10 Best Folder Lock Software (Folder Locker) for Windows PC

Review and comparison of the best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 and Mac PC:

In spite of having your system’s security breached and your crucial files being stolen can qualify as a much-dreaded nightmare among folks today.

Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals have already experienced this nightmare turn into a reality due to some incidents wherein hackers were able to get access to the information that was supposed to be private.

Folder Lock Software

Folder Lock For PC

Needless to say, the security of your data is of utmost importance, and now more so than ever. Advanced technology has only made such mischievous players more audacious. Fortunately, there are certain resources at your disposal to ward off such unwanted attacks.

The most prominent among these tools is the employment of folder lock software to protect your files from the events mentioned above. A folder locker will allow you to protect your files by keeping them locked in a password-protected folder.

A good folder lock for PC will prevent unauthorized access to everyone who is not supposed to be privy to the folder’s content. Not just for office systems, Folder lock software is also highly recommended by security experts for personal devices as well.

Apart from the above merits, folder lock software can also greatly reduce the chances of personal theft, and virus attacks. Today’s world has become so unpredictable that protecting your data can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

As such, something as simple as folder lock software can go a long way in protecting the files you deem important. Hence in this tutorial, we will introduce you to some of the best and popular folder lock software that is widely available for use today.

We will dive deep into these tools to share insight on the features they all possess, the price at which you can procure these tools, and ultimately let you decide whether you would like to go for a particular tool or skip right ahead to the next ideal option.

Pro-Tip: First and foremost, the tool must have a good amount of goodwill backing up its reputation. You are after all looking for a security tool, and settling on subpar software will only cost you. It is also imperative for the software to have a clean and comprehensive UI. The tool must allow you to easily encrypt your data, create backup files, and set password-protected folders to qualify as an efficient folder locker. Finally, opt for a tool that does not exceed your budget.

Fact Check: According to the Cost of Data Breach report published by the Ponemon Institute, the average global cost of data breach amounted to a whopping $3.86 million dollars in 2020.

Data Breach Report - Cost

[image source]

The same report also shone a light on the fact that the healthcare industry experienced the highest average cost of a data breach with $ 7.15 million dollars, followed closely by the energy industry.

healthcare industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Are Folder Locks secure?

Answer: Folder locks are remarkably secure and allow the users to safely store their files in layers upon layers of encryption that prevents unauthorized access.

Q #2) Can a Folder Lock be hacked?

Answer: No, on the contrary, folder locks prevent the threat of hacking and data theft. It is advisable to opt for reputed tools only while choosing folder lock software to protect your files.

Q #3) Is using folder lock software simple?

Answer: Yes! Most tools are incredibly simple to use and follow the same tried and tested formula of encrypting files with great success. Most of the tools will simply require you to right-click the folder that you want to encrypt.

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List Of The Top Folder Lock Software

Here is the list of popular Folder Lockers:

  1. Folder Lock
  2. SecretFolder
  3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro
  4. HiddenDIR
  5. IObit Protected Folder
  6. Lock-A-Folder
  7. Secret Disk
  8. Folder Guard
  9. WinZip
  10. WinRAR

Comparing The Best Folder Lockers

NameBest ForOperating SystemRatingsFees
Folder LockLock files and directories with passwordWindows, Mac, AndroidStar_rating_4_of_5Free, $39.95
SecretFolderFree and easy Folder Lock for Windows 10WindowsStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
Gilisoft File Lock Pro Military grade encryptionWindowsStar_rating_5_of_5Free
HiddenDIRMaking folders invisible WindowsStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
Iobit Protected FolderSecure files and directoriesWindows, MacStar_rating_4.5_of_5Free, $19.95

Let us review each software in detail:

#1) Folder Lock

Best for Lock Files and Directories with password

Folder Lock

Folder lock is a great-looking folder locker that works remarkably well on Windows 10, Mac, and Android devices. It combines a number of imperative features that all work together to protect your files from unwanted attacks and unauthorized access.

Its interface is a thing of beauty, with all of its major features lined up and easily accessible on the left-hand side of your screen. You can easily encrypt your sensitive files by protecting them via a formidable password, shred files you don’t want anyone to find, and create easy back-ups of all your important files on the system.

Plus, you can also encrypt your CDs and USB devices with the help of the Folder lock’s password protection feature. Its real-time cloud syncing feature is especially beneficial to save your sensitive information by creating cloud-based secure lockers.


  • Password Lock
  • Encrypt files, CD’s and USB devices
  • Create easy back-up
  • Shred files

Verdict: Folder lock provides a slew of familiar features that will help you perform a range of functions to protect your files. It does all of this with the help of a compact, clean, and comprehensive interface.

