10 Best XDR Solutions: Extended Detection And Response Services in 2021

List and comparison of the top Extended Detection and Response XDR Solutions and Services in 2021:

An XDR Solution is a platform that provides comprehensive protection from a wide range of threats to your endpoints, network, users, and cloud workloads through continuous and automated monitoring, analysis, detection, and remediation.

XDR security tools combine multiple security products to provide a platform with security incident detection and response functionalities.

XDR Security Solutions

Fact Check: XDR tools are based on the EDR solutions. Various vendors are providing services like Advanced EDR security and Managed Detection and Response services. According to recent research, 84% of the users already require the full-function EDR that is designed for highly skilled analysts.

The below image will show you the details of this research.

Selecting EDR

Pro Tip: Before choosing the XDR service you should work with stakeholders to decide if the XDR strategy is good enough for your organization based on factors like staffing & productivity levels, risk tolerance, security budget, etc. Thorough product evaluation and testing should be done for ensuring that the outcomes will be as expected.

Extended Detection and Response Security – How Does It Work?

Data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks will be collected and correlated to get visibility and context into advanced threats. Data loss and security breaches can be prevented by analyzing, prioritizing, hunting, and remediating threats.


XDR tool should contain the functionality of the centralization and normalization of data in a central repository to analyze and query.

It should have correlated incident response capability to change the state of the individual security product as a part of the recovery process. XDR tool should provide improved detection sensitivity.

The Architecture of Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Extended detection and response

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Benefits Of XDR Service

  • XDR services improve security operations productivity with alert and incident correlation.
  • It provides built-in automation.
  • It can reduce the complexity of security configuration and incident response and give a better security outcome.

Why Should One Use XDR Instead Of EDR?

This new approach to threat detection and response can defend your organization’s infrastructure and data from getting accessed in unauthorized ways, damaged, or misused.

According to recent research, EDR technology can detect 26% of initial vectors of attack. Because of the high volume of security alerts, 54% of security professionals ignore the alerts that should be investigated.

Difference Between XDR, EDR & MDR

EDR solutions are different from XDR as EDR focuses on endpoints and records system activities and events. This will give security teams the visibility for uncovering incidents.

XDR provides more security solutions than EDR. XDR makes use of the latest technologies that will give higher visibility and collect & correlate threat information.

It employs analytics and automation for detecting todays and future attacks. Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) is the outsourcing of threat hunting and responding to threats service.

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List of Top XDR Solutions

Here is the list of the best XDR security solution providers:

  1. Cynet
  2. Palo Alto Networks
  3. Sophos
  4. McAfee
  5. Microsoft
  6. Symantec
  7. Trend Micro
  8. FireEye
  9. Rapid7
  10. Fidelis Cybersecurity

Comparison of Top Managed XDR Services

XDR Security ServicesBest forPlatformsFree TrialPrice

Small to large businessesWindows, Mac, Web-basedAvailable for 14 days.Get a Quote
Palo Alto Networks

Small to large businesses.--NoGet a quote for Cortex XDR Prevent or Cortex XDR Pro.

Small to large businessesBuilt for the cloud workloads and Sophos Home supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.AvailableGet a quote.

Home use as well as enterprises.Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.AvailableHome solution price starts at $29.99 for 1 Device and a one-year subscription

Small to medium-sized businessesWindowsAvailableGet a quote

#1) Cynet – Recommended XDR Solution Provider

Best for small to large businesses.

Cynet Pricing: Cynet offers a free trial for 14 days. You can get a quote for its pricing details.


Cynet is an Autonomous Breach Protection platform that delivers native integration of NGAV, EDR, UEBA, Network Traffic Analysis, and Deception to discover and eliminate threats, together with a wide range of automated remediation capabilities using Sensor Fusion technology to continuously collect and analyze endpoint, user and network activities across the entire environment

It performs continuous monitoring of endpoints. This will help in detecting the active malicious presence and make rapid & efficient decisions in its scope and impact. It has the capability of automated prevention of malware, exploits fileless, Macros, LOLBins, and Malicious scripts.


  • Cynet 360 can detect and prevent attacks that include compromised user accounts.
  • It follows the deception method to reveal the presence of attackers by planting fake passwords, data files, configurations, and network connections.
  • It has functionalities to prevent & detect network-based attacks.
  • For monitoring and control, it offers features like asset management and vulnerability assessment.
  • As a Response Orchestration, it can perform manual and automated remediation actions for files, users, hosts, and a network.

Verdict: Cynet provides a single platform to protect your organization by automating the monitoring & control, attack prevention & detection, and response orchestration. It is the only platform that has integrated the capabilities of NGAV, EDR, Network Analytics, UBA, and Deception.

