Top 7 CD Ripping Software [Best CD Ripper For 2021]

In-depth review and comparison of the top CD Ripping Software available. Select the best commercial or free CD Ripper from this list:

Do you know what does the term “CD Ripper” exactly means?

CD ripper is the software that extracts raw digital audio from Compact Disc Digital Audio tracks located on the compact disk to standard computer files such as WAV, MP3, etc. CD ripper is also known as Digital Audio Extraction [DAE].


CD Ripping Software

The CD ripper runs in your devices to rip out the digital audio tracks directly from the audio CDs to MP3 or WAV audio files. CD Ripping software is easily available in the market. The users can try the free version of the CD Ripper before purchasing the premium version of the software.

Do you know that CD ripping is legal if you have purchased the original disc and you keep in mind that you don’t share the ripped audio tracks with other people? If your device doesn’t support the tracks, then you can convert the sound record to an upheld design.

In this tutorial, we will discuss a list of the best CD Ripper software and see which one you should select and why?

Fact Check: The below graph shows the consumption of CDS and revenues when compared to other music formats earned by the United States from 2003 to 2013 due to its increased sound quality.

Stats on consumption of CDS and revenues

[image source]

Pro Tip: The selection of a free CD ripping software depends upon the audio quality while extracting from the Compact Disc Digital Audio tracks to the standard audio files such as WAV, MP3, etc. Make sure that the premium version of the ripping software is capable of converting into multiple formats that include MP4, FLV, AVI, HEVC, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do you rip a CD?

Answer: To rip a CD, insert the disc into your system, launch the CD ripper software, select the soundtracks you need to rip and select where you need to save them on your hard drive.

Q #2) What is the best quality to rip CD?

Answer: To get the best quality while ripping CDs, go with FLAC, WAV, or RAW sound formats. In case your audio CD ripper doesn’t uphold these formats, then you can utilize lossless audio converters for Windows.

Q #3) Is Window Player good for ripping a CD?

Answer: For the users of Windows, Window Media Player is a convenient method to rip your CD collection to your Hard Drive.

Q #4) Can I get original content after ripping CDs audio to MP3?

Answer: After ripping CD’s audio to MP3, you cannot restore the original content.

Q #5) How to rip a CD to FLAC in Windows 10?

Answer: You can rip a CD to FLAC in Windows 10 by utilizing one of the sound CD ripper software devices. You may need to download an extra codec to add FLAC support.

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List Of The Top CD Ripping Software

Here is the list of most popular CD Rippers:

  2. dBpoweramp CD Ripper
  3. Free RIP
  4. Exact Audio Copy
  5. Audio Grabber
  6. Foobar2000
  7. FairStars CD Ripper

Comparison Of The BEST CD Ripper Tools

Given below is a brief comparison of some of the best CD ripper software available in the market.

NameOperating SystemPriceFREE Download
NCH.comWorks best for Windows.Free SoftwareAvailable
dBpoweramp CD RipperWorks best for Windows 10,8.1,7, Vista OSX Yosemite [Apple M1 included].License for a single PC costs $39.Free trial available for 21 days.
Free RIPWorks best for Windows 7,8,10, Vista, and XP.Free.
RIP basic has a free trial and PRO version is available for $4.99.
Exact Audio CopyWorks best for Windows.Free SoftwareAvailable
Audio GrabberWorks best for Windows.Free trial available.
CD Audio Grabber pro costs $9.90

Let us review each CD Ripper in detail:


Best for Extracting digital audio tracks directly from CDs to MP3 or WAV. It is the fastest ripper in the world using various optimizing systems.

This CD ripper software is one of the stable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use software. The software maintains pure audio quality while converting CD audios directly to MP3 or WAV.


  • The perfect quality of sound is maintained during the ripping process.
  • Extracts audios directly from CDs to MP3 or WAV.
  • Keeps complete control over MP3 encoding. Adjust volumes of audios when ripped from CDs.
  • Extract CDs audios to various formats such as WMA, AAC, AIFF, and many more.
  • It saves track information/tags to MP3 files such as title, artist, album, and custom metadata information.
  • Extracts digital audio CDs to your hard drive and keeps your music collection organized.

Verdict: As per the customer review, this software is best for ripping audio from CDs directly and has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Price: This is the free cd ripping software available for its users.


