Wondershare PDFelement: A Complete PDF Solution [REVIEW]

Complete review of Wondershare PDFelement latest version – a comprehensive PDF processing tool including its features & comparison with other tools:

When Wondershare PDFelement was first introduced, it quickly skyrocketed to fame due to its beautiful interface, amazingly pragmatic features, and unparalleled price.

Even after so many years, it can still go toe to toe with other giants in the department of PDF editing software such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, and many more.

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Wondershare PDFelement Review

Wondershare PDFelement has gone through a consistent phase of evolution since its inception to stay relevant in a perpetually evolving industry. Thus it comes as no surprise that PDFelement would go ahead and launch its newest version in the form of PDFelement version 8.

However, is it any good? What does it change? How does it measure up against the other competitor tools or its own previous version for that matter with regards to technical efficacy? With this list of questions simmering in the minds of anticipating users, we went ahead and took the new version for a test drive of our own.

Suffice to say, we are now armed with the perfect answers to all the above questions… and more pertaining to this new version of an already revered PDF processing tool.

To be precise, this review will focus on the latest PDFelement version to find out where it excels, and where it falls short when compared to its previous version.

We will also deep dive into its features, ponder over its price, and put it up against other PDF editing tools of similar nature to finally leave you with our overall impression of the tool. You can ultimately decide for yourself whether the tool is worth checking out or not.

So without much further ado, let’s get started!!

What Is Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement offers a complete PDF solution that enables its users to edit, create, convert, and sign PDFs in an easier manner. PDFelement today holds the exalted status of being the only all-in-one PDF solution tool, second to none other than Adobe Acrobat itself.

Perhaps it was the offering of an alternative choice to the users that could primarily explain its popularity amongst them. However, PDFelement excelled in the performance department as well. It offered a comprehensive tool that was easy to use and went on to fulfill an array of PDF processing requirements.

PDFelement Specs

Operating SystemWindows 10, XP, 8, Vista, Mac
Processor1Ghz or above
Ram512 MB or above
Hard Disk Space500 MB or above
OCR LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Cyrillic, Ukrainian, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Thai, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Croatian.
Watermark TypeText and Image
File ConversionWord (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, EPUB, RTF, TEXT, HTML, HWP and HWPX.

As already mentioned, the reason PDFelement has managed to remain popular and relevant even today is just that it wasn’t shy to persistently evolve in order to keep up with the technological advancements happening around the industry.

Bringing us to PDFelement Version 8 – Promising to be faster, cleaner, and more expansive in its offering of new features, the latest version seeks to address the issues plaguing its previous version while providing a considerably more satisfying experience to its users, i.e., both old and new.

Now that the tool is available for wide use, let’s find out how PDFelement latest version fares.

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PDFelement Version 8 Features

#1) Interface


The very first thing you notice in PDFelement’s latest version is the relatively immaculate interface that does away with the confounding clutter of its former self. The minimalistic look also avoids the use of large icons in favor of smaller icons to make the interface look more visually appealing.

You can easily alternate between its various features from the home page alone. The interface doesn’t assault its users with multiple-step navigation systems as everything you will ever need to process your PDF files is right in front of your sight, and can be accessed with just one click.

In simple terms, PDFelement delivers a phenomenally convenient interface that lays out all of its functions such as PDF conversion, optimization, or Batch processing in one horizontal row for convenient access. This is by far the tool’s biggest improvement in our humble opinion.

#2) PDF Editing via OCR

PDFelement has put a lot of work into making the entire process of PDF editing much easier than it has been in the past. With the help of simple instructive symbols, PDFelement arms its users with the ability to edit their PDF files without a hassle. Also, you can use “swith” to choose the edit or read module.

PDF Editing via OCR

To edit a file, you just have to simply upload a PDF file by clicking the plus sign on the upper left-hand side of its interface. You can then proceed to perform a number of functions to edit a PDF file at your convenience.

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The tool allows the users to conveniently add, remove or rectify text on the scanned file, add comments, highlight or strikeout text in the document, add symbols, and images, and even add stamps or signatures without having to bat an eyelid.

Windershare Elements - add symbols

It becomes easier to scan files in PDFelement due to its near impeccable optical character recognition feature, which makes the content of any scanned PDF document instantly searchable and editable. Moreover, the system can identify and edit content in 22 different languages.


#3) Combine PDF

Another task that PDFelement performs spectacularly well is the function of combining PDF. The tool offers a simple two-step procedure to merge and reorganize pages of multiple PDF files in a matter of seconds.

To combine PDFs, follow the below simple procedure:

  • Click on the combine PDF function available on the PDFelement’s home page.

Combine PDF

  • You will find yourself on a page that requests you to upload or drag and drop files you would like to merge.

upload or drag and drop files

  • Once you’ve selected the files you would like to merge, simply select the destination address on your device to receive the final input and click apply.
  • Your process file will be saved and ready for use in your desired folder.

#4) Convert PDF

Convert PDF

PDFelement also proves to be pretty great when it comes to filing conversion. With the help of its simple conversion function, you can convert and transform your file into multiple different formats. You can convert your files into images, MS docs, MS Excel, MS PPT, HTML, XML, Epub, and many other formats.

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Simply follow the below procedure to convert a file via PDFelement:

  1. Click on the convert PDF option available on the system’s home page.
  2. Select the file you want to convert.
  3. Choose the format output you want it to get converted in and click Save.
  4. Your desired format will be saved on your device.

