Top 15 Best Domain Registrar In 2023 [Review And Comparison]

This tutorial reviews and compares the top Domain Registrars to help you select the best domain registrar to buy the domain name you need:

If you own a business, you need to advertise it and promote it in order to make your business grow. In this era of modernization, capitalization, and digitalization, you need to have your own website so that you can make your products easily accessible to the common people with ease.

In order to have a website, you need a registered name for your website. This name, which denotes the address of your website, is called a Domain name. A user can access your website easily by typing the address (Domain name) of your website in the search URL bar.

Domain Name Registrars

Top Domain Registrars

There are several Domain Registrars in the market today, who can get the Domain name registered in the name of the owner of that particular business website. These Domain registrars charge you some price for their service.

All the Domain registrars work in accordance with the rules and regulations being set up by the Registry of that particular country. They have to pay some amount of money to the registry, in order to get a Domain name that they then provide to an end-user.

Services provided by Domain Registrars include Domain name registration, hosting services, website building tools, professional email, etc.

In this article, we will enlist the top 15 best Domain Registrars, compare them and study them in detail so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

Pro-Tip: It needs to be kept in mind while buying a domain name that some Domain Registrars offer domains at surprisingly low prices. But you should not get carried away with that, due to the fact that their renewal charges may be very high and you might then worry about transferring your domain to a new host. Apart from high renewal charges, they can impose ads on your website, these ads can be of your rivals too. Remember, these are tactics to extract money from your pocket. So beware.

Facts Check: According to Hostsorter, the most commonly used top-level domain is .com, followed by .tk, .net, and so on.

domain restrar stats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a domain registrar?

Answer: It is a service provider that serves you by registering and managing your website Domain name for you in exchange for some subscription charges. Some companies provide it for free as well.

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Q #2) What is the best domain name registrar?

Answer: The best domain name registrar is the one that provides affordable services with the most number of features. You should always look for the one which provides security to your website.

The overall best Domain Registrars are Bluehost, Namecheap, Google Domains,, GoDaddy, and DreamHost.

Q #3) Is the registrar the owner of the domain?

Answer: No, the registrar is merely a Domain name provider, who gets the Domain names from the Registry of that particular country. The Registry is the owner of Domain names and is in charge of setting the prices and rules and regulations to be followed by the Registrars. The registrar, in turn, provides the authority of the Domain name to the buyer.

Q #4) Which is the cheapest domain registrar?

Answer: Namecheap, DreamHost, Hostinger, and NameSilo offer Domain registration at comparatively low prices.

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List of the Best Domain Registrar

Here is the list of popular Domain Registrars to buy a domain name:

  1. ZenBusiness
  2. Fozzy
  3. HostArmada
  5. Bluehost
  6. Cloudflare Registrar
  7. Namecheap
  8. Google Domains
  9. Hover
  10. GoDaddy
  11. HostGator
  13. DreamHost
  14. NameSilo
  15. Hostinger
  16. HostPapa
  17. Dynadot

Comparing Top Domain registrars

Tool NameBest forPrices (Most popular TLDs) Benefits
ZenBusinessQuick and Simple Business Domain Registration$25/yearAdd email address and business websites to the registered domain.
FozzyQuick Domain - $11.5 annual fee.
.org - $12.7 in annual fee
• Quick Domain Registration
• Easy website building
HostArmadaDomain Management $11.99 per year
.net: $16.43 per year
• 24/7 support
• Domain notification
• Renewal on the same initial price
Domain.comEasy domain registration $9.99 per year
.net: $12.99 per year
• Website building tools
• Helps increase your audience
BluehostWide variety of $12.99 per year
.net: $14.99 per year
.org: $9.99 per year
• Website and online store building tools
• Plenty of features for large enterprises
Cloudflare registrarBulk buying domain namescom: $8.03 per year
.net: $9.95 per year
.org: $10.11 per year
• A suitable plan for any business size
• Wholesale pricing
• Beneficial for resellers
NamecheapAffordable domain $6.48 per year
.net: $9.98 per year
• Cheap pricing
• 99.99% uptime
• Visual Suite to build a beautiful website
Google DomainsFree website development $12 per year
.org: $12 per year
.net: $12 per year
• Free website building and hosting tools
• 300+ Top-Level Domains to choose from

Let us review the above registrars to buy a domain name below.

