10 Best Incident Response Service Providers [2023 Rankings]

Comprehensive Review and Comparison of the Best Incident Response Services to help you select an IR Service Provider for Reducing the Damage from Cyber Attacks:

Incident Response is the process that is used to manage the consequences of cyber-attacks and security breaches. Incident Response team can also be called an emergency response team.

Top Incident Response Service Providers

Fact Check: According to MarketsAndMarkets, in 2017 the global size of the incident response market was $11.05 billion. It is expected to reach $33.76 billion until 2023. It is growing at a CAGR of 20.3% during the period of 2018 to 2023. The below image will tell you more facts about the incident response services.

Facts about the incident response services

Pro Tip: As Incident Response Service Provider is providing the services to the company during the crisis times, it is important to choose the provider wisely. The provider should have proper infrastructure and trained resources to fulfill your organization’s needs.

You should check the provider’s experience in providing IR services, a number of incidents they have handled, and experience of working with specific industries. Last but not least, you should check the scope of the services and cost.

Incident Response Process

The Incident Response process includes the steps of preparation, detection& reporting, triage & analysis, containment & neutralization, and post-incident activity. The image below depicts this process:

Incident Response process

[image source]

How to decide the size of the IR Service Provider?

Cynet says if the provider has handled less than 25 incidents per year then it has less experience and a smaller player. If it has handled over 50 incidents then it can be considered as a medium-size provider and has good organizational knowledge. If the provider has experience in handling over 100 incidents then it is a large IR service provider.

How to test your IR processes?

While choosing the IR service provider, you should test these services for facing the real cyber-attack. This will help you with identifying the effectiveness of service and the missing factors.

Three types of tests are:

  1. Paper Test: In this method, you have to theoretically test the what-if scenario. Though it is not a very effective test method, it can uncover the obvious gaps in the IR setup.
  2. Tabletop exercises: This will be a scheduled event with stakeholders. IR service provider will playact their response against a severe security incident, in this test.
  3. Simulated attacks: This method can be performed by expert security testers. A realistic simulated attack will be done against your network.
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List of Top Incident Response Service Providers

  1. Cynet
  2. SecurityHQ
  3. Security Joes
  4. FireEye Mandiant
  5. Secureworks
  6. Sygnia
  7. Harjavec Group
  8. BAE Systems
  9. AT&T
  10. NTT
  11. Trustwave
  12. Verizon

Comparison of Top Five Incident Response Services

IR Service ProviderHeadquarterFounded inCore ServicesLocations

Boston2014Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Forensics, Malware Analysis.US, Europe, Middle East,

SecurityHQ New logo
London 2003Digital Forensic and Incident Response Services, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Digital Risk & Threat Monitoring, Security Consulting. UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa, US, India, Australia.
Security Joes

Hod Hasharon, Israel2020Incident Response, Cyber Crisis Management & MDR (Managed Detection & Response)Israel, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and Philippines
FireEye Mandiant

California2004Incident Response Services.US, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Atlanta, GA1999Incident Response services plus Managed Security, Security Consulting,US, UK, Australia, India, Japan, Romania, France, UAE.

Tel Aviv, New York, Singapore, London & Mexico City.2015Proactive Defense and Threat Response.US & Israel

Toronto, Ontario2003Incident Response, Detection & analysis, recovery, and Post Incident Review.The US, UK, and Canada

Let’s see a detailed review of these service providers!!

#1) Cynet – Recommended Incident Response Service


Cynet provides solutions for breach protection and incident response to companies of all sizes. It provides a secure platform with the integrated capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics, and Deception. In addition, it provides 24X7 MDR services.

Headquarters: Boston, London, Israel
Founded: 2014
Locations: Boston, Israel
Core Services: Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Forensics, and Malware Analysis.
Other services: Provides security platforms and services.
Clients: Postecom, Motor Factors, Cedacri, Flugger, UniCredit Bank, etc.


  • SaaS-based lightspeed distribution covering thousands of endpoints in minutes.
  • Automated threat discovery, radically reducing manual investigation time.
  • The widest available set of remediation actions to remove any type of threat.

#2) SecurityHQ

SecurityHQ Dashboard

SecurityHQ is a global Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that delivers threat detection and incident response solutions to businesses of every size. Their Incident Response and Analytics platform powered by IBM QRadar, IBM Resilient and IBM X-Force, supports customers to track, visualize, respond to, and recover from cyber security incidents and threats.

Headquarters: London
Founded in: 2003
Core Services: Digital Forensic and Incident Response Services, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Digital Risk & Threat Monitoring.

Other Services: Managed Firewall, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Network Detection & Response, Managed Azure Sentinel Detection & Response, VAPT, Vulnerability Management Service, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Managed IBM Guardium, UBA, Network Flow Analytics, Managed Microsoft Defender ATP, SIEM as a Service, Managed SOC.