#5) Optimize PDF

We must admit that optimizing a PDF file on PDFelement was simply a thing of joy. It was remarkably easy and manifold faster than we had originally anticipated. PDFelement offers users 3 options to optimize their PDF files, depending on whether they want to increase or decrease the size of a file.

Those options are as follows:

  1. High: This offers low compression but maintains the higher quality of a file.
  2. Medium: This offers medium compression and medium quality file optimization.
  3. Low: This offers higher compression but lowers the quality of a file.

Optimize PDF

The process of file optimization is also fairly simple. You simply upload the file you would like to optimize, select one of the three options, and click apply. Your file will be optimized according to your preference.

#6) Batch Processing

batch processing

PDFelement also delivers in spades – thanks to its robust Batch file processing feature that really simplifies the entire process of PDF editing, conversion, or compression.

To undertake batch processing you are simply required to opt for the Batch PDF option on PDFelement’s home page and choose any number of files you would like to process with no limits.

Once selected, you can simply opt to perform any function you desire, which includes batch conversion, batch compression, the addition or removal of watermarks, Data extraction, and much more. The speed at which we were able to convert multiple PDF files into MS word documents was also pretty impressive.

For the purpose of context, we decided to convert 6 PDF files into word documents with the help of PDFelement’s batch processing feature. We were able to convert the files without any loss in quality within 10 seconds!

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#7) Additional Features



No other tool goes so far as PDFelement does to help you keep your files secure. It offers you an option to create and set passwords to secure your files. It also provides you with the option to redact particular segments of the page in order to keep certain information on a page confidential.

Dropbox Integration

PDFelement users can now integrate their Dropbox accounts with PDFelement to upload their files online securely. This allows you to get access to your files anytime, from anywhere, and with any device, you are operating.


In a bid to satisfy its old customer base while also catering to novice users, PDFelement has made no changes in its price offering, which is still reasonably affordable despite undergoing many improvements with its recent upgrade.

The tool offers its popular pro version for a yearly price of $79/year, and a perpetual license for the same at a one-time fee of $129.

The alternate standard version can be availed for a yearly price of $59/year and a perpetual license for the same after paying a one-time fee of $69/year.

The differences between the two versions are listed below:

Optimize DocumentsYesNo
Create and Edit Form FieldsYesNo
Extract DataYesNo
Bates NumberingYesNo
Convert PDF FilesYesYes
Fill Out PDF FormsYesYes
Secure PDF FilesYesYes
Edit Text and ImagesYesYes
Add commentsYesYes
Export PDF’s to Word, Excel and PPTYesYes
PriceYearly price of $79/year,
one-time fee of $129.
Yearly price of $59/year,
one-time fee of $69/year.

Merits And Demerits

Pros Cons
Considerably Faster boot, and file processing.Latest version only available for Windows operating system as of now.
Cleaner and comprehensive User Interface.
Robust Editing of Files.
Remarkable Optical character recognition for scanned files.
Unlimited batch processing.
Detects files in 22 different languages.
Relatively more affordable than competitor tools.

Comparing PDFelement With Other Tools

For the sake of this review, we decided to compare PDFelement with other tools of its nature pertaining to a variety of fundamental factors.

NameOperating SystemMobile ApplicationCustomer SupportBest FeaturesPrice
PDFelement 8WindowsAvailable on iOS and AndroidOnline Support· Edit PDF
· PDF Compression
· PDF Conversion
· Annotation
· PDF Sign
· Remove and Add Watermark
· Encryption
Starting $59/year
Adobe ReaderWeb based and WindowsNot Available24/7 Live chat and phone support· Edit PDF
· PDF Compression
· PDF Conversion
· Annotation
· PDF Sign
Starting $9/month
NitroWeb based and WindowsNot AvailableOnline Support· Edit PDF
· PDF Compression
· PDF Conversion
· Annotation
· Merge PDF
· PDF Sign
· Encryption
Starting $19/month

#1) PDFelement VS Adobe Acrobat

In Hindsight, PDFelement provides the same number of robust features that Adobe Acrobat offers in its software.

However, PDFelement possesses a far more comprehensive user interface than Adobe, which in turn makes it easier to learn and adapt quickly. It is also relatively easier to extract data or create fillable PDF forms with PDFelement.

Although users can experience seldom crashes while using PDFelement, those situations have become rare with the latest version. An area where PDFelement truly excels is in its pricing department.

With a one-time fee for a lifelong license to use the tool, PDFelement is far more flexible and affordable than Adobe Acrobat.

#2) PDFelement VS Nitro

PDFelement objectively beats Nitro when it comes to a more robust and comprehensive interface. Although the features offered by both the tools are quite similar, PDFelement beats Nitro with regard to the speed with which it caters to its users.

As we mentioned, we were able to convert 6 PDF files into word documents within 10 seconds, a feat Nitro struggled to beat. Once again, PDFelement is far more flexible and affordable as it provides an option to go for a lifelong license to use the tool with a reasonable one-time fee.

Nitro, on the other hand, thus provides a free version of its software with limited features; whereas more features can be accessed by availing of its basic premium version at a monthly proof of $19.

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PDFelement Version 8 is a phenomenal improvement over its predecessors. It is considerably faster in both its boot and file processing speed while providing one of the most comprehensive user experiences when it comes to PDF processing tools.

With a cleaner interface, tighter encryption, robust new features, and a lighter tool, PDFelement 8 is better in almost every respect. It is definitely worth buying for users who prefer an immaculate easy-to-use software that meets all of their crucial PDF processing requirements at an unparalleled one-time fee.

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Are you ready to give it a try?

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