13 Best Adware Removal Tools for 2023 [TOP SELECTIVE LIST]

Explore the top Adware Removal Tools with a complete review and a detailed comparison table to select the best Adware cleaner as per requirement:

Getting irritated because of the constant pop-ups appearing and redirecting you? Adware is why the ad banner covers a part of the content you are viewing. It’s important to get rid of them!

The main role of an Adware remover is to block unwanted advertisements shown onto your web browser and the pop-ups. You might receive constant junk on your PC affecting the performance, but it becomes safer to browse through the internet with an adware cleaner tool.

There are so many Adware Removal software available all over the internet, and picking any one of them will always take up a lot of time. We have done the harder work for you in selecting the best one. Below you can find out a list of the best Adware Removal Tools available in the market today.

Adware Removal Tools Review

Best Adware Removal Tools

Fact Check: As per Statista, the impact of Anti-malware tools along with adware protection tools is enormous. There are multiple vendors available which help you get your PC completely protected. Statista has also come up with further research, concluding that we are going through 10 billion malware attacks every year. With the help of such famous brands and options, you can get complete protection against any cyber threat type.


Pro-Tip: While picking out the best Adware Removal tool, the first thing to keep in mind should be about the system requirements. Even though they take little space, this should match the space available.

You need to make sure that the Adware Removal tool you choose is not limited to just removing these ads, but can block pop-ups. Automatic scanning and immediate junkware removal are two important features. This will block any type of forced entry into your PC.

FAQs About Adware Cleaner Tool

Q #1) What is the best adware removal tool?

Answer: There are several adware removal tools available in the market. However, choosing the best one out of them will completely depend on what your requirements are. You can still have a choice from some tools mentioned below:

  • Avast
  • Malwarebytes
  • MalwareFox
  • MacKeeper
  • BitDefender
  • Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Q #2) What is the best free adware removal?

Answer: Many people consider that a free adware cleaner tool might not be effective. But there are some certain tools available that work equally to any professional and paid adware removal. Options like Avast, Adware, Removal Tool by TSA, and AVG Signal will give you an amazing response.

Q #3) Is the adware removal tool safe?

Answer: The authenticity of any adware tool depends on the manufacturer and its reputation. Usually, the free adware removal tool is safe to use, and it comes with multiple features. However, there might be some features missing in the free versions. So you can always make sure that this tool is not completely safe to use.

Q #4) How do you stop adware on the Phone?

Answer: Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Purchase a professional adware removal tool that is compatible with your phone.
  2. The next thing would be to activate this adware blocker.
  3. Once done, do a test run on your mobile device and allow it to complete.
  4. You can either manually remove the junkware or make sure that the tool has access to remove it.

Q #5) How do I stop adware from PC?

Answer: The best way to stop adware is to remove it. Many people get confused about how to remove adware from their PC. The best way to do it is by purchasing a tool that matters. If you do not want to purchase it, you have to do this manually. Go through the installed programs and then delete them manually to get your PC cleaned.

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List of Top Adware Removal Tools

Here is a list of popular adware cleaner tools:

  1. TotalAV Antivirus
  2. Norton
  3. AVG Signal
  4. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  5. Avira
  6. Bitdefender
  7. HitmanPro.Alert
  8. MacKeeper
  9. Malwarebytes
  10. Avast
  11. MalwareFox
  12. Adware Removal Tool by TSA
  13. RunScanner
  14. BullGuard
  15. Kaspersky
  16. Intego

Comparison of Adware Cleaner Software

Tool NameBest ForCompatibilityFree TrialPrice
TotalAV AntivirusReal-time threat detection and eliminationWindows, iOS, Android, MacFree Plan AvailableStarts at $19 for 3 devices
NortonOnline privacy protectionWindows, Mac, iOS, Android7 DaysStarts at $19.99/year
AVG Signal24/7 vigilanceWindows, Android, iOS, MacNoFree Tool
System Mechanic Ultimate DefenseAntivirus Protection and Malware RemovalWindowsNo$63.94 annual plan
AviraBlocking threatsWindows, Mac, Android90 Days$48.39/year
BitdefenderQuick check-upWindows, Mac, Android, iOS30 Days$19.99/year
HitmanPro.AlertEasy cleaning upWindows30 Days$26.97/year
MacKeeperJunk UncloggingWindows, iOS14 Days$71.40/year
MalwarebytesPowerful CleaningWindows, Mac14 Days$3.33 /month
AvastAll DevicesWindows, Android, iOS, MacNoFree Tool
MalwareFoxBrowser CleanerWindows, Android14 Days$24.95/year
Adware Removal Tool by TSAUnwanted AdsWindowsNoFree Tool

Detailed review:

#1) TotalAV Antivirus

Best for Real-time threat detection and elimination.