#1) ZenBusiness

Best for Quick and Simple Business Domain Registration.

ZenBusiness Logo

ZenBusiness allows you to register for a unique domain name. You can then use this domain name to get a business website and email address from the platform as well. You’ll find domain names available as .com, .org, .net, etc. After choosing your desired name, ZenBusiness’s team will register the domain on your behalf.


  • Helps you look for unique domain names
  • Helps you select domain names available in .com, .org, .net
  • Assists with the entire registration process
  • Assists with the set-up of the business website and email address.

Verdict: ZenBusiness is a platform committed to helping people set up, run, and grow their businesses. Everything from business planning and financing to domain registration and creating a website from scratch, ZenBusiness will do everything you need to launch a successful business.

Price: $25/year

#2) Fozzy

Best for Quick Domain Registration


Fozzy makes it easier for you to get a new name for your website. At a very reasonable price, Fozzy allows you to use your own existing domain name and transfer your domain name. The domain registered through Fozzy are delegated to their DNS servers automatically.


  • Domain Transfer
  • WordPress, Windows, and Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • DDoS Protection

Verdict: Fozzy helps you register your domain name or transfer your existing domain in a few quick and easy steps. You are guided along the way so there is no chance of confusion during the registration process. Plus, you can opt for Fozzy’s services for hosting, website building, and more.


  • .Com – $11.5 annual fee.
  • .ORG – $12.7 in annual fee

#3) HostArmada

Best for Domain Management Dashboard.


HostArmada offers you a massive number of domain extensions. This basically means that you have a lot of options to get a personalized domain name registration. You get both regular and premium domain extensions. The automated notification system keeps you up-to-speed on your domain’s expiration so you can renew it immediately.


  • DNS Management
  • Domain Management panel
  • Subdomains management
  • Domain Forwarding

Verdict: With HostArmada, you get both basic and premium domain names for competitive prices. You also get an easy to use domain management panel. You’ll be able to easily create, edit, and delete DNS records and even forward domain name to another URL conveniently with HostArmada.


  • .Com – $11.99
  • .Net – $16.43


Best for easy domain registration experience. is one of the best domain name registrar, which lets you buy domain names, provides web hosting services, and website building and designing tools with SSL certification for the security of your website.


  • Lets you buy a domain name with the top-level domains you desire, at prices starting from as low as $2.99 per year
  • Designing tools to build a beautiful site
  • Tools to improve business efficiency, for example, Invoicing, Listings, and MileIQ
  • Gives free SSL certification for the security of your website and marketing facilities that increase the visibility of your website.

Verdict: is highly recommended by its users, having almost 100% uptime and ease of use. Some users complain about higher prices as compared to their counterparts and not-so-good customer service.


  • .com: $9.99 per year
  • .net: $12.99 per year

Website hosting plans are: pricing


#5) Bluehost

Best for large businesses with plenty of requirements.


Bluehost is a domain name registrar which offers you multiple solutions ranging from website and domain hosting to buying domains and WordPress management.


  • Lets you redirect your visitors to wherever you want.
  • WordPress hosting and management services, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and more so that you can build your website the way you desire.
  • You can buy the domain name you want with your desired top-level domain extension.
  • Efficient WooCommerce tools to build your online store, prices starting at $12.95 per month.
  • Hosting plans that offer up to 16 GB RAM and 15 TB bandwidth.

