10 Best MDM Software: Mobile Device Management Solutions in 2023

Review and Comparison of Top Mobile Device Management MDM Software with Features and Pricing. Select the Best MDM Solutions for Your Organization:b

Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools enable IT managers to get a bird’s-eye view of the device security policies, network inventory, and application management.

They play a crucial role in establishing control over corporate data in devices by configuring data accessibility and maintaining user privacy and data security.

With ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policies on the rise, we can expect MDM software to become a part of the organization in the future. In this article, we will review the best mobile device management software.

MDM Software Solutions

Fact Check: In 2018, the global Mobile Device Management (MDM) market was worth $9.6 billion. Between 2013 and 2018, the Global MDM Enterprise Software market projected a growth rate of  23.95% CAGR.
MDM Software Market size
Global Mobile Device Management 2019-2024

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Pro Tip: MDM tools can vary according to your business needs. Therefore, it’s best to evaluate the scale at which you will adopt mobile devices in your organizational infrastructure. At the same time, it’s important to consider the free trial offers before committing to a single solution.

FAQs About MDM Tools

Q #1) What is MDM Software? 

Answer: Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are software applications designed to manage mobile endpoints, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, in an enterprise environment. These solutions enable organizations to improve their productivity, develop a seamless workflow and enhance data security.

Q #2) Why do we need MDM tools?

Answer: MDM tools are essential for controlling and protecting the configuration settings and data for every mobile device connected to an enterprise network. The app helps to tackle security issues that arise when mobile devices are connected to a business network.

MDM software can be used not only for tracking stolen or lost mobile devices with the help of GPS, but the apps can also be used for wiping data from mobile remotely when needed.

Q #3) What are the general features of MDM Software?

Answer: MDM tools deliver robust management of mobile devices in organizations.

Some of the core features of mobile device management applications are:

  • Device security capabilities
  • Device location tracking
  • Device troubleshooting
  • Access control features
  • All-round device and operating system support.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) distribution.
  • Remote wiping

Enterprise-level solutions also support mobile policy management features. IT department can set the mobile policy for connecting to the enterprise networks. This helps in securing the network against online attacks.

Q #4) How do organizations benefit from using an Enterprise Level MDM Software?

Answer: MDM software tools provide end-to-end security that allows the management of mobile data, networks, and apps in addition to mobile devices. Enterprise MDM applications allow the management of hundreds of mobiles connected to the network. The applications have advanced security features that help protect the enterprise network.

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Best MDM Software Solutions

Here is the list of the top 10 Mobile Device Management MDM Software solutions:

  1. Kandji
  2. Scalefusion MDM
  3. AirDroid
  4. Addigy
  5. IBM MaaS360
  6. Soti MobiControl
  7. Baramundi Management Suite
  8. Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile)
  9. Jamf Pro
  10. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus
  11. Absolute
  12. Microsoft Intune
  13. Trend Micro Mobile Security
  14. Hexnode MDM

Comparison of Top Mobile Device Management Software

Project Planning SoftwareRatings PlatformPriceFeaturesBest For
KandjiStar_rating_5_of_5macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS14-day Free Trial, Contact Kandji for a custom quote.Pre-built templates for common compliance standards, automated operating system updates and patch management, zero-touch deployments, integrations with top identity providers, REST-compliant API, Deploying, managing, and securing Apple devices efficiently.
Scalefusion MDMStar_rating_5_of_5Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.14-day Free Trial,
$2.00 - $4.00 per device per month.
Simplified Device Management, easy-to-use Cross-Platform Solution, over-the-air deployment and provisioning, application and content management, and remote Troubleshooting.Simplified mobile device management.
AirDroidStar_rating_5_of_5Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.14-day Free Trial,
$12 - 33 per device/year
Remote access and control, Remote File Management, Device Provisioning & Deployment, Management and Security, Application Management Services, Policy & Kiosk, Geofencing & Tracking.Android devices management and security.
AddigyStar_rating_5_of_5macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS14-day free trial,
Flexible annual or monthly contracts available,
Contact Addigy for a custom quote.
Rapid device deployment,
Monitoring and remediation,
Security & Compliance with built-in CIS & NIST benchmarks,
Automated system updates,
Built-in remote control,
Smooth and easy software deployment,
Customizable self-service app.
Quickly and simply deploying, managing, and securing Apple devices. As well as resolving issues in real time.
IBM MaaS360 Star_rating_5_of_5Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.30-day Free Trial, $4.00 - $9.00 per client or device per month.Effortless Device Management,
Rapid App Deployment,
Secure Content Collaboration,
Secure MDM Solution.
Secure mobile device management.
Soti MobiControlStar_rating_5_of_5Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.30-day Free Trial,
$3.25 to $90 / device per month,
Compliance/Alert Rules,
Interactive App, Catalog
Secure device, apps, content and data,
Rapid Provisioning, and Enrollment.
Rapid provisioning and enrollment.
Baramundi Management SuiteStar_rating_5_of_5Web App, Windows, Macintosh.30-day Free Trial,
$5000 perpetual license,
$25.90 per device plus a yearly maintenance charges varying between $3.50 and $5.50.
Remote Support,
Diagnostic Tools,
Business Continuity,
Backup Log
IT Asset Management, Audit Management
IT Management Access Controls/Permissions,
License Management,
Copy Protection.
Mobile asset and audit management.
Citrux Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile)Star_rating_4.5_of_5Windows 10, Google Chrome OS and Apple macOS.30-day Free Trial,
$3.26 to $27 /device / month.
Single Console, Endpoint Management,
Unique micro-VPN capabilities, 
Mobile application management, 
Citrix Secure Mail.
Secure mail and unique micro-VPN capabilities.
Jamf ProStar_rating_5_of_5All Apple mobile devices.30-day Free Trial,
$3 .33 /month/iOS or tvOS device,
$ 7.17 / month/Mac.
API integrations,
Advanced configurations,
App management,
Apple TV support,
Apple school manager, integration,
Compliance management.
Advanced configuration and integration with Apple solutions.