Price: Free, $39.95

Website: Folder Lock

#2) SecretFolder

Best for Free and Easy Folder Lock for Windows 10.


SecretFolder is a free Folder lock for Windows 10 that offers basic features and a very easy way to lock your folders on a Windows device. You are simply required to add the folders or files you would like to protect in SecretFolder’s dashboard, and just like that your desired files will be hidden or protected with a password.

Another very impressive feature of SecretFolder is that you cannot uninstall a particular file without putting in the password. This is extremely beneficial as hackers will often try to attack important programs on your device.

The tool isn’t without its flaws though, as the tool does not automatically lock your folder once you close it. You are required to open and lock it manually every time.


  • Free and Easy to Use.
  • Password Protected lock
  • Protected Uninstall
  • Protect Unlimited Number of files and folders.

Verdict: SecretFolder is a very simple tool, and this can be both to its merit and demerit. The tool does not offer many features apart from password-protected folder locking. However, as a folder locker alone, it is a fantastic tool.

Price: Free

Website: SecretFolder

#3) Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Best for Military Grade Encryption.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft surpasses many tools of similar nature by offering a military-grade encryption tool that possesses the ability to protect your hard-disks, memory card, flash drive, thumb drive, and network drives among other devices.

It is very simple to simply hide your file or password protect it, thanks to Gilisoft’s clean and smart user interface and robust features. It follows the same tried and tested formula of encryption wherein you are required to add the files that you would like to encrypt into Gillisoft’s interface and add a password to protect it.

You can avail of Gilisoft File Lock Pro’s services in multiple languages depending on your preference. You can change custom settings to choose from languages like English, Czech, or Chinese among many others to assist you in your process.


  • Clean and Compact Interface
  • Quick Folder or Device Encryption
  • Monitor Disk and Folder for Changes.
  • Disk Wiper

Verdict: Gilisoft File Locker Pro offers an advanced tool that harbors a number of great features that easily assist you in protecting your file. Gilisoft should be used for its ease-of-use and powerful features alone.

Price: Free

Website: Gilisoft File Locker Pro

#4) HiddenDIR

Best for Making Folders Invisible.


HiddenDIR is a phenomenal free folder lock for PC that enables users to make their important files invisible on the system. The tool is incredibly easy to use. You are simply required to open the tool, select the hide button, and checkmark the folder you want to hide. Just like that, your folder will be hidden from everyone on the device.

To unhide the file, you have to simply select the folders that were assigned to be hidden and click on the unhide button. You can also select the large password button on the tool’s interface to set a password in order to open a particular folder.


  • Free and Easy to Use
  • Password Protect Your Files
  • Portable
  • Hide complete directories automatically.

Verdict: HiddenDIR performs its dual function of hiding and password protecting files with phenomenal ease. It is very easy to use and will delight the users who want nothing more than a simple tool to protect their files without unnecessary complications.

Price: Free folder lock for Windows 10

Website: HiddenDIR

#5) IObit Protected Folder

Best for Secure Files and Directories.


IObit offers an enhanced privacy and protection feature, which is quite unlike any other tool today. It goes above and beyond to encrypt important folders in your Windows device and demands a password to open them, no matter who is using the device.

It can protect your files from everything – unauthorized access to malicious malware attacks. Apart from its major selling point, IObit can also make your files invisible in one swoop.


  • Multiple Options to protect files.
  • Clean and comprehensive user interface.
  • Hide files
  • Block access
  • Exclude list from protection

Verdict: IObit despite being considerably advanced with regards to its features and interface, is a fairly simple system to use. You can easily hide, block access, and modify the protection of your folders without any hassle. Definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free, $19.95

Website: IObit Protected Folder

#6) Lock-A-Folder

Best for Open Source Folder Locker.

lock folder

Lock-A-Folder continues the tradition on this list of being a very simple and easy to use folder locker for your device. You are simply required to enter the location of the folder you would like to lock or protect with a password, and just like that all of your sensitive files will be locked and safe from prying eyes.

You can easily set or modify your password with the ‘Change Master Password’ option and the security you get is impregnable. The tool also does not occupy a lot of space on your device and is most suitable for use on a Windows XP device.

The tool isn’t without its flaws however as it does not offer to encrypt your files. Nonetheless, its password protection feature offers decent security.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Password protect your files
  • Hide folders

Verdict: We can only recommend Lock-A-Folder for users who still use a device operating on the Windows XP system. It is very simple, lightweight, and performs the duties of locking and hiding your sensitive files with dedicated finesse.

