How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android [Solved]

A complete guide to understand the different methods to find out How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android:

Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger have indeed made it easier to recover deleted messages with a backup. But have you ever wondered how to recover deleted text messages on Android?

Deleting messages by mistake is very common among smartphone users. If you are in that frustrating situation right now and looking for a way to undo what you have done. Take a deep breath! Because we have got you covered.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide to recovering deleted text messages. We will discover various methods that can be helpful.

Let’s dive into the solution!

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android [Solved]

Can I recover deleted text messages on Android?

The answer to this question is “yes”. There are ways to recover deleted text messages on your Android device. But it depends upon how long it has been since you deleted them.

When you delete a message on your Android phone, it is not permanently deleted. Instead, it leaves storage space for new messages but remains in your device. It gets deleted when new messages overwrite its space.

Text Message

However, the longer you take to recover the deleted messages, the higher your chances of not getting them back. Like iPhones, Android devices don’t have a recycle bin option.

Either internal storage stores the messages, or they are backed up in external or cloud storage. If you have a backup file on any external storage, you can restore them easily. But if you have no backup, Don’t Panic! This article will help you retrieve deleted text messages on Android even without backup.

Recover Deleted Messages Without Backup

Deleting messages by mistake has become a common issue. Most people feel helpless and think it is impossible to get them back. But little do they know about DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit, a tool that has a solution for almost every Android problem, like recovering lost data, unlocking an Android screen, bypassing Google account, and more.

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With DroidKit, you can recover your deleted messages in just a few simple steps, even without backup. The best thing about DroidKit is that it supports the recovery of multiple data types. Whether they are text messages, photos, call logs, contacts, WhatsApp data, etc., you can recover them quickly and easily.

There are two options available, Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery mode, to meet all your data recovery needs as best as possible. You can also preview and select what to recover as you want. Most importantly, DroidKit supports all Android devices running Android 5 and above, like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, LG, etc.

Now, let’s see how to recover deleted messages on Android without backup via DroidKit.

Steps to recover deleted text messages on Android

Step #1: Free download and launch DroidKit and select Deep Recovery from Device mode in the Data Recovery option.

Deep Recovery

Step #2: Now select the data type you want to recover. Here you can only choose Messages and then click Start.

Deep Recovery from device

Step #3: Connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable and click Start.

Connect to device

Step #4: DroidKit will scan your device’s status. If it’s not rooted, you will see the interface below, click Root Now and wait for a while. If you don’t want to root the device, you can try the Quick Recovery mode.

Root your device

Step #5: After rooting, DroidKit will scan the lost data and present it to you. You can preview and select what to recover. Just click To Device or To PC to get them back.

Recover Data

Step #6: DroidKit will start the recovery process. Once completed, you will see the interface given below.

Complete Recovery

This method is for users who don’t have any backup. If you have a backup of your deleted messages, you can also try other methods.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages With Backup

Unlike us, some people are concerned about their data and always have a backup. But in the end, they are humans and can make mistakes. If you are someone who has deleted the text messages but has a backup of any external storage.

Let me tell you, this backup is a blessing in disguise. There are three methods that can help you retrieve deleted text messages on Android. They are as follows:

Method #1: Recover with Google Backup

You can use this method if you have a backup on Google services. This will help you recover the lost data on your Android phone. To learn how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android with Google Backup, follow the instructions given below:

Before we start, we need to see if the Google Backup is on.

Step #1: Open the device’s Settings -> Cloud and Accounts -> Backup and Restore. See if the Back up my data toggle is on. If it’s on, then move on to the next step.

Backup and Restore

Step #2: Now open Settings -> About device -> Reset -> Factory data reset. Since you need to factory reset your phone to retrieve the deleted messages.

Factory Data Reset

Step #3: When you turn on your device after a factory reset, select Backup to recover the lost data.

Note: Factory data will erase all of your phone’s data. Before following this method, ensure you have a backup on Google Drive. If not, then use DroidKit to restore the messages.

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Method #2: Recover From Samsung Cloud

You can also use Samsung Cloud to restore deleted messages. But remember, this method only works if the cloud backup was on before the deletion of messages. If not, then DroidKit can help you get your messages back.

Follow the instructions given below to learn how to recover deleted text messages on Android in this way:

Step #1: Open Settings –> Cloud and Accounts –> Samsung Cloud.

Step #2: Now click on Restore data, select your device, and select Messages. Then click Restore.


Step #3: Samsung Cloud will start the restoration process of messages. The time it takes may vary, depending on the size of your data.

Method #3: Check Archived Inbox on Messages

Android devices have also added archive message features like WhatsApp and Messenger. This feature allows you to hide your messages without deleting them. Sometimes, we archive our messages by mistake and think they might get deleted.

Before jumping to the restoration process, check if your messages are not archived. If you don’t know how to, simply follow the steps below:

Step #1: Open the built-in text Message app on your Android device.
Step #2: Click the three dots in the right corner of your phone’s screen.
Step #3: Click Settings from the drop-down menu.
Step #4: Now click Archived messages. Here you will see the list of messages you have archived.

How to Back up Text Messages on Android

Backing up your text messages is an important step. It protects you from losing any important conversation. You can back up your text messages to your Google Drive and restore them if you reset your phone or switch to a new one. The process is simple, and you can easily perform it.

Follow the instructions given below:

Step #1: Open Settings of your Android phone.

Step #2: In the settings menu, click System –> Backup.

Step #3: Now turn on the toggle next to Back up to Google Drive.

Backup to Google Drive

Step #4: Click Backup up now to back up your Android phone’s data.

Backup Now

Step #5: Tap on Mobile Phone Backup again to reassure that your messages are backed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Are deleted text messages permanently gone?

Answer: No, they don’t! If you delete any message or chat, it is not permanently gone. You can recover it, but the chances depend upon the type of phone and how long ago the message was deleted.

Usually, the deleted messages get stored in internal memory and stay there until the new messages overwrite them. To increase your chances of message recovery, act quickly and use a reliable and effective recovery tool like DroidKit.

Q #2) How long do deleted text messages remain before being overwritten?

Answer: The time it takes for the deleted messages to disappear depends on the phone’s space and new data. It could be a few hours or several months. However, the longer you wait to try and recover the deleted message, the more likely it is that it will be gone forever. Because new data might take up the space deleted messages used to occupy.

Q #3) Can I retrieve deleted text messages on Android without root?

Answer: Yes, you can retrieve deleted text messages on an Android device without rooting it. Here is what you can try:

  • Try Quick Recovery mode in DroidKit instead of Deep Recovery mode.
  • Check if your text messages were backed up to your Google account.
  • Contact your SIM carrier and ask if they have a record of your text messages.

Remember that the success of these methods may differ. Act quickly to increase your chances of retrieving deleted text messages.


This is all about how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android. Losing important text messages can be frustrating. But thankfully, there are various methods to recover them. Whether you mistakenly deleted text messages or lost them due to a system issue, you have to act quickly.

In this article, we have provided step-by-step guides for each method. Hopefully, they have helped recover the deleted messages.

However, the easiest and most effective solution to this problem is DroidKit. This tool is not limited to lost data recovery. It also offers many other features, such as FRP bypass, screen unlocker, data manager, and more. If you want a one-stop solution that will solve all your Android problems, install DroidKit today!