10 BEST Ransomware Protection Solutions For Enterprises 2023

Review and comparison of the top Ransomware Protection Solutions with features to select the best Ransomware Protection Software Tools as per your requirement:

Cybersecurity risks are at an all-time high and Ransomware attacks have only become more audacious in recent years. Ransomware is a kind of malware that denies users access to information on their own computers. If left unchecked, it can paralyze an entire organization by spreading across file servers, target databases, and networks.

Hence, it is important to neutralize these threats before Ransomware encrypts your files and changes them beyond recognition.

However, removing ransomware can be difficult. When it comes to ransomware attacks, it is wiser to rely on preventative measures rather than relegating to options that focus on treatment. You need software that will not only prevent ransomware but also stop it in its tracks from changing folders and files that are important to you or your business.

This is where Ransomware Protection Solutions has become so fundamental.

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Ransomware Protection – Need and Facts

Ransomware Protection Solutions For Enterprises

This article will discuss tools that offer a plethora of advanced features to provide excellent protection from ransomware. based on popular opinion and our own experiences. The tools we are going to recommend in this article are some of the best Ransomware Protection tools being widely used today.


  • Do not compromise on simplicity when selecting Ransomware protection software. It should be easy to install and operate, regardless of whether or not the user is technically proficient.
  • Find out how many devices in your home or office need protection against ransomware and choose a package that provides a safety net for all your devices.
  • Make sure to read the privacy policy. Many famous anti-virus programs share information about their users. Purchase a program that does not share your information.
  • While there are free ransomware protection tools, it is advisable to opt for a premium tool to get the best protection against ransomware. The price doesn’t have to be expensive. Go for a tool that is reasonably priced.
  • Opt for software that is compatible with your device’s operating system.

Fact Check: Current reports state that costs due to Ransomware damage is on the rise. It is estimated that these costs will reach $20 billion by the time 2021 ends. This is an exponential increase from 2019 when the total cost was $19 billion.

The image below shows the predicted damage cost because of ransomware:


[image source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is there any solution for ransomware?

Answer: Security experts have suggested numerous solutions to effectively combat ransomware. The most efficient solutions are as follows:

  • Use reputable endpoint protection solutions.
  • Frequently back up important files. Try to isolate them from open and local networks.
  • Have offline backups of data stored in devices not connected to a potentially infected computer or cloud, thus keeping them away from ransomware.
  • Deploy security software to secure email servers, network systems and protect endpoints.

Q #2) How common is Ransomware?

Answer: All the stats testify to the fact that Ransomware is increasingly becoming a popular form of attack around the globe. Ransomware attacks have been growing by 350% since 2018. The cost of ransomware damages is estimated to reach $20 billion by the time 2021 ends.

Q #3) Can ransomware steal data?

Answer: A recent report by Help Net Security states that nearly 40% of new ransomware families are known for their capability to both encrypt and steal data. This means that nearly half of all ransomware attacks will steal your data before proceeding to encrypt the system. This makes Ransomware attacks a severe cybersecurity threat.

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Q #4) Should you pay ransomware?

Answer: Although paying ransomware increases your chances of unlocking your files, it is advisable not to entertain this idea. It is conventional wisdom that paying ransoms can encourage cybercriminals to thrive and continue their tyrannical activities online.

It is recommended to employ precautionary measures like deploying Ransomware protection software to protect your system.

Q #5) What are the best Ransomware Protection Solutions for enterprises?

Answer: The list of some of the best ransomware protection tools is provided in this tutorial for your review.

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List of Top Ransomware Protection Solutions

Here is a list of some of the most popular and best ransomware protection platforms:

  1. Cynet (Recommended)
  2. NinjaOne
  3. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus
  4. ManageEngine Log360
  5. SentinelOne
  6. Cybereason
  7. Crowdstrike
  8. Sophos
  9. Carbon Black
  10. Kaspersky
  11. Trend Micro
  12. Palo Alto Networks Cortex.