#2) Palo Alto Networks

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Cortex XDR has two tires i.e. Cortex XDR Prevent and Cortex XDR Pro. You can contact the sales for the pricing details of its services.

Palo Alto Network

Palo Alto Networks provides an extended detection and response platform – Cortex XDR. It is for the integrated endpoint, network, and cloud.

It gives you complete visibility, best-in-class prevention, integrated response, and automated root cause analysis. It provides best-in-class prevention to safeguard your endpoints.


  • Cortex XDR provides consistent and strong security to your enterprise with the help of tight integration across endpoint security, detection & response, and Next-Generation Firewalls.
  • It provides AI-based analytics that will help you to detect stealthy threats.
  • This AI-based analytics will give you comprehensive visibility that will speed the investigation, threat hunting, and response.
  • It provides Managed Detection and Response Services.

Verdict: Cortex XDR will do 8 times faster investigations and there will be a 50 times reduction in alert volume.

Website: Palo Alto Networks

#3) Sophos

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Sophos Home is available for free. A free trial is available for Endpoint Antivirus and Next-gen Firewall. Premium version is also available for a home solution that will cost you $42.


Sophos offers fully synchronized, cloud-native data security. It has various solutions like Endpoint protection, managed services, Next-Gen Firewall, and public cloud visibility & threat response. It is for cloud-based workloads and can solve the toughest cybersecurity challenges.


  • Its malware detection is based on AI-powered deep learning.
  • In a single console, it can provide cloud-native protection to all your devices.
  • For managed threat response, it delivers 24*7 threat hunting, detection, and response services by an expert team.
  • It provides Cloud Optix as a public cloud visibility and threat response platform. It closes the hidden gaps in cloud security.

Verdict: Sophos Intercept X Endpoint protection is the solution with AI, Anti-ransomware, EDR & MDR, and exploits prevention. Sophos XG Firewall is a Next-Gen firewall for secure remote workers, free remote-access VPN, cloud management, and unmatched protection.

Website: Sophos

#4) McAfee

Best for Home use as well as enterprises.

Pricing: A free trial is available for 30 days for Windows PC. A free demo is also available for the Enterprise solution.

Various plans are available for Home solutions such as Family ($39.99 one year subscription for 10 devices), Single Device ($29.99 1 Device one-year subscription), and Individuals & Couples ($34.99 5 devices & 1 year). You can contact the company for pricing details of the Enterprise solutions.


McAfee provides security solutions for cloud, endpoint, and antivirus. It provides a device to cloud cybersecurity for homes and enterprises. McAfee MVISION is a cloud-native threat defense and management platform. It can be deployed on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

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  • It has a Managed Detection and Response solution that will be delivered as a service.
  • McAfee MDR provides 24*7 alert monitoring, managed threat hunting, and advanced investigations.
  • MVISION Cloud Container Security is a unified cloud security platform with container optimized strategies.

Verdict: McAfee MVision offers low-maintenance cloud solutions and maximizes the impact of the existing staff. It can protect data and stop threats across networks, devices, on-premise environments, and clouds (IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS).

Website: McAfee

#5) Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Best for small to medium-sized businesses.

Pricing: A free trial is available for the product. You can get a quote for its pricing details.


Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a complete endpoint security solution. It has functionalities of preventive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response. It is an agentless and cloud-powered solution and hence it doesn’t require any additional deployment or infrastructure.


  • The solution discovers vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real-time.
  • It provides expert-level threat monitoring and analysis.
  • It supports identifying critical threats in your unique environment.
  • It has features of automatic investigation of alerts and remediation of complex threats quickly.
  • It can block sophisticated threats and malware.

Verdict: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection provides automated security from alert to remediation. It can discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Website: Microsoft

#6) Symantec

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Symantec EDR is available for buying via a partner. You have to select the region, country, and partner. As per the reviews, it is available at a $70.99 per year license.


Symantec endpoint detection and response services will speed up threat hunting and response through deep visibility, precision, analytics, and workflow automation. It can detect new attack patterns quickly. Through the EDR console, you will be able to access free expert assessment for the targeted attack triage and guidance.

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Symantec Complete Endpoint Defense provides the interlocking defense at the device, app, and network level.


  • Symantec EDR will help you with streamlining SOC operations with extensive automation.
  • It provides built-in integrations for sandboxing, SIEM, and orchestration.
  • Behavioral policies are continually updated by Symantec researchers that can instantly detect advanced attack methods.
  • Without complex scripting, you can create custom investigation flows and automate repetitive manual tasks.