Verdict: Bluehost provides a 24/7 customer service, which is highly appreciated by the users, provides free SSL certification with all its price plans, but lacks cloud hosting, which is a major drawback when its counterparts are offering the same.


  • .com: $12.99 per year
  • .net: $14.99 per year
  • .org: $9.99 per year

Prices for Shared hosting are:

Bluehost pricing

Website: Bluehost

#6) Cloudflare Registrar

Best for bulk buying domain names

Cloudflare Registrar

Cloudflare registrar provides you with registered domain names, which are secure, at reasonable prices with no hidden fees. There is a free version that offers SSL certification, Globally load-balanced CDN, and much more.


  • Provides you with registered domain names while making available for you hundreds of top-level domain names
  • Inbuilt DNS, CDN, and SSL services
  • Supports multiple users and lets you transfer bulk domains
  • Offers up to 100% uptime and Argo technology, which ensures quick, secure, and reliable responses to your users.

Verdict: The biggest plus point of Cloudflare registrar is that it offers domain registration at wholesale prices to the buyers, which makes it highly recommendable.

Price: Web hosting plans priced at $20 per month, $200 per month, or contact directly for the higher plan. (There is a free version too).

Cloudflare Registrar pricing

Website: Cloudflare Registrar

#7) Namecheap

Best for affordable domain names.


Namecheap is a domain registrar, which manages 11 million-plus domains, has more than 3 million clients, and offers domain names at affordable prices. Features offered by Namecheap include professional emails, CDN service, and more, apart from domain registration.


  • Domain registration and transfer facilities, with the availability of several domain extensions.
  • Email plans offer to connect your email to your domain name so that you can send professional emails to your customers.
  • Improve your business performance with the help of CDN and Visual Suite to help you design a beautiful web page
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee and SSL certification for security of your personal information

Verdict: Namecheap offers affordable domain names and several other features that can be very useful in site-building, due to which, this domain registrar is opted by 3 million-plus users and is highly recommended.


  • .com: $6.48 per year
  • .net: $9.98 per year

Namecheap pricing

Website: Namecheap

#8) Google Domains

Best for free website development tools.

Google Domains

Google Domains is a trusted and reliable name in the industry of Internet service providers. They offer Domain names with 300+ extensions available, provide professional email accounts, website designing tools, and much more.


  • Google ads offer you to grab more visitors to your website.
  • Provides you with professional email accounts and up to 100 aliases which include your domain name.
  • Lets you find the perfect domain name with 300+ top-level domains.
  • Website designing and hosting tools available free of cost.

Verdict: Google domains is a big name in the list of best Domain Registrars. It is trusted and reliable and offers affordable prices. But it has been found that its counterparts are still offering the same services at cheaper prices.

Price: Prices for the most popular domain extensions are as follows:

Google Domains pricing

[image source]

Website: Google Domains

#9) Hover

Best for bulk buying domains.


When you think of where to buy domain names, Hover can be the answer. Hover is a Domain registrar which offers you a number of nice domain names based on your ideas. You can also transfer your existing domains to this registrar with easy steps.


  • Two-factor authentication and WHOIS privacy are among the safety features
  • A number of domain names for developers, startup businesses, etc
  • Build a website for selling your products, with the efficient tools available
  • Provides you professional email accounts with your domain name

Verdict: Hover provides low renewal charges as compared to its counterparts, free WHOIS privacy, which is very essential to keep your personal information safe. Due to these reasons, Hover is highly recommendable.


Hover pricing

* Professional email services start at $5 per year

Website: Hover

#10) GoDaddy

Best for buying domains, bulk registration, and transfer of domains.


GoDaddy is perhaps the most famous name in the industry of Domain registrars. It offers its users features like buy domain name and transfer, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 customer support, professional email, and more.


  • Website building tools that help to create just the perfect website to make your business grow
  • 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support service
  • Domain as well as WordPress hosting features
  • Professional email account linked to your domain name
  • SSL certification to give you more security

Verdict: The shared hosting plans offered by GoDaddy are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. They manage over 80 million domains. No doubt, their service is outstanding.

