Top 15 Best Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) In 2022

List Of The Best hand-picked Managed Security Service Providers In 2022:

Anyone who is using the internet is exposed to attack. The attack can be of any type, maybe a malware or a type of hacking, spam emails or DDoS attack, etc.

When these types of attacks happen to your website, it will have a great impact on your business. In order to avoid this, the network security services that an organization outsources to a service provider are known as Managed security services (MSS).

Thus these services are required in order to manage the IT security of any organization.

managed security service providers (mssps)

Managed Security Services And Vendors

A vendor who provides managed network and other security services is called a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

The concept of MSSP has been originated from the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Previously this type of security was provided through firewall protection by Internet Service Provider (ISP). And customers were charged through the dial-up connection charges. This firewall protection was installed separately on the customer’s machine and they were called as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Hiring the people in a company to manage these security functions can be an expensive option. So outsourcing the security services will be a cost-effective option. Previously these providers served only large scale industries or businesses.

But now many MSSPs offer their services to small as well as medium-sized businesses.

Services included in Managed Security:

  • 24*7 monitoring for threats,
  • firewall management,
  • patch management,
  • Security audits,
  • incident response


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Categories of Managed Services in IT Security:

  • In-site Consulting: It includes integration with other products, support after attack and emergency incident response.
  • Perimeter management of the client’s network: It includes firewall management, and detecting threats for hardware & software.
  • Managed security monitoring: It includes continuous monitoring of the network for threats.
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments: It includes scanning of applications and attempting to hack the application so that any vulnerabilities present will be found.
  • Compliance monitoring: It includes keeping the logs for changes in the system in terms of violating the security policies.
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Top Managed Security Service Providers MSSPs

Given below is the list of top vendors providing these services.

  1. Cipher
  2. SecurityHQ
  3. SecureWorks
  4. IBM
  5. Verizon
  6. Symantec
  7. Trustwave
  8. AT&T
  9. BT
  10. Wipro
  11. BAE Systems
  12. CenturyLink
  13. Anomalix
  14. Intrust IT
  15. Foresite
  16. Trustnet
  17. TSC Advantage
  18. Global IP Networks

Comparison Of Top MSSP Vendors

Tool NameIndustry SizeIndustriesServices ProvidedCredits
CipherSmall, Medium and Large Enterprises.Credit Unions, Financial Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare.Cybersecurity Monitoring, Incident Management & Cyber Defense, Security Asset Management, Vulnerability & Compliance Management, Managed Application Security.White glove customer service.
SecurityHQSmall, Medium and Large Enterprises. Financial services, Banking, Real-Estate, Insurance, Public Sector, Local Government, Tele communications, Property & Construction, Transport, Energy, Oil & Mining.Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Firewall,Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Digital Risk & Threat Monitoring, Managed Network Detection & Response, etc.For unrivaled regional expertise with international oversight, SecurityHQ runs and operates out of 6 Security Operation Centres globally, using only Enterprise Grade Gartner Top Right Magic Quadrant Technology.
IBMMedium size corporations.Healthcare
Retail and consumer products
Banking & Finance
Aerospace and Defense and many more.
Firewall management
Endpoint security services
Amazon GuardDuty services
Threat management.
Security intelligence
Cloud based log management.
Intrusion management etc.
Can tackle complex business problems
AnomalixSmall, Medium and Large enterprises.Financial Services
Threat Management
Vulnerability Management
Malware and Ransomware detection, Endpoint protection
Protection for network, data, application, and cloud.
Sales increased by 20%
Cost of compliance reduces by 50%
Cost of managing reduced by 70%
Intrust ITSmall and Medium size business.--Endpoint protection
Can detect and protect from Ransomware
One of the top 10 managed security service provider of 2017
--Enterprise Magazine
SecureworksLarge EnterprisesFinancial Manufacturing &
Security Monitoring
Endpoint security
Customize solutions
4400 Clients
250 B Security events
Retail PCI
Threat management
Incident Response
Security Monitoring
962 projects completed successfully
VerizonEnterprise and Medium size businesses.Construction,
Financial Services,
Retail, Manufacturing & Automotive
Public Sector and many more.
Endpoint protection
Load balancers
Proxy server,
Application level Firewall etc.
Gartner Magic Quadrant-2018---Leader in this list.
TrustnetMid-size and Large.Public and private Sectors of multiple industries.Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Risk,
Incident Response & Cloud Security
Provides threat intelligence:
80,000 Contributors
140 Countries
Daily threat indicators:
TSC AdvantageSmall Insurance
Government Security services
Vulnerability management
Can optimize the third party cyber risk management program.
One of the top 10 managed security service provider of 2017
--Enterprise Magazine
TrustwaveSmall, Medium and Large enterprises.Education,
Financial services,
Payment Services,
And retail.
Threat Management
Vulnerability management
Compliance management
2 Billion security and compliance events logged each day.
one million Endpoints scanned each day.
250 technical support engineers
Global IP NetworksSmall, Medium and Large enterprises.Financial, healthcare, oil & gas, education, telecommunication & enterpriseAdvance Threat intelligence
Compliance services
Continuous Monitoring
Meets SSAE 16 SOC-2 Type ||, PCI & HIPAA standards.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Cipher

Cipher Logo

Cipher is a global MSSP that provides tailored white-glove service to our customers around the world.