#2) dBpoweramp CD Ripper

Best for Fast ripping and meets all the needs of professionals, which the ripping tools should provide them.

dBpoweramp CD ripper

It is one of the fast CD ripper software that has ripped over 100 million CDs over the years.


  • It extracts CDs audio securely and safely. For the last 10 years of the period, CD ripper has ripped 80 million CDs.
  • It rips CDs at a very high speed.
  • It is free from spyware and malware viruses.
  • It normalizes the audio volume when ripped.
  • It provides rich names and high-resolution artwork to the album’s track.

Verdict: As per the customer review, this tool has a simple interface that helps in the process of ripping CDs audio directly to standard MP3 or WAV files.

Price: Free trial is available for 21 days. The license for a single PC costs $39.

WebsitedBpoweramp CD Ripper

#3) Free RIP

Best for Converting MP3 audio files to WAV format.

Free RIP

RIP reads audio from your CDs and allows its users to save it on their computer in a variety of digital formats such as WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC audio files. You can simply put your audio CD into your computer CDs drive and then run this Free RIP software and press on the Rip button.


  • It extracts CDs audio directly to more than one format such as WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and many more.
  • It rips various tracks to a single audio file.
  • You can easily save artwork to all your MP3 files.
  • With its new feature named CD burner, you can carry music from your computer to your car or at work in the form of CDs audio.
  • The Free RIP software provides you significant information about CDs audio tracks.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this software is best for converting audio into various formats.

Price: Free download available for the software. Free RIP basic is a free trial and PRO is for $4.99 for a lifetime PRO version.

Website: Free RIP

#4) Exact Audio Copy

Best for Extracting CDs audios to the standard CD and DVD-ROM drives.

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy is the free CD ripper that operates on Microsoft Windows. It has a simple interface and handles all CDs’ imperfections with ease.


  • It uses technology that reads with CDs audios perfectly.
  • Exact Audio Copy solves all the problems with the use of technology such as multi-reading with Verify and Accurate Rip.
  • It detects errors accurately.
  • Exact Audio Copy rips all the file formats such as WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • The software helps its users to organize music collection easily.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool has a simple interface and it is easy-to-use software.
Price: The software is free for its users.

Website: Exact Audio Copy

#5) Audio Grabber

Best for Extracting digital audio directly from CDs.

Audio Grabber

Audio Grabber is one of the best free CD ripper software that normalizes the audio volume of the tracks. The best part of this CD ripper tool is that it cuts down the silence from the starting and end of the track. It operates best on Windows.


  • Easy and simple interface.
  • Flexible and easy to understand.
  • Works with all CD-ROM drives and reads digital audio accurately.
  • Good software with all descriptions and settings.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool is easy to install and supports numerous file formats.
Price: This CD ripper is free for its users. However, CD Audio Grabber pro costs $9.90.

Website: Audio Grabber

#6) Foobar2000

Best for – It is a freeware audio player that operates best on the Windows platform.


Foobar2000 is a convenient and flexible media player that can be customized to meet the needs of the professional.


  • Supports all file formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc.
  • Simple user interface.
  • It has a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • It supports ripping CDs audio and transcodes all audio formats using Converter Component.
  • It is trusted by 30 million people and allows easy conversion between audio formats.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this tool handles content with ease and has multiple options for customization.

Price: It is free for its users.

Website: Foobar2000

#7) FairStars CD ripper

Best for – Powerful CD Ripper that rips CDs audio to all file formats.

FairStars CD ripper

FairStars CD Ripper is the powerful ripping tool that rips CDs audio to all file formats and supports normalization during ripping.


  • It supports the audio volume of the tracks during the ripping process.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • It supports multiple CD/DVD Drives.
  • It supports Audio Playback Control Function.
  • It supports ID3 Tags.

Verdict: As per the customer reviews, this is an excellent tool that rips audio from a music CD in various formats.

Price: This is free for its users.

Website: FairStars CD Ripper


We have reviewed the top CD Ripper software.

You can use which is also known as Express CD rip software to rip digital audio tracks from CDs directly to standard WAV, MP3, AIFF, and various other file formats. This is the best free cd ripper software and extracts audio fastly from the CDs and helps its users to organize their music collections.

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But if you want to spend some amount and avail the best services, then you should go for dBpoweramp CD ripper that provides advanced technology such as AccurateRip, Encoders, Multi-Encoder, MetaData, etc.

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