TotalAV Antivirus Dashboard

TotalAV Antivirus does what a good antivirus protection tool should do, it detects and eliminates threats like malware, viruses, ransomware, and adware proactively. It allows you to set a scheduled scan that is triggered at your specified data and time for round-the-clock device protection.

The software works best with both Windows and Mac devices. Its Ad blocker add-on can easily block ad and tracker servers to ensure you have a smooth ad-free browsing experience when online. There’s a chrome extension available as well to make the process of eliminating adware simpler.


  • Ad blocker add-ons
  • Real-time threat protection
  • Block trackers
  • Smart scan scheduler

Verdict: If an affordable, feature rich, cross platform adware removal software is what you seek, then you’ll find plenty to adore in TotalAV Antivirus. The software is great at proactively identifying and eliminating threats. It is also exceptionally easy to use.

Price: Free plan for basic scanning only, Pro plan: $19 for 3 devices, Internet Security: $39 for 5 devices, Total Security: $49 for 8 devices, Ad Blocker: $55 extra.

#2) Norton

Best for online privacy protection.


Norton is one of the most trusted sources for keeping you protected online. It gives complete security for identity protection, which can keep your online activity private. As a result, it is one tool that everyone would like to continue with. It has specialized features to block thousands of threats that come every minute.


  • Online privacy protection.
  • Protection for PC gaming.
  • Advanced Cybersafety.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, online identity protection is one thing that people look at in Norton security. Ideally, it is one such place where you can get your requirements fulfilled at any time. With the help of this software, you can block access to hackers from your devices without any second attempt.

Price: Free trial is available for 7 days. Premium is available for $19.99/year.

#3) AVG Signal

Best for 24/7 vigilance.

AVG Signal

If you are looking for adware removal software that will do your job without much delay, the AVG Signal is one device to get your works done in a few minutes. The future block infection module gives immediate results. You can always use it for free and without any difficulties at all.


  • Blocks future infections.
  • Top-rated performance.
  • Easy to use.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the AVG Signal comes with proper scans and adware removal options that help you get an amazing result. It provides you with a decent infection blocker that comes along with a lightweight structure. This android adware removal tool gets installed on your device in a snap and makes sure that you can get an amazing result.

Price: It is available for free.

#4) System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Best for Antivirus Protection and Malware Removal.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic is a great tool for Windows PC optimization. However, it doesn’t get much credit for what we believe is its most compelling feature. The software serves as a shield that protects your system against virus attacks, adware, ransomware, and other such issues.

The platform is capable of identifying and fixing more than 30000 issues that may harm your computer. System Mechanic safely analyzes suspicious files. Its database is constantly updated, which makes it more than capable of detecting new and unknown threats.


  • Leverages Threat Detection Algorithms to accurately detect issues.
  • AI-Driven new threat detection
  • On-demand malware detection and removal
  • Can also identify previously unknown threats.
  • Military-grade drive wiping technology

Verdict: System Mechanic is already a great PC optimization tool. However, it is even better as antivirus software. It can secure your PC against a variety of virus and spyware threats with real-time antivirus protection. As such, it has our highest recommendation.

Price: $63.94 annual plan.

#5) Avira

Best for blocking threats.


Adblocker with Avira is a defined tool that comes along with a better digital experience. This tool comes with better prevention that can block any unnecessary pop-ups and banners from loading on your web browser. This also works as an internet security tool providing you with the best results. It shields any type of data from being tracked by cybercriminals.


  • Block malicious online advertisements.
  • Stops redirect to dangerous websites.
  • Shields your privacy.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, Avira is one tool that provides you with amazing privacy and option. It is a secure tool that likes to keep your device and data private. Basically, it blocks any type of tracking activity from third parties. Comparing other tools, Avira is trusted by more people because of the ability to block unwanted applications.

