17 Best Spam Call Blocker Apps for Android in 2023 [Guide]

Looking for a solution to block unwanted and fraudulent calls? Review this list of the best Spam Call Blocker for Android to block spam calls:

Spam call is defined as an unwanted call or communication that occurs without any prior request and sometimes poses a threat to the person to whom the call came by stealing their information. There are various software in the market to prevent you from these annoying calls that are called call blocking software.

What is a Spam Call Blocker?

Spam Call Blocker is a solution to block unwanted and fraudulent calls. It acts like a filter that uses its call data and other related sources like FTC to filter the illegal and scam calls coming the way of its users. There are many applications that provide their services free of cost and others charge based on different pricing models.

Spam Call Blocker Apps for Android – Complete Review

Best Spam Call Blocker Android

How to Stop Spam Calls on Android

We can simply block spam calls by installing a good app to block spam calls by going on to the online app store and looking for expert reviews and checking out apps listed at ctia.org.

You should check the built-in feature of your phone where some phones allow you to block a limited number of unwanted calls.

how to stop unwanted calls

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In a research conducted by Hiya, in its State of the Call 2022 report, it is found that the voice is going to be the preferred channel of communication for businesses as well as for consumers. There would be a problem of spam and fraud calls arising here, so to break this problem we need branded caller ID solutions that would identify the caller’s ID.


In the study, it was found that the United States faced over 80.1 Billion spam and fraud calls in 2021 and lost $567.41 on average.


In the article, we explained the meaning of spam calls and certain ways for blocking spam calls. The market share of global mobile security and its forecast is mentioned with expert advice and some FAQs. A list of the best spam call blocker tools is provided with a comparison of the top five among them. In the end, the conclusion and the review process are stated.

Market Trends: According to the research by Grand View Research, the market share of global mobile security is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7% from 2020 to 2027 and was valued at $3.20 billion in 2019.

Mobile security market size

Expert Advice: To select the best call blocker apps for your Android you should consider certain factors including package pricing, certified security system providers, quick service response, technical advancement, proven track record, and an excellent reputation.

They must have a database of spam callers so that they can filter out the calls and SMSs coming your way. You should also try the application before subscription. They must provide a free trial for the same.

FAQs on Call Blocking Apps

Q #1) What is the best free spam call blocker for Android?

Answer: The best free spam blocker app for Android are:

  1. TMobile ScamShield
  2. Hiya
  3. Truecaller
  4. Call Control
  5. UnknownPhone

Q #2) How do I block spam calls permanently?

Answer: You can block spam calls permanently by registering your phone number on the National Registry at DoNotCall.gov. After registering, you would not get any unwanted calls from organizations except calls from organizations including calls from charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors.

Q #3) Does blocking spam calls do any good?

Answer: Yes blocking spam calls is good as it prevents you and your device from scammers and viruses to enter your device and hampering the data.

Q #4) Can spam calls hack your phone?

Answer: Yes, spam calls can hack your phone by asking you for your important information by creating or showing urgency and then using it for hacking and other malicious activities.

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List of Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Some popular and most downloaded apps to block spam calls:

  1. TMobile ScamShield
  2. Hiya
  3. Truecaller
  4. Call Control
  5. UnknownPhone
  6. Donotcall.gov
  7. AT&T Call Protect
  8. Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker
  9. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking
  10. YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker

Comparison of Top Spam Call Blocker Apps

SoftwareBest forFree trialPricing Rating
TMobile ScamShieldAdvanced anti-scam features like Scam Likely, Scam Block, and Caller ID.3-months free trial is availableStarts with $90 per month.5/5
HiyaModernising voice with trust, identity and intelligence.A free trial is availableStarts with $99.99 per month.4.9/5
TruecallerSafeguarding the phone with an effortless, user-friendly trusted caller ID app.FreeFree4.8/5
Call ControlQuiet hours & breakthrough rules.Not availableStarts with $0 per month4.7/5
UnknownPhonePhone number search function to identify unknown callers.FreeFree4.5/5

Detailed Review:

#1) TMobile ScamShield

Best for advanced anti-scam features like Scam Likely, Scam Block, and Caller ID.

T mobile Scam shiled

TMobile ScamShield is a free advanced spam call blocker software for Android users that provides them with built-in scam block protection with many other related features like advanced network technology, getting to know who is calling, proxy number, reporting spam calls, and more.

It offers a scam shield premium which includes features like managing block lists, reverse phone number lookup, voicemails-to-text conversion, etc.