Let’s start with more details.

#1) Kandji

Best for Streamlining Apple device management and security.

Price: Kandji offers custom pricing based on plan type and the number of users managed. For additional information, please request a custom quote from Kandji directly.


Kandji is an Apple-only device management and security platform that automates many time-consuming chores through automation and templated Blueprints. IT and security teams can use it to efficiently deploy, configure, manage, and secure Mac computers and iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices.

Key Features:

  • Zero-touch deployment.
  • Automated operating system and app updates keep devices secure.
  • Pre-built settings templates map to NIST, CIS, and STIG frameworks.
  • REST-compliant API provides enterprise-grade extensibility.
  • Customer support staffed by engineers with Mac admin experience.


  • Compatible with Apple devices only.
  • Annual contract

Verdict: Combines the convenience and ease of one-click automations with powerful tools (such as API and custom script support) that enable you to configure and manage devices as you see fit. Built specifically for Apple devices, by engineers who’ve been admins themselves and know what Apple IT and security teams need.

#2) Scalefusion MDM

Best for: Simplified device management, a cross-platform solution with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Price: $2.00 – $4.00 per device per month.


Scalefusion is a mobile device management solution that enables businesses to manage their Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

Scalefusion simplifies the task of device management for IT teams and extends capabilities for app management, content management, automated updates and tasks, scheduled compliance alerts, and an array of features designed to ensure 360-degree data and device security.

Key Features:

  • Simplified Device Management with a dashboard with a short learning curve.
  • Over-the-air deployment and provisioning for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10.
  • Application deployment, management, and updates for public and private apps.
  • Content management
  • Remote troubleshooting


  • Patch management is currently only available for Windows and doesn’t work in offline mode
  • Does not support Linux

Verdict: Scalefusion MDM is ideal for IT teams of any size to deploy, provision, and manage a device inventory of any size, across any industry.

#3) AirDroid

Best for Managing and securing various types of Android devices, including mobile devices, kiosks, digital signage, POS, unattended devices, rugged devices, custom devices, etc.

Price: $12-33 per device per year, 14-day free trial allows to use all features.

AirDroid Dashboard

AirDroid Business is a verified MDM solution that is suitable for any kind of enterprise and has been used in the following industries – logistics, healthcare, IT & MSP, hospitality, etc.

AirDroid Business supports the following OS to administrate devices: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are also available. Its user-friendly admin console makes it easy to enroll devices as well as management. AirDroid Business supports cloud and on-premise deployment to give flexible choices to store and secure company data.

Key Features:

  • Remote access and control
  • Management & Security
  • Monitor, Alerts & Workflow
  • File Transfer
  • Mobile application management including installing, uninstalling, and updating applications; testing and
  • launching company-owned applications.
  • Kiosk mode
  • Geofencing & Tracking
  • Policy

Cons: Currently, the AirDroid Business admin console can only control devices that run Android.

#4) Addigy

Best for – Better Way to Manage Apple Devices.

Price: Addigy offers custom pricing based on the number of devices managed. For additional information, please request a quote directly from Addigy.


Addigy provides a cutting-edge Apple device management platform for IT administrators to secure and support employees’ Apple devices. Using Addigy, companies help simplify tedious work, saving admins significant time by automating workflows. In a world where users are the biggest risk to company data, Addigy helps your organization sleep at night.

