10 Best EDR Security Services In 2020 for Endpoint Protection

List of the Most Popular Endpoint Detection and Response EDR Security Service provider companies and vendors in 2020:

EDR security service is the tool that is used for continuous monitoring and responding to internet threats.

Agents are installed on the endpoints for collecting and sending the behavioral data to the central database for the purpose of analysis. Later, by making the use of analytics tools, patterns are identified and anomalies are detected.

These agents are installed on host systems.

EDR Security Services

How endpoint detection and response work?

It continuously monitors endpoint events. The tool records information in a central database. The data is then analyzed and an investigation is performed. Reporting and alters will be based on this investigation. A host system will have a software agent. This software agent performs event monitoring and reporting.

As per the research performed by the Gartner, EDR market has doubled its revenue in one year and 60% of the businesses moved from on-premises EPP to managed Endpoint security services.

This endpoint detection and response technology make the use of Static AI which will eliminate the need for recurring scans. This technology has replaced the use of a traditional signature. Every EDR service works in a different way and will have different capabilities.

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The aim of endpoint detection and response services is to perform continuous monitoring and analysis for identifying, detecting, and preventing advanced threats. EDR security is the tool that is used to detect and investigate suspicious activities on endpoints. This emerging technology can detect and respond to advanced threats.

Pro Tip: While selecting the EDR services, core elements that need to be considered include EDR response, alerting & reporting console, core functionality, geographical support, supported platforms, managed services, and third-party integrations.
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List of the Top 10 EDR Security Services

Enlisted below are the top Endpoint Security Companies that are available in the market.

Comparison of Endpoint Security Vendors

EDRBest forPlatformFree Trial
Medium, &
Large businesses.
Available for 14 days
Medium, &
Large businesses.
Carbon Black
Medium, &
Large businesses.
Mac, and
Available for 15 days.
Medium, &
Windows Mobile.
Symantec EDR
Large businesses.Windows,

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Cynet

Best for: Small, Medium, & Large businesses.
Availability: Cynet offers a free trial for 14 days. You can also request a demo.

Cynet Dashboard

Cynet provides Endpoint Detection & Response as a part of the holistic platform that protects the entire internal environment, including the hosts, network, files, and users. That’s why Cynet is able to provide total environment visibility rather than only endpoint visibility and prevent and detect threats which the other EDR solutions can’t.

It also has the widest set of remediation tools not only for the endpoints but also on users and network traffic. The platform is deployed in hours and has a very easy to use management console.

Cynet also offers a 24/7 security team which monitors the customers’ environments, alerts on threats, proactively hunts for threats and assists with the incident response – at no extra cost.


  • Deployed on thousands of endpoints within 2 hrs.
  • Total environment visibility including hosts, files, network, and users.
  • Prevention and detection of a wide range of threat across all stages of the attack.
  • Each alert is presented with its full context, and the ability to easily drill in to understand the full scope of the attack.
  • Widest set of remediation tools across hosts, users, files, and network.
  • Response orchestration: Customers have the ability to build custom remediation rules.
  • CyOps 24/7 security team alerts customers, threat hunts and assists with an incident response – at no extra cost.

Verdict: Unlike traditional endpoint protection Solutions, Cynet is a holistic security solution that includes not only endpoint protection and EDR, but also additional technologies to cover the entire internal environment – including network traffic and user activity. This allows Cynet to provide total environment visibility and a 360° threat protection and response. It’s rapid to deploy, easy to use and includes a 24/7 security team support with no additional cost.

Website: Cynet

Compare The Best Endpoint Detection and Response Services

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#2) CrowdStrike

Best for Small, Medium, & Large businesses.


CrowdStrike offers a flexible and extensible platform Falcon. It provides a variety of modules which are based on this Falcon platform like Falcon Prevent, Falcon Insight, Falcon Discover, etc. CrowdStrike offers products like Falcon Pro, Falcon Enterprise, Falcon Premium, and Falcon Complete.


  • Falcon Enterprise will have managed threat hunting and integrated threat intelligence.
  • With Falcon Complete, you will get endpoint protection as a service.
  • Falcon Premium will give you full endpoint protection and expanded visibility.
  • Falcon Pro is for integrated threat intelligence and immediate response.
  • Threats graph is based on big data and artificial intelligence.

Verdict: CrowdStrike provides the cloud-based platform with a lightweight agent of 25 MB. It captures and records the endpoint activity. At the same time, it can block both attacks, malware & malware-free.

Website: CrowdStrike

#3) Carbon Black

Best for Large businesses.
Availability: Free trial available for the service.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black provides solutions for securing virtualized data centers, malware & non-malware protection, risk and compliance, ransomware protection, and anti-virus. It can be deployed on-premises or as a SaaS. It can analyze the attacker’s behavior pattern.


  • It will provide the complete activity record for every endpoint even if it is offline.
  • Its response isolates infected systems and removes malicious files.
  • Real-time endpoint query and remediation.
  • This platform will provide you the next-generation anti-virus with EDR capabilities.

Verdict: Carbon Black provides an extensible cloud platform for securing the endpoints. It provides superior protection, simplified operations, and will give actionable visibility.

Website: Carbon Black

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#4) SentinelOne

Best for Small, Medium, & Large Businesses.


SentinelOne provides protection against the diverse mode of attacks. It will work by making the use of Static AI engine which will provide you the pre-execution protection.

Behavioral AI engine of SentinelOne can track all the processes and their inter-relationships even though if they are active for a long time. It will protect endpoints from broad modes of attacks.


