How to Block Text Messages: Stop Spam Texts Android & iOS

Are you worried about blocking spam messages on your Android phone? This tutorial explains methods for How to Block Text Messages:

SMS is hardly ever used anymore for communication. Traditional text messages have been surpassed by instant messaging apps. SMS is still useful for receiving alerts and information, though. When you log into your online account, you receive the verification codes. You will receive text message notifications for your banking transactions.

You do, however, also receive messages from well-known companies about their newest goods. But it becomes irritating when you get too many promotional messages. You can check your phone every time it rings to see if anything important has arrived, but all it shows you is a marketing SMS. You can learn how to block text messages that are spam on your Android phone in this article.

Particularly if your data plan doesn’t allow unlimited texts, unwanted texts can be inconvenient and unexpectedly expensive. Stop the issue before your subsequent bill arrives!

Let us learn how to block text messages from this article.

How to Block Text Messages

What is Spam Message or Email

The term “spam” refers to any communication that is not wanted or solicited, and that is typically sent in large quantities over the internet or through an electronic messaging service.

Text messages that are not wanted are frequently sent as robotexts or from random numbers by auto-dialers on mobile devices. Messages classified as spam will frequently promote a product or service.

Spammers do not limit themselves to sending messages via SMS. In addition to spam emails that pile up in our inboxes, spam can also be delivered through phone calls made from spam phone numbers.

The vast majority of spam messages contain relatively innocuous content, and it is typically very simple to filter out spam. However, while the vast majority of spam messages do not contain malicious software or computer viruses, it is possible that some spammers are engaging in phishing in order to acquire your personal information.

Best Way to Spot Spam Texts

The spam message you just received can be risky in addition to being annoying. The good news is that you only need to know where to look for spam texts to be blocked on modern smartphones before they disrupt your day or work.

However, since iPhones and Android phones use slightly different operating systems, knowing how to stop spam texts or how to stop getting spam texts on your personal phone means being aware of the appropriate procedure for your phone.

The absence of sender identification is one indication that a text message is spam. In contrast to spam texts that are cryptic and intended to make you click on a link without thinking, brands and businesses that communicate via text will include contexts such as their name and the reason they are reaching out.

These links frequently hide their true destination by using or another URL shortener, so it is difficult to determine where they lead. Don’t click a link or email if you don’t know who sent it.

It’s important to keep in mind that most companies won’t get in touch with you out of the blue unless there is already a problem, and almost no one will be eager to give you money or free products just for clicking a link. They’re usually after your information.

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What is a Text Message Phishing Scam

Phishing scams sent via text message are designed to trick you into divulging sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card numbers. In contrast to typical spam messages, which may only serve to advertise a product or service, phishing messages are sent intending to steal your personal information and use it against you.

Phishing attacks can result in malicious software being downloaded and installed on your computer. Using antivirus software will not only protect your data and device but can also stop phishing attacks.

How to React if You Get Spam Text

#1) Never Answer

Never reply to spam texts, regardless of the type. By doing this, you give spammers confirmation that you are a real person and a possible target.

Sometimes spammers will use phrases like “text STOP to be removed from our mailing list” or something similar to try and get you to respond. Don’t let this deceive you. You can anticipate additional spam texts and calls if you respond. You would be better off not saying anything at all.

#2) Avoid Clicking any Links

You might end up on a fake website specifically created to steal your money or personal information if you click a link in a spam text. In some cases, the website may infect your phone with malware, which could spy on you and impede its performance by occupying memory space.

#3) Keep Your Personal Information to Yourself

Keep in mind that reputable businesses won’t send you unsolicited text messages requesting your personal or financial information like banks or the government. Protecting your personal information means being cautious about how you disclose it online. Any text message requesting that you “update” or “verify” your account information should be avoided.

How to Stop or Block Spam Texts

Method #1: Block Spam Messages Using Messages App

Mentioned below are the steps on how to stop spam text on Samsung or any other Android:

Step #1: Open the Messages App first.

Block Spam messages by Filtering out spammers

Step #2: Choose and hold the message from the sender you want to block.

Step #3: Click the three dots to the right of the context menu that appears.

context menu

Step #4: Hit Block

Mentioned below are the steps on how to stop spam text messages on iPhone:

Step #1: In the Messages app, access the spam message.

spam message

Step #2: On the top right, click the ”i” icon.

Step #3: Just below Details at the top, tap the sender’s name.

sender's name

Step #4: Click Block Contact.

Click Block Contact

Method #2: Block Spam Messages Using Text Blocking Apps

The below-mentioned tools or apps can be downloaded easily using Google PlayStore or Apple App Store and are used to answer the question of how to get rid of spam texts:

#1) TrueCaller, one of the biggest and most widely used spam-blocking apps, has a completely free subscription tier while successfully preventing spam texts. It will automatically detect spam, robocalls, and other fraudulent communications before you answer them. It also has a text spam blocker and a caller ID.

Additionally, based on the experiences of other users on its network, its central database will verify the identity of any spam caller.


