FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Review [Hands-on 2023]

An in-depth comprehensive review of FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to resolve certain issues on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV:

Like humans, technologies have troubles too. As a user, we are responsible for fixing the problems. Otherwise, the device will become useless.

Among the most widely used devices are Apple smartphones. Sadly, these devices are not free from developing issues. From getting stuck at the booting stage or developing a black-and-white screen, several problems can arise.

When these happen, it’s only natural to seek help from tech experts. However, it is not every issue that you need to spend several hundred dollars on by visiting the service center. In fact, we can resolve many iPhone issues with a single software and a few instructions.

Among the most reliable software that can perform such a task is FoneGeek iOS System Recovery.

This device resolves common and certain advanced issues on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. However, before putting your hard-earned money into the software, it’s only right to know what it can offer.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery – A Complete Review

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

To save you stress, this article reveals everything you need to know about FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. From there, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Let’s proceed!

Introducing FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

The software is designed as a system recovery tool for iOS devices. In other words, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can help you recover your Apple devices to normal when they develop faults. The professionally designed tool is compatible with all versions of iOS, including the most recent ones, such as iOS 16 and iOS 15.

Using this recovery doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. Also, you can run the entire recovery process from the comfort of your house. Additionally, the repair tool can help fix your iOS issues without losing your data.

This is possible by using the “Standard mode” available on its dashboard. Whether you have forgotten your passcode or want to reset your device, the iOS recovery system will get the job done.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Capabilities and Features

Apple devices can develop different kinds of issues. However, with FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, you stand a great chance of fixing the issue without having to travel several miles to the service center.

Below are the major categories that you can use System Recovery for:

#1) Resolve iOS Issues

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is every iPhone user’s companion to fix an array of Apple device issues. By having the iOS recovery system installed on your PC, you can fix the following troubles:

  • iPhone stuck in recovery mode
  • iPhone stuck on the Apple logo
  • A continuous restarting by iPhone devices.
  • Error with iTunes
  • Forgotten password
  • iPhone’s failure to turn on
  • iPhone stuck on spinning circle screen.
  • iPhone stuck on a white and black screen.

#2) Special Operations

With FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, you can perform special operations such as downgrading iOS. This is possible without having to land in iTunes error or jailbreaking.

If you have any difficulties completing the process, the software is supported by a responsive unit to help you get through any issues. You can also perform this special operation without losing any data on your device.

#3) Reset Apple Devices Without a Password

Whether you have forgotten your password or are using a second-hand Apple device, you can reset your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad quickly. All you need to do is install and use the software to reset your device without any need for technical knowledge.

Simply use the “Reset iDevices” mode on the software to reset your Apple device. Performing this operation doesn’t require any password. More so, the process can be completed within a few minutes. Also, all data will be saved through the iOS recovery system tool and will be restored once the reset process is complete.

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#4) Debug Your iTunes

After the release of iOS 16, several bugs became a major challenge for many users. A common case was difficulty in backing up and synchronizing the device with iTunes. If you ever encounter any such difficulties, you can resolve the problem using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery.

All you need is the “iTunes Bugs” feature on the software. Select the problem affecting your device and proceed to “Fix Now.” Within a few minutes, the issue will be resolved.

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List of Compatible Devices

Below is the list of devices you can use with the iOS recovery system:

  • iPhones 4 to iPhone 13 series: It works on all iPhone smartphones using any iOS version between 9 and 16 Hopefully, the device will become active on iOS 16 in the future.
  • All models of iPad
  • Apple TV models, including Apple TV HD and Apple TV 2nd & 3rd Gen. Note that the device doesn’t work on Apple TV 4th Gen.
  • All models of iPod

Fixing iPhone Issues With FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

The iOS recovery system features two modes, namely the Advanced mode and the Standard mode. The first step is to download FoneGeek iOS System Recovery and complete the installation on your laptop. Once the installation is successful, you can use the step-by-step guide below to use each mode.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Standard mode:

Most users utilize this mode because it covers many common issues. It is particularly useful when you know the iPhone passcode. The standard mode enables users to recover the iPhone without losing any data. Follow the guide below to use.

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Step #1: Open FoneGeek iOS System Recovery software.

Step #2: Choose the standard mode from the dashboard.

standard mode

Step #3: Connect your iPhone to the PC after unlocking it and select “Next”.

Connect your iPhone to the PC

Step #4: FoneGeek will detect your device and show the latest stable firmware version available.

Step #5: Select the “download” button or load the firmware if it’s already downloaded.

download stable firmware version

Step #6: After a successful download, press “Fix Now.”

successful download

Step #7: Continue the process by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Step #8: Once your iPhone enters recovery mode, FoneGeek will start running its operations.

Step #9: Wait for the process to complete and do not disconnect throughout the process.

Step #10: Upon a successful flashing of the software, the device will boot automatically.

Step #11: Select “Done” on the laptop.

A step-by-step guide on how to use Advanced Mode:

This mode is handy for cases when you don’t know the passcode to unlock your iPhone, or the standard mode simply couldn’t resolve the issue. However, using the advanced mode can lead to a loss of data. Hence, it is recommended to back up your data before commencing the process.

Follow the guide below:

Step #1: Open the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery and choose “Advanced mode.”

Step #2: Once the software detects your device and software version, connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step #3: Choose “Next” to proceed.

Step #4: Download the firmware or pick from the available download lists.

Step #5: The tool will remind you that the available data on our iPhone will be erased.

Step #6: To proceed, choose “Start”.

Step #7: “Success” will display on the screen once the process is complete, and your device will restart automatically.

Personal Experience

User-friendliness and functionalities matter to me when choosing software. In this regard, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery performs brilliantly.

Also, the app doesn’t require any special technological know-how to fix iPhone issues. All I had to do was to choose from the available features: Advanced mode, Standard mode, Enter/Exit Recovery option, and Reset iDevices option.

I would recommend not to use your Mac PC while performing any operation with FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. From my experience, the process failed when I tried running other programs. Hence, focus on getting your iPhone issues fixed before starting other programs on your Mac.

Every other experience was great. The software worked nicely, and I didn’t have to leave my workspace to complete the recovery process. All I had to do was to follow the instructions to resolve my iPhone issues.


Honestly, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery works perfectly and comes with impressive features. However, we would recommend that the team include support for betas.

For instance, the iOS 16 beta is already available. For adventurous users like me, it would be great to play around with the beta version and see its limitations.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery will do a great job by including beta support. The software will also be improved by supporting Apple TV 4TH gen, considering it’s the most recent generation of the Apple TV series.