  • Access to Incident Management Platform – Built to simplify the complexity of cyber security for stakeholders such as CISO, SOC Analysts, Threat Hunters, Incident Responders and Auditors.
  • 24/7 Incident Response Supported by GCIH Certified Incident Handlers.
  • Global SOC Support – Take advantage of an army of security analysts to support containment and remediation actions from 260+ security analysts across multiple global regions.
  • Combined Endpoint Detection and Response, Network Detection and Response, and Log Analytics provide complete visibility to observe malicious activity and contain threats.
  • Prioritization: Categorize incidents against MITRE ATT&CK and assign risk levels based on CIA attributes, criticality, and behavior of the asset.

#3) Security Joes

Security Joes is a multi-layered incident response company based out of Israel, strategically located in 7 different time-zones, to ensure 24/7 follow-the-sun coverage for its clients. Our experts hold SANS & Offensive Security certificates in the field of incident response and are seasoned researchers with decades of accumulated experience in handling complex cyberattacks all over the world.

Emergency 24/7: Available on contact
Headquarters: Hod Hasharon, Israel
Founded: 2020
Location: Israel, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and Philippines. 
Core services: Incident Response, Cyber Crisis Management & MDR (Managed Detection & Response)

Other services: Forensics Investigations, Post-incident Activity, Preparedness, Attacker Negotiations, External Attack Surface, Compromise Assessment, Threat Hunting, Malware Analysis, Red Team, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management and more.


  • 24/7 coverage with certified incident responders strategically located in 7 time zones
  • Fully-fledged Crisis Management team to solve any security incident
  • Complex forensics investigations and malware analysis capabilities
  • Negotiations with attackers and insurance, legal, regulatory & law enforcements agencies
  • Containment, Eradication & Recovery procedures to ensure business continuity as soon as possible

#4) FireEye Mandiant


FireEye Mandiant has experience in investigating the complex breaches. FireEye can investigate various types of incidents like intellectual property theft, protected health information, insider threats, financial crime, personally identifiable information, and destructive attacks.

It has more than 700 intelligence experts who can speak 32 languages. FireEye has a deep understanding of existing as well as emerging threat actors and their rapidly changing tactics, techniques, & procedures.

Headquarters: California, US
Founded: 2004
Locations: FireEye has offices in the US, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
Core Services: Incident Response Services.
Other services: Penetration Testing, cloud assessments, enterprise security services, etc.


  • FireEye Mandiant provides industry-leading cyber threat intelligence.
  • It can resolve all aspects of cyber breaches.
  • FireEye can provide rapid response regardless of the number of endpoints your organization has, it can be 1000 endpoints or 100000.
  • It provides its services with local experts to over 30 countries.
  • Its dedicated research and reverse engineering team can analyze malware and write custom decoders.

Website: FireEye Mandiant

#5) Secureworks


Secureworks is the provider of threat intelligence-driven security solutions. It provides managed security services. Secureworks provides solutions to organizations for preventing, detecting, & rapidly responding, and predicting cyberattacks. It has more than 1000 incident response engagements annually and has more than 10 years of experience in providing on-site IR services.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA.
Founded: 1999
Locations: Romania, Australia, Atlanta, and Illinois.
Core Services: Incident Response Services.
Other services: Managed Security, Security Consulting, Threat Intelligence, Managed Detection & Response, and Adversarial Security Testing.


  • Secureworks has automated and accelerated the process of event detection, correlation, and contextualization.
  • This will help you with reducing the risk because of the capacity to quickly identify threats and take the right action at the right time.
  • Secureworks makes the use of machine learning and analytics.
  • Secureworks will provide incident response insights reports.

Website: Secureworks

#6) Sygnia


Sygnia is the provider of cyber technology and services. It provides high-end consulting and incident response support services to organizations worldwide. Sygnia is now a Team8 and a Temasek International Company. When it was launched, it was with Team8 cybersecurity powerhouse.

Headquarters: Israel
Founded: 2015
Locations: Tel Aviv, New York, Singapore, London & Mexico City
Core Services: Proactive Defense and Threat Response.


  • Sygnia has attack experts, forensic experts, data scientists, system architects, and enterprise security engineers in its team.
  • By using its decades of experience with cyber operations and constant analysis of threats, Sygnia has built security against realistic threats and for defeating attacks.
  • Sygnia focuses on creating a strong relationship with clients.

Website: Sygnia

#7) Harjavec Group


Harjavec Group was named after its founder, Robert Herjavec. It is the provider of cybersecurity products and services. It offers services to enterprise organizations. It offers a 3-tired incident support structure, Incident Commander, Incident Controller, and Incident Handler.

Harjavec Group has experience in handling complex security breaches. It provides an incident response with a customized team. It will provide the consultation and technical expertise that will be required through the remediation process.