Best for Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises.

Services Provided: Cybersecurity Monitoring, Incident Management & Cyber Defense, Security Asset Management, Vulnerability & Compliance Management, Managed Application Security.

Established in the year: 2000
Industries: Credit Unions, Financial Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc.
Credit: White glove customer service
Company Size: 300 employees
Company Revenue: $20 – $50 M range

#2) SecurityHQ

SecurityHQ New logo

SecurityHQ is a Global MSP that monitors networks 24/7, to ensure complete visibility and protection against cyber threats.

Best for its tailored approach to fit client needs. Built from the foundation up, their team of expert engineers knows what exactly is required for each and every event.

Company size (employees): They are supporting organizations with a team of 200+ experts (Level 1-4) on-demand around the globe.

Established in the year: 2003

How Does SecurityHQ Differ?

  • Security Operation Centres across the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Americas, India, and Australia.
  • Incredible Collaboration: Available on-demand, our team of 200+ experts are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry.
  • SecurityHQ’s Incident Management Platform is an innovative platform that gives our clients unrivaled visibility into their networks.
  • SecurityHQ Response App: They are the only managed service provider with the confidence to deliver our services via an app, platform, and web.
  • Defend Unlimited Threats, with a limited budget.

Core Services Provided:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Digital Risk & Threat Monitoring
  • Managed Endpoint Protection (EPP)
  • Managed Network Detection & Response (MNDR)
  • Managed Azure Sentinel Detection & Response
  • Vulnerability Management Service
  • Penetration Testing Service
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Managed Data Security- Managed Data Security, powered by IBM Guardium.
  • User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)
  • Network Flow Analytics
  • Managed Microsoft Defender ATP

Service Trials: SecurityHQ offers a Free 30-Day trial (POC/POV) for its services.

#3) SecureWorks


Company size (employees): 300+ Employees
Company Revenue: $4.3 M per year

Core Services Provided: Advance threat protection, compliance management, critical asset protection, cybersecurity risk management, security operations, industries.

Established in the year: 1999

SecureWorks is a leading MSSP vendor focused on cybersecurity. They have a Counter Threat Platform (CTP) through which advanced data analytics, as well as security insights, are delivered. They offer 24*7 security services for expanding the network perimeter.

SecureWorks provides the following solutions:

  • Enterprise network monitoring: Comprised of Advanced Malware Detection & protection (AMDP), Managed Firewall, Managed IDS/IPS, iSensor, etc.
  • Endpoint Security: Encompassed of Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD), Enhanced Endpoint Threat Prevention (AETP), Supervised Server Protection, etc.
  • Vulnerability Management: Advanced Vulnerability Scanning, Managed Web application scanning, Managed policy compliance, PCI Scanning, Vulnerability threat prioritization.
  • Security Monitoring: Comprised of Log management.
  • Combined Solutions: Comprised of managed detection and response.

Official URL: SecureWorks

#4) IBM


Company size (employees): 4, 00,000 plus
Locations: 170 + countries
Company Revenue: $79.139 billion (USD) per year

Core Services Provided: Cloud Computing, Business Consulting, Technology services, financing, industry expertise, training & skills.

Established in the year: 1911

IBM is again one of the leaders as per the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Worldwide Managed security services.

IBM provides the following Managed Services:

  • Firewall management
  • Vulnerability scanning from IBM Security.
  • Information event management
  • Intelligent log management on cloud.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system management.
  • Managed data protection services for Guardium.
  • Endpoint security services
  • IBM X-Force cloud security service
  • Amazon GuardDuty services
  • Security SD-WAN
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Technology Bundle
  • Security intelligence analyst
  • Security-rich web gateway management

Official URL: IBM

#5) Verizon


Company size (employees): 155,400+ employees
Company Revenue: $ 129.6 B+ billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Mobility, Internet of Things, Networks and Internet, IT solutions and Cloud, Business communications, Security

Established in the year: 2000

Verizon’s security services solution protects the assets around-the-clock from security threats. This solution is flexible and can be customized according to your needs.

Following are the services provided by Verizon:

  • Round the clock security expertise.
  • A quick review of incident information.
  • Data analysis with log management.
  • In-depth inspection of incident trends.
  • Intelligence-driven security monitoring and analysis.