How to use TMobile ScamShield:

We can easily report spam calls with the help of TMobile ScamShield by following the given steps:

  1. You can select the report calls option in the menu icon with the three dots in the activity tab.
  2. You can also report the call by just selecting the number and pressing the report option.


  • Five layers of scam blocking are provided to block scam calls.
  • AI and machine learning is used in analyzing network calls.
  • Calls get blocked even before you get the call with the in-built Scam ID, Scam Block, and Scam Counter features.
  • Enables you to know the caller’s information with free access to caller ID.
  • A free PROXY number is provided when you don’t want to share your phone number.
  • Allows you to report spam or scam calls by identifying suspicious callers.


  • Built-in scam block protection.
  • Free caller ID identification.
  • PROXY is available free of cost once a year.
  • Dedicated customer support.


  • Comparatively high prices.

Verdict: TMobile ScamShield is best for providing unlimited 5G data with unlimited talk, text, and nationwide 5G coverage with advanced scam-blocking protection. It is recommended for caller ID identification and PROXY number features.


  • A 3-month free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as:
    • Magenta MAX: $140 per 3 phone lines per month.
    • Magenta: $120 per 3 phone lines per month.
    • Essentials: $90 per 3 phone lines per month.

Website: TMobile ScamShield

#2) Hiya

Best for modernizing voice with trust, identity, and intelligence.


Hiya is a platform to connect customers to the business, help carriers secure their networks, and prevent spam and fraudulent calls. It helps in connecting to the customers through calls with features like voice metrics and insights, managing reputation health, displaying name, logo, and call reason, and preventing spoofing with Secure Call.

It prevents fraudulent calls with features like real-time detection, automatic fraud blocking, ensuring legitimate calls are not flagged or blocked, etc.

How to use Hiya:

To use this app you can follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly we need to install it from the Google Play store.
  2. After downloading, agree to the terms and conditions to continue further.
  3. After agreeing, an option for making Hiya a default app pops up. We can cancel it or set it as the default app.
  4. Then it asks for certain permissions like managing phone calls or accessing phone logs. Here we can deny or enable them.
  5. After the making default setting you can block the calls by selecting the “Block List” tab given at the bottom of the app.


  • Real-time spam call detection automatically blocks it.
  • Prevents inaccurate spam labeling by managing reputation health.
  • Provides self-service analytics feature by providing access to voice metrics.
  • Ensures security with SOC 2 regulatory compliance.
  • Protects your identity by displaying name, logo, and call reason with Branded Call.
  • Provides access to various call management options like auto-blocking and reverse phone number lookup.


  • SOC 2 compliant.
  • Automatic fraud blocking.
  • Highest detection rate.
  • Lowest error rate.


  • No web version is available.

Verdict: It is backed by Lumia Capital, Balderton & more and has been trusted by 200 million users including companies like Google, Samsung, AT&T, Cricket, Pepephone, and many more. It is recommended for its feature of categorizing spam calls into 15 categories to clearly enable them to decide whether to answer, reject or report it.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Starting from 99.99 per month.

Website: Hiya

#3) Truecaller

Best for safeguarding the phone with an effortless, user-friendly trusted caller ID app.


Truecaller is one of the best effortless and user-friendly caller ID and spam-blocking tools. It identifies the caller ID of the unknown numbers with their name, address, call reason, and more.

It offers very powerful and effective features including smart sms, an organized and spam-free inbox, an intelligent dialer, spam blocking, and more. Users have the power to show their personal information to others.

It complies with applicable data protection laws, maintains strong encryption methods, and uses OTP, TLS, and industry-leading standards.


  • Caller ID features are provided to enable the users to know the name and locations of unknown numbers.
  • Flash different colors for different caller IDs. Like red for scammers, blue for standard calls, etc.
  • Automatically identifies spam calls and blocks them.
  • Uses global community-based spam detection
  • Allows users to communicate on the same platform by text messaging without any extra charges.
  • Smart sms features are provided in some countries which enables the users to track delivery status, PNR status, recent bank transactions, and more.


  • User friendly.
  • Free app.
  • Permission-based features.


  • The app may not work at some pace and below the 3G network.

Verdict: Truecaller has been trusted by over 330 million people worldwide and is known to be among the best spam-blocking software. It is recommended for its smart SMS feature that enables you to track your bank transactions, PNR status, and so on.

Pricing: Free

Website: Truecaller

#4) Call Control

Best for quiet hours & breakthrough rules.


