummit - Virtual Events Platform

HeySummit is an online event management platform that is great for small businesses and large enterprises. The starter version supports up to 250 guests. Large businesses can use a premium version that supports over 5,000 attendees. Integrate with a lot of different apps that extend the functionalities of the app.


  • Attendee Registration
  • Advanced ticketing
  • Customized branding
  • Affiliate features

Verdict: HeySummit is a great virtual event platform for small businesses and enterprises. The app is perfect for start-ups that want basic event management features and larger organizations that want full control and customization.


  • Starter: $25 per month + 7 percent HeySummit Transaction fees
  • Growth: $75 per month + 5 percent HeySummit Transaction fees
  • Success: $195 per month + 2 percent HeySummit Transaction fees
  • Trial: Yes | 14 days

HeySummit Pricing

Website: HeySummit

#16) Miro

Best for team collaboration on a digital whiteboard for virtual team collaboration.

Miro - Virtual Events Platform

Miro facilitates online communication using a whiteboard platform. The app is suitable for team collaboration. Over 35 million users, including big names such as Walmart, Cisco, Volvo, and Deloitte use it.


  • Editable boards
  • Custom templates
  • Private boards
  • Micro Smart Meetings
  • SSO access through Autho, OneLogin, and OKTA

Verdict: Miro is a scalable virtual event app that contains several features for hosting events. The premium version of the app comes with advanced security and control. It also allows automated user management that saves time in creating in-person meetings.


  • Basic: Free
  • Team: $8 per member per month
  • Business: $16 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Trial: 7-days

Miro Pricing

Website: Miro

#17) Hubilo

Best for individuals, small businesses, and corporations to create events with monetization opportunities.

Hubilo - Virtual Events Platform

Hubilo allows you to create virtual events with high client engagement. The app features Gamification tools that help you engage better with online participants. The Pro version of the app contains premium features, such as advanced branding, to promote your company.


  • Gamification for greater audience engagement.
  • Basic event ticketing, registration, and analysis.
  • Customization with white labeling.
  • Advanced Branding.

Verdict: Hubilo helps you create salable virtual events with great audience engagement tools. The software is great for individuals, small businesses, and corporates that want an event platform with core sponsorship and monetization opportunities.


  • Advanced: $650 per month
  • Pro: $1300 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom price
  • Trial: No | Free Demo

Hubilo Pricing

Website: Hubilo


HeySummit and Hubilio are great virtual event platforms for hosting events with monetization features. The best platform with Q&A features, live chat, and polls includes Vimeo and GoTo Webinar.

If you want a free virtual event platform, you should consider Hopin, LiveStorm, Zoom, Google Meet, and Miro. Marketing professionals can select BigMarker which supports automated live and evergreen webinars.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: Writing and researching the best virtual events platforms took us about 10 hours so that you can select the best one that meets your exact requirements.
  • Total Virtual Events Platform Researched: 30
  • Top Virtual Events Platform Shortlisted: 15
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