Key Features:

  • Quickly onboard new employees with zero-touch deployment.
  • Keep all OSs and applications up to date with the click of a button.
  • Maintain the highest level of security using pre-built CIS and NIST compliance benchmarks.
  • REST-compliant API provides a secure and fast way to integrate at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited access to a team of Apple experts ready to help you deliver the best Apple experience to your end users.
  • Flexible pricing, no contracts required.


  • Compatible with Apple devices only.

Verdict: Our goal is to help you do more than just manage your devices. Addigy empowers you to customize your Apple machines and infrastructure to best support your team and environment. You can ensure every device is secure, ready to scale, and backed by the smartest team of Apple experts around.

#5) IBM MaaS360

Best for Effortless device management and secure MDM features.
Price: $4.00 – $9.00 client/device per month.

IBM Maas360

IBM MaaS360 is an enterprise-level mobile device management solution that has been developed by the world leader in computing technology. It allows businesses to manage and secure their devices while offering highly advanced tools for applications and content management.

Key Features

  • Effortless Device Management
  • Secure MDM Solution
  • Rapid App Deployment
  • Secure Content Collaboration


  • Windows mobile devices need manual enrollment.
  • Windows mobile device management has limited functionality when compared to other platforms.

Verdict: IBM MaaS360 is a solid mobile device management solution with advanced security, analytics, and management features.

Website URL:  IBM MaaS360

#6) Soti MobiControl

Best for Rapid provisioning and enrollment.
Price: $3.25 to $90 / device per month | 30-day Free Trial.


[image source]

SOTI MobiControl is a robust mobile device management solution that offers advanced features for a number of different platforms. From deployment to retirement, you can remotely secure, manage, and support all the devices connected to your enterprise infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Secure device, apps, content, and data.
  • Rapid Provisioning and Enrollment.
  • Compliance/Alert Rules
  • Interactive App Catalog


  • You can configure profiles only through an older version of the user interface.
  • If you want to use SAML 2.0 and Azure Active Directory, then you need to use an unintuitive user interface.

Verdict: On a feature-to-feature basis, Soti MobiControl does an excellent job of providing mobile device management service to its users.

Website:  Soti MobiControl

#7) Baramundi Management Suite

Best for IT asset and audit management.

Price: $5000 perpetual license | $25.90 per device, plus yearly maintenance charges between $3.50 and $5.50 (subject to contract length) | 30-day Free Trial.


Baramundi Management Suite is a multi-featured device management tool that also offers support to mobile devices. It also serves as an Asset Management tool for organizations and is a wholesome option for enterprises that require device management features.

Key Features

  • Remote Support Diagnostic Tools
  • IT Management Access Controls/Permissions.
  • License Management Copy Protection.
  • Business Continuity Backup Log
  • IT Asset Management Audit Management


  • You need to perform multiple steps for some features where the other products have an easier workflow.
  • Microsoft Exchange required for full functionality.
  • Expensive price packages when compared to the competition

Verdict: Baramundi Management Suite is a capable tool for mobile device management, but it provides basic features for desktop management features, as well. Although it has tons of basic features, it lacks some key features when compared with the more expensive options.

Website:  Baramundi Management Suite

#8) Citrix Endpoint Management (Formerly XenMobile)

Best for Secure mail and unique micro-VPN capabilities.
Price: $3.26 to $27 /device / month


Citrix Endpoint Management is an MDM tool with a complete set of features, ranging from mobile productivity apps to user experience enhancement, as well as device security. The tool allows organizations to secure corporate data with the help of its robust mobile app and device management features.

Key Features

  • Single Console Endpoint Management
  • Unique micro-VPN capabilities
  • Automated Management Tasks
  • Mobile application management
  • Citrix Secure Mail


  • Managing back-end systems with Citrix is complex.
  • It doesn’t provide direct management for Office 365 apps.
  • You need to pay an extra cost for the EMS connector.
  • It does not offer a standard CSV file format for importing users and devices, instead, it uses flat files.

Verdict: Since its transition from XenMobile, the MDM tool offers support for a wide range of devices. Users can benefit from additional features by leveraging Citrix’s new partnership with Microsoft’s EMS suite.

Website:  Citrix Endpoint Management

#9) Jamf Pro

Best for Advanced configuration and integration with Apple solutions.
Price: $3 .33 / month on iOS or tvOS device | $ 7.17 / month on Mac | 30-day Free Trial.

Jamf Pro

[image source]

Jamf Pro is a mobile device management solution designed to address the needs of Apple device management. It is an ideal solution for automating the workflow and processes related to Apple mobile products.