Price: Prices for the most popular top-level domains (TLDs) are:

GoDaddy pricing

Website: GoDaddy

#11) HostGator

Best for shared hosting plans


HostGator is a domain registration platform that offers features ranging from Domain registration and transfers to various hosting plans and website building tools.


  • Hosting plans, which include free features which are, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, domain registration, SSL certificate, and integration with other platforms
  • Offers easy-to-use features to build a beautiful website in minutes
  • Get a free domain name for the first year with any hosting plan.
  • Get pre-installed WordPress in your hosting account, time to time backups, and simple to use control panel.

Verdict: The biggest plus point of HostGator is that it offers a free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth as well as storage, even with its most basic hosting plan. On the other hand, charges for other basic features like backups and Gmail. But it is recommendable in the end.


HostGator pricing

*Hosting plans start at $2.75 per month.

Website: HostGator


Best for website building tools and bulk domain registration. is a domain registrar which provides you hosting services, SSL certificate for security, Google Workspace, website building tools, bulk domain buying services, and more.


  • Bulk Domain registration, transfer at affordable prices.
  • Cloud hosting services, that offer 25 GB to 320GB SSD storage, 1000GB to 6TB transfer, and more.
  • Web hosting plans which offer free SSL certification, unlimited email accounts.
  • WordPress hosting plans with unlimited storage, bandwidth, daily backups, and more.
  • Website building tools made for websites of all sizes, with free SSL certificate, 250MB to unlimited storage, and more.

Verdict: Users of this Domain registrar applaud the service provider for its affordable prices and easy process of buying the domains. Some of the users complain about poor customer service and not-so-good hosting services.


  • .com: $9.99 per year
  • transfer: $8.25 per year pricing


#13) DreamHost

Best for affordable domains.


DreamHost is undoubtedly an affordable domain provider, which provides features including 400+ top-level domains, WHOIS privacy to protect your personal information, WordPress hosting, website building features, and more.


  • Provides 400+ top-level domains to choose from.
  • WHOIS privacy, unlimited sub-domains with Shared, VPS, Dedicated hosting.
  • Domain consolidation under one account, when you transfer them to DreamHost.
  • WordPress hosting services with daily backups, custom caching, and more.
  • Hosting plans that allow unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, give a free Domain, and more.

Verdict: DreamHost provides plenty of features at basic prices, good customer service, and a free domain for one year with each hosting plan. The positive reviews stated by the users are a clear indication that the product is highly recommended.


DreamHost pricing

*Hosting plans start at $2.95 per month

Website: DreamHost

#14) NameSilo

Best for cheap domains with a smooth working interface.

NameSilo is an affordable Domain Name Registrar, which offers domains at prices lower than its competitors. The features offered by NameSilo include web hosting, professional email, SSL certification, and more.


  • Provides you the facility to buy domains or transfer them, you can also resell your domain on NameSilo Marketplace.
  • When you buy a domain, you get free features, including WHOIS privacy, DNS management tools, and more.
  • Web hosting facilities that provide email and website building tools for free.
  • SSL certification and guaranteed 99.99% uptime.
  • Business email plan which offers unlimited cloud storage, video and voice conferencing, and more.

Verdict: As per the users of NameSilo, they find this Domain registrar to be cheaper than others, and is easy to use. But the customer service is stated to be not up to the mark.

Price: Domains pricing (most popular):-

  • .com: $8.99 per year
  • .net: $11.79 per year
  • .shop: $2.19 per year

Website: NameSilo

#15) Hostinger

Best for one platform for all your website building requirements.

Hosting is a big platform that provides services needed for your website. Almost all your worries related to your website come to an end when you opt for Hostinger, as it offers you feature ranging from buying domains to creating your online store.