Comparing Some of the Best Ransomware Protection Software

NameBest ForFees Ratings
CynetAutomated Threat Prevention, Detection and Response SolutionFree Demo Available, 14 Day Free Trial, Contact for PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
NinjaOneEndpoint Management and Backup, Patch Management.Free demo, 14 day free trial, Contact for quote.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager PlusGaining 360-degree visibility into security exposure.Free edition available, Quote-based Professional plan, Enterprise Plan starts at $1195/year.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
ManageEngine Log360Threat Intelligence Database30 days free trial, Contact for quote.Star_rating_4.5_of_5
SentinelOneExternal Threat Detection and Response for IoT, Cloud, and endpointFree Demo Available, Contact for PricingStar_rating_4.5_of_5
CybereasonRansomware Prevention, Detection, and ResponseFree Demo Available, Contact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5
CrowdStrikeThreat Detection software15-day free trial, Contact for pricingStar_rating_4_of_5
SophosAnti-ransomware tool for Managed Threat ResponseFree Demo Available, Contact for PricingStar_rating_4_of_5

Review Ransomware Protection tools below:

#1) Cynet (Recommended)

Best for fully automated ransomware protection, backed by a free 24/7 managed detection and response team.


Cynet XDR is a powerful ransomware protection platform that provides extended visibility and protection across endpoints, networks, and users. Cynet can detect ransomware at the beginning of its cycle and respond to it automatically, thus stopping the process before files or drives are encrypted.

The platform can also adapt to new ransomware techniques effectively due to its in-depth knowledge-based AI capabilities. Cynet AI can detect suspicious files and classify them based on their nature. It uses several real-time protection mechanisms to detect and prevent ransomware.

It can detect and block memory strings associated with ransomware, prevent ransomware from harvesting credentials by protecting the OS password vault, identify and block unapproved apps from accessing important company assets, and detect ransomware exfiltration by planting decoy files.

Additionally, Cynet employs automated investigation and remediation features to immediately identify and remediate all components of a ransomware attack.

It can immediately respond to high-risk alerts by automatically launching an investigation to find the root cause behind an attack. It also automatically applies the necessary remediation measures to stop a threat before it aggravates.

Cynet XDR can take multiple remediation actions across files, hosts, networks, and users to eliminate all traces of an attack. It also provides its users with the ability to build their own custom remediation actions to eliminate more complex threats.

Cynet also combines multiple remediation actions to fight a specific threat. These responses are automatically launched when a threat is detected. Clients have the option of either going for the in-built remediation playbook or building their own customized playbook depending on their needs.


  • Real-time memory protection
  • Critical component filtering
  • Real-time file filtering
  • Plant decoy files to detect ransomware
  • Automated detection and remediation

Verdict: If you seek the best protection against ransomware for your organization, then Cynet should be under your radar. Cynet’s automated response capabilities ensure ransomware attacks are quickly identified, blocked, and eliminated.

Cynet provides 24/7 protection to your system by constantly monitoring your environment in a bid to immediately resolve detected ransomware issues. We highly recommend it for its multi-layered approach towards ransomware protection.

Price: Free demo available, 14-day Free Trial, Contact for pricing.

#2) NinjaOne

Best for Endpoint Management, Backup, and Patch Management.


NinjaOne is a widely popular software when it comes to protecting endpoints from potential ransomware attacks. With NinjaOne, you get a comprehensive suite of solutions jam-packed with features like endpoint management, patch management, etc., all necessary to form a considerably more formidable response to ransomware threats.

The platform provides you with complete 24/7 visibility into your endpoint’s performance and health. NinjaOne allows you to instantly reduce your attack surface by identifying missing patches, automating the approval and deployment process, and making use of risk analytics presented by GravityZone to protect endpoints effectively. Rated #1 in RMM, Patch Management, and User Satisfaction for Endpoint Management on G2.


