Top 10 MDR Services: Managed Detection And Response Solutions

Read this review and comparison of the top MDR Services to select the best Managed Detection and Response company for your business:

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is the assistance provided by security companies to help their client businesses meet the challenges of cybersecurity, such as lacking resources, getting awareness of risks, and improving their ability to discover and respond to threats, etc.

Every cybersecurity team requires solutions that provide complete threat protection with automated response capabilities. For any businesses that face challenges or need any expert assistance related to cybersecurity – MDR Solutions can help the most.

MDR Solutions - Managed Detection and Response Services

MDR Solutions

MDR Solutions can be helpful for companies that have an experienced cybersecurity team but are already overloaded with alerts and therefore don’t have time to perform full investigations and remediation for the threats.

Organizations that don’t have the experts to perform investigations can also benefit from MDR services.

Fact Check: According to Reports and Data, the global MDR market is expected to reach $4.6 billion by 2026. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.4% from 2019 to 2026. The research reveals that most of the MDR market is consumed by large organizations.

The below image shows the details of the Research.

MDR Markets

Pro Tip: While choosing an MDR solution, you should consider the specific services and capabilities that will make the service most effective for your particular situation. Managed Detection and Response companies should offer a dedicated security team, continuous endpoint & network monitoring, cloud monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and features like customization of security rules, etc.

Tips For Businesses To Improve Their Cybersecurity

Every organization must ensure that its basic security hygiene processes are in place. These basic security hygiene processes include Cybersafety training of employees, implementation of unique IDs, Password management, and general Cyber education.

Businesses should also ensure that anti-malware solutions are updated and are capable of providing security to the entire environment. Also, keep your systems, apps, databases, and servers updated with the latest versions and patches.

You should also set system access limitations for employees, as well as third-party vendors so that only the required data can be accessed.

Top Myths About Cybersecurity

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe that they are too small to get targeted by hackers. We have seen in the above Fact Check section that 68% of the MDR market is occupied by large businesses, but it is a myth that small businesses will not get hacked.

The reality is that small businesses are more likely to get hacked due to limited protections thereby making them more attractive targets for Cybercriminals.

The below image shows the result of the research indicating that 74% of the organizations believe that they can be hit by APT.

Target of an APT

[image source]

Another myth is that anti-virus (AV) protection means that your environment is fully covered. In reality, anti-virus software only provides protection against specific attacks. Businesses should opt for a multi-layered security approach to ensure that all attacks that bypass AV are detected by other protection layers.

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List of Top MDR Services

Given below is a list of the top MDR Solutions that are available:

  1. Cynet
  2. SecurityHQ
  3. Security Joes
  4. Rapid7
  5. Cybereason
  6. SentinelOne Vigilance
  7. CrowdStrike
  8. eSentire
  9. Expel
  10. Secureworks
  11. Fidelis Cybersecurity
  12. FireEye Mandiant

Comparison of Best Managed Detection and Response Services

Best forPlatformsDeploymentFree TrialPrice

Breach ProtectionWindows, Mac, Linux.SaaS, IaaS, On-premise, and hybrid. AvailableGet a Quote

SecurityHQ New logo
Global 24/7 Prevention, Detection and Response Capabilities.Windows, Mac, Linux.IT Virtual Assets, Cloud, and Traditional Infrastructures.Free 30 Days MDR POV.Get a quote.
Security Joes

Security Joes
Empowering MDR capabilities to follow-the-sun 24/7 and enrich EDR breach protectionAgnostic to all platforms, including IoT devices.Cloud-based & On-premises.AvailableGet a Quote

Strengthening the security posture.WindowsCloud-basedAvailableEssentials: Starts at $17 /asset/month & Elite: Starts at $23 /asset /month.

Prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.Cloud, hybrid, on-premise, and Air-gapped.Demo availableGet a quote for Essentials or Complete.
SentinelOne Vigilance

24*7 threat assessment and response.Windows, Mac, & Linux.Cloud-based & On-premises.Demo availableGet a quote.

Managed endpoint security services. Windows & Mac. Cloud-basedAvailableGet a quote.

Let us review these MDR Security Companies in detail:

#1) Cynet – Recommended MDR Security Service Provider

Best for organizations with small security teams. Cynet converges full prevention and detection capabilities with response automation and a 24X7 proactive MDR service at no extra cost.


Cynet 360 is an Autonomous Breach Protection solution. It is a combination of XDR, Response automation, and MDR services. The Cynet platform is coupled with CyOps, a 24/7 MDR Team of top security researchers, and threat analysts.

Cynet MDR services are provided to all Cynet clients at no additional charge. The service also enables any MSP to provide comprehensive MDR services to their customers.


