Top 10 Best DDoS Protection Services to Secure Your Website

Most Popular Premium as well as free DDoS Protection Services To Ensure Website Safety:

DDoS Protection is very much essential in today’s Software testing world.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. The DDoS attack affects your business by reducing the performance of the website or web application.

This attack is not meant for stealing any information, neither it will affect security. Rather it is meant for reducing the website performance or taking it down.

DDoS Protection Services

To do a DDoS attack on any website, several infected computers are used for making the request or accessing the same service at the same time. Hence, this will definitely slow down the website or web application.

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DDos Protection Service

DDoS protection services will help you in filtering such traffic. This article will explain to you about the best anti-DDoS Services in the market.

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List of The Best DDoS Protection Services

Here is a list of the best free and commercial anti-DDoS Software that is available in the market is enlisted here in this article for your easy reference.

Comparison of Top DDoS Services

ServicePriceCloud based/On PremiseIndustriesProtects
Link11Upon requestCloud basedAll Industries (Finance, Ecommerce, Entertainment, Logistics, Utilities, Online Gaming etc.)Websites and IT infrastructures on all Layers (Layer 3-7)
AppTranaFree forever Basic Scan, 14 day free trial, $99 per site/monthBothAll Industries (BFSI, ecommerce, SAAS, all online sites)Websites and the underlying infrastructure (layer3-7)
SolarWinds SEMStarts at $4805.On-premise--Protects from DDoS attacks.
Sucuri$199.99/yearCloud BasedAll Industries Application layer
Against volumetric attacks & Protocol based Dos attacks
CloudflareFreeCloud basedSaaS
Public Sector
Network layer
Application layer
Imperva Incapsula$59/site per monthCloud basedEnterprise Healthcare & GovernmentNetwork infrastructure
Name Server
Network layer
Application Layer
Prolexic SolutionsPricingCloud basedGaming,Public Sector
Financial Services,
Hotel and Travel
Healthcare & Life Sciences and many more.
Network Layer
Application Layer
Aws ShieldContact themCloud basedFinance, Retail, Government & Education, Gaming, Manufacturing and many more.Network Layer
Transport Layer
VerisignContact themCloud basedEnterpriseNetwork layer
Application layer
Arbor NetworksContact themIn cloud and On PremiseFinance
Application Layer
Against Volumetric attack &
TCP State-Exhaustion
RadwareContact themHybrid- On premise and cloudFinance
Ecommerce & others
Against IoT based attack
Azure$30/month per resource + $0.008/GBCloud BasedGovernment
Health and life Sciences
Application Layer
Azure Applications
NexusguardContact themCloud BasedGovernment
Telecom &ISP
Network Layer
Application Layer

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Link11

Company Name: Link11

Link11 edited

Link11 is a leading IT security provider with a focus on DDoS protection for both websites and IT infrastructures. 

The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Link11 ensures business continuity for its customers by taking DDoS protection to the next level.

Its cloud-based protection solution runs fully automated and uses artificial intelligence in a highly sophisticated approach. This way, the company ensures availability at all time for its customers with no human interaction required.

Link11 offers 360° DDoS protection for websites and IT infrastructure. When the patent-pending solution is implemented, traffic is redirected through Link11´s global server network. Running as an always-on solution, the Link11 DDoS protection filters out malicious traffic before it reaches its target.

Thanks to a highly innovative and intelligent filter technique, Link11 offers the fastest time to mitigate (TTM) on the market for every attack vector in 0-10 seconds. Even new and unknown attack vectors are detected and mitigated immediately.


  • Patent-pending, 360° DDoS protection on all layers (3-7) in real time.
  • Unlimited protection in terms of attack duration.
  • 24 x 7 high-quality support based in Europe.
  • Exclusion of human error thanks to full automation.
  • Performance and availability thanks to always-on protection.
  • Mitigation of all DDoS attack vectors (even new and unknown) in 0-10 seconds.
  • Uncomplicated and fast setup (even under ongoing attack).