Official URL: Verizon

#6) Symantec


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: $2 to $5 billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Integrated Cyber Defense, Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Cybersecurity Services.

Established in the year: 1982

Symantec provides the following solutions:

  • Continual 24*7 advanced threat monitoring.
  • DeepSight intelligence
  • Incident response services.
  • Indicators to detect advanced persistent threats.
  • Retroactive log analysis.

Official URL: Symantec

#7) Trustwave


Company Name: Trustwave (Chicago, Sao Paulo, London, and Sydney)
Company size (employees): 1001 to 5000 employees
Company Revenue: $190.4 M (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Threat management, vulnerability management, compliance management, network security, content & data security, endpoint security, security management, database security, application security.

Established in the year: 1995

Trustwave provides the following services:

  • Threat Management: This covers managed threat detection, managed SIEM, managed two-factor authentication, managed UTM, managed Email security, SSL service lifecycle management, incident response & readiness, etc.
  • Vulnerability Management: This covers managed security testing, application scanning, managed Web application firewall, network vulnerability scanning, database & big data scanning.
  • Compliance Management: This covers Risk Assessment, PCI compliance, security awareness, security awareness education, etc.

Official URL: Trustwave

#8) AT&T


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: $10+ billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Mobility Services, Network services, Internet of things, voice & collaboration, cybersecurity services, cloud services, Wi-Fi, DIRECTV for Business.

Established in the year: 1983

AT&T Security Services aid in identifying, preventing and alleviating the loss caused by cyber-attacks and business interruptions.

AT&T security services include:

  • Internet protection
  • DDoS Defense
  • Private Intranet Protect
  • Mobile Security
  • Firewall Security
  • Network-based firewall
  • Web application firewall
  • Intrusion detection/prevention service
  • Secure email gateway
  • Endpoint security
  • Web security service
  • Premises-based firewall
  • Encryption services
  • Token Authentication services
  • Security analysis and consulting solutions.

Official URL: AT & T

#9) BT


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: Unknown / Non-Applicable

Core Products & Services Provided: Fixed line services, networked IT services, broadband, mobile, TV products & services.

Established in the year: 1846

BT provides the following robust services: 

  • DDoS Protection to ensure denial of service mitigation.
  • Next-generation Managed Firewall.
  • SEM (Security event Monitoring) to assure real-time threat monitoring.

Official URL: BT

#10) Wipro


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: $5 to $10 billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Analytics, applications, Business Process, consulting, cloud & Infrastructure services, product engineering, etc.

Established in the year: 1945

Wipro offers a resilient, cost-efficient and business-aligned security service called ServiceNXT.

Following are the services offered by Wipro:

  • Unified Threat Management
  • Managed Authentication
  • Identity and access management
  • PKI operations
  • Security Operations
  • Security Monitoring
  • Compliance reporting and management

Official URL: Wipro

#11) BAE Systems


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: $10+ billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Future technologies, aircraft, vehicles, surface ships, cybersecurity and intelligence, electronics, engineering services, information management, financial services, HR services, commercial services.

Established in the year: Unknown

 BAE offers the following services:

  • Complete Security Monitoring
  • Security Event Monitoring
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Security Device Management
  • Endpoint Monitoring with Host Agent
  • Endpoint Detection & Response through Host Agent
  • Business Defense Assessment

Official URL: BAE System

#12) CenturyLink


Company size (employees): 10000+ employees
Company Revenue: $10+ billion (USD) per year

Core Products & Services Provided: Internet & networking, Hybrid IT & Cloud, Voice & Unified Communications, Security, Managed & IT services.

Established in the year: 1930

CenturyLink services include:

  • Device management
  • Network and cloud-based security.
  • Threat intelligence and predictive analysis.
  • Incident response and recovery.

Official URL: CenturyLink

#13) Anomalix


Company Name: Anomalix (Chicago, US)

Headquarter of Anomalix is in Chicago. Anomalix provides its services to small, medium and large enterprises. Industries to which Anomalix provides its services include Finance Healthcare, manufacturing, technology, energy, education, and government.

Employees:  21
Locations: US
Core services: Managed all Security Services
Other services: Managed Identity Services.
Revenue: $ 3.5 Million


  • It can provide protection to your network, data, application, cloud, and platform and can provide endpoint protection.
  • For the well-known threats, a daily analysis will be done.
  • It can detect and remediate malware and ransomware.
  • It provides 24*7 protection.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Anomalix

#14) Intrust IT


Company Name: Intrust IT (Ohio, US)

Headquarter of Intrust IT is in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. It provides solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Intrust IT provides managed services for wireless networking, network and server support, technology consulting and many other requirements as well.