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Founded: 2003
Locations: The US, UK, and Canada
Core Services: Incident Response, Detection & analysis, recovery, and Post Incident Review.
Other services: Managed Services, Advisory Services, PCI Compliance, Technology Architecture and Implementation, Identity Services


  • Harjavec Group has expertise in Managed Security Services like SOC, Operations, Threat Detection, etc.
  • It has expertise in Professional Services like Advisory Services, Identity Services, Threat Management, etc.
  • It provides SOC 2 Type 2 certified managed security services.
  • The services provided by Herjavec Group are supported by state-of-the-art, PCI compliant, Security Operations Centers.

Website: Harjavec

#8) BAE Systems


BAE Systems provides expert emergency Cyber Incident Response services. These services will include the technical skills and strategic guidance that will limit the impact of the attack. It provides the incidence response through in-house developed tools. These tools will discover critical facts. BAE Systems will provide unparalleled visibility of malicious behavior.

Headquarters: Surrey
Founded: 1971
Locations: Surrey, Boston, Toronto, and McLean.
Core Services: Cybersecurity Services and Fraud Prevention
Other services: Digital & Data Services, AML Compliance, Cross-Domain Solutions, etc.


  • BAE Systems offers various products and services like Cyber Security Advisory, Cyber Technical Services, Incident Response, Security Testing, etc.
  • It has centers in the US, UK, and Australia.

Website: BAE Systems

#9) AT&T Business


AT&T Business provides various products and services like IoT, Voice & Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Digital capabilities, etc. It provides incident response services like data breach prevention, mitigating security risk, improving incident response, minimizing the impacts of the breach, etc. AT&T Business Incident response services follow the proactive approach to data breach prevention.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas.
Founded: 2017
Core Services: Incident Management Program and Incident response & Forensics.
Other services: 5G for business, IoT, Voice & Collaboration, etc.


  • AT&T Business has a well-established capability that can minimize the impacts of a breach.
  • It will provide in-depth digital forensic analysis, breach, support, and compromise detection.
  • It uses the comprehensive methodologies for mitigating the security risks.

Website: AT&T

#10) NTT Data


NTT Data provides Incident Response and Remediation services that can minimize impact and mitigate incident effects on your enterprise. NTT Data is available through phone support and on-site assistance. It can provide malware analysis & reporting services.

Headquarters: Plano, Texas
Founded: 1988
Locations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Russia, UAE, US, UK, etc.
Core Services: Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Managed Services.
Other services: Governance Risk & Compliance and Network, endpoint IoT & OT Security.


  • You will get proactive services for testing responsiveness and opinion letters that will indicate the level of preparedness.
  • You will be able to use the standardized methodologies on a global basis.
  • Its Advisory Services will provide expert guidance on incident response program development/assessment and breach assessment.

Website: NTT Data

#11) Trustwave


Trustwave provides cybersecurity and managed security services that will help you with protecting data, fighting cybercrime, and reducing security risks. This Singtel company is a global security arm of Singtel, Optus, and NCS. It has 9 security operations centers.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: 1995
Locations: London, Illinois, and Sydney.
Core Services: Managed Security and Security Testing
Other services: Technology, Consulting, and Education.


  • In 2019, the Trustwave fusion platform redefined cloud-based cybersecurity.
  • In 2019 it was positioned as a leader among cybersecurity consulting services in the Asia Pacific.
  • It has expertise in information security, computer forensics, managed security services, application security, etc.

Website: Trustwave

#12) Verizon


Verizon’s dedicated team of experts can help you with preparing for cyber-attacks, data loss, and for investigating network breaches. It has a facility of emergency assistance during a security breach.

Verizon will give you the perspective and cyber intelligence that will help you with investigations, forensics, and discovery. Verizon can help in case a security issue goes to court through secure evidence handling, computer forensic analysis, in-court testimony, and electronic data recovery.

Headquarters: Basking Ridge, NJ
Founded: 2000
Locations: New Jersey, Irvine, San Jose, and Greenwood Village.
Core Services: Incident response planning, cyber breach & IT investigations, Forensic investigations, e-discovery, litigation support, malware analysis, hacking, etc.


  • Verizon has experience of analyzing over 250000 security incidents.
  • It can provide emergency assistance.
  • Verizon’s threat intelligence services will assess your current security procedures for identifying gaps and will make suggestions for addressing them.
  • To provide the Incident Response support it keeps the hotline open 24*7.

Website: Verizon


Incident Response services manage the situation after cyber-attack and try to reduce the damage. Cynet, FireEye Mandiant, Secureworks, Sygnia, and Harjavec Group are our top recommended Incident Response service providers.

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While choosing the provider you should test the IR process as we have suggested above. Also, the experience of the service provider, price, and scope of the services will play an important role while selecting the Incident Response Services.

Review Process:

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  • Total tools researched: 17
  • Top tools shortlisted: 10
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