  • Cynet MDR provides 24/7 alert monitoring, investigations, incident response, detailed threat reports, and proactive threat hunting services.
  • Cynet 360 Natively integrates NGAV, EDR, NDR, UBA, and Deception technologies, to provide full prevention, detection, and response.
  • Cynet automatically investigates threats back to the root cause and remediates threats from all infected hosts.

Verdict: Cynet 360 is the platform with capabilities of XDR, Response automation, and 24X7 MDR services. Its automated monitoring and correlation will give you total visibility across your environment.

You will be able to automate all workflows across the entire breach protection lifecycle like proactive monitoring and incident response.

Price: Cynet offers a free trial for the services. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

#2) SecurityHQ

Best for its bespoke MDR packages & advanced modules, tailored to fit client needs by combining threat intelligence and human expertise for advanced analytics and contextualized events.


With SecurityHQ’s MDR service in place, other modules, including User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) and Network Flow Analytics, form a supplementary layer to your security, to provide complete visibility, detect account compromises, and mitigate & detect malicious or anomalous insider activity.


  • Business Intelligence Analytics to Present Risks, Posture Issues, and Pattern User Violations.
  • Threat Response with 24/7 Threat Containment, Threat Triage, and IBM Resilient Powered Orchestration Management.
  • SecurityHQ Incident Management & Analytics Platform provides 15-Minute Threat Response, Real-Time Dashboards, and Ticketing & Customer Integration.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports with Granular Statistical Graphing Led by Senior Analysts to Present Risks, Incidents, and Emerging Threats.
  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring: SecurityHQ Provides Round-the-Clock Monitoring to Detect, Investigate, Notify & Respond to Incidents & Potential Threats.
  • 6 Security Operation Centres (SOC) around the Globe.


  • SecurityHQ is enabling the security of clients across the globe in every vertical.
  • They are helping businesses feel protected, by delivering 24/7 visibility, every minute of every day, 365 days a year.
  • They are collaborating with partners to provide enterprise-grade solutions tailored to the client and industry-specific needs.
  • They are supporting organizations with a team of 200+ experts available on demand.

Price: A Free MDR 30-Day trial is available. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

#3) Security Joes

With the most unique and diverse team of experts, Security Joes MDR is a leader in protecting businesses all over the world and keeps proving it, one incident after the other.

Experts in the field of Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Threat Hunting, APT Research, Real-world Red Team, Offensive (responsible disclosure) Security, DevSecOps, Cloud CI/CD protection and more, are re-shaping the term best-of-breed.


  • Instant & smooth onboarding phase into your organization.
  • Full ownership of EDR solutions and integrations.
  • Fully fledged agile methodology protocols and procedures to rapidly resolve incidents.
  • Always-on team, 24/7 in 7 different time zones, controlling over 5 native languages.
  • Proactive problem solvers with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to take on tailored activities.

Price: Contact them to get a quote.

#4) Rapid7

Best for strengthening the security posture.


Rapid7 offers Managed Detection and Response services. It uses multiple advanced detection methods to detect advanced threats. Various detection methods that are used by Rapid7 includes proprietary threat intelligence, human threat hunts, behavioral analytics, and network traffic analysis.

It provides detailed reports that will help you with taking remediation and mitigation actions according to your program.


  • With Rapid7 MDR services, you will get a dedicated security advisor.
  • It will perform real-time incident detection and validation.
  • You will get full access to Rapid7’s cloud SIEM InsightIDR.
  • It provides incident management and response support.
  • Rapid7 will perform proactive threat hunting.

Verdict: Rapid7 MDR solutions will take immediate response actions on your behalf and its experts will perform 24*7 SOC monitoring. It is for security teams of any size. It makes use of leading technology solutions and security expertise for detecting dynamic threats.

Price: Rapid7 offers two pricing plans i.e. Essentials (Starts at $17 per asset per month) and Elite (Starts at $23 per asset per month). Essentials plan is for small teams and Elite is for most of the teams. You can try the service for free.

Website: Rapid7

#5) Cybereason

Best for prevention, detection, and response capabilities.


Cybereason Defense platform provides endpoint prevention, detection, and response services with one lightweight agent.

Cybereason provides Endpoint Protection with features of Endpoint controls, Threat intelligence, EDR, CWPP, Mobile, NGAV, etc. It can provide the security services of Threat Hunting, Incident Response, and MDR. It offers extended protection services of XDR, data retention, and cyber assessment.

It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Available deployment options with Cybereason are Cloud, hybrid, On-premise, and Air-gapped.