  • Create an online store with quick and easy steps
  • Templates to help you build your own website, with unlimited bandwidth and storage facility, artificial intelligence tools, and SSL certification.
  • Buy or transfer the most popular domains.
  • WordPress hosting plans with 30 days money-back guarantee, 30GB to 200GB SSD storage, and more.

Verdict: Hostinger is a highly trusted and recommended domain service provider, which is clearly stated by its users.

Price: Domains pricing (most popular):

  • .com: $8.99 per year
  • .live: $3.50 per year
  • .xyz: $0.99 per year

Website: Hostinger

#16) HostPapa

Best for smart web solutions for small businesses.

HostPapa is a web services provider which offers you features ranging from shared, VPS, WordPress hosting to buying transferring domains and building the website, either yourself, using the pre-built templates, or with the help of experts at HostPapa.


  • Lets you send emails through a professional email account, linked to your domain name.
  • Buy from a variety of domain names or transfer a domain name to HostPapa.
  • Mobile-friendly templates which help you build your website in just a few minutes.
  • Web hosting services that feature good loading speed, free SSL certification, and high performing servers and WordPress installation done with a single click.

Verdict: HostPapa offers cheap plans which can be easily availed by small business owners. But the users claim that the renewal charges for the plans are quite high, the customer support is nice.

Price: Domains pricing (most popular):-

  • .online: $4.99 per year
  • .cloud: $8.99 per year
  • .xyz: $1.99 per year

Website: HostPapa

#17) Dynadot

Best for bulk buying domains.

Dynadot is basically a Domain registrar which allows you to buy your desired domains. You can buy or sell your domains at the domain marketplace, there is a free website building plan which can be upgraded to paid plans, as per your needs.


  • Buy domains at bulk prices, which are much lower than the counterparts, plus get WHOIS privacy to protect your personal information.
  • Website building plans which offer SEO tools, mobile responsive website and more.
  • VPS hosting with 99.9% uptime, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB Disk space, and 1 TB bandwidth.
  • Email hosting features that provide you unlimited email accounts having your domain name, 3 GB bandwidth, and 30 MB disk space.
  • SSL certification with 256-bit encryption.

Verdict: Dynadot can be a good platform for bulk buying of domains, its transparent and affordable pricing is a good thing. It also offers a free website builder which can be upgraded when needed.

Price: Domains (most popular):

  • .live priced at $2.85
  • .biz at $1.99
  • .com at $6.99 per year
  • .net at $5.99 per year, etc

Website: Dynadot


Best for domain reselling experience. is a platform for buying or selling of domains, email or SSL certificate. This domain registrar has more than 6.5 million clients across 150+ countries around the globe.


  • Offers you to buy or sell domains, provides web hosting and email hosting services
  • Professional email features with SSL certification
  • Choose from top-level domains based on your industry type, for example, .app, .art, .online, etc; most popular TLDs like .com, .in, etc
  • Resell domains, email, or SSL through

Verdict: Users of this Domain registrar complain about poor customer service, and a lot more hurdles while dealing with the domains. Most of the customers are saying NO to opt for this reseller.

Price: Domains pricing (most popular):

  • .com: $13.50 per year
  • .net: $17 per year
  • .me: $23 per year



On the basis of our detailed study and comparison of the best domain registrar, we can now conclude that the overall best Domain Registrars are Bluehost, Namecheap, Google Domains,, GoDaddy, and DreamHost. If you want to buy domains in bulk, you should opt for Cloudflare Registrar, Hover,, or Dynadot.

Namecheap, DreamHost, Hostinger, and NameSilo offer Domain registration at comparatively low prices, which is a plus point, but the renewal charges can be high. gives a smooth web experience.

Suggested reading =>> Bluehost Vs GoDaddy: which one is better? is suitable for resellers, HostPapa provides smart web solutions for small businesses. HostGator is known for its services like SSL certification and unlimited storage and bandwidth, absolutely free even with its most basic hosting plan.

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