Call Control is a platform that helps in stopping scammers, robocalls, and telemarketers. It enables you to only get important calls and keeps you and your family protected from fraud and malicious scammers. It offers several effective features like reverse phone number lookup, blocking spam callers, enhanced caller ID, and more.

Its services are available for mobile phones, landlines, enterprises, and developers. It uses CommunityIQ to block numbers that have been reported by others several times.


  • Blocks fraudulent calls that can impact credit or IRS tax scams.
  • An enhanced caller ID is provided to let you know whether the call that is coming is a scam or legit.
  • Automatically identifies and blocks or reports the scam calls.
  • Reverse phone number lookup is provided to find out the person or identity behind the new number.
  • Enables to make or maintain a personal SMS or call blacklist to block anyone by adding them to the list.
  • Have updated government data regarding the latest scams & complaints and alerts from regulatory bodies.


  • Automatic spam identification and blocking.
  • Personalized allow or block option.
  • Blocks spoofed numbers.


  • Spoof call blocking needs improvement.

Verdict: Call Control can be integrated with CISCO, Nextiva, and BroadSoft. It is recommended for its features like spoofed number identification, automatic updates, and personalized blocklist. It enables the users to easily manage the calls from the web or iOS and Android apps.


  • For Mobile phones: Free
  • For landline: $149.99
  • For enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • For developers: Contact for pricing

Website: Call Control

#5) UnknownPhone

Best for phone number search function to identify unknown callers.

Unknown Phone - Spam Call Blocker for Android

UnknownPhone is the best free spam call blocker app for Android scam-detecting solutions that enable users to get to know the identity behind the call from an unknown number. It also identifies text scams from the text from unknown numbers and lets you block them.

With a phone number search the users can easily find the identity or scammer behind the number. It advises you to give feedback if you find anything wrong or fraudulent in the unknown number so that others may benefit from it.


  • A reverse phone number search enables the users to get to know the person behind the call.
  • Allows you to give feedback on unknown numbers that have a bad reputation.
  • Tracks and monitors phone calls to identify those scams which are more active.
  • Identifies text scams by reverse phone number search.
  • Prevents you from clicking the link from an unknown number.
  • Prevents you to call back the unknown scam numbers by identifying the legitimacy of the call.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • SSL certified.
  • Safe and secure to use.


  • Hidden owner identity.

Verdict: UnknownPhone is the best free app to block spam calls and texts and is recommended for identifying the unknown number and enabling users to block them or give feedback or report them. It is SSL-certified software.

Pricing: Free.

Website: UnknownPhone

#6) Donotcall.gov

Best for blocking unwanted sales and robocalls.


Donotcall.gov is a call-blocking solution that restricts telemarketing calls to come on registered mobile numbers. This is applicable for those numbers that are registered on the National Registry for 31 days.

It clearly mentions that even after registering your number some calls from other organizations may come including calls from charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors. It advised you to report and give category feedback on unwanted calls.


  • Allows you to register your phone number on the National Registry for 31 days.
  • Enables you to register your number for free.
  • Prevents telemarketing calls to come on your registered number.
  • Doesn’t prevent calls from other organizations like charities, political groups, debt collectors, and surveys.
  • Report the unwanted sales calls.
  • Enables you to give feedback on the category of call you received.


  • Free registration.
  • Reporting and feedback features are available.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.


  • Sometimes you get calls even after being registered.

Verdict: Donotcall.gov is recommended for preventing unnecessary robocalls or unwanted sales calls from different organizations. It provides various effective features like reporting unwanted call, feedback on the category of calls like what the call was about, debt reduction, home security, or vacations.


  • First five area codes in a subscription are free.
  • Area codes cost ranges between $59- $16,228.

Website: Donotcall.gov

#7) AT&T Call Protect

Best for blocking calls and giving call warnings.

AT&T Call Protect - Spam Call Blocker for Android

AT&T Call Protect is a platform that provides solutions for spam, fraudulent or unwanted calls. It enables the users to block unwanted calls manually and also it automatically blocks the suspected calls by using Hiya’s list of known phone numbers to block.

If it is not sure that you want to receive the call or not, it warns you by giving some of its information like labeling them as a telemarketer or suspected spam.


  • Automatically blocks fraudulent calls themselves and does not bother you.
  • Enable you to unblock the automatically blocked numbers.
  • Call warnings are provided by describing the call as a telemarketer or suspected scam.
  • Enables you to manually block any number temporarily and it gets unblocked automatically in a month.
  • Shows the blocked calls notification in the call logs.


  • Mobile support
  • Customization
  • Call warnings


  • Does not block text.