  • 360-degree visibility and control.
  • Leverage Bitedefender GravityZone’s risk analytics to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Identify, contain and mitigate threats using Bitdefender’s Endpoint Detection and response capabilities.
    Automated Server and Workstation backup.

Verdict: NinjaOne arms you with an all-in-one ransomware protection solution that can effectively reduce your attacks surface, stop ransomware threats in their tracks, protect business-critical data and harden the defences of your endpoints.

Price: Contact for Quote. A free demo and 14-day free trial is available.

#3) ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Best for Gaining 360-degree visibility into security exposure.

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus Dash

Vulnerability Manager Plus is software that can scan and discover areas in an organization’s IT infrastructure that are most vulnerable. The software’s great at detecting vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, server misconfigurations, and high-risk software that could result in security breaches.

This is what makes the tool such a great ransomware protection solution. The software comes with great built-in remediation tools. It will not only discover vulnerabilities but automatically prioritize them on the basis of severity, age, and exploitability. The solution also doesn’t leave any stone unturned to make sure you are complying with over 75 CIS benchmarks when mitigating threats.


  • Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization
  • Automated Patch Testing and Deployment
  • Security Configuration Management
  • Web Server Hardening

Verdict: Vulnerability Manager Plus is software that mitigates the risk of a ransomware attack even before it can occur. It does so with rigorous monitoring around the clock to discover and patch system, server, OS, and software vulnerabilities on the network.

Price: There is a free edition available. You can contact the ManageEngine team to request a quote for the professional plan. The enterprise edition starts at $1195 per year.

#4) ManageEngine Log360

Best for Threat Intelligence Database.


Log360 is powerful SIEM tool that you can use to keep ransomware attacks at bay. The tool leverages an in-built threat intelligence database to block external threats in their tracks. The software can also identify malicious communication and prevent incidents that entail data leakage or data exfiltration.

The software can be used to efficiently monitor widely used cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, etc. Log360 also does a great job of identifying network threats. The software also employs advanced machine learning to accurately corroborate threats and identify anomalies in the system.


  • Pre-defined templates to create compliant security reports
  • Threat Intelligence database
  • ML-Based threat detection and corroboration
  • Secured Log Archival
  • Integrated CASB and DLP.

Verdict: Log360 comes loaded with features that make ransomware protection effectively easy on both on-premise and cloud environments. Besides ransomware, you can employ the tool to protect your IT infrastructure from all sorts of other internal and external threats as well.

Price: Contact for quote. A 30 day free trial is available.

#5) SentinelOne

Best for external threat detection and response for IoT, Cloud, and endpoint.


SentinelOne provides a powerful XDR solution that prevents, detects, responds, and hunts down ransomware and other advanced security threats from a single platform. Possessing static AI at the endpoint, SentinelOne effectively prevents attacks in real-time.

SentinelOne is also one among a selective few endpoint security tools that can detect file-less, zero-day, and nation-grade attacks in real-time. The software’s patented behavioral AI is intuitive enough to precisely reverse or remove malicious activity before it causes any harm.

SentinelOne is also great for IoT discovery and control as it can expertly map and enforce enterprise IoT footprint. This makes the software capable of hunting down rogue devices, ensuring vulnerability hygiene, and segmenting devices that possess dynamic policies.


  • Threat detection and response
  • IoT discovery and control
  • Cloud security
  • Endpoint protection

Verdict: SentinelOne is an AI-enabled XDR solution that allows its users to detect and hunt security threats like ransomware attacks and respond to them appropriately from a single platform. The software has consistently ranked higher for its superior efficacy and low false-positive rates.

This is a smart tool to own if you seek a real-time XDR protection tool for cloud, IoT, and endpoint.

Price: Free Demo available, Contact for pricing

Website: SentinelOne

#6) Cybereason

Best for ransomware prevention, detection, and response.