  • Cybereason’s MDR services have a Nocturnus Researchers Team that has deep knowledge based on decades of experience. This team of experts will drive an offensive-security mindset.
  • MDR colutions can identify, contain, and eliminate threats at a faster rate.
  • Cybereason MDR provides the features of automated threat hunting, proactive email alerts, and detailed response recommendations.
  • It performs Malop Root Cause Investigation.
  • Its Complete Edition has features of Proactive Tuning & Configuration, Premium Onboarding, NGAV Prevention Analysis, etc.

Verdict: Cybereason MDR services will augment the security operations of your organization. It will provide proactive security. Cybereason MDR is available in two editions i.e. Essentials, and Complete.

Price: Cybereason MDR offers the solution with two plans i.e. Essentials and Complete. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: Cybereason

#6) SentinelOne Vigilance

Best for 24*7 threat assessment and response.

SentinelOne Vigilance

SentinelOne Vigilance is the 24*7 customer-focused Managed Detection and Response service. It will augment the security of your organization. It ensures that all threats are reviewed, documented, acted upon, or escalated as required. It has an AI queuing mechanism that will prioritize the detected threats.


  • SentinelOne Vigilance classifies the threats by feature extraction, Intel, ActiveEDR+ Storyline, logs, and the analyst’s professional.
  • It has features to mitigate and resolve threats.
  • If required it will open proactive escalation.

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Verdict: SentinelOne platform can detect advanced threats and is capable of responding to every alert swiftly and appropriately. It is a trusted platform that will give you accelerated event prioritization. It will provide 24*7 threat assessment and response services.

Price: A demo will be available on request. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: SentinelOne Vigilance

#7) CrowdStrike

Best for managed endpoint security services.


CrowdStrike offers the platform Falcon Complete that delivers endpoint protection as a service. It also provides a Breach Prevention Warranty up to $1M (not for all regions).

Falcon Complete Team is a Managed Detection and Response service. It has a team of experts that provides fully managed endpoint protection. It offers 24*7 endpoint protection as a service.

CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is a platform with modules of Falcon Prevent, Falcon Insight, Falcon Discover, Falcon OverWatch, and Falcon Complete Team.


  • Falcon OverWatch is a module for managed threat hunting that will identify attacks and prevent breaches.
  • Its expert team will proactively hunt and investigate your environment. The team will advise you on threat activity.
  • It protects against malware and malware-free attacks.

Verdict: CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is simple to use. It has all the functionalities that are required to handle all aspects of your endpoint security. CrowdStrike’s experts are available 24*7 on call to handle alerts and incidents.

Price: A free trial is available. Its license is available on a per endpoint subscription basis. Falcon Prevent and Falcon Workspaces will cost you $6.99 per month.

Website: CrowdStrike

#8) eSentire

Best for proactively hunting threats across the network, endpoints, cloud, and hybrid environments.


eSentire is a cloud-native MDR platform that will protect against next-gen cyber threats. It will proactively discover the threats across your network, endpoints, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Atlas is an eSentire’s proprietary and cloud-native XDR platform. It makes use of patented AI for understanding the massive amount of real-time security signals. Its MDR is delivered from the Atlas.


  • eSentire is the solution with functionalities to manage, detect, and respond.
  • It can detect automated threats as well as sophisticated manual attacks.
  • It will stop the attacks even before you know and start impacting the business.
  • It provides complete threat visibility by combining all your signals.

Verdict: eSentire XDR platform provides secured and scalable API for data capturing. eSentire XDR platform provides the features of signal normalization, enrichment & recommendations, investigation platform, and 24*7 security operations.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: eSentire

#9) Expel

Best for finding, investigating, and removing attackers from your environment


Expel MDR will perform proactive threat hunting. It provides advanced data analytics. Their analysts of the SOC team will monitor 24*7. It performs End-point analysis through the API-integration of EDR tools. Expel will get alerts through this integration and the Expel team can investigate it.

For response, it offers the features of incident validation & notification, remote response, containment & remediation, and resilience recommendations.


  • Expel has features for network analysis.
  • It plugs into your SIEM through API and performs the Log Analysis.
  • It performs security device monitoring and ensures that the devices are configured right.
  • Through a dedicated Slack channel Expel will allow you to talk to their analysts.
  • It provides Metrics, reporting, and summaries.

Verdict: Expel Managed Security solution offers services like 24*7 monitoring, investigation & response, and hunting for threats. Expel will use the security tools that you are already using.

It offers flexible plans so customers can choose as per their needs such as choosing a plan for 24*7 monitoring of only nights or weekends, etc.