Employees: 43
Locations: US
Core services: Managed all type of security services
Other services: Wireless networking, On-site IT Support, Technology consulting, network and server support, etc.
Revenue: $3.7 M


  • They have monthly plans.
  • It provides endpoint protection.
  • Provides protection against Ransomware.
  • They provide the guarantee to recover data.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Intrust IT

#15) Foresite


Company Name: Foresite (Kansas, US)

Foresite has offices in the US and UK. Foresite provides managed security and cyber consulting compliance services. Industries to which it provides solutions include Legal, Insurance, Financial, Retail PCI, Healthcare, and education.

Employees: 20
Locations: US and UK.
Core services: Managed security
Other services: Cyber consulting compliance services.
Revenue: $2.9 M


  • Provides attack prevention policies.
  • Tries to prevent the attack in the network.
  • Gathers all the information about the attack—like ‘how it will affect the business?’ and ‘how the damage can be avoided?’
  • You can define your own policies.
  • It helps in detecting malware.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Foresite

#16) Trustnet


Company Name: TrustNet (Atlanta, US)

TrustNet was launched in 2003. It is headquartered in Atlanta, US. It provides its solutions to both mid and large businesses. It provides its solutions to many industries and public & private organizations.

Employees: 50
Locations: US
Core services: Managed Security.
Other services: Penetration testing, Cybersecurity risk, Incident Response & Cloud security.


  • They provide security monitoring.
  • You can manage the log.
  • There is a facility for threat management.
  • They provide network security and vulnerability management.

Pricing Information: They have five plans:

  • Entrepreneur: It starts at $750/month.
  • SMB: Starts from $3375/month.
  • Mid-Enterprise: Starts from $6250/ month.
  • Enterprise: Starts from: $18000/month.
  • Large Enterprise: Contact them for more details.

With each plan, you can add two facilities which include Wireless Intrusion and Detection.

Official URL: Trustnet

#17) TSC Advantage


Company Name: TSC Advantage (Washington, US)

TSC Advantage is providing security services for 10 years.

Its headquarter is in Washington. Another office is in Boston. Industries to which TSC Advantage provides services include Insurance, Financial, Government Security services, Healthcare, manufacturing, and Utilities.

Locations: Washington and Boston.
Core services: Cyber solutions
Other services: Many services for risk, compliance, and security.


  • Provides Vulnerability Management. For this, it provides three options: TSC Operated. TSC Supported and Customer Managed.
  • You can select an option based on your requirements.
  • Reports and recommendations to improve security.
  • TSC Advantage will help you in improving the security at a reduced cost.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Tsc Advantage

#18) Global IP Networks


Company Name: Global IP Networks (Texas, US)

Global IP Networks was launched in 2000. It is headquartered in Texas, US. Global IP Networks provides many managed services. It provides services for Datacenters also.

Employees: 24
Locations: Dallas and Plano
Core services: Data centers and managed security.
Other services: Datacenters
Revenue: $2.8 M


  • It provides endpoint protection.
  • Devices that are under security will get continuously monitored for threats.
  • It provides 24*7 monitoring by tools and professionals.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Global IP Networks

Additional MSSP Providers

#19) Delta Risk:

Security services provided by Delta Risk are SaaS application security, cloud infrastructure security, network security, and endpoint security. It also provides many other security services like cybersecurity exercises and training.

It has offered its services to financial, healthcare, legal, public, retail and e-commerce industries. Delta Risk is headquartered in Texas. It has offices in Washington, Dulles, and King of Prussia.

Official URL: Delta risk

#20) NTT Security:

NTT Security is a subordinate company of Integralis AG. This company was headquartered in Germany.

NTT Security has offices in the US and EMEA. NTT Security is one of the best security service providers who offer Vulnerability management, Security to multiple devices, ESPS (Enterprise Security Program Services), Log monitoring and Threat detection services.

Official URL: NTT security

#21) ScienceSoft:


Company size (employees): 500 – 1000
Company Revenue: $20 – $25 million per year

Core Products & Services Provided: QLean for QRadar Health Check. Managed Security Services, Managed IT Services, IoT Services, Data Analytics, Help Desk Services.

Established in the year: 1989

ScienceSoft’s Managed Security Services offering includes:

  • Security strategy design.
  • IT infrastructure configuration.
  • Security incidents prevention.
  • Managed detection and response to security threats.


Information security is very crucial for any organization. All these managed security service providers whom we discussed here in this article provide top-notch services.

Apart from the above top MSS vendors, the other famous names in the area of MSSPs are DXC Technology, Atos, Capgemini, HCL Technologies, Orange Business Services, Fujitsu, etc.

However, being an IT manager, you need to pick one among the MSSPs in a diligent way by keeping in mind the tools, scale, and scope provided by the vendor’s managed security operations.

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