Key Features

  • API integrations
  • Advanced configurations
  • App management
  • Apple TV support
  • Apple School Manager Integration
  • Compliance management


  • Restricted to Apple products.

Verdict: Jamf Pro is an excellent choice for organizations that use a wide range of solutions and mobile solutions developed by Apple. The MDM tool is suitable for device management in education institutions, businesses, and government organizations, and provides powerful customization features.

Website: Jamf Pro

#10) ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Best for Enforcing policies with the help of profile management.
Price: Basic Free | Premium: $10 to $18 /device/year


[image source]

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a robust MDM solution that enables businesses to harness the power of mobility. It offers a range of key features, such as application management, mobile device management, device containerization, and email management.

Key Features

  • Mobile Device Authentication and Enrollment, User-Initiated Device Enrollment.
  • Streamlined Application Management Process.
  • Enforce Policies using Profile Management.
  • Protect Enterprise Mobile Emails


  • Lacks support for geofencing features.
  • The process for enrolling devices powered by Windows 10 is time-consuming and tedious.

Verdict: ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an excellent addition to your collection of ManageEngine IT tools. However, if you want to integrate more functional MDM solutions, then it’s necessary to consider the other more expensive options.

Website: ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

#11) Absolute

Best for Mobile application management.
Price: Custom Quote-based Plan | 30-day Free Trial.


[image source]

Absolute is an endpoint security solution designed to provide security features for IT operations and the management & security of all endpoints in an infrastructure. The tool provides its users with advanced tools for endpoint visibility and control.

Key Features

  • Mobile application management
  • Security, change & configuration management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Asset inventory
  • BYOD Policy Management
  • Automated patch management
  • Computer imaging
  • Power management


  • The product has a high price.
  • It is completely centered on data security & policy management and lacks other advanced device management features.

Verdict: Absolute is an excellent option for organizations that need a standalone security solution for mobile device management.

Website:  Absolute

#12) Microsoft Intune

Best for Centralized control portal.
Price: $6.00/user/month | 30-day Free Trial.

MS Inute

[image source]

Microsoft Intune is a specialized mobile device management app that gives users an integrated console for managing enterprise apps and mobile devices. Although it is a part of the Azure portal, you can also use it as a standalone solution.

Key Features

  • Reports and System Logs
  • Customizable App Protection Policies
  • Remotely Managed Devices
  • Task Creation and Management
  • Centralized Control Portal
  • Manage Office Mobile Apps
  • Microsoft Malware Protection Engine


  • The solution lacks device location features.
  • The dashboard cannot be customized.
  • Highly-dependent on Microsoft products and promotes them from time to time.

Verdict: Microsoft Intune is the best device management solution for organizations that depend on a Microsoft-centric environment.

Website:  Microsoft Intune

#13) Trend Micro Mobile Security

Best for Mobile device security.
Price: Free iOS Mobile Security | $14.95 to $49.95/device/year.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a security solution targeted towards mobile devices. Besides security features, it allows business owners to have complete visibility and control over mobile apps, devices, and data with the help of a central web-based console.

Key Features

  • Protects devices against antiphishing and malicious URL blocking attacks.
  • Comprehensive Android security
  • Useful security features


  • Parental control is not compatible with some platforms.
  • Offers bare-bones mobile device management features.

Verdict: Trend Micro Maximum Security offers users a rich set of security features and enables them to protect their Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS mobile devices.

Website:  Trendmicro Micro Mobile Security

#14) Hexnode MDM

Best for Easy to use endpoint management.
Price: $1 to $6/device/month


[image source]

Hexnode MDM is an easy-to-use Unified Endpoint Management solution that can also be used for managing, monitoring, and securing endpoints through a single console. The platform is robust enough to support various platforms, such as Android, iOS, tvOS, macOS, and Windows.

Key Features

  • Location Tracking and Geofencing
  • Multi-Platform Support and Integrations
  • Remote Management and Control
  • Enhanced App Management
  • Hexnode Kiosk Lockdown


  • Although it offers service for several devices and platforms, it doesn’t offer proper support for non-mainstream platforms.
  • Lacks advanced MDM features.

Verdict: Hexnode is a robust security management tool for mobile devices and enables businesses to secure all endpoints from a single console efficiently.

Website: Hexnode MDM


All the MDM Solutions mentioned in this list can be used for a given scenario.

IBM Maas360 is great for rapid app deployment and secure content collaboration. For mobile device security, you should select Trend Micro Mobile Security. Citrix Endpoint Management and Hexnode MDM are the right choices for unified endpoint management.

Our Research Process:

Time taken to research and write this article: 10 hours
Total Tools researched: 20
Top Tools shortlisted: 10

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