Run iMessage on PC: 5 Ways to Get iMessage on Windows 10

Here you will explore the iMessage application and multiple ways to understand How to Run iMessage on Windows 10 PC:

There are times when you are occupied with some work and need to check who is calling or sending messages on your phone with the help of notifications.

Though smartwatches nowadays come equipped with this feature, you can even access your mobile messages on your system by using the iMessage application.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the iMessage application in iOS and will learn various ways to use iMessage on PC Windows 10.

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What is iMessage

How to Run iMessage on PC

iMessage is an application that has been created specifically for the iPhone so that users can send and receive SMS and another form of messages.

This is an in-built application that saves all your messages and allows you to communicate with other people. But sometimes, users face numerous issues while using this application, as they need to switch to mobile phones from their system to use iMessage.

So in this article, we will discuss various ways to run iMessage for PC Windows 10.

Different Ways to Use iMessage on PC

There are numerous ways to make it easier for users to use iMessage for Windows, and we listed some of them below:

#1) Using Simulator

Various applications can allow users to enjoy the experience of different operating systems on their device, and such software is called simulators.

The task of the simulators is to simulate the applications working on various platforms on the devices on which they are installed. iMessage is an iOS application, so if you want to simulate it on your PC, you must make sure that you use an iOS emulator.

There are various iOS simulators and emulators which can allow you to run iMessage for Windows, and some of them are listed below:

  1. Smartface
  3. Corellium
  4. Mobile Studio
  5. Test Flight
  6. Delta
  7. Adobe Air


[image source]

Once you have installed any of the above simulators in your system, you need to open them and connect iMessage with your iPhone to access the application easily. Some users think that iPadian could help them access iMessage, but it is clearly mentioned on its website that iPadian does not support iMessage.

#2) Your Phone Application

Website: Your Phone

Price: Free

It is an excellent application from Windows, which has reduced the effort of searching for your mobile phone to read the messages.

This application completely replicates the feature of iOS, which allows users to read system messages and reply to them instantly as this saves the time to open the mobile phone, enter a password, and then respond. So this application allows you to use iMessage for Windows 10.

Here are the steps:

  • Download your phone application on your mobile and on your system.
  • Sync both devices using Microsoft Email ID.
  • Then grant Bluetooth permission on your phone.
  • Verify email and provide required permissions.

Your Phone Application

The image displayed above shows the dashboard of your phone application linked to the device.

#3) Third Party Application

Website: Cydia

Price: $0.99 onwards

It is an application that shares iMessage data to the system when both system and mobile are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Over the same network, they can share data easily without bypassing any security protocol.

You can download Cydia on your system and when the application is installed, you can enable it from the settings.

Third Party Application

[image source]


  • Download Cydia and enable it in Settings.
  • Login to the Cydia website on your system and enter the IP address and the connection will be established.

#4) Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Website: Chrome Desktop

Price: Free

Chrome provides its users with a feature known as Remote Desktop, which allows them to connect with other devices by sharing a secret code. Once this code matches, users can access both devices.

This feature works on the concept of host and client device, where the client device can access the host device, and in such instances, the host devices are your mobile phones.

So, the user must download the host installer on their iPhone and remote desktop application on their Mac which allows users to use iMessage on PC.

Note: This method will work only for Mac systems.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop

[image source]

Follow the steps:

  • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop application, enter the PIN and then confirm the PIN and click on Start.


  • Then you can click on Remote Support and connect your device to the System via the Access Code provided in the section as displayed in the image below.

Access Code

This way you can connect your Mac System to iMessage and reply instantly.

#5) Using Zen

Website: Using Zen

Price: $3-5/month

Zen is a cross-platform application for accessing iMessage which will soon be available for users. The predictions state that Zen will charge $3-5 per month for its services and $10 or above for yearly or lifetime services.

This application is supposed to have a robust environment that will allow the users to access iMessage on Windows PC. The image displayed below shows the texting environment of the application and it is the first glimpse shared by the developers.

Furthermore, there are rumors that Apple will soon ban this application as it makes iMessage usable from multiple devices.

Using Zen

[image source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can I use iMessage on a PC?

Answer: Yes, you can use iMessage on your PC by using third-party applications, simulators, and Chrome Remote Desktop Feature.

Q #2) Can you get iMessage on Windows?

Answer: Using iMessage on Windows is possible, but you can do it only by using a simulator because, without a simulator, iMessage won’t run.

Q #3) Is Cydia safe for iPhone?

Answer: Yes, until you download applications from trusted sources, Cydia is safe and trustworthy, but some users have mentioned that this application works only on jailbroken phones.

Q #4) How do I get iMessage on Google Chrome?

Answer: Yes, you can get iMessage on Google Chrome and can use it on your Mac by following the steps listed below.

  • Download Chrome Desktop, which you can easily download from the official site.
  • Select the directory, download the application and then launch the application.
  • Find the Host Installer File on Mac and follow the instructions to install it in your system.
  • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop application, enter the PIN and then confirm the PIN and click on Start.
  • Then you can click on Remote Support and connect your device to the System via Access Code.
  • A 12-digit code will be displayed on the screen and entered into the host application.
  • This will sync. Now you can share the devices and messages.

Q #5) Is iMessage for PC safe?

Answer: Using third-party applications to access iPhone messages is not completely safe, so it’s better to avoid using third-party applications.

Q #6) Does Jailbreak ruin iPhone?

Answer: Jailbreaking iPhone declines your iPhone warranty, declaring that now this device is not under iPhone protocols. This can allow you to install other applications but it will disable all security regulations, making your data vulnerable.


iMessage is an application for iPhone devices that allows users to easily communicate via text messages. It can be referred to as an SMS application for iPhone users. Replying to your mobile phone’s SMS from your system allows you to save time and respond effortlessly.

Earlier users could access iMessage notifications only through their Mac system whereas iPhone users with Windows systems couldn’t enjoy this feature. So in this article, we have discussed a way to access the iMessage PC application.

This method of connecting device and system messages will allow users to easily save their time and reply efficiently. Also, you must make sure that you use only secure and safe applications. In this article, we also discussed various ways how to get iMessage on Windows 10.