Cybereason employs a multi-layered behavior-based detection mechanism to offer an effective and ransomware-focused protection experience to its users. The software’s intuitive system constantly monitors a system for behavioral anomalies, thus detecting ransomware-like behavior on time to neutralize the threat.

The software employs static signatures to identify and prevent popular ransomware variants. The software also possesses an ever-expanding database of threat intelligence feeds, which also helps it detect threats accurately. Moreover, Cybereason combines machine-learning and behavioral analysis to prevent ransomware and other advanced threats in real-time.


  • Signature-based ransomware detection and prevention
  • Behavior-based threat prevention
  • File-less protection
  • Deploy decoy files to trick ransomware

Verdict: Cybereason employs a wide variety of behavior-based, signature-based analysis and machine learning capabilities to detect, respond and prevent ransomware attacks and other known threats. Even ransomware threats that are not well-known can be prevented with the help of Cybeseason’s multi-layered approach for threat detection and prevention.

Price: Free Demo available, Contact for pricing

Website: Cybereason

#7) CrowdStrike

Best for threat detection software.


CrowdStrike offers a next-generation anti-virus platform that can detect and prevent all types of threats, irrespective of whether these threats are benign or sophisticated. The software combines machine learning with artificial intelligence to identify known and unknown ransomware.

The software also employs behavior-based indicators to prevent both malware-free and file-less attacks.

CrowdStrike also harbors a vast database of threat intelligence, which helps it block processes if they are malicious. The software’s automated IOA remediation feature cleans up artifacts that were left behind by blocked malicious activities.


  • Detect known and unknown ransomware via AI and Machine Learning
  • Behavior-based indicators
  • Threat intelligence
  • Automated IOA remediation

Verdict: CrowdStrike is a simple, lightweight, and fast platform that performs all the necessary actions needed to detect and prevent both known and unknown ransomware from harming the system. It is compatible with almost all known operating systems and comes with many prevention technologies that help in protecting the endpoint.

Price: 15-day free trial, contact for pricing

Website: CrowdStrike

#8) Sophos

Best for anti-ransomware tools for Managed Threat Responses.


Sophos provides a simple and fast ransomware protection tool that is ideal for both home and business use. Powered by an intuitive AI, the software can protect your system from ransomware, trojans, worms, bots, and most other types of advanced threats.

Users can resort to Sophos’s deep scan feature to weed out and eliminate malware or viruses lurking deep within a system. The software also relies on behavioral analysis to protect files from ransomware attacks, recover infected files and automatically detect and prevent ransomware attacks at the endpoint.

Sophos’s ‘Managed Threat Response’ services are especially useful for businesses, as you get an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who proactively hunt and eliminate potential threats to your business. These experts also initiate actions that disrupt, contain, and neutralize threats before they become serious.


  • AI threat detection
  • Malware Deep Scan
  • Managed threat response
  • Real-time PC anti-virus

Verdict: Sophos is a simple-to-use software that employs powerful AI to detect and neutralize threats before they can harm your system. Its managed threat response service is ideal for businesses who want to proactively secure their files from known and unknown ransomware attacks. Sophos also proves itself to be an intuitive endpoint detection and response tool.

Price: Free Demo Available, Contact for pricing

Website: Sophos

#9) Carbon Black

Best for next-generation Anti-Virus and Ransomware Defense at the endpoint.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black proves to be an effective tool to manage ransomware attacks where many legacy solutions have shown failure. The software consistently monitors streams of events related to ransomware activities to prevent current and future ransomware variants.

Carbon Black’s advanced ransomware defense system lures all types of ransomware into a trap, wherein they are neutralized even before they have a chance of affecting or encrypting files. The software harbors a powerful application control mechanism to prevent all sorts of ransomware from running on critical servers and systems.


  • Endpoint threat detection and response
  • Deploy fake files to lure ransomware
  • Powerful application control
  • Behavioral Analytics

Verdict: Carbon black is an easy-to-use, lightweight solution that combines intelligent system hardening and behavioral patterns to provide the best protection from ransomware. This cloud-native endpoint protection tool arms its users with all the features they will need to keep ransomware and other advanced threats at bay.