Pricing information: Upon request.

#2) AppTrana

Company Name: Indusface


AppTrana is a cloud-based managed WAF, DDoS /bot protection and website acceleration service that allows customers to get:

  • On-demand unlimited application security assessment
  • Protection from DDoS and application attacks
  • Site acceleration with a bundled CDN
  • Monitoring and 24×7 management with custom policies and updates

The company is headquartered in India with offices in Bengaluru, Vadodara, Mumbai, Delhi, and San Francisco and their services are used by 1100+ customers across 25+ countries globally.


  • Unlimited web application security assessment with a bundled application security scanner
  • Zero downtime onboarding in minutes to get managed WAF that can be deployed in block mode instantly with no false positives
  • 24×7 support and unlimited custom rules as part of the managed offering
  • Layer 3-7 instant and managed DDoS protection
  • Start for free with no credit card required
  • Automatic free for a year application security scanning

Pricing information

The company offers 3 plans as shown below:

Basic (Free): This plan will allow anyone to get a security check done for their website (twice a month) for the whole year.

Advance: $99 a month and includes an unlimited application security assessment, instant virtual patching and WAF with DDoS/Bot protection and protection from OWASP top 10 related vulnerability exploits

Premium: $399 a month includes all the advance feature plus, a manual penetration testing assessment along with a revalidation of the application. Unlimited custom rules are written by Security experts to protect against vulnerabilities and attacks.


#3) SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM)

Company: SolarWinds

SolarWinds DDoS Protection

SolarWinds provides the solution to monitor event logs from a wide range of sources for detecting and preventing DDoS activities. SEM takes the maximum advantage of community-sourced lists of known bad actors.

This will make it easier to identify interactions with potential command and control servers. To achieve this, SEM consolidates, normalizes, and reviews logs from a wide range of sources like IDS/IPS, firewalls, servers, authentication services, etc.

SEM maintains logs and events in an encrypted & compressed format and records them in an unalterable read-only format. It will be a source of truth for post-breach investigations and DDoS mitigation.


  • SEM has the features of automated responses for sending an alert, blocking an IP, or shutting down an account. Suspicious activity will not be skipped with the help of these automated responses.
  • The tool will allow you to configure these options without extensive custom scripts.
  • It provides the searches that will be easy to customize for specific timeframes, accounts/IPs, or combinations of parameters.
  • It has a simple drag-and-drop UI.
  • It responds in real-time to suspicious activity and communications.

Pricing: The price of the Security Event Manager starts at $4805. It offers a fully functional free trial for 30 days.

#4) Sucuri

Company Name: Sucuri


Company was launched in 2010 with its headquarters in the United States of America. Daniel B. Cid is the founder of this company.


  • 24*7 support.
  • Malware protection plus support after an attack.
  • No installations required.
  • Cloud-based system.
  • It helps in improving the performance of the website.
  • Firewall protection for websites.
  • It removes or blocks the spams from the list, which means it provides the feature of Blacklist Removal.
  • It provides Disaster recovery, which is explained in the below screenshot.

aucuri backup

Pricing Information: It includes 3 plans as shown below:

  • Basic: $199.99/year*
  • Professional: $299.99/year*
  • Business: $499.99/year*

#5) Cloudflare

Company Name: Cloudflare


It is a US-based company with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

This company was launched in 2009. They have their offices in London, Singapore, Champaign, Austin, Boston, and Washington. The company provides solutions for websites, e-commerce stores, mobile applications, APIs and SaaS products.


  • With the basic plan, you will get some features like unlimited mitigation for the DDoS attack, SSL Certificate, etc.
  • You can also purchase some features from the dashboard.
  • For the Pro plan, you will get all the features of the basic plan plus some additional features.
  • For the Business plan, you will get all the features of the Pro plan plus some additional features.
  • The same with the Enterprise plan as well.

Note: Click on the below image for an enlarged view

In the below image you can see features provides by different plans.