Verdict: AT&T Call Protect is recommended for its call warning feature that warns you by giving some of its information like labeling them as a telemarketer or suspected spam. It offers you both options to automatically as well as manually block spam calls.


  • Pricing plans are as:
    • AT&T Activearmor: Free
    • AT&T Activearmor advanced: $3.99 per month per line.

Website: AT&T Call Protect

#8) Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker

Best for industry-leading spam detection technology.

Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker

Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker is an easy-to-use software that helps in identifying and blocking spam numbers automatically. It allows the users to manually block the scammers by making a block list and by reporting them.

It enables the users to check for the identity of the person calling with the unknown number with the help of the lookup feature. It keeps you away from robocalls by working in the background.


  • Quickly and easily look up any unknown nunvers’ identity or person behind it.
  • Allows you to make your own personal blocklist by manually blocking numbers.
  • Detects spam calls and blocks them automatically.
  • Warns the users of spam calls in real-time.
  • Enables you to report and block spam numbers.
  • Can be integrated with other tools for incoming call screens, call logs, and support for blocking calls.


  • Industry-leading spam detection technology.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Protection against spoof calls.


  • Annoying ads.

Verdict: Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker is recommended for easily blocking specific phone numbers, preventing the users from robocalls and getting spoofed. It is good at generating real-time warning alerts to its users.


  • A 7-day free trial is available.
  • In-app purchase.

Website: Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker

#9) Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

Best for preventing scammers, spammers, and swindlers.


Nomorobo is a platform for blocking unnecessary robocalls and spam text messages. It gets easily installed, is extremely flexible, and is incredibly accurate in identifying legal calls.

It blocks even the most sophisticated robocallers with advanced call-screening technology and spoof-proof protection. Under this, spam texts are automatically filtered. It provides spam free voicemail box.


  • Automatically protect phones from scammers, spammers, and swindlers.
  • It is easy to install and is incredibly accurate as it identifies important robocalls like school closings and prescription reminders.
  • Effectively prevent robocalls and spam text messages on your mobile phone.
  • Covers VoIP landlines completely free.
  • Follows consumer-friendly practices and does not use your data.
  • Spoof-proof protection and Advanced call screening technology is provided.


  • Advanced call screening.
  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Incredibly accurate and extremely flexible.
  • Simple-one time installation.


  • Does not stop most calls.

Verdict: Nomorobo has been featured on CNN, USA Today, NBC, ABC News, and more. It is supported on various mobile carriers like AT&T, TMobile ScamShield, and Verizon and has been trusted by 2 million American users for its privacy and control.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Nomorobo Max: $4.17 per month.
  • Mobile Basic: $1.99 per month.
  • VoIP Landlines: Free

Website: Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

#10) YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker

Best for cloud-based visual voicemails.

YouMail - Spam Call Blocker for Android

YouMail is a call-blocking software that protects its users from scams or spam or unwanted calls along with providing various other effective related services. It enables you to stop robocalls either by allowing automatic call blockers or with custom call-blocking options.

It enables you to send the callers automatically personalized voicemail greetings. Auto reply feature is provided to automatically revert back the callers with links and other information.


  • Provides you call blocking features both automatic and manual.
  • The automatic reverse phone lookup feature shows you the name of the person who is calling.
  • Enables you to send customized voicemail greetings in your own voice to callers.
  • Provides a second phone number or PROXY.
  • Auto attendants are provided to the professionals with several additional features.
  • Other features include a unified inbox, auto-replies, free conference calls, etc.


  • Free plans for individuals are available.
  • Call blocking with voice mails.
  • The second phone number feature is available.


  • Comparatively expensive professional plans.

Verdict: YouMail has been trusted by over 150,000 businesses of all sizes. It is recommended for its effective features including auto attendant with unlimited extensions and auto-reply feature to automatically text the personalized message to the callers with helpful information.


  • For personal use:
    • Plus: $5.99 per month
    • Free: $0 per month.
  • For professional use:
    • Essentials: $11.99 per month.
    • Complete: $19.99 per month.
    • Ultimate: $27.99 per month.

Website: YouMail Voicemail and Spam Blocker

Other Spam Call Blockers to Consider

#11) Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Best for malware removal and remediation.

Malwarebytes is a mobile security solution that protects phones from viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats. It offers very effective and powerful features like spam filters, spam blockers, identity privacy, and more.

It provides 24/7 real-time device & phone protection along with internet security and safe browsing. It includes phone security services like a spam blocker, spyware detection, ransomware protection, and so on.