Price: Free trial is available for 90 Days. Premium is available for $48.39/year.

#6) Bitdefender

Best for a quick check-up.


When it comes to performance, Bitdefender is a tool that everyone would love to have. If you need to surf through the internet, it is one tool that you would love to use for your home. This product comes with a junkware-free tool, which is an additional benefit of this product. As a result, it can easily optimize the web and make it safe for you to go online.


  • Quick check-up on system vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure a safe, adware-free web browsing experience.
  • Computer diagnostic completed by professionals.

Verdict: The Bitdefender is one of the most reliable tools to use with your computer, as per customer reviews. The manufacturers claim BitDefender is compatible with almost all PC setups and OD available. In fact, the check-up time is rapid, and it does not affect the PC performance at any time.

Price: Free trial is available for 30 days. Premium is available for $19.99/year.

#7) HitmanPro.Alert

Best for easy cleaning up.


HitmanPro comes with a repeated scanning process that can take any bad behavior n your PC. When it detects any threat, the multiple expert-level securities instantly block access to advertisements as well as pop-ups. The best part is that this tool can clean up by itself instantly and without even being willing to block any access. It is a great choice for users.


  • No need to uninstall other apps.
  • Just download and run.
  • It only takes 10MB of space.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the HitmanPro is one tool that acts as the lite version of the professional version. However, it is still more effective than many other models available in the market today. HitmanPro takes only a few seconds to download, and you can even install it instantly.

Price: Free trial is available for 30 Days. Premium is available for $26.97/year.

#8) MacKeeper

Best for junk unclogging.


MacKeeper is one of the most renowned tools that act as a professional cleaner. The option of having real-time threat detection is one of the best available in the market today. It also provides an unwanted app notification to keep your personal files and data completely secure for use—the reason why most people like it is because of the low space requirements.


  • Stay private online
  • Stop ads and trackers
  • Start your Mac faster

Verdict: The MacKeeper is a designated adware blocker that helps you keep your Mac safe, as per customer reviews. Even if it is available for Windows, users feel MacKeeper does a great job for iOS devices. It gives a 24/7 monitoring option that notifies you instantly if there are any type of junk files found.

Price: Free trial is available for 14 days. Premium is available for $71.40/year.

#9) Malwarebytes

Best for powerful cleaning.


Malwarebytes works with almost every PC setup of devices. Apart from this, it also comes with a quick scanning time, which is great for any cyber threat. The reason most people go for this tool is that it can quickly crush any annoying software.


  • Crushes annoying software.
  • Removes junkware.
  • Optimizes performance.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, Malwarebytes comes with amazing detection and updates for your online works. Malwarebytes is a professional cleaning system that can remove malware at any cost. The option of having fast results makes it much easier to remove the hidden malware as well.

Price: Free trial is available for 14 days. Premium is available for $3.33/month.

#10) Avast

Best for all devices.


The Avast comes with continuous updates and a running scanner. The threat-detection network gives an immediate result. This scan removal tool can provide you with complete blockage of unwanted ads. It secures the entry points so that you can stay safe for use.


  • Stops future adware.
  • Get rid of these malicious menaces.
  • Lightweight malware scan.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, Avast is one such tool that is completely free to use. It is a product that serves with multiple advantages for its use. Because of continuous updates, it becomes easier to use this device without any major delay. Not only adware, but Avast also helps to remove any type of malicious files that are present.

Price: It is available for free.

Website: Avast

#11) MalwareFox

Best for browser cleaner.


The MalwareFox is an all-in-one software that easily blocks pop-ups. This tool comes along with decent spyware protection that allows you to remove the Trojan at any time. This product can keep the private data to stay Private. This makes it safe for you to browse the internet. You can always count on this tool to get the best results.

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  • Advanced protection against the browser hijacker.
  • Includes Ransomware Protection.
  • Block unwanted pop-up redirects.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the MalwareFox is a great tool that takes for your adware problems. You can install this software and remain safe without any problems at all. This tool comes with a safe browsing experience that can stop any type of present danger.

Price: Free trial is available for 14 days. Premium is available for $24.95/year.

Website: MalwareFox

#12) Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Best for unwanted ads.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Adware Removal Tool by TSA comes with a small space requirement and can fit into any system. It also comes with an easy scanning and removal process that saves time and gives you an amazing result. Coming over to remove junk files, this tool is precise, and it works amazingly to get rid of the browser Trojans.