Price: Free Demo available, Contact for pricing

Website: Carbon Black

#10) Kaspersky

Best for free protection from ransomware.


Kaspersky is a ransomware protection software that offers essential features to fight ransomware for free. The software employs behavioral detection and cloud analysis to detect ransomware-like behavior and devices an appropriate response to tackle it effectively.

Kaspersky offers all the features present in Kaspersky’s endpoint protection tool to help users scan and block ransomware and crypto-malware as soon as possible. The software can block both remote and local attempts at encrypting user data. It also works hand-in-hand with other security tools to combat advanced security threats more responsibly.


  • Behavioral detection
  • Cloud analysis
  • Crypto-miner detection
  • Block both local and remote file encryption

Verdict: Although Kaspersky comes with a premium plan that offers advanced ransomware protection, its free plan provides users with all the essential features needed to keep security threats at bay. This is arguably one of the best free ransomware protection tools out there. It has become an ideal software for small businesses and start-ups with low funds.

Price: Free Plan available, Price starting at $22.9/year for home products, Total security starting $44.9/year

Website: Kaspersky

#11) Trend Micro

Best for full-fledged threat detection and response.

Trend Micro

Similar to most prominent ransomware protection tools, Trend Micro also combines high-fidelity machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify and stop ransomware attacks. Trend Micro’s email security tool also helps in stopping threats with the help of machine learning, sandboxing, and exploit detection.

Trend Micro also detects and blocks ransomware on the network before it has a chance of spreading to servers and endpoints. It provides the best protection against ransomware, irrespective of whether your servers are physical, virtual, or cloud-based.


  • Superior threat intelligence
  • Exploit detection
  • Sandboxing
  • Endpoint detection and response

Verdict: Trend Micro identifies major sensitive areas through which ransomware can infiltrate your system and enhance its defense. The software detects and blocks ransomware at endpoints, servers, and networks before they infect files.

Price: Home Use plans to start at $37.75/user per year. Contact for business use plans.

Website: Trend Micro

#12) Palo Alto Network Cortex

Best for automation-driven security operations.

Palo Alto Network Cortex

Palo Alto Network provides businesses with a solution that takes an automated approach to secure systems against ransomware and other advanced threats. The solution employs automation-driven detection, investigation, and response mechanism to stop ransomware in its tracks.

The solution also harbors a vast library of threat intelligence databases, with the help of which the Palo Alto network can detect and prevent all known and unknown variants of ransomware. The software can also be deployed to secure all users and devices accessing any apps that may harbor a potential threat of ransomware.


  • Threat intelligence
  • Secure multiple users and devices across the cloud
  • Automation driven threat detection and response

Verdict: Palo Alto Networks provides an advanced threat detection and response service completely driven by automation. The solution is ideal for large businesses who want to secure multiple devices and users that are accessing any app via the cloud.

Price: Contact for pricing

Website: Palo Alto Network


With a significant rise in ransomware attacks in recent years, businesses have no other option but to be prepared to counter these attacks. It is also imperative to detect these attacks ahead of time and stop them before they reach important files. The best way to prevent ransomware attacks is by having a robust ransomware protection tool in place.

An intuitive anti-ransomware tool will provide users with the features needed to monitor routes that are known for ransomware infiltration, automatically detect ransomware-like behavior, and initiate action to stop them before they have a chance of encrypting your files.

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As for our recommendation, if you are looking for software that possesses advanced threat detection and response features to prevent all forms of ransomware from thriving, then look no further than Cynet. For software that relies heavily on AI for threat management in real-time, you can try SentinelOne.

Research Process:

  • We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what Ransomware Protection software will best suit you.
  • Total Ransomware Protection software Researched – 22
  • Total Ransomware Protection software Shortlisted – 9
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