  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing plans are as:
    • Personal: Between $3.75 – $8.33 per month.
    • Business: $69.99 – $84.99 per device per year.

Website: Malwarebytes Mobile Security

#12) CallApp

Best for analytics and insights into the calling behaviors and patterns.

CallApp is a pretty simple-to-use interface that provides its users with protection from fraudsters and scammers. It includes various features like phone number search, personalized ringtones, call reminders, car mode, analytics, and many more.

It identifies the caller ID of unknown numbers and blocks telemarketers, spam calls, and blacklists unwanted callers. It enables the users to record the call and share it on social media. It allows the users to make a backup of contacts, and record within the same platform.

Pricing: Free for an unlimited period of time.

Website: CallApp

#13) Avast Call Blocker

Best for keeping you safe online from over one billion threats.

Avast is a free mobile protection software that offers award-winning free antivirus to its users. It does not let you compromise your safety, privacy, and identity in the modern world that requires personal information online.

Avast Secure Line VPN protects your privacy when you are online by preventing snoops from using your IP address. It has been trusted by over 400 million users worldwide. It cleans up the junk from your device, frees up space, and speeds up your device.

It prevents the users from unwanted or spam calls, warns you of the same, and blocks them automatically. To identify spam numbers, it uses resources like the Federal Communications Commission database or crowd-sourced information.


  • Avast One: $4.19 per month.
  • Premium security: $5.79 per month.

Website: Avast Call Blocker

#14) Robokiller

Best for blocking 99% of spam calls & texts.

RoboKiller is a spam call-blocking solution. It has been featured on CNBC, Consumer Reports, Los Angeles Times, and more and awarded with Webby Award for Technical Achievement in 2019 and 2021.

It uses a predictive spam call-blocking algorithm to analyze incoming calls and block them. It enables you to control the call blocking and create custom block/allow lists. It includes an option for feedback where you can give additional feedback about spam calls.


  • A 7-day free trial is available.
  • Costs $4.99 per month.

Website: Robokiller

#15) CallHound

Best for backing up call-blocking rules.

CallHound is a call blocker solution for Android and iOS users. It protects its users from fraud or spam calls and messages. It automatically blocks calls for which Spam rules are applied and are on the spam list. It allows you to block or receive an unknown number of calls for which the unwanted rule is applied.

It provides features like adding rules, blocking spam calls, tagging unwanted calls, backup rules, etc. It enables you to use the software even without an internet connection.

Pricing: Cost $1.99 (Reg: $4.99).

Website: CallHound

#16) Call Blocker

Best for blocking, identifying, and reporting suspicious phone numbers

Call Blocker is a complete app to prevent phone scams or unwanted calls. It identifies and blocks suspicious calls. It has been trusted by millions of users around the world. It includes a search option where you can search for any number’s identity from the app’s database.

It has the largest database of spam numbers. The report feature enables the user to report in order to help and warn others about any spam phone numbers.

Pricing: Free for an unlimited period of time.

Website: Call Blocker

#17) Verizon Call Filter

Best for spam filters to block high-risk calls automatically.

Verizon Call Filter is a platform that detects and automatically blocks high-risk spam calls. A spam filter is provided to block the calls based on the level of risk, you can choose from options including high risk, high & medium risk, and all risk levels.

It lets you keep track of blocked calls from your device’s call log. It allows you to report spam and block all numbers similar to your own to avoid spoofing. Other features include caller name ID, spam lookup, personal blocklist, and many more.


  • Pricing plans are as:
    • Call filter: Free
    • Call filter plus: $3.99 per month.
    • Call filter plus (multi-line): $10.99 per month for 3 or more lines.

Website: Verizon Call Filter


Through the research, we concluded how essential spam call blocker software could be for any device. It not only lets you know the caller’s identity and block unwanted calls but also provides you with so much more. It lets you make your own blocklist manually, report spam calls, warn you of the scam, and so on.

We researched and jotted down the best spam call blocker Android users can opt from. Every solution comes with its distinct set of features and different pricing plans.

If you want to use the platform without an internet connection, then you should opt for CallHound. If you need to have a PROXY number, then you should select TMobile ScamShield ScamShield and YouMail. In this way, you have various software available in the market to protect you from spammers, scammers, and swindlers.

As there are a number of spam call blocker for android we should consider some essential factors to select the best among all. The one we would select must be providing a free trial, should have a good call database, and have a good reputation.

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Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 37 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarised list of spam call blocker for android with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Spam Call Blocker for Android Researched Online: 25
  • Top Spam Call Blocker for Android Shortlisted for Review: 17
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