#2) SMS or Spam Shield is a machine-learning spam filtering app that efficiently finds and blocks text messages both online and offline. You can block specific SMS contacts using its manual control options based on keywords, and its AI engine can quickly identify both new and recycled spam.

Additionally, it has a frequent traveler mode that allows you to stop SMS messages from crossing borders.

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Spam Shield

#3) A text message filter for Android that uses AI to block text messages from unknown senders is called SMS Blocker. Since it is fully MMS compatible, sending multimedia content is simple. You can back up your data to your Google Drive account and block SMS messages based on categories.

SMS Blocker

Method #3: Block Spam Messages by Blocking Numbers

You can block the phone number that has been giving you spam. This tactic has the drawback that spammers regularly forge or alter phone numbers. As a result, the spammer might still contact you using a new number even if you block the number.

Step #1: Open the text message you just received on your phone.

Block Spam Messages by Blocking Numbers

Step #2: After tapping the Info or details button, tap the phone number at the top of the screen.

tap the phone number

Step #3: Select Block this Caller on the following screen, and then tap Block Contact to confirm.

Select Block this Caller - Block Text Messages

Method #4: Block Spam Messages by Filtering Out Spammers

Step #1: Open Messages on your phone.

Block Spam messages by Filtering out spammers

Step #2: Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on Settings.

click on Settings

Step #3: Now click on Spam Protection.

Spam Protection. - Block Text Messages

Step #4: Now click on Enable spam protection.

Enable spam Protection

How Do You Stop SMS Bombing and What Is It

SMS bombing occurs when a mass of spam messages from seemingly unrelated numbers are sent to a specific number’s inbox. SMS bombing is a specialty of certain apps and websites, which can be challenging to prevent, given the enormous volume of spam or unwanted texts.

SMS bombing, which is frequently done as a joke, can also be considered a cybercrime, particularly if it is used as a form of cyberbullying. SMS bombing can be defended against with the help of built-in spam filters and outside spam blockers. You can join the Do Not Text list to help stop SMS bombing attacks on your phone number.

How to Block Spam Texts and Calls Automatically

The most effective technique on how to stop unwanted texts or spam calls from unknown numbers automatically is via specialized apps that use databases of millions of phone numbers.

When a call comes in from one of the numbers in the database, the app will alert you with a message on your screen. To avoid having to deal with the call at all, you can also send it to voicemail.

We’ve mentioned the names of such apps in the article above.

How to Find Blocked Messages

Step #1: Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen when the Messages app is open.

How to find Blocked Messages - Block Text Messages

Step #2: Select “Settings” from that drop-down menu. Tap “Spam and Blocked” after that.

Step #3: All of your blocked text threads will be accessible from there.

Spam and Blocked - Block Text Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How to inform AT&T of spam text messages?

Answer: Text a spam message to 7726 to forward it. A text message from AT&T in response will ask for the spam text’s phone number. Give that number in your reply. In order to stop other customers from receiving spam from the reported number, AT&T will launch an investigation. Alternatively, you can submit the online AT&T spam reporting form.

Q #2) What does 7726 mean?

Answer: The spam department or team at your cell phone provider, which is in charge of taking legal action against spammers, can quickly and easily receive spam text messages by using shortcode 7726. Because it spells out “spam,” the code is simple to remember.

Q #3) What happens if I text 7726 and forward it?

Answer: Sending a text message to this number 7726 notifies your phone company of a spam issue. When cell phone providers get spam reports at 7726, they inquire for more details before looking into the spam sender.

Q #4) Why do I keep receiving spam?

Answer: Spammers search the web for legitimate email addresses where they can send their unsolicited advertising mail. Email addresses are most frequently collected by spammers from websites, newsgroups, and chat rooms.

Some websites will send you newsletters and updates after you sign up for their services and provide them with your email address. Receiving spam is more likely if you subscribe to any of these websites.

Q #5) Does changing my phone number stop spam calls?

Answer: No, switching to a new number won’t stop spam texts or callers.

Q #6) What to do if you’ve been the victim of a phishing or scam text message?

Answer: If you believe you may have given personal or financial details to a con artist via spam:

  • Alert your bank or other financial institution right away.
  • All of your account usernames and passwords should be changed.
  • Inform your phone service provider about the fraud. They may have encountered similar situations with other customers and may take appropriate action if they observe their customers receiving spam texts in a similar way.
  • If there has been financial loss, involve law enforcement.


When you hear the beep of an arriving text message, you immediately check your phone. It’s nothing more than an email scam from a spammer that was sent hoping you would click on a link or open an attachment in order to get yourself into trouble.

Robotexts and spam SMS are as frequent as robocalls and spam emails. They may not be as annoying as a spam call, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Even more harmful than SMS phishing attempts are the smishing (SMS spoofing) scams, which charge you for incoming text messages if you don’t pay attention.

Now you know the answers as to how to block spam texts or how to block text messages from unknown numbers using the tactics and tools listed above.

Using the methods listed above, you can answer issues like how to block text messages that are robotexts. and spam messages.

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