Verdict: Symantec can quickly discover and resolve threats through deep endpoint visibility and superior detection analytics. It will reduce the remediation time.

Website: Symantec

#7) Trend Micro

Best for small to large businesses.

Pricing: Trend Micro is available from the price of $29.95. Its password manager price starts at $14.95 for one year. Its Worry-Free Services start at $37.75 per user. Worry-Free Services Advanced starts at $59.87 per user. You can get a quote for its XDR pricing details.


Trend Micro provides extended detection and response services across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and networks. It provides AI and expert security analytics. It provides prioritized alerts based on the guided investigation.

These alerts will give you a full understanding of the attack path and the impact on the organization.


  • Trend Micro has built-in threat expertise and global threat intelligence.
  • You will be able to interpret data in a standard and meaningful way with the help of prioritized alerts that are based on one expert alert schema.
  • It shows a consolidated view that will help you to uncover events and the attack path across security layers.

Verdict: You will get a broader perspective and a better context to identify threats more easily and contain them more effectively as email, endpoint, server, cloud, workloads, and networks are connected.

Website: Trend Micro

#8) FireEye

Pricing: A product tour is available. You can get a quote for its pricing details.


FireEye provides managed detection and response services that take definitive action to prevent incidents and reduce the impact of the breach.

FireEye has solutions for Endpoint Security, Network Security & Forensics, Email security, etc. It provides contextually rich investigation reports that will help you to clearly understand the risks.


  • FireEye provides prescriptive remediation recommendations that will accelerate the response.
  • You will get real-time visibility into threats within and outside your organization.
  • It can identify and prioritize the most critical threats.
  • It performs comprehensive and proactive hunting that mitigates the risk of an attacker going undetected for an extended period.
  • It performs systematic and frequent hunting across your environment that will reduce the risks of detection gaps.

Verdict: FireEye does thorough investigation & Incident scoping and ensures that response efforts are appropriate to the situation. It remediates thoroughly and reduces the likelihood of attackers returning.

Website: FireEye

#9) Rapid7

Pricing: Two plans are available with Rapid7 for managed detection and response services i.e. Essentials (for small teams, Starts at $17 per asset per month), and Elite (For most teams, Starts at $23 per asset per month). These prices are for annual billing. A free trial is available to try the services.


Rapid7 managed detection and response services will provide around-the-clock expert monitoring. This will help in defending against threats and stopping attackers in their tracks.

It can detect advanced threats through multiple advanced detection methods. It makes the use of multiple advanced detection methods like behavioral analytics, network traffic analysis, human threat hunts, etc.


  • Rapid7 provides detailed reporting and guidance according to your business.
  • It provides 24*7 SOC monitoring by expert analysts.
  • It provides an unlimited event source and data ingestion.
  • It offers incident management and response support.
  • You will get full access to cloud SIEM, InsightIDR.

Verdict: You will get a dedicated security advisor, real-time incident validation, and proactive threat hunting. It simplifies regulatory compliance.

Website: Rapid7

#10) Fidelis Cybersecurity

Pricing: A free trial is available for the solutions.


Fidelis Cybersecurity is automated threat detection, hunting, and response services. It performs network traffic analysis, DLP, endpoint detection & response, etc. It is the platform that can be used in various use cases. It proactively investigates for unknown threats.

Fidelis MDR will provide 24*7 threat detection & response. It proactively hunts for the threats on your network and endpoints. It includes the service of threat research and analysis. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


  • Fidelis Cybersecurity can perform Network & Cloud Traffic Analysis across all ports & protocols.
  • It has functionalities for asset classification, threat detection & response, and data loss prevention.
  • Its endpoint detection & response services will accelerate and automate investigations with deep forensics.
  • Its automated deception layers can detect post-breach attacks.

Verdict: Fidelis provides advanced endpoint detection and response services that will give you deep visibility and insights into endpoint activity. It shows all endpoint activity across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Website: Fidelis Cybersecurity


As we have seen XDR solutions will help you with rapid detection and responding to threats across your enterprise, through your network, cloud, and endpoints. Cynet, Palo Alto Networks, Sophos, McAfee, Microsoft, and Symantec are our top recommended solutions as XDR services.

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Out of the above mentioned top XDR security services, Palo Alto Networks and Trend Micro offer an XDR solution. FireEye and Rapid7 provide managed detection and response services. Cynet and Symantec offer EDR solutions.

Sophos provides Endpoint protection, managed services, and other security solutions like a firewall and antivirus. McAfee offers a solution for endpoint, cloud, and antivirus. Microsoft Defender ATP is an endpoint security solution.

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We hope this article will help you in selecting the right XDR security service for your business.

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