Price: Expel offers the solution with three pricing plans i.e. Expel Night Shift ($14,400 per month), Expel 24*7 (Starts at $19200 per month), and Expel with Hunting (Starts at $24000 per month).

Website: Expel

#10) Secureworks

Best for proactive threat hunting and incident response support.


Secureworks platform provides complete cloud support and can detect & respond to events from your cloud environments such as AWS, Office 365, and Azure environments.

Threat Engagement Manager will provide periodic reviews and reports that will help you to continuously improve your security posture. Secureworks solution comes with the incident response hours included with it.


  • The Secureworks platform has a feature of a collaborative user interface. This will help with the investigation process.
  • It has a facility of live chats with experts to discuss issues in case of uncertainty.
  • Its threat hunting and incident response services will hunt for suspicious users, endpoint, application activity, and network.
  • It has industry-recognized IR teams and you will get access to it.
  • It can detect unknown threats.

Verdict: Secureworks has a cloud-native architecture that enables it to detect and respond to events from AWS, Azure, and Office 365 environments. This MDR solution is a combination of advanced security analytics and the experience of security analysts.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: Secureworks

#11) Fidelis Cybersecurity

Best for providing 24*7 protection across network, cloud, and endpoints.


Fidelis Cybersecurity offers Managed Detection and Response services that will give you 24*7 protection across the endpoints, network, and cloud. It can protect the complex environment 24*7. Fidelis MDR team has forensic analysts, incident responders, operations professionals, and threat hunters.

Fidelis Cybersecurity offers the platform Fidelis Elevate. This unified security solution will give you deep visibility and threat intelligence across your environment. Fidelis MDR makes use of Fidelis Elevate and helps you to automate detection and response.


  • Fidelis Network will give you deep visibility across sessions, packets, and content.
  • Fidelis Network can perform automatic validation, correlation, and consolidation of network alerts against every endpoint in the network.
  • Fidelis Endpoint can automatically detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. It helps the MDR experts through tools with detecting, responding to, and resolving security incidents at a fast rate.
  • Fidelis Deception will detect the post-breach attacks. It automatically describes networks and assets for creating deception layers. It creates these deception layers as realistic as possible.
  • This technology will be helpful with diverting attacks from real resources & data and provides quick detection and defense against post-breach attacks.

Verdict: Fidelis Security team has experience in successfully running critical IR projects. The deception technology used in Fidelis MDR provides a perfect picture of the entire network by discovering and classifying networks and assets.

Fidelis MDR platform includes the functionalities of Fidelis Network, Fidelis Endpoint, and Fidelis Deception.

Price: A free trial is available. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: Fidelis Cybersecurity

#12) FireEye Mandiant

Best for providing analyst driven detection and threat-focused defense.


FireEye Mandiant offers the Managed Detection and Response services that has analyst driven detection and threat-focused defense. It makes use of proven hunting methodologies that are capable of identifying covert attacker behavior.

FireEye offers managed Defense solutions for Nights & weekends, Operational Technology, and Endpoint Security. Managed Defense Nights & Weekends solution is for off-hours protection.

Managed Defense for Operational Technology is the solution for critical infrastructure protection that offers tailored technology deployments and ICS/OT-specific playbooks.


  • FireEye Mandiant provides the Managed Defense solutions with features of identifying impactful threats, thorough investigation & incident scoping, comprehensive & proactive hunting, and effective response through decisive remediation recommendations, etc.
  • It provides real-time visibility of threats in your environment.
  • It will provide the answers that will help you to take definitive actions and prevent incidents and reduce the breach impact.
  • Its investigation reports are contextually rich and will give you a clear understanding of risks.
  • It performs frequent and systematic hunting across the environment and reduces the risk of detection gaps.

Verdict: FireEye MDR team contains managed defense consultants, analysts, and 1000 cybersecurity experts. Managed detection will help you with identifying and prioritizing critical threats. It provides 24*7*365 global MDR coverage.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: FireEye Mandiant


Cybersecurity should be taken seriously, regardless of whether it is a small business or a large business. Security breaches and attacks can happen to businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses are more likely to be the target of hackers because of their weak cybersecurity measures.

Cynet is our top recommended MDR security solution. It has threat prevention and detection capabilities. It will prevent malicious activity. This platform will help you with automating the entire response workflow.

A lot of MDR Security Companies are available in the market and choosing the right one from them is a difficult task. Thus we have shortlisted the top 10 MDR services for you.

We hope this tutorial will guide you in selecting the right MDR solution for your business.

Research Process

  • Time Taken To Research And Write This Tutorial: 28 Hrs
  • Total Tools Researched Online: 26
  • Top Tools Shortlisted For Review: 10
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