Cloudflare Features

Pricing Information: This Company is offering four plans as shown below:

  • Free: This plan will work for personal websites, blogs or to use on a trial basis.
  • Pro: $20/month per domain. This plan gives basic security and performance features to professional websites.
  • Business: $200/month per domain. This plan gives advanced security and performance features to small e-commerce websites and businesses.
  • Enterprise: Contact them for more information.

Official URL: Cloudflare

#6) Imperva Incapsula

Company Name: Imperva Incapsula


The Company was launched in 2009 with its headquarters in Redwood Shores, Redwood City, CA. The company provides solutions for DDoS attack, content caching, website security and load balancing. It is a cloud-based system.

Features: You will get the features according to the plan you choose.

Pro: With the Pro plan, you will get the basic protection features and some features to improve the performance.

This plan provides:

  • Web application security-  but in this, it will not give you any custom security rules.
  • Content delivery network-  but this will not contain the features of Custom cache headers and Application delivery rules.
  • Traffic monitoring rules – real-time reporting feature is not available for this plan.
  • Support for IPv6 and TLS.

Business: With a Business plan you will get all the features of the Pro plan plus some additional features as well.

  • This plan provides DDoS security for the Application layer.
  • This plan provides features for TLS.
  • Compared to the Pro plan this plan will have one more feature for the Content Delivery Network and that is Custom Cache headers.

Enterprise: With the Enterprise plan you will get all the features of the business plan except one and that is DDoS protection for the Application layer. This feature is optional here.

In addition to the features:

  • You will be able to monitor traffic in real time.
  • You will get 24*7 phone support.
  • Many features are optional. You can add them as per your requirement.

Pricing Information: Company offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro: $59/site per month.
  • Business: $299/site per month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for details.

A free trial is available for each plan. But to get a free trial for the Enterprise plan you will have to contact them.

Official URL: Imperva Incapsula

#7) Prolexic Solutions

Company Name: Akamai Technologies


This is an American company with its headquarters in Cambridge.

The company provides solutions for web performance, network operations, Web security, and media delivery.

It serves solutions to many industries like Software & technology, gaming, financial services, business services, and many others. Akamai provides the solution to deal with the DDoS attacks and it is called Prolexic Solutions.


  • As per your need, you can select the options for the protection. This feature provides you with an option to protect the web application as well as IP based applications.
  • 24*7 support is available for DDoS attack.
  • If a DDoS attack has happened, then this company is offering you SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for the time and consistency required to reduce its impact.
  • DDoS Support feature will provide you with more options to face and overcome the DDoS attack.
  • There are some additional features which are optional, and you can take them as per your requirement.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details. A free trial is also available.

Official URL: Prolexic Solutions

#8) Aws Shield

Company Name: Amazon Web Services


Its headquarters in Seattle, WA. AWS Shield provides protection for DNS, Web applications, and APIs. It is a cloud-based system. AWS is mainly known for cloud computing.

Features: AWS Shield has two different plans – AWS Shield Standard and AWS Shield Advanced. Let’s see the features of each plan separately.

AWS Shield Standard

  • It continuously monitors the traffic coming towards AWS to catch or find something malicious.
  • AWS Shield Standard has automated mitigation techniques.
  • Network and Transport Layer Protection.

AWS Shield Advance

  • 24*7 support for the DDoS attack.
  • This feature will inform you by notification about the DDoS attack. And this will be real-time data. You will be able to see all the details of analysis and investigation.
  • This plan provides you with more advanced techniques for attack mitigation.
  • Application Layer protection.

Pricing Information: Contact them for pricing details.

Official URL: Aws Shield

#9) Verisign

Company Name: Verisign Inc.


The Company was launched in 1995 with its headquarters in Reston, Virginia, US. It has offices in India, Switzerland, UK, Australia, China, and North America. Verisign provides Security solutions like DDoS protection and DNS services.


  • 24*7 support from experts.
  • Helps in improving performance.
  • No extra cost is required, as it can be deployed and configured with your current networks.
  • Anything suspicious will be detected outside the network, and in this way, it will help in securing your network.