  • It can detect threats at all stages.
  • It will perform deep file inspection.
  • It will protect from ransomware attacks.
  • It has a lightweight and holistic agent.
  • It has an automated EDR which means automatic mitigation of threats, performing network isolation, and auto-immunization of the endpoints for new threats.

Verdict: SentinelOne works in three steps, Pre-Execution, On-Execution, and Post-Execution. It makes the use of Static AI for attack prevention and to detect threats. Rich forensic data and automatic mitigation of threats will be performed through automated EDR.

Website: SentinelOne

#5) Symantec EDR

Best for large businesses.
Availability: As per online reviews, it could be $40 per seat per year. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Symantec EDR

Symantec EDR can detect, isolate, and eliminate intrusion for all endpoints. It makes use of the AI to perform this. It performs 24*7 threat hunting. It will allow you to create custom investigation flows. You will be able to automate repetitive manual tasks, without complex scripting.


  • Advanced attacks are detected from behavioral policies. Symantec researchers continually update these policies.
  • It provides interlocking defenses at the device, app, and network.
  • There will be no complexity as it makes the use of a single agent and console.

Verdict: Symantec EDR services simplify investigations and threat hunting. It will help in automating complex investigations and streamlining SOC Operations.

Website: Symantec EDR

#6) Cybereason

Best for large businesses.
Availability: You can contact the company for a demo and its pricing details. As per the online reviews, its price will be in the range of $12.99 to $109.99 per year.


Cybereason provides end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. It provides 24*7 threat monitoring and IR services. The deployment will be done in 24 hours.


  • Every endpoint will have sensors that will monitor the entire environment. There will be no need to write the rule.
  • It works smarter by remembering, relating, and connecting the past and present activities.
  • Hunting engine makes use of machine learning. Machine learning will help it to identify the behavior.
  • It has a unique method of hunting i.e. custom-built in-memory graph. This method asks 8 million questions per second to every endpoint.

Verdict: Cybereason EDR solutions can protect you from ransomware attacks. It has features of deep hunting engines, fileless malware protection, and sensors, etc.

Website: Cybereason

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#7) Palo Alto Networks XDR

Availability: Get a quote for its pricing details.

Palo Alto

XDR is a technique used for threat detection and response. It will defend an organization’s infrastructure. It will also protect data from damage, unauthorized access, and misuse. Palo Alto Networks provides XDR services. It analyses the network, endpoint, and cloud data for automatic detection of attacks.


  • It performs automated root cause analysis.
  • It can contain and coordinate responses for any threat.
  • It provides Cortex Data Lake which can store large volumes of data for months. It will help with investigations.

Verdict: Palo Alto continuously introduces new features and detection capabilities. It provides 24*7 managed services.

Website: Palo Alto Networks XDR

#8) Cisco AMP

Best for banking, finance, government, healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing.

Availability: Cisco AMP offers a free trial. As per the online reviews, its pricing depends on the subscription plans. The price will be decided based on the number of endpoints and the number of years you have subscribed for.

Cisco AMP

Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) provides services for endpoint protection. It makes use of a variety of anti-malware technologies for scanning the files. It provides Cisco antivirus engine. It will continuously monitor each and every file in the network.


  • It can defend known and emerging threats based on the context-rich knowledge base.
  • It can perform automated static and dynamic analysis of files using advanced sandboxing capabilities.
  • It has AV detection engines that can block malware in real-time.

Verdict: Cisco AMP for endpoints can stop ransomware. It also works best for fileless malware. It provides flexible deployment options i.e. public cloud and on-premises. It supports, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

Website: Cisco AMP

#9) FireEye HX

Best for Small, medium, and large businesses.
Availability: As per the online reviews, pricing is based on the number of endpoints. It will start from $30 per endpoint. If the number of endpoints increases, then the price will scale down.

FireEye HX

FireEye endpoint protection will provide more security than an anti-virus. FireEye platform can respond at a scale. It has multiple detection and prevention capabilities. It provides integrated key security mechanisms in a single agent.


  • It has included MalwareGuard which is a protection engine based on Machine Learning.
  • It will allow you to gather details on any activity.
  • The analyst will respond with informed and tailored responses that are based on real-time details.
  • Engines are based on signature and behavior.

Verdict: FireEye provides a comprehensive endpoint defense solution with features of a lightweight multi-engine agent, triage and audit viewer, enterprise security search, and easy to understand interface.

Website: FireEye HX

#10) McAfee EDR

Best for Small, medium, and large businesses.
Availability: Get a quote for its pricing details.


McAfee provides the cloud-based solution and hence it involves low-maintenance. It performs continuous monitoring for endpoint activities. It provides cloud-based deployment and analytics.


  • Automatic identification of key findings. No manual evaluation is required.
  • Analysts will be able to understand quickly based on the visualizations that display relationships.
  • McAfee makes the use of AI for investigations.

Verdict: McAfee provides endpoint protection services and will be powerful security against threats. It supports Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Website: McAfee EDR


This is all about the top EDR Security services. As we have seen, Cynet provides a fully integrated solution for endpoint security. It will help you with vulnerability management, deception, network analysis, threat intelligence, and analytics.

CrowdStrike Falcon is the cloud-based solution for endpoint security. It comes with features like malware & exploits detection, alerts for security threats, real-time system & application inventory, etc.

Carbon Black provides a highly-advanced, cloud-based solution for endpoint security. It can analyze a large amount of data. SentinelOne provides endpoint security to businesses in various industries like healthcare, finance, education, and energy. Symantec EDR services will simplify the process of investigation and threat hunting.

Hope this article will be helpful in selecting the right EDR service for your business.

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