Price: Free

Website: Lock-A-Folder

#7) Secret Disk

Best for Automated Folder Lock.

secret disk

Secret Disk already excels when compared to its competitors due to its robust and smart automated folder lock system. This is a feature that not many tools offer, but Secret Disk fills this void with a tool that is competent to protect your files on the Windows operating system.

You can easily password protect or make your files invisible using Secret Disk. Moreover, the tool also automatically locks your folders when you close them or in cases of an emergency power outage.

Secret Disk does not encrypt your files, and this can be dissuading for certain individuals. However, it is still miles ahead in its ability to password protect your files and create a new secure disk on your hard disk.


  • Create New Disk
  • Password Protect Files
  • Automatic Locking
  • Hide files

Verdict: Secret Disk offers a tempting tool that is smart enough to take care of your files once you’ve protected them in a password locked folder. Its ability to automatically lock your files away under unforeseen circumstances alone makes it worthy of being installed in your system.

Price: Free

Website: Secret Disk

#8) Folder Guard

Best for Password Protection and Encryption of Files.

Folder Guard

Although Folder Guard shares most of its features with the ‘Folder Lock’ tool we initially covered on this list, it is a completely new and different beast altogether. It can encrypt, password-protect, and hide your files from prying eyes, but can also additionally protect your files from virus and malware attacks as well.

It performs this dual duty with remarkable finesse, thereby making sure that your files remain shielded from unauthorized access, hacking and virtual theft. Another great feature is its ability to back-up files in a securely protected database.

You can save all of your crucial information such as bank information, financial documents, etc. here quite safely. Users can create storage lockers with military-grade encryption on the fly. Folder Guard also provides users with other features such as the ability to encrypt and password-protect external hard-drives and disabling control panels.


  • Encrypt and Password Protect Files.
  • Encrypt External Hard Drives.
  • Create Storage lockers with military-grade encryption.
  • Disable Control Panels

Verdict: Folder Guard is a very powerful tool that happens to be brimming with features that take file security to the next level. Its military-grade encryption system is a masterstroke, and the fact that you can disable control panels with the help of this tool makes it one of the best folder lock software for PC.

Price: Free version with limited features, Home version – $39.95, Professional Version – $79.95, Office – $199.95

Website: Folder Guard

#9) WinZip

Best For Banking Level File Encryption and Password Protect.


WinZip is quite a phenomenal tool to zip and unzip files. However, not many pay attention to its file protection features, which are worthy of praise in their own right. WinZip allows you to encrypt your zipped or unzipped files with great ease.

WinZip offers multiple options when it comes to choosing the level of encryption you want to protect your files with. The banking level encryption it offers is said to be the most formidable. Using encryption is also very easy.

You simply open the encryption tab in the ‘Action’ section of the tool, select the level of encryption, add the files you would like to encrypt, and set a password. You can modify your encryptions and passwords anytime you like.


  • Zip and Unzip File
  • Password protect and Encrypt files.
  • File Manager
  • Backup files to the cloud.

Verdict: It would be unfortunate if you are using WinZip and ignore its robust file protection features. You can set passwords, encrypt your files with banking-level encryptions, and back-up your files to get a full-service security experience.

Price: Free trial with limited features, Premium Version – $29.95.

Website: WinZip

#10) WinRAR

Best for File Encryption and Compression.


WinRAR is a great file compression tool. That is what it is known and widely used as. However, just like WinZip before it, this tool too has a very powerful encryption system that people seem to be oblivious about.

WinRAR allows you to encrypt your files very easily to make them secure from prying eyes online. It also enables secure file transmission, as it makes sure that your files are protected and secure with a high level of encryption before you transfer them.

Its authenticated signature technology and 256-bit password encryption help individuals achieve peace of mind while their files are in transit. The tool is specifically compatible with Windows 10 and is available in over 40 languages.


  • Authenticated Signature Technology
  • 256-bit password protection
  • File compressor
  • Split Archives into separate volumes.

Verdict: WinRAR’s protection system is ideal for users who want to accomplish peace of mind while transferring their sensitive files. Its authenticated signature technology and 256-bit password encryption feature allow for that luxury.

Price: $33.35 for one license

Website: WinRAR


With online attacks becoming more and more audacious, we need considerably more powerful and intuitive tools to protect our sensitive files. All of the above-mentioned tools accomplish this goal by providing a tool that encrypts or password protects your data from prying eyes.

A business can save tons of money if they use the right fire protection system. Depending on your requirement, the tools mentioned above provide a satisfactory security system that goes above and beyond to ensure user data safety.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a powerful tool with military-grade encryption to protect your files, then do opt for Gilisoft File Lock Pro. If you are looking for a simple, yet abundant in features tool to password protect your files, then Folder Lock will do the job just fine.

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  • Total Folder Lockers Shortlisted – 10
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