Pricing Information: Contact them for the pricing information.

Official URL: Verisign

#10) Arbor Networks

Company Name: Arbor Networks


The Company was launched in 2000 with its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, US. Arbor Networks provides solutions for Enterprise, Cloud-based services, and Service providers.


  • Deployment model
  • Scalable
  • Good pricing plans
  • 24*7 support
  • In-cloud and On-premise protection (Combination of both).

Pricing Information: Contact them for the pricing information.

Official URL: Arbor Networks

#11) Radware Defense Pro

Company Name: Radware


Radware was launched in 1997.

It has headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersy and Tel Aviv, Israel. First is the corporate headquarters and the second one is the international headquarters. Radware provides its solutions to data centers. It provides solutions for web security and load balancing.


  • Always-On and On-demand, a combination of both are used.
  • Helps web applications to improve their performance.
  • Provides protection for malware.
  • Web applications are more exposed for the attacks, so Radware Defense Pro provides detailed security options to the web applications.

Pricing Information: Contact them for the pricing information.

Official URL: Radware

#12) Azure DDoS Protection

Company Name: Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft Azure is a computer application for a cloud computing service.

It was released in 2010. It can run on two Operating Systems – Linux and Windows. Azure DDoS services provide protection against DDoS attack for all Azure applications.

Features: The above screenshot displays the features of this service.

Pricing Information: You have to pay some fixed amount every month plus the amount required to process the data (This amount is based on the size of your data).

  • $2,944/month – This price is for 100 resources.
  • $30/month per resource – This price for more than 100 resources.
  • Data charges as per the size are as follows. These charges are for 730 hrs. /month.
    • 0-10 TB /month $0.21 /GB
    • 10-50 TB/month $0.18/GB
    • 50-150 TB/month $0.15/GB
    • 150-500TB/month $0.12/GB
    • Above 500TB/month $0.008/GB

Official URL: Azure

#13) Nexusguard

Company Name: Nexusguard


Nexusguard was launched in 2008. They have their offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Francisco.

It provides solutions for websites, web applications, and APIs against DDoS attacks. It is a cloud-based system. They provide solutions to different industries like Banking & Finance, eCommerce, Entertainment, Government and Telecom & ISP, etc.


  • They provide the feature of ‘Customized Solutions’. You can select security or protection parameters as per your requirements.
  • You will be able to monitor the traffic in real-time.
  • You will be able to see the site performance in real-time.
  • It improves the performance of the website.
  • It provides the feature of Reports. A report will show ‘the events which are monitored’, ‘attacks which are dropped’ and actions taken for these attacks.

Pricing Information: Contact them for the pricing information.

Official URL: Nexusguard

Additional DDoS Protection

#14) Project Shield by Google:

It provides a solution against DDoS attacks to news websites and to websites that are related to journalism, elections, and human rights. Regardless of the website size, it provides a free service of protection. It provides protection against attacks that mainly target Layer 3, 4, and 7.

Official URL: Project Sheild

#15) Neustar:

It provides protection services to the Finance industry, Retail, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, and Communications & Technology. It provides services that are cloud-based, On-premise and hybrid.

Official URL: Neustar

#16) DOSarrest:

It provides cloud-based services. They provide solutions to HTTP and HTTPS. They provide solutions for websites, APIs and for Datacenters. It uses the self-developed software instead of a firewall to protect from the attack.

Official URL: DOSarrest

#17) F5 Networks:

It provides protection to the Application Layer.

It also provides protection against the volumetric attacks and the attacks which are meant for crashing down. It provides cloud-based solutions, On-premise solutions, and Hybrid solutions.

Official URL: F5 Networks


We hope that the list of top DDoS protection services mentioned above would have been of much help to you.

All the services provide are almost similar features. But still, I would like to recommend ‘Imperva Incapsula’ as they provide you a detailed list of features and plans. Meanwhile, their pricing plans are affordable as well.

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