  • Get rid of browser hijackers.
  • Protects your computer from PUPs.
  • Clean the unwanted programs deeply.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the Adware Removal Tool by TSA is a top choice to purchase if you are looking for a free adware removal from your PC setup. This tool comes with an easy cleaning mechanism that allows you to stay safe from any type of upcoming threats. The product comes with an amazing result and makes sure that you clear the unwanted tools.

Price: It is available for free.

Website: Adware Removal Tool by TSA

#13) RunScanner

Best for online malware analysis.


If you are looking for a freeware setup, RunScanner is one tool that can solve your purpose. The deep scan feature works as a malware analyzer. It can detect any type of threat within minutes and will provide you with the best results. The best part is that this device can quickly detect any type of system changes due to a virus.


  • Scan and update.
  • Malware hunting tab.
  • Loaded modules tab.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the RunScanner is a completely free tool with almost every feature included and acts like a professional. It has a minimal setup file and continuously runs in the background without affecting the performance. This product comes with minimal system requirements, which are great for any PC.

Price: It is available for free.

Website: RunScanner

#14) BullGuard

Best for multi-layered protection.


BullGuard is another place where you can get multiple layers of protection with real-time detection. Since it is small in space, the tool does not affect your regular performance. It can easily allow gamers to play by protecting their data. Any type of unusual behavior is considered a threat, but BullGuard makes you safe throughout.


  • Dynamic machine learning.
  • Multi-layered protection.
  • Game booster.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the BullGuard is one tool that has advanced detection technology. The option of having dynamic machine learning allows this adware protection tool to protect your PC or any device from threats. It can automatically detect bad behaviors and make immediate changes as necessary.

Price: Free trial is available for 30 Days. Premium is available for $59.99/year.

Website: BullGuard

#15) Kaspersky

Best for web security.


Kaspersky is the best adware remover for Android and PC because of the ability to detect and assume threats. The AI-driven technology runs a constant monitoring check. As soon as it detects any unusual behavior, you can get immediate notifications about this. Best adware remover android runs very well and throughout the PC setup.


  • AI-driven protection.
  • Provides endpoint security.
  • It comes with protection against ransomware.

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the Kaspersky is a budget-friendly tool that does your job. Like most professional cleaners, Kaspersky also comes with multi-layer protection difficult to pass through for cybercriminals. The constant background monitoring provides a reliable source to keep your financial data secure.

Price: Free trial is available for 30 days. Premium is available for $29.99/year.

Website: Kaspersky

#16) Intego

Best for 24/7 real-time malware protection.


Intego is a powerful anti-virus tool that can protect both a Windows and Mac device from all sorts of threats, not just adware. Once launched, the software runs in the background to keep a macOS or Windows system protected 24/7. The software’s especially great at blocking online threats. It can identify fake websites and malicious traffic, thus blocking them before they can infect your desktop.

Besides adware, you can rely on the software to neutralize other threats like phishing scams, viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. The software also automatically updates itself. So it is the best tool to keep your system protected against new, unknown threats as well.


  • Real-time protection
  • Zero-day protection
  • Automated and targeted scans
  • Automatic updates

Verdict: Intego is very effective at not just removing adware but also protecting a Mac and Windows system from other threats like viruses, ransomware, malware, etc. The software runs round-the-clock protection and keeps your system safe at all times from both offline and online threats.


Premium Plans for Mac are as follows:

  • Internet Security X9 – $39.99/year
  • Premium Bundle X9 – $69.99/year
  • Premium Bundle + VPN – $89.99/year

Premium Plans for Windows are as follows:

  • Personal Plan: $39.99/year
  • Family Plan: $54.99/year
  • Extended Plan: $69.99/year


Ad banners all over a web page may cover your content or even obstruct viewing a video. Some Pop-up ads might even redirect you to a new page. It’s important to keep your browser under control to yourself and not let any adware file to run through it. The best option is to take the help of professional Adware Removal Tools.

Avast Adware cleaner is one of the best Adware Removal tools to opt for if you want a complete cleanup for your PC. It is a free tool and does not include any hidden costs. Avast keeps you completely safe from any type of unwanted ads.

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